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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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the tweets. follow me and we'll continue the conversation. thanks for watching, everybody. see you tomorrow right here on "the kelly file." tonight on this studio audience edition of "hannity" we have assembled our best bipartisan panel to date. over the course of the next hour this rowdy group will be under one roof to tackle the most controversial issues facing the country from the government shutdown to obama care and of course the upcoming debt limit. no topic is off limits. now the debate begins. >> he know s my phone number. all he has to do is call. >> game on. >> they are forcing the american people to buy a product that they do not want and cannot afford. >> the speaker appses the call of conservatives.
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>> it's irresponsible of the president and his men to talk about default. >> the man leading the charge against the take it or leave it approach is minute ace way. >> there is no reason to default. >> anybody signed up for obama care yet? nobody? >> even hollywood is losing hope. tonight we'll take you to the front lines of obama care and speak to real doctors about the life-changing impacts of the law. an all new "hannity" starts right here, right now. >> less than two hours we'll reach the one-week anniversary of the obama/reid shutdown and six days into this stalemate there is no end in sight. today president obama had this message for house republicans. take a look. >> we are not going to negotiate under the threat of further harm to our economy and middle class families. we are not going to negotiate under the threat of a prolonged shutdown until republicans get 100% of what i they want.
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if republicans and speak er boehner say there are not enough votes they should prove it. let the bill go to the floor and see what happens. just vote. let every member of congress vote their conscience and determine whether or not they want to shut the government down. >> yesterday the speaker of the house slammed the door on obama's no negotiation strategy. here is what he said. >> there is no the way we'll pass when the votes aren't in the house to pass a debt limit. the president is risking dete fault by not having a conversation with us. >> under no circumstances will you not pass a clean the debt limit? >> we will not go down that path. it is time to deal with america's problems. >> we thought we would remind you, the viewers how the administration is using the shutdown to demon yiez republicans. over next 60 minutes we'll scroll the many services the president himself has chosen to take off line. the list was compiled with the
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help of our friends at how is everybody tonight? good to see you. we are ten days, michelle fields, away from a debt ceiling that our secretary of the treasury says is going to be a catastrophe. the president will not negotiate with republicans. what's going to happen. >> democrats want the shutdown. they are trying to make it as painful as possible for the american people. republicans passed a bill. sent it to the senate. the senate is blocking it. they are not willing to compromise. republicans are willing to compromise. it's a failure of leadership on the president's part. >> pen yirks you are a democrat. defund, delay, get rid of all special exemptions? >> we have had this conversation since 2009. it's been debated.
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it became law in 2011. we had an election. we won. >> did republicans whip in the house? >> they lost seat s in the house. democrats actually increased in the senate. and we had a supreme court decide this is the law of the land. sean that was never going to be a point of negotiation. >> ar are i fleischer, i read the constitution. we have separation of powers, checks and balances. i thought the house had the power of the purse. >> they uh do for practical but it's the job of the president to lead and all presidents to negotiate. no one party can say my way or the highway. leaders bring people together. the president says i will not negotiate. it's the absence of leadership. >> a negotiation is about you get something, i get something. the president has said most of what's in this current package, the republicans approve of it in
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terms of numbers. i think the republican party is getting something. so negotiations are taking place, but not in the way the speaker wants. >> negotiations aren't happening. the president said he will not negotiate either over the debt ceiling, and he's warning about a default. connie mac you have been in the house of representatives. in your years there did you see an example like this? >> sean, this is how the president operates. so many times the conference looked for someone to talk and negotiate with and the president was missing. the reason you have people standing up like ted cruz is there is a vacuum. no leadership happening from the president or the leadership in the senate. senator cruz stepped in to fill the place. i wish senators from his state would help him. it is a lack of leadership. >> even bob woodward -- and we can all agree he's not part of my vast right wing conspiracy
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with my conservative friends. even he said this is on the president's head because he has an obligation to lead. doesn't he have an obligation to at least talk to them? he talks to the russians, the new president of iran but not speaker boehner? >> when you talk about people on your side of the aisle drinking that kool-aid, i have quote after quote of republicans, even some that work here that talk about how this is a suicide caucus. >> did i ask that question ? >> republicans are delusional, sean, if they think the president will negotiate to defund, negotiate to the re peel, re place -- >> leslie, wait a minute. the president of the united states, we are ten days away from default. his ownership secretary of the treasury says it will be a catastrophe. >> absolutely. not just for america, the world. >> he won't even talk. >> he doesn't need to talk. >> he tried to talk to republicans seven times.
