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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 17, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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sunsweet, the amazing prune. crowds are gathering for the 2016 olympics in rio. >> today on "the real story". one of the senate key women tells us whether we are going to go down the same stupid road anyway. our panel is going to chew on that for you. a doctor on trial accused of planning to murder his mother of 8 so that he could be with his mistress. hi everyone. welcome. i'm gretchen carlson.
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so after america got close to the brink of going close, we may have to go through all of this again in just 100 days from now. mr. obama and the white house using charged language to blame republicans. >> you don't get to extract a ransom for doing your job. what the president made clear is that he would not allow a situation to develop where he paid ransom to any party. >> but all my friends in congress, understand that how business is done in this town has to change. >> so our next guest among the so called gain of this deal, y
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senator. >> thank you it is good to be on. >> good you agree with these words does that get anything done? >> i use different words. there are ea lot of memetaphors washington. i think the president got together with a group in washington and i can understand why they were getting angry. that being said, i think where we are right now is we have gotten ourself out of this mess. as you note, for the next three months, it is critical. and my hope is that we are finally able to work out something that is for the long-term so that we don't keep lerching from financial crisis
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to financial crisis. >> americans hate members of congress. there is a 10% approval rating. people out there don't like you guys and they probably don't believe that anything is going to be done in the next 100 days. what can you tell us today to change their minds? >> i think the first is just what you brought up. people have been mad for a while. this has gotten a new degree of anger from the american people. we are doing our jobs and paying our bills and i think you saw in the republican party, a number of people and people can be on different sides of this, they stood up and said we can't keep letting this happen let's do a long der term deal. they have been building off of the work that senator warner and
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coburn did. a mix of people from different ideologies did to come together with the debt commission plan that is a mixture of bringing the debt down with spending cuts and revenue and reform. i think that is what we need to do. >> you are going to be in favor of spending cuts as a democrat? >> of kaurs icourse i'm in favo some spending cuts. in the middle of january another equeststration level comes in. i think that could be an incentive to make the cuts and bring the debt down but look at smarter ways to do it. i think that is going to be the challenge of the congress to see if we can come together to make the spending cuts but also look at the balanced approach. the women did come together and
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you did get props for doing so. maybe there is a glimmer of hope out there. what i have been doing with some of our guests is one thing that maybe our viewers have never known about you. >> my dad and i went on a lot of long distance bike trips including an 1100 mile trip in ten days. i think you have a photo of that. we did a lot together. someone who grew up in minnesota you know it is a great place to grow up. i know your parents who have a great auto dealership called maine motors. you can't say it, but i will. >> your dad was quite an icon in our state of minnesota. hope to see you soon. >> great to be on. thank you. >> fox news alert for you now. congressman bill young has
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passed away. the florida republican was 82. announced last week he would not seek re-election last year. florida media reported that he was suffering from multiple health problems, dead at 82. does the new deal get to the root of the problem? we are talking about america's sky rocketing national debt. welcome to my new show, judge. >> congratulations on the new show and the beautiful set. although i somehow think it should be 6:30 in the morning jo don't say that. >> you wrote america society as we know it it will collapse. you are serious about this? >> i am. i realize that senator has the
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best interests of the country at heart, here is what the government did. the government roar bborrowed mn in order to pay interest on loans that it has already received and spent. it would be like you oweing a mortgage payment and borrowing money to pay for it and not being able to pay for it. presidents and big government people like the senator are just interested in the political gain they get when they spread wealth around. they are not interested in the questions of that debt. it causes inflation. fully one fifth of the money that the federal government collects in taxes half a trillion dollars is interest paid to paiinterest on the loan
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that the federal government takes. >> when does it stop and does it? >> i don't think it will stop under this president unless the congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling. if speaker john boehner had gonna long with the majority of republicans ip t s in the house said no, stop no more borrowing. then the president would not be able to borrow. we are still borrowing on the interest that woodrow wilson borrowed? >> they paid the people back with additional loans. they rolled it over. that 30 billion that wilson used to fund the war between 1917 and 1919, has now cost us $60 billion because of the fees used
