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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 3, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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major apartment addition in 20 years. sports bar, and a pet spa and a yoga facility. >> just the basics. >> you got to have all of that in california? >> it is necessary. thanks for joining us, everybody. >> america's news headquarters starts right now. >> starting with a fox news alert for you. day throw of a government shutdown and they are at it again. president obama placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of house speaker john boehner. i am allyson camerota. >> and i'm bill hemmer. day four and they are only talking and finger pointing and name calling as well. here is the president an hour ago on that. >> the thing thing preventing people from going back to work and basic research starting up and farmers and small business
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people getting the loans, the only thing preventing that today, in the next five minutes, is that speaker john boehner won't let the bill get a yes or so vote. because he doesn't want to anger the extremist in his party. >> with that as a back grouped, mike emmanuel working long hours up there on the hill and the house law makers continuing the approach to get democrats to sit down and talk, where are we on that, mike? >> this afternoon house will vote to make sure veterans and national guard gets benefits and funding. the house voted to reopen national parks and monuments and make sure medical research continues. here is eric cantor making his case. >> we passed a pill in the house last night that would provide the nih with funding to reopen the clinical trials that give
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hope to parents who may not have hope otherwise when they find their kids have cancer. i believe that senator reid must take up the legislation today, for the sake of those children and their health. >> so voting on these bipartisan priorities is intended to put pressure on house democrats. it is hard to say why you voted against medical research or veterans getting the funding and puts up the pressure on senate democrats to get them to try to go to the negotiating table, bill. >> it is getting sticky and you can feel that front and center there. >> with regard to the senate democratic leaders thaw just talked to, what was their message? >> they saw the president's lead and went after house speaker boehner. if he were to take up the mini funding bill it would reopen the government and trying to drop
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all of the pressure on the speaker of the house and it is also clear that freshman conservative senator ted cruz got in the heads of the senate democratic leadership. he was the one who proposed the mini bills. >> to fund the piecemeal bills is give ted cruz over what is funded. shut down the whole government and then we'll take a few pieces and let you fund them. ted cruz is not the entire u.s. government. >> a lot of the tough talk to the cameras and no signs of progress on capitol hill. >> they have cruz in the crosshairs, too. thank you. >> and bill, the longer the shutdown and bigger the bite it takes out of the economy. with 800,000 government workers not getting paid it could impact
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the christmas shopping season and that is the most important time of year for the national retailers. they expect holiday sales to rise 3.9 percent this year. >> and now the shutdown not affecting federal workers and how it is affecting them and their families and the parent companies and that is the maker of the black hawk helicopter and saying it might furlough more than 5,000 with the government shutdown that continues next month and united technol saying that 2,000 employees would be hit first and that would be as soon as monday and more furloughs happen in the a erospace divisions. >> and debate on the hill taking a nasty turn when a key democrat unloads on republicans. have you heard this one. >> the department of homeland security can pay front line personnel. >> it cannot be entertained.
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>> before i state my request. may i ask a point of gentlemen. >> start your inquery. >> who is the speaker of the house. john boehner or ted cruz. >> the gentlemen is out of order. >> mr. speaker, my request is that the house bring up senate amendment hjrez 59 to go to conference on a budget. >> and the chair testified that the chair and inappropriate and the gentlemen is out of order. >> millions of americans decided you are doing the wrong thing shutting down the government. you are on the jihad shutting down the parks was not a program. >> the gentlemen. >> i was telling mr. chairman. >> gentlemen. time is expired and the gentlemen is out of order. nmr. speaker, i am disgusted
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that the gentlemen from california is actually using the word jihad on the floor of the house. >> hi, guy. >> hello, allyson, the gentlemen from california needs to be made aware decaif iinated. >> the word jihaddist is thrown around loosely. are our leaders on capitol unhinged on this? >> that is unhinged. we are talking about a budget impasse and the best way to resolve the current shut down. and throwing around terms like "jihad" is too far. and that is what we are seeing receiptly. and before we get to the vitriol. i want to focus on the word "jihad "for a second. a lot of americans would be disturbed by the fact that we