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they put toyota a dleen vote. >> 435 members of the u.s. house. that's the branch that's closest to the american people which tells you the reason this is happen ing now, the majority of the american people do not want this bill. they are willing to do -- >> no. >> yes. they do not want this bill. >> we'll get into it. the question, nina, you are objective. >> i'm in washington. i talk to people there. >> is it a blessing or a curse? >> stay is president did negotiate and made movement on reforming ep titlements, some of which he agreed to in the past on medicare and social security. say speaker boehner got a deal. the republicans who started this over obama care won't go along with that. they started down this unwinnable path. they knew they couldn't whip. they knew they didn't have the senate, the white house. they knew it was an unwinnable
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fight. >> i disagree. >> they are waiting for obama to blink. it won't happen. >> they have come down three steps. the last was special exemptions for big business and the subsidy for members of congress. is that up fair? >> i would say the better strategy for the defund obama care crowd -- >> am i a part of that? >> labor unions have a problem with obama care. their strategy is based on taking down republicans who disagree with them. >> if the president gets away with this negotiating strategy on the debt limit and obama care and any leverage that republicans have, and they are in control of the house is gone. why do that? >> of course. also the president said i won't negotiate while they are holding something over my head. that's the only way there are negotiations. he holds something over the republicans' head and the republicans hold something over his head.
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i want to add one thing americans don't know. i do believe the president thinks so politically that hurting americans is okay for his strategy. i want to give one example and i'd love the liberals to respond. why since sequester has the president not allowed tours of the white house? it costs virtually nothing. there is a reason. he's petulant, immature and wants to hurt the american people. i would love liberals to respond to that. >> he loves to inflict harm. >> hurting the american people, when you say hurting the american people i think of one party. look at the paul ryan budget which hurts women, children, infants. we can go on and on on how they will do everything to make sure you don't fund working families, middle class families, put the american people back to work. that's hurting the american people. >> want to know what's hurting american families? $17 trillion in debt. do you know what's hurting them?
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$90 trillion in unfunded liability. you care about kids? stop placing the burden of debt on their shoulders. >> when mothers talk about how to feed their kids today that's a different conversation. >> you're willing to bankrupt the country because you think it is a good cause. >> why respect we talking about not taking food stamps from the less privileged? >> the house republicans passed the wic program. why hasn't the senate snm this is why we shouldn't have tours. we just had a crazy woman try to perhaps kill the president. >> oh, no, no. >> every ear other week there is a massacre if somebody is nuts and gets a gun. >> to know one day a woman would try to drive into the capitol? i don't buy it. the president wants americans to hurt so he can win little bit uhcally, period. >> this is a wild goose chase we have been led down, no offense.
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the president, they are trying to do as much damage the as they can to get people to feel the pain to try to get the public on their side. here's the problem. this president goes on national television and says our veterans, children, all of these things. the house passes bills to address the issues and the senate won't take them up. my friends on the left keep talking about a clean vote in the house. the president's demanding that we have a clean vote in the house. why don't they have a clean vote in the senate on defunding obama care with only 51 votes instead of the 60 they put in place now? >> stay there. i promise we'll get back to you and everybody else. more with the studio audience. next, rand paul joins me from our nation's capital to explain what it means for you and each and every day the president, harry reid refuse to negotiate with republicans. we'll turn things back over to the audience. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp.
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specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll art investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide hi and he'll semoney aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. welcome back. in a few minutes we'll bring back the studio audience. at the bottom of the screen you can see the list of service it is white house has cherry-picked to close and defund during the obama/reid shutdown. joining me with reaction to the democrats stubborn behavior is
7:16 pm
senator rand paul. how are you? >> good evening, sean. >> i find it interesting. the president's golf course is open. no football. no baseball. no satellite for the troops. vietnam war memorial not open. what's your thought about how they have prioritized? >> you've got to wonder. the amber alert, you know, searching for a kidnapped child was closed down. let's move weight loss program for the first lady is open. om kentucky and mammoth cave is up the road. the park rangers put police tape across the unmanned trails. we have thousands of miles of trail. someone is putting a rope at a head of the trail. i guess they think no one would go under it or walk around the police tape.
