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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you so much for starting your day with us. with he begin with the fox news alert. a live look at the nation's capital. the shut down ends in it day two. this is both sides digging their heels and refuse to budge. what is next? >> republicans will once again try to offer up compromise measures to fund at least parts of the government. democrats say they have you not have to negotiate there should be full funding for all parts of the government thus we are at longer heads. with part of the shut down already underway with federal parks and museums closing yesterday president obama promised to veto the republican efforts to partially restore some funds. >> the republicans don't get to
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hold the entire country hostage over ideological demands. >> they have piece by piece funds part of the government including national museums and parks veterans benefits and budget of district of columbia. the house blocked the measures. >> there are a couple things important here. he wants 100 percent of obama care he wants his way or the highway. we have offered several compromises and he continues to reject them. we are trying to fund the government they are trying to stop it because they will win politically. >> to put the shut down in sheer dollar terms a consulting term that puts together the cost of all of this saying the lost wages will cost the money 300 million a day 12.5 million per hour 1.6 billion per week and the 95 shut down cost a total of
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2.1 billion in today's dollars. they are lacking at the lost workers who have to go without a paycheck while they are furloughed. it is important to note the wages will probably be fully repaid depending on the specifics of the compromised agreement. >> kind of an iou. doug luzader thank you for joining us. we begin day two of the government shut down. here's a quick reminder of some of the closures. national parks like the grand canyon, yosemite, museums, independence mall, the national zoo and monuments like the world war ii memorial in dc. >> a group of america's heros learning the hard way about the shut down. instead of getting a hero's welcome more than 200 world war ii veterans in mississippi and iowa greeted with barricades and police. this is at the world war ii memorial in dc.
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thanks to help from lawmakers the barricades were removed and they were able to get i inside. >> we did have a job and we would like america to settle down and to their job. >> plans for the trip had taken months. for many of the veterans they are saying it would be the last chance to visit the memorial honoring them and the friends they lost. so glad they were able to see it for sure. we want to know if you have been impacted by the government shut down? >> you can tweet them to us at fox friends fist or shoot us an email at we will read the comments a little later in the show. >> there has been a lot of heated reaction to the happenings on capitol hill. the big issue obama care.
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we tried to get answers on why democrats are against the gop's proposal. hannity questioned the illinois rep as to why it is okay that congress receives healthcare subsidies but the same isn't done for individuals. >> you get a special subsidy you and your congressmen and senators republicans in their final offer said get rid of the special exemptions, why wouldn't you support that why are you above the american people? >> i think we should be treated equal to everyone else. i want to make sure everyone else has. >> i have the same ability to join the healthcare system than
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anybody on my staff. >> that's not true. >> any one of the capitol hills police officers have, any other federal employee. >> it's the same as they do. >> i filled out the paper. >> no, you don't. 72 percent of it's pay. why do i have to educate the lawmaker on your law that you passed. >> gutierrez also said part of the reason he is opposed is because he doesn't think obama care should be tied into running the federal government. >> obama care might be baup and running but it is causing problems with technical glitches turning people away. elizabeth prann is live in washington with more on what happens next. good morning elizabeth. >> good morning heather and ainsley. there were plenty of hiccups glitches and delays most in the early morning hours. officials pointing to 2.8 million people flooding
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government web sites. healthcare dot gov the federal marketplace that offers coverage to millions in more than 30 states were frozen or jammed. it left little choice but to ask folks call back today or some even asked to wait for weeks to sign up. >> the web site in many instances crashed. the call centers i have had a couple agents and brokers tell me today if you like dealing with the dmv or irs you will love dealing with obama care. >> the president speaking out yesterday saying the hurdles people are experiencing as with any new products are to be expected. he also said the administration will fix the problems even noting some are already being addressed. like every new law, every new product rollout there will be glitches in the signup process. more than 1 million people before 7 in the morning. >> people who didn't get time to
