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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 4, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> a fox news alert. new information on the woman who stormed the white house barricades with a baby in her car before she was shot dead by police. >> the budget battle getting physical. a member of congress gets assaulted as the government shut down enters its 4th day. we are live on cop tol hill with the latest. >> a major development in in the vicious road rage attack where a father was beaten in front of his family. one more suspect about to surrender himself to police. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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>> we begin with the fox news alert. good morning everyone. i am heather childers. >> happy friday to you. i am ainsley earhardt. while you are sleeping the police identified a woman with a baby in her back seat who plowed into the barricade. >> miriam kerry led cops on a wild chase that ended in her shooting them dead. we are live with new details on the suspect. >> this all started near the white house where a woman ran into a barricade couldn't get any closer to the white house so she sped off hit can a secret service officer in the process. from there police say she he had headed east toward the u.s. capitol. at one point officers had her car surrounded they had guns drawn but the woman sped off again leading police on yet another place followed quickly by gun shots. >> had the car surrounded the car whipped around and made it
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past the barricades and drove off. >> we heard the gun shots and a blast coming by. we heard another pow pow pow like return fire and boom like an explosion almost. >> the woman identified as 34-year-old mariam kerry was eventually hit by gun fire and died from her wounds. uninjured a young child perhaps 18 months old who was with her in the car. a secret service officer was straubing outside of the white house a capitol hill police officer that she hit. her motive remains a mystery. there are reports she may have been battling mental illness. her violent journey from the white house all of the way to the u.s. capitol put a tense city already more on edge. back to you guys. >> you can say that again. we were watching this unfold on
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television. >> another story we have been following this morning the biker accused of viciously beating a man in front of his wife and child is expected to turn himself into police. the nypd say this is the suspect. you can see him there walking in this video. he's the one apparently they say that smashed into his window before dragging him out of his suv. police officer released these new photos of two witnesses they want to talk about. meantime his wife breaking her silence saying we were faced with a life threatening situation and my husband was forced under the circumstances to take the actions he did in order to protect the lives of our entire family. >> the newlywed woman acutesed of pushing her husband off the cliff will be arraigned in a montana court. she was charged with first and second degree murder for the death of her husband cody lee
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johnson. graham says she and johnson had a fight while they were hiking she was so angry she pushed him and he fell off the cliff. graham told friend she was having second thoughts about the marriage and was planning to talk to the issues with johnson the night he died. >> extreme weather alert, while you were sleeping a tornado touched down in februanebraska. check out this new photo taken in the town of bennett. that is where the twister hit. tropical storm karen churning toward the gulf coast. this homeowner boarding up his home before the storm hit later tonight. there is snow to talk about in if wyoming and montana, the threat even higher today. >> what we can expect for the
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weekend. >> what they are seeing is tropical storm karen is starting to weaken. it doesn't look very organized. we have dry air work against the storm system. relatively strong helping to steer parts of the snowstorm. we have maximum sustained winds at 60 miles an hour with tropical storm karen. it is still a prop cal storm. it is still possible that the storm system could intensify as we head into the next 24-hours. we could be seeing the storm with maximum sustained winds at about 70 miles per hour. that sustained wind could be in excess of 70 miles an hour as the storm begins to approach parts of the gulf coast. we have return watches from grand isle louisiana to dest tin, florida.
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you can feel tropical storm decisions intoen tonight, saturday and into your sunday. we have another storm system across parts of the rockies. we have blizzard warnings in effect now. wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour on the warm side of the storm severe weather will be possible the area highlighted in red is a moderate risk. you could be lacking at tornadoes, damaging winds and large hail. >> a busy day for you as well. >> day four of the government shut down with still no deal in if sight. this as a deadline to raise the debt limit looms. >> how serious do you think the government shut down is? brand new fox numbers think 87 percent of you think it is very important. 26 percent saying it is some what important.