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>> the democrats control the committees so we can't do anything. they deserve ridicule. they are playing games with defaulting. it's irresponsible of the president or jack lew or his men or women to go on tv and say the u.s. might default. that's scaring the marketplace. we have never defaulted. we will never default. there is not a reason to default because we have plenty of revenue that comes in to pay our interest payment. >> i think they are trying to scare people. the idea is we are not going to negotiate. that's showing up in the polls. how long do you think it will be before obama and reid have to sit down like adults and put
7:18 pm
their toys ahead and start talking like regular people? >> i said a shutdown was a bad idea. i didn't want to be here. now that we are here, neither party wins. if they fool themselves saying, we're winning, republicans are beat up, eventually everybody will be frustrated and eventually they will look for us to be having negotiation instead of compromise. i think a compromise exists but the president has to give in a little bit and say the country is going bankrupt. i will re strain spend ing. that's all we are asking. we're worried about bankruptcy of the country and asking for restraint on spending. >> the house sent a number of bills to fund fema, wic, the national guard, give back pay to the innocent victims in all of this. is there a chance any democrats
7:19 pm
have come to you and said, senator paul, i will be glad to help you? >> eventually maybe. right now, no. they think they are winning this political battle. they think it is a political battle and a bit of gamesmanship for them. when you look at what's happening they have been saying they want a clean c.r. which is a spending bill without riders. all of the things we are passing in the house that you just mentioned -- veterans affairs, nih -- they are clean c.r.s, but they are just small spending bills. historically around here we would pass 12 spend ing bills. you couldn't shut down government if we were doing our jobs properly. but reid hasn't brought up the appropriations bills. >> my advice and admonition is republicans can't give in to this bullying. there are constitutional limits the president has.
7:20 pm
the house has constitutional authority as well. hold the line. i hope, in fact, they will do that. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> coming up on this special edition of "hannity" next -- >> i call them legislative arsonists. >> the republican inmates are running the asylum. >> the left hit a new low when it comes to attacking conservatives. we'll discuss the disgusting liberal language with that beautiful studio audience next on "hannity."
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i call them arsonists. they are there to burn down. >> we are not negotiating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. >> if you can help one child with cancer, why wouldn't you do it? ? >> why would we do that. >> hostage taking. >> taking their teddy bear and
7:25 pm
saying if i don't get my way. [ crying ] >> speaker boehner needs to en gauge in sacrifice. >> it's incredible to me to watch these republicans put on their suicide vests. >> i believe it is terrorism. >> political terrorism. >> they are not holding your children hostage. they are trying to blow your children up. >> i will not negotiate. >> he will not negotiate. >> if there is confusion, i will not negotiate. >> the president is not going to negotiate. >> isn't this insane? >> democrats prove again when they can't come up with a substantial argument they resort to the rhetoric you just heard. we continue with the lively studio audience. what do you make of that rhetoric? >> i want to talk about how this is all about political posturing. it has nothing to do with the
7:26 pm
future of our children. i said at the republican national convention our determination as americans are found in every child that looks at impossible things and says i can do that. by the time my 12-year-old goes to school because of government take over of health care, of education, she will find herself looking at $150,000 of tuition in a year. an average cost. how is she, by the time she gets her portion of the debt and her tuition and all of the other things, how is she supposed to mange a difference? all of this that's happening is throwing our kids under the bus. we have to do what we can to presefb their opportunities. >> eric ? >> i agree with that. look, the republicans -- nina is right. we need to keep the government shut down until the president yields on obama care. we want repeal. we'll go with defund. if we have to go with delay we will. >> did they go far enough to get rid of special exemptions? that was too much for me as a
7:27 pm
conservative. >> congress will find a way around obama care. they always the do. this has to be about delay or defund. the american people doesn't want this. it will kill the economy. >> what about the rhetoric? >> i'm puzzled why we are having the discussion about repealing or defunding obama care. it is the law of the land. >> nobody believes or trust it is president. the president would have us believe the only red line he won't erase is the one with republicans. he's put himself in a corner where he has rhetoric leading us to the brink. if he wants to get out of the corner he calls bob gates and says come in and put these people in a room and get something going. if he's going to lead he has to pick up the phone and lead. they won't remember the republican or democrat position. they will remember his position.