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sign up, uninsured americans have until december 15th to pick a plan that would start the first of the year. >> elizabeth prann live from washington thank you, elizabeth. >> while you were sleeping florida's jacksonville airport reopened following a bomb scare. they stranded thousands of passengers after they found two suspicious packages. one was in fact dangerous. it was later detonated off-site according to local reports two suspects were arrested. a colorado teenager could spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of a 10-year-old girl. austin sigs pleaded guilty against the advice of his attorney. 10-year-old jessica ridge way was abducted and killed in october of last year when she was walking to school. he will be sentenced next month but he can't face the death penalty because he was 17 at the time of the murder. >> a high ranking federal
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official pleads guilty to theft and this week the 5th. he was question by law makers yesterday. he's accused buying to his bosses saying he was a secret agent with the cia. that got him a 4 day workweek cheating the government and taxpayers out of 86,000 dollars over a 13 year period. the wife of cincinnati reds pitcher says she was assaulted at last night's wild card baseball game in pittsburgh. security at pnc park did nothing to help her. meanwhile this was the first post season playoff game in pittsburgh since 1992. it seems the hot plate advantage health. the pirates defeated the reds 6 to 2, the team will fly to st. louis to open the division series against the cardinals on thursday. to a fox business alert for you now wall street shaking off the government shut down.
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>> lauren simonetti fox business network has more on the markets and top business news this morning. >> hi ainsley, hi heather. 18 government shut downs in as nearly as many years. experts say no big deal. the dow gained 62 points. investors looking to washington for signs of political compromise. and to the fed to keep the easy money coming. the dow down 80 points. gold considered a safe investment where investors quit their money when they are nervous. even gold prices were down yesterday. the biggest banks as washington gets ready for the next fiscal fight raising the death ceiling by the middle of the month. they are holding the ipo hostage. the lights are on at the scc now
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funding may be dry putting twitter's expected public listing in jeopardy. prior to yesterday's shut down the ipo was staging the biggest run since 2007. more than 150 companies sold their shares last year. hilton hotels chrysler and the maker of candy crush. a warning to drivers to tell you about this morning. more than 76,000 bmw's are being recalled fears the int ruchgs-- interruption in the power supply and 140,000 jeep grand cherokees and ram pickups worldwide to upgrade software. there have been reports with random issues of warning lights and ped dom officers. >> -- pedometers. >> a lot of recalls there. >> it does not seem like fall at all.
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in other parts of the country here in new york city>> we have a big ridge of high pressure that is causing a warm up in the southeast and the great lakes. the high temperatures are well above average for the month of october. 84 degrees is the high temperature in new york city. it will not be a record high. the actual rrd for th record fo day in history is 90 degrees. way back a year ago we reached 90 degrees during early october. 70s in great lakes, chicago, 84 for you in kansas city. we are talking still 90s even though it is october across parts of the state of texas. we have a winter storm starting to get organized across parts of the northwest winter storm warnings and watches are in effect out here. eventually the storm heads eastbound and could be producing severe weather as we head into tomorrow and friday across parts
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of our country. >> thanks maria. >> the time now is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. we have all seen this, road rage motorcycle drivers cause a vicious attack on a man. we hear from one of the bikers. >> why they are being banned to wearing these pink shirts for breast cancer awareness. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. i worked a patrol unit for 17 years in the city of baltimore.
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it's quarter past the hour. while you were sleeping police arrested and charged a second suspect in connection with the attack on the suv driver who was swarmed by a gang of motorcyclis motorcyclists. >> we are learning brand new details about the extreme act of road rage caught on camera. sources say the gang of motorcyclists known as hollywood stunts were at first trying to slow the suv drive down so they could take over the highway. that's when police say 28-year-old christopher cruise swerved in front of the range rover causing the driver to bump his back tire. video shows the biker surrounds the suv attacking the doors and the tires. the driver speeds away to escape but hits three people blocking his way. >> if you look at the video you can tell that man ran over something. that something is my husband who is paralyzed in a coma.
