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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 10, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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control. his owner said they decided to join the race. i don't know if winston would do this. he ran the whole thing. and got a pretty good time, two hours and 15 minutes. half marathon. and ally and bill are next. >> thank you. the fall we hear crack something >> or is it hell freezing over. >> partial shut down day ten. a lot to get through this hour. i am bill hemmer. >> i am alisyn camerota. we hear that house speaker john boehner will pitch a short term debt limit. is it progress or kicking the can down the road. >> hi, chris. >> the answer to your question is yes. it is. both of those things. and one thing if the president
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accepts it. it would avert the debt limit and the possible default. you can see how positively the markets have reacted. up 100 or 200 points. it doesn't solve the problem but kicks it down the road to the end of november. we are about at the end of the road and kicking the can down and getting more yardage is a good thing. >> the strategy would be to get him engaged in a long- term deficit reduction that would include entitlement reform would it not? absolutely. paul ryan. head of the budget committee and leader of house republicans when it comes to these kinds of matters had an interesting article in the wall street journal. he said it is not a bargain but a down payment. it would be relaxing of the
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sequester and they came into affect because they couldn't make a deal and the democrats would like that and in return, there is long- term reform of entitlements and adjusting the cost of living and making that less. you know, saving billions of dollars down the road. and whether the president will go for it or not and without increased revenues, i don't know. it is a path forward and i will say in boehner's news conference a couple of hours ago, there was one word we haven't mentioned, obama care. >> interesting that is a shift. chris, how will it work. do we have insight on what the meeting will look and feel like? >> one thing we know. the president invited the entire republican caucus 232 members. it is not going to be. that the leadership decide to keep it smaller. committee leaders and also
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members of the various groups so that the tea party is represented and they will be meeting with the president and it is it a serious negotiation and we want a serious group of people there and not a mass meeting with 230. we'll have to see. we know what their proposal is going to be. we don't know if the president will grooe agree to. it it is a negotiation while the government is shut down. and takes care of the debt limit. >> we are bumping up in six weeks and only temporary if it is a deal. >> that's right. the president indicated that is not a problem. in the news conference, he said if we get a clean bill that would extend the debt limit. at that point he was talking about the debt limit and continuing resolution to fund the government that he would negotiate. the problem is will he accept a half loaf and extend the debt
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limit and not the continuing resolution to fund the government. >> we'll see what happens. >> and we heard from the republican leaders an hour ago this was speaker john boehner, they were telling us what they came to now. >> the ability to move temporary increase in the debt ceiling and in an agreement to go to conference on the budget. for his willingness to sit down and discuss with us a way open to reopen the government and start the deal for the america's pressing problems. it is time for leadership and negotiations for this kind of conversation to begin. >> we spoke with chris walls. and how will the president react in all of this? we'll see that answer soon, alisyn. >> and the government shutdown is now on day ten and making it the second longest government shutdown in the past 30 years.
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economist say a week or two could reduce economic growth rate 1.4 percentage points in the fourth quarter of 2013. 26 day shut down in 1995 and 96, had a 1.4 billion price tag or roughly 2.1 billions in today's dollars. >> and social security on the line, to. that is among the long list of payments said to be in danger of being stopped if the debt seouling is not raised in time. jack l.ew has that warning. if the social security check didn't come and ability to call someone to help them out, they are in trouble. anything short of default has never experienced what it means to live on social security. >> you want to bust through the myths right now.
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fox news contributor, steve, how are you? >> first on the debt ceiling and the chance of a default. is that true or a myth? first of all, i am happy to hear about the idea of a short- term extension on the debt ceiling. i don't want to get close to that bill. it is bad for the, conny and stock market. and i believe that the president and the treasury secretary and all of the people in the media have been scaremongering when they talk about the default on the debt. that will not happen. and the chance of that are.0001 percent. and if we don't reach a debt ceiling. the treasury department has the money. if they are listen toth show and owns a government bond and ira plan. you will get paid. the constitution guarantees it. >> and i see, that is myth number one.
