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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 4, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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your home tonight. that is it for this two-hour "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ ♪ >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> 34-year-old miriam carrie hit by gunfire and died from her wounds. >> bill: once again mindless violence harming the reputation of america. there is a reason why all of this is happening. we will tell you what the reason is tonight. >> this is harry reid's shutdown because he want a shutdown. >> bill: we will talk with a senator who was at the capital hill meeting. >> really waiting for killing o'reilly? when is that coming out? >> bill: also, the pinheads of the week, some very interesting choices tonight.
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>> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another violent episode making america look bad that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. she did not have a gun. she had a car. 34-year-old miriam carrie a dental hygienist and unwed mother tried to crash through a white house barrier yesterday. reports say ms. carrie believe barack obama was stocking her she had a history of medical problems. after a wild chase and thenned on the grounds of the capitol building ms. carrie was shot dead by cops. her 1-year-old daughter was also in the car is unharmed. now, like the gunman in the navy yard shooting a few weeks ago, ms. carrie was obviously mentally ill. it is estimated that a whopping 26% of americans suffer from some kind of mental disorder information
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national serious mental illness. u.s. population of 314 million that's a whole lot of folks. simply no way no country could control mental illness but there is something happening in the world that is exacerbating the problem. most mentally ill people can be constrained to some extent. when they go out of control they can be confined and they know it there are millions walking around jobs family social interactions but who are also desperately ill despite the appearance of normalcy. here is where the change comes. in used to be these folks were isolated there isn't a schizophrenic club or bipolar club. but now on 00 internet there is most horrendous stuff you can imagine readily available to anyone. in cyberspace there are no boundaries. the worst acts that human beings can perform are on display. therefore the restraints are falling back and fuse of mental illness are being
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lighted as troubled people see violent fantasies up close and personal. we as americans and folks around the world are going to see epidemic of bizarre behavior in the future far more than we have experienced in the past. all compassionate human beings should feel sympathy for those who are mentally ill. we should then them go f. we can. the cold truth is there is very little we can do. the only thing we can do to protect ourselves against the endsly ill very alert and aware this problem is getting worse. that's the memo. who exactly was miriam carrie? here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. what's her profile? >> 34 years old as you said a dental hygienist. a person who came from a big family in brooklyn. her sister nypd retired police sergeant. she was someone who has been troubled of late as so many of these cases, she seems to parallel, ironically in a very scary way aaron alexis, the
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washington navy yard mass killer down there to the extent that she was like him. she was medicating herself. she was on anti-depressants and antipsychotic drugs. she a very rough year in 2012. got fired from her job at the dentist office. she fell down some steps apparently. she was hospitalized while in the hospital. figured out that she was unwanted pregnancy. had the child in august. by the holidays. she was going through psychotic episodes. the father of the child called the authorities. she was, again, hospitalized. the problem though is that unless they show that they are in imminent danger to themselves or others, you can't involuntarily confine these people. she goes to brooklyn. she picks up her child at her parents' house, allegedly to take the child to connecticut for doctor's appointment instead of
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going north to connecticut she goes down south i-95 to washington, d.c. she had, you know, a g.p.s. in that rented lexus. set it for the white house and the rest of the story was acted out on live television. >> bill: do we know anything about the shooting why the police shot her? >> well, you know, everybody is on hyperalert, given the fact that you had the washington navy yard massacre. so even though the capitol cops are furloughed theoretically because they are nonessential. they are working anyway without any pay. she goes slamming into the white house barricade. cops start shouting at her. i'm not sure how much of that was intentional. i'm not sure -- she thought, according to the baby daddy, that her town, stamford, connecticut was on lockdown and that president obama was somehow surveying her. that's the erie parallel to aaron alexis, the washington navy yard shooter. so she goes slamming into the white house barricade. no danger to the president at all.
