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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 9, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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he sent me a photoof the morning commute. >> it worked your head is doing just fine. >> lasted two hours. >> in rapid city, dacotta you might not like that shot. >> that is what happens. >> thanks for joining us. nbill and ally are next. nhouse democrats are heading to the white house today. welcome to hq, i am bill hemmer. nhard to seat progress in the naked eye. >> or at the end of the tunnel. >> i will allyson camerota. the talks are ridiculous to outrageous. mike emmanuel is live on capitol hill for us, hi, mike. nhouse democrats visit to the white house. and still to be determined, but there was a co meeting of the top four leaders in the house of
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representatives this morning. boehner andcant or and pelosi and they met 40 minutes late this morning. they have stated publicly that the speaker is willing to talk to any democratic leader that is willing to talk. >> the republicans have been so harsh on their rhetoric, they have done enough harm to the economy with the reckless hut down and designed undermine obama care. but the consequences of the first in history default on that would be far worse. even worse than the 2008 financial crisis from which we are recovering. >> two leading republican senators called president
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obama's record on default irresponsible. talking about the u.s. defaulting is upproductive and could destabilize the financial markets and raise borrowing costs for families and small businesses and the senate has not taken up smaller government funding bil that are passed by the house. >> the first item of business is certainly to fund the veteran's administration. we have seen about what is going on in the world war ii memorial and unfortunately in the marine memorial as well. we have yet to break the gate lines. >> we have a fired up marine and more tough talk on capitol hill and the house is expected to pass another one of those smaller funding bills this time to make sure the families of the fallen get their death benefits. >> that is vital. >> my next guest said the co stretch begins today.
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bob, how are you doing. good afternoon to you. why today? >> at least people are talking now. and you have the october 17th deadline and the shutdown does not move markets, but if we default on the debt, that does rattle markets and we have started to see that this week and the fact that the president is having more meetings in the white house and house leaders are meeting and talking to one another and there is not a deal today or tomorrow, but they are setting a stage for the deal possibly and next week or weekend. >> the next weekend, that will take us past october 17th which is thursday. >> that is a possibility, bill. some republicans don't believe the administration and the real debt 2kd lean is later than october 17th. and the markets are going to drive the members to get a deal. that remains to be seen.
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republicans talking less about obama care and talking more about the debt limit and we saw that with paul ryan in the wall street journal and speaker boehner went to the floor and talking about obama care. where do we go from there? that is the harshest question yet. >> and talking more about spending constraints which would be sequester 2.0. and the democrats are concerned about the president giving in on entitlements. where does that come from? >> that comes from 2011. it included major entitlement reform including changes to social security and medicare. democrats at the time were not happy with the president. but the president said you have to follow me and they were ready to go with. it now president obama will not be facing the voters again and democrats are saying don't touch social security and getting nervous that the near deal in
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2011 could be part of this deal. >> and putting a fine point on this. what you are saying the intense stretch starting today. what you mean by that the negotiations are now beginning? you know democratic leaders in the house met with john boehner. and now you will see a parade of politicians gotting down to the white house and that's where the rubber motes the road, right, bob? >> absolutely. you have to watch the law makers saying publicly and what is going on privately. the trips pel players including boehner and the white house may not say they are close to a deal. the left and right would get nervous. they would not announce it. john mccain said we are going to get a deal. >> you are the first one talking about going into next weekend. thank you, bob from washington.