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and what about jack lew talked about social security. is that fear mongering? >> no, we have been through this before. there is a historical precedent for dealing with social security in a situation we don't have a debt ceiling deal in hand. bill, you know the social security trust fund owns $1 trillion of treasury bonds. and so what would happen if we got to a situation where the treasury could not issue new debt. the social security administration can sell the existing bonds and use that money to pay the social security benefits. and again, i think it is shameless scaremongering to tell senior citizens you will not get your social security checks. they will and there is a historical precedent for doing it. bill, i am not saying going over the debt ceiling is a good thing to do. i think it is a horrible
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thing to do. the associated press said the white house said the possibility of a short term deal is an encouraging sign. that might give a glimmer of how the conversation is going today. bill, it is an important development. if the republicans pass a clean debt ceiling extension for six weeks with no conditions, how in the world can the president turn that down? it would be financially irresponsible for the president who spent three weeks talking about a rma gettion and not getting it resolved. but bill, that means six weeks from now. we'll face the same situation if a deal is not reached. >> we are back here again. >> by the way, that is right by thanksgiving. and so maybe preventing a thanksgiving weekend for these guys will get them off of the
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ball. >> as long as they get the drum stick. stephen moore, thank you. wall street, good to have you back. >> we'll talk about where millions of american dollars go to egypt, and they are blasting president obama's decision to cut military aid and hundreds of millions in cash assistance and the president cut it in response to out of be of president morsi and the crack down on muslim brotherhood. was that the right answer? hi, kt? >> hi, there, alisyn. >> leading republicans, john mccain and lindsay graham suggested to cut egypt aid. >> i was in egypt last week and part of the delegation to meet with the egyptian leadership. and we went with a student activist and religious leaders and political leaders and members of the media and
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including general morsi. what i came with was a different impression. it was not a military coups. it was half of the egyptian population going out and peacefully demanding the removal of president morsi. there was no way to get rid of him. there was no provision for impeachment. second thing. we get something for that money. i am not a believer in just giving foreign aid. but we get a lot for that money. >> the thinking is why would we give one and half billion to a country that doesn't respect us and the western values. that was the argument. >> that was -- they have a road map and a schedule for re- writing the constitution. i met with a man whose wife is head of that committee. they are on track and will have a new constitution within weeks and a reverundum by the end of
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the year. and parlimentary elections and nine months from now. egypt will be back in a democracy. and as far as what we get for it. we get peace. we have had an arab- israel peace for 40 years because egypt opted out of war. that is something. oil flows through the suez canal. and we get basing rights. we get the head of the queue and we are getting something for that money. i don't think we should suspend military assistance. and encourage them to doing what they are doing. >> kt, you make a compelling and optimistic one for what egypt should soon look like. thank you for coming in. >> praying for peace. >> and serious questions about the growing controversy. death benefits to military
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families paid for by an american charitiy. is america abandoning its heroes? >> and stunning new numbers about the popularity of the roll out of the president's now health care law. >> and attacking savings to a new level. helmets on the soccer fields. of providing a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. if you look at a khan academy video, they cover everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, trigonometry, finance. you can really just get what you need at your own pace.
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>> fox news alert. going down to detroit. former mayor kwa me kill patrick sentenced to 28 years in prison. one of the largest corruption cases that america has ever sewn. the verdict is now in.
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>> well, those are young people. i am so depressed and angry and they are feeling the pinch of the government shutdown. students in san francisco were ready to compete in a sand castle contest, a tradition of 30 years and the national parks service cancelled it because of the shut down. participants were disappointed and the teachers say they are turning it in to a lesson and teaching children how to write letters to the congressman. >> they should. closing the beach? >> well, the guards that are protecting the national park service areas can't be there and they have been furloughed. it is a exercise of values and what we want to pay for and don't. open the beach. >> simple. >> a new poll shoes that americans are aware of the problems of the roll out of obama care. 80 percent say the launch hasn't gone well.
