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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 14, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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morning for fox and friends first. start your day with fox and friends every morn. thank you ainsley, thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> day 14 of the government shutdown, chaos still reigns in washington. we'll have the latest -- a prediction from me your humble correspondent. >> republicans like to pin that one on the president as well. most of the press played the military debacle in a fairway, not everyone did. bernie goldberg has the list of offenders. >> what do you think our primary accomplishment was. >> i have to remember that far? >> and waters world travels to hillary clinton's hometown to see what they think of her. >> what has she accomplished. you tell me.
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>> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the talking points memo will be in our second segment, it's about how the national media covers the military family's debacle. day 14 of the government shutdown and i don't know. i don't know what is going on. so i have to bring it in. fox news senior political analyst brit hume. you know, it's embarrassing. i don't know you many tell me, what -- are they friends now, are they -- what are they doing? >> none of us really knows all of what's going on, but this is what we do know. and that is, that senators reid and mcconnell, the two leaders in the senate reached a tentative agreement, which has a
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number of points. the two principle ones are, the government would be reopened under current budget limits until sometime in mid january. and the debt limit would be raised temporary to sometime in mid february. in the meantime, space would be made and time would be made for a standard type of budget negotiation between the two houses to try to come up with a full budget in the -- more or less the normal way that used to be done. >> budget for what -- what year are we talking about in. >> we're talking about this year and the first part of next year. >> all right, so 13, we're so far behind in our bills now, 13 first part of 14. >> that's what these temporary reopening of the government would cover that, and the temporary extension of the debt limit would take us into february. >> and then they would look forward to another budget for -- >> well, maybe. >> look, the important thing
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here is, if they can't get together and work out all these differences and come up with the spending plan going-forward, we would be basically back in january where we are with regard to the government in danger of being closed again. >> and being -- >> they sell a little time. >> that's right. >> buy and sell little time. >> in the meantime, the government's open and the debt limit's -- >> now, no obama care on the table in anyway shape or form, right? >> there's a tax in -- that's apparently in this agreement that the labor unions didn't like, it's called a reassurance tax, that would be postponed or cancelled. we'll have to see. >> do you know what that is? >> i know it costs the union members something every month, 83 dollars or something like that is what i understand to be the case. but we have -- i'd like to see this in a fuller context before i -- >> it's a little picayune thing --
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>> don't be surprised tomorrow if we find out more about this plan. i think the broad -- >> all the chaos the last few weeks about funding obama care and the mandate, that's all gone? that all goes away? >> no. well, bill, remember, this has first got to get through the senate. and then it's got to get through the house. there's no certainty it probably could pass the senate. >> i'm talking about reid and mcconnell, we have no indication there's any give on the single person payment or anything like that? it's probably not even -- they're probably going to avoid it? >> yeah, that's right. i think that's right. >> that they're putting on the shelf. and so they buy themselves a little time, obama, the president will go along with it, they push it back into 2014, we'll have to go through this again. and what is the essential thing, is it all about for the republicans, lowering the amount of spending and for the democrats, they don't want to lower? >> well, remember there's a couple things. one of the things that's in play here is called a sequester, as you know, this is a restraint on
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spending. >> 10%. >> you can cut across the board. what that has affected so far, in government spending. astronomical levels has gone down the past couple years because of this, there's a new round of sequester cuts. set to take effect early next year. that's looming out there, the democrats would like very much to have those cuts lifted. and gives the republicans some bargaining leverage as they try to work these other things out. >> final thing. i think it behooves the gop, the republican party to basically let the obama care go out and just have the american people be so stunned that they would make gains in '14. >> i have believed for some time, there's so many problems with this program, that trying to block it unsuccessfully was inevitably unsuccessfully was a terrible strategy, if it went into effect it would prove
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problematic, in the near term and perhaps in the long term for the democrats and the senate. how does the press report on the denial of military benefits for american families. for american families. bernie goldber