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had the biggest most deadly terrorist attack since 9/11 was the fort hood shootings by hasan. the u.s. government was that it was an act of work place violence and during his prosecution at trial, prosecutors were not permitted to use the jihad motive to convict him. we can't talk about it in the actual genuine form but hurling it at each other over a disagreement in the budget. it is like a alice and wonderland bizarre world. >> it is rich. it is going on in the budget leader nancy pelosi called republicans an ark chift and they call it political terrorism. rrnt there times and the most
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striking one after gabby giffords was shot. there was a call to tone it down. >> apparently the civility police are down. and arsonist and terrorist and the white house call republicans suicide bombers. and it is interesting we have another stand off over the debt limit, and i am wondering if congressional democrats and in the white house have hit the insult ceiling? how much crazier can your rhetoric get. i don't like the shutdown and a number of republicans would like to end this thing as the number of democrats and they can't figure out how best to do it and compromise to make to get it there? and it is still the bickering frustrates most people. we can have the discussions without descending in this kind
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of rhetoric which allyson, this kind of vitriol may poison the negotiations and i am reminded that there are no negotiations because the president will not negotiate and neither will the senate democrats. >> they don't have the monopoly on the vitriol. but in this situation they do. >> army going to play navy over the weekend. they are going to kick off on saturday afternoon. still no deal in sight. that was pretty obvious when the house republicans and senate democrats came out of the meeting of the white house. house republicans taking a piecemeal approach with a series of smaller bills to open up the national parks and if you do that, what does that
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cost. shannon has the calculator. >> the house passed a measure of $3 billion. here's what it would do. provide funding for the world war ii memorial that has been in the spotlight along with the smithsonian and national gallery of arts and only through december 15th. how does it translate for the taxpayer out there. if you make 30,000 or less 1.42 and making 50 to hundred your portion is 13.34. and 250,000 or more. 372.14. and it is not clear it will get to a vote in the senate. this is a debate from the aisle and both sides of the hill. >> this is passed a separate piece of legislation that open up the world war ii memorial and along with other national park
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services. i would note it got 252 votes in the house of representative including 23 democrats and i hope it enjoys the same sort of bipartisan support here in the united states senate. >> it is a gimand i can ploy and politics as usual. the senate will never take up the bills and the president already said he would veto them. >> the white house said it would not sign on to the bill. check calculator and figure out what your share would be for funding of the national parks. i will tweet out the link in shannon broem. >> thank you. good advice. >> and all right. meanwhile new developments in a shocking case of a man accused of slapping a crying toddler on the plane. >> the man known as toughest sheriff faces new scrutiny from
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the med fe feds. >> how serious is the problem of the shut down. lieutenant colonel oliver north will react to that. >> the danger that it will accumulate over time and the damage am be insidious and each day that goes by, the jeopardy increases. this is a dream land for foreign intelligence service to recruit. [ male announcer ] this is pam.
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you're joking right? (announcer) scottrade knows our and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. >> well, it is a get plea of a man accused of slapping a crying toddler on the plane. joe hunly admitted simple assault. he was on a flight when he hit the 19 mong old baby by in the face. the child's mother said he used a racial slur. she described the incident right after it happen.
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>> he looked at me in a hateful way and i said what did you say? i could not believe that he would say that. fell on to my face and his ear and mouth was in my ear and he said it and more hateful and so i pushed him away and that's when he slapped john. >> hunly said he lost his job when the story came out and sentencing is scheduled for january. prosecutors suggested he gets six months. >> he plead guilty and will probably get that. >> and blunt words from the director of intelligence james clapper who warned the shutdown is putting our national security at risk. >> i will tell you the impacts, i have been in the intelligence business for 50 years and never seen anything like this.
