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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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is he going to get it. >> bret: special edition of "special report" midnight eastern. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. >> jon: a fox urgent first on "the fox report." i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. there is word of a republic can revolt on capitol hill until five hours to go until a partial government shutdown. take a live look at the house floor. fox news has learned moderate republicans are trying to block a bill that demands changes in the healthcare overhaul in exchange for keeping the government running. senate democrats already have rejected similar bills and president obama is calling on congress to pass a funding bill with no strings atrashed. earlier today, house speaker john boehner said quote, that's not going to happen. >> this is a matter of funding the government and providing fairness to the american people. why wouldn't members of congress vote for it? >> you don't get to extract
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a ransom for doing your job. for doing what you are supposed to be doing anyway or just because there is a law there that you don't like. >> by the way the president says the new health insurance exchanges will open tomorrow with or without a government shutdown. we have team fox coverage. ed henry lye at the white house. james rosen with a look at what happens if the government shuts down and first to mike emanuel on capitol hill live. mike, what is the latest on this g.o.p. revolt in the house. >> well, john, there are a number of moderate house republicans who feel like the tea party has driven this conversation a little too far. they don't like the multiple attempts at trying to alter the president's healthcare law when the president has said he will veto it and they are worried about the consequences of a government shutdown and they feel like it is time to move forward. we are just hours away from a possible government shutdown. still, the house is moving forward with a bill this is the the senate says is dead on arrival it would fund the government. it would delay the obama
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care individual mandate. it would also take away the exemption for members of congress and for political appointees. ahead of a possible government shutdown. senate majority leader harry reid is trying to place the game in the lap of john boehner. >> the fate of our country and our economy now rests with john boehner. tonight, we will see whether the speaker is really willing to shut down the government risking act on recovery. to extract concessions. i hope he makes a responsible decision. i doubt that he will. but i hope he does. and help avert a government shutdown. >> unlike many previous showdowns here on capitol hill, there are typically small groups that are working on trying to find common ground, trying to come up with a solution. what's been striking this time around is they seem to be talking over one another to the american people and not really talking to each other about working this out. jon? >> and, of course, republicans have a different idea about who is
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to blame, right? >> no question about that they say their constituents do not like obama care. this is the last chance to stop or delay obama care. in a key senate conservative, who has been quite vocal and quite visible in this whole standoff placed the blame elsewhere. >> if majority leader reid insists on forcing a government shutdown, then we may face a government shutdown. i think that is irresponsible course of action. if the house of representatives asks tonight, i believe this senate should come back immediately and pass the continuing resolution the house -- whatever the house passes. i don't know what it will be. but it will be another yet good faith earth to keep the government running. >> now, to the news of the moment, we are awaiting a procedural vote in the house of representatives on this latest offer that they have come up with. he we will see if this moderate g.o.p. revolt materializes or whether they go along with their party leadership. senator cruz says he backs this house bill and he says
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if the house passes it, he wants the senate to come back and pass it right away. that sounds highly unlikely. jon? >> >> jon: mike emanuel, thanks. if the government does shut down just hours from now. many important service also not change. you will still get your mail, social security benefits will go out. and the irs can still collect your taxes. at the same time, president obama federally backed loans. what's more a shut down might force many americans to change or cancel vacation plans at the last minute. because our national parks could suddenly become off limits. >> these are the last couple of days of summer. gorgeous outside come to fort smelling today. >> it is a lytle tiring. but at the same time it's just ridiculous. i mean, get something through and make it work. >> national parks, they
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will be closed if coming and the president can't come to agreement. by 12:01 tuesday morning. >> if it has to happen, it has to happen if they can't agree, you know. they made an offer. they can accept it. if they choose to. and they are not. >> it has so much more value to that where you can't put a number on something. >> numbers could make or break your vacation. >> going to close up all the federal parks across the united states. if you are in the middle of a camping trip, you are going to be asked to leave because the parks are going to be closed. >> speaking of closed, if you have a big trip planned out east, be prepared. >> taking a trip to d.c., can you write off the washington monument, write off going to smithsonian. write off the really great tourist attractions that you would want to be able to go see. >> if you are not into the parks or taking a trip right now, all of us are affected by the economy. and the looming shutdown can have a big impact on it displu are going to see wall street and investors and traders get very very nervous. >> listen to the people.
