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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 30, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your doctor if humira can work for you. this is humira at work. this is a fox news alert in one hour our government will shut down. the house rules committee is meeting now. now in the senate, senate majority leader is speaking let's listen. >> that closes government. they want to close government. this is all subterfuge to satisfy the tea party driven republicans. and this is a strange ajenda. so hurtful to the american people. so i want everyone to hear what i just said. we will not go to conference
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government closes what do we, what benefit do we have from that? we have in two weeks we have this government is not only going to close down, we're going lose the credit rating because they're talking now about not raising the debt ceiling. >> greta: now let's go to mike emmanuel live on capitol hill. mike? >> well, greta this is pretty typical of the battle here on capitol hill. the house republicans do one thing. senate majority leader doesn't like it. so tonight we have on the house side, they're going to pass the bill presumably again that they passed this evening. and send it back to the senate. they'd like to appoint conferees to try to hammer out a deal between house and sna. you just heard from senator reid. he's not on board with that. earlier this evening within a matter of 57 minutes the house passed a bill that would delay the obama care mandate for a year. it would also cut out the
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exemptions to members of congress and political appointees, in other words they'd have to live under obama care like average americans would as well. house republicans felt like that was a reasonable deal. and senate majority leader reid didn't like it and now house republicans were considering the next play they're planning to send it back to go to conference to work it out. but the majority leader in the senate snot buying it, greta. >> greta: mike, thank you. representative michelle bachmann voting no to the latest version of the bill. nice to see you nice to see you. >> greta: latest point about this cr, very been sort of like jamming everybody about that you get a special deal. tell me how i'm wrong. >> here is the point. federal employees all should be treated the same we have
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federal insurance like everyone else. members in congress shouldn't have better deal than any other federal employed so we have a percent of the federal government pays of our premium. now, that is going to go away so members of congress will have no health insurance, zero. we'll have i it taken away. people don't understand that. >> greta: will that be throwing you into obama care? >> only people going into exchanges are people who received subsidies. normally you're in the going to go into an exchange unless you get a subsidy. they don't want subsidies we just want the health insurance we have right now like every other ned ral employee has. that goes away. now you have a lot of members with very sick family members they won't have health insurance at all. it's gone. >> can't they go to what is
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considered obama care and buy insurance? >> it will cost people $12,000 a year more than what they're paying now. and what we do is a agree is that no americans should go under the exchange. >> that is sort of less than for the people who object to obama care is that you know a lot of them will be paying high brief yims, too? and leverage and say those who passed it, i know you're opposed to it but those that passed it should have the same situation. maybe you'd be more understanding. >> i think every member of congress that voted for obama care should be forced to be nar system. there is a lot of us who fought it but the problem is that president obama won't be in the sits tim. john roberts won't be under obama care. so only ones being punished are members of congress, it's just important people need to realize it isn't a special deal.
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they're going to lose health insurance. zero health insurance. >> greta: maybe those who think it's a good idea frofrt of america and their staff should get into exchange. >> that is what i think. >> here is harry reid saying we're not going to negotiate or do anything so what i think we can do at this point is harry reid isn't going to do anything i think we should make congress pay for and pass the original bill as written. president obama put waiver after waiver after waiver, for his friends. say put the full bill in as written, and enforce it that way. people goring to see very fast how ug tli bill really is. >> greta: the whole point of the bill, philosophy before the exemptions and waivers and everything is that if everybody sort of pitched in we'd have a big pool of money and we'd sort of lower costs
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and spread the risk. right? is that the whole idea? >> that is never going to happen. no. >> greta: toin clud people who couldn't afford insurance? now fwhob a situation to be more likely and they'll thaid able to get into insurance. >> the point of it was to collapse the existing private system into socialized medicine because the original bill as written, the current private health insurance system couldn't last long. it was going to collapse, then it would be socialized medicine. that is what president obama wanted all along. that is what hillary clinton wanted all along. they wanted socialized medicine where the government is everything and doct doctors are under the thumb of the u.s. government. that is what we're going to get with this system but along the way, the human tragedy is that we've lost jobs, people are losing homes i've got an e mail that broke my heart. hundreds of calls today one