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remote entrance closer to the washington monument side of the white house compound. they come to get her, stop, stop, stop. she responds, you know, i don't know if it was her intention to drive away in a rapid fashion, but once she hit a secret service guy, he is up on the hood. now, she is in a total pulls pounding frenzy. >> bill: she has the kid? >> driving everywhere. i hear people say why didn't they shoot the tires out? that only happens in the movies. the cops don't shoot out the tires and they don't shoot to knock the gun out of your hand to wing you. they shoot to kill and that's what happened. it is tragic. unfortunately, if you notice in the video, the capitol cop cars do come up behind her and they are trying to block her in the wayed that the car chase people always do. but they did not succeed in sealing her in. if they could have sealed her in so that that vehicle was immobilized and she was no longer a threat to go to the next stop or whatever
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was happening, perhaps a life, her life could have been saved. it's very difficult to fault the cops. the family this evening is holding a press conference of sorts, so we'll hear their side of the story. >> all right. now, my talking points memo, i'm 100% sure that people who are mentally ill are now on this internet thing and they derive comfort from it do you know what i'm talking about it. >> they reinforce their own paranoia. >> bill: because there are other people like them. i first got on to this. you may remember if you are a long time factor viewer this nambla outfit. child molesters. >> northern american man boy. >> bill: child rapist. these are the lowest scum in our society. on the internet, worldwide ban together, they ban together and encourage and give tips and say this is a good place to go and here is how you can beat the rap and it's not only happening
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with am in la, nambla. it's happening with fringe crew. venus, big foot, whatever it may be. they almost get emboldened by seeing this stuff. and i don't know in this case whether that's it. but i know mentally ill people are being encouraged almost. >> you can definitely find the psychosis of your choice on the ala cart menu on the internet, there is no doubt. the big fear that she h what was her boogie man, it was the shutdown of her hometown, kind of like the steven king dome in maine in the fictional story. so he shut down her town and is surveying her. you can find 1,000 or more web sites, i'm sure, and there is just enough truth in government surveillance that you feed on that. >> paranoia. >> malignancy and psychosis. and when you are self-medicating, it's got to be the family that notices when you stop taking your medicines.
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>> self-medicating. she had this prescribed for her. >> right. that you have to take your medicines. >> you have to take. >> and the ms were in the sanford condo that she lived in that was also part of the -- she had been sued by the condo association once being fired from the dentist she started her own little business. they found the drugs in the condo maybe she wasn't taking them. they also found curiously an envelope addressed to the baby's daddy that had a white powder in it we are not sure. was it anthrax or cocaine. i think those reports. >> all right, geraldo. thanks very much. check him down on the weekend. senator ted cruz under fire by other republican senators. private meeting. reports are things got tense. we will tell you what happened. and later brand new fox news poll says president obama's approval ratings on the job dropping fast. we will analyze the latest information upcoming.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. a private meeting starring senator ted cruz held in the can a of capitol building and held by fellow republican senators. cruz was under some kind of fire and the meeting was heated joining us from washington senator johnson who was at that meeting. tell the audience there are some privacy issues in play. >> sure. >> we are not going to ask to you violate any confidences. set the scene. who was at the meeting. why was it called? >> well, first of all, bill, this is our standard wednesday steering committee lunch. i would say most republican senatorsy in attendance. generally 35 to 45 senators at those lunches. and you know, one of the things i do want to correct for the record because i have seen this repeatedly in some of these lunches, it is violation to be talking about specifics. also, we don't yell at each other there are lively tee baits, there is good discussion, sometimes pointed questions, all within the bounds of collegiality and last week's lunch wasn't any different than that.
5:14 pm
>> bill: had you ted cruz as the focus of attention in lunch. therefore, everybody wants to know about it. and let's be honest, senator, there are some beefs against senator cruz and i assume they were brought up at that luncheon. >> how i described it as s. a full discussion of the whole defund strategy. where we stand today as this thing has been rolled out. and from my standpoint, bill, i mean, i didn't support the strategy. we are 100% united as republicans to repeal, to defund, to limit the damage of obama care. but the strategy is what we are questioning. we were asking. so, how do we -- where do we proceed from here? and from my stand there was certainly some fatal flaws in the strategy. first and foremost, you have to pass a bill to defund obama care. in order to do that you actually have to initially get five democrat senators to vote with us. so we certainly were asking questions. what what is a strategy to get five democrat senators to join us in that effort. by the way, even if you pass it through the senate, president obama is going to have to sign it if he
5:15 pm
doesn't sign it then we have to override his veto. now you need 21 senators. 58 house democrats. again, we are trying to get a handle on-how do you actually defund this thing? >> bill: but, i had senator cruz on the factor earlier this week. knows that. he knows he is not going to get the senate to go along with abolishing obama care. he knows that president obama is going to veto any attempt to defund it or even to change it a little bit. as it stands now. but, senator's point of view is i have to stand on principle. i was elected to oppose this legislation. and what i'm doing is bringing the issue to the floor. now everybody knows about it. so i'm going to continue on this line even if i don't win. and how do you -- was that an object of discussion? >> well, bill, i was in business for 31 years, i have done a lot of strategic planning. it always starts with recognizing the reality of the situation. then set yourself achievable goals. and as much as i -- listen, bill, this is why i ran.
