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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 2, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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president obama inviting congressional leaders to the white house this evening to talk about how to end the shutdown. it will be the first face-to-face meeting between the president and house speaker john boehner. >> so they can sit down and talk. >> i am allyson camerota. >> how are you feeling. i am bill hemmer. a white house briefing and meanwhile, the white house and the house for that matter working on a set of minispending bills and blasted by democrats for doing it. >> it is time for republicans to stop throwing a crazy idea and in hopes that something will stick nothing has stuck. there is a sensible way to reopen the government. clean, six week resolution that opens government today and we passed it in the senate last week. >> it is not policy anymore. it is power.
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it is a power game played in the beltway and it is disarming and disgusting one. the policy that we sent over on saturday and what we are doing today and the policy that we have done in the appropriation bills that have gone over there is good and decent policy. >> he has been on the hill all morning, doug, good day to you, what is happening. >> i will not be here all morning, mike will take over so i get a little reprieve. first and foremost on the house side. house republicans are moving to a vote on mini spending bills to fund the veterans administration and national parks and dc government and national guard and reserve and they are doing it in the face of withering criticism from democrats in both houses. >> all of this is a waste of
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time and that is what the republican majority is good at. >> i believe reasonable republicans, i hope they are desperately looking for a way out and that's what all of the newspaper and news report. each day a couple more come forward. i don't blame them for looking for a way out. these piecemeal bills are not a way out. the obama administration promised to veto them and so they are the obviously not the answer. >> republicans counter it is it the democrats are intransient and unwilling to negotiate. here is mitch mcconnell. >> instead of agreeing to common sense proposals related to the law, they stuck to the absolutist position 100 percent obama care no matter what. but now there are first
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indications of movement in the past couple of hours since announcing the cancellation of the trip to ma yla sia. the president is having a meeting in the white house for all members of congress. senate majority harry reid. and mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi. and boehner. in part, they said frankly we are confused as to the purpose of the meeting. if the president is serious about purpose of the meeting. he could have a conference meeting and then we hear from majority leader reid that he is willing for a committee if the house passed a clean cr. so what is the president's motivation here? we are coming up against october 17th. that's the point of which we
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roach the debt ceiling and the president will feel the heat from that and doesn't want the trouble of the cr and debt ceiling battle. he doesn't need those two fights on his hands. >> you wonder if the trip to southeast asia is going to happen begin the circumstances now. >> we'll follow that and let emmanuel know he's on duty soon. >> and meanwhile, there is concerns that the shutdowns will have a serious impact on the national security. director of national intelligence james clapper making the case that the shut down is compromising america's safety. listen. >> as to impasse. i have been in the television business for 50 years and never seen anything like this from my view. i think this on top of the sequestration cuts that we are taking that this seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this
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nation and citizens. >> oklahoma congressman joins us live now. hello, congressman. >> how are you today? >> you heard james clapper there. that this serious damages our ability to protect the safety and security of the nation and our citizens, are you in congress jeopardizing the national security with this shut down? >> the president has full authority with the government slow down that is occurring to put essential individuals still at work and they are essential for security and safety they are still at work. all of the security is still here because they are here. the administration is kind of moving things around i would say trying to make that statement. >> here's what james clapper said today. 70 percent of the intelligence committee is furloughed.
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are you confident that no national security issues are affected? >> i am not. the administration makes the decision on who is essential and nonessential personnel. cent percent of the intelligence community is not essential they made that decision. the house and president and all signed off on military. and yet the administration came back after it is passed, you know half of the civilians are nonessential. and the administration is moving it around and making it look for critical. if they are essential personnel they should be on the job. i am confused why they consider 70 percent nonessential. >> just so we understand that the director of national security and also, sorry, the director of the nsa and james clapper are trying to what, scare americans?