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to roll it over. the government never pays down the principle. it cares about it's a built to spend cash and give the cassia way. >> and the feedback you have received from this article? >> pretty good. from people who voted the other way. >> i love you. and i love your laugh. >> all the best. >> we want to hear from you. e-mail us and tweet us. we are going to read your tweets and the e-mails at the end of the show. well a fterrifying scene when police say a man with a knife highjacked a bus full of kids. we'll debate fair and balanced. and police charge two girls with bullying this girl for a
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year before she killed herself. our panel of moms weighs in. >> if you could have been with me that morning when i saw her dead at the base of that cement tow tower. i have granddaughters about that age and they should never ever be bullied. ment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare
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crews arriving this morning to find flames tearing through that building. no word yet on what caused that fire. republicans conceding their
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fight in the fight. john mccain admitting as much to greta van susteran. >> the american people disapprove with republican ares by 74% the highest ever since we have been taking polls. they have been hurt to the tune of $40 billion. while we went through an exercise we could not succeed. nearly double what it was when the movement took shape in 2010. democratic strathist bernard whitman, and brad what do you make of that? >> i think that the tea party overplayed their hand. they played a pair of deuces
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like they had a royal flush. either way you lose. this is a town that revolves around numbers. and in this town the only way you pass legislation is by getting the numbers. you need them in the senate and you need a president who is going to sign the bill and have enough votes to override the veto. if you take the game of math out of it. some are saying the tea party are more energized than before. >> here is what the tea party is going to accomflish. they are going to reduce the republican party to a permanent minority. they have the lowest f
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favorability in the history of a party and they are driving support up for obama care by 25%. they are outside the main stream and they are seemingly immune to reason. >> let me ask this question, brad, because senator ted cruz has gone to almost a household name right now. i want you to both answer this question. is he toast now? or will he be the toast of the town, brad? >> look, he is certainly damaged himself by leading a charge that he could not win. whether he can recover or not is up to him. in less than 100 days we are going to be fighting this battle all over again. he engaged in a battle there was
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no hope of winning. >> you are wrong. the vast majority of americans have no better opinion of obama care than they did. the truth be told the obama care roll out is going to do no more damage than anything that we could have done. the president is going to move onto ahead of this 100 days and his staff saying they are going for it and yet you have one of the main guys on the other side, republican of idaho, he says no go on that. the way that the republicans were treated by the president during this whole fiscal crisis, we are not going to talk immigration with him. >> let me give the advice free, why? there is an opportunity here for the republican ares to show
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leadership and do something good for the country. we have 11 million undocumented workers in this country and their output is approaching $1 billion and $2 billion. one in every four workers undocumented. the fact is immigration reform is fundamental to our foreign security. if they can get behind this, they can do something good for the country and immigration and these families. >>se that to push immigration reform? >> the time is too short. right after the holidays we are back in the same mess with the budget and debt ceiling. republicans are going to get together. there is not going to be immigration reform until the president proves himself that he
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is going to make the deals. once that has been successfully accomplished, but not before. >> i'll see you guys in 100 days then. we'll be talking about it then. >> thank you. >> have you heard about this story? >> it involves love, betrayal and possibly murder. a doctor married to a former beauty queen. police say he had a mistress on the side named gypsy. plus who are the biggest losers and winners during the shut down? tell us what you think. the real story right back.
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i'm sorry to report that we reported earlier that c congressman pass add way and we are sorry to report that did not happen. hopefully that won't happen again. police say the suspect hopped on the bus when it stopped for a pick up. it took control for a driver when it sped away. police say the suspect pulled over when he saw those spike strips spread across the road surrendered. fortunately nobody was hurt. no word why he wanted to take that bus. high profile murder trial.