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from my view on top of the sequestration cuts that we are taking that this seriously damages our ability to protect the safety and security of this nation and the citizens. is that really the case and if true why isn't the white house doing something. >> you said clapper is a setting a new low. >> think about this. if his statement wasn't so insulting for the loyal americans that work for the intelligence service it would be ludicrous. if he believes that. he ought to fire everyone of those who would sellout the country for a few months of play. criminals are running loose and every bank in america is vulnerable because the fbi has
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employees not at work. our colleagues in the main stream media and mr. clapper portray it as all of the fault of the republicans. prolonging the impasse works to the advantage of the obama white house and people like mr. clapper. as the media and congress are totally tied in knots over the shutdown, no one is paying to the irs enemies list. and no one investigating what happen in benghazi and the official inquiry of what information that nsa and department of homeland security are collecting on loyal american citizens receives no attention what so ever. clapper said it is a dream land for foreign intelligence services to rekraut. why now? >> apparently he believes that he has employees in the intelligence agencies over which he has the umbrella authority
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that sellout their country for the back pay. that's what he is saying, that to me is outrageous. >> it is more than 70 percent were furloughed and connected to the cia and senator lindsay graham said if it is true. do you believe it to be true, colonel? >> no, i don't. i know many people serving in the intelligence services and very few have respect for mr. clapper. nlindsay graham's point if it is close to being true why isn't the commander and chief making the case before congress. >> and on top of that, the military is being paid. this was supposedly, you know armagetton for the military. they agreed on a resolution to pay them. clapper was asked and the white
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house was asked, carne, as to whether it would be a subject of a short resolution to allow these people to be paid and they said no. clapper is politicizing the office he holds and putting in jeopardy the good people working hard to make this a safer country. >> thank you, oliver north. we'll see how long it goes, sir. >> he is called america's toughest sheriff and now joe a rpyowill have an extra set of eyes on him. more on the ruling and how it affects a rpaio's job. >> luxury baby clothes for all of the camerotas, and it is a growing trend and only in america and only in the house. >> i do like that. ♪ ♪ (singing) ♪ she's probably somebody's only light. ♪ going to shine tonight. ♪
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>> all parents want what is best for their children, but $178 baby cashmere sweater? j. crew is launching a luxury collection for tots including the leggings for hundred bucks and a jolly roger onesie for all of the pirates out there 180. and this is a $200 baby cashmere blanket. 200 for that blanket. and i am just saying, >> if you are cost conscious.
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>> the joke is on the parents, five seconds after you put that cashmere sweat or the baby twill throw up on it. >> so good luck for. that we warned you. >> america's so called toughest sheriff will have someone looking over his shoulder. a federal judge ordering a monitor for the arizona sheriff. why would that be. hello, trace. >> hi, bill we know that sheriff joe doesn't like to be told what to do and he will not make these monitors nullify his authority. what happened is a group of latinos and aclu sued the sheriff's department for racial profiling saying they were arresting people because they were latino and holding them in jail too long. a court order agreed that it was racial profiling and ordered that monitors oversea the retraining of deputies and
10:26 am
insure they comply with the requirements. >> most the monitor can do is simply tell the opinion of whether or not ntso is in compliance. he has no veto power over the sheriff law enforcement or programs. >> at least that is what the sheriff is saying. on top of the monitor ma ricopia county must put cameras on the patrol car and detailed data. the aclu said it is not enough but is a start. >> it is necessary step and not sufficient but for ending the constitutional practice and is reversing the harm done to the community. >> none of the man dates prevent him from enforcing the immigration law but puts
10:27 am
restrictions in place. sheriff joe said to be chlor the appointed monitor will have no authority over my duties. as the constitutionally elected sheriff of maricopia county i will perform my duties and enforce the law. the u.s. justice department is suing the office for racial profiling and sheriff joe said he's not concerned about that at all. he will do business as he sees fit. >> i would imagine. that is his pattern. >> it is day three of obama care and is any progress made after a slightly rough start? we'll follow the fallout. >> dogs trained to sniff out cancer in women. >> and cameras are warning when a southwest jet made a rough landing and an update on the pilot that is flying. ♪ all right, let's go
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10:32 am
captain of a plane that made a hard landing. so hard that a nose gear collapsed. >> and jellyfish blamed for shutting down one of the world's largest nuclear reactors. this happen in sweden. tons of jellyfish clogged the pipes to bring in cool water. >> i think they can survive an attack. >> i think they need a better nuclear reactor. >> good point. >> i think it is better. >> white house asking people to be patient with the obama care exchanges as problems persist for americans signing up for health insurance on line. what did you find today? >> the web site serving 36 states health, plagued by technology problem system slowly functioning more
10:33 am
