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tv   A Healthy You Carol Alt  FOX News  October 5, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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i have been on the cover of more than 700 magazines and have traveled for photo shoots and movies, but i wasn't always the healthiest person. fatigue and the pressures of my career. i realize it was time to change. so i learned about the importance of good health. i am not a doctor. i am like every person watching the show. and i want to help make a healthy you. >> welcome to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt. today is personal. it is about gathering the right information and making the right choice for you even if the choices are painful. first up, peri menopause.
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is no one acknowledging what is happening in peri menopause? men, you need to know this too because we are your women. and pregnancy is a miracle not to be dismissed, but since your baby can't complain, how do you know you are feeding your baby what is good for him or her. if you eat sugar, will your baby be addicted? we will show you super foods that will keep you and your baby healthy. we begin with angelina jolie's shocking decision to have a mastectomy. i was surprised that jolie underwent a double mastectomy. it is an extremely controversial move. but it is a decision that an increasing amount of women are choosing to make. is it necessary? it seems to me a woman's right to choose and keep her lady parts is a bigger and more scary decision. with me now to debate this hot topic is dr. elizabeth thompson, a reconstructive surgeon and a nature-pathic
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doctor. dr. thompson, let's begin with you. you had this done. you had a double mastectomy. >> yes, in 2006. i underwent pro phylactic mastectomy because my risk was high because of my family history. at the time no one was talking about pro phylactic mastectomy. it seemed like a controversial thing to do x and i didn't want to talk about it with many people. >> i want to ask you because you said you had the history. how do you know if this is true? >> my mother had breast cancer in her 40s and grandmother and great grandmother. we knew there was something in the family that was conferring a risk. we tested bracken negative. in our family we didn't have the gene you could actually test for now that gives you real, hard numbers on what your risk is. >> you know, i fought to keep my lady parts, i really did. when i had my issue, it was
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ray really big thing to -- it was a really big thing to get the proper information from doctors. they were trying to lead you in a certain direction. how do you know you are not being lead down the path of a doctor who wants to do the surgery to make money on it? >> it is a really great question. i am a radiation oncologist. i did my homework. i looked at my options and i had so many m ri's and mammograms and biopsies and i was tired of spending my time undergoing tests on myself. i found two surgeons doing a revolutionary procedure, the same one angelina had now, but they were just beginning to do this procedure. >> what is the procedure? >> it is direct to implant breast reconstruction. now a days when women have a mastectomy, they can actually have their surgery and come out and look the same as they would if they had had a breast augmentation. >> they look like a regular breast? the same shape? >> have i been in dressing rooms rooms in stores where people have seen me naked and
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they say you have a -- you look great. >> you can't show them here, i'm sorry. >> no, i am not interested in showing them on tv. you have to have courage to understand that you are not going to go in and be mutilated. >> that was a big issue. i know that you are a nature pathic doctor which is more natural. which i wanted to do natural and it was an enzymeotherapy for me. can you explain what women can do if they don't want to do the double mastectomy? >> there are patients who don't decide to do that and i respect the decision a woman makes either way. there is a lot of good research about preventing cancer and even preventing reoccurrence in women who have had cancer. the study in the international journal about glycemic load meaning if you eat lower foods you can greatly reduce the risk. there are studies about eating vegetables and 64% reduce the reduction recurrence rates.
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the study is about using green tea to help support your immune system. >> but a lot of people think it is hoe cuss -- hocus-pocus. others say having the double mastectomy doesn't increase your chances either. are you stuck between weighing the risks of both actually. >> i think what people should know is there are things people can do that improve your chances of not getting a cancer. just like you said, healthy diet , exercise, sleeping well, reducing stress, even using sunscreen prevents skin cancer. there are things we can actively do that we know. >> there were a couple things i do that i want to share with you. it is not just about the food and getting rest and taking the tea. it is actually the things we do topically to the body. i always believe that one of the bad things that women do
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are bras that have the under wire. this has no under wire in the bra. it actually pushes up. this i got at victoria's secrets and hanes does it and a company gets a healthier bra. the wire cuts the lymph drainage out of the breast. and i do a baking soda. this is my own personal bag. i do baking soda under my arms for deoderant because we are shaving under our arms and any chemicals that go under our arms can go into our lymph system expwriez there are studies of the electro magnetic radiation from the wires. >> and it seems more and more women are getting breast cancer. all of these things we need to do -- for me i think that it should be the last thing you do is have the drubl mastectomy -- the double mastectomy. that would be the last thing.