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>> i have no idea and i know they have authority. and i couldn't go in to the motives and they declared 70 percent of the people nonessential, i am surprised by that in our intelligence community. this is the kind of stuff in the early stages. we have more guards standing around in open air world war ii memorial that is open 1 or 2 hours a day. and we had more dwaurds than what we had in our embassy in benghazi. this makes no sense. declare them essential is put them to work. >> the last time the government had a partial shut down and there was not social media and now there is. i don't know if you read the dear congress letters and we have tweets to show you. people can do it in 140 characters. dear congress. you made a mockery of the united
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states government. kids on the playground know more about conresolution. >> are you doing the best conflict resolution you can in congress or do the kids on the playground know better. >> the teacher knows how to be a better resolution. that's not what is occurring right now. the house put a proposal to sit down with the senate and this is how we resolved differences since the 1700s. we have a conference committee and sit down with a group and negotiate it and passed. it we asked for that and the senate said no, we'll not negotiate and now the president wants to meet but i am not meeting to negotiate. i am meeting to tell you to vote our way. let's sit down and work it out. we can do that. >> and thanks for making time for us. >> and we'll have to find out
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whether or not they can. and we'll learn more about the little known side affects and the unintended consequences. it extends for thousands of miles in the country. trace galla gher is here. >> unlike the states, the money that the district of colombia is all approved by congress. and so when the government shuts down, the mayor of dc is supposed to furlough all nonessential workers. but the mayor said they are essential and he said he will pay for them with a rainy day fund not federal dollars. he could go to jail but highly unlikely they will drag him off soon. if you want to golf in dc, forget about it. the public golf cowers are closed and 45 fountains in the dc area. they will be shut down.
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the pictures are old, the fountains are now off. nasa has shut down its web site so there are no pretty pictures coming from space. but keep in mind, that mission control is still being manned and so the astronauts on the space station is fine and the mars rover is digging and testing and looking for water on mars. one california's couple's wedding in paramount ranch had to be moved. >> planning a wedding is not easy and this is the worst thing that could happen to us four days away from the wedding. >> they are impeding on my pursuit of happiness and i can't marry the person i wanted to marry. >> i want them to get their act together. it is tough to see how they affect everyone on a personal level. >> they will get married but not
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in the place they thought. and by the way, if that couple is looking to invest in google stock put it on hold. ipo for twitter. i meant twitter. ipo for twitter may be delayed because the feds have to do. that and football, air force and navy game, still deciding on that. that could be put on the back burner. >> they can do the twitter ipo in 40 characters and they could save something there. >> save money on that. >> you can't delay love. they are still getting married. no government shutdown. we have an update on this story. there was another group of world war ii veterans visiting the memorial this time from kansas despite the government partial shut down and members of the house and senate cut the tape and removed the barricades allowed more than 80 vets to roll right in. it was sponsored by kansas and
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a sending brave heros to dc and visit the war memorial free of charge. >> that story is popping more than many others than we saw. mississippi was there yesterday and they broke through the barricades and we talked to louie geomer and allowed the guys to go in. you going to stop them? >> don't have the barricades and sometimes it is vandalism. >> it is a sidewalk, right? what are they doing there in the first place? >> and the obama administration said the glitch is associated with the roll outs. they will make that argument. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on that in a moment. >> the u.s. had first diplomatic contact with iran in more than 30 years. is the apparent tha w causing our government to let down its
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guard? [ sneezes, coughs ]
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>> meanwhile a suspect is making its first court appearance in jacksonville florida after a frightening bomb scare in the international airport there this morning. steve is live in miami. >> allyson, woo are getting more information about the suspect. he was born in bosnia and entered the international the airport at 5:30 and told security officials he had a bomb in the back pack. it was a lug gage scale and he was carrying a remote control. they evacuated everyone and took people off of planes and put them in buses to take them to nearby hotel.