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that's all i would want to say. do what they hired you for hire still pays if they don't get their work done in time. congress still gets paid during a shutdown. that's not fair. that's wrong. >> congress still gets paid. why don't they just stop paying themselves. i mean, let's keep everybody here and let's keep everything open. >> scott wasserman, fox news. >> well, of course, of the effect of a shutdown would extend far beyond national parks and d.c. tourist attractions. the feds could also force hundreds of thousands of government workers to stay at home without pay. that includes nearly half a million of the pentagon's civilian employees, but hours ago the senate did vote to preserve pay for our nation's active duty military. james rosen is live in washington. james? >> job, as you say, active duty uniformed military personnel will indeed continued to be paid. for veterans the picture is a bit murkier. the v.a. claims today
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pro-processors will stay on the job. if the shutdown ends within three weeks. if it stretches into late october or beyond, those payments will stop. and even before then, contingency plans drawn up in 2011 suggest that regional vva offices handling disability claims likely cut back. coast guard will remain on the job as will air traffic controllers. meat inspectors and others whose jobs involve the protection of lives and property. one said the hostility the american public now harbors toward the federal workforce sun precedented. >> they have certainly never been higher in the time that i have been following. it is sort of them being used as pawns in the budget game to an extent that they hadn't before. there were things that really i think a lot of federal employees thought would never happen. things like a pay freeze and things like furloughs that have actually happened and now it looks very likely that there will be a shutdown.
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>> the shutdown will mean that many government buildings will be closed. virtually all of nasa will go dark. say for mission control personnel needed to maintain contact with astronauts at the international space station. a libertarian economist today took issue with president obama's claim that all past government shutdowns hurt the u.s. economy. as the federal government is america's largest employer. >> this will be a big shutdown. sort of deal and it doesn't last that long. in fact in the last big shutdown in 1995-1996, the stock market actually rose. >> now the postal service with its titanic budget whoas will remain open. the security administration will send out checks and medicare doctor also still see patients, jon? >> jon: james rosen, thank you. another live look at the house floor where things have taken a dramatic turn
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tonight. moderate republicans defying leaders in the crucial vote in the shutdown showdown. called house speaker john boehner tonight. we will go live to the white house next on "the fox report." when does your work end? does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or when your company's bought another? is it over after you've given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours.
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the bill that would prevent a partial shutdown of the government is under consideration in the house but only if president obama agrees to make changes to his healthcare overhaul. so now g.o.p. leaders are facing a revolt from some of their own members and we slender president obama just talked with house speaker john boehner. our team fox coverage continues. ed henry is live at the white house now. ed, the president and the speaker talked over the phone? that's right, jon. the president initiated the call and lasted 10 minutes long. what's significant about it they have not spoken in a week even as this drama was playing out. on the call on both sides that there was no major break through even though the call lasted for 10 minutes. that tells you we are edging closer and closer to a shutdown. you see the pictures there the president met with benjamin netanyahu, at that session he told reporters is he not certain if there will be a government shutdown. that's in the late morning. in the late afternoon he had a cabinet meeting with
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the cabinet secretaries where they were preparing for a government shutdown. over the hours you can see we are moving closer and closer to this being a reality and shortly before that cabinet meeting, the president came out to the white house briefing room and basically blamed republicans. take a listen. >> one faction in one party, in one house of congress, in one branch of government doesn't get to shutdown the entire government just to re-fight the results of an election. >> now the president will be saying you don't get a ransom in his words just for doing your job following through on a budget, et cetera. but that follows on rhetoric where various white house aides have been saying republicans on the hill have been acting like terrorists and arsonists. this is a sign while that might help them pile on congress, it going to be harder with all that rhetoric flying around to get a budget deal, jon. >> >> jon: republicans are saying they want to know why the president is not sitting down for negotiations? >> that's right. because, look. i just mentioned this phone call with john boehner.