2:17 am
they induced a coma because of the injuries he has to his heart. his aortic valve ripped when he got run over. >> being one of the motorcyclists there. the gang continuess to chase him who was in the car with his wife and two-year-old daughter. the bikers surround his car again then one tries to rip open his door but he fleas knocking another rider off of his bike. it was that rider who use his helmet to smash the driver side window of the suv. >> as he took off he hit me and he kept going. once he hit me off my bike i got angry and i chased after him. two minutes prior to that this guy almost took my life from me. and i am the aggressor because i smashed the window. >> you saw the way it all played out there. the bikers eventually drag him out of the suv and beat him as
2:18 am
his wife and toddler watched. he had to get stitches on his face and chest. police are trying to identify those bikers. will face any charges himself. >> explosive claims of a survivor deadly 2012 drive-by shooting. he said ex patriot aaron hernandez pulled a trigger in the exclusive interview in our sister station in boston a survivor claims he was in the back seat leaving the club. two people died. he was not a football fan and did not connect hernandez in the shooting until the former football player was arrest for an unrelated murder. he is charge with the murder of oden lloyd.
2:19 am
a man steels a car and leads him on a short 5 minute chase. the first crash happens then he keeps going. the second one must have hurt him a little bit. they were able to swoop in and arrest him. >> it is 19 minutes after the hour. wait until you hear who this accused drug dealer texted that landed him behind bars. >> they are one of the hottest crazes in electronic cigarettes. a serious warning after it explodedd in their face. you will hear more of them ahead. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
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>> we appreciate you waking up with "fox & friends first". thank you for joining us. we are here in new york city. an accused drug dealer accidentally turns himself into police with a text message. police in andover township, new jersey they got a message if he wanted to buy a quarter pound of pot. he said sure. when the would be drug dealing arrived he was arrested.
2:24 am
>> all right, thanks. a wild pack of pigs putting a school on lock down. take a look at this as three of them running around inside and outside of the school. it was happening at saint teresa's catholic church. they tried to coral the pigs. they did eventually catch up with them. no kids were ever in any danger. >> october a breast cancer awareness month if you have not heard. >> turns out st. louis county leaders made their fundraising efforts difficult. >> they proudly wear the pink t-shirts as part of the national pink heels movement. it gives firefighters every where a chance to support women with cancer.
2:25 am
so far they raised money for charity. >> once the chief gives approval we print the shirt. >> the chief's approval wasn't good enough for this year's board. >> in compliance with the labor agreement any modifications to the uniform have to come to the board. >> they haven't made the request to us. it was kind of interesting that we felt kind of circumvented and blind sided as a board. >> what is wrong with wearing pink shirts on the job? criminals could wear the shirts and pose as firefighters. firefighters and taxpayers found holess in that argument. >> we wear personal protective equipment we wear helmets and you be cls. >> this union detail is not going to differentiate whether a real firefighter is coming to your home or not. >> one thing most agree on politicizing cancer is sad and wrong. >> i am outraged as a survivor we have this insensitivity to
2:26 am
ang act of kindness on the part of a fire department who just wants to give back. >> well said right there. will israel's prime minister throwing down the gauntlet. >> he was a wolf in wolf clothing. he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> why he says his nation might have to stand alone. >> gps giving one couple some bad advice leaving them stranded for two-days. how they finally found their way. >> the movie "the river wild" was number one at the box office. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can.