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>> bill, in eight days, the u.s. will run out of money to pay all of our bills, markets are not reacting well to the deal or ongoing shut down. the dow lost 363 points since the mess started and republican law makers said hitting the debt ceiling would not be catastrophic. if the president were a true leader and i could be proud of him if he were a true leader and he said we will not default and i will not use it as a political issue. >> anchor of after the bell on the fox business network. nhi, allyson. >> do you agree that hitting the debt ceiling could be something other than catastrophic. it doesn't mean you are defaulting or saying that it would be good or okay. it would be very bad. the question is, when we hit the
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debt ceiling will we automatically default? the president said yes. that is not necessarily true. default is about not paying the bond holders and the people who bought the debt. we have plenty of money coming in from tax revenue. every month the u.s. treasury gets 250 billion in tax revenue. and every month, the u.s. puts out 35 billion to the people who own our debt. we have plenty of money left over to pay all of the rest of our bills. >> right, but to put it in simple household terms. sort of like getting your credit card bill and only paying interest and not the balance and if so, how long can we go on doing that? >> not endeav nitly. you build up enough of a debt and you don't have enough money coming in to cover that. and if you pay off the 35 billion a month. you have 200 billion left over and prioritize and back in may, the house of congress came out
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with a list of prioritized items to pay first if this happens. first it is the bond holders and next senior citizens and then people in the military and going down the line and eventually you will get to the president's 2k3w068 course that is open and gym nasaiam for congress that is still open. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce and the manufacturer's association sent letters to congress urging them to raise the debt ceiling. what are they worried about? >> they are worried about not having enough money to pay all of our bills. they don't want anything unexpected to happen. markets hate uncertainty. investors though are not so certain it would be catastrophic. moody said the government would continue to pay interest and
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principle in the event that the debt limit is not raised and leaving the credit worthiness intact. default doesn't have to be there. and the president may decide to default, but that is his decision and not congresses. >> got it. and thank you for helping us to understand it. >> it helps for him to do the math. >> this is dominating the conversation in the country. everybody knows that. how dow think this will end? who will be the winners and losers politically. go to bill hemmer. or allyson camerota or both. we'll readback your thoughts. >> there is school outrage. forget the cart wheel and the fun, too. wheelexplain. >> church post game tradition is becoming a thing of the past in an association.
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>> what about all of the harsh language from washington. extremist and suicide vests, how over the top is it? we'll debate that fair and balanced. >> everybody understands in negotiations there is give and take and you don't hold people hostage and engage in ransom taking to get 100 percent of your way. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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>> wait until you hear about this. there is a new policy in one school that is mystifying a lot of parents in long island. a port washington middle school is banning most balls at recess after a spike in playground injuries. this covers football and soccer ball and basketballs and lacrosse balls and more. they are substituting nerf- type
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balls if they want to play tag or do cartwheels, teachers are required to super vise. that a construction project forced recess in a smaller safe that is less safe. >> santa claus is not allowed either. in kentucky, high schools not to conduct post game handshakes. more than two dozen fights fights broke out in the handshake ban. that could do more harm than good. >> it is unefficient that it comes to this. in school athletic. it is important to teach. >> we are giving up on teaching sportsmanship after the game. >> if an incident breaks out you will pay the price for it. the handshake, that's ashes nounsing the end of the game. good game. >> right. >> let us know what you think about that. >> is it getting hot in here?
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>> it is hot in washington, the president had harsh words for congress. he said this yesterday. >> we are not going to pay a ransom for america paying its bills. that's something that should be nonnorthbound and to actually permit default according to the economist would be insane and catastrophic and chaos. they are the polite words and warren buffet likened default to a nuclear bomb and a weapon too horrible to use and the notion that one party in congress might blow the whole thing up if they don't get their way. it is irresponsible and out of touch with reality. and if you decided that i am not going to pay my mortgage for a month or two. first of all, you are not saving money by not paying your mortgage. you are a dead beat.