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i'm also told just learning now that the president placed phone calls to the other three big leaders, mitch mcconnell in the senate. harry reid nancy pelosi, those are phone calls. there haven't been a budget deal in weeks. where all the leaders could come and hash all out. john thune alleges the president really wants to take a government shutdown. take a listen. >> looks like the democrats in the senate and the president are anxious to have a shutdown. they clearly have no idea in moving quickly with this. >> the allegation there being that the president wants to pin the blame on republicans. white house spokesman jay carney flatly rejected that today saying he doesn't know who would geft politically on, this and there have been various polls suggesting blame could be spread around. people angry at washington in general, jon. >> jon: we are after the log logger heads. mike, john boehner has said he wouldn't negotiate with
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president obama again after what happened in january. president obama says he is not negotiating this time. if that's the position, both men are taking. >> that's why folks on capitol hill are pessimistic in terms of find ago deal, finding a solution to this standoff. there have not been much in the way of conversations. and showdown used to have vice president biden talking to senator mitch mcconnell, former colleagues in the senate. trying to work out a compromise with the president speaking to the speaker of the house, trying to find a deal and essentially, i think, a lot of the parties to those deals in the past have felt like they haven't necessarily worked out or they have gotten burned in the end. so, there have been no discussions. so, at this point, there are a lot of folks here on capitol hill. >> jon: hold on just a second, mike. we are going to listen what's going on on the floor of the house and a bit of an explanation in a second. >> so many as in favor are l. say aye.
4:17 pm
those opposed no. two thirds being in the firmive the rules affirmative, bill is passed. new mr. speaker i request. york. >> i request the yeas and nays. >> the yeas and nays requested. those farrowing a vote. a sufficient number have risen. members will record their voice by electronic device. this will be a five minute vote. >> jon: we understand that is representative kevin yoder who is presiding over the house right now. we also understand that at least according to his voice vote tally, that the house passed a rule which allows them to debate numbers members of the house fund the government but there seems to be some question of that. some calls for a voice count, a yea and ney count. maybe mike emanuel who covers congress for us on a daily basis can give us more information. mike? >> jon, the moderate revolt
4:18 pm
that we had had talked about, congressman peter king, republican of long island did go forward and vote against moving forward with the rule. a lot of these moderates had said, you know, we are tired of the tea party driving the bus if you will. worried about the government shutdown and what the impact would be on our staffers if we take away the congressional exemption. so, it didn't fully materialize. the house moderate g.o.p. revolt, but they seemed to fire a warning shot that they don't want a government shutdown. and they are worried that perhaps the tea party is leading in terms of driving too hard of of a bargain. it was a closer vote than a the lo of people expected. it did not derail the house leadership's efforts to move forward with another plan which the senate says is dead on arrival, jon. >> jon: so this plan that the house will move to vote on now it does start on
4:19 pm
some of the funding for obama care do. i have that right, mike? >> it would delay the obama care individual mandate for a year, which is something that republicans feel like a lot of measures do not like. they feel like they are on pretty firm footing about that we also heard a lot of americans were across the country complain about special exemptions for if you will who don't have to live under obama care. whether it's members of congress or political appointees here in washington. and so they are responding to that and they are saying all right, let's strip out that exemption. make congress live by this healthcare law and see how they like it. those are a couple proposals in this latest proposal. but harry reid has essentially said anything touching obama care, he does not want to consider, will not accept and the president has threatened to veto as well. >> >> jon: all right. we are four hours and 40 minutes away from a partial government shutdown at least that is if the bodies in washington cannot come to an agreement the democratically controlled senate. the republican controlled house. and the man who lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue,
4:20 pm
the president, all seem to be very firm in their positions miles apart a vote underway in the house right now on this continuing resolution. mike was just describing. back in a minute with more. ew . ew . really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> jon: breaking news here on "the fox report." just a couple minutes ago we saw the house succeed in passing what's called the rule. that allows them to move forward with debate on the continuing resolution that would fund the government but would delay the implementation of the individual mandate in obama care for at least one year the senate has said that legislation is dead on arrival. don't even bother sending it over. but the house sends bent on sending it over. they can move forward with debate on this peeves legislation.
