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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 10, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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breaking tonight on "the kelly file" plunging poll numbers for the president as the fallout from the shutdown showdown gets worse. plus -- washington scramblinging to find a solution to the story that was first on "the kelly file." families of soldiers killed in combat not getting paid the death benefits they were promised. the question tonight -- >> why won't you tell us what day you learned -- yesterday, the day before? >> ed henry, brit hume and karl rove on the search for answers. plus -- >> have you been consorting with the devil? >> consorting with the devil? why did one lawmaker try out his comedy routine as congress got
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its first chance to question one of the top bosses at the heart of the irs scandal. we'll ask dr. ben carson if he's laughing after the tax agency targeted him. plus, a guy takes out a gun in a large crowd of people and no one notices. all too glued to their cell phones. really? a story you must see tonight. good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. breaking tonight on "the kelly file," a search for answers from the white house on a story we first brought you last night. exactly when and how did president obama learn that the families of dozens of fallen troops were denied so-called death benefits because they died after the government shutdown hit. the benefits are meant to help grieving families bury their loved ones including these five american heroes who died in afghanistan over the weekend. earlier today our chief white house correspondent tried to get answers from jay carney. >> he asked for the omb and his
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lawyers to take action. >> why didn't he have action taken before today though? >> you have to work out a process. unless you are willing to write the check, ed. it takes time. it takes time to -- are you suggesting we don't, ed? >> there are people who care about about it who want it done quickly. >> it's getting done today. >> why won't you tell us whp the president learned? yes, the day before? >> ed, i can tell you when the president found out he was disturbs and asked his lawyers and the omb to work on a solution. we expect a solution today. this is not complicated. i know you are trying to make it a partisan issue. >> nice try. >> but ed -- >> you won't tell uh us when the president learned. you said he wants to move quickly. >> when he learned about it, he asked for -- directed those who work for him to find a solution. we ex expect a solution today. >> ed henry joins us live from the white house with breaking
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news on this. you never the did get jay carney to answer that simple question, but you kept working the story. ed, tell us. >> reporter: that's right. it seems simple. when the president says he's outraged, so when did he learn about it and how quickly did he move on it? september 27 the pentagon comptroller told reporters a few weeks ago if the government shut down october 1 they would not be able to pay death benefits. nobody is suggesting the president was briefed back then. but inside the administration people are saying up officially that aides around here knew about this a few days ago. how quickly does that filter to the president we don't know. they haven't answered. if the president knew two, three days ago it uh suggests it would be politically embarrassing if they say he knew back then but didn't move quickly to issue an executive order or whatever may be the case. the bottom line is jay carney
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did tell me there is one way to deal with the death benefits to re-open the world war ii memorial, grand canyon, you name the it. in carney's words that's for the republicans to re open the government. that battle tonight still goes on. >> ed henry, good work. thank you. as the obama administration points fingers one group stepped in to do what our government would not -- offering to pay the families of our fallen troops the full benefits they were promised as long as the shutdown lasts. the ceo and chairman joins me now. ken fisher of the fisher house foundation. good fwr you, sir. thank you very much for doing what our government refused to do. today we find out you stepped in, that they are going to give you an iou. you shaved chuck hagel and helped out the families. the department of defense has the left armest budget in the government. they are still funding golf courses. they cowln't find a way to do this. your thoughts? >> this is a national disgrace. there is no other way to put it.
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we stepped in because these families lost a loved one. they shouldn't worry about where their next dollar is coming from. wh they raised hands and took an oath they were going to defend the nation with their lives. if they came back wounded, we as america had to make sure they were healed. whether mental or physical. if they lost their lives in doing so, it was up to us to take care of their loved one. >> that was the promise. special agent joseph peters was killed over the weekend. his wife said, my husband always said if something happened to him we would be taken care of. not only was the government not prepared to take care of this man's child and wife as they promised him they would if he went to fight for our country, they were con at the present time apparently to sit back and
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let it pass. did today come to you and say, ken, help us out or did you go to them? >> when we learned about the situation we basically mobilized without hesitation. we called our board members. there was no hesitation with them approving what we wanted to do which was step in and take over for the government in this capacity. >> did you volunteer it or did they call and ask you. >> i got a call from senator manchin from west virginia who asked if he would be willing to help . every decision should be that easy. >> when did you get the call? >> yesterday morning. >> ed henry is saying the white house officials knew at least a few days ago. questions still remain. the defense secretary said he's outraged and embarrassed. there are questions about how we got to this position and
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nothing was done for days. thank you. >> thank you. >> in the midst of the p.r. nightmare we are learning the president's approval numbers are plunging. according to a new associated press poll 37% approve of the job the president is doing. 53% disapprove. brit, as far as we can tell the approval number at 36% is the lowest at any point during his presidency. >> it's the lowest in any poll now. i wouldn't be surprised to learn as more polling is done that the number is low. it's clear that this whole situation with the government shut down has hurt the president's standing. >> what is doing it? this just broke yesterday and came to the forefront. it seems to play on a narrative that already emerged. asp some park rangers allege, they are claiming they have been told to inflict maximum pain to make it painful for political purposes. that narrative is emerging.
