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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 11, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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jenna right knew we have brand new stories and breaking news. jon: president obama does an about-face on military death benefits. why he signed a bill to care for the families of dead soldiers after the white house said it wasn't necessary. brand new developments in the brazen attack by a gang of bikers in new york city. the undercover police officer we told you about who was riding with the gang due in court today. it is all "happening now." jon: what a way to end what's been a pretty chaotic week. the president is about to meet with republican senators at the white house. in fact those members are just arriving there to try to reach a deal to reopen government and end the debt ceiling stalemate.
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welcome to "happening now." let's see if there is some progress. i'm jon scott. >> hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. a lot happening during the show. a lot of meetings. jon: let's hope they bear fruit. jenna: gop senators will present their options to end the crisis following yesterday's meeting between the president and house republicans. the two side continue talking into the night late night last night. plenty of hurdles remain but for the first time again both sides seem to be talking and we're seeing signs of a potential deal even if it is just a temporary one. house majority leader eric cantor calling yesterday's meeting a very useful step. >> we had a very useful meeting t was clarifying both side as to where we are. the president said he would go and consult with the administration folks and hopefully we can see a way forward after that. jenna: doesn't sound too bad, does it? meantime senate republicans head into a meeting with the
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white house. senate majority leader harry reid is saying there is no way democrats will negotiate with republicans while the government remains shut down. >> the government should be opened now. we should be able to pay our debts and as we said and we'll continue to say, we, if that happens we'll negotiate on anything, anything. jenna: our chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill with all of this. that was the top democrat, mike. what is the latest we're hearing from that party today? >> reporter: jenna, senior house democratic sources say they're still trying to figure it out. in essence trying to see where things stand between the white house and republicans as they traded paper and discussed matters late night into the night and into this morning. house democratic leader nancy pelosi said they are talking and that is a good thing. another senior democrat says republicans are in serious discussions with the president to open up the government and work on negotiating a longer term budget agreement and extend
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the debt ceiling. so they're being respectful of negotiations. here is a key house democrat makeing a case for reopening the government. >> the president has said, and i agree with the president, number one, we should extend the debt ceiling for as long as possible to get the cloud off, but we're not going to allow the country to default but republican senators are absolutely right. there is no reason we shouldn't immediately open the government now. >> reporter: all indications are all side are getting a lot more serious with the debt ceiling deadline next week. the rhetoric has been dialed back a great deal to see if negotiations lead to result, jenna. jenna: you don't want to say the wrong thing. you don't want someone saying something off or making people nervous or making them angry. what are members of the gop saying ahead of meeting we expect to see in 10 minutes? >> reporter: senate republican leader mitch mcconnell was on the senate floor said it was a great opportunity to get into a
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frank exchange. he says if the president isn't willing to negotiate that would not be particularly good. here is a key house leader where things were at the right house. >> you know, the mood was very frank. we were honest with one another which was healthy. the most important part instead of talking through tv to one another we were talking with one another. i thought that was very good. there were times we had fundamental disagreement but at least we're working towards one. >> reporter: a plan considered by many senate republicans was initially proposed by republican senator susan collins from maine. fund the government for a year. repeal the medical device tax, give tank sis flicksability under the automatic spending cuts known as sequestration and raise the debt ceiling for a period of time. and some other goodies. we'll see if that takes hold when republican leaders head to the white house to talk about this particular plan. jenna: what goodies stay, which ones go, very important to all
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of this, mike thank you very much. >> reporter: axially. jenna: we got news. we just got word the senators arrived at white house. that is our crew making sure that the shot is set up but apparently senate republicans just got into that building and could be a little bit ahead of schedule meeting with the president. now that we know they're in the white house, jon. we'll see how long the meeting lasts. if they say anything when they leave we'll bring you that when they step to the microphone. here is video of them arriving at a rainy day at the white house. hopefully it will be productive. we'll have news a in a little bit. jon: we'll talk with congressman greg walden who was in the meeting at the white house last night. wall street is reacting to talks of progress in washington toward a short-term deal on the debt ceiling. the dow is up a bit now, 18 points or so, after it surged yesterday on news of a possible deal. the dow shooting up more than 300 points. jo ling kent with the fox business network.
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jo ling, that was a big rally yesterday. are we expecting more of the same today? >> reporter: not necessarily but we are in the green right now. that rally yesterday was the market's way of saying we like where washington is going. perhaps as thaw between the parties is in the works. yesterday's was biggest percent an gain since january 2nd, and largest one day point gain for the dow since september 2011. perhaps traders are reconsidering though if they got a little ahead of themselves yesterday. the gains are pretty modest. clearly there are no, there was no deal struck on either side despite on going meetings. so that's what it looks like right now. certainly not as exciting as it was yesterday, jon. jon: it's friday. a lot of times the market drops on friday's because people don't want to leave their money on the table or in the market overthe weekend but what are we looking at today? >> reporter: we're looking at a lot of good key economic indicators for the economy.
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consumer index came out just this morning. according to thomson reuters and university of michigan, consumer sentiment in october thus far fell to a nine-month low to 75.2. that is down from september's 77.5. this october number, it missed expectations but this number is particularly illuminating because it gives us a good sense how people feel about the economy and personal finance and spending. the numbers show a somewhat moderate reaction to the government shutdown and the debt ceiling battle. during the last debt ceiling showdown in summer of 2011, consumer sentiment tumbled eight points, jon. jon: people not feeling that good about the economy right now? >> not feeling great. but a moderate reaction. certainly nothing too react to right now. >> jo ling kent, fox business network thank you. >> reporter: thank you. jenna: we have to turn to one of our big stories today and it has been a big story all week. there is still controversy in the nation's capitol after the president signed a bill restoring death benefits for
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grieving military families. the lingering outrage leading for one congressman to call for the resignation of defense secretary chuck hagel. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has been on the story since it broke earlier this week. jennifer, why did the president signed the bill when it seemed his spokesman indicating he wouldn't have to yesterday? >> reporter: well, jenna, as soon as senate majority leader harry reid allowed the senate yesterday to vote on the house bill to pay military benefits and both houses voted unanimously to fund these death benefits for military families the president was really boxed into a corner. politically it would have looked pretty bad if he hadn't signed even though yesterday spokesman jay carney made it sound like the president didn't plan to sign. >> first of all, the legislation is not necessary. our view has been that this piecemeal funding is again a gimmick. >> this whole thing is for show. this whole government shutdown is for show. >> reporter: the dod and
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white house were happy to let the charity fisher house foot the bill. arnold fisher, former head of fisher house had choice words for the government at an event in washington last night, quote, it is the worst thing this country has ever done. in fact, allowing these families to come to dover air force base on their own money. stop the nonsense. that is from arnold fisher whose family was going to bail out the government, jenna. jenna: so, jennifer, we heard this on our show. there's been some lawmakers that say the defense department willfully, on purpose, misinterpreted this pay our military act that congress in a bipartisan nature had passed earlier. what can you shed on that, on that particular topic? >> reporter: well it is really interesting. there were fireworks on capitol hill yesterday between the republican author of the bill, the pay our military act that was signed by the president on the eve of the shutdown that many in congress thought would