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and only seven percent said very well. and they are talking to a former senator frank la uten berg. >> welcome to hq. tony, how is it going with the obama care roll out. >> you have seven percent say well or extremely well and that is of everybody. 19 percent of obama care think it is going very well or extremely well. and here is the real problem. and john boehner alluded to this in statements today. we are going to tax people for failing to buy a product from a web site that doesn't work. that is why this is a big deal. they had three years to get the web site rolled out. they spent 634 million to build it. they never beta tested it and every computer expert was predicting there were serious issues with it and the american people are thrown in and have to
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do the quality control and they will get a penamenty if they don't do it right. >> julie, put lipstick on this. >> i can't. you know, he is right. this roll out, it has not gone well. >> what does that tell you, julie about the system? >> i'm 0? >> what does it tell you about the system or the government or the plan that was in place. >> here's what it tells me. they were technologically inegypt and should extend the roll out period and should probably extend it several more months and i have to say, you can't judge the final product until people do get in the system and until they are able to buy health care. >> tony, what do you think of that? do you extend the enrollment period or what do you do? >> you are seeing the best practical argument for delaying this. there is a strong argument to
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delay the man date for individuals for a year and at least we know the system through which they have to enroll can work. you can see a lot of administration people putting out because volume is so great. yeah, that would slow down the server. that is a back end problem and this is front end problem. >> do you think that this president or senate democrats would even consider delaying that individual man date by a year. >> i am sorry. i tell you, i think at some point they may be compelled to do it. they may and that is the enrollment period. it is too far gone. and the wheels are in motion and again, you have a government that is shut down because the republicans want to fund and delay and asking for other
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conditions. and staying with obama care. if you are an american and logging on to the system and waiting hours and days and this point weeks and then asking for your tax information and your social security and number and all of that and your health history. that is so personal. and what level of confidence are you going to have in this? >> i am telling you it does not inspire confidence and this is why people need to have more time to accomplish this and sign up. i don't think they are going to delay it a year. >> tony, the final word. >> you have 72 percent of the americans agreeing on anything we have to take it seriously and make changes, even if it means delay. >> is america abandoning the charity until the government
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>> moments ago, the president would likely sign a clean short term deal to raise the debt ceiling and agree with republicans and extending it six weeks from now to november 22nd and what is not clear is whether he would enter into negotiations on spending limits and
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entitlement reform. here is jay carney. >> the president believes that there is a wrecknition that we cannot default and we must insure that we continue to pay our bills and therefore, congress must raise the debt ceiling and doing it longer than a few weeks and if a clean debt limit bill is passed. we would have to see it. and not a bill that does exist. and it is not chlor based on what the speaker is going to see? three hours from now. the republican leadership in the white house. we'll let you know what happens now. it is back on. and students in the englewood elementary school will be allowed to wear their costumes and get to go to a parade before or after school.
10:26 am
earlier this week, the school principal sent a letter saying that the event was cancelled because was religious overtones. but the festatives will go on as planned. >> those are religious characters. super man and batman. >> witches. and wonder woman. >> and kids are very happy. >> a cowed movie mass crew james holmes is back in court. his lawyers talking about the stunning new details. >> james holmes desire for a girlfriend may in the end be the undoing in a court of law. a mere two weeks before killing rampage inside of an
10:27 am
aurora movie theater and he accessed them two days on the mass cue. and that is a defendant must prove a mental illness. and that is before the shooting. and holmes is not the first infamous killer. they are a curious lot. they include lyle they have married even though they are serving life without parole. you can add to the murderer in kansas who cultivated a relationship. son of sam and ted bundy and
10:28 am
charlie manson has a groupie. absolutely crazy. and greg. i know you are not a relationship expert or a psychologist but do you have insight in to. and it may not show what your women are saying. they have a history of abuse and a lot of these women want to be very controlling and the guy who is behind bars and spend all of his time in telephone calls and there is a psychiatric term and women who are you know, attracted to people who commit crimes that are sexually
10:29 am