5:16 pm
i wanted to be the vote to repeal obama care. you have to set yourself achievable goals. that's just a problem with this effort. i appreciate the passion. i appreciate any effort that highlight how harmful obama care is going to be. destructive from that standpoint. it's not helpful to achieving that final goal of being able to paint a picture for the american public of how harmful obama care is going to be to our healthcare system. >> bill: let me challenge you there for a moment. >> sure. >> if cruz didn't do what he did, which was to filibuster and all of that. i submit to you, senator, that millions of americans wouldn't know what we were talking about right now. so, that he brought the passion against the new law to the fore. >> that's what i'm saying, bill. i appreciate that effort. >> now advance it and you have to try to get a strategy. but there isn't any strategy because in the end president obama is not going to make any changes to this law. and he has the power.
5:17 pm
so, it's basically, you know, you are at at the mow. you are going to get killed it's a matter of when. >> part of the problem we have in trying to turn public opinion against this law is president obama very cleverly and sin nickly delayed implementation after his election. now is he delaying implea plea mentation after 2014 so americans don't feel the pain of obama care. very challenging for us. one of the things i would like to point out is i really want the american people to believe what their eyes are telling them. look at the dysfunction over the last five years. the debt we are. >> bill: the polls say you are right. they don't want it but they also don't want the government to be shutdown i don't want the government shut down either. does enough harm to our comeem. watch what's happening over the next couple of days weeks and months and ask yourself do you want this federal government this dysfunctional entity taking
5:18 pm
over more control of your lives growing, increasing its influence over healthcare system? i think it's a really bad idea and i think that's really the fundamental issue facing america today. do you want to continue to grow government or do you really want the private sector to provide the opportunity and prosperity that we really all seek? >> bill: all right, senator. we appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. directly ahead lou dobbs on americans paying more for health insurance. anger growing over that jesse watters causing anger once again this time at brown university which has some nudity stuff going on or something. i don't quite understand but watters will be here to explain it those reports after these messages. men are s? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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>> bill: lou's the boss seeing isment tonight. reports all over the place that americans are having to pay a lot more for health insurance under obama care. we asked lou dobbs to look into this and he is. what is is the headline? >> the headline, bill, i would say is obama care, whatever else you want to call it, affordable care act, it is not socialized medicine. folks, it's not socialized medicine. this is the most upside down, peculiar contraption i have ever seen posing as public policy. you know, all of the idealogues on the left and the right who are just, you know, so mesmerized by obama care. the fact is, can i give you just a couple of. >> bill: sure. >> this is fascinating to me. if you have an income of just about $32,000 a year. you are going to get a subsidy for 650. and then you have to come up with a premium cost for obama care. 30,000, a little over $30,000. you have got to pay nearly $2,200 in premiums for your government brought to you
5:23 pm
by health care. it's insane. >> people not afford that. >> they can't afford it. >> bill: the government is going to have to pick up the tabernacle. >> the government -- pick up the tab. >> government have to pick up avelly big tab. fundamental to obama care very obvious and much talked about fact people really haven't really assimilated. if they don't impose, they the government impose penalties forcing young people and by young people i'm talking about between 18 and 35 to sign up for obama care, which they are going to be paying, any close to $2,000 a month, or a penalty of 218. i don't care how young you are, $2,000, versus 200. young folks are going to go for 200. >> $200,000 a month is 200,000 a year. >> say you are making 75,000 and you have your own small business in toledo, ohio or kansas or wyoming. and you are going to get a bill because you are at 75,
5:24 pm
$80,000. premiums are going to group, right? >> going to skyrocket. absolutely. >> bill: say you employ five or six people and you are responsible for their healthcare costs. are the costs for those people going up too? >> absolutely. you have got a choice. small business person,you can pay a $2,000 fine. and be out of the way. typically, you are saving money. the federal government through obama care. >> bill: pay the $2,000 fine for each person. that's 10 grand. all right. then you don't have tone sure them? >> you are out of the business. >> now they have got to it find their own insurance. >> they have got to find their own. then they are pushed into do i spend $2,000 for obama care or i do spend 200 to pay off the penalty for not having obama care? >> okay. so all of this stuff is just making it almost impossible to understand it. but the bottom line is, that obama care is taking money from people, americans, working americans. >> right.
