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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 11, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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a n app. more little bambi looks perfectly healthy. >> you don't want to waste it if you can get the permit from the app. on that note have yourself a great weekend. >> bill and ally are up next. fox news alert. they are talking and will we have adrian answer this hour. i am allyson camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. they have plenty to talk about. the meeting clocking in 90 minutes. our chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is reading the tea leaves. what do you have? >> reporter: there are conversations taking place and ideas and plans floated. the latest senate republican offer looks like this. it would fund the government one year and extend the debt ceiling
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for a period of time and include measures to prevent obama care fraud. a head of the senate, senator mitch mcconnell said it could be a good idea to exchange in ideas. >> put the hysterical talk behind us and find solutions to the problems. there is a variety of ways to get debt and spending under control and a lot of innovative reforps to consider. >> reporter: the they include reopening the government and wouldn't include entitlement reform. house speaker nancy pelosi said they are talking and that is good. and the senate majority leader explained why he is against the six- week debt ceiling extension. >> we don't believe that a six
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weeks enough to give the economy the confidence it needs to keep growing. >> reporter: he is hold firm on the idea that was floated by house republicans. and the president is meeting with the senate republicans. we'll so what the statements and body language look like. >> thank you, mike on the hill. >> we'll get more insight with a nn wagner. she joins us now. hi, congresswoman? >> hello. >> you met with the president yesterday and senate republicans are in there right now as we speak. will we have a deal this afternoon? >> i hope so. we started negotiations with the president. 18 leaders of the house and along with the vice-president and secretariy secretary lew and we are hopeful that we will have a deal in our eyes temporarily raise the debt ceiling and also
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open up the government and get america back to work. >> you said temporarily raise the debt ceiling. as we understand it, you asked the president for a short- term extension until november 22nd. is this what passes for progress on capitol hill and in washington and compromise. kick the can down the road and short- term extensions and we never resolve anything and just push it off another month or two. >> we can't default or have talk or red rick about the full faith of the united states of america. this i hope will give us time to negotiate the big things. this is not only opening up the government but entitlement reform and 17 trillion worth of debt and pro growth strategy and tax reform and other issues. this would give us a good faith period of time to negotiate those things and go to a further
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debt seouling increase. we watched the market go up by 300 points yesterday. and i feel good about the plan. >> it seems as though americans want you all to sit down and talk and negotiate. here's what mike emmanuel reported for us about what the senators are asking the president for now and hoping to get a one- year funding of the government in sequester levels and repealing the medical device tax and making sure there is no fraud in obama care and a short- term increase in the debt ceiling. is that the same things you talked about yesterday? >> we talked about many of the things and we put nothing on or off of the table. all things are ready for negotiation. we want solution. the american people want to work together as a government. senate and white house and republicans and democrats, and the dysfunction is pal papable.
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there are five women at the table and we are doers and solution oriented and i was honored and pleased to be one of them. i want optimistic but it is taking too long to get there. >> maybe girl power will save the day. you are optimistic in the next hour or so we'll come out with something? >> i don't know about the next hour or so. but soon. urgency is key here and the american people are demanding that we get things done. it is historic that the 18 people around the table 5 or 6 of them were woman and common sense conservatives that are used to juggling many things and on the front lines of spending and dealing with the needs of our families and different policys. and i see it as a positive thing. i am excited about where we are going. i am pleased and honored to be a part of it. i think we will have answers, soon. >> you can multitask with the
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best of them. >> women. >> maybeel that be the answer. snrs the utah government could reach adrian agreement with the feds. the arizona governor is open for reopening part of the grand canyon. it pouring in $1.3 million in the area. >> the hut down could affect the races. organizers for the new york city marathon may have to change the starting line because the staging site is the federally operated area on staten island. organizers are working with city and state and federal officials to come up with alternate sites.