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the airport was shut down for five hours. >> the guards came down and said get back. at that moment it was like okay. what is going o. they moved us back again and pushed us back and there is a wall and we can only move back so many times. >> it is not clear the motivation for the hoax bombing. fbi is assisting the investigation. the airport has delays and cancellations and right now it is up and running, allyson. >> thank you for that update. >> congress pushing for tougher sanctions against iran despite what appeared to be a thaw in u.s.- iran relations. benjamin netanyahu sounding the alarm bell saying that iran and
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its leader cannot be trusted. good day to you. you believe that iran is only negotiating because the sanctions are working, explain. >> i went to one of the meetings where iran president rouhani was on the charm offensive and he talked about the man date from the iranian people. the iranian economy is on the skids. inflation is running 30 percent. and income from oil sale system way down. youth unemployment is way up. they are in an economic straight jacket. they have got to negotiate in hopes of getting the sanctions released. >> but through those negotiations, you believe we are negotiating over the wrong thing. explain that. >> first of all, once you have the mugger on the tarm ac. don't let him up until you get
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the gun out of his hand. don't let the pressure off until there is an agreement. if we don't iran will play for time and continue to develop the nuclear program. but bill, at the end of the day, iran is going to get nukes. why? we are not negotiating the end of iranian nuclear program but the amount of time it takes them before they get nuclear weapons. they are going to stop, but when they are six weeks away or six months away and a year away? that is what we are debating now. >> when you listened to netanyahu this week, was he giving a direct threat to iowa ran and alerting the world that israel could take military action if it comes to that? >> you are right to say that. it is not the united states and iran. what is israel going to do? israel is standing by seeing the
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playing out of negotiations between united states and iran where iran doesn't really give up nuclear weapons. netanyahu said if israel stands alone, israel stands alone. what is difficult for the israelis, united states and iran are in negotiations. it closes the window on military action that israel might take against iran. >> would that be this administration's strategy to engage and prevent netanyahu from taking action? >> bill, you are devious and that's what some people suggested, that the reason iran had said in the meeting last week. iranian president said we of the to fast track and secretary kerry said the same thing. inose negotiations have begun. it makes it difficult for israel to strikeout on its own even though they said they will if no
10:21 am
body else does, they will stop iran. >> not devuous, just asking. see you soon. >> and the police are looking for a gang of bikers. i am sure you have seen this video. they beat up the suv driver. but the wife of one of the bikers said it is the driver that should face charges. >> just in a day a 911 dispatcher laughing at someone needing help. listen to this. when you have diabetes like i do,
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>> wait until you hear this story, 1, 911 dispatcher is under fire for laughing at a caller. >> the boyfriend and girlfriend are in a remote county when there was an accident with the car. we are not sure the car accident or car itself. the car caught fire and the girlfriend caught fire. and the boyfriend called 911 expecting to get him. he heard this. >>
10:26 am
>> the dispatcher in defense of her, you can hear the laughing in the background. it doesn't appear the phone call but something in the background took her attention away. and pima county has 400,000 calls a year and listen to their response. >> we did not performat the level i expect or is thes of the county should expect. we'll correct that. i can understand why the caller was upset with that, i would be upset, too. >> the girlfriend is recovering from the burning and he would call back and talk to a dispatcher a second time. help was already underway. the dispatcher was not relieved of her duties. it is obvious she was trying to keep straight there but the
10:27 am
laugher took her away and that is the last thing you want to hear and dealing with a serious situation and someone laughing. it is one of those situations that caught people's ors and upset them as well. pima county is taking it very seriously and we'll have the results of their investigation when it comes down. >> adam houseley, it sounds like she was laughing at something colleagues were doing. >> you could hear the change of tonight. >> but the guy who called in was cool as a cucumber. >> he was a little upset though. >> there was a medical break through that gave one woman who thought she could never have a child the gift of life. how this doctor made medical history with that little guy in the right and how it may help couples. >> potential patients that want to sign up for government health
10:28 am
care on line are facing glitches. it is a good sign sort of, really? >> like every new law and product roll out, there are going to be glitches in the sign up process along the way that we will fix. i have been saying this from the start. my mother made the best toffee in the world.
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♪ call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> quick check of the head lines for you. president obama cancelling two
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stop in the long planned asia tour dow to a government shutdown. white house said trips to indonessia and brunei are still on the bocks but may be scrubbed, too. >> lance armstrong turning over the bronze metal from the games. it marks an end of the sad chapter of the quote. >> and former republican congressman ron paul auctions off a piece of history. >> it is it a 1979 green chevette. he said it was a key part of his personal history and the height of the gas crisis. o'neill's vehicle towered over paul's tiny car and apparently the photoupset o'neill, but ron was able to fit in the car. o'neill chose for the lincoln. >> my first car was a chefit.
