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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 11, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> you know, we are very amused by our selves. >> have a great weekend everybody. we will catch you monday. >> thank you for joining us. "the real story" starts right now. >> very cute guys. and today the latest on the gop meeting with the white house. already some mixed reaction. and an exclute ssivexclusive. computer software giant tells us how easy it is for people to hack the obama care website for people to steal your personal information. >> the talks at the white house on day 11 of the government shut down and the deadline less than a week away as well. both sides trying to figure out
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a way to get the government running and the debt ceiling maybe raised. what are you hearing wendell? >> reporter: the president's meeting with senate republicans went longer with yesterday's meeting with republicans from the house. that may be because the president likes the proposal more than the one than he does in the house. republicans in the house want to hike the debt ceiling but they want talks on spending before ending the shut down. harry r areeid said that is not going to happen. a driving rain here a short time ago, none went to the cameras. but they said they will start work on a bipartisan solution. they will need to sell it to republicans in the house and they don't want to end the shut
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down without concessions from the president. >> we are not doing that. this is an offer that is predicated on serious negotiations and it is a limited offer. it goes out six weeks but it says let's not have the country go into default. let's try and work this out. >> on the senate side, however, some republicans think the party has done itself a disservice. here is john mccain. >> we shut down the government and that gave the opportunity for this to be terribly mismanaged by the white house. they shut down the government with a fool's errand and that is a fact. >> there has been a change in tone. insisting that the would not gauchetiate in raising the debt ceiling to a focus that
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he has been having with lawmakers pretty much all week. have a good weekend. >> we have heard from senator grassly. the senator tweeted, meeting at white house over a very good discussion of shut down. hope i'm surprised. there may be progress. for more on today's developments, let's bring in brett bayer. >> it is interesting because we see senator grass ly being optimistic. but another senator told reporters not so much. are you surprised that the senators would have a different reaction after they are all in the same room with the president? >> in washington it has been interesting to see the different sides interpret what they hear
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from the same meetings. it was more of a serious policy content discussion. did not think going over there thinking it would be useful but i left there thinking it was constructive and left there thinking a sweet spot may be to this problem. you heard about that from the house republicans last night. i think we are a little ways away from that sweet spot. there was an account that president obama had asked for increased revenues. >> right. and that has been his stance forever. but republicans i think may be getting to a point where they figure out a way to do increased revenues but not in the way that the president has talked about them before. by changing the tax code and expanding the base and changing
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the way that taxes are dealt with in the country they can come up with revenues and everything is not on the same page but they get to the same result. >> i want to talk about the military death benefits. yesterday the president seemed to do an about face. jay carney came out and implied that the president had no intension of signing that bill and then he said it is up to the fisher house they stepped up and then the president signs it. what do you make of that? >> it is interesting. jay carney was asked about that and he said we don't need a congressional solution on this. senator read said that it was really legally viable. i'm guessing here that, that was
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behind the scenes and it sets a bit of a present that this was one thing that the president signed legislatively and there are bills that the president has not taken up. >> one of the things that mentioned was that it was simply a loan. that they would be paid back. there was a deal that wasn't a loan that was apparently turned down by this administration. it is the worst thing that this country has ever done allows these families to come to dover air force base on their own money. that was apparently by arnold fisher. what does that say about the president then? >> well, it says first of all, that the administration did not
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handle this the right way, because the under secretary of defense was warning that this could be a possibility that this could happen and then congress passes this bill the military pay act that all parties believed that was covered and there was a legal interpretation by lawyers that we were told in the department of justice and they get a ruling that it is not covered. when the administration finds out that, it should act. that is a big problem. i do think for the administration to start funding something was going to raise questions about how funding was going to come out of the house. >> have a great show today and a good week end. we want to hear from you.
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what do you think is happening with the shut down. who do you think is to blame? tweet us and we will read your tweets and e-mails at the end of the show. >> the agency that monitors our nuclear reactors due to the shut down. we are told inspect toneinspecke one. the impact will be economic. nuclear plants produce 1/5 of the nation's electricity. the feds had threatened to shut those california facilities down this week. now they say the company had taken steps to fix things. raw chicken had sickened people across 16 states since march.