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cover the pentagon in paying some of these important bills. mike coffman of colorado, took on pentagon comptroller robert hale. here is what he said. >> you really, i think, subordinateed your responsibilities i think to achieve a political objective. and the political objective was to make, inflict as much harm as you possibly could in your own department but you have compounded the problem by your conduct in how have misinterpreted intentionally this law. >> i resent your remarks. and let that the record show that. i acted on the advice of attorneys and our best reading of a loosely-worded law. did our best. >> mr. chairman, if coy. >> it was not -- let me finish please. it was not a political judgment. >> reporter: some congressional aides say the law was worded
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vaguely and that is what created problems. the dod, the defense department, sent a request over to the justice department. we've learned to the office of legal counsel for advice about whether they could pay the benefits based on the way this vaguely-worded law was written and passed into law on the eve of the shutdown, jenna. jenna: more on the story, jenna as we get it, thank you. >> a surprise visit to afghanistan for secretary of state john kerry. he is there meeting with afghan president hamid karzai, ahead of an october 31st deadline to complete a security deal that would allow u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan after 2014. recently talks stalled over karzai's demands for american guaranties against future intervention. however the u.s. wants any remaining troops to be able to conduct counterterrorism operations there. a truck driver run as red light and his tractor-trailer smashes into a bus filled with members of a college sorority, knocking over the bus and sending several students to the
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hospital. we'll bring you an update on that. a major court case with a jury ruling in favor of toyota. a family of a woman who died in a crash claims the car accelerated on its own. they got nothing. what this means for other families also suing toyota. a white house meeting with republican senators to talk about the shutdown and debt ceiling. it is getting underway now. we will talk to a republican congressman who was at the white house for late meetings last evening. he joins us straight ahead. ♪ ho ho ho
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jon: right now, president obama is meeting with senate republicans. they have been working on a proposal to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. this after house republicans met with the president yesterday. they are talking about a plan to extend the debt limit for about six weeks through late november and raise that ceiling but the
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house plan would not end the shutdown. our next guest was in that white house meeting with the president last evening. washington congressman greg walden. he is chairman of the national republican congressional committee. can you bring us any good news out of that meeting, congressman? >> well, i think so. i think it was a productive meeting. both sides had the opportunity to talk about the issues. we spent more than an hour 1/2. it was good to finally sit down with the president and have face-to-face discussions hopefully leading to some productive negotiations. the president didn't say yes, he didn't say no but the talks continued into the night and i think are resuming today and hopefully we'll make progress that will reopen the government, that will lead to a serious budget negotiation about the big spending issues that the country faces for the long term. there are really three pieces to this. one is, getting the government back up and running with some changes, with some controls on spending but then, moving toward the big budget issues and, so we don't have this huge deficit, continue to just eclipse itself
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every year, 6, 700 billion, a trillion every year. that has to stop. that is what this fight is really all about, getting government back into the box, getting the budget balanced eventually and getting our debt behind us. jon: you say that is what the fight is all about but do you think that is being lost on the american people? according to the latest polls, we have some of them for you, the latest "wall street journal" poll shows republicans are really taking a pounding. only 24% of those responding have a positive view of the republican party. 53% say they have a negative view. what do you think? >> well, it is hard to get your message out sometimes but i'll tell you what, we're fighting for the right cause and the right reason and we're negotiating. we're the ones who went to the white house finally after the president had drawn the line in the sand time and again, can't we sit down and talk about this? i don't know about you, in my married life if i told my wife i'm not talking to you, i'm not talking about this issue and not
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going to negotiate, things wouldn't go well. jon: yale yeah. >> we shouldn't end up in shutdown of the government to get to the point where we sit down and talk about how to resolve the country's big spending problem and deficit problem. we're in the discussions. i'm optimistic we'll see progress. nothing is for certain yet. jon: you said the president didn't say yes, didn't say no. the white house is careful not to describe your meeting as a negotiation, but is there some horse trading going on? >> it was a conversation, that we hope will lead to productive negotiations. and so, i think there was a meeting of the minds, a better understanding, we, we met the president halfway. we came with an offer to get us past this debt ceiling crisis, get the government back up and running. we're just saying, we need a good faith understanding that we will negotiate in good faith between now and the next six weeks to get a big budget agreement together that w us off this, this horrible position we've been on with deficits just to keep racking up and racking up.
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let's get focused on growing jobs in america. get the economy going again. stop living crisis to crisis budgeting in washington. we need a long-term solution for the country so we focus growing jobs in the country. jon: both these events, government shutdown and potential lifting of the debt ceiling that is where republicans thought to have their leverage. if you extend it out without any concessions from white house -- >> we're not doing that we're not doing that, so. this is an offer that predicated on serious negotiations and it's a limited offer. it only goes out six weeks but says let's not have the country go into default. now that we're having a conversation that we hope leads to negotiations, let's try work this out. we're giving breathing time, some room to come around the table. i would tell you that having seat through the hour plus meeting with the president, the vice president, secretary lew, i walked away thinking there's an opportunity here. i think all of us in the house
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republican leadership there felt the same way. we're not overly optimistic but we're making progress. jon: i think all americans are hopeful about your optimism. congressman greg walled en, republican from washington. thank you. >> thank you. jenna: interesting insight there. some marriage advice as well. really a two-fer in the interview. jon: i think a lot of people can identify with that. jenna: compromise means something. we'll keep you posted on the meeting happening in the white house with some senators. there are new developments in a biker road rage attack on an suv driver in new york city. the latest as we get word of more indictments. plus a major court ruling that could be a bellwether for toyota. a jury finding that the automaker isn't responsible for the 2009 death of a driver. what this could mean for dozens and dozens of similar cases still pending. that's ahead.
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jon: right now a grand jury formally indicting two of the seven bikers charged in this vicious motorcycle gang attack in new york city. you might remember this all started after a confrontation and a chase down new york's westside highway. that suv driver, alexian lien, was eventually pulled from his vehicle and beaten in front of his wife and young daughter. the family of a biker who was run over says there is only 1% chance he will ever walk again. david lee miller has the latest from our new york newsroom. david? >> reporter: biker reginald chance, accused gang assault driving the drivers side window of suv before the driver was dragged from the car and beaten was indicted. this happened moments ago.
8:25 am
not revealed during chance's court appearance this morning the charges in the actual indictment. another biker, robert sims, was indicted yesterday. meanwhile detective wojceich braszczok was also in court today. you see him leaving the courthouse wearing a hoodie so as not to reveal his identity. he was charged with gang assault, assault and criminal mischief for allegedly smashing the window of the suv he is expected to testify before a grand jury. we are told that will probably not take place until february. during his court appearance this morning, braszczok wore a suit and tie. he was surrounded by security. he did not speak. cameras inside the courtroom itself were not allowed. his attorney said earlier that the video that led to his client's arrest would ultimately show that he did nothing wrong. the attorney arguing that the window braszczok smashed was already broken and that braszczok was at least 12 feet away during the physical assault of the driver. according to a published report
8:26 am
today, braszczok was arrested last year while working undercover at an occupy rally at new york's grand central station. the "new york daily news" says that braszczok who used undercover name albert was led away in cuffs with other demonstrators but the charges were eventually dropped. the paper cites a member of occupied movement which credits braszczok helping a injured protester. we expect in the next two hours two other bikers will be in court today to learn if they have also have been indicted. jon? jon: let's hope the cops and the d.a. can get to the bottom of the this story. people are absolutely outrained what happened there. david lee miller, thanks. jenna: a little more on the story. faith jenkins and phil snyder. nice to see you both. let's talk about this new york city detective this is the person we know most about. here are charges again. gang assault, assault with criminal mischief as well. the attorney, his attorney says this is a gross overcharge.