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but for you it was the only decision to make. >> i think i felt very much like angelina described in other op-ad. i have four young children and a career and a very active lifestyle. for me the black cloud that was walking behind me was something that i really felt i wanted to avoid and reduce my stress and my risk. >> you of course had reconstructive surgery and you were talking about the bras and the accessories that didn't function at all for surgery. can you tell us? >> i didn't understand how a $25,000 surgical procedure, they would put you in a $5 bra that was made in 1970. i designed a bra that had an opening so the drains when they came out -- and many women with augmentation have drains would come through an opening rather than under the elastic. this bra is multi functional after surgery and not only does it hold the drains, but it gives a little slight compression and it makes them feel good. >> it is great. you can cut these things off
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and keep on wearing it. >> we are not going to settle the discussion today. nature versus nurture i suppose. it is what you could do in terms of keeping your breast healthy. if you need to do it, you have these options and the post reconstruction which is a very important phase of this. i thank you both for coming on. i know this is a very personal decision you made and i appreciate you coming on and talking about it. thank you both. coming up, suzanne somers is here and she has incredibly helpful information for every woman who at some time or another said i'm too young to be going through hot flashes. stick around.
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welcome back to "a healthy you." i'm carol alt of the if you have read anything about health in the past decade or
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seen "sex and the city 2" this woman needs no info. she has a book called "i'm too young for this". with me to shed light on this difficult issue is suzanne somers. first i want to say that "sex and the city" was so funny. >> unbelievable. >> and kudos to your work. how did you go from being a comedic genius to a health guru. how was the transition? >> i was fired from "three's company." >> i asked for paid caw dash com me ensurate with the men. i loved beingchrissy snow. and i thought they would give me a chance to negotiate and
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then then i started out in the nightclub business and wore out my adrenals and had the hormonal problems and then turned into somebody i didn't recognize. i would weep and i would snap at my husband and that's not my nature. i am an upbeat, happy person. i started gaining weight for no reason. i was bloating all of the time. i went from doctor to doctor to doctor and i was offered anti-depressants and anti-anxiety and cholesterol lowering and diuretics, just this whole -- >> everything but you really needed to keep yourself healthy. >> yeah. and then i found an indocrine noel gist. i drove two hours. i took my blood work to her and she said poor thing. your estrogen levels are low and your progesterone is almost nonexistence. that's when this journey began. the thing about -- i really believe if i knew then what i know now that i would not have
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gotten breast cancer. >> really, why is that? >> that's a big statement. i was estrogen dominant. the first thing a doctor says is you can't take hormones. they are wrong with all due respect. when i was miss -- what i was missing was pro -- progesterone. it is your anti-cars gnaw general nick hormone, the component of the woman hormone song. i was making too much estrogen and no progesterone. >> i think that is common because i had the same issue. >> the brain recognizes a reproductive person, man or woman as available. it is about biology and perpetuation of the species. so when you -- when the brains realizes you are no longer reproductive it tries to get rid of you and it activates the cancer in peri menopause. i got my cancer in peri
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menopause, but the tumor didn't show up until menopause, and by then it was large tumor which by the way was missed by the mammogram every year for 10 years. >> that's a whole different segment. >> we could do a whole show. >> going back to peri-menopause. what is the difference between peri-menopause and menopause. >> it is the 10 years before menopause. some have it severe and not so severe. >> and this is what i wanted to ask you. in uncivilized, i don't know what that means, but in uncivilized countries they go through peri-menopause and menopause with no issues. you get through a civilized country like supposedly the united states and we have all kinds of issues. why do you think that is? >> because of stress and toxicity. we experience more express in our lives today than people in elizabethan times and they were chased by tigers. were you in the traffic today? >> i was. >> it is stressful. walking down the streets is stressful.
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think of all of the mold in the buildings here and think of the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. >> even in our water. >> eve where, in the food. >> what about food for you? was that a big part of your diet, changing your diet? >> i would say i embraced real food only. oh maybe 20 years ago. i changed my life. when i didn't take chemotherapy and decided to go another way i -- >> you had to change a lot of things. i know i did. >> i decided i was going to eat as though my life depended upon it. >> and it does. >> my genes want protein. a lot of vegetables, but a certain portion being protein. so i only eat grass fed beef and wild caught fish. vegetables coconut oil and a lot of omega-3's. my body works great and i feel great and i sleep eight hours. >> that's the most important part of this. i am 2ing to get your book.
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-- i am going to get your book. i hope you brought one with you. >> i did. >> suzanne thank you for coming on the show. again, the book is called "i am too young for this, the natural hormone solution to enjoy peri-menopause." coming up, are you or a loved one eating for two? if so don't miss these super foods that work wonders for moms and babies.