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comes to who 35 percent blame republicans john boehner, 20 percent blame president obama and 20 percent blame all in washington. >> a as a blame game continues. puts thus thoughs of government workers in -- puts thousands of government workers in limbo. the president with a planned trip to asia with no plan in sight. >> good morning the president making an announcement saying he's cancelling his long planned trip in southeast asia because of quote another consequence of house republicans forcing a shut down in the government. the back and forth continues but despite the dialogue there is no sign that talks about end the shut down. passing individual funding bills they say they want veterans to receive their benefits and to keep the national guard funded.
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they argued they are bringing compromise to the table. >> four times the house of representatives passed a compromise that would keep the government running, that would fund the government but would stop the enormous harms that obama care is inflicting on the american people. four times greta harry reid said jump in a lake, no compromise. >> senate majority leader harry reid says he will not negotiate any house passed spending bill on the way. >> he is not going to negotiate. we aren't either. it isn't going to happen in the history of the country. there's never been a negotiation like this. >> over the next few days they will pass the bill with funding. ainsley, heather back to you. thank you. another day another round of
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problems with obama care. we are in day four of the federal mandate. there is no end to computer glitches. technical problems keeping down the prices much lessen rolling. it blames the problems on the amount of people accessing the site. says everything will clear up soon. >> a scare. he was assaulted wednesday night as he walked to the capitol to vote on legislation. a stranger began screaming at him and grabbed his arm. thankfully the congressman was not hurt. police are investigating the attack and believes it may have been sparked by the government shut down. no arrests have been made. >> the mentor and mastermind for the 9-11 attack is running for president of afghanistan. he registers for the election in kabul he was already an calf man
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lawmaker another former war lord who will run as his vice president. a security deal keeping troops in the country could play a key role in the campaign. >> thursday night football browns hosting the bills. quarterback hurt in the game. the browns brian hoyer rushing down the sidelined lands awkwardly trying to slide. doctors worry he may have torn ligamentss in his knee. the bills ej manual was taken out in the third. he answered points scored including this to lock things up. the browns win 37-24. >> hackers might have your information. millions of customers at one software company were compromised. here with the story and other fox news is adam shapiro. >> good morning. you want to check your credit card statement if you pay for
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adobe software. they stolen crypted d spsh spsh stole encrypted customers. they changed their pass words. older electric surge protectors in your house may be a fire hazard. snyder electric is recalling 15 million surge protectors because they could over heat. the safety consumer information got reports of those surge protectors over heating and some melting. 55 reports of melting and fire. they go under the brand name apc. the answer to the $1 million question this morning is pwpr that's the ticker symbol for twitter. it released it publically with twitter information. it doubled reaching
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$253 million. almost 90 percent from advertising. the number of monthly users jumped 40 percent to 215 million people who text 500 million messages daily. that's a lot of doing this, isn't it, guys? >> we know all about it. we are in that group. thank you so much, adam. >> coming up next, a dramatic highway shootout caught on an officer's dash cam. the shooting just half of the story. wait until you hear what police officers found in that car. >> to yell or not to yell when it comes to disciplining our children. some now claim that screaming is just as harmful as hitting. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor.
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>> thank you for waking up with us on "fox & friends first" this morning. it is friday. in the news this morning it should have been a routine traffic stop. a trooper pulls over a driver for speeding, but that's when things go terribly wrong. we want to warn you this video will be hard to watch. >> please go back to your car now. i told you, you were speeding. >> shots fire. shots fire. >> this all happening in oregon. police say the man drove half mile down the highway before they found him dead slumped over the wheel. his three children were in the car the entire time.