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with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive, dedicated support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next. military families denied death benefits for those killed in afghanistan. over the weekend i was down in the ozarks, missouri/arkansas border, in tennessee, in northern florida. everywhere i went, everywhere there was outrage over how the federal government treated the families of those kia in afghanistan. as we reported, the whole denial of benefits didn't have to happen. all president obama had to do is take his little pen, sign an executive order that paid the
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families a $100,000 benefit. that's all he had to do. he didn't do it, chose not to do it, the whole deal devolved into chaos last week. the fisher house had to step in and cover the fix. as the humiliation grew, the house and senate passed a separate spending bill, and the president finally signed it none of that had to happen. this shows just how poor our leadership is in washington. and the folks know it. on the press front, the coverage was decent, fair in most cases. all those papers laid out the facts in a clear way. on the network news side. abc news downplayed the story, spending just three and a half minutes on it over two nights. cbs news spent four minutes over two nights, nbc spent a whopping 13 minutes over three nights. far and away the most coverage. and the nbc nightly news was
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pretty much fair. >> reporter: the senate ignored the new military benefits bill that would fix the problem. democrats say that unless house republicans agree to reopen the whole government, democrats will not approve one program at a time. even death benefits for families of fallen soldiers. >> that was true. and then the democrat of course caved. that's good news that nbc and the newspapers were invested in telling the truth about the military families. that's good news. here's the bad news. msnbc continued its business as usual. of blaming republicans for just about everything. >> republicans left to pin that one on the president as well. john boehner saying, i think it's disgraceful they're withholding these benefits, even though chuck hagel made clear the funding wasn't there. >> just for the record, hagel completely botched the whole situation, everybody knows it, except that guy, and hagel's still hiding.
8:12 pm
where is he? >> here's something really interesting. over at cnn, the military family story was pretty much ignored. very strange. like fox news, cnn has four hours to fill from 7:00 to 11:00 every night. the military story was hot. over a two night period, anderson cooper devoted 6.5 minutes to it, piers morgan 5 minutes. as for fnc, we had far and away the most coverage and the highest ratings. now for reaction, joining us from north carolina mr. goldberg. i have a theory about why all this is happening. before i do, i want to get your reaction to what we just presented. >> right. i think the hard nosed people, they accurately conveyed the disgust of the american people. so i'm with you on that, no problem. last week, reporters at the white house grilled jay carney
8:13 pm
about when the president knew about this. so hard news, again, i'm with you, no problem. but i do think that the so-called mainstream media, they went easy on president obama and chuck hagel at the defense department. if george bush were president when this screwup happened and donald rumsfeld were secretary of defense, they would have been hammered. bush would have been portrayed as a homeless dunce and rumsfeld as a bloodless technokrat. now, the blame hasn't been put on the president, even though you correctly said he could have signed an executive order. nor on hagel, god knows where he was during this whole thing, it's being blamed, where blame is assessed, it's being blamed on the shutdown. we all know what that means. the shutdown is the republican small. that's how the people are seeing it, doi think the president and the secretary of defense -- they
8:14 pm
got off kind of easy on the cover. >> i think you're right on that. particularly the president. nobody knows who chuck hagel is, you can say chuck hagel -- they don't know who he is. >> okay, now, the why behind the reporting. cnn is the starkest example, they are a hard news organization still. they still pride themselves on a developing story. and to spend the paultry amount of time on it as they did was a bad decision. >> it's an interesting theory, and the fact that cnn, which has a lot of time on its hands. >> tons. >> the fact that they played it down would indicate that you may
8:15 pm
be on to something. i'm not sure why they played it down, unless they've done some focus groups and they found out that their people don't want to hear any -- you know, maybe they're not as left wing as msnbc. nobody is. but i think you may be on to something, they figure, let fox do this, we're not going to win that battle. >> we'll try to get some people in over here. it didn't work, by the way, the ratings were abysmal. >> we'll program to people who like president obama, maybe. and don't want to hear bad news about limb. >> okay, and all of this is happening because of good morning america, ladies and gentlemen. good morning america made a decision to cover tabloid news in the morning. and that decision put them into the number one slot, okay? everybody in the news industry saw what good morning america did. i'm not disparaging them because i did "inside edition" for seven years. now, diane sawyer, usually abc is fairly aggressive, and as you
8:16 pm
said, the president bush and donald rumsfeld had denied military benefits. they would have been on abc news, diane sawyer with a family out in iowa and crying and my son got killed and there's diane looking -- there's no question that would have happened. but now, i think diane sawyer is going for more women, and the women, this may have been a little too much. so that she didn't want to cover it because of a gender issue. that's my analysis there. i could be wrong. it's just a theory. go. >> well, you know, in a way i hope you are wrong. if you're right. think about the implications. that the networks are doing studies and finding out what precisely what kind of people are watching -- >> that's what they're doing. and they're tailoring the news -- well, whatever you think of cronkite and rather and brokaw and peter jennings, that never happened back they were. >> it's a different world with