alluring to them. go figure. >> this is a terrifying ride. just when the folks got up the courage to try a new roller coaster, it got stuck for hours, we'll tell you what went wrong. >> growing outrage over how the u.s. government is treating families from the fallen heroes and now a private foundation is stepping in to help. is this the right way to go? . >> this is a national disgrace and there is no other way to put it. what we did today was step in. because these families have suffered enough. you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> time now for a quick check of our headlines. deputy commander in charge of nuclear forces. and there is a union versal ride and that is three hours stuck in the roller coaster. and get the riders down safely and a computer glitch to blame
10:34 am
they will deny the claps because the ground was covered by groundwater. >> that is not a sinkhole. that is the opposite. get it fixed. >> and the white house is facing new questions about what president obama knew about the debt benefits that are not paid to the families of fallen soldiers and marines. one question stands out. are we abandon these families are american's families. when they took an oath that was two ways. they were going to defend this nation with their lives if necessary. and if they came back wounded, we had to make sure they were
10:35 am
healed whether mental or physical. it was up to us to take care of their loved ones. >> the fisher house has stepped in a big way. >> ralph peters, and a fox news strategist. good day to you. pete, taking money from a private charity to pay for this. it makes your head spip. >> it is an outrage and an abdpiication that the government made to anyone that serves. if you lose your life, we'll it is world war ii monument and va benefits and now this. the executive order and exemptions and with a stroke of a pen restore the funding. no doubt about it. he has not because he is trying to prove
10:36 am
a point and veterans and military families that are suffering. >> ralph, that is an accusation. the house passed legislation, 425- 0 to help heroes get the death benefits. dow agree that the president could make a phone call and fix this right now? >> it never had to happen. alisyn if i may, i thank peete for the wonderful work they are doing for veterans. we'll probably never know exactly who decided it was a good idea to suspend the payments. this is a secretative white house. i agree with pete. i think the white house or imposed on bod thought it was a great way to inflict, which is the white house to shut down and
10:37 am
inflict and embarrass the republicans, i think it back fired on them. >> yeah. >> they don't know what to do and jay carney will not tell us what the president knew and when he knew it. >> pete, you said yes when the colonel spoke there. we don't know if the white house lawyers were involved in this. but we know the pentagon knew about it and justice department knew about it. you saw them yesterday. going after jay carney and trying to nail it down. and moments ago, they had a similar exchange and if we get a moment we'll play it for you. you got to figure out when the white house was aware it was a possibility. >> you have to pull the hillary clinton suspension of disbelief that the white house didn't know it would be an issue and yet they can call harry reid in the senate and say pass that bill it is an outrage and they kwoent and can't. they want to turn the heat up
10:38 am
and people are outraged by this. and i think it will back fire, but they think it will be channelled to the republicans that plays to their political advantage. >> it is a washington monument strategy and using vets and military families to do this. and it hurts the militia families. >> and here is the answer from jay carney. the answer only now. >> when i can tell you in the evening walk with chief of staff dennis mcdonagh. the president raised the concern about death benefits not paid. and mr. mcdonagh said they were trying to find a solution and pay our military act did not appear to fix it. the president directed mr. mcdonagh to get creative and solve it. department of deputies was approached by the fisher house
10:39 am
foundation which offered to make charitable donations. >> this is the solution. directed to get it done in 24 hours and solution was to have the fisher house step in and provide 100,000 benefits to the solution. >> is that a proper solution? >> no. we should be proud of the fisher house and what it said about our country. the fisher house did the right thing. but obviously, it is hard for me. i am not a republican or democrat. i am an independent. it would have been great if obama would have been a great president and great for the world. my god, i can't believe it is not political. never blame a conspiracy for anything that can be explained by incompetence. and the suspending of the death
10:40 am
gratuity to the bereaved families is skulldugery from the white house. >> pooert and ralph thank you. >> we'll see what happens and on a lighter note. no balls at recess and playing tag and no cart wheels and now helmets needed for soccer. are we turning our kids into risk averse or is there a valid reason for all of this? we'll have a great debate on this. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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time it check in on grechen carlsson. we have the latest on all of the political shening ans and have you ever ripped up the credit
10:44 am
card or overspending. we'll ask the well known senator to rip it up live on the air today. and did you get enough sleep last night? okay. we'll show you the gadgets to get a good night's rest. that is on the story top of the hour. thanks for watching. >> hi, are schools going to ridiculous lengths to make sure kids don't get hurt. there is a flurries of stories to indicate that. banning tag to a school in new york and allowing only soft nerf balls to be used. and to now schools in princeton, new jersey requiring helmets for soccer. and lee stern is a founder of diva and hi, ladies. >> hello.