5:25 pm
>> in order to pay for poor americans to have health insurance. isn't that what it is all about? >> it's not just poor americans. we're talking about healthy, young americans who typically would not, even if they have got jobs. >> bill: no, no, no. the poor people who fall under a certain income. >> right. >> bill: they are going to have their whole health insurance tab. >> right, that's absolutely correct. >> that's what i'm talking about here. this is income redistribution. whatever you want. social justice. >> absolutely. >> what it is. in the meantime. everybody is influx and chaos. people losing blue cross, blue shield. etna is out of the game. they have to find new insurance agencies. >> bill, every single promise the that president obama made campaigning for obama care, 2009 and 2010, didn't come true. >> bill: one did. >> which one? >> bill: you can't deny insurance free existing conditions. >> that fair enough. >> bill: thank you. we want to be fair here. >> absolutely. >> bill: that is true. that is a gadd thing. but i agree this is
5:26 pm
pandemonium, word of the day. >> pandemonium a great word of the day. you know what else? it's government. government isn't working. >> bill: they got to get out of it. lou dobbs, everybody, plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. brand new poll bad news for president obama. the stature in america falling fast. take a hard look at it mcguirk and watters tonight on jesse causing a lot of trouble at brown university. something about nudity. he we are not sure. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight. brand new fox news poll says americans are getting feted up with both the president and congress. when asked congressional job performance, 13% of americans say it's good. 81% say it's bad. now, who are those 13%? are they trapped in a mine? are they locked in a room? or are they forced to watch mtv 24 hours a day? who are these people? congress is in chaos o. it's not getting anything done. that's the fact. the only thing can i figure who think congress is doing well are chinese and russian spies. right? on president obama's job performance, 49% disapprove. 45% say he is doing a good job. those who are satisfied mr. obama primarily americans benefiting from entitlements. remember, nearly 35% of american homes now receive some kind of federal assistance apart from medicare or social security which was earned.
5:31 pm
so this is a money play. if mr. obama is showing you the money, you like him. if he is taking it away from you, you don't. i know i'm oversimplifying. this is the essence of the presidential job approval numbers. unless obama care turns out to be a stunning success, which would give lou dobbs a heart attack and then he would have to have obama care to get treated, mr. obama will not be treated kindly by history. primarily because the economy is so soft. take home pay for working americans is actually dropping. on that issue and others, a fox news poll breaks this way. on the president's health vision had 5% approve. 51% disapprove. on iran, 42% approve. 46% disapprove. on the economy, 40% approve, 56% disapprove. syria, 38% approve, 51% disapprove. on the federal deficit, 35% approve, 59% disapprove. based on those numbers, the president's overall job
5:32 pm
approval rating should be about 38%. but, again, the democratic machine has targeted groupings of americans for help, assistance. and those groups remain very loyal to mr. obama. next question the government shutdown how serious is it? 58% very serious. 23% somewhat sirius. not very 10%. not at all 7%. finally will you and your family be better off on obama care? 21% say better off o. 25% say worse off. 39% say no difference in their healthcare profile. notall americans are are happy with the obama administration. but, as i point out in my newspaper column this week. and you can check that out on bill o' many of us are too lazy and distracted to pay attention what's going on. we are lost in cyberspace, creating our own worlds and isolating ourselves from reality. both political parties know that and that's why they are more irresponsible than they have been in the past. president obama well understands that he can make a stunning come back if things break his way.