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the trooper was also shot. the trooper is okay. >> rm aed robberies are targeting duncan doughnuts, armed robbers are in massachusetts. a man dressed in all black targeted to one in newtown wednesday night. ac company it is at least the 19th dunkin' doughnuts robbery in months. no one was hurt but the gunman walked away with cash from the register. they have not said if all of the robberies are connected but say there are similarities between the cases. one of them being in texas. >> you better bring a belt. two houston mcdonalds said if you want to eat they better pull up their sagging pants. the signs go on to say they should have respect for others and these two locations are not alone. other mccdonalds through out th
2:18 am
area are also enforcing the ban. one of those popular commercials is getting the push back. >> everyone talks about it, right? >> they are banning the phrase hump day because they say it is becoming ago distraction. 6th grade teachers say it is not just wednesday kids are making every day hump day so they are putting a stop to it. >> we want to know when you think should the phrase hump day be banned in schools? send us your comments to us. tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst or shoot us an e-mail at fox news >> i can image where teenager as minds are going with that. >> they are targeting about the collect for paycheck. wait until you hear how much.
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don't bless the usa.
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>> the streets of new york city to wherever you are waking up on this friday. you made it through the week. the weekend is here. we appreciate you starting it early with us. democratic texas state senator wendy davis makes it official announcing her bed for governor of texas.
2:23 am
davis became a household name after her 11 hour filibuster over abortion rights that was in june. her lively opponent abbott leads by 15 points with 15 percent undecided. his beloved boat was destroyed after he found the boston bombing victim hiding in it. five months later he has a new boat thanks to donations from generous strangers from all across the country. he said he didn't spend all of the 50,000 dollars on the 24 foot long fixer upper. he donated the rest of the money to a charity that benefits the bombing victims. ainsley? >> nice guy for that. will this story creating a lot of buzz. fining residents $50 a day if they have the patriotic signs on the front lawn. they say god bless america. many people are outraged. >> being a veteran i felt i was
2:24 am
kicked in in the butt. i couldn't display the love for my nation by putting the sign up. >> they can only display the signs on holidays that celebrate america. >> what is the most effective way for parents to discipline their children. yelling is not the answer. in fact the study claims that yelling at teens and tweens can be just as harmful as hit can. what are healthy techniques. monitor your tone, stop arguing and reconnect. i thought about yelling that story, but i decided not to. >> she is accused of pusher her husband off of the cliff. >> is this fine or crossing the line? that's coming up next. >> first this day in history double jeopardy starring ashley judd was number one at the box
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a single adt system can help protect you from burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide. when an alarm is received, adt calls the local authorities for help. and you can get this monitored protection, plus great local service, starting at just over $1 a day. and only adt offers a theft protection guarantee. take it from me. the time to think about a security system isn't after something bad happens -- it's before. [ male announcer ] call now and get adt installed for just $99. you could save a lot more than money. hurry, and take advantage of these savings. adt. always there. >> the white house barricade with a baby in her car before she was shot dead by police. >> day four of the government shut down forces president obama to cancel a trip overseas. are we any closer to a deal to end the stalemate?
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we are live with the latest. >> a woman at the center of the irs's plot to target conservatives about to collect her paycheck. wait until you hear how much. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning everyone. i am ainsley earhardt. while you were sleeping police identified the woman with a baby in her back seat who plowed her car into a white house barricade. >> officials say 34-year-old miriam carey was shot dead. >> good morning. the woman drive hove her car in barricade outside of the white house. she wasn't able to get any closer to the white house. she turned around and drove the car away striking a secret
2:30 am
service officer in the process. she headed east toward the u.s. capitol where there is now very dramatic video. police at one point had her car surrounded. they had guns drawn, looked like it may come to an end. another chase and then gun shots. >> we just heard the gun shots pow, pow, pow, a black affinity driving by. they were another pow, pow, pow, like return fire and a huge boom like an explosion almost. >> the woman identified by the associated press as 34-year-old miriam carrey was hit by gun fie and died from her wounds. a bomb squad would surround and enter what was believed to be the woman's home. her motive remains a history in story. police don't think any one else was involved. >> this appears to be an
2:31 am
isolated incident with one vehicle involved. there is information from all of the agencies including the fbi. both scenes are under control. >> this woman made it through a generally pretty crowded corridor in washington in the middle of the day. traffic however around here has been quite light in the wake of the partial government shut down. heather and ainsley. >> it was definitely all over the news. thank you. >> also in the news an extreme weather alert. while you were sleeping a tornado touched down in nebraska. check out this video in bennett. >> boarding up his house before it hits later tonight. there's even snow out there two feet expected to blast states like south dakota, wyoming and monta montana.