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woman, jennifer from minnesota said my mother-in-law is losing her job at the end of the year. she's over 55 years of age. she and my father-in-law cannot afford to live without her job. they have no other option they're going to have to sell the house. this is a reality. that is why i'm fighting with everything within me. we have to defund obama care. we can't let this go into place, everybody is worried about the federal government shutting down? the private economy is slowing down and has been for five years. that is -- where do we think government gets revenue? it's the private economy what we need to worry about is building up the private economy. nobody is crying over the private economy tonight. that is what we should be doing. so people have jobs so that jennifer's mother-in-law didn't have to lose her house. >> greta: that is going to happen now? i realize the plan is only six weeks which i do have a problem with. looking six weeks into the
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future. >> slow down occurs at midnight. >> greta: shut down tonight but continued resolutions? >> we don't know if that is going to happen. right now they're not going happen. >> greta: what do you expect to happen? >> i think harry reid isn't going to stop until he gets what he wants. >> greta: is speaker boehner going to give it to him. >> he's demanding we fully fund government including obama care including taxpayer subsidize add borgs. that is what is in the bill now. >> greta: is speaker boehner going to negotiate or give a little bit more? >> he's given about as much as he can give. now what he's trying to do -- . >> greta: did you expect this is going to be more? >> now what he's trying to do is say look, hairry. how about if you dmum a room together and we get this bill figured out. let's negotiate. you just heard harry reid say forget it.
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i'm not talking to you. harry reid thumbed his nose at the house. we've said let's pay for medicare and social security so we've fully funded government in every possible way including the last bill we took, last vote tonight also fully funded obama care. i voted against that bill but the last offer boehner made was let's fully fund obama care. and reid won't take that. it's all or nudging when it comes to the president and harry reid. you want to talk about compromise? the only one who's compromised is the house republicans. that is it. there has been zero compromise on the senate from harry reid. >> greta: our government set to shut down in 51 minutes in a ping pong match between skmous senate is still going. senator mike lee joins us. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: senator, tell me what do you think is going happen? the house republicans going to
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negotiate a little bit? do you expect the senate democrats to give a little bit? >> republicans have negotiated and have moved substantially. we've seen no movement whatever from democrats in the senate and from the white house. americans demand more and deserve more, but i'll tell you there is one area that should give us comfort and encouragement. that earlier today we saw in the senate republicans and democrats approving pay for full time active duty military personnel. and i think that can be a model for us making sure that it doesn't sure. now, keep us funded with respect to other areas and veterans affairs for example.
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we need to keep our border control going. i think that is where we can get these things funded so we can stop any impact to the shut down and avoid a shut down altogether. in areas of the government. >> is the only dispute only srkt main area zpit if you can peel off the real issue what republicans don't want to fund obama care is that the issue what stopping us? >> that is the issue. >> republicans don't want to fund obama care this, is a law the president is not fall following. the president has said isn't ready to be implemented and has been described by it's own sponsor as a train wreck. it's causing millions of americans to lose jobs we're not willing to fund it. we're willing to fund active
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duty military pay and the department of defense and willing to fund homeland security but not willing to fund obama care. >> greta: if the president said when you fund original obama care as to exemptions or waivers or anything else. the one planned was wo that make a difference to you? or not? >> you know, it might well, and it's interesting to point out if we're dealing with that, if that is all we'd been dealing with this idea would never have gotten momentum in july what. cause immediate to kick start this movement and suggesting to colleagues and counter parts in the house back in july that we defund obama care was the president's decision he would not follow the law. his own announcement that the law wasn't ready to implement. and our reaction if the president isn't willing to fund it we shouldn't fund