8:27 am
your thoughts? >> my thoughts are i think the d.a. has looked at tapes and i think there's video that the public has not seen and there's enough on there they believe to go forward and substantiate these charges. first of all, this detective is required to report this incident. he didn't show up until three days later with his attorney to tell his officers, his superiors that he had been involved and had been present there. second, he lied about, he said he was not involved at all and that he witnessed certain actions but he did not participate. that was a lie. and now, based on videotape, the prosecutors have, they believe, that he was an active participant and they can go forward with charges against him. jenna: that is question, phil, whether or not he was actually involved in the assault, touching the man that was beaten up by the other guys. what it sounds like he wasn't but again we don't really have clarity on that. 25 years would be the potential prison sentence with those charges. is it fair? >> it is not fair in this case. here's what is going on. this video is just surreal and you watch it and you're
8:28 am
mesmerized. what the d.a. is doing roping everyone together and puting a big net, anyone involved anywhere in this motorcycle group is now part of a gang and should be held liable for the most culpable charges. we'll see how video comes out and if d.a. has other videos from what i've seen the charges of police officer officer of gang assault is trumped up. >> let me say something. they're prosecuting this case under acting in concert theory. that means they don't have to prove each and over individual actually participated by hitting the suv driver. they can prove with this officer was actively involved however in terrorizing him and being a part of this group even though other people threw the punches. he had the intent to be involved. it hurt this driver. they can go forward with -- >> that's true but that is normally in a situation where it is planned. this was a snap incident -- >> does not have to be planned. >> it wasn't planned and you can't throw some unwith into this group of acting in concert when everyone was acting independently without forethought. jenna: it will be interesting. seven arrests so far.
8:29 am
we'll see if more arrests come in the next several days. i would like to take a pause and get your thoughts on what some are describing as bellwether case for toyota. the automaker came under fire for claims that their cars suddenly would accelerate. yesterday a jury in california ruled that toyota can't be held liable for one particular case back in 2009, the death of this woman. her family sued toyota for $20 million. they claim that the crash could have been avoided if toyota installed a brake override system. the jury's decision could impact '80 similar cases in states across this country including the case involving another california family. they called 911 while their lexus was speeding more than 100 miles-an-hour with no way to stop it. >> we're going 120, mission george. we're in trouble. there are no brakes. >> okay. >> freeway half a mile.
8:30 am
>> you doesn't have the ability to turn the vehicle off or anything? >> we're approaching intersection. we're approaching intersection. we're approaching intersection. hold on. pray, pray. oh, oh. oh. >> hello. jenna: we heard the tape over and over again. it is still terrifying to hear, phil. now we're learning that this jury in california says, no to, it is not toyota's fault in one case. does that mean the other 80 cases more or less will be the ruling? how does it impact the other 80 cases? >> it could be. here are the cases they cost millions of dollars of both sides to pull records, gather the experts to put on this entire trial. in this case when all the evidence was presented this california jury spoke. all that evidence will be used in all the other trials and for other plaintiffs attorneys, hoe no, we invested all the time and money we may to the have a winning case against toyota. jenna: it is interesting, faith, toyota settled settled in feders
8:31 am
agreed to pay a billion dollars, one billion dollars in federal courts. this is in a state court. taking those two things into consideration, where do you think this goes from here? >> i think this is growing to be an incentive for other plaintiffs to settle their cases because in this case, the jury essentially decided that there was no conclusive expert, there was no conclusive evidence that there was a default in this cars. this will be incentive going forward for a lot of settlements in state cases. >> the jury blamed the woman that hit the other woman. says that family owes the family money but toyota owes them nothing. faith, phil, great to see you both. thanks very much. jon: leading conservatives around the country gathering in washington for a summit on voter values. what they're saying about some of the hot button social issues of our day. ♪
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jon: last week you heard a lot about problems with the new health care websites but now the top story is the government shutdown, the debt ceiling talks and who is to blame. republican could have gained a lot by focusing on the health care problem, health carrollout problems but instead the government shutdown seems to be drawing all of the media attention, and that is helping president obama. a "wall street journal" poll showing 38% of the people now think that the new health care law is a good idea, compared
8:36 am
with 31% in september. judy miller is a pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter. author kirsten powers, columnist for "the daily beast." both are fox news contributors. kirsten, explain that. why the seven-point increase in number of people who think this health care law is a good idea when the rollout has gone by all accounts so badly? >> wealth only thing can be explained they just don't fully appreciate how badly the rollout has gone and as you said it hasn't received the type of coverage it would be getting although it is being covered but wouldn't receive type of coverage getting were it not for the fact that we have government shutdown and debt ceiling increase is hanging out there which really consumed all of the oxygen in the media. so i think, it's, the republicans have hurt themselves 100 different ways with this strategy and this is just one of the examples. >> so, judy, is president obama running home to the white house and smiling in the mirror at this gift that republicans have
8:37 am
given him? >> well he has to be because his popularity numbers have gone up and the republican popularity numbers have gone down, in fact they have dropped like a stone, jon. they now stand at 20 8%, lowest they have ever been. another reflection this was miscalculation, the koch brothers who funded so much conservative projects, issued a letter, wrote a letter to the senate. don't blame us we were not in favor of tying funding of obamacare to shutting down the federal government. so i think the republicans have really made a terrible miscalculation here. jon: so if absent the government shutdown, kirsten, would the headlines these days in the news coverage on, you know, the major networks, would it be all about the obamacare rollout? >> i think there would have been a lot more about it. certainly, president obama was having a lot of political difficulties, even still, even
8:38 am
though approval ratings have gone up, they're still quite low but they have sort of, you know, certain way, resuscitated the president a little bit because i think that he probably would have lower poll numbers now, maybe possibly even dropping and instead, he just has to basically look better than the republicans right now which this isn't really that hard and you know, politics is a zero-sum game. there is one winner and there is one loser and right now the democrats are winning and the republicans are losing. jon: so, judy, earlier in the hour we showed the results of a "wall street journal" poll that showed negative feelings toward the republican party up to 53%, positive only 24%. is that what is driving these negotiations on capitol hill to the got government back open defend again and maybe lift the debt ceiling? >> absolutely. the republicans are already being blamed for taking the focus off of a program which was likely to be viewed un, as
8:39 am
unpopular which was health care. now they risk being blamed for the collapse of the american and global financial system. so i mean, you can have two mistakes in a row like this it would be catastrophic for the party. they have got to get out from under this. jon: and kirsten, for people like ted cruz who are very prominent ahead of the shutdown, trying to, you know, force changes to obamacare and potentially tie that to the shutdown, what does all of this headline, you know, what do these headlines and do the polls mean? >> well i think, in "the wall street journal" poll, his, his disapproval has doubled. though he is still not that well-known nationally, more people know him now. it will be interesting to see what polls in his state are like. even in utah, mike lee, the other tea party leader, there were two different polls that came out of utah voters who are very conservative voters, who expressed high disapproval.
8:40 am
his, i think, his approval rating dropped about 10 points, expressed high disapproval for how the tea party has been handling the situation. so it doesn't bode well when you have very conservative voters even saying that they don't really like this. jon: all right. but, screwed did i, sooner or later we get the government situation straightened out. we'll get the debt ceiling deal and get the government open again. will the media look at obamacare and exchanges and whether they're working or not? >> i think they certainly will, but then the government may even have apon opportunity to correct rollout problems. they keep going back. the white house keeps going back to the medicare part-d, the drug program which had a disasterous launch. it has become one of the most popular programs in the federal government. a sacred entitlement that no one dare touch. this has given them some time to straighten out what would have been a disaster had we not been
8:41 am
focused, so the media sew focused totally on the should down. jon: weill keep an eye on it. judy miller, kirsten powers. thank you to you both. jenna: hard to avoid the shutdown in the news, deal or no deal, that is the big question, right? >> that is kind of a big deal in the country right now, yep. jenna: efforts to raise the nation's borrowing limit as the debt continues to tick higher and higher. president cutting military aid to egypt a big headline raising questions why now? as the country struggles to keep a lid on growing turmoil. we'll ask kt mcfarland who just got back from egypt next. [ male announcer ] campbell's angus beef & dumplings. hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice.