2:32 am
a little bit of everything. >> the threat for severe weather even higher today. let's go to maria moline gnaw for more on that. >> i want to start out with parts of the tropics. we have tropical storm karen. the storm system is weakening. we have dry air. strong winds aloft. maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour. you could be looking at hurricane force wind gusts. it is possible it could intensi intensify. by sunday early morning it could be shy of hurricane strength at 70 mile per hour sustained winds. hurricane watches are in effect from grand isle louisiana to west of dest tin, florida. al pretty widespread area that could be looking at hurricane
2:33 am
conditions. tropical storm warnings are in effect. you need to be taking precautions heading to the grocery store, boarding up. if you live along some of these coastal areas eventually monday into tuesday the storm system will be absorbed by the frontal boundaries and it will be producing areas of heavy rain across parts of the east coast. this one has a warm side and cold side. winds gusts up to 50 miles an hour and snowfall amounts 1-2 feet. a number of winter weather effects are through nebraska and wyoming. winter storm warnings are in effect here and should continue through tomorrow morning at least for some of you. on the warm side severe thunderstorms severe weather possible for parts of minnesota all of the way down to oklahoma. the greatest risk area is in the area shaded in red parts of iowa southern parts of minnesota and eastern nebraska could be looking at some of the longer track tornadoes strong wind
2:34 am
gusts and 60 to 70 miles per hour. plea police have a way to get the warnings. southern and eastern parts of february february. >> stay safe if you live in that area. >> the newlywed woman accused of pushing her husband off a cliff was charged with first and second degree murder for the death of her husband cody lee johnson. graham says she and johnson had a fight while on a hike. she was so angry she pushed him and he fell off the cliff. graham told a friend she was having seconds thoughts about the marriage and was planning to talk about the issues with him the night he died. >> a drug kingpin will be in court today. 25-year-old ross all brick known on-line as dread pirate robber
2:35 am
is under arrest for running a black market web site for selling everything from heroin to hit men on-line. they shut down the web site believed to have den generated more than a billion dollars in black market money. he faces numerous charges ranging from drug trafficking to murder for hire. a bid to reopen the grand canyon in state funding is rejected. arizona's governor offered the idea to put over 2,000 furloughed employees back to work and allow tourists back into t the park's superintendent said he's not allowed to accept the money. this as the reclusive get away ca camp david remains open. staffers are at work and still getting paid. >> the blame game continues as we enter game four of the shut down stalemate for hundreds of thousands of government workers in financial limbo. this while washington is slimming down. the white house cancelling a
2:36 am
planned trip to asia. all of this and still no deal in sight. >> elizabeth prann has more from washington. >> despite the dialogue there's no signs the talks are going to be ending the shut down any time soon. house republicans have been passing individual bills funding the government in ways that would bring national funding. they are bringing compromise to the table republicans say. >> especially before we reach our debt limit deadline in a week or so it is time to put partisanship aside and hit down at a table so we can work out our differences. >> this while americans keep waiting and many are worried a new fox news poll finds 58 percent of voters think the shut down is quote very serious. about 23 percent say it's some what serious. senate majority leader harry reid says he will not negotiate
2:37 am
and reject any house passed individual spending bills. >> we will act on the debt ceiling. we aren't going to negotiate and they aren't either. never happened in the history of the country. there has never been a negotiation like this. >> fox news asked who is to blame. it appears there is plenty to go around. house speaker boehner got 25 percent the president 24 percent and tea party members 17 percent. 20 percent say everybody is culpable. the president making an announcement saying he's cancelling his long planned trip to southeast iesh yaw for an economic security summit because of another consequence of house republicans forcing a government shut down. >> his bette pran live from washington. >> we are in day four of the federal mandate.