4:24 pm
now that they haves pad the rule. it gets a little confusing on capitol hill sometimes. from time to time. but that's what we understand to be going on now. the white house says president obama's healthcare overhaul will move forward even if other parts of the government shut down. the administration is set to rule out its new health insurance exchanges beginning tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. eastern time jim angle is live in d.c. a lot of questions about how and whether obama care will actually work. >> there may be as much confusion in the country as there is on the floor of the house tonight, jon. the failure or success of obama care turns on how many people enroll, especially young people without question, they are the most critical. listen. the key are the young and healthy who don't have big medical bills but whose premium also be used to cover the cost of the older and sicker. younger people are subsidizing older people in this law. healthcare costs for older people run more than seven
4:25 pm
times more than the cost for younger people. the key question is how many young people will sign up. one researchers found the financial incentives may discourage many young people from enrolling. >> a lot of them in that age group, 18 to 34, would actually save at least $500 by foregoing insurance on the exchange and simply paying the penalty under the individual mandate. >> and 3 million of them would save about $1,000. now, with the fine for not having insurance, only $95 the first year and many young people spending far less on medical care now than obama care would cost them in the future, analysts fear many young people will just pass it up. jon. >> jon: that individual mandate, we should point out, is the thing republicans were trying to delay for a year in that piece of legislation that they are considering now. is it clear that the new exchanges actually will start tomorrow morning without any real problems?
4:26 pm
>> white house grickets slow enroll in obama that care. that is in part because of so much many glitches in the software. listen. >> the glitches we have seen so far include things like a calculator that people were supposed to be able to use to figure out what their premiums would be for different policies, it doesn't work. >> october 1st is going to be important whether they think it is or not. if these web sites are not really functional on october 1st, that's another thing likely to drive young and healthy people away. >> the president delay the employer mandate to avoid its problems there are lots of issues the president himself has made more than a dozen changes because those measures weren't ready or didn't work. but the law gave people six months to sign up. so the government left itsself plenty of leeway, jon, just in case it needed it jon? >> jon: just in case. jim angle in washington,
4:27 pm
thank you. >> you bet. let's bring back mike emanuel, our capitol hill correspondent along with ed henry, our chief white house correspondent to talk about the tension in the air tonight between capitol hill and 1600 pennsylvania avenue -- floor to pass the while that allows the house to go ahead and debate this legislation. the legislation as i understand it would keep the government open but would delay the implementation of the individual mandate in obama care for one year. now, house leaders like this legislation. says -- it says to the people we want to keep the government open, we just don't want to pay for obama care or we don't want to instill it right now. but that is what the senate has said and the president has basically said are dead on arrival, right? >> exactly right, jon. and that's been the tough thing in terms of this whole negotiation or lack of negotiation, really. the house keeps nibbling at edges of obama care if you
4:28 pm
will, trying to defund at first and now delay parts of it for a period of, say, a year. and the senate saying no, no. absolutely not. we're not going to go there because the thinking, privately, is that if they give in a little bit here, then, in two weeks, when they go for the debt ceiling, to increase the nation's borrowing authority, they have to give again there and then again and again and again. and so harry reid, the senate majority leader is calculating essentially that the republicans will be blamed if there is a government shutdown. and that they should not mess with obama care after all the democrats here on capitol hill supported it. jon. >> jon: ed henry, you had an interesting exchange with the president's chief spokesman jay carney about the president's unwillingness to negotiate here. tell us about that. >> well, interesting, jon, because the president came out today and said he is very eager to sit down with congressional leaders and work on a long-term budget deal. not a deal where you are
4:29 pm
going lurching from crisis to crisis as we see right now. that's the president's point in his favor. against the president though on that in terms of a point that is harder for him to make is the fact that even as he is saying let's sit down and talk about, this he hasn't had the congressional leaders over here in several weeks to talk about the budget. he had some leaders here a few weeks back to talk about syria. and then that vote went away. but he hasn't had a serious conversation with leaders in both parties here at the white house to figure out these long-term budget deals. so, we are stuck in this lurching from crisis to crisis. we have seen the markets react by the way in recent days and not just a washington crisis. this is something that's going to it effect wall street and main street because the markets are already speaking, stocks are coming down because the markets fear this great budget uncertainty in washington is going to impact real people across the country. hit the economy if you will. the president may take a personal by the way. he has a big trip planned to go to asia this weekend
4:30 pm
for over a weekend. that can be on hold if the government shuts down. final point i would make is mike is absolutely right. we have got this crisis to deal with and then october 17th, the debt ceiling will be reached. another budget battle where both sides are going to be battling out again. so right now there has got to be a lot of confusion around the country and the world frankly about why both sides can't figure this out, jon. >> no face-to-face meetings as you say, ed. just crossing the wires right now that the president did put in phone calls to the four top leaders in the congress. the senate, and the house. he called harry reid, mitch mcconnell on the senate side. he also called speaker boehner and nancy pelosi on the republican side. seems like that that kind of i don't know presidential diplomacy could have been undertaken a bit earlier tonight,. >> sure. meetings go underway phone calls which i'm told by a republican official familiar with these calls that in the case of john boehner it was basically both sides reaffirming
4:31 pm
their positions. neither side, neither the president nor speaker boehner giving an inch. that doesn't really get you very far. the other point i would make is that the white house has just put out an official read out of his calls with those four leaders, mostly standard stuff, but one thing i would point to is they are saying the president's position tonight is that the house needs to go back. you saw the house floor and those votes sort of going on. put away these votes. what the president is now asking speaker boehner to do is to have a clean, no attachments on healthcare or anything else vote on a continuing resolution to keep the government open for six weeks. what that means is the senate already passed that and work on a budget deal. the ping-pong ball goes back. ed henry at the white house on capitol hill. thank you both. stick with us tonight. a lot is happening quickly. retirement savings.