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this year's nobel peace prize. >> a lot of people expected this prize to be given to mal.a., 16-year-old pakistani girl shot in the head bite taliban because she wanted more education for young girls in the northern pakistani tribal areas. she almost died as a result of that attack and turned the near death experience in a global cause to get further education for young girls all around the world. she was the favorite to get the nobel peace prize in many people's eyes, but instead went to the organization for prohibition of chemical weapons. the inspectors from the opcw are currently at work in syria and trying to organize and complete the destruction of all of
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syria's chemical weapons. the nobel committee said they are giving them the award because of the past world organizing the 80 percent of the chemical this current very dangerous mission. if you want adrian example of how dangerous it is. remember back on august 26th, the un convoy carrying the inspectors was shot at by unidentified snipers in damascus. we got a statement from mala la who did not get the award. she said the opcw is adrian important organization working on the ground to help rid the world of chemical weapons. i would like to congratulate them on this much deserved global recognition. that is part of her statement. she may not have gotten the award, bill. but she has certainly won the hearts and minds of millions around the globe.
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>> left her mark. the nobel peace prize turning the spotlight back on syria how do we know what is happening on that. john bolton will be our guest. edward now den, could he have been stopped in his tracks before lifting the curtain. >> he went public in moscow. and take, two, roll out of obama care two weeks n. we'll debate that. >> and washington is about as popular as a skunk in a guard ep party. >> no one wants the default and that's why in 50 years of negotiations over multiple debt ceiling increase we haven't had a single default. not a one. when you have diabetes like i do,
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we have breaking news, here is new video.
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just in senate republicans leaving the white house meeting with the president. we told you there could be movement this hour and sure enough, the senators are leaving and they have wrapped up the talks with the president and they are going back to the respective offices and likely we could hear from them and the president if they have a deal and broken the impasse. >> it is a strong possibility that the president could come out today. and the groups with meetings of all four is concluded. stand by as it comes our way. the nations leaders are taking a beating in the polls, your unhappiness spares no one. 16 more points people disapprove of the job of president doing. and single digits for congress. lou dobbs. lou, good afternoon to you.
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does that surprise you? >> i hope it doesn't surpry anyone watching over the course of the past several years. people are firmly disgusted and it is reflected in the numbers that you showed about congress and the president. 37 percent low disapproval. american people are awakening to the performance of our elected officials and deeply troubled. >> there is another poll question in here, lou, would you fire every member of congress? 60 percent of them said yes. but they don't vote that way, do they? >> 96 percent of the incumbents are returned to congress, bill. i call that a recidivism rate. we need to break. it i don't know how, as long as we have so much a pathy as we
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have had. it is changing. we have 20 million people unemployed and adrian economy that is struggling and a stock market that has immense resilience and right now, there is still a lot of pain in this country and they truly have a serious challenge for this president and congress. and instead, we are getting discussions about marginal issues at the periphery of the government shutdown. it is implausible. >> the associated press poll breaks down how the people feel about the president and breaks down how they feel in republicans in congress. this is what they say about the president. he's not decisive and not strong and don't think he's reasonable and get this, remember the campaign of 2008. he's not inspiring and they say he's not honest that is across the board, why is that?
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>> because he is many of those things. he is dour in his hektorring and his schooleds. he does not give speeches any longer and obviously seek to inspire. he is lecturing. >> that was his game 4 or 5 years ago? >> i am not sure it was. shortly after the first year in office he became something of a schooled. he lost the fire. he became rather than the candidate of hope and change, that he was, he was a president who employed the rhetoric of fear. if you didn't do what he said about obama care, this and this would happen and if you didn't move on the economic policies, this and this all of them negative. he employs the rhetoric of fear as any president i have seen. the american people are awakening to that.
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when they knife him then percent. there is independents which made all of the difference for him in the first election in 2008, they have abandoned him in droves. 60 percent of the independents in this country oppose and disapprove of his performance as president of the united states. >> that is quite telling for the independents. and quickly on republicans, breaking news to get two. four out of five say republicans are dishonest and not likeable and lack inspiration. how do the republicans come out of this current shut down in >> i think if they stick to two things, one the issue of fairness which they employed in obama care, delay for a year so that individuals were treated as well by the administration as businesses. and remove themselves and the white house staffs from the subsidies that the rest of us are all denied, those fairness
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issues are powerful and coming out of this particular shut down, the president who said he would not negotiate is slapped on the cheek by the american people. the republicans have to dissociate themselves now with big business and the u.s. chamber of commerce business roundtable and quit being toties for the establishment and focus on the middle-class. >> don't be a toady ever. >> ever. >> chuck grassly the republican senator from iowa sent out a tweet a moment ago. he sent out a tweet and meeting in the white house over and very good discussion and nothing obvious decided and i may be surprised that there is progress. don't be a toady. >> i smell optanism in that. now efforts to fro adrian
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american held in north korea, this time by his mother. i am talking about the pentagon and the decision not to pay death benefits. now that that is over, it is not stopping the call for heads to roll. >> it was intentional. at some point in the department of defense, somebody looked somebody else in the eye and said do not give the death families to the families.
