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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 16, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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switch chairs? >> normally in the morning you are on that side and now it is the afternoon and you are working for ali. >> all right set the world right. >> this is like when we go on vacation and my husband says sleep on the other side of the bed. >> see you tom. bye-bye. >> welcome to, "the real story". less than ten hours from the u.s. hitting it's debt limit, we may finally have a deal. brett bayer joins me now. what is this deal? >> okay here is the dea senate has negotiated between mitch mcconnell and harry reid
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will see exception essentially government right away and will extend until february the 15th and increase the debt ceiling until february 7th. there will be an income verification for obama care. and it will create already created but it will put a date on the bipartisan budget committee which has to come up with a report by december 13th and that will be the house and senate budget coming tomorrow with big picture stuff. and also dealing with the sequester which democrats want to get rid of. this is not popular in republican circles and they will a lot of them sign onto this deal i think. i'm saying to myself oh boy that
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is not that far away and we are going to be doing the same round robyn again. is it going to go to the senate first? >> yes. >> we are hearing right now it is about 5:00 p.m. vote in the senate. you know, these things have been tough to nail down and hour producers up there. they have been doing fantastic work trying to find out timelines. our business tries to figure out when stuff is going to happen. and then it would go to the house. john boehner is having a meeting at 3:00 pm and it is likely to it passes the senate quickly and then it goes to the house. you will likely see this pass with democratic support likely more democratic support than republican support and then it would go to the president to be signed some time this evening. >> and all before midnight. >> all right. thank you for the details. >> sure.
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>> will this actually fly in the house where other deals have bitten the dust? >> let's bring in two congressmen from opposite sides of the aisle. and adam smith. is this going to pass in the house yes or no? >> well, i think it will passover well manyingly. >> i think it is going to be headed that way. the shame of it is, this is something we could have done back in the beginning of october. as you noted, this only gives us a few months. >> isn't this what americans hate quite frankly about you y guys that this is something that could have been done long ago and here we are again? >> it is diff. i understand why the american people is upset but to make cuts
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is hard for people to pass that vote. i think republicans made a mistake that obama care would be so unpopular thaty shutting down the government but to say what are we going to do to make the health care system better in this country. >> i agree. there is no question that the affordable square act could be improved. but it was about how to kill it on the one side and on the budget side and this has blown past everybody. the debate isn't about how to get the deficit under control. the debate is that the republicans continue to insist no new revenue and that is the problem and as we head towards january 15th, if we say no new revenue, we are not going to get
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that, but again, this is what americans get so frustrated with. we have this kicking the can down the road mentality, you have the time to create really really because didn't we just do this with simpson boles two years ago? >> the country is divided on this question too. the country is divided on this too. they don't want the budget cut and they don't want taxes increa increased. >> congressman, the president of the united states looked at the report and he punted. >> right. and in all to be fair here, this is not a bipartisan commission this is following the constitution and having the budget committees meet in
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congress as they are supposed to. >> i get it all but the senate hasn't passed a budget in how many years? >> that is the goal. the goal is to come out with something and it is going to take president obama to lead on this. >> but it is going to take republicans to get 118 votes so that we can express the conservative voting patterns of the country. >> quickly to both of you, what you think the phone calls are going to be coming into your offices today? >> i don't know. part of the problem is the republicans want tax reform but they haven't passed it yet. part of the calls will be finish
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the job. >> congress man? >> i think that is right. especially as it relates to health care reform. this is our opportunity to come out with our ideas. if we spent the last three months coming up with how we would have the choice of our own doctors and make sure that our hospitals stay open and if we would have spent the last three months doing that, it would have been productive. >> thank you so much to both of you. lu t thank you so much. >> so, there may be a deal in the senate. are we out of the woods when it comes to a deal in the senate? >> the markets look like that. the dow jones has been up 200 points today. we have seen record highs. a couple of record highs on
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companies as diverse as dollar tree to whole foods. there seems to be optimism that perhaps we will have a deal and avoid the drama and i thought those two representatives articulated it well. >> the market is up 170 points right now. >> if we had gone into default and we still don't know we could. there has been a lot of discussion going off the cliff or we could make due. your opinion? >> who wants to find out. i would have to say what do we have to go on? >> the last time we were close to something on this. the markets were spasming wildly. we don't want to see a default on servicing our debt in the nation. a lot of people here depend on it. and they would start to be worth less and people are beginning to
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wonder. how much money do i really have? >> there were same things pointed out in an article. global tock mstock market crash number two global recession. >> that means other countries look at us and say if they are not solid enough then we might see a real slow down and people will start to stop working. that is more a pob possibility. i would say it is painful. but 3 or 4%. >> coming up, about 50 minutes from now. obama care roll out is not the first initiative launched online. but why did the launch of medicare part d 7 years ago seem to go better. the tech guru of the white house
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joins me. smartphones okay we get those. but the smart weapon? the rifle that can make the nor visshooter an expert sniper. in sights from an expert coming up.