5:33 pm
he also knows he doesn't have to run for re-election so he can remain defiant on things like obama care, which is clearly a trouble spot for america. the problem is that our enemies are watching all of this. and the weakness of the federal government and, believe me, they are going to exploit it it nobody knows how or when, but the forces of evil will move against us. and the weaker we look to the world, the more empowered those forces become. does president obama understand that? i'm not sure. but america is no longer a country that dominates in this world. and that's the truth. when we come back, mcguirk and jesse watters on the pinheads of the week. that's next as the factor continues. [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. s as you may know apple launched two models of iphones and millions of people are buying them that compelled the web site sale land to do a survey. it asked 8 single men would you rather have an iphone or a girlfriend. one in eight picked the phone. here now to analyze bernard mcguirk and jesse watters who is in for gutfeld this evening. what say but this survey. >> get one in 8 guys to say
5:38 pm
they would rather have a new five gallon fish tank than a girlfriend. >> bill: these are people that really don't relate to the fairer sex? >> probably not. it wasn't a stunningly high statistic. you know, the iphone is here to stay. it's a sad commentary, it's pathetic but it's here. transsister radio, typewriter, rotary phone saul gone. i know you hate it. >> i don't hate it as much as i come across. i just think that the unintended consequences are bad. but my kids yell at me because i don't know the difference between an iphone and ipad know what they are calling people who choose iphones over girl friend i sexuals. i was watching the factor on the couch with my new iphone 5 and she goes jesse, put that down or go upstairs. >> bill: good for her. >> me or the iphone. >> bill: that's right.
5:39 pm
>> i chose her. >> bill: becoming too enveloped here. about 13% of guys who would rather have the iphone than the girl friend. the iphone after the the initial investment is a lot cheaper than the girlfriend. let's be honest here. >> girlfriend iphone. i know i'm going to get in trouble for. this i just want to make this observation. we are equality. i'm for that women equality. women are just as good as men. they should have all the opportunities men have. why do we have to pay? why are we paying all the time? >> you want to go dutch? >> dutch. i like dutch. that's pejorative against the holland people. yes. split it once in a while. >> next time i'm going to take you up on that. >> all right. you are not a girl, watters, no matter how hard you try with the collar up. >> no, no, no. all right. [ laughter ] that's my look. why did you go up this time? >> it's nudity week. >> nudity week? >> it's not just people
5:40 pm
streaking across the so mcguirk just cancel your trip right now. have it in a separate space. nudity in the. nude body painting. nude cabaret. >> sponsored by whom. >> student-run activity. small amount of student activity go for this. >> this is the theme of the week? >> this the is week theme. you go up there to talk to them about it. >> yes. >> and then we get this piece of tape come back. roll it interviews about nudity in the -- i think it was part of the o'reilly factor show. but i wasn't sure of that. they asked me like how much tuition was and like if i was going to be disrobed or not or if my parents were aware and what my dad thought about me being naked in front of other people. >> i'm not sure why they are focusing on this when there is a government
5:41 pm
shutdown. >> bill: yeah. was there a ban there on the quad? what was that music? >> youtube clip. i had nothing to do with that. >> bill: who put that out. >> the student-run newspaper group. they tried to show me up after this though tried to hit me up on twit they're goes out to you, jesse, they posted a nude photo of themselves to me. >> bill: we don't need to know all of that. >> we actually have it. >> you are interviewing all these brown students. the woman who just. >> there they go. >> every college does it but the woman how just saw with the band in the background on the youtube thing. did you interview her? >> no. >> you didn't even interview him? >> the brunet i interviewed the african-american lady i did not. what did her dad thinking send her $55,000 send her there and doing nudity. >> bill: news question. >> about his mother what he would say. fair and balanced. >> bill: they are scared up there that is what this is all about. they are scared up there. >> yeah.