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it is a small piece of good news for adrian american held in prison in north korea. his mother was allowed to visit
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him. she arrived in pyongyang. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard level for what the regime calls hostile acts and the efforts by the u.s. government and others are unsuccessful to free him. president obama finally signed a bill to reinstate death benefits. the pentagon was holding the money from the families of service members killed since the shutdown began and forcing a charitiy to step in and help out. jennifer griffin? >> reporter: bill as soon as harry reid allowed the house bill to give the benefits back to the military families to be voted on in the senate and voted houses voted to fund the death benefits, the president was boxed in a corner.
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politically it would have looked bad if he had not signed the law even though jay carney made it sound like the president would not sign. >> first of all legislation is not necessary. our view is that piecemeal funding is a gimmick. >> the whole thing is for show. the whole government is for show. >> reporter: it sounded that the dod and white house was happy to let the fisher house split the bill. since the shutdown began 29 service members have died as of yesterday. there were fireworks on capitol hill when the author passed on the eve of the shut down. republican congressman accused the comptroller playing politics. >> i think you subordinated your responsibilities to a chief a political objective.
10:25 am
and the political objective was to make, inflict as much harm as you possibly could in your own department. you've compounded the problem by your conduct in how you've misinterpreted intentionally the law. >> i recept your remarks and let the record show that. i acted on the advice of attorneys and our best reading of a loosely worded law. it was not. let me finish please, it was not a political judgment. >> even some congressional aides admitted that the law was written so vaguely by law the pentagon's hands were tide. >> jennifer griffin, thank you. biggest names in the conservative movement are making themselves heard with hot button social and economic issues.
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we have a quick check of the headlines. a bus carrying a college group overturns after colliding with a tractor trailer in delaware. nine passengers were sxhurt the police cited the driver of the tractor trailer for running a red light. four men in the vicious motorcycle gang attack are in court. adrian undercover police officer is dow in court as well. and a groom apologizing to his bride after accidentally leaving her behind on the honeymoon. they stopped off in a gas station and the wife had been a sleep in the back seat and she got out to use the rest rom. he drove off and left her behind for two hours. >> that's what he is saying. >> you know, marriage takes
10:31 am
adjusting. >> you think she deserved to be left behind? >> no, of course not. >> go easy. >> with all of the fighting going on in washington these days, my biggest fear we are losing the focus on big issues in our country. that's the growing sense by so many people in this country that we are losing control of our nation and more importantly we are losing the american dream. >> senator on ma rco rubio. carl camron is there and live in dc to tell us what happened now. what is up? >> reporter: it is the annual gathering of religious and social conservative that come to washington and they were promised to hear from the headliners over obama care and dpft shut down and short term extension of six weeks to
10:32 am
include things like entitlement reform. they are meeting here in washington and it started out with ted cruz. the crowd loves him. and there was little bit of interruption from hecklers and he gently asked him to respect everybody's free speech he got a standing ovation. he said the best course forward for republicans for victory to continue the fight for halting obama care. >> i am going to suggest a model for how we turn this country around in the next couple of years. and it is the model that we have been following together for the last couple of months to stop that train wreck, that disaster and that nightmare that is obama care. (applause) >> reporter: the polls show the stand off and hasn't worked well for republicans. but there is a few of them that
10:33 am
turned it around for democrats, they argue it is undemocratic and rand paul is a kentucky senator and first to observe that that could be used as a counter punch to the democrats. he said nothing today about obama care or the debt ceiling and he spoke. ma rco rubio avoided the battle over the affordable care act and budget. both of these two gladiators choice to focus on social issue. in the case of rand paul he talked about the war on christianity from radical islam and ma rco rubio talked about decaying family values and they didn't talk about the government shutdown under way right now. paul ryan was expected to speak to the group and he chose not to come and will send a videotape.