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welcome back everyone. you might be surprised at this next story. republicans saying that the deal is not a good idea. >> the deal provides no relief
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to all of the young people coming out of school. i can hardy wait to hear the real talk from my panel today. let me start with you, mark, how did ted cruz factor into th this? >> the republicans shut down the government for two weeks for nothing. this was a shutdown for nothing. not only has it not accomplished nothing. it has overshadowed the biggest
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story of two weeks the implosion of obama care. not a single story today about obama care. "new york times" nothing about it. wall street journal, nothing about it. we would be talking about the obama administration is incomplete disarray and who is getting fired for this disaster and whether it needs to be stopped for a year so that they can get this thing straight. it is a complete disaster for the republicans. >> so simon, answer the headlines that work would like to see right now. how could they manage the millions of people going on the
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government dole for health reform? >> remember, these are private insurance plans that everybody is getting. these are plans that are going to make it easier for people to find these in different states. there is no question that there is a bump in the read here. we are going to know in the next couple of months. it is too early to tell. some of the federal health exchange is not working as well. but we are seeing people sign up and i think things are going okay. >> simon i think that was a fantastic spin but i have to give mark some props. come on. this system has not worked as it? >> the federal hasn't worked.
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>> go ahead, i wish simon would be as candid about the implosion about obama care as i have been about the implosion of the republican party. one half of one percent have signed up. people have given up trying to sign up for obama care on this. they need to get seven million people to sign up for the law to survive. if they can't get people to sign up it will collapse. they will have to delay the individual mandate. you cannot punish people if it doesn't work. are they going to do that? because we shut down the entire government over trying to kill it and nobody budged is that going to happen? >> i don't think it is going to happen.
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certainly not this year. if the numbers are really below projections when we come back here in january, things can get changed. i want to commend mark. it is important for the republicans to get more focused on fixing things. just as your previous guest said if there are real problems with obama care, then we should be focused on how to improve them. we are not going to shut down obama care. i don't think all the blame goes on the republicans for this entire thing. there is something called the legacy. what will the legacy be about the leadership quality of this president during this entire time? >> he hasn't had to do very much because the republicans have
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been doing it for him. imagine what it would be like if the stories would be how the administration would be in disarray. they would say look, we are going to raise the debt limit but we are going to delay it for a year. it would set up about the intern intern internal strife and adm administrati administration. interesting analysis from both of you. thank you very much. >> all eyes on washington right now as lawmakers try to reach deals to the end of the government shut down and they can help the most ineach pe inexperienced gunman shoot like a pro. >> hi casey. [ male announcer ] this is pam.