5:42 pm
>> you are going to run this piece on next wednesday watters world at brown university. we know you got them. you weren't disrespectful or oanything. >> not at all. i'm actually pro-nudity week now. >> they won you over. >> is he not wearing pants right now. stand up and showed them. >> i think there is some value in it, yes. >> bill: aren't they college kids thin-skinned? remember when we were in college and we had to take the covered wagon up to do it? if somebody criticized us in college. >> relax. exactly right. >> bill: dump beer on them. >> to the two ladies i read up on this sponsoring this. you would be forgiven for thinking are flakey babes. the daughters of some vermont pot smoking hippies or whatever. >> bill: the serious undertone of this is college kids if you criticize them or make fun of them, they come back and they vent and they try to hurt you. have you been called
5:43 pm
misogynistic. >> they are very sensitive. we have a track record with them because we went up and exposed the sex party where all those kids went to the hospital for ecstasy. 2005: >> bill: and they stopped that. >> they did. toned down. then we did the war on christmas where they were calling it a holiday tree. >> bill: in providence, rhode island. >> third time i have been up there. they are a little uptight up there. >> bill: state troopers. >> lincoln chafee is coming after us. three pinheads of the week. all pretty interesting. we are going to hold over mcguirk and watters in for gutfeld. the factor will be right back. ♪ [ engine revs, tires squeal ] [ male announcer ] since we began, mercedes-benz has pioneered many breakthroughs. ♪ breakthroughs in design...
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. pinheads of the week bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. mcguirk has chosen this guy ♪ we are ♪ i said it ♪ we are ♪ all black everything ♪ black cars ♪ all black everything ♪ and our girls are black ♪ i can't if you boys really -- >> bill: all right, jay-z. very successful. correct? >> very. he is possibly the beatles of our day. believe it or not. >> bill: married to beyonce a nice woman. and you, mcguirk, are calling him a pinhead? >> look, he admitted to vanity fair that he sold crack. he said he knows how to run a budget because he sold crack. and god bless him, is he a smart guy, he sold it, he didn't smoke it i would say can i get he a what, what? you left behind all these people back in the hood, some people's lives you ruined back then by selling the crack. and now they are going to emulate what you did except they are going to have
5:48 pm
disastrous results. >> bill: didn't he apologize watters for it doing that. >> he did say he realized it poisoned his community. he said if you are in the crack game now you are going to get shot or killed or be in prison get out now the best thing to do. >> bill: you believe his overall message is not repentance. >> that is not going to be the take away. jay-z sold drugs when he was young look where is he is now. >> bill: i'm going to make a discussion to mr. z or jay. i don't know him i can't call him by his first name. although i did call him by name one time. donate a million to it a drug rehab center? wouldn't that be good? a little makeup. >> if he knows how to run a budget go down to d.c. and slash that trillion-dollar debt. >> instead of keeping it real. keep it real quiet. >> bill: donate the million dollars to a drug rehab center. a bunch ever them here in new york that he could do that okay.
5:49 pm
you, watters, have chosen chris matthews. >> yes. >> roll the tape. >> why did you calling it tip and the gipper. >> the book we he have really been waiting for "killing o'reilly." [years] >> bill: they were jeering in there. that's called bears audience. >> if you are liberal and lose audience in the comedy central show. that's like missing a 2-foot putt. >> bill: i don't know if people know that bus them in from venezuela and go around and come right across. very liberal audience. i didn't take offense at that is he just making a jest, right? >> i would say half jest. >> really you think matthews wants me-to-see me dead? >> i wouldn't put it past him had. is he a bitter spewing psycho. people are very jealous of bill o'reilly right now. >> bill: well, there is good reason why he and his cohorts want me dead. ratings. i mean, come on. >> killing ratings new
5:50 pm
book. >> they hate bill o'reilly. >> bill: i'm not doing well for their business model. my pinhead of the week is -- i have got to get this wire copied because this came in late. here it is is a group in late. a group in russia nominated putin for the nobel peace prize. this is great. the group is called the international academy of spiritual unity and cooperation of peoples of the world. they say putin -- do you want me to say the name again? iasucpw. >> oh, them. >> right. >> they say putin brought peace to the world because of syria activity is and is much deserving of the peace prize than president obama is. he, of course, won in 2009. what do you say about it? >> i want to see him accept the peace prize shirtless on horseback. >> that would be worth it. >> i might have seen him at nudity week at brown. i'm not sure.