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pregnancy is a huge responsibility. a new human being is growing inside of you, completely dependent on the love you give it, but even more importantly on the food you teed it. this can be a huge blessing or a huge burden because the rest of your child's healthy life starts the minute you conceive with the choices you make to feed yourself. well, before you start feeling
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overwhelmed and begin calculating how many milligrams of a particular vitamin or mineral you are eating each day, relax. let's just start with baby steps. there are simple super foods you can add to your diet that will keep you and your baby healthy. with me to discuss just what your body needs is registered dietician and certified diabetes instructor erin pol nie ski who happens to be pregnant herself. how many months are you? >> six and a half. getting close. >> you are worried what to feed your baby expru a plan of super foods to help you stay healthy and guard the health and well being of your baby. >> absolutely, absolutely. it is so important and it is so overwhelming to think everything you put in your mouth impacts your child. >> absolutely. i believe it has been impact on your health too, but now you are eating for two so you need the extra boost for the baby. >> absolutely. you really want to make sure you are choosing the foods with the highest nutrient content so you are not taking
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in excessive amounts of calories, but getting the right nutrients throughout the pregnancy. >> why is that so important? >> everything you take in is based on baby's brain development and vision and skeletal growth. from you not taking in the right nutrients the baby could take it from you and it could impact your health after delivery. >> and you breastfeed after delivery and the baby is pulling the knew tree jets out of your body. >> and they stay elevated during breastfeeding. so it is important before conception and throughout breastfeeding you make sure you are taking in healthy foods. >> it is better to have it in foods than vitamins because sometimes they can be synthetic. tell us what you have chosen to help feed our babies well. >> the first super food is salmon. it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. pregnant women who have high in fatty acids and omega-3 are
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less likely to suffer postpartum depression. the salmon is a low mercury fish and it is safe to have up to 12 ounces a week. >> have i to say in europe the pregnant women don't mind eating fish and they don't mind eating a somewhat raw fish which is surprising. they say don't eat raw fish. the mora it is, the better the -- the more raw it is, the better the fats r. i see you cooked this one, but what about raw or seared fish? >> you have to be careful. sear is bettered. if it is raw you have to know where it comes from and there is the food born illness. if you come down with food born illness it could be detrimental to your and -- to your baby and you. so just be cautious. >> i am glad you straightened out. women in europe eat raw fish and i always wondered about it, but it has to do with the quality. and you put it on spinach. >> that's one of the great super foods for pregnancy.
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you can have it raw or cooked. the great thing about spinach in pregnancy is the folic acid. even before conception and pregnancy you need enough folic acid for neural tube defects. that's when the neural tubes in the spiebl column don't -- spinal column don't close. that can be a debt straw meant. make sure there is enough in your diet and spinach is a great way to get that in. we have eggs, but have you them hard boiled. >> this is an example of the convenience. you can have eggs -- you can make omelettes and scrambled, but a lot go egg whites because of the calorie content. the yolk -- >> it is an important part of the egg. >> exactly. the biggest reason is it is one of the highest dietary sources. it is essential for the brain development. make sure you are getting in eggs. and just like with the seafood, pick a high quality egg. if the chicken is a high quality diet it is cage free and you will have more
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omega-3's. >> you have blueberries and a smoothy. >> this is my super powered pregnancy smoothy, if you have a cup of blue better rueys and i -- blueberries and blend it up and it is great for mom. >> there is a raw coconut out there called healthy harvest. thank you for being here and explaining how to keep our babies healthy with fabulous super foods congratulationses congratulationses and congratulations to every mom to be out there. we wish you all a healthy pregnancy. don't go anywhere. was your tweet question picked for this week's segment of ask carol? happening around and -- hangline around and see.
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welcome back to a healthy you. i am carol alt. it is time for ask carol a
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segment where you can ask me anything about fitness, health or beauty. today jocelyn is asking, can you please tell me easy things to do to alkaline my body? first find out if you need alkaline and then relax and start easy. here are things to add and some things to cut out to start on your road to alkaline. add alkaline filtered water to your regime. you don't have it? find the drops on-line. and lemons have an alkalizing reaction in the body. jump a trampoline. brush your skin with a bristle brush, take a sea salt brush, cut coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. add raw foods to the cooked food diet. raw food is alkaline and cooked is acid. if you have a question follow me on twitter. my twitter handle is at carol alt at fnc.
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thank you so much for joining me. until next time, i hope you are learning to be more of a healthy you. hello, welcome to america's news headquarters day five of the partial government shutdown and the defense secretary chuck hagel no you announcing the recall of most furloughed civilian employees at the pentagon. most of the house and senate gathering today for a special weekend session. no signs of an end to the shutdown. molly is live on capitol hill with more on that. hi, molly. >> hi, greg. a bit of a new development. it was expected the democratically controlled senate would vote to take up what the house passed


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