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what we saw with the world war ii vets, now the death benefits can't be paid though top administration officials knew about it. we are learning more facts that are raising eyebrows for some. >> it reminds you of what happened when the sequester hit. remember that? and the white house tours were shut down and how it backfired. one might have thought the president and his team would have recognized as this situation approached that with the public's habit of blaming republicans for a government shutdown -- republicans are the party that's less enthusiastic about government -- that they would handle it with care and try to ameliorate the effect s. the national parks are a conspicuous example to make the effects known as much as possible. that backfired. the sight of veterans crashing a barrel for an open air memorial was one of the first things we
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saw as the government closed down. we have heard about a couple oh that lives on government land and a house they own in nevada, being evicted from their property. people being locked out of the park out west. this has not gone well. it looks like the administration is trying to inflict maximum harm. in addition is the fact that the house, which i i think is still in a tight spot and i think started this with the defund strategy urged on certain house members has been agile since. think about it. they passed a whole series of measures to open parts of the government. the senate is refusing to fact on any of them. the president promised to veto them. what kind of impression tdoes that leave? >> the senate, according to senior sources told fox news the senate would not approve death benefits, that the house unanimously approved today. >> exactly. >> and ken fisher came to the rescue. they must be thanking the high heavens for fisher tonight. >> i think there is a sense in
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the democratic party based on past experience that republicans will get the blame and will be weakened as a party going into 2014 when the president hopes he'll never again have to worry about negotiating with republicans and dealing with them again, that he'll have control of both houses of congress and can work his will. it doesn't seem to be turning out that way which is not to say republicans aren't getting the lion's share of the blame. >> we have the latest poll. 62% blame them. 49% blame president obama and the democrats. >> the margin.
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>> do you sense consternation on the part of the administration officials? with all due respect to the defense secretary the fact he showed up at dover air force base which was the first time in his tenure in the job over 113 died. it was the first time he showed up and the question was whether it was out of a concern about p.r. >> i would imagine it was, megyn. i can't read his mind. i don't know what he was thinking. probably not a quincoincidence he showed up this time and not the previous times. he's not a bumbling figure in washington. it's an easy target. it fits into the pattern that the administration has been crude and clumsy in their handling of these things and has felt if they just let things hit as hard as they can that the republicans will be blamed and they will win. they're not winning the way they thought they would. >> certainly not.
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brit, thanks for being here . >> you bet. >> great to see you. >> we heard ed henry say the white house knew for days about the death benefit to buckle. why didn't they say that? karl rove is just ahead. plus a world war ii vet group is bringing a growing number of our nation's he ros to washington. two honor flight guardians join us to talk about the controversy in the capitol. they opened it for an immigration re form rally but not for the vets. and now the upcoming million vet march that's building for this weekend. >> we have people other than the world war ii veterans are basically shut out from coming in and seeing this memorial and nancy pelosi and her he bunch were out across the yard. they have hundreds of thousands
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i have no idea why the gates for illegal aliens in this
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country illegal have free run of the mall and citizens can't come into the this memorial. >> that was a vietnam veteran, son of a world war ii veteran. his group helps veterans and is one of many getting behind a building protest dubbed the million vet march headed for washington, d.c. this weekend. joining me now, brothers wayne and darryl hinson, both honor flight guardians. thank you very much for being here. darryl, thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> you seem so upset when you saw uh the immigration re form rally yesterday. when your group helps world war ii vets get to d.c., get on the airplanes and go see their memorial. in the wake of how they were treated you told us on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 didn't cover how angry you were. >> that's right. as far as the veterans getting
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in, we got in without a problem. but there was a lot of people standing around at the fence trying to take pictures that weren't allowed in that were the sons and daughters of veterans that wanted to get in and pay homage and respect to the vet raps that died -- vet rerans th died for this country. i thought it was an abomination and a black eye on this country. to let illegals have run of the mall while they couldn't come in and seeemorial. >> they say it uh cost more to shut down the memorials than it did to keep them open. yet they sent a bunch of park service police, national park service to staff the immigration reform rally. do you think there was a double standard? >> yeah. it seems there is always a