8:17 pm
the internet robbing people taking people away from the standardized news. now they have to do what good morning america did. >> if you're right, this is not a good thing. cable has already staked out it's position. to the right -- >> on ideology. >> and if the networks do that, the game's over. >> i think it may be. i appreciate it as always. senator ted cruz getting heckled in washington and chastised by fellow republican senators. fellow republican senators. take a look at what's going on i'm kind of seeing a... some kind of... this is... an alien species. reality check: a lot of 4g lte coverage maps
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there's no question obama care is not going to be
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defunded. it's going to go through. even though the new law is having severe problems. we'll deal with that in just a few moments. the main driver of defunding obama care was senator ted cruz in texas. yesterday senator john mccain was asked about mr. cruz. i respect senator cruise. he didn't make any bones about what he was going to do when he came to washington. the question is, should we follow that leadership, or should we go in other directions and coalesce the majority of the american people. >> joining us now from austin texas with reaction. now we're in the culmination of this argument, the argument's been heated for almost a month. but now the argument is pretty much there. obama care's not going to be defunded, it's going to go through in all its chaotic mess,
8:22 pm
it's going to be imposed upon me and you and every other american. it's wrong, it's bad, and all of that. but in the process of trying to derail the imposition, the republican party seems to have heard itself that's what the polls say, and you say? >> i think that's accurate, we -- republicans and conservatives angry over the victory of president obama wanted somebody to stand up and fight, and ted cruz and mike lee of utah stood up and starting in july, we're going to fight by defunding obama care. we're going to ball up our hands, make a fist, and hit the president as hard as we can. the defund strategy was never going to work, because there was not going to be a single democrat. you could pass it through the house, youen cot pass it through the senate, there's not a single democrat who's going to stand up and vote for it in the senate, that made it impossible to succeed right from the get go, only they acted as if they had a
8:23 pm
plan. they knew -- they had an end game, they were going to do something about it, the house of representatives, the republicans in the house voted it through, and that wednesday afternoon when they did, senator cruz went out and said, we don't have the votes in the senate, i'm happy to take the coat, felt like senator cruz said, you take your coat and hold it. and as a result, that strategy, i disagree with you, the fight is right now. that strategy was done and over with, and now the republicans have been trying to find a way to climb out of the hole into which they were pushed. >> you remember, and this is the crux of the matter, that the visible face of conservatism in america is the media. that's the visible face of it? that's what people all around, from seattle to miami. from laredo texas to minneapolis, they see cable news, fox news channel, some of them, talk radio. in a lot of those precepts, it
8:24 pm
was presented to the conservatives that this was going to work. it was going to happen. now, i didn't, and i got mail. i mean, you should see it. >> there's no sympathy for me, i got the same kind of stuff. no sympathy for me. man up, don't worry about it. >> what now do conservative americans who are still behind ted cruz to some extent. and i don't blame them, he's a strong leader. what are they to think, are they to think they made a mistake, the republican party is somehow going to come back from this? >> no, look, we will come back, and it was a mistake, and think about this, think about what would have happened if rather than say, we're going to defund obama care, for which no democrat was going to vote. if the emphasis had been on, you know what we're going to do, you gave a break to the big corporations, gave a break to the little men. there are 2,000 democrats in the house that voted for that. we're going to make congress
8:25 pm
live under the laws that everybody else did. even we got democrats in the senate who hated it, if it ever came up for a vote, they would have to vote for it. obama said, we're not going to make -- >> i know. >> no, we have income verification, you'll notice in the proposal in the senate, the gang of 8, democrats and republicans both rallied around the idea, no, we're going to verify people's income before we start giving them subsidies. medical device taxes, 79 democrats and republican notice senate voted not simply to delay it, but to kill the tax. there are lots of parts of the element. what if we spent august and september talking about how we -- you know, these are terrible mistakes, wrong with obama care, likely the individual mandate and like letting congress get its own special set of rules and like saying we're not going to verify income and make certain there's no fraud, we're going to tax -- what if we made the battle about that, we would have gotten a lot of democrats to join with house
8:26 pm
republicans. the theme would have about, the national media would have had to cover it. both saying obama care is a disaster, along would have come october one, with all the last two weeks, the utter disaster we've seen the last two weeks, where would we be today. we would have stuff flowing on the president's desk. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. it's not what you think. we'll have the factor investigation on who's behind the hecklers. folks in hillary' hometown want to see her become [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees.