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>> fox news alert. it is day two of the government shut down with no end in sight. both sides refusing to blooudge. the latest fails. they are one of the latest crazes. >> got into bed i heard this explosion. jumped up, screamed. >> a new warning about e tig
2:31 am
grets what you need to know. >> bad advice from gps leaving them stranded for days. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> reaching across the party lines or not. live shot of washington, d.c. as lawmakers still struggle to come to some sort of agreement. thank you so much for joining us. it is wednesday october 2nd. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> it is 5:31. we are going to begin with a fox news alert. live at the capitol and the white house as the government
2:32 am
shut down enters day two with no end in sight. >> the house tried, they failed to pass three emergency funding bills. this as both sides dig in their heels refuse to budge. what's next? doug luzader is live with latest. >> it will require a compromise but so far we haven't seen any move at the white house. republicans will try to push through some of the funding measures. the landmark being the public face of this shut down. hundreds of thousands of workers wrap things up in their offices put are heading home. it is all because of the president's healthcare plan. >> there are a couple things important here the president is saying he wants # # hundred percent of obama care he wants his way or the highway. we have offered him several compromises and he continues to reject them. we are trying to fund government
2:33 am
they are trying to stop any government because they think it's a parlor game and they will end politically. >> national parks, museums veteran's benefits and the budget to the district of columbia. democrats blocked all of those the white house promised to veto what they are calling piecemeal efforts. >> only going to happen when republicans realize they don't get to wholed the entire economy hostage over ideological demands. >> we talked about hundreds of thousands being furloughed. lost productivity and wages cost the economy 300 million a day, 12 and a half million per hour 1.6 billion per week and the 95 shut down in today's dollar, they are talking about 2.1 billion. however, those federal workers will probably be fully repaid in
2:34 am
whatever final funding agreement to congress and the white house comes up with. heather and ainsley. >> whenever and whatever that happens. day two of the government shut down. here's a quick reminder of some of the closures. national parks like the grand canyon yo semi-yo semity, the national zoo and monuments like the world war ii memorial in dc. >> that brings us to our brew on this question of the day. we asked if you have been impacted by the government shut down, and here are some of your responses. >> she says yes a once in a lifetime trip to see the grand canyon today, tomorrow and friday will be ruined for us. >> john tweets i am in sales and when you shut down the military commissary you shut down my business. >> keep the tweets coming in. we are going to read a few more of those responses by the end of the show.
2:35 am
thank you for those who sent in tweets and e-mails. >> technical glitches are already turning people away. live in washington with more. >> the president responding to early criticism about the hiccups. she says the hurdles they are experiencing with any new product are to be expected. they are already addressing some of the problems. >> like every new law every new product roll out there will be glitches in the sign upprocess. more than 1 million people visited healthcare >> many flooded web sites state sites healthcare dot gov the federal marketplace that offers coverage for millions of americans in more than 30 states
2:36 am
was frozen or jammed for most of the day. it left little choice but to ask folks to call back today. some were asked to wait a few weeks. >> the web sites in many instances have crash. the call centers, i have had a couple agents tell me today if you like dealing with the dmv o obama care. >> 16 states set up their own marketplaces. they are showing enrollment pictures already in kentucky for example more than a thousand sign up. in connecticut processed 167 applications and here in the district 175. >> elizabeth prann live for us thank you. florida's jacksonville airport reopened after a bomb square. police shut it down for nearly five hours stranding thousands of passengers after they found two suspicious packages. one was in fact dangerous and later detonated off the site. according to local reports two
2:37 am
suspects were arrested. >> israeli's prime minister laying out a blunt message yesterday calling iran's new leader hassan row huhani a sheen wolf's clothing. he also talked about nuclear weapons. >> they will not allow iran to get nuclear weapons. if israel is forced to stand alone, israel will stand alone. here's my advice. distru distrust, dismantle and verify. >> thighs comments come one day after he spoke to the leader. he also accused iran of supporting the syrian government which used chemical weapons against its own people killing 10's of thousands of innocent people. >> coming up at 6:15 on fox and friends the deputy defense
2:38 am
minister will join us to talk more about the topic and the prime minister's u.s. speech. >> the federal government spent 535 million of tax payer dollars to bail out solyndra. why are they calling the program that funded the loan a success? >> let me say flatly it has been a terrific success. a $35 billion loan portfolio has had two percent of defaults. 10 percent of the reserve fund that the congress itself put aside or what is advancement of risky technology. >> that's not what we are hearing. taxpayers likely to recover little of the fee. classical fans are realing over the loss of the new york city opera. the company announced yesterday it will close and file for bankruptcy after 70 years.