effectivey on the third day of open enrollment. i spoke to blue cross, blue shell. they are offering new plates on the federal exchange and dow to difficulties using health not one person completed an entire tran action. but i received word from bluecross across blue shield seven have gone through. the company calls that encouraging, but the links on line for louisiana and other 35 states are talled by an error that describes excess traffic and this will continue to cause problems. >> it will take a month or two to figure out how popular this is going to be and whether they can work out the technological kinks which will last for
10:34 am
sometime. >> this morning maryland, the launch of obama care exchanges have been a success. >> more than 6 million people visited the web site health and 200,000 people picked up the phone and called the call center. in kentucky alone, this is a state where i didn't win in kentucky. so, you know, i know they weren't doing it for me. in kentucky 11,000 people applied for new insurance plans. >> it is worth pointing out in kentucky they run their own state exchange and not on the federal marketplace. the administration declined to tell us how many people actually enrolled in health >> it is interesting. >> americans are divided on the president's health care law. debate the merits and flaws and
10:35 am
joining me for this debate about obama care are sally cone and betsy mccoy. former lieutenant governor of new york and author of beating obama care. you two are not further apart in terms of your opinions in obama care. sally love it and betsy can't stand it. i will give you a chance to talk about the merits. sally, start wu. give me two things that you love about obama care. >> hard to pick two. i love just be clear that the polls she a strong majority of men're americans and i love no longer kicked off our private insurance because of preexisting conditions and more access to affordable private insurance thanks to the law. that's what it is doing and it is doing. >> betsy, those sound good but
10:36 am
what is the problem? >> what i don't like about the affordable care act is the way it treats politicians. the law itself. section 1312 said that members of congress have to enroll in obama care under the theory if it is good enough for the public it should be for congress. but in august they got cold feet and the president weaseled through an illegal arrangement to give members of congress a subsidy that no one else in america have. >> hold on. >> let me just finish and the house, is only asking for two things to open up the government. one of them is eliminating that illegal subsidy and the penalty if you don't sign up for obama care. >> can you talk about what sally mentioned. preexisting conditions and the competition which is supposed to bring prices down? >> looking at the prices, first
10:37 am
of all in the 16 states that were the first to announce their prem yups. the premiums on average were up 24 percent and not down. and in fact, millions of americans who went up on the web site to take a look got sticker shot. only.59. signed up. because the premiums are so high and the deductible 5,000 for a bronze plan and 3,000 for a silver plan. >> i want to hear what sally has to say. first of all congressional subsidies does that seem fair to you and the idea that some people in some states are paying more. >> first of all, the second one first. everything we know has shown subsidies on average coming down. but they are coming down more than expected. that is shown to be a fact and i think it is nice when we have conversations like this based on
10:38 am
facts and betsy, i love you, but you say that are not true. it is not a special subsidy. it is not for members of congress and their staff. >> oh, yes, there is. >> i gave you your turn. let's be clear. congress pays a portion of the costs of the health employees insurance. under the exchanges. they are designed for people who are buying their own individual insurance there was not a way for those subsidies the way that fox news and every. or pays a portion. and let's the congress to pay a portion of the costs there is something special. >> the reason that is not unfair, millions of other americans are losing that and forced in the exchanges and they are not getting a subsidyine if they are 174,000 a year. the intend of the law was to make members of congress to pay
10:39 am
for obama care. >> they are in the same plan. >> but not paying the cost. >> one word. >> elements of obama care are popular with the majority of republicans and tell the public the truth what is in it? >> you both made the case and there is a lot of ambivalence for the americans about obama care. sally and betsy, thank you for debating it. we'll have you back to debate. it >> most intriguing story of the day. researchers training dogs to find early signs was cancer. the professor of medicine here in new york, doctor, what did you find on this? >> this is an incredible story. by the time ovarian cancer is found it is too late to cure it.
10:40 am
over 14,000 women die. it has a characteristic odor, that the common house dog can be trained to detect before it is too late. in the university of pennsylvania. researchers are putting dogs to work to sniff out the cancer. we saw the experiments and they got it right each and every time. >> the reason that dogs are so much better than humans. dogs have an ability to smell in color. they look around the room with their nose same as we look with our eyes and they can smell the individual component. >> next step in the process that takes place, is to narrow down through analystic chemistry the odorthey are smelling and transfer it to a artificial
10:41 am
noise. this is a size of a tumor and hidden inside of the female and this is the size. an aspirin and it should be diagnosed when it is this size. we are striving to go from here where the ovarian cancers are diagnosed today to here. >> the dogs are born with a nose. we have to build it. that building of a nose could save thousands of women from a major cancer killer. it takes an unlikely team of scientist to accomplish this. a dog expert and renown chemist. >> you are talking about it all week. thank you for sharing that. mark seagal thank you, sir. >> it is so low tech. incredible. and meanwhile, it would be diplomatic malpractice not to give iran a chance to improve
10:42 am
the good will. nreaction to that response as israel concerns about iran's nuclear ambitions grow by the day. >> ahmadinejad was a wolf in wolf's clothing and rouhani is a wolf in sheep's clothing. a wolf who thinks that he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community.