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implementation. >> greta: i suspect that you have a lot of contacts in the house, what do you think the speaker is thinking tonight? how does he resolve this from the house side? >> you know, it's difficult, he's in a difficult spot. he moved a number of times and those have been rejected teach time with only minimal debate and discussion. again, i think it's important to recognize where we have made progress today with something the house passed late saturday night yale tiff to active duty military pay. we pass that had by unanimous consent today. this provides a model when we couple it with what the president said just hours ago. he said he's concerned about border patrol skporj areas there is not much controversy. we can pass other bills, keeping government funded and we can do it just fine. without concern about funding
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obama care. these areas have nothing to do with obama care. >> greta: here is what the at obama care is the law. the supreme court held in the constitutional and it's -- it's the job of the congress to fund the law. so what does he do to get a law fund that had he says is the law of the land? what does he do about that? >> i love this argument because it fraimz our argument perfectly. if obama care is the law, if that is the argument then that under cuts them. because he's not following the law. he's not willing to follow obama care as written, and he's rewritten three, four times depending on which count you take. with him continuing to depart from the law that under cuts his argument we ought to just follow the law. he's not willing to do that. >> greta: going back to my original -- not original question, earlier. going back to the originally signed obama care without all
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of the exemptions and changes and waivers, and everything else, you'd be fine with doing that? you don't like it but think that be would, that would be your responsibility at that point to naund law? >> yes. i don't know we can go back. i'm saying is that had been all we're dealing with, had he never opened this door in july, i don't think to defund the obama care movement would have taken off. i don't think don't fund would have gotten two million signatures in just weeks because americans would never have looked at this and seen the hypocrisy of a president saying i'm forcing this law on you that you never wanted and a law i'm not willing to follow. is that the reason why this is taken off like it has. because the president isn't willing to follow his own law. >> greta: senator, nice to see you, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> up next former senator rick santorum is here, he was in the senate 17 years ago z our political panel is back and our live coverage of the
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historic night continues our government about to shut down z keep posting your thoughts on the shut down threat. use hash tag greta. you may see your post on the air. [ male announcer ] has your phone turned you into a control freak?
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we're just over 40 minutes to a government shut down. senator rick santorum joins us, nice to see you, sir. >> turks greta. good to be with you. >> so as you look, your
8:20 pm
thoughts? >> it's just -- it is a sad situation. that you know, particularly what i've just seen develop here tonight. senator reid and president obama said we're not going compromise give us what we want our else. and you know, i understand is that polls are saying republicans are being blamed and forced in the issue but i don't, i can't recall any kind of continued resolution where there is no change from existing law tr. tl is always negotiate skbraigs idea now, they believe they have a strong political hand that they're putting politics way above trying to do something which is a reasonable compromise. on obama care. it's very clear the house said they're going to fund obama care now it's trying to do things that are reasonable to try to move forward. it doesn't sound like harry reid has interest in doing
8:21 pm
that for political republicans. that is not a good sign. >> if i understood senator lee correctly is that his defunding obama care started when he looked at changes and adjustments signed into law z i sort of thought he set on telling it won't like to do it but to fund the original signed law. you know with all of the scars and problem autos let me stop you one second. leader pelosi is speaking. let's listen. >> for house democrats led with us great, based on values to reduce the did he have it and reyait jobs i'm going yield to chris. he will give perspective to what's happening tonight. and why it's not a good evening. >> thank you.
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madam leader. the leader said we're gathered here at a sad point in the history of the congress because what the house republicans are doing right now is voting for a government shut douchblt we have 45 minutes to go. instead of passing the bill, adopted by the senate which would guarantee we keep the government open, they're rejecting that. and instead, saying that they want to go to conference with 45 minutes left which is a recipe for shutting down the government. now, i just want everybody to be clear on one thing. we have been pressing a republican colleagues to negotiate on the budget since since last march. the house passed a budget and senate passed a budget. you may remember our colleagues making a big deal about no budget no, pay.