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>> i'm jon scott in for shep. this is the fox report. u.n. inspectors are on their way to syria to oversee the destruction of that country's chemical weapons. they are racing to meet tight deadlines against the back drop of that country's civil war a war that has killed more than 100,000 people and counting
4:36 pm
according to the united nations. meanwhile, syria's foreign minister made sensational claims about the rebels. al qaeda linked militants who discuss member victims while they are still alive and send their limbs to family members. you will remember the syrian government and opposition forces blame each other for a chemical weapons attack in damascus atlanta -- last month which killed hundreds of innocent civilians. president obama addressed that same forum last week saying it it was syria's government that used weapons on its own people. eric shawn has the news. is he live in ourng new york city newsroom. eric? >> hello, jon. eating human organs and chopping off arms and legs. that's what the syrian minister charged. he said the rebels are doing that and committing he called sexual jihad. during his address of the general assembly he said syria is just like new york city was on 9/11.
4:37 pm
attacked by islamist terrorists who he said are bent on destroying a secular state as for those chemical weapons he claimed it was the government who attacked in aleppo and says what's going on there is not a civil war but a war against terror committed by the assad regime's opponents schemes of murder, manslaughter and eating human hearts were seen on tv. but the conscience of the world has been blind to this in my country there are innocent civilians whose heads are put on the grill just because they violated extremist ideology and deviate the abuse of al qaeda. >> response syrian opposition slammed that saying the war is clearly the government's fault. he attempted to quote hide from the world totalitarian regime systematic attacks against its own people, jon. >> tomorrow the u.n. hears from the israeli prime
4:38 pm
minister? >> yes they do. netanyahu tell about iran's real nuke already intentions. facts that he says fly in the face of what he calls quote sweet talk and on slot of smiles that the iranians had last week. mr. netanyahu was at the white house today meeting with president obama. he says as iran starts negotiations over its disputed nuclear program it should suspend nuclear activities and offer immediate concessions as a sign of goodwill. he also says sanctions should be stepped up if iran does not fully cooperate. and he will again address the general assembly on this issue. remember last year when he held up that symbolic bomb drawing there showing how much progress iran has made in developing a possible nuclear bomb? perhaps just months away now. well, the prime minister is expected to lay out in detail the steps that he says iran has taken to try and go nuclear despite all the denials, all these years from the iranian regime. mr. netanyahu happens to be the last speaker for this
4:39 pm
year's general assembly gathering and as such, he will have the the last word. jon? >> jon: eric shawn, thank you. >> here in the u.s., we are keeping an eye on the clock with just a few hours to go before the feds run out of cash to pay the bills. if the government does start to shut down, it could become a lot harder to gauge our nation's economic progress, including the economic rate. labor department officials say they will have no plans to release the monthly jobs report ontime. it was set to go public at the end of the week. according to the bureau of labor statistics which releases these reports. a government shutdown would leave the agency with just three employees on the job and the threat of a shutdown today took its toll on the markets yet again. rich edson from the fox business network is live on capitol hill rich? >> jon, concern among investors not a panic quite could be. take a look what wall street did today. dow jones industrial average falling 128 points, s&p nasdaq falling 10
4:40 pm
points each. the real concern is the length of any type of government shutdown. one investor says is he worried that this may go on for a while if this takes a long time. gets into the debt limit fight which i happen to think is coming, and that one is a this guests prolonged. lose a lot of g.d.p. two tenths of a percent a month. >> absolutely an effect on the economy if a government shutdown dose guest on for a while. federal contractors aren't paid. a number of other things are slowed. spending is slowed. that's something that has a direct effect on the economy. what investors are really looking at is how do these negotiations play into the next negotiations? that's over the debt ceiling, the treasury department says we have until october 17th in washington continue to crease the debt ceiling. if not, we could go into default and that the is reason concern among investors right now as this continues to go on, jon?