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double standard when it comes to things like this, kelly. the park service people were more than gracious to the veterans. i don't know how they treated other people. we were busy with our veterans. as far as the honor flights went, the park service treated us really well and let us go where we needed to go. they didn't give us any trouble. in fact very accommodating to the veterans. >> this was never about park service officials. they do their job and do it respectfully. no question b about the access that was provided or not provided with the barricades prior to the national media catching wind of this video . and, you know, your thoughts as you watch, darryl, what appeared to be lawmakers including nancy pelosi thanking president obama. in fact, we have it, for opening the doors to the national mall,
1:20 am
for lack of a better word, for her group. here she is yesterday. >> i want to join my colleague to thank the president for en abling us to gather and also thank the president that the veterans were able to gather at the world war ii memorial. >> your thoughts? >> well, most of the people that were there are in our country illegally. tax-paying citizens can't get the same benefit from our government that criminals get? that's appalling. >> you're part of the groups that will be going to washington this weekend for the million vet march. what's that about? >> no. i vice president heard anything about the million vet march. >> my apologies.
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my information must be wrong on that. thank you for telling your story. the best to you both. >> thank you, megyn. >> thank you. coming up, did a texas judge order a teenage girl to live uh in a home with a known sex offender? lawyers are alleging the judge, despite the girl begging him, pleading not to make her go home to this convicted sex offender sent her there and what happened next is disturbing. the lawyers are here. they will explain what's going on with the judge next. plus, when lawmakers got a chance to question one of the top bosses of the irs today one of the democrats tooking mooing to a new place. we'll ask dr. ben carson if he's laughing after the tax agency specifically targeted him, he he believes. >> have you been consorting with the deevil? >> not to my knowledge, si
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first on "the kelly file" a gut wrenching story from texas as a judge faces accusations he put a 15-year-old girl back in harm's way. she came to him with a story of abuse at the hands of a convicted sex offender. abuse that we now know did occur in what should have been the safety of her home. sadly the story gets worse from there. what about the judge now? steven casey is cofounder of the texas center for defense of life. greg ta the are a is president and cofounder with the same group. thank you very much for being here. steven, this young girl was placed in the custody of her guardian and her guardian's boyfriend, the villain. she went into court with your group prior to the ultimate awfulness to say these two are forcing maine to get an i abortion and i don't want to live with them. >> she was coerced to van abortion against her will.
1:25 am
we came to try to preevent that from happening. we found out she was living in the presence of a sex offender. it was a dangerous situation. >> the judge said no. he said, you're going back to them, i'm sorry. he said, i find no evidence that you are being coerced to have an abortion against your will or ifs it is in your best interest to be removed. tell the viewers what happened four or five months after he offered the ruling. >> he said, i find no evidence that you are being coerced to have an abortion. i find no evidence that you need to be removed from this dangerous situation, that it was dangerous. he sent her back into the house. she was raped four months later and witnessed the murder of the woman living in the home. >> there is no doubt that it was this guy who she was kplaping to oh the judge about who did it. he pleaded guilty. >> absolutely. he pled guilty when she went to write the assignment at school we talked about in the lawsuit.
1:26 am
>> there was a separate issue because she was told by her teachers to write about the worst thing that happened to her. she wrote about it. the teacher and two school administrators made her change the story and apologize to the guy for writing it. they have been indicted. that's a separate issue. back to the judge. >> he knew what was going on. he had the indications in front of him. she's 15 years old, pregnant, smoking, drinking underage. she was with two people who weren't related to her. he could have moved her out just on that information alone. anybody in their right mind would have. >> what's the judge's name? >> judge terry flinikin. >> now i hear the teachers were indicted for how they handled this. what's going to happen to the judge? what kind of judge is this? >> he was a district judge. i believe he's still a visiting district judge. but he's semi retired. not serving in a particular bench like he was a year ago when this happened. >> has he tried to defend himself and exchanged in the
1:27 am
wake of the fact -- you have to admit he was wrong about sending her back. >> i don't think he was aware this was coming his way until yesterday. we sent a packet to the attorney general's office. >> here's the thing you allege. that she went into the judge's chambers while you were having this dispute over whether her guardian was forcing her to have an abortion. whether she should be removed from the home. she had a meeting with the judge. she told the judge about the sexual abuse and she was -- at the time it was known -- living with a convicted sex offender. it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. but there was no reason the judge found not to return hr to him? >> he made no effort to do that. we have thoughts and theorieses of why he didn't do that. bottom line, he was the last line of defense. they were pressuring her.