8:23 pm
well, turns out they weren't serious about getting a federal budget. we did get a house budget but senate budget but no federal budget. why don't we have a budget? because the law require that's by april 15th blg you have negotiators between skmous snas snath meet and work out differences and try to make compromises for greater good. they re -- refuse to do that. resolution, simple. expressing a sense of the house of representatives that the speaker should immediately request a conference to complete work on a 2014 budget resolution with the united states senate that. is what we introduced way back in april. what did this speaker do? he said no. he refused to
8:24 pm
appoint anybody to negotiate on the budget. and have votes calling upon the house and speaker to appoint budget negotiators they voted no, no, to deny the house an opportunity to appoint budget conferees. what happened in the senate? >> greta: going back to the former senator rick santorum. i asked you a question then rudely cut you off asking about the fund sog now, your answer, sir? >> we shouldn't. my opinion is that should haven't changed anything this, bill is a bad bill go,ing to hurt, is hurting the economy. would hurt the economy more if fully implemented. i gift president credit to know how damaging the bill is by repealing and holding back certain pro visions of it. the house suggesting what is good for the house is good for
8:25 pm
the gander. why are individuals qog to be subject to the law making people, force them to change plans? that is a reasonable compromise, consistent with what the president has done, something that i'm hopeful they stick to. i don't think there is a reason why the house should pass a clean cr. we never, when i was in the -- i don't recall passing anything cleechblt i mean, you negotiate spending for the next year. you don't just do what was done last year. >> if the senate is unwilling to negotiate the president is unwilling to negotiate if you say that, stick to republicans are backed into a corner see their shut down or no shut down, what do you advise speaker boehner to do? >> i advise him to do what he is doing now. and the course is the prosecutent course which is, we'll fund the government but
8:26 pm
there are thing that's have to change to protect the american public and individual families and people going to have their rate go up that, is a good place to fight we're not shutting down the government. that their been is to fund it. we have to protect the american worker out there. that is what, where we are now. when harry ried and president ob yaum qa saying they're not negotiating, they're negotiating whether things that the president already done, that he should follow through with respect to individuals not just businesses. >> greta: in the senate today a lot of comments. in the house among house democrats, criticizing the tea party. the same as they've come to washington to destroy. i mean it's sort of a, i mean, full-scale attack by democratic party on the tea party. your thoughts about that? >> my thoughts that are you know tea party did a great thing for the country, reminding us what the role of
8:27 pm
government should northbound our lives and importance of the constitution. you know? this idea tea party about shutting down government closing up washington is just the kind of rhetoric you see from folks who don't want to argue the facts. bottom line is that government is hugely expanded. the idea that republicans are willing to spend as much as we spent last year, it's a concession of itself. and the tea party i'm sure is not happy about that particular thing. even in spite of obama care. just look at the rest of government and how much we're spending. i think they've been reasonable in approaching this saying it's a bad law hurting the economy and families, and to fight to repeal it or to not fund it was a reasonable thing to do. at this late date we've made the case ask didn't win what. speaker boehner did was a reasonable compromise that, in under normal circumstances, i think would be a compromise and a winning one. we may have to go to a shut down to get it done but i think in the end, to hold firm
8:28 pm
on keeping the individual mandates and going into affect i think is a reasonable position to take. i think goits tok hard for democrats to hold out if the only thing that is being negotiated right now is that provision. >> senator, thank you. we're 32 minutes away from what we expect will be a government shut down we have live coverage here at fox and big question is will house republicans make another big move before that 32 minutes runs out? representative marcia blackburn is here next. our live continues as the clock approaches midnight and washington gets ready to turn off the lights. ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?"
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it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh what a relief it is. this is a fox news just under 30 minutes and counting with no agreement in site. a government shut down is imminent. representative black burn joins us, ni to see you so what is going on? >> you know we are going to probably be going back over to the hills. one more time tonight. and are doing everything we can and greta it's so important to realize the house has continued to send suggestions over to the senate. we have given them a delay bill. device tax now looking at the individual mandate. they're saying no. we don't want to negotiate. they just want the cr number continuing resolution or
8:33 pm
budget number and don'ts want to negotiate with us. they're saying well werk took a sequester. i said that was back in august, 2011 that doesn't count. it's the law. so it's the president wants to say that obama care is the law abide by it shouldn't the sequester be considered the law? they need to negotiate with us on how to fund the government? >> they seem to be in a better position than you. >> well. >> so like, you know, it may not think it's fair and may think you've given everything. the problem is that it looks like you're getting paint in the corner now. >> actually i don't think we are. >> greta: okay. why. >> i will tell you why i think that the american people are beginning to figure out what is going on.