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remember that? it took nearly a month to lift it from the bottom of a lake. it weighed more than half a ton. scientists will study to learn where it came from. have you heard about these smartweapons a high-tech rifle that decides itself the exact
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moment to fire. we are live in austin texas. what is it all about. >> gretchen it is fascinating we have heard of smartphones, but what about smartweapons. they are being built here in this lab in central texas and boy do they pack quite a punch. for a trained military sniper hitting a har get ten football fields away on the first try happens about 11% of the time. with the tracking point rifle your odds jump to 75%. and that is for somebody who has never pickeded up a gun boasts the company ceo. >> it is allows somebody to make a target 100,000 yard s the
11:25 am
controls o s automatically adju for wind speeds and the earth's rotation. you lock the target, but when you pull the trigger the gun picks the time to fire. the fun is made hunters. >> they have developed this weapon so that every citizen in this country would be at risk so they would be able to shoot a large animal. >> all of the laws that atry to buying a gun they have to go through and if this gun is stolen he can lock out that functionality. >> talk about high-tech these things are equipped with wi-fi. it can wirelessly transmit a
11:26 am
signal to an ipad. you can see what the user sees in the scope. it allows you to record the shot so you can stream it to facebook and social media. the prize tag $27,000. but the taplet is included with that. >> 27 k are you kidding me? casey i thought you would be firing it off for me. tell me how it goes. >> i want to tell you we did. and i hid a target at 1,000 yards away on the second shot. >> novice to expert. thank you so much. >> meantime president obama seems pretty fond of mentioning a certain president ronald reagan. begs the question what would president reagan do if he were
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welcome back everyone. let's check in on some headlines for you this hour. secretary of defense and other
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leaders are pushing a long-term national debt agreement. this gap fishing clerk scared off a robber. but hours later, he was fired for breaking company holsy for carrying a firearm. passenger saying he saw engine blow up. >> well amid the partisan warfare it is easy to forget that president obama of ten invokes another president one that was nothing like him. >> ronald reagan asked the wealthiest americans to pay and
11:32 am
eventually he helped to make it better. so that is what is going to happen with the affordable care act and once it is working very well, i guarantee you they will not call it obama care. >> so what would ronald reagan do right now? there were 8 government shut downs during this presidency and he reached across the aisle every time. >> any similarities in your mind? >> other than the fact that they both occupied the oval office and are from illinois there is no similarity. >> reagan, yes, he did reach across the aisle and in 1980 when he was running for president and gave his speech in detroit he made open appeals to independents to join that share
11:33 am
of values but he didn't denigrate the american people and that is what you are getting too of ten from president obama today. he believed that this message was so compeeling and appealing that he believed he could convince them to his way of thinking. when he talked to the oval offi office. >> with all fairness. i don't know that president obama is attacking the american people, he is attacking republicans. but i get your point. what you are saying is that the choice of words would have been different? >> these all of these republicans like the democrats were voted into office by hundreds of thousands and millions of people. those people made in developments and they are
11:34 am
reaganites. in 1996 campaigned against washington. so you believe that he would have sided with senator ted cruz? >> i can't say that, i can say for this entire life his career he challenged the establishment. when he was at eureka college he challenged the establishment. and the establishment in 1980, not ronald reagan and then he challenged the conventional thinking of the establishment. he was the essence of the president. >> a lot of people were wondering what reagan would have been doing right now.