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prosecutors say it was also he could carry on his affair with his mistress. >> reporter: what makes this so fascinating this appeared to be the allfamily. he was a doctor, lawyer, and his wife a former beauty question. when michelle died days after having a facelift it was ruled natural causes. years later the children pressed the authorities to do a toxicology report on their mom. together they could have caused a heart attack. when investigators started looking into martin mckneel's background they found he was having a long time affair with a
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woman named gypsy willis. prosecutors say he killed his wife because he was desperate to end the marriage so he fed her that lethal group of drugs. >> emergency and law enforcement personnel were dispatched to the home and arrived at 11:55 am. they had an issue getting there because of how the defendant stated the address of the home. >> the defense is not disputing the affair but says it will prove that the wife did in fact die of natural causes. >> what you will hear, ladies and gentlemen, while there are some disagreements among the medical examiners in this case they all three agree on one thing, that michelle's heart
11:26 am
disease was either the cause or the contributing cause to her death. >> very high profile case 20 miles south of salt lake city. the trial expected to last five weeks. >> we know that congress punted for now. but the real loser may not be anyone in congress or the white house. chris starweld on this entire mess. plus one state saying my bad on the fat letters. what do you think about that? our panel of moms is going to weigh incoming up next. ♪ when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one.
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back, everyone. with the government shut down over for now. the winners are president obama, the tea party, senator ted cruz and winners in the sen tat. the losers house speaker john boehner and the gop in the elections. joining us host of power play
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joins me now. good to see you chris. who are the winners and losers? >> there are no winners. you can't win a civil war. you could say that the president survived longer because he kept true to his vow not to genegot e negotiate. but the big loser here is the american people. who are so poorly served by their lawmakers and their government who could not look past their own political divisions and do their jobs. >> so when you say the american lost, do you mean the federal workers who didn't get paid and couldn't go to work during this time and the future generation who will be seattled with our
11:32 am
debt? >> remember, if those who have had the foresight, we have been in difficulty for more than 30 months. if you didn't lay money aside. i suspect what this ended up being was a two week paid vacation. they come back and get paid for the time they did not work and that is not a big loss, but you talked about the kids. if you think about this, we are going to blow past the $17 trillion debt line. if you think whether or not the right answer is to cut spending and change entitlements, everybody agrees that we are headed towards disaster and the fact that you could go through a moment like this and subject the american people to so much worry and concern and pain, through all of this, and get to the other side and for the president
11:33 am
to walk out last night and say never mind we almost had a thermo nuclear melt down, people ought to be appalled. >> the one thing that i find interesting is that they put ted cruz and the tea party in the winner column. >> his clout the third or so of republican ares and conservatives who identify with him and they are going to stick with him, it is going to increase his brain. less so. the tea is getting more concentrated. less people like it, but the people who do, freally do. as for their clout inside the
11:34 am
republican party, this is a long process. >> all right we are going to see how it all works out. chris, great to see you. new developments in that tragic and shocking case of cyber bullying. two girls charged with stalking and bullying. rebecocca saiedwick. >> we know that they are responsible for their questions and we have investigated at this point. we are not able to bring criminal charges against the parents. the 14-year-old's parents are in total denial. oh my daughter didn't do that, we know there has been a pattern of activity for the last 10
11:35 am
months. let's bring in our all female panel. >> liz stern founder of and dr. ludwick. horrible story. can the parents be charged do you think they should be? >> wow, it is a really complex issue here. the parents are morally responsib responsible. are they legally responsible? i don't know. but they have got to be monitoring what they are doing. they are responsible in the sense that they are not watching what the kids are doing. >> to hear parents say, not my kid. we seem to live in a society where nobody takes
11:36 am
responsibility for anything. >> parent ares need to know what is going on. if something is not right and they know whthat it is not they need to deal with it. because it will only make things worse and parents need to take a responsibility for what their children are doing. not my child, that is not the case here. no one is perfect. and every child there is going to be something, but we as a parent need to deal with those situations and get our head out of the ground. >> we need to acknowledge that some times great parents have troubled kids. anybody who knows about this is a psycho therpt. >> they have done studies that there are kids born to good parents. especially if you give birth to a bad seed or psycho child.