7:28 pm
>> related to the rhetoric, all both sides are doing is they are appeal ing to the base. all over the world people aren't trusting america. they look at our country can't get anything done. both party s need to take responsibility. especially our president. we have to look at the elevated rhetoric instead of saying what we want in an emotion al reaction. >> take a look at the rhetoric and results. >> the same democratic party that ran ads pushing grandma off a cliff just evicted an elderly couple from their home on federal land. the same party that accuses republicans of not caring about children's health because they don't like obama care, harry reid, you heard him say why fund nih if we can save one child? on the trust issue, barack obama is dishonest. people don't know this.
7:29 pm
barack obama and holder said we are working with congress to make sure you get back to work. is he negotiating? he's not. he's not only dishonest about the american people and their stance but to federal employees at furlough and not getting paychecks. >> this is a president t who in the inaugural address cited scripture that the time has come to stop name calling. then you see the clip. the president hases for years been the most pole rising we have had in history according to the polls taken on that me sure. he did you want realize the president has the power to set a tone and other people follow it. the toep he's setting is divisive almost from the start. republicans have contributed as well. i think it is incumbent to figure it out. it remains to be seen whether they are capable of doing it. he's right. he's making a good point. we probably need the wide stage
7:30 pm
from outside. >> you make a good point. i treb president after the tucson shooting. we ought to use lang wamg that would make them proud, that they would be proud of. would that make us proud? >> both sides are to blame now. >> give me a -- everyone says that. give me ap example of conservatives using the same language. >> oh, the case where the obama care will be the most atrocious law ever to be made, worse than slavery, worse than nazi -- >> who said that? >> members of congress. it was shouted at them . they have been called baby killers. >> who? >> i just want to make a point. there is plenty of rhetoric on both sides. i agree that the president does need to bring both sides together. we have john boehner who is moving the football every other day. he says one thing and then doesn't deliver on it.
7:31 pm
he said to his own caucus on friday he won't allow a clean -- >> hang on. >> friday he said a clean -- sunday no vote. >> he's drawn a line in the sand. >> sean, i agree with you. i looked at the history from '95. >> they talked every day. >> there was a lot of fury but they talked. so i do agree it is incumbent for the president to hold these summits and have the conversation. whether or not you call it negotiation, it should be a discussion. >> how many people think the president owes it to the country to at least en gauge in a discussion. >> he has, sean. he already has. >> no, no. he said he won't negotiate. >> further. he won't negotiate further. >> he said he won't negotiate. >> the president had negotiation with the american people at the election of 2012 when he was re elected. wait a minute. we increased our majority this the united states --
7:32 pm
>> can i ask you a question? did the republicans win the house? >> we increase ed the majority in the united states house. increased the majority in the senate. >> didn't they promise they would do what they could to re peel? >> with obama care on the ballot. >> the 2012 election wasn't about obama care. [ all speak ing at once ] >> it was largely unpopular. >> the democrats should have done everything george bush asked in 2005. we are not a british constitutional system where you do parliament goes with the president. we are an american system with checks and balances. the president is being checked. congress is being balanced. at the end of the day they have to get together. the armtd he won doesn't hold water. >> a lot of this is democrats and obama looking at polls that show american wills blame republicans for the shutdown. they don't care that the american people will be hurt because all they are focused on are the polls. if the american people are hurt, don't have a job and are
7:33 pm
suffering, they don't care because they look at polls and say it is hurting republicans and that's what matters. >> when we come back, a look at the specific issues i think they are trying to ice people as political pawns and don't take our word for it that the health care law is a mess. when we come back, two doctors on the front lines of the fight against obama care will join us from their offices to describe the hurdles they are facing in providing critical care to patients. we always want to hear from you on our special companion site share your thoughts on this and more. go to twitter @sean hannity. we'll come back with the quiet audience and continue. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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welcome back. bf we bring back our audience we eel head to the front lines of the fight against obama care. two doctors are here to share
7:38 pm
the challenges they have faced in the first week alone and what their patients, and you can expect in the long run. dr. kevin campbell, dr. dmitri al den. >> thanks for having me, sean. >> i hope i never need either of you ever. hope i stay the healthy. dr. campbell, what was the first week like, people signing up? we heard nothing but glitches and difficulties. >> that's what we expected. to be honest with you, i go to work every day with one goal -- provide high quality efficient care for my patients. i am very concerned that this new health care law will impede my ability to do that. >> uh why? >> we are asked to do more with less. reimbursement rates are falling. we are asked to cut staffing. now to make a more efficient office to see more patients we are using physician assistants,
7:39 pm
nurse practitioners, not using all r.n.s in the office. we have medical assistants and things of that sort. that's a real challenge. i have patients who say can i get done what i need done before the health care law takes effect ? i'm afraid mr. obama won't let me have a new pacemaker. there is a lot of misunderstanding out there. >> perhaps i know more than i should. i don't play a doctor on tv. in all seriousness, most people don't know with these reimbursement rates they decide what you get paid. in other words the free market did you want decide. for example, you get x number of dollars. you are a surgeon for a particular procedure. isn't that true? others determine the fee.