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we can't make exportion as part of our democracy. democracy doesn't work that way. >> chris plant is host of the chris plant show. both of you guys are on radio. what did you think of the rhetoric in all of this? >> it is a new normal in washington. it was almost turned down to the language they had thrown around. terrorist, and suicide vests and suicide bombers and carjackers. and the list of felonies that democrats trotted out to accuse republicans of being terrible people is almost endless. i have monstages of them that i use on my radio show as you might imagine. it is childish and several years it might be soft. and we have real issues that we need to deal with in washington. i recommend people to look at paul ryan's edpiece and listen to what president obama and
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decide which side has the adults. >> richard do you agree it is childish? >> not at all. when you are dealing with children and people that are immature and don't know how to run a government treat them like children and what we saw them on the right and the conservative, they will try to stop the government from working. you heard members of congress saying we should default because it would be great. and a shutdown and so what we get out of. it children are not going to school and food not being inspected and you have possibly salmonella outbreak in the cvc and no staff to take care of it. >> you can't give benefits to the person who dies in afghanistan and bodies return to washington d.c. what in the world is going on in that town? >> look, honestly, the president and it was just a little bit more of the same. it is name calling and claiming
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we need to fund everything. republicans passed bills in the house that would have funded the veterans affairs and including the families. >> as of last thursday, chris. it happen last thursday. it was already passed. and so you can't do it on the law and now we are figuring out where the lawyers were. we know there is a pentagon or department of justice. were the lawyers at the white house, too >> the town is full of lawyers starting with the president of the united states. and you should know something about the constitution and who controls the purse strippings. and the president didn't seem to fully appreciate. listen, the president and democrats refuse it take yes for an answer. the republicans voted to refund the monuments and children with cancer. and the democrats shoot it down because they want human shields
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for political purposes. and all of the name calling is standard protocol these days. >> you should know better than that, cries. why can't we open the government and get people working. it is beyond. you can't pick wonners and losers and that's what the republican party is trying to do. open up the epitire dpft? >> that's the democrat kedemand. >> why can't we open up the entire government. >> that's whatim answering. >> give him a moment, richard. we got to run. >> the complete capitulation of the house of representative and republicans is all president obama is demapping and promises to sit down and not negotiate on other issues later. he is asking for 100 percent and he believes in authority where the executive controls everything. >> gentlemen, it is a head
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scratchers and people watching this feel the same way. >> richard and chris, tlafrng you so much and they avoided insyndary language. it is possible and doable. >> not the nypd's finest hour. a police officer is in custody for the beating of a driver in front of his family. >> and not only the forest missing out. it is the towns all around them. will car is outside of the shuttered grand canyon. will? >> hi, allyson. local business leaders say every day the gates are closed tis costing them millions of dollars and they're fed up. i will have the story coming up. ♪ ho ho ho
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>> parks and monuments in washington remain closed thanks to the government shutdown and so do the country's natural wonders. the grand canyon in arizona is closed and local businesses are suffering. will is outside live at the grand canyon. every date that the gates remain closed it is killing their bottom line. nmillions was hours are lost every day. >> the superintendant of the grand canyon national park system not mincing words. it is crushing the town of tucson that depends on government dollars. >> it is sad and it is like a ghost town. >> the gates to the grand canyon remain closed and holtzes sit
10:25 am
empty and the gift shops are closed. and forcing companies to bring to a costly end. >> we are losing a million between the companies and others that run october trips. nbusiness leaders staged a protest outside of the gates on tuesday. >> open the park. >> many are offering up their own money to reopen the tourist attraction. they have raised $400,000. but the superintendant said it is not easy. nonly congress can open the gate. >> until that happens, it will hurt a community that depends on the grand canyon. >> put on your big boypants and you are fighting national politics and not feeling the pain. nlocal business leaders are not the only one feeling the pain. 20 people were issued federal citations for trying to get in