2:38 am
there is still no end to the twuter glitches keeping some people from checking out prices. they are showing what people think about the program. according to the posteriorly 54 percent of americans think obama care should be revealed. only 45 percent approve of the job they are doing. >> time for a look at who is talking this morning. benjamin netanyahu sat down with her telling her --... >> these intercontinental ballistic missiles they aren't developing them for us. they are developing them for shield. those intercontinental ballistic missile only have one purpose a nuclear payload. as the president is talking
2:39 am
nicely to you they are developing the weapons to strike the united states. they have to stop that. they have to dismantle their program. that's not what they are offering. they are offering something entirely different. >> they didn't ask the president to make any partial deals with iran. >> the biker accused of beating a man in front of his wife and child is expected to turn himself into police. outside of the new york city police station with more. >> good morning robert. >> good morning to you. so far that has not happened yet. they are getting to the new york post this morning there's no confirmation from police that he will turn him in today. they identified ren nald chant. he lives in brooklyn. he used his helmet to break the driver side window of the suv carrying leeann along with
2:40 am
leeann's wife and two-year-old daughter. sources say chance has looked into legal representation and has been in touch with police. a group of motorcyclists chased him and his family up the west side on sunday and beat him up. yesterday for first time we heard from leeann and his family through their attorneys. they expressed sympathies when he ran him over while pleaiflee. they had little choice before getting away from the angry mob motorcyclist. he remains hospitalized. his family will hold a news conference in the high powered attorney gloria allred. >> robert moses joining us live. thank you, robert. >> if you weren't annoyed this
2:41 am
will seal the deal. lois lerner will be sitting pretty in retirement. her shocking yearly pension payout is up next. >> if you are prone to jet lag start packing your bags again. a cure could be on the way. ♪ [ male announcer ] may your lights always be green. [ tires reech ] ♪ [ beeping ] ♪ may you never be stuck behind a stinky truck. [ beeping ] ♪ may things always go your way. but it's good to be prepared... just in case they don't. toyota. let's go places, safely.
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>> lois lerner could be sitting pretty in retirement. she suddenly retired after taking administrative leave could take home a pension of 100,000 dollars a year. the national tax payer's union
2:45 am
calculate that could be up to $4 million over her life time. some new documents are showing just how important it is to have insurance. >> she is made of iron, sir. i asewer you. >> -- assure you. >> this is the original insurance right there on the titanic signed only 15 days before the ship sank. >> the document showed the insurance policy covering the total loss of the titanic for $4 million. the parent company received a full insurance payoff within a month of the disaster. >> congress gets ready to tackle the next financial crisis the tresh eye secretary jack luis sat down with fox business network reiterating a serious message. diane macedo has more. >> secretary told fox business thursday that he is out of tools
2:46 am
to stretch the county's borrowing company. they lose the ability to borrow money on october 17th if they don't raise the debt ceiling by then. here is lew. >> the dangerous thought that there is always something in the drawer. on tuesday i took the last steps i could take to create borrowing capacity. i don't have any more what used to be called extraordinary measure. >> once they run out of the ability to borrow it will have to operate on cash which lew says won't last long. the law has no play book for what happens next. if they default on the debt that will be the first time it ever happened. economists warn it would be devastating not only for the u.s. market but markets around the world. just two years ago they suffered the first credit downgrade because it got too close to hitting the debt ceiling. image if we hit it and default. republicans say taking on so much debt is hurting the economy
2:47 am
and won't support another debt ceiling increase without spending cuts. the spending cuts they want the democrats won't agree to. the here wur four-days into a government shut down no deal in sight for that or the debt ceiling debate. >> diane macedo live for us from fox business network. >> if you are prone to jet lag start packing your bags. a cure could be on the way. >> we all know workweek is almost over. >> guess what today is? >> hump day. the>> we all use that term sometimes, right? one school wants to ban that phrase. we ask you to weigh in. the your e-mails are coming up. first here is brian kilmeade to tell us what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> let me tell you what is planned. steve doocy did most of the work. if you don't like the show blame him. on day four of the lockout. the shut down. one democratic congress woman
2:48 am
thinks the government shut down capitol driver and ultimately she lost her life. new polls on who to blame for the government shut down. this time repub casses aren -- republicans aren't taking all of the blame. lying through obama care, how they are lying. mccarthy doesn't lie so he says. he's here to review movies that are out that you can see. geraldo rivera is here. he and chris wallace is here but separately. it is national taco day. i don't know how that relates but it will be fun. i can't wait to see how the show turns out. now i have to go. ♪ lyrics: 'take on me...'