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jon: brand new stories, all next hour. what's really happening in iran? an in depth look at the country's new president and the the conflict rhetoric from the islamic republic. plus the u.s. economy showing slight signs of improving but that is
8:45 am
translating into more illegal immigrants crossing the border into texas. a closer look at the problem and what is being done about it. and is there a link between obamacare and problems at your grocery store? some grocery chains are kick employees off private health insurance plans to get them into obamacare and now unions are threatening to strike. jenna: a sudden announcement from the white house this week that u.s. will cut aid to egypt, at least temporarily. the u.s. ally is certainly struggling to form a stable government and the administration decided now is the time to change how the u.s. deals with the current leadership in egypt. this means the u.s. won't be sending some military equipment like a dozen f 16s. a similar number of ah-64 apache helicopters and four m-1-a-1 tank kits and harpoon missiles. they decided not to participate in a loan guaranty forhundred
8:46 am
million dollars. it will not transfer $260 million to the government of the egypt. this move is not sitting will with some raising questions why make the cuts now? >> joining us is fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland who just got back from egypt. kt, let's start there before getting to the politics of all this. >> right. jenna: what is like in egypt? what can you tell viewers about the current state of the country? >> i went there, jenna, i thinking i should wear a helmet and flak jacket talking about violence in the street. there was nothing like that. egypt is just like egypt. one thing i tell you if you drive in and out of cairo there are a lot of apartment buildings look like construction just stopped on them. why is that? because the economy for the last three years, two years, three years has really been in free fall. so the important thing i came back from, thinking is not only is things, are things not as bad as they looked but things could be much worse. if this country doesn't establish security and stability on the streets, it's the economy
8:47 am
that is going to do them in. because the economic growth is flat-lined. nobody is going to see the pyramids. tourism is down. that is 14% of the gnp. unless egypt gets security back, establishes conditions that economic growth can happen in, then egypt really is in trouble. i give them six months to get it together. jenna: so that leads to us this big foreign policy decision. why now? what do you make of the timing of the announcement, midweek, several weeks after we've seen, several months really of morsi out and a new government in? what do you make of the timing? >> i don't get the timing and that is what is so strange because the egyptians are on, they have a roadmap. they're writeing a constitution. they will have a referendum by end of the year. parliamentary and presidential elections early next year. they are cracking down on violence. so there is number throat floated out there, jenna, 1,000 people have been killed. you look at that, wow, that is a thousand peaceful muslim
8:48 am
demonstrators. that is not what that thousand is. that includes people on both sides of the political divide that have been killed. it also includes the al qaeda muslim brotherhood connection in the sinai. that is where the egyptian military has gone in to clean out al qaeda nests that are in the sinai peninsula that muslim brother president allowed to spring up. jenna: a dozen scholars and experts in egypt and american foreign policy came together and wrote an editorial in the "washington post" back in august saying the administration need to pull back aid to egypt, in their words, president's failure to suspend aid to egyptian military undercuts our objective and because of violence on the streets. your thoughts? >> yes and no. egypt has to establish security, however they do that they need to go ahead and do that. should we use united states aid as a reward, punishment,
8:49 am
inducement? sure. american foreign aid should be given because it is good for us. i don't really care about the other countries as where are our strategic interests. i think we have an awful lot to gain by continuing the u.s. egyptian relationship. when i worked for kissinger in the 1970s. that's when we flipped egypt. egypt went out the soviet union orbit into the american orbit. for 40 years there has been arab-israeli peace in the region because of that. endanger that now i think is a big mistake. jenna: i have to run but will the russians return if we're not there? >> you bet. they're already there, jenna, that was the other thing we heard! russians have shown up, we'll offer you military estimate and offer you political support. general al-sisi said to me, what is much more important than the military assistance is the political support. if we get that, doesn't cost you a penny, that is more important to us. jenna: kt thanks for being here and sharing your ad
8:50 am
vicinitytures with us. >> thank you. jon: senators ted cruz and marco rubio are speaking at the values voters summit. carl cameron joins to us tell us who is making an impact.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
jon: fox news alert and big news out of the air force which announced that it is firing the two-star air force major general in charge of the nation's nuclear missiles. we are told it is not related to gambling or the loss of a nuke or even sex, something like that. his name is major general michael carrie. being removed from the command of the 20th air force which is responsible for three wings of intercontinental ballistic missiles. a total of 450 missiles at bases
8:54 am
across the country. air force is citing loss of trust and confidence in his leadership. the exact reason for the firing not immediately clear. this follows on the heels of the firing of a vice admiral in the navy who was also fired recently over a gambling problem. he too was in charge of nuclear missiles in the navy command. so a couple of big firings there among our military forces. jenna: we'll stay on that when we learn more about that. right now some of the biggest names in the convservative movement are gathering in the nation's capitol. we have a live look for you at the annual values voter summit. some of the heavy hitters taking the podium today include senators mike lee and ted cruz and rand paul, marco rubio. our chief political correspondent carl cameron is in the thick of it all. he is joining us now with more on all of this. carl? >> reporter: hi, jenna lee. they got off to a pretty raucous start this morning. key conservatives, four of them as you showed there were invited by the values voters summit to
8:55 am
talk about the government shutdown and ted cruz, the texas u.s. senator who has been at the forefront of this, didn't disappoint. he got a standing over vision forms 21-hour speech against obamacare in the senate and wasted no time urging the right not to abandon its principles and keep up the fight to defund obamacare, cut spending before they raise the debt limit and make sure they come out withal e government and hold to conservative values. watch. >> listen, none of us know what will happen on this obamacare fight right now. in my view the house of representatives needs to keep what it has been doing which is standing strong. >> reporter: a lot of republicans are sort of angry at ted cruz for putting together this shutdown strategy that didn't have endgame in establishment republican views. mr. cruz repeatedly was interrupted today by liberal hecklers. the way he dealt with them brought the crowd back to its feet, watch. >> president obama's paid political operatives are out in force today. [applause]
8:56 am
and you know why? and you know why? because the men and women in this room scare the living daylights out of them. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: big, big response for ted cruz. rand paul and marco rubio spoke yesterday. neither one mentioned shut down or the battle with the democrats in the white house. paula meanted, global war on christianity in his words. marco rubio talked about decaying family values. we expect to hear from paul ryan, house budget chairman later after lunch. mr. ryan is quiet on all the fights recent weeks and months working behind the scenes on long-term deal that include entitlement reform. so-called grand bargain. we'll see how he addresses conservative voters values summit. jenna: we'll follow that, carl, thank you. jon: since the launch of obamacare online the website has been plagued with glitches. brand new concerns for americans trying to sign up. and more political arm
8:57 am
wrestling in washington over the government partial shut down. are we any closer to a deal? we are live at the white house next. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. jenna: some big developments in our top stories and breaking news this hour. jon: as president obama and senate republicans meet to hammer out a deal on the government shutdown and debt ceiling, new polls give us scathing reviews of everyone involved. iran talking a good game with the u.s. and israel, but its state-run media is showing business as usual. a look at the islamic republic's rhetoric versus reality. and while the shutdown and problems with obamacare weigh on the u.s. economy, the president and mainstream media seem to be giving lots of time and ink to the name of one nfl team. it's all "happening now." ♪ ♪
9:01 am
jon: so underway with the second hour now. a high stakes meeting at the white house is on on day 11 of the government shutdown, hello, i'm jon scott. jenna: i'm jenna lee, and hopefully they have snacks, because they've been meeting for a while. it's approaching lunchtime, you know? jon: i wonder if there are appropriations for white house snacks -- jenna: you don't want to negotiate on low blood sugar, jon. senators arrived at the white house about an hour ago, and the group is expected to offer a new plan to the president, maybe that's happening right now. the plan is endorsed by senator susan collins of maine and others, and what it would do, it would fund the government by raising the debt ceiling -- short term, that is -- and repealing obamacare's medical device tax among a few other things, there's a lot of moving parts, and that's why we're going to go to ed henry who's live at the white house. ed, what is the latest? jr. well, jenna, i think it's significant that you're underlining that this senate republican proposal was written by a moderate in susan collins.