1:28 am
she was the safety net. >> judges generally try to do the right thing. this guy would not have wanted her in harm's way. they see cases. some young witnesses aren't always truth tellers. this girl was. is it right the to sue him? >> this case is all about justice. in the meeting she had that was a private conversation of 20, 30 minutes long. with had no idea of the con at the present time s of the conversation until four months late the crimes occurred and two months later after the girl had time to re cover we called and finally talked to her. >> i i know . you guys were late to the information. now you're acting on it. what a disturbing story. is she doing bet er? >> she's doing great. she 's so strong and we are so proud. i can't el tell you how much. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> a top irs official get s grilled on capitol hill, but one democrat thinks it's a joke.
1:29 am
was it funny? dr. ben carson is here next. not laughing. plus, you heard ed henry break the news that the white house knew for days about how the pentagon would not pay death benefits to the families of fallen troops after the government shutdown. why didn't the white house come out and say it? why didn't they admit it when ed henry asked? karl rove is just ahead. >> i'm saying there are people who care who want it uh done quickly. >> it is getting done
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for the first time one of the top bosses at the irs today sat in front of congress to answer question s about obama care, tax penalty s, and the irs targeting of groups. as important as it is one top democrat made news when he mocked the hearing with a comedy
1:34 am
routine comparing it all to the salem witch trials. watch. >> have you been consorting with the devils? [ laughter ] >> not to my knowledge, sir. >> are reports that you can fly accurate? >> greatly exaggerated, sir. >> have you been involved in any way in trying to pervert our youth in salem or anywhere else? >> i certainly hope not, sir. >> isn't that funny? joining us for the first time is a fox news contributor. congratulations to dr. ben carson. great to see you, sir. >> thank you. congratulations on your new show as well. >> thank you very much. i was amazed to watch this hilarious back and forth in the wake of something that was very serious. so serious the president rushed out to the microphones when the irs scandal broke and head of the irs got booted and so on. yet now, a couple of months later it's a laugh riot and investigation into it is
1:35 am
compared to the salem witch trials. your thoughts as somebody who was targeted yourself by the irs? >> it's not terribly surprising. if you read "rules for radicals" it uh talks about the need to ridicule. it talks about never having a real conversation with your adversary. that humanizes them and your job is the demonize them. we see people saying about those who oppose obama care for instance that they want older people to die. they want kids to be deprived of food. you know, all these things are just straight out of the text. what's interesting is, you know, vladimir lenin said socialized medicine is the keystone of the arch to the socialist state. in other words, you've got to get the socialized medicine as the foundation because it gives
1:36 am
you control of the people. >> it's a serious question . >> once you have control of them you can do what you want. >> one of the reasons the virginia democrat gerald conley was suggesting this as a witch hunt is she was question ed about a memo between -- she used to run the group doing the targeting. she was questioned about a memo she exchanged. she left it to run the obama cares piece of the irs. a memo she had with white house officials that they believe discussed confidential taxpayer information. they wanted to know if she was sharing information she shouldn't have been sharing with white house operatives for political purposes. that was a charge she denied and so on. holding up the memo and discussing it with her had to be dismissed instantly with this attempt at humor. >> absolutely. you know, what's really surprising and very serious, and i think is being missed in this whole discussion is that the
1:37 am
fundamental relationship between the people and the government is shifting. it has shifted with the implementation of the affordable care act. it puts the government now at the pinnacle of the power structure. we are now government-centric as opposed to people-centric. i don't think the average person understands what's going on. this is very serious. >> she was asked why should the american people trust you uh. why should they trust the irs in the wake of everything we have seen. she tried to assure congress that there were firewalls now that are put up because when you go online to exchanges and if you can get on and get your information in, that information is sent to -- the irs can access it. the question is who's watching the irs? who will preevent them from sharing it and she says, trust us. >> the irs is under investigation by the house i
1:38 am
ways & means committee. when in the past have you taken an organization that's under federal investigation and placed them in charge of a major new program. does that make any sense at all? i don't know what's happened to common sense in our country. we need to get it back in a hurry. >> i saw you on o'reilly talking about it. you do feel you were targeted by the irs. you find the timing suspicious. after you spoke out against obama care at the national prayer breakfast. the evidence is compelling on that. any other people offering similar stories? >> i hear it every place i go. i didn't hear anything about this. you know what i'm saying.