10:34 am
mr. ryan the 2012 vice-presidential nominee is essential for how to work on the government shutdown and deal with the budget and get toward a grand bargain. >> thank you. very interesting, thank you, carl. the administration is trying to fix the glitches with obama care and trying to iron out the problems. >> the republicans are launching adrian investigation of the glitches after the prediction of rolling out. how did that work out for you alep combes. and gentle men, i know you love talking about this. >> yes. >> at what point will you come
10:35 am
on tv and smile about the roll out. the first two weeks are rocky. >> let's separate the technical of the roll out and it problems that they should have not had with proper planning and the policy itself. those who don't like obama care have great glee that there is adrian it issue. it should not have happen. it is not true in all states. we don't have to sign up first. you have better success. some states are better and more reactive than others. some of it is on a state by state issue. they should not have had it issues. >> it is a lot of malarky like the administration. the web site sloppy half finished product is not ready for prime time. allen loves to talk about chaos and the tea party. you are going to have chaos in the streets, bottom line it is the best argument for the gop to
10:36 am
have a one year delay. why subject the american people. >> allen, i know your argument it is separate the technical glitches from the overall issue that many americans do believe we should have coverage for preexisting conditions and uninsured. but did it seem that the administration bit off more than they can chew. >> you can't blame the obama for the it issue. he is not a tech guy. you have to argue the policy and happen to do that. but the problems we are talking about right now are technical in nature and no excuse for it. it should not have happen. >> so technical. >> bring it on. >> allen. why won't the administration. >> i am yelled by so many people at the same time. >> here is the question, put the whole it issue to the sign. do we know how many people are
10:37 am
signing up and enrolling and spending money to take the product? >> that's right, bill. bill, that is right. the problem is the administration doesn't want to tell you how many it is. anybody who looks at the back of the web site knows these things. the word on the street 51 k. if the numbers were great they would be touting it. and the web site is the tip of the iceberg. mechanics and along with the irs mechanism to enforce obama care it is going to be a nightmare, why not give the american people the delay that you give big business. >> given that the technical glitches, why not a one year delay. >> you can't plan a one year delay after the october 1st. you don't stop now and for the people of the republican party. by the way, the republican party is getting slaughtered on this. people wanted a democratic take over of congress and for you to try to keep arguing about there
10:38 am
being a one year delay. that is a barn door and little late to argue about a one year delay. >> final word here? >> allen, the a p poll said the roll out got a seven percent favorably. you know you have a problem when the favor aeblt rating is the same as congress. it is like dog poop. >> not heard that. >> clean up on aisle two. the nobel peas prize turned guy back on syria we'll ask john bolton. >> want a man of real mist row? how about invisibility? the new power and promise to disappear. >> you seem interested in this. >> i am i will show you.
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ideas that were exchanged with the senate republicans and president. senator hatch, republican from utah. the president talked about a need for new revenues as part of a deficit reduction deal. that is interesting, taking it back to the house to see where that goes and the president expressed concerns about the house republican debt limit plan and six- week debt deal. senator hatch, and senator grassly. when they come in we'll pass them to you. >> a lot breaking.