9:02 am
that suggests that republicans in the senate are trying to move to the middle to do two things, raise the debt ceiling but also reopen the government. and that's significant because in the last hour we've also gotten new mftion that house republicans have reworked their plan which we were expecting them to do after speaker boehner and others met with the president last night. and remember the cig and a half cannes is yesterday speaker boehner's plan would just extend the debt ceiling for six weeks while they talked about reopening the government, doing other things with the budget. today we're told the new and improved house republican plan does what the senate republican plan does in some ways, by doing both, extending the debt ceiling but also reopening the government, something the president says has to happen, and if you listen closely to what democratic and republican leaders are saying, they're both now talking about cooperation. take a listen. >> negotiated over debt ceilings for 50 years, never had a default. so let's put this hysterical
9:03 am
talk of default behind us and instead start talking about finding solutions to the problems. >> reopen the government. let's pay our nation's bills, and then let's negotiate a sensible budget solution that secures our country's long-term fiscal means. >> reporter: now, why are they moving? well, look, both parties are feeling some political pressure right now. you look at this nbc news/"wall street journal" poll this morning, it suggests republicans have taken a real hit for combining the health care law with the shutdown. on the other side of this, that same poll suggests the president made a mistake by saying throughout the talks that he wasn't going to negotiate. and a small majority of the american public saying in that poll that was not a good idea. both sides want to get this past them, and that's why it's really feeling like we are moving closer and closer to finally having a deal on both issues, jenna. jenna: as you say, those in the driver's seat are accelerating down that road for a deal, but there's still some others that want to say, listen, this shutdown is good, we want it to
9:04 am
continue. how is that figuring into the dynamic as well? >> reporter: it's interesting because, you know, there's been a split among some democrats about whether the president should be negotiating or not, there's a split among republicans about whether they've got to get this past them or whether they should go full steam ahead. you heard senator ted cruz suggesting that republicans are gaining from all and should keep moving forward, but senator john mccain was on fox earlier suggesting this whole fight about the military death benefits, for example, was a mistake by the white house, but he says that it was all created by the fact that republicans let the government get shut down. take a listen. >> listen, none of us know what's going to happen on this obamacare fight right now. in my view, the house of representatives needs to keep doing what it's been doing which is standing strong! [cheers and applause] >> if we hadn't shut down the government, this wouldn't have happened. and they shut down the government with a fool's errand that would not succeed, and that's a fact. >> reporter: fool's errand in
9:05 am
the estimation of republican john mccain, those are strong words and suggest there are competing pressures in the republican party right now. mccain saying let's get this past them, but senator ted cruz clearly in that sound bite suggesting full steam ahead. he doesn't want to compromise, so we'll see because when they come out of this senate republican meeting with the president, you may have some divergent opinions. jenna: that'll be interesting to listen to. an hour into the meeting, we'll see what happens next. great to see you, as always. >> reporter: good to see you. jon: so as the showdown unfolds in washington, there are more signs americans are growing frustrated with everyone involved. according to a new poll, 78% think the nation is on the wrong track, and on the issue of blame 31% blame president obama for the shutdown, 53% blame congressional leaders, 13% blame both equally, and 3% say they're just not sure. let's talk it with monica
9:06 am
crowley, a fox news contributor and author of "what the [bleep] just happened." monica, you heard the numbers there. the president is getting some of the blame, 31% or so, but congress is taking the real heat here. >> uh-huh. jon: is that why he is standing firm? >> well, you know, there's another poll out today as well, jon, an ap poll that shows 60% of the american people would like to throw everybody out, including the president. and, in fact, the negatives are extremely high for obama, for the democrats as well as for the republicans. so there really aren't any winners here. polls are all over the place, but the one thing they all really do have in common is a widespread disgust on the part of the american people toward everybody, toward both parties and to the president. so i think that's why you see increasing pressure on congressional republicans as well as on the white house and the democrats to try to get together and at least deal with the continuing resolution, maybe a short-term deal on the debt limit, something so that they can go back to the american people and say, look, we got at
9:07 am
least this done at least for now. jon: we've got that poll you were just talking about, and when asked would you vote to replace every single member of congress including your own, 60% of americans said, yes. and that's unusual. generally, people don't have favorable feelings toward congress as a whole, but they tend to like their own personal representative, whoever covers their district. >> yeah. jon: in this case they're saying, you know, 60% of them are saying throw the bums out. >> yeah. it seems to be an anti-incumbent mood out there, and the next national election is 13 months away. but look, jon, you mentioned the right track/wrong track poll, and to me, you know, in the sea of numbers, that's actually the most important one, it's most significant. and here's why. when you have about 80% of the american people thinking that the country is going in the wrong direction, you have to pay close attention to that. and while i think there are a number of contributing factors into this, there are four big, primary ones. first is that the economy is
9:08 am
still relatively weak, the job picture is bleak, economic confidence is plummeting sharply. also, secondly, obamacare is wreaking havoc on individuals and the broader economy already. third is this perceived lack of leadership, and that's what we've been talking about with congress and the president. there's a sense that the establishment on both sides of the aisle has really failed us. and i think maybe the biggest part of all of this, which is feeding into all of these numbers, jon, is this general disorientation about america, about the country and this sense that the country that we're seeing now and with the lack of leadership and with all of the chaos, that this isn't the country we grew up in. it's not the country of individual liberty and economic freedom. you have all of this in-fighting, and nothing is getting done to solve that, and i think a lot of people don't know what to make of their country right now. that's why you're seeing those big disillusionment numbers. jon: very quickly, if they can come together, if the administration and the house and the senate can come up with a
9:09 am
deal, is that right track/wrong track number going to change significantly? >> i don't think so. i think maybe part of it will improve just because of the leadership aspect that plays into that wrong track number. people might say, oh, they finally got together, worked out their differences and got the country at least moving in some direction. but i think you're dealing with much bigger forces here in terms of the economy, in terms of leadership and in terms of the general sense of the country isn't where it's supposed to be, and that doesn't get solved with just one or two deals. jon: a lot of people feel that way. monica crowley, good to have you op. >> thanks, jon. jenna: another big topic, the obamacareout being called everything from disastrous to a train wreck as millions of americans continue to try to buy insurance on a web site plagued by technical and software problems. the wall street journal's peg my noonan writes this today, quote: he's why the rollout so damaging to obamacare, because everyone in america knows we spent four years arguing about the law, that it sucked all the oxygen from the room, that it commanded
9:10 am
all focus, that it blocked out other opportunities and initiatives and it caused so many sering arguments throughout the struggle. the american people must have thought, okay, at the end it's got to be worth it, it's got to give me at least some benefits to justify all this drama. and at the end, they tried to log in, register and see their options and found one big, frustrating, chaotic mess. again, a quote from "the wall street journal." in the meantime, unions are threatening to strike after some grocery stores are sending part-time employees off private insurance and into these exchanges. dan springer is live in seattle with the details on that. dan? >> reporter: yeah, jenna. as you know, pay and benefits are always at the heart of every labor dispute. well, now you can add obamacare because it's changing the way companies approach health care coverage for their workers. 30,000 grocery store workers in washington state could be on the picket lines as early as monday, and the main sticking point is management's decision to no longer offer health insurance for anyone working fewer than 30
9:11 am
hours a week. under the current contract, workers are covered if they put in at least 16 hours per week. the four major chains are safeway, fred meyer, qfc and albertson's. they say their costs are going up because of a new tax on their so-called cadillac medical plan, but the united food and commercial workers say obamacare is just being used as an excuse to cut benefits. >> the reason why the employers are doing this is it's a big money grab. there's tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars that they feel like they might be able to save by kicking everybody off the health plan. >> reporter: but the union, which supported president obama's election and the affordable care act, predicted this very scenario. they lobbied democratic leaders for changes that would exempt unions from some of the provisions. we've already seen other big retailers do the same thing; home depot and trader joe's are no longer offering health care coverage to part-time workers. some call it an unintended consequence, but others say it
9:12 am
makes perfect sense for the companies because they're already paying into the system. >> why pay twice to maintain our own health insurance coverage for part-time employees and pay taxes in order to subsidize the exchanges? >> reporter: and both sides say this could be the first of many strikes tied to obamacare and the changes that it leads to between employers and their employees and health care. jenna? jenna: a side of the story we'll continue to watch, dan, thank you. jon: well, more illegal immigrants are crossing the u.s. border, and researchers say a better job market in this country is the reason why. we'll take a closer look at the downside of an improving economy. and veteran war correspondent steve heir began takes us into the war zone right here in the u.s. the dangerous and deadly side of detroit coming up in a life report. plus, we have a quick correction to make. when talking with congressman greg walden, we mislabeled him as being from washington state.