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>> the real story of grechin carlsson. we'll have the latest in the shut down and big foot dna. researchers say they may have new clues. we'll fill you in on that and did you hear about the story yesterday? the woman who was strip searched in her jail cell after being arrested for a dui. we'll speak to her about that experience. and it could be krilinal.
10:46 am
and meggan mccain is talking politics and always interesting and controversial and has a new tv she as well. >> we'll be watching. thank you so much >> john kerry rep responding to benjamin netanyahu's warning that the united states and western community should not trust iowa ran. >> we have an obligation. it would be diplomatic malpractice not to examine every possibility of whether or not you can achieve that before you ask people to take military action or do what you have to do in order to prevent something from happening. >> the former senior director and managering director of the washington constitute. how are you today. >> what do you think of that? >> i think that secretary kery and prime minister netanyahu don't fundmentally disagree
10:47 am
here. i think the u.s. feels that rouhani's election is a moment of opportunity and we can't squander that opportunity. but the economic pressure we have on iran and resulted in rouhani's election gives us leverage and we can't squander that. we'll wait for action and not just respond to iran's word. this may be a difference between netanyahu and kerry. what actions are we looking at. >> the end of the program or verification or monitoring the program. >> i think that what iran is going to offer is limited caps on the limitations on the nuclear activities and the transparency and verification measures and they will ask for total sanctions relief and in view not just israel but
10:48 am
countries like turkey and the arab states. that is not enough. inspectors can be kicked out any time. >> that's a good point. you believe that the israelis, the biggest concern that we are going to make a bad deal with the iranians? it is not just the israelis, probably the concern of many partners that we will be too eager to embrace rouhani and explore to whether we can improve the u.s.- iran ties and lead to a deal that hope to lead to something. >> on that point, michael, do you think we will make a bad deal? >> i think there is a danger of it. we have made concessionune laterally and now you have rouhani and the foreign minister ja rif sounding so reasonable and smiling it is a danger.
10:49 am
>> michael singh out of washington. >> stick around for this story. lawyers for the boston marathon suspect said the conditions he face in prison are so harsh he can't mount a defense. judge napolitano will have comments on this case. that's coming right up. female announcer: save up to 35%
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we were. news out of boston. l lawyers for tsarnaev -- judge
10:53 am
napolitano is with us now. >> let me read to you the restrictions that have been placed on tsarnaev. his lawyers cannot show him photos of family members and cannot have access to media and cannot go to prayer groups. >> the restrictions are imposed on a prisoner whose behavior requires solitary. it is being imposed on him on issues other than his behavior. but more harmful to him, and the government should be aware of the dangers of this restriction is one that prevents his lawyers from telling anyone outside the
10:54 am
pre prison let's say they tell him something and he says go ask ny doctors or a professors or my friends, those lawyers cannot tell anybody what they told him. that interferes with his ability to defend him. the evidence of his guilt is over whelming. the last thing that the government wants is for the conviction to be overturned. >> you are saying judge, that he can win this case? >> i don't know if he can win this case. >> what does precedent tell you has the supreme court weighed in on this? >> yes, a guy has cis convicted the guy appeals it saying that the prison i was in wouldn't let
10:55 am
me talk to my lawyers effectively. the supreme court has reversed those convictions and required new trailtrail trials. they have a mountain of evidence on this guy. >> the department of justice says they say they don't want his lawyers talking to anybody else because they are afraid that he will somehow by some code or signal insight or trigger another terror attack. this is a terror suspect. >> correct all of that would make perfect sense if the government had charged him with being part of a larger conspiracy. there is nobody else involved in this conspiracy that isn't in jail or dead. if the government wants to say
10:56 am
he is a potential spear conspirator in jail. that would allow that. they don't have the basis to do this. got it judge, thanks. that is really good information. >> thank you. we'll see what comes of this. >> in a moment, twitter's newest trend. the government's shut down lines. can't make it up. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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we find humor where we can and twitter has shut down pick up lines. >> where have you been see quest terred all my life? >> nasa is losing 97% of its funding and i'm losing 97% of my in hibitions. >> you are see exceptiessential. >> i'm not a doctor but i'll
11:00 am
take a look. >> keep them coming. you can find us on twitter too. thank you for watching everybody. back again tomorrow. the real story with gretchen carlson starts right now. >> today the shut down is still stormy on capitol hill. while our troops are getting paychecks for now, their medical benefits could be on the line. and a woman stripped in a jail cell finally telling her side of the story she joins us exclusively today. it is time to get real. >> and welcome everyone to


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