10:26 am
the grand canyon. it is a big no- no. back to you. >> thank you for telling us the consequences. a pennsylvania man found out what happened if you accidentally. >> a national park in a shutdown. he went to the valley forge and posted sign was only meant for vehicles to stay out. and the rangers slapped him with a $100 ticket. >> he will fight it in federal court. 100 bucks. >> that's steep. >> nypd detective finds himself on the wrong side of the law in his role in a road rage incident that ended with a beating of an suv driver. he punched and kicked the back window and later lied to police. david miller is tracking it town. >> bill, new york police
10:27 am
detective, a ten year veteran is charged with rioting and criminal mischief. with a glove on his hand he shattered the window on the suv. the officer waited three days after the tell his bosses he took part and denied being part of the melee. he had to turn in his gun and badge and expected to be arraigned. he department help the suv drivers because he was afraid of being exposed as a cop his life would be in danger. the authorities questioned that explanation because when it happen he was not on duty. >> so far, detective is the only cop charged with taking part in the rampage. and slated to be a reasoned today another civilian biker. 32-year-old clinton kaldwell is charged with gang assault and
10:28 am
seen on a video reviewed by the investigators beating the suv driver. the nypd released four images of persons of interest that they would like to speak with regarding the investigation. authorities are scutinizing the evidence to make sure those responsible are held accountable. and a word of caution here. on the day of the incident. pen motorcycles and dirt bikes and four wheelers were seized city wide. that makes more than 1400 motorcycles and other recreational vehicles confiscated so far this year here in new york city. >> thanks. this story keeps on-going on and on. david lee miller. >> new developments every day. there are new wors about the taxes people will face if they don't get health insurance in obama care's man date. the irs is responsible for collecting the penalties. can that agencying trusted after
10:29 am
targeting conservative. >> and a high school project set a student on fire. >> i remember hearing the bang and seeing her hit the ground on fire. and i froze a little bit and then i just ran into the room and got the fire blanket and i threw it on her. that's all i remember. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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>> look at the headlines, a deadly crash in the pennsylvania highway killing one woman. a greyhound tour bus colliding with a tractor trailer today. dozens were injured. >> people in 17 states stricken from salmonella from tainted chicken. hundreds in california. and worse yet, this strain is antibiotic resistant. >> and if you want to eat in peace, this is the place for you camerota. >> yeah? >> a brooklyn based restaurant called ea t. >> i like it already. >> no talking aloud. >> and the owner taking insperation with the silence of the buddist month. >> you want to try it? >> there is only one problem, though. it is not a good idea for
10:34 am
television. >> hum. yeah. >> you still have to talk. >> you are right about that. good point. >> and this is a lady that was lois lerner's direct boss and after this is known about it five months? the lady last three years head of the office for implementing the office and today is the first time she comes in front of the committee. this is unbelievable. >> that is jim jordan, a republican. the hearing for sarah hall ingram. the law make ares looking in the role of the irs. it is in charge of the insurance. ingram faced criticism of the treatment of the tea party in the past. >> kirsten powers is a fox news contractor. how are you doing? >> and now you wonder, i think folks, can you trust the irs to
10:35 am
implement this and carry it out. dave, what do you think about it? >> you can't trust the political stripe or lead areship. the so- called cincinnati office issue goes to washington d.c. we have to separate the people who work in the irs. we can't blame them for the orders that come down from the bosses and the political stripe. and that's the problem we have right now, bill. and then we go to the issues of data verification and not ready for market. this is an agency that is supposed to coordinate all of the data and information and share with other agencies. >> you are suspicious. that's where you are? >> i am very suspicious. >> christen are you? >> after what we learned about the irs is doing we should be suspicious. it is not specific to obama care. we all file taxes and so they have our information. i don't think there is added power that they necessarily v. hay have access to the w2s.