9:13 am
he's from oregon. sorry about that. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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9:16 am
jon: right now a war is brewing in one of america's most historic cities, detroit struggling now to overcome its crippling debt load. it's also battling a spike in violent crime. the homicide rate skyrocketing to its highest level there in 20 years. steve harrigan is live from detroit for us now. steve? >> reporter: jon, detroit police officials talk about a loss of a criminal ethic. they are seeing crimes today more brutal than anything they've seen in the past, especially against the elderly. one crime that's been getting a lot of attention lately is the recent beating of a 64-year-old man at a gas station beaten down more more than one minute by four people in broad daylight, no one intervened. we talked to the victim, he said he hasn't been out to buy gasoline since that beating. >> well, i got jumped on, i got
9:17 am
hit a few times, kicked, and, i mean, a lot of the stuff that they're saying is the on the video, you know, they asked me not to look at it. >> reporter: one of the real challenges for the police force here are the number of abandoned homes, more than 78,000. now, they're often nests for drug dealers or gangs. we've been out with the police watching them kick down doors and pull out squatters, another sign of the chaos in detroit, the number of stray dogs. anywhere from 30-50,000. you can tell they're just overwhelmed by the problem. they've only got four dogcatchers for the entire city. in an average year they cull and kill about 15,000 of those stray dogs. jon, back to you. jon: wow, what a mess. steve harrigan in detroit, thank you. jenna: well, some new signs of defiance from iran today. the nation announcing plans to launch three satellites into orbit right after, of course, the big charm offensive as some were calling it at the u.n.
9:18 am
meeting. we're going to take a look at what's really going on in iran with some of their domestic headlines and headlines coming out of israel as well. also, a marketing agency promoting an upcoming horror film with a very scary prank. more on this carrie-inspired stunt and whether it's paying off. ♪ ♪ >> get away from me! michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel. well, you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it. and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. priceline savings without bidding.
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9:21 am
jenna: right now some mixed messages coming from the middle east. iran is now bragging about plans to put three satellites into orbit. this came up in its local press. there was also a report this week of drones that they say can fly deep into israel, and this news is raising concerns that iran's actions are in stark contrast with the sweet talk as
9:22 am
it was portrayed that we've been hearing about lately. not to be outdone, israel posting video of war planes practicing long-range missions, that also was posted this week. and all this comes after iran's president expressed a willingness to talk to the west about his country's nuclear program. of course, the west also expressed a willingness to talk to him. jesse jane duff is a retired gunnery sergeant for the u.s. marine corps and serves on the advisory committee for concerned veterans for america. it's nice to have you on the program, jesse. let's just take this bit by bit because we need to understand exactly what some of these headlines mean. when iran says they're going to shoot some satellites into orbit, is that for space exploration? what does that mean? >> i think we'd be naive to think they're doing any space exploration. not only that, the drones, they clearly stated in their media they can go deep into tel aviv. so this is something of deep concern, and i think the united states needs to get up and speak
9:23 am
out against this. jenna: in the meantime, we saw israel, again, sort of quietly posting this video of what they say is the practicing of a hong-range mission -- long-range mission, maybe refueling midair. why does that seem like an important headline that we should pay attention to? >> it's obvious that israel's making a statement to iran. for iran to use their state-run media to post these extreme military images, israel has to defend itself. it cannot sit back and wait for the u.s. to take a stand, because the u.s. has obviously not done that. this administration has stayed quiet. there has been no reporting by this. so what we have to see is that israel has to make a statement that they will not be bullied by anyone, particularly iran. jenna: interestingly enough, next week is a meeting with iran. the talks regining, restarting, if you will, over the nuclear program. what do you make of the timing of all of these headlines? we were just talking about this meeting at the u.n. and maybe some softening of the rhetoric.