7:40 pm
>> that's correct. insurance companieses establish rates for people in their network. the rates are sometimes quite low in certain instances. they are lower than the medicare rate which makes private practice virtually impossible to exist. if this is to continue the private practice will cease to exist in the very near future. the other significant problem with the insurance exchanges is the limiting access. a lot of university centers aren't part of the exchanges. therefore, a lot of patients with some sophisticated complex problems require, complex care which i provide in surgery cannot see me . they are forced by the insurance companies to travel to remote area where is the insurance companies have made ed a deal with some doctors or hospitals where they can be take then care of oh quite commonly at a lower level of care.
7:41 pm
>> dr. campbell, what do you anticipate will happen over the long term that doctors can't give the care they once gave? can't give the attention they once gave? and they will be rushing people in and out to keep the lights on and purchase equipment? >> i think that will be part of it. one of the things that concerns me most to echo the last point is some of my long-time patients may not be able to see me if they are not part of a prefered network that the affordable care act exchanges are going to dictate. that meap s i have a long relationship with you as your cardiologist, managed your care through multiple heart attacks and you have to see someone else who doesn't know you, hasn't bonded with you. ep gauged patients have better outcomes. if we work together you have to start over. it's like a divorce. traumatic for patient and physician. >> last question. how many doctors do you thinkei,
7:42 pm
specialized care, cadillac, premium services that people that are willing to pay for services that they will cater to them and not take exchange money? >> that's hard to determine. we are already facing a doctor shortage. it's hard to tell how it will impact. right now 42% of surgeons are 55 or older. we have an aging population of surgeons and a lot of new doctors aren't coming on board. they are afraid that after going through residency, complex training, research, and borrowing a large amount of money they will pay off their student loans in the future. it's very hard to tell what will happen. i predict we'll have a two-tier system. one system for those who can afford complex care,
7:43 pm
sophisticated concierge medicine and those who don't. by the way, i want to say my experience today the talking to one of the insurance companies about an 80-year-old lady who is dying in the hospital and questioning why the insurance has denied the payment. the answer from the representative of the very large nationwide insurance company was, guess what, we don't cover dying. >> wow. pretty sad. tell that to sarah murnahan. kathleen sebelius said, some people live, some die. that's a sfeek peek at the future. thank you, doctors. when we return, the liberals in our audience will en lighten you as to why obama care is great for you. later, "saturday night live's" laun raunchy spoof on the government shutdown created quite a controversy. did they go too far? that's ahead.
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. line .
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welcome back to "hannity." you heard from two doctors about the disastrous and life altering
7:48 pm
impacts obama care will have on you and your family. so why are democrats so hell bent on imple meant ing the law and trying to convince you, the american people that politicians know better than doctors. leslie marshall. obama care costi ining 66,000 j in illinois. from the canadian national post today, canada's national government health care is facing a fiscal crisis as is great britain's. why do you want to implement here what has failed there? >> first of all, the system we have here is not the system they have in canada or in great britain. secondly -- i know you got tired of hearing it. i'm married to a surgeon. if you asked the physicians were the insurance companies allowing people to die in a sense before. the answer would be yes. my husband is told he can't send people to p.t. or operate, that something isn't covered. doctors take an oath. they can't do it just for money.
7:49 pm
i hope i don't have to see you to the cardiologist. the preventative care, democrats want it for everybody. >> i don't like the system either. there are conservative solutions out there. i'm a conservative. do you know what i would like? individual health savings accounts that incentivize people to get a check-up. catastrophic insurance for heart attack and cancer. but that's your money, your decision. the free market, portability. take your plan job to b jo. >> that's a good thing to talk about, sean. defunding obama care to defunding of the federal government or the debt court of appeal -- ceiling is not smart. >> why isn't it smart? >> it's holding our economy hostage. >> wow. >> last time we had a government shutdown we had a healthier economy than we do now. this is an anemic economy. i've been critical of the administration about this. we have unemployment above 7%.