2:39 am
emergency fundraising campaign didn't produce the millions of dollars needed to keep the music going. the company opened in 1944 with a goal trying to make art more accessible and affordable. >> we might not have a pan to cam right now because the government shut down, but the london zoo has a tiger cam and it captured something pretty cool. they have a new baby tiger. this little guy was born yesterday and it's the first endangered tiger cub to be born at the sgla in 17 years. zoo keepers kept the pregnancy in secret and only monstered the new mom with the hidden cameras. everything went well and they are quote over the moon about their newest baby. >> i want to know what name they came up with. >> let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> i heard you had trouble getting yao you are forecast
2:40 am
this morning. >> we talked about how it would impact federal weather agencies. i went on the national weather service web site which typically provide warnings and advisories. this is what i came across with. it is not available any more. you can go on different web sites. you can go on weather dot gov there are other ways to get the weather information but this is one of the main sites i like to go on this is the message i came across with early this morning. a little bit of a rude awakening at 4:00 in the morning. more conditions across the country. they were talking about warm temperatures across the northeast. 84 degrees for the high temperature not feeling anything like october. texas in the 90s 84 for you in kansas city. we have across parts of the northwest a brand new storm system. we have winter storm watches in effect.
2:41 am
significant snowfall will be possible. the storm heads east. thursday into friday you could be lacking at severe weather across parts of the plains. that will be something we continue to watch in country. >> glad you have your meteorology degree and computer models and weather satellites are still working. you have gonedone a good job. >> 41 after the top of the hour. visitors turned away from the grand canyon amid the government shut down. we heard from one of those on twitter. what if it's the venue for your wedding? we will talk to a couple whose wedding plans are ruined. >> they dive to save a bull shark. it is all caught on camera. what led to this dramatic act of kindness? ask me what it's like
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2:45 am
school for playing cops and robbers. he pointed his finger like a gun and said pow pow. the mom says she is worried he will be labeled violent with the suspension on his record. >> government shut down affecting love lives. michael and genevieve plan to get married today at the grand canyon. the government shut down force them to cancel. they have been scrambling to find another site and make new aringments for all of their guests. they joined "on the record"" to talk about the shut down. >> honestly when you have an argument you fix it by talking to each other. you don't stomp your feet and say i am right i am wrong. >> they are not looking out for us the american people and they are not by closing parks and museums and monuments they are
2:46 am
not helping anything. >> genevieve and mike still plan on getting married today but they have to say i do in another location. >> we are talking more about the shut down. the market shrugging off the government shut down yesterday. >> how will it impact friday's job report? >> as you said investors seem to slug off as the markets ended up across the board helped bide an up beat manufacturing activity report. it is leaving 800,000 people temporarily out of work and nobody knows how long it will last. what is interesting is these shut downs aren't always bad for investors. wh if you look at the last government shut down stocks were down but shot up directly after more than making up for the losses. that seems to be the trend. the 16 shut downs over the last
2:47 am
40 years were all followed by above average returns. there are two variables in place this time around. one also we have a debt ceiling debate as they are expecting to hit the debt borrowing limit. two years ago we suffered our first credit downgrade because we got too close to reaching that debt limit. just image if we actually hit. the other big variable is fed. investors want to know when the fed will start scaling back on stimulus measures the fed says that depends heavily on the labor market. doesn't look like we will be getting the monthly jobs report this week. all of this adds major uncertainty to the markets today. we are already in the red across the board you can expect to see more declines the longer this goes on. >> diane macedo, thank you. >> 47 minutes after the top of the hour. where did the hour go? an elderly couple stranded down a dirt road for two-days why it
2:48 am