9:24 am
what do you make of these actions that have followed? >> well, i have to agree with prime minister netanyahu that they are a wolf in sheep's clothing. they will pull the wool over the international people's eyes, and that, i do think, is a clear example when the state-run media basically proclaims look at our military capability. we cannot ignore this threat. so to go into peace talks, i think they're basically stalling while they proceed with their nuclear program. jenna: do you think they're bluffing at all? we've been accused of bluffing, israel, that we won't really attack. do you think iran's doing the same thing? >> i think that iran is very serious about what they will do. i think that we've proven that they have the nuclear capability, and israel -- prime minister netanyahu for the past three years has been saying to the u.n. over and over again this is a worse threat than north korea, and nobody seems to be listening to him. he feels like his back is up against a wall. jenna: you know, we've talked to a lot of policy experts, and i
9:25 am
know we're talking about policy as well, and, jesse, it's great to talk to someone that has a background like you do with the military, and i'm just curious within circles of conversation with other veterans as well, you know, what do they think about our decisions as a country and whether or not this issue with iran will hit a certain point where there's going to be some sort of military intervention? >> i think most veterans feel right now a lot of uncertainty with this administration. it's been a complete fiasco from egypt to syria, the threat to go to war over 1200 people that were in chemical warfare in syria, yet we've done nothing to defend israel? we in the military understand that israel's a valid ally and somebody that has proven itself to be by our side time and time again, so i think this uncertainty does not demonstrate a strong leadership from this administration, and it's getting very difficult for all of the military to understand what direction we are taking. jenna: we're going to keep watching the headlines. jest key, great -- jesse, great to see you, thank you. jon: well, it seems like a daily
9:26 am
event, we are hearing about even more problems with obamacare online. it turns out some are not due to overwhelming demand. with the health care glitches, the government shutdown and the debt limit looming, a huge story in the media this week even got the president's attention. the controversy over the name of an nfl team, is it all much ado about way too little? [ male announcer ] did you know that if you wear a partial, you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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9:30 am
jenna: welcome back, everyone. a brand new study showing illegal immigration on the rise right now, especially in the state of texas. the lone star state leading the way with the biggest increase in undocumented workers, and analysts say this has something to do with the economy down there. casey steegal's live in dallas with more. >> reporter: yeah, jenna, let's break these numbers down for you. they're brand new numbers that came out with this study done by the pew research center, and it shows that the number of illegal immigrants living in this country actually peaked in 2007 which was, obviously, right before the recession at 12.2 million. well, the figure dropped to 11.3 million in 2009 as we started to emerge from the economic downturn. so it was down by roughly a million. well, look what they're doing now, going right back up, jumping from 11.3 to 11.7
9:31 am
million. but here's the interesting part, in states with some of the largest illegal immigrant populations, the numbers are continuing to go down like in california and new york, for example. but here in the lone star state, well, researchers found an anomaly. >> during the recession there was no decline in the number of unauthorized immigrants living in texas between 2007 and 2012. in fact, the number steadily increased during that period. now, during that period texas also in terms of its economy was doing better than most other states. >> reporter: economists say the spike is directly related to the economy partly because industries that typically attract immigrant labor are doing much better, the creation of more construc and service jobs. experts tell us the concept is simple: the american economy was in the tank, jobs vanished, so immigrants bailed. >> it's just as reliable as
9:32 am
night following day that when the economy recovers if there's jobs in the u.s. and there's not jobs in mexico and there's not job opportunities in the rest of central america, we're going to get immigration. >> reporter: so here's something interesting, we reached out to u.s. customs and border protection to get its reaction to these latest numbers, jenna. guess what? the press people, they're on furlough thanks to the government shutdown. so we couldn't get a reply from them. jenna: an interesting tie into another big story, casey. very interesting. thank you so much. >> reporter: yep. jon: well, you might call this guerrilla advertising at its finest, a new viral prank promoting the remake of the '70s horror classic film "carrie" getting more than 30 million views on youtube. customers at a new york city coffee shop got a lot more than they bargained for when the marketing ploy unfolded. diane macedo is a correspondent with the fox business network,
9:33 am
she knows what happened there. >> that's right, jon. it's not every week that the number one most-watched video in the world actually is an advertisement, but that's exactly what happened this week after advertising agency think motor released a prank video aimed at promoting "carrie." the video shows a prank and showing exactly how they rigged everything. then the action starts. and you see a woman in a coffee shop getting more and more angry after a man spills coffee on her computer and doesn't seem too apologetic about it. here's what happens next. >> just get away from me! get out of my way! >> oh, my god. >> shows tables move, picture frames fly, books fly off of book shelves and people's reactions just get funnier and funnier. and finally, the video ends with a very quick promo for the movie "carrie." one of the founders of the
9:34 am
agency that made the ad says rather than marketing guys with mbas, he and his partner are writers and film makers who try to attract viewers with cool content, create questions and answers and invite people to actively share they videos with friends, and that strategy seems to be working. just three days after going up on youtube, the video has almost 30 million views, and that's not counting all of the duplicates that have been posted, too, but the big question is will all that awareness generate interest in the movie? we'll find out when it opens on october 18th. jon: and if jenna gets mad at me here on set -- jenna: it could happen, diane. >> i'm going to stick around and see how this hour unfolds. [laughter] jenna: good answer. jon: going to be scary. jenna: thanks, diane. we'll see if it actually translates to big business for that movie. in the meantime, "happening now," and right now, in fact, americans continue to try to buy insurance on the obamacare web site. fox news is learning that once people manage to wade through
9:35 am
those glitches, some are finding a pretty pricey marketplace. jim angle's live in washington with the details for us now. jim? >> reporter: hello, jenna. well, andy who lives in kentucky is trying to figure out how much his insurance will cost under obamacare. after ten days of calls to the kentucky exchange, kentucky connect, they were unable to tell him how much his subsidy would be because of repeated i.t. problems, but officials pointed him to a kaiser family foundation site which suggests his subsidy will be $388 a month for his family of four. now, the plan closest to what he has now, the least expensive under obamacare, carries a monthly premium of $848. the subsidy helps some but not enough. >> when i backed out my $388 estimated subsidy that they directed me to on the kaiser family foundation web site, that brought my premium down to $480. >> reporter: and that is a 44%
9:36 am
increase over what he's been paying. deductibles are about the same, but the co-pay for visits to the emergency room are almost triple his current plan which, with two boys, he says is a factor. >> they're climbing trees, they're falling out of trees, they're running around, they're falling off their bike, they're very active. they're not unlike any other 8 and 10-year-old boys. >> reporter: split lips, head gaps mean er coverage is important, and their experience is not uncommon. lawmakers are getting letters from constituents complaining about sticker shock. listen. >> mike from hickory saw his premiums rise from $388 to $650. phil from forest city saw an increase even though the policy was unchanged, saw an increase of 42%. >> reporter: and some fox viewers, jenna, in alabama who asked their names not be used wrote to us saying their rate increases will add 82% to their annual health care costs and their deductibles increased by a third.
9:37 am
now, for people on the individual market who have some catastrophic condition or illness, obamacare will bring benefits. but critics say their needs could be addressed at much lower costs to everyone else. jenna? jenna: we'll continue to watch it, jim, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. jon: there are some shocking new details about raw chicken contaminated with salmonella still showing up on grocery store shelfs. what you should know if you want to keep your family safe. and the new school year well underway, so why are many teachers forced to spend their own money for basic classroom supplies? ♪ ♪ [ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals,
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>> big day, i mean, this day coulde the biggest. >> the biggest make sure you join us for all the breaking news. >> you never know who you're going to run into in the green
9:41 am
room. >> it's true. >> steve forbes. >> nice to see you. >> could we borrow a dollar? >> for you, yes. >> thank you. well, thanks so much. >> thank you, steve. >> feeling cash strapped. >> see you in a couple minutes. jenna: we've got to make a trip over there. new information on some information we've been following, raw chicken contaminated with salmonella still on store shelves, the fda identifying the chicken from washington sold under foster farms brand. the usda threatening to shut down those plants. foster farms claiming it's implementing practices, however, it is not recalling the chicken, simply urging people to cook it thoroughly. jon? jon: so with all of the unfinished business piling up in congress because of the government shutdown, the glitches with obamacare and the approaching debt ceiling limit, one controversy got a lot of media attention this weekend. it's still going on. was changing the name of an nfl
9:42 am
football team really worth the president's time in the middle of a crisis? listen to president obama's remarks about the washington redskins. >> i've got to say if i were the owner of the team and i knew that there was a name of my team even if it had a storied history that was offending a sizable group of people, i'd think, i'd think about changing it. but, you know, i don't want to detract from the wonderful redskins fans that are here. jon: now take a listen to an espn radio host on the letter that dan snyder, the washington redskins' owner, sent to season ticketholders defending the team's honor. >> i think he explained his position well, and that's all you can do. i think this is an issue where reasonable people can disagree. jon: and respected native americans having their say on the matter as well. >> all we're asking here, what
9:43 am
we're saying to you is this word is an insult. it's mean, it's rude, it's impolite, and we would like you to stop using it. >> as a proud sponsor of the nfl, to need da nationing has a vested interest in the league being a unifying force throughout america. this name is not a unifying force, atydivisive epithet. jon: let's bring in howard kurtz. to be fair to the president, he was asked that question in the interview, he didn't volunteer. but the ap asked him about changing the name. >> yeah. and a lot of people have been gang tackling the ap, jon, for asking the question. it was the last question in an otherwise substantive interview, and every other media outlet on the planet took the redskins answer and made it into a big story even though this has been kicking around for years, maybe because we're sick of talking about defaults and shutdowns. jon: look, it's on the front page of yesterday's new york times, there you go.