1:39 am
even if it was accidental. are they so incompetent they have no idea who either investigating in which case they need to find another job. if they are targeting people that needs to be investigated, exposed and corrected before they are in charge of something so important as one-sixth of our economy. >> i remember people crying before members of congress about the pain and suffering they went through as the irs probed into their personal lives, families and so on. just to see them yucking it up as questions are asked of irs officials today. >> we see the house being. you can check excesses. >> welcome aboard. >> nice to be with you. >> the white house talked all day about the president demanding a solution. after hearing that the pept gone wasn't going to pay death benefits to the families of
1:40 am
troops killed after the shutdown. at the top of the hour we heard ed henry reporting that the administration may have known -- the white house may have known for days about the problem. up next, former senior white house adviser karl rove with how this stuff would typically work in an administration. >> i'm saying there are people who want it done quickly. >> it is getting done today. >> why won't you tell us when the president learned -- yesterday, the day before? 
1:41 am
1:42 am
back to our top story and the question of when the president knew about families not receiving military death benefits for loved ones. ed henry reported at the top of the hour that sources are saying the white house aides knew a couple days ago. watch ed henry question spokesman jay carney earlier today. >> there are people who care about about it who want it done quickly. >> it's getting done today. >> why won't you tell us whp the president learned? yes, the day before? >> ed, i can tell you when the president found out he was disturbs and asked his lawyers and the omb to work on a solution. we expect a solution today. >> he didn't answer the question. joining me now is karl rove. he knows a thing or two, mr. rove does, about how it works inside a white house.
1:43 am
my question is what's going on there? why doesn't he answer the question? >> one answer may be that he doesn't know. the white house press secretary is kept out of a lot of discussions for the purpose of giving him information he then has to deny knowing to the press corps. they may not have told jay carney when he knew. he may have been trying to hide his ignorance. this is troubling. if robert hale, the controller of the defense department thought it was a problem last week, it strikes me several things -- >> let me jump in. mr. hale came out prior to the shutdown and said, hey, if you shut it down, one of the things that goes away is death benefits. they had a press conference where they did the it. the defense department is pointing to exoneration. the question is well, then congress acted, passed a bill they thought re dressed it. now chuck hagel, the boss of the
1:44 am
defense department is saying we determined that wasn't going to do it. >> remember the pentagon has people on the hill all the time. why didn't they tell congress they were doing it? the chairman of the house armed services committee, buck mccan said our understanding was this solved the problem. why didn't the defense department say it doesn't solve the problem? why didn't the director of the office of management and budget put it on her radar screen. to say the d.o.d. money guy says it's a b problem. i'm in charge of the money people throughout the government. this is a problem. i'm going to put it on the radar scope. >> that's the question that remains to be answered. i see a letter from chuck hagel, a statement saying how he's offended, outraged and embarrassed. saying we warned congress and
1:45 am
the american people this was going to happen. and then departmental lawyers and budget officials pursued every tool and option at our dis-poe sal to provide benefits. well, like what? ken fisher said it was senator manchin who yesterday reached out. not chuck hagel. >> it was joe manchin who called ken fisher and said, you're a private organization. can you help us bridge the gap? can you take on this responsibility? so he did. ed henry had another important point which was white house aides several days ago knew about this. we don't know whether it's two, three, four, five days. we do know senior white house aides apparently knew about it. the west wing is a very small place. all of those people get together every morning at 7:30 for a senior staff meeting. the chief of staff, the deputy chief of staff, the domestic adviser, national security adviser are in and out of the oval office a lot during the day. why department one say, mr.