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word today two-year-old son of star running back adrian petersen of the minnesota vikings is in critical condition after someone beat that little boy. new jail cell video. wait until you see the rest of what happened in this video. and new dirt on the lance armstrong doping scandal from his then girlfriend, singer sheryl crow. what she said he did and what she reportedly did herself. that is all coming up. stick around. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
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welcome back. a woman claiming police brutality which was all caught on cam. she walked out of the cell when an officer pushes her back inside. her face hits that concrete as she falls to the floor. this is how she looked right after. she is suing claiming that she needs reconstructive surgery for shattered bones. >> new questions about obama care and why milennials may be opting out of the program. one complaint is that it forces young healthy people to shell out money they can't afford. guy benson is a political editor
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and emilytish sussman is here. >> this is an interesting article. the problem with this plan is that it -- guy? >> there are a couple of problems with obama care from a perspective of a young person. the first are the glitches. more than any other generation they tend to do everything they canon line. if they are logging onto healt healthca healthca this is the next point. that exorbitant cost, they are paying for services that they are not going to need and it
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doesn't make sense for them to engage. >> doesn't this program only work if they sign up? in other words if they pay in the money to help pay for the money? >> the larger pool is having larger pools to offset the people that do need the coverage at that moment. i mean that is the idea of having a larger pool. young people are the most interested in signing up. even though there are campaigns to prevent them from signing up it is some that many need today. if they are pregnant, these are things that they do need today. >> that is a small faction. i'm considering you part of this group. for the most part you are healthy. if you were given the choice,
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would you sign up? >> absolutely. people see what the options that are there. that is a lot of what they are seeing. a lot of people are going into see the options that are there. for most, they are going to end up being less than $100 a month. you believe that this program could completely fall apart if young people don't sign up. >> it is called a depth spiral. if you don't have enough young relatively young healthy people who are not overpaying and we are seeing premiums going way up for these folks, if they say forget it i'm going to wait, pay the relatively cheap tax and if i get sick and get into an accident, then the insurers have to take me, because i have a pre-existing condition, from a
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dollars and cents perspective, i'm not trying to make a political point, a lot of people are realizing that and you say they are going onto look at their options. there is nothing to see because it is broken. i want to move on because congress of course passed obama care. would you vote to defeat or replace every member of congress? look at that whopping number 60% of you say newspapyup let's go and wipe them all out. the narrative has been to run against congress. we keep seeing that over and over. people are fed up to not being able to come to the table. this is a very large district. keeping them to protect the
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incumbents most are elected and 90% are incumbents and people need to get out to the polls and voice it >> all of them you agree with that? >> there are members in congress that i like and admire. we are both from washington and we are so glad to not be in washington right now. it is such a mess. average people are at home and they look at the tv and they satisfysee a president saying i won't negotiate. the hell with all of these people and i understand why they believe that. >> thank you for joining us today. >> starbuck's wading into the show down now. what the nation's largest coffee
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chain is doing now. >> would you split the cost of the ring with the guy that you are about to mary? more and more are do that go. our male power panel is straight ahead. ♪ if you like it you should have put a ring on it ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh
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fox news alert. two-year-old son of adrian petersen in critical condition now. hi trace. >> reporter: we should point out petersen was in sioux falls
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south dakota yesterday to be with his son. it was odd because nobody asked him anything about the boy. they just asked him how he was doing. maybe they weren't allowed to. but here is what he said. >> you know, the good lord never gives you more than you can bear, than you can handle. >> he said he will play this week end. the story is that the police got a called tuesday night that the boy was suffering a choking injury. they rushed the boy to the hospital and the doctors realized that the injuries were not accidental. >> there was information there that the doctors believed that the injuries were consistent with child abuse. they were head injuries i don't have the exact what those specific injuries are. but some of those are waiting for tests to come back. >> so you hear, the injuries are unclear.
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but the charges give us insight into what might have happened. causes serious body injury to an infant less than three years old causing serious swelling or damage to the brain caused by blows, or shaking to the head. the suspect is 27-year-old joseph paterson who apparently started dating the mother. paterson was home alone with the boy at the time. paterson has a long history of domestic violence. the mother of his own son has twice sought to get retraining orders against him for cheoking him and another woman in 2004 also sought a retraining order again tatt paterson. we know petersen was the nfl mvp last year. he said he will play against the
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panthers this sunday and the boy is still in critical condition. >> fox news exclute sif now. billionaire business man offering to write a check for the families of those fallen soldiers this week. and what did cheryl crow know abo know about lance armstrong's doping. the all male panel coming up next. gentlemen come on in.
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risk includes possible loss of principal. grand jury is indicting two of the bikers in new york. one of them seen smashing the window of an suv. the court has not revealed the charges. secretary of state john kerry in afghanistan to talk about an approaching deadline of a deal. and in washington, senate republicans leaving the white house after meeting with the president. the two sides trying to find common ground on ending the shut down and raising the debt limit. if the shut down goes on much longer millions of american war heros could lose their benefits.