5:51 pm
>> it was his cousin. ex change student. >> who is the chairman of the group? yakoff smirnoff. congratulations to the russians for the sense of irony they never had before. >> the pin head of the week that nominated putin, not putin himself. putin has persecuted g gay peop young women who sing rock songs. anybody who opposes him. and he's had journalists murder ed. >> and loves stalin. >> greatest guy in the world. >> now he's threatening to invade norway if they don't give him the peace prize. >> it's like making anthony weiner the husband of the year. >> there are some things that are so out of control. russia is one of them. i used to think maybe they're a
5:52 pm
friend kind of sort of. he's as bad as kruschev. they want to go back to the gulags. >> no doubt about it. >> would you be surprised? >> they gave it to arafat. they gave it to jimmy carter. >> he's a lock. >> arafat got the peace prize. first thing he did, sold it on ebay. he got a lot of money for it. we love him. thank uh you, as always. factor tip of the day is about christmas. it's coming. the geese are getting fat. the tip is two minutes away. ♪
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tickets are great christmas gifts. sunday, killing jesus will debut at number one on the bestseller list and "the killing" kennedy is back in the top 20 as well. good news. if you're a premium member you get either book free of charge. from arizona, o'reilly i was struck by the genius of your recommendation that the individual mandate be delayed for a year. why isn't that embraced by the government? good question. the answer is the power struggle is under way. it's all about power now. not fairness, looking out the for the folks. it is which party can smash the the other. that's what we are looking at in d.c. laura from california. your compromise seems fair but rigid tea party people who stayed home because romney wasn't conservative enough have only themselves to blame for this mess. canada, bill, don't be naive. president obama is a marxist and
5:56 pm
will never compromise. the new mad as hell segment is fantastic. we have plenty to be mad about here. they implemented driver's license for illegal aliens. joan and bill cooper, our dog max is family and goes with us nearly everywhere. he's better behaved than some haugty bloviators i could mention. whom are you referring to? susan miracle, pineville, kentucky. you discontinue the mad as hell segment and i i will be mad as hell. we'll keep it. promoting the segment with language offensive to much of the audience is disconcerting. and you say? heck, i don't know what to say. real world, real life. people are mad as -- you know.
5:57 pm
new jersey. bill, just finished kwoez jesus. great book. will there be a children's version? it will be out in time for eastern. the kid's book on jfk is now a literary guild selection. i'm proud of that book. the 50th anniversary of the assassination coming uh so the urchins should know what happened. dave from alabama, i haven't been to church in some time but i am now going and taking my son with me. nice to hear. it is a history book. i'm glad you are inspired to do that. we need more spiritualism. jerry from south carolina. everything that needed to be said about jesus is in the bible. the only thing that inspired you is your huge ego and bank account. robert from syracuse, new york. say good-bye to your number one ranking on cable news. me gyn kelly is intelligent, beautiful and courteous. unlike you.
5:58 pm
why am i number one? i'm glad you like her though. she starts monday at 9:00 eastern time after the factor. monday, by the way, is our 18th birthday, uh birthday, i think. no, 17th birthday going into the 18th year. as time whizzes by and christmas approaches i am hoping american companies will help those in need. yesterday a small business out of chicago weldben made a large donation to help wounded vet who is need wheelchairs. the check to independence will change the lives of men and women. we applaud them. another small business, christmas classics ltd, will donate 25% of everything they sell for christmas to the fischer house charity which helps families of wounded vets.
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6:00 pm
bingo. thursday, we'll do it again. thanks for watching tonight. i am bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. tops right here because we're always looking out for you. welcome to this special edition of "hannity." tonight i will be joined here in studio by a bipartisan group of college students and recent grads from all over the country. exactly half of them are republicans. the other seven bravely identify themselves, believe it or t not as liberal democrats. over the course of the next 60 minutes we'll the tackle hot button issues from the economy, health care, foreign policy and much more. no subject off limits. so let me welcome our audience. the world will be yours soon. let's start with president obama. show of hands. how many think the president has done -- he's in his fifth year now -- a good b job. hands up. one, two, three,


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