8:34 pm
everybody was, the senate wants a new session. we worked saturday night, here sunday. and what have we -- what do you think realistically? you have what you want that. is just rejected about an hour ago by the senate so. do you have something else? or are you hoping the american people goring to start, you know hitting the phone bank calling everybody saying you know, let the republicans have this if that would be fair or whatever. you know? what do you want? >> we want what is fair for the american people. and they told us they have and think think americas shouldn't take place that. is why we removed subsidies we went through that tonight. we wanted to put the president's team into obama care. you know? i think since this is barack obama's signature legislation
8:35 pm
barack obama thought to have the opportunity to be in it. he and michelle ought to be the first couple to sign up for it. >> well, actually funny i mean, congressman backman sheer. she was a little bit defend td for people that didn't vote for it. >> they taught to be in it and have the opportunity and all ought to be in on it. >> greta: there are people that have gotten special deals on this, since it's passed. people got waivers and may have had legitimate rin rn buzz people don't have lobbiests who can't send smn to washington to argue points so there are people that might feel the same way. >> absolutely. there have been over 1200 waivers given. the first given to the obama administration leadership staff of the skmous senate. when they were still writing
8:36 pm
the bill people hadn't read it yet they put themselves out. there have been 19 delays this administration has made to obama care. that is why we thought that was a bing to do, deal yait for a year we'll going to try to get them to work with us on yet another resolution. we'll see what they're willing to work with us on. >> sometimes, you can feel gifts. >> yes. and they can have the opportunity and allow everybody, every federal employee into obama care. look at that. >> that ising if if you have
8:37 pm
people enforcing this, don't you think they ought to be a part of it? >> irs, another hour on that. and have government $67 million. given money for implementation and lost $67 million. >> you're right its if that doesn't give anyone a stroke i don't know what will. >> they want to it work for everybody. they have seen a lot of favoritism in obama care and a lot of cronyism. >> if you find out where that is... >> i'll let you know. >> good to see you coming up obama care at the heart of the funding fight. but the exchange still open tomorrow, are they ready? what will it mean for you? next, tonight. tell us your thoughts on the threat. use hash tag greta on your posts. you might see yours on the record coming up. [ male announcer ] when it comes to doing what you love,
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>> shut down or no shut down, tomorrow, obama care exchanges are ready to launch but are they ready? sam, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow you told me that is the moment they go online. are they going to work? >> we'll see at 8:00 a.m. i guess. administration says they had a briefing today, and yes, everything going to be ready this caveat you've heard obama give today there will be glitches and some things won't go right. >> if i zront a computer, what about me? >> there is a call in, a call center for folks who prefer to do it over the phone and in
8:43 pm
person assistors people called navigators teamed up with community organizations and churches and organizations like that to try to offer in person. >> greta: where do i go? i don't have a clue. >> then, that is sort of the way to find out where to go is health >> greta: but i need a computer? >> yes. ask around if you can use community organizations anyway as part of your daily live. any chairitable groups you do work with. might be able to point new right direction. >> greta: is there any chance this system is going implode tomorrow? or its been checked out? >> it's probably not going to implode tomorrow because they have six months to try to get everybody enrolled. it's a window that stays open six months so even if things go terrible tomorrow there is time to try to sort it out. we won't know every problem
8:44 pm
that arising you know? we'll have to get reports on them. >> how about is there confidentiality issues tomorrow? >> they have been clear in saying you know they've built all sorts prof texs into -- . >> greta: like what? trust me, i'm from the government? >> that is one point made, if someone is asking for a lot of health information don't give it to them. >> greta: what do you give them? >> where you live, whether you smoke, what income is. >> greta: that is it?. >> yes. >> that is it. >> greta: weight, height? >> you don't have to put them on the application. >> greta: 8:00 a.m. eastern brk to happen. our government getting trod shut town. what happens when the clock strikes midnight?