10:45 am
>> and robby, let me start with you. what do you make of all of the schools in the country this week. taking the preventative measures and a child may get hurt on the playground. >> i think the school system and parents need to think about children's safety and we want to respect that if a certain sport is dangerous for a child to make sure it is safe. and we start banning certain sports because of perhaps legal fears, i think we are doing our kids and our community a great disservice. >> kids have to live in the real world. nkids have to be kids. what do you say to that? >> kids need to be kids and especially nowadays, we are involved with the bsz and letting children play outside and recess and we want them to be active and to take them away from it right now is
10:46 am
contradicting what they take and making sure they get the proper exercise and kids need to be kids and need to play. and i absolutely understand the safety issue. however, no matter where the children play on the playgrounds and recess. there is a chance they can get work. they need to play and let loose in recess and we need to give to them. and what is happening. kids do get hurt. for stance the tag. and it is because kids are too a dpreszive and tagging each other and one kid was knocked over and hurt. and so after that, the schools are reactive and are we shielding kids too much? are you willing to take the chance that your child may come home with a bump or bruise or broken bone? is that okay as a parent? >> it is a part of life clearly
10:47 am
and no one wants their child to risk being in danger. having said that what about a coach being involved teaching them to play skillfully. if you find that kids can't be safe, maybe you have to rethink a game has a place in the school system. but having said that, haven't we played games for years and kids have been okay? there is a role of basically instructing children and we can't go from black to white. there is a gray here that is missed. >> liz, speaking of teaching kids, there was a school this week in kentucky that now requires the post game handshake, between the winning team and losing team to be super vised because kids were getting ins if fights. the loser or winner and starting
10:48 am
to punch each other. you can understand the school has to fix. it this is their solution to make sure it is super vised. >> children should have a handshake after every game they play. we have to teach them winning and losing is a part of the life. sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. and we need to teach them good sportsman ship manners. you know what, call the kids back off. and say, this is a culture responsibility or somebody else is supervising and this is not how we shake hands in the end of the game. >> and isn't that the point where we are moving personal responsibility. if you don't let them have a moment where yes, they might get hurt or hit somebody. you are taking away all possibility of responsibility for them. and one feature of the sport is learning how to live life and i
10:49 am
agree with liz. you have to teach good sportsman ship and it is important to be a good loser and be a grabs winner and enjoy the game. we are not teaching them this important fact. that is a disservice to them. you are right. and it doesn't make sense to me. thanks so much for coming in to debate. it we would love to hear from all of us at home. >> that would not fly. and that is what we did in recess. >> yeah, that doesn't sound politically correct at all. >> let's see. nright now, word at this hour, the president will or likely agree according to jay carney to a short- term deal that republicans are ready to put on the table. 4:30 eastern time said to be an
10:50 am
extension of six weeks and november 22nd. is this something we can work out here. we asked whether or not thaw in the ice is starting to appear. >> we will find out later. >> stick around for this. six years after the disappearance of madeline mccann. what might be the biggest lead out today. [ female announcer ] who are we? we are the thinkers. the job jugglers. the up all-nighters.
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wendy murphy is a former
10:54 am
prosecutor and advocate and joins us now. finally investigators are releasing a computerized sketch of who they call a person of interest a suspect of who they saw around the vacation condo. what took them so long? >> i think there is no new suspect and there will never be a new suspect unless and until the parents answer questions. madeline's mom refused to answer 48 questions. >> when was that? >> this is important. she refused right away. she hired lawyers right away and refused to answer things like what did you see when you walked into the room when your child was supposed to be sleeping.
10:55 am
i refuse to being dragged down a rabbit hole. they sued -- >> let me tell you the other side of this. there is evidence on the side of the parents being completely innocent as well. they see say that the portuguese police never took the case seriously. they say that they didn't do the things that we would have done in this country. kate and jerry, the parents, have appealed to their country's prime minister david cameron for help on the investigation. is that something that you are trying to do when you feel guilty? >> you hire the nation's biggest defense attorney's pr firm. >> the portuguese police did a good job and they are doing a
10:56 am
disservice to this little girl who is dead and doesn't have a voice. the mccann's sued that expolice chief claiming that he lied about them in his book. now kate mccann wants to testify in writing because she doesn't want to submit to them in court. as parents of a missing probably dead child what are you doing not answering questions. >> it is a tough one. this has gripped our country and europe. when things like elizabeth smart put out a book and she was found. you have hope that maybe madeline mccann is alive and well. >> great to talk to you. >> show down over the shut down. wait until you hear and see what americans think of the way the president is handling all of this. that is next.
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11:00 am
thank you for watching. >> sweeney hall, it houses -- we are told that police are searching that building and that the rest of the campus is open. more developments as we get them into fox. coming up on the show, house


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