9:44 am
it's on the front page of "usa today", the controversy over the name of a football team. >> well, there's a little bit of pc run amok here, and i don't want to minimize the strong feelings of those who find this offensive, but this is not a new issue. the redskins have dug in on this, they're taking a goal line stand, they don't want to change the name. and by the way, the cleveland indians' logo is far more offensive, in my view. i think when you have liberal web sites like slate refusing to use the redskins' name, there's a little bit of grandstanding going on here. jon: rich lowry in the national review said the team's chief crime, essentially, was offending liberals. he said: surely the franchise didn't settle on its nickname as a way to slight native americans. team nicknames and logos invariably denote fierceness and strength which in the context of the nfl are very good things.
9:45 am
now, rich took a lot of heat for that report. >> i'm not surprised. occasionally, teams do change their names, what used to be known as the washington bullets changed their way to the washington wizards because of the concern about gun violence in the city. but the redskins' name is part of a tradition, and besides, if dan snyder were to change it, he'd have to change all the t-shirts and coffee mugs that have that name. but to be serious about it, while i understand that it's kind of a hot button issue great for sports talk radio, it is not exactly, you know, one of the most important issues facing the country. jon: but why do the media feel compelled to put it on the front pages then? >> you know, it's a lot simpler than explaining the sequester. you have the president of the united states on one side, you have a very around -- articulate spokesmen for the native americans on the other side, it's a good talker, a good water cooler subject, but i have a feeling it's going to fade because i don't think dan snyder's going to give in on this one. jon: howard kurtz, thank you.
9:46 am
for more, tune in sunday morning, 11 a.m. for media buzz with howard. it's right here on fox news channel. jenna: we're going to stay with sports for just a moment here. we're getting new word that nfl star adrian peterson and his 2-year-old son have been attacked -- i should say his 2-year-old son has been attacked in a severe beating, that's according to tmz. the son really is the issue here. there's been some questions about adrian peterson and where he is, and harris faulkner's following this story from the breaking news desk. >> reporter: yeah, jenna, this story is just now coming together. peterson, one of the premiere faces of the nfl, a star running back, and what we're learning and working to confirm independently here at fox right now, tmz and other media outlets saying adrian peterson missed reportedly practice with the minnesota vikings yesterday to deal with a very serious medical issue involving a young family member, that would likely become a police matter. the video, by the way, is from
9:47 am
february from tmz showing peterson with his little boy, 2 years old, during nba all-star weekend in houston earlier this year. now, it's important to note sioux falls police department is not confirming this is peterson's little boy who's been hurt, but they've reportedly arrested a man charged with felony assault and battery of an infant. emergency responders arrived to the apartment where peterson's son was living wednesday afternoon and found the child unresponsive. this story is fluid, we'll likely learn more shortly, but what i'm learning, jenna, is that his injuries are consistent with child abuse of some kind. local media says peterson is expected to return to vikings' practice facility this afternoon and address the media shortly. a session scheduled to begin this hour. i'm following this. we may also hear from minnesota's head coach as well on this, but so heartbreaking to learn that any child -- no matter what the circumstances
9:48 am
are -- may have suffered a beating described as severe that we're learning. jenna? jenna: and just to be clear, adrian peter soften was not there at the time. >> no. but he did leave practice reportedly yesterday to go be with his son. so as we learn more, we'll report it. jenna: sounds good, harris, thank you. of. >> reporter: sure. jon: well, the obama administration is giving some ground on the shutdown stalemate, allowing some of our national parks to reopen. details on how that is happening, just ahead. plus, the emotional farewell to a tv star gone too soon, we have the 411 on the "glee" tribute to actor corey monteith. ♪ ♪ [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
9:49 am
♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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jenna: well, the fox 411, a moving trie on a popular it was show to -- television show, actor corey monteith of "glee," of course, is the young star who passed away. julie banderas has the details. >> the cast of "plea" paying an emotional tribute to corey monteith in last night's episode called "the quarterback." ♪ ♪ 525,000 journeys to plan. >> the show didn't mention what killed the character of finn and picked up the story weeks after the funeral showing the impact of finn's death on his friends. corey monteith's real-life girlfriend, lea michelle, appeared late in the episode as a sobbing rachel.
9:53 am
she said, quote, i loved finn, then she's saying make you feel my love. the show's creator ryan murphy says it was not only a difficult script to write, but also a hard episode to watch. >> we had an obligation not just to the crew and the other actors, but, i think, to the fans to deal with that passing. and so i think the show was about the death of the finn character, but also about our loss of corey. >> it was difficult to film, but it was for not just the cast, but the crew who loved him too. but it was very cathartic, and it's beautiful withfully written -- beautifully written. >> monteith died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol. after the show a public service announcement encouraging people to get treatment. jane lynch, as you just heard there, says that filming the episode did help her deal with his passing. jenna: julie, thank you. jon: a nonprofit organization helping to close some gaps in
9:54 am
public school budgets, teachers across the country have been digging into their own pockets to make sure their students have the supplies that they need. but now they can just go online and actually find donors. laura ingle live from our new york newsroom with that. >> reporter: hi, jon. school has only just begun, and teachers all across the u.s. have ponied up a lot of cash for paper, pens and notebooks. according to the national school supply and equipment association, teachers spend nearly $1,000 per year of their own money on classroom supplies. now strangers are shelling out donations through a crowd funding web site designed specifically for teachers called donors it's a nonprofit organization started by charles best, a former new york city teacher, who created the web site where teachers post wish lists called projects. >> we vet and validate that project before posting it to the public site, and when a project
9:55 am
is funded, we fulfill the project. so if it's a field trip, we're paying the museum and the bus company directly. we're purchasing books and having them shipped to the classroom. >> reporter: to get the ball rolling, a buzz was created among teachers. it was a little white lie, but it paid off. since 2000 donors has raided more than $$raised more than $290,000. some teachers think they were a bit apprehensive at first, but once supplies started coming in, their students' reactions said it all. >> you feel a little tentative about putting such a big project up, it's so expensive. but you know that one person isn't funding that, you know that people from all across the country are contributing even $1, $a, $10 and then your project is funded before you know it. >> reporter: cities across the country are recognizing the need. philadelphia, for example, is launching the philadelphia
9:56 am
education supply site. jon? jon: wow. good news story there, laura. >> reporter: it is. jon: thank you. jenna: there's a new law getting some attention out west, and that's all i'm going to say. i don't want to give too much away. we'll explain right after the break. [kevin] paul and i have been friends... [paul] well...forever. [kevin] he's the one person who loves pizza more than i do. aul] we're obsessed. [kevin] we decided to make our obsession our livelihood. [kevin] business was really good. [kevin] then our sauce supplier told me: "you got to get quickbooks." [kevin]quickbooks manages money, tracks sales and expenses. [paul] we even use it to accept credit cards. [paul] somebody buys a pie with a credit card, boom, all the accounts update. [paul] when we started hiring,we turned on payroll. [kevin] it's like our add the toppings you want, leave off the ones you don't. [kevin] now business is in really great shape. [announcer] start using intuit quickbooks for free at quickbooks-dot-com.
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>> it is a new official law in the state of montana. that it is okay to eat road kill. now people who eat them can take them for the meat legally. the law went into affect earlier this month. a permit is required. >> you can't just cut it up. and so apparently there will be
10:00 am
a n app. more little bambi looks perfectly healthy. >> you don't want to waste it if you can get the permit from the app. on that note have yourself a great weekend. >> bill and ally are up next. fox news alert. they are talking and will we have adrian answer this hour. i am allyson camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. they have plenty to talk about. the meeting clocking in 90 minutes. our chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is reading the tea leaves. what do you have? >> reporter: there are conversations taking place and ideas and plans floated. the latest senate republican offer looks like this. it would fund the government one year and


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