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and whiplash. esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call. over the weekend there was a value voter summit in washington. they attracted a number of conservative speakers, including ted cruz. >> it is unfortunate that the administration -- >> you know, it is a great thing that people can express their first amendment rights. i only wish the obama administration respected first amendment rights that much it was not obama supporters in general that were being so rude. the intrusion was organized by a group called united we dream, a
8:31 pm
pro illegal ail yian founder. it's not considered a mainstream play, it's a fringe group. >> i have to credit the media research center that smelled a rat here, this wasn't trying to challenge senator cruise on obama care, this was one of these groups that wants just open borders and everybody can be an american if they want. and you say? >> well, i don't like being heckled like that. the teachers union people were there in force, so i don't like it, but if you're asking me about the cause i think these
8:32 pm
are dreamers, these are kids who have booed president obama as well who think that kids who have been in the country should have an opportunity to be american. >> no, they want everyone. >> well, i'm just saying -- >> we think it's really important that he and the others in his party recognize the necessity of coming to an agreement. >> there's a lot of that on the left. i'm not surprised ted cruz ended up with hecklers. every time they know the video cameras are going to be trained on this guy, they can glom on to
8:33 pm
that. they paid to get into the summit, they're $75 into the cause on the other side as juan said, you always have this kind of stuff, the shoutdown crew, the code pink crew. they justify it by saying, you want to have yours, you can buy a political edge. soros got enough money, can you buy a little town, you could buy san francisco, all right? they're already setting it over there. i thought it was disingenuous to attack cruz. he was flummoxed, he didn't know who these nuts were, why would he? they're little soros people running around. i thought he joked pretty good. >> he placed the blame on the wrong -- it wasn't the president's guys who -- >> it was a joke. >> no, i --
8:34 pm
>> it's always at obama's expense, that's the thing about the far right, they're going to -- they live in a bubble, and these young people are rude. but the idea that ted cruz born in canada, and now claiming to be an american -- >> are you going birther on cruz? >> what? >> are you going birther on cruz? >> i don't have to go birther, he was born in canada. >> were you there? >> nobody disputes that, mr. o'reilly. >> you have to be born in america. >> juan said claiming to be american, which sounded a little -- >> no, no, no, no, no. he was born in -- claiming that he now can run for president as
8:35 pm
an american, as mr. o'reilly just explained. you have to be born in the united states to do that. >> sounds like something that would get me in trouble if i said it about obama. >> you wouldn't say that? >> i won the. >> those folks here in washington were running around with the confederate flag, talking about obama and muslims. >> where was this? >> in front of the white house this weekend. >> and juan is taking one person to represent. >> lafayette park in front of the white house, every loan in the world goes there. >> at every given time, you're going to have every loan in the world with every costume in the world. >> don't make this a policy --
8:36 pm
>>t's totally unfair, i didn't hear them doing that about occupy wall street. >> we report it, but come on, juan? >> you are two rational people, why do you think the other folks there at this benchmark didn't object and say, get out of here? that's offensive? >> because the guy probably had a submachine gun, juan. >> what about occupy wall street defecating on cop cars, why weren't they thrown out. >> don't try to reason. see you later. >> that's a good one. mary katherine, juan, thank you. when we come back, the chicago contribute investigates obama care, wait until you hear what they've come up with. jesse waters bringing his world to hillary cl [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief.
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the unresolved problem segment. the truth about obama care. chicago tribune, not usually an i'd yo lodge cam newspaper. did an investigation of obama care in illinois. health insurance deductibles are going through the roof for family coverage.