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on our program wednesday, bill o'reilly called for chuck hagel to resign. >> he should have brought it to the president way before anticipating that would happen. so let's not have it happen. he is gone he's through it is a matter of when they will boot him out. he can't be the secretary of defense any longer. because they don't respect him. he's gone. he never should have gotten the job in the beginning. >> hi patricia. >> hey how are you? >> when you hear him say that do you agree with him or disagree? >> i think secretary hagel has to work with what he's got and it is difficult to say what he could do any different. congress is not doing it's job in sitting down and making sure that our troops have what they
11:31 am
need. somebody should have alerted them and told them that we have a problem. they passed this bill but nobody came back and said hey, guys this is going to be a big issue. nobody did anything about it. all the lawyers began talking but congress didn't talk. >> we are talking about $100,000 for 26 families who are going to get that money thanks to the fisher house. but you have exclusive information for us today about a republican billionaire who was willing to do what? >> sheldon addelson has been a big donor to our troops and he called me and said i hear rumors that the bodies might not be flown to america because we have such funding issues. and i said i will give you my planes and pick those bodies up
11:32 am
and have them brought here. and i thought that was wonderful, i will pay for the funerals this is not a loan. they should be able to bowery their families immediately. i called my friends in the department of the defense. i said hey, this is the offer on the table. they said nope sorry, we have this taken care of. i said this is not a loan. he is willing to fix it right now without obligation. >> and the response was? >> thanks but no thanks. >> and why do you think that was? >> i'm not really sure. it doesn't make sense to me why you would throw away an opportunity like this for somebody that wants to take care of these families and it would have been clean-cut easy. >> it interesting since he supported republicans in the
11:33 am
race ain the last presidential election. but thank you for bringing us up to speed on that story. >> no problem. >> in the meantime. starbuck's taking on the government shout down inviting republicans to sign a petition. is it simply pr? let's bring in our male power panel. and tom, are you the business guy here? starbucks has been known to get involved in political discussions what do you think about this move? >> i love the howard schultz story. he starts this company and is an american success story. i worry about intermingling his
11:34 am
personal feelings and i worry about what kind of lists they are building and i think he is progressive and do they build these lists and exploit them later on. >> charles is giving this a lot of thought. >> andy, do you have a problem with it? >> i don't. i think it is fine. i hate petitions. i think they are a way for people to think good about themselves. in this case they would be the people signing them. and howard shoults can say this. it is not saying republicans are stupid or democrats are idiots. it is saying hey, get your act together. i don't see a downside for this. >> if it is not going to do anything, tom, why is he doing? >> it is just pr. i think it is smart. i think schultz is a very smart guy. i don't think there is a downside to being a left wing
11:35 am
business. we are still going to buy our coffee there. do you remember what happened with whole foods? we had the idea to suggest that it was going to cost some money. i think this is a smart business move. you don't have to come hard left but it is going to improve your business. so far guys, tom gets the word of the day temerity. and hopefully you can top that one in our next topic. lance armstrong admitted to juicing overall of those years to win those bike races and he used to date sheryl crow the famous singer. fow a new book is coming out saying that she knew all along that he was doping and that she knew it and he didn't hide it
11:36 am
from her. so andy, what do you share with your significant other and did she have the responsibility to go to the authorities? >> first of all, he sounds like a hell of a boyfriend. hey babe, check me out getting a blood transfusion on my pry rate plane. he just assumed no one is ever going to tell on me because i'm lance armstrong. i don't think you can blame her for this. she couldn't lie to the federal investigators once they asked her and i don't think you could blame her for not saying anything prior to that. >> really? it was all out there tom that it was against the law to juice in all sport. >> you can't blame cheryl asher she was not going to be tray her
11:37 am
boyfriend. he should have done it the corleone way, don't ask me about my business. >> they were broken up. apparently she only told the authorities when they told her she would not be prosecuted. >> a lot of people knew. i had people say he does so much for cancer, let's turn the other way. but, a lot of hi popsy o pocksy there. i think there would have been more sympathy, but he's been more of a jerk post being clean. >> got to move onto the next topic. one of you at least has a wedding ring on and it is a good one. whoo-hoo. there is a new report out that men and women are sharing the costs of buying the ring because
11:38 am
we are in 2013. >> absolutely not. ladies, if your man can't afford the ring. if he asks you to pitch in for the ring walk away. >> charles charles charles itiss 2013 we let women work now. i think they even outearn men a lot of times. i think this is one of those things there is no wrong answer for this. it is fine if they split it. do what you like. it doesn't matter. >> when i was a single man, living like andy levy i thought the same thing. and then once i got engaged i realize the value of the diamond ring. that is preparing you for marriage. because, marriage is not all about love it is also about finances and everything else. when you get worried and you buy that ring it makes you think i'm making a commitment here.