4:41 pm
>> jon: rich edson, fox business network, thanks. we are continuing to monitor the drama in d.c. time is running out for hundreds of thousands of government workers who will be off the job when clock in the corner of your screen hits zero. so which side of the aisle stands to suffer the most if the government does shut down and which party will be the american public blame? we'll get into it coming up. the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ ♪ because an empty pan is a blank canvas.
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>> jon: continuing coverage of our top story. the clock continues to click on capitol hill. as we near four hours until a partial government shutdown. joining us now chris moody, he is a political reporter for yahoo news. so, chris, the house has passed and sent to the senate three different continuing resolutions that would continue to keep the government funding, but they all take various approaches to obama ha care. the senate has rejected each of those. will there be more?
4:45 pm
>> well, believe it or not, there is a method to john boehner's madness here. they is sent these three to the senate. they are about to passed third one here that will be rejected by the senate. in a way he has to get these through his conference first and show them that the senate will reject it and then once they do. he can also point to red state democrats who might be vulnerable in 2014 and have them rejecting things like defunding obama care, delaying obama care. delaying the individual mandate on obama care. you might notice that these become more moderate every time. they are taking this right to about midnight and it's yet to be seen what they are going to pass. but, yes, there will be more. they are not going to stop voting when the deadline hits. >> we might portray this as putting all of the pressure on john boehner and the house. but, in fact, there are a lot of senators sweating bullets with each of these votes? >> oh, you better believe that a lot of these votes are going to coming up in advertisements in the 2014 elections for a lot of these senators. particularly the ones living in red states, absolutely.
4:46 pm
>> all right. so, we understand that this proposal that's in the house now to be voted on would delay obama care's individual mandate for a year and yet keep the government open. the senate is not going to like that. not going to pass it what do they go to next in the house? >> then we are ping-ponging right back to the house it looks like the vitter amendment perhaps could be part of a package. only thing that's extra. that would cancel subsidies. particularly congressional staff members that will be a tough pinch, that's something that could possibly passes specially if you are getting to the last-minute near midnight. now, remember, even if they go past midnight, it is possible if they pass something for the government not to shutdown. this has happened in the past. if we being wake up tomorrow morning and nothing has been done, yes, the government is shut down and we have a whole new debate on our hands. >> is there method to this madness or is there a lot
4:47 pm
of, you know, flailing and vote-taking? >> well, if you look at it from john boehner's perspective, he has a conference that is a bit stubborn. they stick to their principles and they really don't budge. and he has to show them that, give them a chance to let out the steam, to pass these bills and then let them fail in the senate and then he can go back to the conference and say, look, we have tried. we have to try something else. obviously didn't work. >> jon: there is a huge desire on the part of many republic cans to deflate the president obama care proposal and that's what they're getting at here, isn't it? >> well, if they don't pass and the government shuts down and you are not deflating obama care at all. it continues. mandatory spending. just shutting down the government doesn't hurt it when we wake up tomorrow. the healthcare exchanges will continue. people will be able to sign up on the web site that the white house has set up that doesn't stop it but it does show that they are still willing to put up the fight. this could be just a preview for the debt ceiling fight coming up in a couple of weeks.
4:48 pm
>> that's going to be another barn burner. chris moody, yahoo news. thank you, chris. >> thank you. >> jon: more on the fast approaching deadline in d.c. first, amanda knox has been convicted and acquitted of murdering her roommate in italy. that country's highest court decided to try her again. when the trial opened today, knox did not show up. we will tell you where she was. that's next. ♪ dollars (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. see who does good work and compare costs.