11:37 am
i think what is most important here is to understand the reality that anybody can be aggressive or mean spirited and as a parent we need to early on when your kids are listening to you, to develop an understanding of the importance of empathy and your child's ability to think wow, how would i feel if this were done to me? if you were a parent and you were monitoring your child's social media would you not have seen these tweets? >> this mom should have. >> it is difficult because kids are way more tech savvy than any of us are. they know how to keep things hidden. it is all about the relationship between the parent and child. and the community at large as well. this is something the school
11:38 am
should be involved in. >> parents need to be talking to their kids about socially. >> i have to move onto the fat letters. massachusetts saying they are not going to send these fat letters home. i was a fat kid i would have gotten one of these letters. do you think it is a good idea that they are not going to send them home? >> i think it is ridiculous that the school even thought that it is their responsiblity to write the letters and have them go home. parents and children know if he are obese and fat. >> but there is denial. >> but this is for the parents and the pediatricians not the school. >> i interviewed some of these kids and they are not fat.
11:39 am
>> they are not fat. so what about eating disorders and starting them to be overly concerned about their weight in an era where we are already fighting that. >> you don't want to shame a child and make them feel badly about them selves because that can trigger an eating disorder but you want to make parents aware. we want to assume parent ares are educated about the ideal weight. maybe the parents don't have a regular pediatrician. so the school has to find a way to step in and raise an awareness without harming a child's psyche. >> all right raise your hand when you were growing up did you have to do chores? >> oh, yeah. >> i was -- >> you didn't have to do chores? >> and was i was ask eed once i
11:40 am
hid in the bathroom. >> every week i had to vacuum the kitchen floor. >> the new trend now, parents are not enforcing chores anymore. >> my daughter i had this conversation last night unless you want spending money and privileges on the internet you are going to walk the dogs at least once a day. the dogs that she begged for by the way. they have to make their beds and bring their dish to the sink. >> to me, that is a bare minimum to bring the dishes to the sink. >> as a mom of two boys they have to do their chores. also if they want to play video games, it simimportant that they know they have to be responsible and earn it. >> robbie, are you going to tell
11:41 am
me that your kids don't do chores? >> i try to enforce it but i'm not so great at it. they are so overwhelmed with schoolwork. i struggle wit. but i understand that they have to be responsible. in reality, i know it is important. >> two seconds to make the bed. ladies thank you so much. >> we have heard what some things the shut down meant to the speaker and the tea party. but how does the gop get their mojo back? >> perhaps i don't know whether the republican members of the caucus don't know or don't care of the questionses consequences actions. ♪
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here is what america is clicking on today. new study finds that foxes and coyotes are likely to be hit by cars because they have to rome farther for them. boston bomber's mother in court for an unrelated case. fran dresh er, he is ten years her junior. cougar you go girl. some fighting among republican lawmakers new. louisiana congressman lashing out at his tea party colleagues in the house saying there are members with a different agenda and i'm not sure they are republicans and i'm not sure they are conservative. >> it is time for members on the
11:46 am
house to step up and support what we are trying to do and if we have fashihave factions keep up we are not going to be able to get anything. >> can they get their mojo back? can the republicans get their mojo back? >> the problem with this fight was that it was unwinnable from the beginning. >> getting past this episode is a very good thing. the republicans have taken a hit in the polls. we don't know how long lasting that is, we will have to see. the fight should go on mine nus the shut down fight. >> but you say, in your steps to find mojo is that you have to come up with a different alternative to obama care. >> it is unpopular but if you
11:47 am
ask people do you want it repealed or demufunded, the feelings aren't so strong. >> there has been a lot of policy work done. you can cover more people without the disruptions to the health care markets now. the anti-obama care case is very powerful but you need to tell people how you want to replace it. >> focus on the individual mandate, how? >> it is very, vulnerable. we saw john stewart very strongly. why does it make sense to have the employers not pay the fine but impose it on individuals. the trouble means in fact you could be fining people for not
11:48 am
buying a product that they can't by in any reasonable manner. and there is no chance in the next deadlines that they could make some progress there. >> come up with a middle class agenda. it is a soft job market. people care about their bottom lines and that is what they are talking about. republicans need things that connect with those concerns. i think it is a big mistake to let president obama own the debate with college costs. that is another area where republicans need a strong policy alternative. >> finally look to gop governners. >> they are going to be caught up in a negative fight against
11:49 am
the president and that is very important. their blocking power is all they have right now. republican governors are able to be more creative and more positive. and that is where you are seeing the rising talent and you are seeing them as serious 2016 contend contenders. and they have the backing and the proof to show for it. >> i'm so glad you tackles the assignment perfectly. >> well, we know there have been a whole lot of glitches with obama care. did you know a canadian company is behind the fed's troubled website? >> next. [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired.