11:35 am
>> in a senate dominated by men. it turns out it was the women on both sides of the aisle it turns out it was the women who were shaping the deal. >> 14 of us were able to join together republican and democrat leadership was provided primarily by women in the senate and i won't comment further on that. >> wow, let's bring in the ladies on our panel on women. ladies you know, hats off to these five women who i want to name right now. they started this discussion, how different are women when they come to the table compared to men. >> i think it is not a surprise
11:36 am
to us that that is the case that they started this process. women's leadership works. studies have shown that men run for office because they want power. we have 20% of women and can you imagine if we had 51% representation and how we would be able to move legislation along and find that? women don't start ckamasazie caucuses. >> let me ask you this, one of the things i remember studies when you send women and men off to the wilderness, who survives
11:37 am
and it turns out that women form circles and men sometimes kill each other. >> but let's not be anti-men. you had simpson and you had ryan on medicare and there have been a lot of deals out there. i think the problem is even if you had 50% women in the senate and 50% men you have to have women in the white house to sign those deals. >> how do you deal about that? >> i'm so glad that they got along while they were getting their nails done, but i'm concerned about how it ended. i'm not happy with these deal. and i think that is the conversation it is great that women started it, but the end result is not what was best. it is not what michelle bachman
11:38 am
was talking about. it started with a female conversation. >> let's take men out of the next topic completely. did you see what happened to this very fit beautiful mom, maria kain she posted this on facebook and she got sent hate mail, hate tweets and how dare you be beautiful, fit and have three kids. >> she looked healthy and she is proud of it. and this is a sign of how toxic social media can be. >> last night i was called a gorilla and whale. >> i have struggled with weight. this is something that we should be celebrating. it is why michelle obama has her
11:39 am
"let's move" campaign. anonymity has not been so great. >> we have all faced that kind of hate. but here is what she wanted to do. she said, the first step is owning your life. your body and your destiny is to own the thoughts that come out of your own head. personal responsibility. >> i think she did this for herself and she did it for those three children in the picture right there. listen, i want you to be proud of yourself. i have had three kids, i have had stretch marks and i'm doing it and i am going to be healthy. >> why is it always that women are sometimes the harshest critics of women. >> i think of her and think how could she do this given her
11:40 am
schedule. i would love to know how to do that. i would do it tomorrow if i could. maybe they don't see women in their position. and especially once you get into the corporate world you don't see a lot of women at the higher levels and so you do feel like you are competing with them and you can't move up the chain. i don't know bravo to her, though and she can call me anytime. >> yeah, i think we would all take those abs and there is a special place down there for women who don't support other women. keep that in mind. >> i thank you all for coming on the program today. >> many problems with the obama care roll out. we'll get perspective under president george w. bush that is next.
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killer typhoons in japan. rare find off the coast of southern california. 400 pounds 18 foot fish the creature was dragged to shore after a snorkeler was dragged to shore with it. kiss, nirvana and hall and oates among them. announced in december. two weeks into the launch of obama care the administration left with a lot of egg on its face. folks unable to sign up. did it have to be that complex?
11:45 am
things went more smooth ly when he worked in the george w bush white house. the prescription drug benefit. and he is my guest. good to see you. >> hey, how are you? >> to be fair and put it in context. back in 2006 when you launched this a lot of people weren't on the internet or the elderly really weren't on the internet as much. do i have a fair point there? that is right. it was a different time and few people had web browsers and most of the people that signed up did so through a church or with the help of a child. so very different world than the one we live in today. but a different attitude on the
11:46 am
wart part of the government. >> on the positive side. how did you plan ahead? >> you expected 25,000 people to go to the website to sign up but you planned for way above that. juxtapose that again how this administration planned this launch. >> it could be hundreds of thousands and millions of people. there were 70 million people eligible for the drug benefit. here is the key thing that we did. we said to private contract tors who were adept at builting these technologies. here is what we wanted to do. it can't crash or fail. and it has to be responsive and we want it to work every time. if you don't feet that contract, you are not going to get paid.
11:47 am
the government has said give us the pieces and we will build it and it is a different approach. it is different than how we think about giving people access to government. >> do you think that they would have made this many mistakes with this launch? >> some people are stunned. but when you look at the federal government. the government is three years behind how the rest of our lives are online and doing things a s the federal government is behind many states. i live in california and so you know i think all they had to do was look at where the federal government is with taxes or social security or basic
11:48 am
government functions and said boy this won't work either. i think if they would have said we can't do this, and turned it over to the private contractors it would have worked better. >> they were warned about it and still went ahead wit. >> good to be with you. >> take care. >> bomb hoax fall out. one school now a closed campus. but only for boys. even those who had nothing to do with the hoax. these two fierce litigators take up the case next. there goes arthur. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health.
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welcome back, everyone. new questions about how one school district is handling a bomb hoax it happened in idaho. the bomb threat forced all students out of class while police searched the building. we're told we found the trouble originated in the boy's bathroom. but while no bomb was found and no suspects named, the school district took action and sent an email to parents saying the school is now a closed campus for all boys. and only the boys. so no going off campus for lunch, even those who had nothing to do with the hoax. arthur aidala defense attorney and jonah spilbore former prosecutor and defense attorney. what is up with this story? >> discriminatory. >> i will let you sound off first, why? >> basically, you have one idiot, right? because there have been repeated bomb threats so there is one idiot.