11:39 am
it is more value for guys than it is for women. the bigger hit is when you get the rick back. >> it teaches you about marriage then you should split it. >> that is a good point but i'm telling you it is good for guys to have a a year before you get married. >> to save up. >> interesting perspective. gentlemen thank you so much. and check out charles bring on the way out. that is some bling. >> if you are like me, you probably wonder how do kids grow up so fast? these days they seem to be growing up too fast. coming up tough questions and answers about how we are raising our daughters and what we can do about it. >> plus the new gadget to protect against government snooping. ♪ why do i always feel like i'm
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and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. the new health care website is not getting off to a great start and our next guest say the way it is designed, hackers cou could see your information. john mcafee, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> how does somebody lose their life savings? >> most people can't log onto the system successfully it is so complex. but there are no safeguards to prevent anyone who can develop a website and that only costs a couple of hundred dollars and
11:44 am
pretends to be an agent. i awill ask you for your social security number and date of birth and everything i need to get into your bank account and this will happen. >> why is it so easy to hack? >> they rushed this thing into production. cgi which is the company which was contracted to build this system. they put it out too early. the architecture of this system is outrageous. it is great if you have 200 customers but to support the volume of business that the system has to support. it can't do it. it is designed improperly. what about the cost? the estimates are all over the
11:45 am
place. $500 million and $600 million. you know how much these things cost to put together. is that accurate? >> that is accurate. i think the contract for cgi for the software alone was $19 million. that went way over budget. that is outrageous for what obama care does tech logically $5 million and 15 programers could have done it if they had done it properly. they have used indian programers in india to code using java script and it is an impractical way when you have a large number of users. >> you heard it here first that you expected it. i want to talk about something else, that is the nsa and spying on them. and you have come up with a new
11:46 am
device to help people say out of any kind of government intervention. what is it? >> it is a hardware device that you drop into your pocket and if you have a smartphone it creates two devices out of that tell phone. one is the normal device and the other is a completely secure pathway, you can send a juicy letter to your girlfriend without fear of any one looking at it. you can communicate without anyone seeing it. no one is identified with it. it is ew nieis new neck it is a global network. >> when can people gaet it. >> in a year hopefully we will
11:47 am
be at market. >> thank you so much for your time tatoday. >> a bump in numbers causing a jump. a live report coming up. >> plus in a culture that is pushing our daughters to grow up way too fast we will hear from someone trying to offer positive role models. the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪
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welcome back. for the first time in cable news, here i am, makeup feet, for a reason. as is my guest today. sex sells, but to eight-year-old girls these days it's not easy to empower your tween daughter to become a comfortable young woman. dolls have sultry looks and
11:57 am
abercrombie pushing the bikini for teens. today is international day of the world. so let's look at positive roll model in the fight to let girls be girls. my guest is here sans makeup as well. thanks for being brave. >> thank you. i believe we're both very brave to do this. >> thanks for sticking up for girls on international day of the girl. what's the message? >> the message is to support girls. we need to give girls 0 to concentrate on what is inside and not the outside. you're a bright woman and you succeeded, it's not because of what you look like, it's because of your brain, it's because of your skills, it's how you developed. and that's what we need to be encouraging our girls, and we're trying to do this through the brave girl alliance. >> what is that? >> the brave girl alliance, 15 people have come together throughout the world to ask media, retailers, major
11:58 am
retailers, to provide healthy messages and healthy images for girls. it's not about being angry. it's about being equal. and let's stop sexualizing our young girls because it's not right. there's nothing about it that's right. >> one of my greatest fears in raising a ten-year-old girl is this exact topic. one of the things you really spearheaded, was creating toys for girls that focused on science and technology and good body image, so explain to me what you have here. >> when i designed the go-go sports girls it hit home when i saw a doll and the name on the hang tag was, lovely lola. and she was wearing belly button -- had a belly button ring, and looked very -- something i didn't want my daughter to play with. so it's encouraging girls to use their bodies in a healthy way. and we have developed books to go along with that, to help girls, and encourage girls. debby sterling with golda block
11:59 am
is encouraging girls to get involved in engineering and science and math. >> the message here -- i'll probably get flak for being miss america and then talking about self-esteem, but the bottom line is you got to build yourself from the inside out. >> uh-huh. right. you're right about that. and that's what we need to teach our daughters. and our sons. >> such an important topic, and i know it's top of the mind for so many parents right now. jody, thanks so much for being brave and joining me today. >> thank you very much. >> we always ask you to tweet us and e-mail us, and today we told you how the administration denied a billionaire's offer to help military families whose death benefits are shut down. that brought this tweet, defense secretary hagel should have visit their families with a check in hand for each family. as far as women going in on the cost of engagement rings todd says, i don't think we should do away with all traditions.
12:00 pm
the men should buy it. if woman call thes it off, he gets ring back. thanks for being part of the real story and every day. now to "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news deck. >> your friend dies of cancer. your friend gives you her dog, and you have found a really good home for the dog from your friend. so you send the dog on a plane to its new owner. but the airline loses the dog. and then the airline sends an e-mail to the news station that asked about it. eh, canada? >> now, at 3:00 this afternoon, star nfl running back adrian peterson's two-year-old son is reportedly in critical condition this hour, and cops have arrested a man dating the boy's mother for beating the child.


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