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brand new numbers on the obamacare rollout and show enrollment way below expectations. peter, how far over budget did the feds go? i'm scared now to ask. do i need to break out the calculator? >> reporter: i'll give you a flat number. $200 million over the original budget. the original contract with cgi federal for construction of health was supposed to max out at $93.7 million. right now it's worth $292 million. that's according to a new report by reuters. the "associated press" got their end on a memo from september where the administration predicted half a million people would enroll in new health plans by halloween after the market place has been online for a month in week one, only 36,000 enrolled. based on brun digital research. their analysis of traffic on the
11:54 am
web site, finds an 88% dropoff in visitors from week one to week two. we're now in week three. >> what else can you tell us about cgi federal? there were reports -- they're out of canada. second, they were the only bidder? >> reporter: they were the winning firm of the four companies that bid on the lead part of the project, and they have more big federal government projects totaling $8 billion. that includes $8,971,000,000 with the defense information services agency, $143 million for visa processing in china, as well as work with homeland security, and the coast guard. cgi globally is worth more than $10 million. their main office is up in canada, and the american offices are around the beltway. their president, donna ryan, visited the white house six times before cgi was selected
11:55 am
for this massive undertaking, other cgi executives went to the white hoas well. based on our brain rooms look at white house visitor logs. gretchen. >> good investigation. thank you so much. he is a man of faith. with little need for worldly possessions. but one thing pope francis possesses may surprise you. when you hear what the pontiff is auctioning off for a good cause. that's next.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
>> can you believe this story? pope francis auctioning off -- what might it be? his robe? nope. his harley. for a worthy cause. the pope had a harley? who knew. turns out the harley davidson company presented the motorcycle and the biker jacket the pontiff in june. the proceeds will help rennovate a youth hostel and soup kitchen.
11:59 am
didn't want to ride that thing around vatican city? come on. >> a family vacation takes a turn when a bull shark attacks their son. the 12-year-old boy was playing in the water with his cousin when the shark grabbed his arms. doctors say it bit him at least twice. he needed 120 stitches and is looking at ten weeks now of physical therapy, but glad he is going to be okay. we asked you if there are any winners or losers after more than two weeks of the government shutdown, and here is what you said. max tweeted: they all lose. if anyone really knows it happened. my neighbor didn't even know there was a shutdown. that's scary. this tweet from ron. only winners government employees two free weeks off work and get paid linda, we the people most definitely lost.
12:00 pm
sickening. >> and yesterdayy agrees. it's not a game, americans lost. we lost faith in our government. >> thank you for sharing you thoughts today. keep them coming in to me because we're going to keep reading them here on the show. have a great day. >> shepard: thanks. let's get started here in the fox news deck. today on "shepard smith reporting," the shutdown is over, debt ceiling lifted. will this happen again in february or was this enough to make think think about it? a school bus hijacked in arkansas. and what about owe j? what do you think bat next career for o.j. simpson? how about teleevangelist. let's get to it. >> first, a major development after an accusation of rape in a small town in missouri. the prosecutor who dropped charges in the case has now asked the judge to h


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