7:50 pm
a record number of people out of work, sitting home. wait a second. so the government shutdown is actually like a fender-bender. if we default on the debt that would be like a hundred-car pile-up. >> sounds like you are blaming the the republicans. the president doesn't have a role in this? >> we are talking about a deal that doesn't defund banl. >> there are four steps. defund, delay, no special exemptions and talk. >> here's what i think people are missing. uh i keep hearing friend s on the left say it was passed by the house, the senate. we would be better off if we had a congress that did nothing but repeal bad laws. a lot of us and the american people are saying, you have done too much. get off of our backs.
7:51 pm
obama care represents to a vast majority of americans a change in the government and us as citizens. they are taking our freedoms away. >> the democrats saying this is the law of the land as if we can't do anything about it. george bush's tax cuts were the law of the land. the democrats spent years trying to under mine tax cuts. we know this is a bad law. the democrats refuse to negotiate to make changes. the president decided by fiat to exempt people, give special exceptions. they won't come to the republicans. we know today based on the white house's statement that the websites won't be good for another six months for people to enroll. why not delay the individual mandate? >> good point. next on "hannity." ♪ >> that's "saturday night live" having a field day with the shutdown and obama care this
7:52 pm
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♪ [ music ] . >> we can say what we want to. >> we can do what we want to. >> sean: so did saturday night live go too far with that rendition of john boehner and michelle bachmann? >> i think they should be in a
7:57 pm
tanning booth. >> we all think it went too far. look. the popular culture has been degraded and it's one of my angers at the left. it's done this, that it is abolished any notion of the profane. the christian tradition has concept of the holy and profane, that is dead. kids watch stuff. mtv lochbt has been probably the most harmful thing in childrens lives in the united states. >> i am just so concerned with the way republican women continue to be represented in the media. that michelle bachmann as a sexual object. they watch and go oh, politics it's something to laugh at. not be concerned about. >> what if that was michelle obama. >> you never see hillary clinton in that kind of position. >> sean: what if that was michelle -- . >> if you're on either side.
7:58 pm
>> it's a parody. >> sean: what if michelle bachmann on that video was michelle obama? >> you have seen michelle obama depicted as an animal. >> there is reason why snl is irrelevant vent and no one watches it anymore. it's not funny that. is not funny f you look at ratings of who is doing great, it's jay lenno he doesn't have to be vulgar and foul to be funny. >> all right. >> sean: last question, how is this going to snend. >> begins at the white house led by the president calling in hopefully he's got to get his a-team back. whether it's david axelrod. he needs to call in -- . >> he needs to bring in someone like gates. >> sean: this president will negotiate? >> going back to the end of the show he is immature.
7:59 pm
he's not going to go down on that. >> is it going to be john boehner? or him holding ted cruz? >> sean: you're saying the president will give in and negotiate? >> there will be a discussion. [ speaking over one another ]. >> there will be no negotiation on obama care. 50 million people are going to be on it. >> they can get mammograms. >> i'm so sick of this notion it's a good thing for a young adult to be on their parent's health insurance. i am speaking, thank you, learn how to talk on tv. you do not, it's not a good thing to be on your parent's health insurance. as a 25-year-old. as an independent with a job. they're not just -- . >> sean: give yourselves a big hand. you're representing america. thank you all. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always thank you for being
8:00 pm
with us. we're back at our new time tomorrow night. wake up to fox and friends tomorrow morning. we'll see you back here at 10:00 eastern tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. row nit right here on our new time 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we saw 7 million people rush to go on to the web page. >> how many signed up, sir? >> they have six months to sign up. this is a big decision. >> how many signed up? >> bill: the obama administration now on the defensive over obama care and the government shutdown. are americans changing their minds on these issues? talking points will analyze. [gunfire] >> bill: two u.s. special forces raids over the weekend causing all kinds of problems in the muslim world. we will have the inside story and discuss the fallout. >> the driver was a maniac. >> the driver of the suv. >> yes, is a maniac. he hit the first


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