10:33 am
but i told friends it was a vet. >> 1973 grand torinno. $625. nice, nice. >> and rocky start for obama care, but the white house is not worried despite millions of people seeing this when they logged on. the administration is calling the glitches a good sign. the president comparing obama care to apple. >> consider that just a couple of weeks ago apple rolled out a new operating system and within days there was a glitch and they fixed. it i don't remember anyone saying that they should stop making iphones or ipad. ntechnical problems are plaguing the health and in the last hour, i clicked
10:34 am
on the links for all 36 and got the same error message. there is a lot of visitors on the sight right now. there it is similar to the error message on most of the site pages yesterday and when heavy traffic and a faulty security page created headaches for many consumers. >> i had agents and brokers tell me if you like dealing with the dmv or irs you will like obama care. glitches are significant and it is difficult for consumers and agents and brokers and navigators to use the system. >> officials promised yesterday to quickly iron out the glitches with the site. the white house said it is caused by heavy traffic. they say that is good because there is a ton of interest to the obama care. >> it is like trying to get
10:35 am
tickets to the first pirates home playoff game. you know when you go on-site it is hard to load the page because a lot of people like you want to find out if tickets are available and the great news about this is not one game or one night. the seats are unlimited. >> several state websites are working for efficiently and their numbers reveal that only a fractions of visitors applied for a new plan. 1100 out of 65,000. and the federal government will not tell us how many people enrolled at health but that some consumers signed up. >> thank you for the update. >> day two, the obama administration said the glitches are good and they are defending the program. >> they are staying tight lipped
10:36 am
on what the glitches are. what is going on with enrollment. monica crowley is a writer. and also a fox news contractor. high, ladies. this is what i just did an hour ago. we tried to log on to health and we got the message that said please wait and it cleared and then you could log on. and monica, is this a big problem or working out the glitches. >> if this was a movie, it would be a bad omen, but it is not a movie, it is all too real. look this administration had three years from the time this law was passed to set up the exchanges and get obama care ready to go for the debut yesterday. the fact that they couldn't get it done and i understand the technical problems. but the fact they couldn't get it done, tells us it will be a problem going forward. maybe not the technical issues,
10:37 am
allyson, we saw the horror show unveiled in terms of higher costs and premiums and loss of work and loss of hours to the point where labor unions are saying this needs to be fixed and loss of access to doctors and health insurance cover. if you like your own health insurance you can cope. it there are serious problems coming down the pike. >> kirsten. this could be the easy part. it is just software and not surgery and before you weigh in. the measure of the law we'll see in the 3 or 6 months now. and we'll compare the data points where people told us they would be six months from now. but if you lose your insurance on this day forward who are you going to blame? this law?
10:38 am
>> this is a huge government program, that you know, it is not surprising that there is glitches. if you think back to 2006, when they launched the medicare expansion for prescription drugs. people saying they are not getting medication or wrong medication and now it is a popular program in the country. i don't think you can read into the fact that there are problems on the first day that it launches to say that it is going to be a failure. and i think the president's comparison to apple is a good one. it is the most technological app company in the world. >> you can buy a samsung or lg. >> that's not the point. just because there is glitches doesn't mean they will be worked out. we know why web pages load slowly and you get error messages. there is too much special in
10:39 am
obama care. >> i think that is very good spin, but i don't think it will last long. the government can't run anything efficiently. there is waste and fraud and abuse in the government in all levels. >> and the military can't run. monica? >> hold on, ladies for one second. the president said 1 million people visited health before 7:00. does that show interest or need? many of them were reporters trying to log on, but still there is interest? >> a think a lot of people are curious what is up there and how it may or may not work. the proof will be in the number of people who are going on the web sites and following it through to enrolling and the fact that the administration will not tell us what happened in the last 48 hours in terms of visitors who saw the process through or enrolling in this, it
10:40 am
may be because the numbers are so small that they are embarrassed. >> and there is a difference tone a human and a hit on a software program. we got to run. day three tomorrow. ally. >> a group of bikers chased a suv that had a family inside and beat up the driver. was it a case of road rage or self defense. we know he can't move his legs. well, there's hannah, maddie, jen, sara m., sara b., sa -- whoa, whoa. hold on. (under his breath) here it comes... we can't forget about your older sister! thank you, thank you, thank you! seriously? what? i get 2x the thankyou points on each ticket. can i come?
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10:44 am
on the show. and a woman strip searched by three male officers and left naked in the jail cell. and obama care, in the sheets of cosmo magazine next to sex toy articles. is this smart marketing or a desperate move. we'll discuss it with a were miss america and former house wife and francis. >> thank you, grech. >> and was it a case of road rage or self defense? that is the question that is raised this morning over the disturbing video. this shoes a group of angry bikers boating up the driver of the suv after he allegedly struck one of them and ran over another. >> two of the bikers were arrested for their rol. the wife of the injured rider said the driver of the suv must be charged. that he is responsible.