11:53 am
they don't know who it is except that the bomb threat was written on the boys' room bathroom stall, so now all of the boys in the school are being punished the. not only leave campus to go to lunch saturday campus open for extracurricular activities not allowed there as well. principal's attempt to pier pressure who is making these bombs. >> all boys? >> all boys. >> come on? >> the school basically grounded the entire male student body until they get to the bottom of who is committing these hoax. this isn't just one hoax, gretchen. this was number 11 in two years at this school. the school is sick and tired of it. nobody is being prosecuted. they are asking basically as parents. they are going to put pressure on every single boy in that school until someone comes forward to make this -- >> here is just a thought. >> thank you. >> i have been to high school before. >> and have you been in the boy's room. >> and, i have gone into the boy's bathroom, and i may have actually written
11:54 am
something. >> on the wall. how long does does that take? >> my point is, how do we know it's a boy? >> i'm with you 100%. >> i know we are taking it as a joke but it's kind of true it would take, what, 30 seconds for a girl to run, in write on the wall and run out. now all the boys are in trouble. >> outside the bathroom door. if a girl went into the boy's bathroom. >> so good how do they know know who did it. >> because i don't have them inside the bathroom. you can't put cameras inside the bathroom, obviously. i don't think kids are losing anything by not being able to go to mcdonald's to get a happy meal at lunch. >> what about school being closed on saturdays? >> who goes to school on saturday? >> study use children do. people least likely to do this are the ones who are suffering. >> here is what i find actually refreshing about this story is that a principal took this kind of action. i don't necessarily agree with it, but, in this day and age with the
11:55 am
politically correct society we live, in usually nobody could take action like this and get away with it, right? >> they might not be able to get away with it because some parents want to sue the school over discriminating against the entire student body. >> i know my kid didn't do a bomb threat why my child can't go to school on saturday. >> it's a small punishment. >> i also agree with gretchen. i was speaking to a new york city school teacher saturday she has disciplinary problems with kids in her class. she is like i can't do anything. you know, they can't let the kids write on the board like i will not call class. that's punishment and the teacher gets fired. it's way different from when i went to school and told the teacher she could hit me if i get out of line. now you can't have the kids write on the chalkboard. >> by the way when i did go in the boy's bathroom all i wrote is "i love steve." that was it. that was all. i didn't put a phone number. let's not go there. >> we don't know where steve is today. >> is he not one of my clients. is he one of yours? >> arthur and joanna, good
11:56 am
to see you. >> thank you. >> house republicans set to meet on the hill when we can expect new movement on the deal to reopen the government and extend the debt limit. plus, an arrest made in the dry ice bombings at lax airport. what police are saying about the motive might surprise you.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> an arrest after two dry ice bombings. it may have been the work of disgruntled employee. this baggage handler now in custody. took dry ice from the plane, put them in bottles, put them in the employee restroom and tarmac. nobody hurt in either blast. we asked you earlier what do you think president ronald reagan would do to handle the budget standoff. tweets: >> tweet from tray: and from larry t. stilwell:
12:00 pm
>> thanks for sharing your thoughts, of course, keep them coming and thanks for being part of the real story today. i'm gretchen carlson, shepard schmidt reporting now live from the fox news desk. >> thank you so much, gretchen. good to see you today. they say we have a deal. nothing signed it hasn't made it through the house and no one has even voted but we will get into the details which is usually where the devil lies. isn't it? plus mark could you began the billionaire millionaire is he an insider trader? jury is deciding today. plus, do you need a new diet? i have a new diet for you. today, you will meet the man who says it works. he has lost weight every single year did it under doctor's orders. the oktoberfest diet and the food? beer and sausages. let's get to it. >> now, shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. first from


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