8:45 pm
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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. 11 minutes before the u.s. government shuts down and hundreds of thousands will stop getting paychecks. joining sus rick klein. and byron york. 800,000 out of about 2.4 or something like, million employees if they don't go to work tomorrow they're probably going to get paid when they come back. >> yes. sounds like a good gig if you can get it. i do feel for a lot of federal worker that's go to work every day. you want to have this predicability in your life. you are caught up in this thing that is not part of your making. it's been a tough gig for them. now to have this uncertainty, you don't know how long it's going to last. you assume you'll get paid whits over. >> greta: a lot of americans saying i may not have a job. i have no job security. it's almost impossible to be
8:50 pm
fired as a federal employy. now you're telling me they're going get a couple days off and get paid? >> that is right. a lot of things goring to remain open. we have seen lists social security checks are going to go out, medicare doctors still going to see paish yentsz ask obama care is going to continue running as a matter of fact i think workers implementing obama care will be deemed he sen skpshl keep going through a shut down. >> i i think that is right. one of the reasons is that some felt more emboldened is because of the sequester. we've heard horror stories that ended up not looking like that. one of the things you hear from talking to others outside of congress is, maybe a government shut down is not going to be that big of a deal. i do think it is going to be a big deal.
8:51 pm
i don't think people will feel i in the way how is this going to affect my life? i think most will go on with their lives and what think is that you're going to have the media reminding people the government was shut down and republicans were responsible for this. >> with sequester nothing happened. sequester came and went, nothing happened. affects were felt weeks and months later. this, you swril offices that are closed. you really will have people, you can do stories about not going to work. so i think it is a national story. >> what about the big picture? does that matter? united states can't pay bills? and are shut down? and we've got other problem goesing on. does it matter? or not? >> in this culture of self
8:52 pm
inflicted crisis, we're here with deadlines and they're violating deadlines on their own accord. and are going off a government, i think i don't think anyone looks good in this. in terms of the strategy, i think republicans went into this without a firm grasp of what the end game was. they didn't see moves down the field to realize where are we going to end up here? if this is when you peel it back and don't know where were you want it to end. >> when you do this kind of governing in crisis, it doesn't look g we didn't look good with $17 trillion in debt. the fact we're spending the way we were spending is easy to identify with politicians saying look it's time to shake stuff up here. i mean the way this town was
8:53 pm
working led to us this point. i understand and support and think it's wise to have these kinds of fights about the debt keeling and spending. >> greta: a million i talked about the irs loss given part of a big pile of money to implement stuff. where is that $57 million? >> it's still missing. >> greta: unbelievable. $67 million. anyway. okay. don't get me started. gentlemen, thank you, nice to see you. less than seven minutes the government will shut down. bret baier joins us, next. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price.
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8:58 pm
can you believe this? >> i know. >> it's stunning. >> bret: it's been amazing to watch this back and forth. it's like neither chamber wanted to be holding the resolution at the end it was like a giant game of old made. you know? it looks like the house is going to send one more back but goitsing to shut down there is going to be fallout there is going to be political fallout and there will be policy fallout z is not a game because 825,000 people will be furloughed starting tomorrow, you'll see parks closed down. but it's not the, you know everything is not shutting down. >> greta: i've seen the giant inconvenience. government workers i feel bad but they will get paid at some point. they always do. i see our standing in the world. the world watches us. the idea we've come to this, shutting down and putting that
8:59 pm
message to the world we're going hit the debt ceiling soon and we can't pay our bills we're going fight over the debt ceiling. this continuing resolution fight, if they get by with a magic tonight or tomorrow it's only for a short period of time. fundamentally we just look weak. >> bret: one of the things today is that not necessarily the shut down starting in just a minute, but prospect for the dysfunction that could happen two weeks from now in the debate. where the real default lie autos it's -- what i think is so upsetting about this, this is tough on a lot of americans a shut down z we apparently get to see how our congress becomes selfish. it's not attractive. >> bret: 20 seconds to go. i don't think we're going to get a deal.
9:00 pm
>> greta: just seconds our government will shut down. bret baier taking over our live coverage another hour, don't go away. stay with bret. >> this is a fox news alert in washington it's midnight here in the political nation's capital. old fiscal year has ended and a new one has begun gun without funding for much of the government. the office of management and budget directed agencies to execute their shut down procedures and orderly should down therk said. the game of political chicken between house republicans on one side and democrats on another and the president has gone into overtime. you're looking live at senator harry reid. let's dip in and listen to the senator right now as he speaks about the shut down. >> to issue a shut down staten


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