8:41 pm
obama administration and illinois officials tautded the lower than expected monthly premiums that would make insurance more affordable for millions of americans. but a tribune analysis shows that 21 of the 22 lowest price plans offered on the illinois health insurance exchange for cook county have annual deductibles of more than 4,000 for an individual, and 8,000 for family coverage. those deductibles which represent the out of pocket money consumers must pay on health care, before most insurance benefits kick in are higher than what many conservatives expected or may be able to stomach. the reason health insurance premiums will cost more for many americans, they include things like maternity care. in the past, they did not include those things. every health insurance company,
8:42 pm
you may know has taken on more claims. americans are not going to farewell in the short term. median income for working americans is down on president obama's watch for five years. workers have less take home pay. higher taxes and now much higher health insurance costs. that's a good way into bankruptcy. the important thing is to use facts, not emotion. facts. the chicago tribune did a good job in uncovering that. on another front. a culture war update this evening. megan kelly and i scorched school district authorities in with a saw, wisconsin. by telling a high school choir it had to cut back on christmas
8:43 pm
carols. that led to a big meeting in with a saw. >> packed room with voices waiting to be heard. this special school board meeting attracted major attention. this after the with a saw school district propoeszed dramatically changing poll day concerts, by limiting religious music. the district was threatened with lawsuits. >> i think there's still some confusion out there. >> because of all this, the high school require disbanded temporarily, now the group is back together. >> while that music is welcome, community members say they still have issues. >> the school board itself regains control over policy, development and communication dozens of people stood at the podium, with the same message. others said, limiting religious music in schools isn't a bad thing. >> increasingly diverse community with many different elements in our community.
8:44 pm
we need to be constantly reviewing what that means. >> in the end the school board voted to hold off on making any changes to the rules. this means holiday concert music selection is up to music teachers at individual schools. >> it's not holiday music lady, it's christmas music. here's what i told her last week. they will overturn this insanity, and if they don't, we'll have to go out there. >> i think we should just sing. >> why do you pinheads continue to do this kind of stuff. the factor's been covering christmas controversies forthan anti-christmas forces never win, they're always humiliated. just like they were in with a saw. there's a new controversy brewing in new england. we're keeping an eye on it.
8:45 pm
in a moment, jesse walters traveling to hillary land. what do the folks who live in our own town really think about [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. hearty cheeseburger. creamy thai style chicken with rice. mexican-style chicken tortilla. if you think campbell's 26 new soups sound good, imagine how they taste. m'm! m'm! good! ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx.
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waters world, it is widely believed that if hillary clinton wants the democratic nomination for president in 2016, it's hers for the taking. even though she will be a formidable candidate, there's mixed feelings about the former secretary of state. so we sent jesse waters to her hometown chappequa, new york. ♪ >> do you support hillary clinton for president in. >> yes, i do. i think she's a brilliant woman.
8:49 pm
>> she'll get a certain number of women voting for her no matter what. >> 50% of the people love her and 50% don't. >> which side are you on? >> it's a secret ballot, dear. >> the only thing i think about is the scandal with lowenstein. >> if hillary is elected president, bill is going to be back in the white house. >> we'll miss him in chappequa. he's a man of the town here. >> where does bill clinton like to hang here? >> starbucks. walks around, shakes people's hands. >> pressing the flesh? >> what does that mean? >> i beg your pardon? >> when hillary clinton was secretary of state, what do you think her main accomplishment was? >> i thought that having that --
8:50 pm
staying even keel to negotiate. >> negotiate what? >> i forget what i was going to say. what was i saying? >> i have to remember that far? >> details and i want them right now.i want >> what do you remember about her tenure as first lady? >> her health care. >> her push for health care. >> when hillary was a senator, what do you think her main accomplishment was in the senate? >> this is not live, right? >> not live. >> what has she accomplished? nothing. >> i think if she gets elected president she, would be the first woman president. >> really? yes. >> obama care. do you think health care will be a drag on hillary when she runs? >> my dad is excited about it. >> why? >> now cut that out. >> what do you think the hillary clinton doctrine is? >> to just get it done. >> do you get it done? >> depends on what you're talking about. >> you look like you get it
8:51 pm
done. >> well, thank you. >> benghazi. >> forget about that. >> i don't like the way it was covered up before the election. >> she was asked about that at a hearing and she said -- >> what difference at this point does it make? >> that disgusted me. >> what about benghazi? do you think that will be a drag on her when she runs for president? >> i don't believe benghazi would win. okay. i'm going to stick with hillary clinton. that name is new to me. >> that doesn't make sense. >> did you ever watch fox news channel? >> only when i want to see what the enemy is doing. big factor fan. >> he's fantastic. bill. >> forget about it. >> you're a fan of "water's world" right? >> of what? >> what's your favorite part of the show? >> you have great taste. >> you're very cute. >> thank you very much. you're in my world right now. >> i seriously almost passed out you're such a dork. >> this is really going to be on "the o'reilly factor"? >> are you going to be okay?