1:46 am
president, my instinct is this is a problem and you need to know about i. apparently that didn't happen. the president was ill-served by his people and the country was ill served by people he put in office at the omb. >> now some believe and kirsten powers said she discounts this. doesn't believe anybody in the white house, president obama would knowingly say i'm going to deny benefits to the fallen. to the family members of the fallen. others are raising questions about motivations here. there have been reports saying they have been told to make the shutdown as painful as possible, presumably because those giving order ers think it will look bad for the other party . >> yeah. i want to give the president the benefit of the doubt. it does look like that. when you have the immigration rally is, to me proof positive. you try to keep hopper flight
1:47 am
veterans out of an open memorial on the mall and then have parks service for an immigration rally. one is nonpartisan, world war ii veterans coming to pay homage to fallen comrades and those with whom they served. the government tries to stop that. the immigration rally in favor of one of the president's domestic policy initiatives, they encourage that. one other thing that gets me. under the anti-deficiency act which governs this, particularly amendments made in 1990 to the act, the government is allowed to spend money to protect imminent threats to life, property and other nar the row exemptions. at the lip conncoln memorial, jefferson memorial there are park rangers there 24 hours a day to safety safe guard the property of the government. what's the big deal about letting people come and go from
1:48 am
an open memorial like we have at the lincoln, jefferson and world war ii memorial and the vietnam memorial. it is the property of the government and there are rangers there. but this administration atmted, i think, to really make this a place that it hurts. we saw it from park rangers who said the instructions came from the office of management and budget. people further down in the parks in the interior department said we are told to make it hurt. >> general goldberg was on talking about the story about how they are putting cones around highways. public uh highways, overlook points by mt. rushmore so people can't look at it from public space. karl, thank you. >> you bet. >> coming up, video of an accused murderer moments before he's accused of pulling the trigger. this man waved his gun around on a busy commuter train and no one
1:49 am
noticed. they were all glued to their cell phones. then it was too late. plus sean hannity with an exclusive interview at the top of of the hour. what a headline-making politician is up to. >> you're auditioning for msnbc. you want chris matthews job. i can. you want to be chris matthews. you never shut up like chris matthews either. >> why do you always have patsies on? why do you not someone who pushes you? >> you want a job at msnbc. now i know why you came here today. >> fox has lower standards. i'd much rather have a job on
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a new question about whether a murder could have been prevented if dozens of passengers on a busy train looked up from their cell phones. trace gallagher has more from the west coast bureau. >> reporter: we spoke to the d.e. a. who said the passengers were oblivious to their surroundings. this whole thing was captured on surveillance tape but the police won't re-elise the part where the suspect has the gun, only here on his phone. the d.a. gave me details and said the man had the gun by his side and waved it up by his face. then dropped it again and brought it up and down three or four times, even used it to scratch his face and to wipe his nose. all the while there were at least a dozen people within two or three feet of him. they never looked up. here's the d.a. >> what's happening is people are so busy texting, talking or using the devices that they are not aware of their surroundings. we are seeing a very clear
1:55 am
pattern. it's worrisome. it impacts public safety in a big way. >> the d.a. says earlier in the day the suspect put his gun in the back of another man but didn't pull the trigger. that man also called police hours later. >> when did he open fire and why? >> when the train stopped, a 20-year-old student from san francisco state university named justin valdez walked off the train and the suspect walked up to the edge of the train. he pointed the gun out of the train and opened fire, shooting and killing justin valdez. the victim screamed too late. that's when the passengers began calling police. the suspect was arrested at his home where they found combat knives, two rifles and survival women. the d.a. said he was clearly hunting someone. listen. >> we see the behavior on the
1:56 am
vid ow video e. he's pulling out the gun, looking around. puts it back. it's clear he's trying to pick a victim. >> he picked one. the suspect being held without bail. >> thanks. we'll be right back.
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so anthony weiner is on "hannity" tonight. anthony weiner. you just kind of have to see it, don't you? thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. sean's up next. >> good morning. it's october 10th. a fox news alert this morning. kidnapped from his own home. gunmen storming in and snatching mrib yawlibya's prime minister
1:59 am
gun point. the kidnapping night be pay back for the raid. >> how long the white house new the military death benefits would be cut off? >> it is getting done today. >> why won't you tell us what day you learned? yesterday? the day before. >> did ed henry ever get an answer? >> it sounds more like a trick than a treat? what elementary school is cancelling halloween for religious reasons? "fox & friends first" starts right now. let's get right to the fox news alert. ainsley earhardt along with heather childers. t >> armed gunmen stormed the
2:00 am
hotel and snatched the president in retaliation for a raid last week. leland is here with the late breaking details. >> ladies, good morning still too early to call it a coup or too early to call it a kidnapping or an arrest. the prime minister is now no longer in his luxury hotel but rather in the hands of a large group of gunmen. the prime minister in libya is the head of a pretty loosely formed largely infective government there that doesn't have a lot of central control and in turn subcontracts a lot of internal security work out to a number of these militias. they date all of the w back to the revolution. one of those militias heavily armed, known as the anti crime committee which works in the department of the interior is the one behind this arrest and taking of the prime minister in the


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