is blamed for the off road adventure. >> it goes way too fast. >> an electronic cigarette explodes while charging. hear from the couple who said it fired just like a missile right in their face. brian kill lead, let's see what's coming up up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on our show talking about day two of the big shut down. turned away from visiting a monument. congress steps unand allows them to get to the monument. he moves the barricade. that congressman will be joining us live. obama care is open for business, how did it go yesterday and how do you avoid getting scammed if you do sign up and kenny lofton turned broadcaster weighs in on a rod's new alibi. the exercising post season and who will win the world series? an romney has a cookbook, she will read from it. country star performs live. that's coming up on "fox &
2:49 am
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>> they have been touted as the 21st century cigarette but one minnesota woman has a warning for e-cigarette users after she said charging her husband's cigarette caused it to blow up. >> every day e-cigarettes are getting more and more popular. but there is still a lot of we don't know about the unregulated product. >> got into bed, heard this explosion, jumped up, screamed. >> ask rein knee who
2:53 am
said -- ask renee who said her husband's e-cigarette exploded while charging. >> it shot out like a missile from the computer. >> it landed on the carpet burning several spots. >> this is something that is supposed to be safe and is not. it turned into a fire work. >> they got the fire out but the couple has a lot of questions. chris bought is it -- bought it four months ago, thought it was safe. >> mike bought it e-cigarettes months ago. he says the problem comes from the battery, those that don't have overcharge protection. >> they are getting charged and overcharging, the batteries are getting hot and shooting across rooms. >> when buying an e-cigarette, mike says overcharge protection is key. >> the real batteries are made by joy tech, with the
2:54 am
emblem on the bottom. >> as for chris, he bought a new e-cigarette but still -- >> i'm always going to be thinking about it and wondering is it going to happen. >> an elderly couple left stranded for two days after their g.p.s. sent them on a shortcut. they were driving from california to oregon when it told them to get off a highway and on to an unpaved back road. their motor home then got stuck in thick mud. the couple eventually called for help. deputies arrived pulling them out of motor home and towing them to a main road. >> do you like to fish? catching and releasing a shark usually involves cutting it off a line and watching it swim away. but when one was struggling, this brave man jumped in to help. it happened off the coast of florida. the shark weighing more than 300 pounds. thankfully the man was not
2:55 am
injured. >> good for him and the shark, i guess. >> i wouldn't do it. >> the time six minutes until the top of the hour. coming up, an important update to this story we have been following. a mob of motorcyclists attacking a driver caught on camera. >> day two of that government shutdown, how it is impacting. we're going to read some oftwic your e-mails and tweets your e-mails and tweets next. poligrip helps minimize stress your e-mails and tweets next. which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate ♪ we, we chocolate cross over ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over ♪ [ male announcer ] fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate
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2:59 am
remain closed. no sign of a compromise in congress yet. obamacare faces glitches the first day. websites had issues of millions of people trying to access them. >> the nypd arresting two suspects in connection with the attack on the s.u.v. driver who was swarmed by a gang of motorcyclists here in manhattan. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. a new study finding sweden offers the best overall quality of life for the elderly, and that is because of universal pensions. >> up next the bad. a former cold stone employee caught stealing ice cream and cash from the iowa store where he once worked. the suspect's name? connor fudge. finally the ugly. a seven-year-old girl caught on camera stealing a cell phone out of a woman's purse. the girl then walks out of the restaurant as her mom watches. >> before we go, more responses on our brew on this question of the day. we asked you how you have been impacted by the government shutdown and
3:00 am
here's what you had to say. >> i'm a 20 year veteran and continue to serve as a department of defense employee. what this shutdown teaches me is how out of touch our leader are with the common person. >> jenny from japan, all the teachers for military kids are working but we aren't getting paid until this is over. >> thank you for responding. "fox & friends" starts tphoufplt -- starts now. >>elisabeth: good morning. today is wednesday, october 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. call it the senate shutdown. democratic lawmakers refusing to negotiate a deal that would put government employees back to work. can republicans really come to a compromise if they are the only ones there at the table? >>steve: so lonely there. after a day of computer crashes, there's a celebration underway at the white house over obamacare's overwhelming success. hu? the administration's definition of overwhelming may have you scratching your head on


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