10:43 am
grechin it would be like a fly on the wall. hear the firsthand account of senator lindsay graham who will take us inside of the white house meeting. plus a conservative billionaire offered to help military families whose death benefits were frozen and the dod said no? and how hackable is the obama care web site. very, according to john mca fee. and i will do something no cable news host has ever done. that is all a head in the top of the hour. >> you are not going to disappear? >> something is going to disappear. >> stick around. see you later. >> have a good weekend. >> we are human beings and this is part of our human nature that we don't learn the importance of anything until it is snatched from our hands and in pakistan, when we were stopped from going
10:44 am
to school, at that time i realized that education is very important and education is a power for women and that's why the terrorist are afraid of education. they don't want women to be getting education because women will be more powerful. >> that girl known as ma la la. she was considered a favorite for the nobel peace prize. but that is going to the un nuclear weapons. that was a big challenge even if there is war waging around them. how do we know what is going on with syria's arsenal. hi, mr. ambassador, great to see you. >> glad to be with you. >> were you surprised they
10:45 am
passed over the emotional favorite of malala. >> i am a believer in original intent. it was the intent to give a prize to someone who made a major contribution to world peace like roosevelt who helped to end the japanese war. she is adrian inspiring figure. no doubt about it. but it is not the nobel prize for human rights or all things bright and beautiful. that said, i would not give it to the ocpw. >> why not give it to that organization? they are responsible for 5,000 inspengz and destroyed 80 percent of the chemical weapons? >> that is ridiculous. governments that are party to the chemical weapons, united states and russia carried out
10:46 am
the destruction of the declared chemical weapon stock pile. i like the opcw and i tried to fix it in the state department in 2001 and 2 and it is a nice little organization but it only does what the member states want it to be and in the case of ocpw, russia violated the chemical weapons since it came in force and the ocpw does nothing. how it performs in syria -- >> let's talk about that. they are charged with the task of getting rid of syria chemical's weapons. have they made progress? >> i think they have some. some of the chemical weapons will be destroyed. it is in their interest to have that happen. but the question is, whether they will uncover the assad regime entire chemical weapons and assets and not what the
10:47 am
government declared. >> isn't that their speciality. you can't go trust assad or these leaders. don't they unearth things that might be hidden from the public's eyes? >> in theory. they haven't done that with respect to russia in 20 years and it requires a suspension of disbelief to think that they will be successful in a middle of a war inside syria. in any event for the award before the performance, obviously harks back to giving president obama the peace prize when he barely took office. it is why people don't pay much attention to the nobel peas prize as they wunts did. >> good point. >> she sent out a statement congratulating that win. that 16-year-old girl did so much good in her life already. our best to you.
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♪ >> have you ever wondered how cool it would be if you could be in visible? there is a new kit that promises to deliver the power to disappear if you have enough cash. it is a meer $20,000. the kit includes a number of
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different ways to disguise your scent including dousing yourself in the scent of a skunk. it includes a anti-reflection device. >> at times that might be a valuable trick. >> bill? bill? >> did you say something? >> who needs the kit? >> that is good stuff. >> they are not all gems. tom hanks captain phillips the real life story of the american crew highjacked by four somali pirates. kevin, how are you? >> you are given two movies this year five stars how come? >> i have seen 112 films this year and i have only given two five out of five so far.
10:53 am
the pirates high jack a u.s. cargo ship in 2005 and take the captain hostage. even though i knew the story i found myself on the edge of my seat guessing what is going to happen next. that is the true testament to good story telling. tom hanks in my opinion deserves the academy award nomination for the final scene alone. this is one of the best performances of his career also the actor who plays the lead somali pirate it is the first lead he has ever done. it is one of the best films i've seen this year. intense it reminded me why i'm so proud to be an american. >> so cool. >> it is my second five out of
10:54 am
five this year. >> you are such a tough customer. and the idea that you say this is some of the best work of tom hanks career he has had so many hits. >> truly the last scene will blow your mind it is so emotional. >> tell us about the other movie "machete kills". >> not so great. but the grind house idea of doing these movies that are exploitation films it is getting a little bit old. you have lady gaga and mel gibson. i love rodry guess i recommend waiting for the rental on this one. >> a little film called captain phillips and gravity. >> if you see gravity see it in
10:55 am
3di max. >> have a great weekend. >> two weeks old our show. hq. we are not having as many glitches unless you look behind the scenes. we are going to give you a look at the bloopers when we come right back. both maxwell and ted have hail damage to their cars. ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday.
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you are about to see something we have never shown you before. america's news headquarters launched two weeks ago and you are about to see some of our
10:59 am
behind the scenes moments here at hhq. >> scooby dooby do. >> you know i'm going to call it golf. there is a glitch. >> i look like a have a mullet. >> bill, you are an expert. >> are you calling me an expert? >> we're in the make up room. but don't tell people i wear make up. >> i won't. it is just between us. >> taking turns dancing with maria. as the band played night of the johnsto johnstown.
11:00 am
>> you know, we are very amused by our selves. >> have a great weekend everybody. we will catch you monday. >> thank you for joining us. "the real story" starts right now. >> very cute guys. and today the latest on the gop meeting with the white house. already some mixed reaction. and an exclute ssivexclusive. computer software giant tells us how easy it is for people to hack the obama care website for people to steal your personal information. >> the talks at the white house on day 11 of the government shut down and the deadline less than a week away as wel


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