10:45 am
how about the fact that my husband can't walk again and he can't attend a son's football game. >> we have a prosecutor and defense attorney. gentlemen, good afternoon to you. is it self defense or road rage? >> it is a question of fact and you have to look at the totality of the circumstances. the driver of the suv in the car with a wife and toddler and reportedly, the motorcyclist are surrounding the vehicle and hitting the vehicle and slashing the tires. in that situation. is there a reasonable belief that he is going to be harmed or his family harmed if so he can drive away through the motorcyclist if there is a reasonable belief or worry of harm. >> we will show you the piece of the vehicle that is critical. this is the moment when the
10:46 am
motorcyclist is swarming the driver and he is at a stand still. he is surrounded okay. and he, he hits the gas. they swarm him and this is the moment when they are attack being him. they are cull pullable. and he hits the gas and blowed over them. how can you as a defense attorney convince a judge or jury if that was self defense or if he was really, really angry. >> it is always difficult to get into someone's mind. a picture is worth a thousand words and a video tape is worth a million. if you look at the videotape one of the motorcyclist applies the brake to braking bad and we know what happens. if brakes and the suv hits that
10:47 am
car and all of the sudden, he's warmed and the motorcyclist are trying to stop the car. in the car is the wife and child and he's scared and in fear. you can't so his face, you can see is 20 or 30 motorcyclist swarming on the car and what the driver did in the suv is within his rights. if he feels the fear is imminent fear, later the tires are slashed and that is not caught on the motorcyclist helmet cam. that is shown on the videotape. we have a case of self defense and 30 people were going to harm the driver and the daughter and family. he was within his right. >> you and erica are arguing the same thing and no criminal charges against the driver. >> as commissioner ray kelly said it is still under
10:48 am
investigation. you can see the sufsurrounded by the motorcyclist. they were reportedly hitting the vehicle and slashing the tires and the question is, did that driver reasonably believe he or his family would be harmed. the nypd has to interview everyone and look at the video and make a d on whether there is a belief of injury. >> we know that the psychistest had both legs broken and his spine broken. eric, will that change how responsible or cull papable the driver is. >> the injuries are awful and sad and he will have to live them. but maybe for the civil case. but in the criminal case while the injuries matter, they don't matter if it is justifiable use of deadly force if he believes
10:49 am
as dan said imminent fear. he might recover from the injuries from the civil case. and i imagine there will be a civil lawsuit. that's when the injuries will matter. it is sad what happened to the motorcyclist. but the videotape speaks for itself. i don't know what his involvement was. it is what it is. >> thank you, and we'll see where this goes. and from what the police commissioner said. we'll hear from ray kelly later. >> and now a great medical story to tell you about. a medical miracle is giving one woman the gift of life and how it might help couples all around the world. >> and talk about badmaners ally. one lite lot stealing the up thisseder in a big, big way.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
there has been a major medical break through in japan. a women gives birth through invetroactvation. but the diagnosis of pof is usually one of the most devastating. >> it is very rare. it affects a smaller senta sma r
10:54 am
percentage of women. >> what did these doctors in japan do? >> this is where it is so great. they go into the animal lab and do experiments to figure out the understandings and apply it to a clinical problem. they took ovaries out of these women and put them into an environment where they could grow bigger and were able to rescue eggs from ovaries that were not able to rescue eggs. >> they tried this on 27 women and were able to grow eggs on five of them and one went onto have a healthy baby. >> one in two of these patients
10:55 am
went onto have a spontaneous conception. the fact that they were able to get oflation in eggs was hopeful. it requires two significant surgeries anden invetro firstization. but this is a big promise for these people. >> it is a big promise for people with pof. what about for women in their 40s who are running out of eggs. can they grow new eggs? >> that remains to be seen. investigation has to be done to see if they can make better eggs. but for this young group of women who have ovarian failure, this potentially gives them the chance of using their own eggs. >> how soon do you think you
10:56 am
will be able to use it in your practice? >> there are still a lot of safety studies that need to be done. s it is a big deal but this first step is remarkable. >> great to see you. let's go to bill. >> remarkable technology. >> we now know more about a critical meeting between the president and congress. that is next. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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it was his moment in the sun. a world record holder's moment interrupted by the guy's shirt. advertising for an escort service. he crossed the finish line. he smiled through all of it.
11:00 am
really? he set a new world record and that was great. >> that is the only way i will cross a finish line. if i jump out at the last minute. >> see you on day four. see you then. >> the real story starts now. >> today on the real story. the government shout down being felt by countless americans. and now government oh ferl sffi saying he cannot guarantee that the country will be safe? >> why police say they had just cause to do that. "the real story" starts right now. >> and hello everyone. welcome to "the real story" today. we


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