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>> it is not over for american student amanda knox. italy's court began a retrial for knox and italian exploy friend. both were convicted but later acquitted in the murder of roommate meredith
4:52 pm
kutcher. a night of what prosecutors called drug fueled sex games. knox has repeatedly denied any role in kircher's murder. italy's supreme court decided it wanted the case reviewed again due to what it called inconsistencies. knox served four years of a 26-year sentence before italian authorities released her. today her lawyer say she was watching proceedings closely from her home in seattle. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt has the news live from our new york city newsroom. jonathan, what happened in court today? >> asked to introduce new evidence, evidence related to meredith kercher's cell phone, her computers, and also a pillows that with a found underneath her body. the judge said no to that. minuscule amounts of d.n.a. on a knife. prosecutors have always said that knife, you see there, is the murder weapon and the d.n.a. on it ties
4:53 pm
amanda knox to it. a former washington state judge. friend of the knox family, he said even if amanda knox is found guilty in this trial, highly unlikely she would ever be extradited. listen. >> it's my belief that the united states government would not hand her over because she would be protected as an american citizen under our constitution under the double jeopardy provision of our constitution. >> this trial by the way, jon, likely to last until the end of november, jon? >> she is not in court this t it still can't be easy for amanda knox. >> certainly not. the judge knows the family very well. he says this is just terrible that she is being put now through what is in effects a third murder trial. being forced along with her former boyfriend and relive their nightmare listen again to judge. >> what this has been is a
4:54 pm
four year italian soap opera that is a fraud. a fiction, and a farce. and it is, you know, to me, it's a crime that they have had to go through this abuse of not only being wrongfully incarcerated but being ridiculed, defamed. >> worth pointing out though that meredith kercher the victim's family also having to sit through all of this, watch all of this again for a third time. meredith kercher's sister wrote a letter to the judge in this trial in which she said her sister deserves at least the dignity of truth, jon. >> jon: jonathan hunt, thanks. well, the possible government shutdown threatens more than just furloughs. even pandas are at stake or at least our view of them. coming up, details about the darkness looming at the national zoo. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways,
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throughout this hour government shutdown federal jobs to national parks. it also would force some world favorite animals out a of a very popular spotlight. smithsonian announced the shutdown would shut off live national web cams including the celebrated manda cam. the national zoo say the cameras require federal sources especially staff to run. they have not been deemed essential not during a shutdown. not much of a response from the pan does, they tend to spend most of the day napping. updating our top story tonight. a little more than four hours to go now until parts of our government come to a granding halt. a live look at the house floor where lawmakers are debating a bill to keep the government running and delay part of the healthcare overhaul. we're expecting a vote within the next half hour. but democrats say any bill changing obama care is dead on arrival in the senate. now we have learned president obama called house speaker john boehner
4:59 pm
and other congressional leaders tonight. the president is calling from a clean funding bill with no strings attached. an official tells fox news there has been no break through in the standoff. and on this day future hall of famer babe ruth hit 60th home run of a season. a record that would stand for decades. ruth had grown up at reform school in baltimore. as the story goes, patience sent him there at age 7 for being a bit of a problem child. at 19 years old. ruth inked a deal with the baltimore orioles who later sold his contract to the boston red sox. from there, babe went to the new york yankees, eventually joining a fierce and batting lineup known as murderer's row. ruth's 60th home season would be go unhatched 34 years until roger marist bested him by one. 86 years ago today swung his way into history.
5:00 pm
that is a fox report for monday, september 30th, 2013. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. we will be back tomorrow and the factor is up next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> none of this is acceptable. this is just a blatant extortion. >> the partisan chaos in washington continues over obama care. and many americans could get hurt. tonight, we'll bring you the latest on this disgraceful exposition and charles krauthammer will analyze. >> you are suggesting that you are the chosen one, bill. >> i am not the chosen one. >> bill: what did you think about the "60 minutes" interview last night. we will read some of your comments and goldberg will weigh in. >> also this evenings, watters world goes to the united nations immediately. causing trouble. >> now, be honest are you ever


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