8:52 pm
>> seemed like an intelligent woman. obviously in support of mrs. clinton. she had no idea -- >> no one did. they struggled to find one major accomplishment of her in the senate, secretary of state and as first lady. it's a thin resume. i had trouble looking into it too. >> but secretary of state, there are a few things that you could have pointed to, i think, but none of them could say as secretary of state i thought she did a good job here. >> right. >> you didn't get one who could do that? >> you know, it's touchy-feely stuff. she empowered women. she invents transgender rights. reached out to minorities. there's no real treaty. there's no coalition. >> even on the other things, the transgender and women thing, there was no accomplishment to advance that cause. >> there's nothing really concrete. you know she mentions as her main accomplishment, she established diplomatic ties with berma. >> that's not bad.
8:53 pm
>> that's a major accomplishment. >> i don't know if that has to do with transgender and women. i don't know. that was a terrible country and they are coming back a little bit. i'm not going to chastise that. >> she has russia reset. >> last question real fast. of all of the people if hillary clinton was running, would she win or no? >> she would win 65-35. there's no electricity like there was with president obama. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare.
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are you addicted to the net? a moment. killing jesus continues its sales run. the bestselling book in the world. you wouldn't know it by the media outside of "60 minutes" little has been said about the book by the national press. it's too hot to handle for the secular progressives.
8:56 pm
some small newspapers are weighing in. review in the cedar falls paper said "bill o'reilly's ability to analyze social, political and social contexts has made him a writer in nonhistorical fiction. it's not about dangerous ideas. it's about how seemingly factions within a system will join to oust a threat." very percent perceptive review. they joined together to get jesus of nazarath. very good. i appreciate that very much. the smaller newspapers are generally more honest newspapers than the larger ones. now to mail. cheryl in illinois, thank you, bill, for pointing out conduct
8:57 pm
the defense secretary hagel and jay carney. chuck is nowhere to be found and carney is stonewalling. mr. know it all, laura ingraham is more in touch than you are. laura is wearing rose colored glasses regarding gop. ted cruz has done something that the president could not do in four years. increase the popularity of democrats. according to polls, everybody is going down in washington. bill, segment about the wisconsin choir ordered to sing four secular songs for every christmas carol reminds me for every western song, three songs about lennon had to be sung.
8:58 pm
bill in manassas, virginia, i have sent a donation. michael mcgee, after retiring from the military i had my hip replaced thanks to the fisher house. they do great work. i want to thank kids in chamberla chamberlain, south dakota, soccer club for raising money for the veterans family. my column this week about how they are dependent on the machines. they can't stop. they can't stop. you can read the column on bill o' how much money do you spend on the net including e-mail and texting. 46%, between one and three hours. 15% more than three hours. there you go. close to 20,000 of you responded. a new book out called "one day contract" written by the
8:59 pm
legendary basketball coach rick pateno. >> you go to a dinner table and they take out their phone when they should say you have my undivided attention. we don't allow that with your team. >> you wouldn't recruit people if they are distracted by their blackberry or e-mail while talking to you. >> i'll have recruits and we're having great dialogue and the kids are underneath texting. >> check out pitino's book. try to limit your own internet use. limit it. certainly have restrictions. internet addiction is serious and should be treated that way. that's your tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out fox news website which is different than bill o' that doesn't lead to addiction. name and town if you wish. one of my favorites is not to be
9:00 pm
a puzzle wit. stop being a puzzle wit. thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. definitely looking out for you. tonight, the cameras capture a "the kelly file" exclusive. >> usa! usa! usa! >> we are at the barricades and in the crowds as vet groups and angry americans bring a message to the steps of the white house and then get attacked by some liberal media. >> it was tea party republicans. come on, ben. cut the crap. >> there is something deeply enraging to these folks that there's a black family in the white house right now. >> plus, did one media outlet cross a line comparing senator ted cruz to one of the most evil terrorists the world has ever known? and tomorrow, the supremco


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