10:36 am
>> and how dow feel about that. you personally are you cool with that? >> and they have access to the information and so it is nothing new. >> it is not the issue. >> and so yeah, i think that the problem is that in the testimony of the irs official was basically saying if anybody mishandles the information and there are civil and criminal penalties for that. and the problem with that it is true and seeing things go wrong and having the nom and national organizations for marriage and tax information. >> it makes you wonder. and so you are saying you are suspicious, too. dave, go a head. >> i am with her. i am suspicious. they have illegal release of information and they violated the law. we have to look at how they did their jobs. it is not a matter of having our
10:37 am
information. data verification and update is important. i worked in a federal agency. census bureau has a large data bank and i worked in the automation department and deal with how the information is transmitted and stored and verified. and the irs is not ready for them or beta tested properly. >> you are saying they have to prove it. >> they are not ready for market. >> krifrten what do you think about that? >> i don't so the added problem with obama care. they need to demonstrate if people misuse information, they will lose their jobs and violation of the law they will be prosecuted. we know that there is misuse and there doesn't seem to be any attempt to find these people and prosecute them. when it comes to obama care, the irs is not getting new additional information. all they are doing is verifying
10:38 am
how much people made to get subsudys and this is information they have. >> i have 15 seconds and is there a headline for the hearing, dave? >> don't trust the irs to do the job they are charged to do when we have a not ready for prime time obama care and the american people need to be concerned about the data and information. >> republicans wanted to speak to this woman for months. in the middle of the government shut down they will watch it. >> thank you, dave. >> one georgia high school's quick thinking helped to save a classmate's life. the student is a son of a police officer and springs into action after a girl catches fire in a chemistry lab. he quickly puts out the fire. and the girl who is a senior did get second-degree burns and said to be okay and in good spirits.
10:39 am
>> that's one picture. >> that's the kind of classmate you want. >> man. >> they have done it twice and can they do it again. the latest on the recall effort by the latest of the group of colorado gun owners.
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10:42 am
>> we want to check in with grechen. >> hi, guy, coming you on the real story. bill o'rielly is in the house and why obama care is not ready for prime time. and cathy lee giford, speaking out on the hut down and her solution to the gridlock in dc. and elizabeth smart is here today. she had chances to escape the nine month ordeal and didn't take them. i will ask her why. >> sounds like a great she. thank you. >> new gun control blow back in
10:43 am
colorado. second amendment advocates are pushing to recall a state senator. they ousted two law makers who helped to pass strict gun control. and comments like this to a rape victim that left many in colorado furruous. >> statistics are not on your side even if you had a gup. chances are if you had a gun, he would be able to get that from you and possibly use it against you. >> mike is a gun right's advocate heading the recall effort in colorado, hi, mike? >> hi, i am well. >> that statement is outrageous and errorinous. is that why you want her recalled? >> that is one of the reasons. i was there with the interchange between her and amanda.
10:44 am
amanda is a trained martial artist and a owner of a concealed carry permit and well trained to defend herself and because she was denied the ability to defend herself she was horribly raped. we also have other issue. we are concerned about taxes, and probably the biggest issue is our legislators do not listen to us. >> but maybe she just made a mistake. real statistics skoording to the institute of science and using guns in self defense. ten percent they are injured and but in most of the cases they are able to get away, use the gun successfully and people are often injured if they use a different weapon or wait for the police. maybe she got it wrong. is that enough reason to have her recalled. >> we have the ability to talk
10:45 am
to our legislators even when they are in office. we are one of the few states that have the ability to recall the legislators. and we don't need a specific reason and there is a huge number of reasons to recall the senator want she is noted on the floor not paying attention in important legislation. this is one of the items. we tonight need to be specific. >> why not let democracy ase know it run the course. they have a chance to vote her out of office in the next legislation. >> that is an excellent poept and this is democracy in action in the basic level. recalls are difficult to do and requires the common man to come out and sign the petition. this is a reflection of how we in the bottom and foundation and core of our democracy can speak up to the people we elect.