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>> it's now nine minutes till the top of the hour. does this shirt look
2:52 am
offensive to you? a california school ordering one of its students to change her n.r.a. t-shirt. this shirt shows a buck and an american flag and hunter silhoutte. >> i was not allowed to wearing it to school. >> her dad complained. >> the newest addition to the menu at a popular heavy metal theme chicago restaurant is leaving a bad taste for some. it's a new burger stirring up controversy because it is prepared with red wine and communion wafers. >> this is the best burger by far. it's a lot of fun but it's -- it's spicy but not overwhelming. >> this is the burger at a north side place that plays
2:53 am
homage to the heavy metal band. the chef came up with a burger topped with red wine and a communion wafer on top. >> nothing here is blessed. until then it is a cracker. >> sometimes things start crossing the line and then a little bit of what you would call sacrilege is a bad thing. >> the burger comes with french fries and a salad on the side. >> the ghost burger is controversial to some because it is topped with a red sauce and the wafer with a cross on it. i asked the chef if that is supposed to represent the body and blood of jesus christ like some of their customers haveof course he said. this man is a regular says he's catholic, hasn't tried the burger but says he will when he's hungry. >> it's just a hamburger. supposed to be the body of
2:54 am
christ but you can find christ everywhere, like in a treatment >> simon at saint helen's catholic church says the restaurant should stick to burgers and leave religion off the menu. >> i find it offensive. >> we don't go out of our way to offend people. >> the ghost burger will be on the menu all month for $17. >> let us know what you think about that one. >> it is official, california has some of the worst roads in the country. los angeles tops the list released by the national transportation research group. also in the top five tulsa, san francisco, oklahoma city and san diego. one inspirational 13-year-old made a major splash on "the x factor" last night. [singing]
2:55 am
>> she is partially blind and she is disabled. she got unanimous praise from the judges last night after singing rascal flatts "i won't let go." >> we'll have to remember ryan page. >> that spiced pumpkin latte, have you tried it? it may not be pumpkin after all. what you need to know before your cup of joe. >> imagine waking up trillions of dollars richer. it happened to one man but it landed him in our ugly. stay tuned to find out why. ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ]
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. president obama canceling a planned trip to asia that tpoubgd on the government shutdown. the woman accused of
2:59 am
pushing her husband off a cliff will be arraigned today charged with first and second degree murder. the biker accused of beating a man in front of his wife and child expected to turn himself in to police. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a possible cure tor jet lag. scientists have found a hormone that could be packed into a pill that stops the brain from adjusting to new time zones. >> up next, the bad. are you a lover of all things pumpkin. it turns out pumpkin spice treats have no pumpkin in them at all. mostly ginger, cloves and cinnamon instead. >> the ugly. a texas man finds $4 trillion in his bank account. the bank took the cash back after discovering the glitch. >> earlier we asked you about a school want to ban the phrase hump day because of its distractions. michael says everyone at my
3:00 am
school says hufrpb day, even the teachers. >> the phrase itself isn't the problem. being a distraction is a problem and that can't be banned. >> thank you for watching "fox & friends" first and "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. >>elisabeth: good morning. it is friday, october 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. while you were sleeping we learned much more about the woman who tried to smash through the white house gates with the baby in the back seat. live with developing details. >> one democratic congresswoman didn't waste any time speculating what happened with the blame regarding the shutdown. >> no one knows what drives this person to do this. but what i would say to you is let's get our wheels back on, serve the american people. >>steve: is that appropriate? we report, you decide. >>brian: don't


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