10:46 am
>> you need 18,000 signatures. how many have you gotten so far? >> we don't have a count yet. we need 18 throw 03. we are a volunteer effort. and frankly we are so busy, we haven't gotten a current count. we are four days in to it. we are looking for vol tors. no doubt yet. nobviously the gun control issue is in the forefront in colorado because of the movie massacre. what is the solution to gun violence? >> i don't know the solution. here they have done a lot of research and proved categorically that a culture that has more available guns to defend yourself and that is safer. and you can contrast to allow
10:47 am
the open sole. >> and let us know what happening with your pecision to recall the state senator. >> you are very kind, thank you. >> we are hearing from jay carney that the president expects the dealt pen fits. to bero stored on that. and salmonella outbreak sickening hundreds of people all over the country and what you need to know to protect yourself and your family on it. >> just wondering how i will get reimbursed and what can happen if my kids get sick, what, what, what?
10:48 am
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so, we are hearing dozens of furloughed workers are heading back to the job to stop the salm o sal salmonella outbreak. >> it has been linked to a chicken farm. and was most likely caused by eating chicken that was improperly cooked or improperly handled. hi doc. >> hi alison, how are you? >> 18 states is this worse than others we have seen? >> there are a couple of reasons it is worse. >> it is called salmonella heidleberg. we are overgiving anti-biotics o our farm animals. 40% of people who are getting this are being hospitalized.
10:52 am
they are not responding to routine meds. the cdc has been closed down. two thirds of employees have been out. and the director has been screaming about that. and finally he got pulse net back up and running. it has to be the cdc because it is on more than one. >> are you saying this is worse because of the shoutdown? >> that is true. up until yesterday, they aren't able to track how extensive it was. now the cdc is tracking it again. >> it sounds like part of the problem was that they had to shut down this alert system. how does it normally work? >> normally, it is automatic equipment that will look in the hospitals and track strains. they can track the strains.
10:53 am
they weren't able to do that. and now they were able to do it again. i don't want people to get frightened by what we are saying. the chances of this happening to you out there. 300 cases is very small. still, i would tell people. keep their chicken that is raw separate. wash it thoroughly and cook it to 160 degrees or more or you will kill bacteria. >> how rare is this? >> i've seen the bacteria plenty. but you don't usually see it we're having a big problem in the u.s. today because we are over prescribing anti-by ottics in the doctor's office and over giving it to farm animals. >> when you say there are precautionary measures, you say
10:54 am
wash the chicken carefully and you say wash your hands and c cutting board. what are we doing wrong? >> we are taking the chicken and putting it back on the same plate it started on. if you cook it, put it on a different plate. don't put it with produce. >> that is common sense, too. >> not everybody follows it. the most common sense of all is believe it or not, to watch this on tv and think it is not going to happen in your house. >> dr. mark siegel always great to get your exterties. >> see you soon. ♪ i want to fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ >> a watch you can use to the day you expire. counting down how much time you have left. we debate it.
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you know there is never enough time in a day. what if you could time out the rest of your life? >> the makers of this watch say it can predict your life to the second. >> and the name of the watch is the tikker watch. it subtracts your age from your medical history and the inventor says he had good intensions. >> life is precious to me. i want to enjoy every second. and if you are aware of your own expiration of your death, i think that help hs you appreciate life. >> do you think we need that to appreciate life? >> if you knew that you only had
10:59 am
let's say you knew you only had one minute left in the show, what would you do with it? >> because you do and this is your opportunity bill, if you had a dance prepared. >> but i want to come back and work tomorrow. >> then do not do the dance. >> this watch goes on sale in april. >> hansome little thing isn't it? >> i'm skeptical that it can do it within the second. >> plus i'm late for everything even my own funeral i hope. >> thank you. it is day nine of the shutdown. day eight of hq. >> and "the real story" starts right now. >> hi, everyone today on "the real story" oall eyes on the
11:00 am
house of representatives and it may actually vote during this hour to put back into place benefits for our military families. bill o'reilly joins us to talk about that. ca kathie lee gifford is here and elizabeth smart is here. hi everyone welcome to the real story. nine days now into the partial government shut down. today, new talks about talks with president obama inviting all four congressional caucuses for meetings. our own wendell goller at the white house. >> reporter: officials say funding some parts of the government and not


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