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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 18, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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health care. 9:20 eastern. the five is next. hello everyone. i'm greg gutfeld. once dated raggedy andy. it's 5:00 in new york city i'm told. so the standoff is over. who won? who lost? who cares? the media will say the president of course. when a president's victory is a nation's loss that kind of sucks. when the good news is we're more in debt i'll take the bad. i wish the standoff never ended because now obama can get back to work. the can that keeps getting kicked down the road is us.
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our american cans just got punted all over the place. i'd show you the bruises but this is a family show. we have $17 trillion in debt and a president who mocked us for caring. with the media firmly up his own can obama referred to the debt debate as injustice itself. if he wants our money he has to go through them. he cultivated fear unleashing tune tif actions during the shutdown. ten port potties available, one or two for business making his rhetoric for crap. it's really shut up and hand over your wallet. my suggestion, next time there is no next thyme. make this permanent and refuse to hand over our wallets. remove your eyelids first. so last night obama was asked if this will happen again.
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let's roll that. >> is this going to happen all over again in a few months? >> no. >> that was my favorite speech he's ever made. here's the thing andrea. can we save all of our talking points for next february? this is going to happen again. >> put them in a drawer on microsoft outlook 13 weeks from now. you can use that again. the president last night stood in front of the american people and said we can't govern crisis to crisis. now the cloud of uncertainty is removed. how? i don't see what anyone got from this. if he has his wish we'll govern crisis to crisis. that's exactly how he is perceived he wins. it is embarrassing for the country. if you're another country, how do you take us seriously when you watch what just went on last couple of weeks and knowing it's going to happen again in 13 weeks? >> yeah. bob you're grinning.
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>> i've been trying to be held back on this. there's one question of who got whooped, the republicans got their whooped. there's no question about that. >> first of all -- who ran for vice president? paul ryan. they're starting to work. i have a sneaky suspicion. democrats are not dumb enough to use the debt ceiling as leverage. the question of whether they get an agreement on the budget this time call me crazy i think this time they're going to get it. >> eric, do the democrats know now they can win at a game of chicken? >> they won because the republicans made it about obama care. it was already done. they didn't have the votes. they made it about that and probably shouldn't have done
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that. i agree with bob, there's still cards in their hand they can play. you can have a debt ceiling and going to have to continually fund the government until you get a budget both sides agree on. president barack obama is responsible for $17 trillion worth of debt. that's george washington up until george bush. insane when he wasn't president. now he's breathing a sigh of relief he has the new debt ceiling. he's the one that jacked up the deficit four times from the bush level up to $1.4 trillion. bob will say part is bush. maybe. he kept it four years. it's still way above voice levels. i don't know how the man can say i've cut the limit. we have fiscal problems, fiscal may ham on the horizon. you better fix it. we haven't fixed anything. we've bought a few more moss. >> dana, if there were a game
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show for republican, would pit be called no deal or no deal? >> that would win awards. emmy award winning. >> answer the question. >> here's the game show they averted the shutdown. it was not even bud light. it tasted terrible and gave you a horrible political hang over. this is going to hang over them for a little while now. you know what this really helped is the permanent political class in washington d.c. and the lobbyist. you bet because the unions did not get what ept thissed out of this past deal, they'll work hard to get nit january or february when they decide to get this done. same is true on the republican side. everybody in washington is thinking, hot damn this is great. i'll get more contracts now and continue to tell clients i'm going to be able to fight for them and the tax break etc. i don't have faith in the has kal paul ryan talks. i don't have faith in the president's activity in this.
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the last time there was a super committee they kooim to an agreement and he chunked it out the window. none of these things matter. >> i don't remember that. >> you should keep your notes. >> can we keep in mind the vast majority of the american people wanted this over? >> i don't think people were paying attention. there's a misguided notion d.c. is the center of the universe. they had to make the shutdown seemlike it was apock liptic. >> that's why they pulled the stunts at the world war ii memorial. the fact president barack obama said if republicans would have succeeded in laying the playing field letting and making sure that the political class has the same rules and regulations as everyone else, president barack obama said i'm going to veto those subsidies for congress. that barely made the papers, greg. i don't think people were
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following this closely. there is a consolation prize to no deal or no deal for republicans. now every single day they have to get on the same page with obama care. they need to go to one of their retreats they like to go to and get on the same page by house and senate and figure out what the strategy is. it can't be messages all over the place chls delarks defund, medical device tax which is a stupid taxz. what do republicans want? >> do you dislike obama so much you can't for one day for once say the guy won? >> i don't think he won, bob. >> how could you say that? >> i don't. >> you're so smart in so many ways. >> in the court of public opinion in the country, washington lost. >> what do you constitute winning? a couple of polls? >> not a couple, a lot. the republicans took a terrible beating.
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>> there's no doubt republicans have to refocus and come up with a concerted this is what we stand for. i suggest it's not about immigration. it's not about contraceptives, women's rights. it's about the economy. the economy is stupid. james carlos famous line that got clinton elected. stay on that message. that's what it is. this debt thing bob you make fun of. this $17 trillion in debt on our way to 25 trillion is something we can't afford to ignore. you're exposure debt goes from $300 billion to $600 billion overnight. that would be a problem. and it could. >> this is a financial question. if the shutdown took out $24 billion out of the economy, why don't we quadruple the size of the government. we should all be working for government.
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>> i don't know. that was s&p that said that. i'm not sure where fitch says if you don't reopen the government quickly we're going to downgrade debt because we won't have the ability to pay. i'm not sure who's getting to these people. there seems to be motivation for the agencies to be having opinions politically which they don't or shouldn't have at all. >> they make money off of this. >> the business establishments -- >> polls are wrong. >> all business community which comes down on the republicans hard and the tea party harder, they're all in obama's back pocket. >> obama has more back pockets than the gap. >> i give all besides the business community. how and where did they come down on republicans exactly? give me an example. this is the most unfriendly business environment of probably
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the last four decades. as far as regulation, taxization, corporate taxization, hiring, now obama care. this is the worst environment to hire people. >> the chamber of commerce wanted it. >> i don't defer to chamber of commerce to all businesses of america. >> i want to play one side of obama talking to congress about who you should listen to before we go to break. >> all of us need to stop focussing on the lobbyist, bloggers and talk heads on radio and the professional activists that profit from conflict and focus on what the majority of americans sent us here to. >> is he talking all talking heads and bloggers or on one side? >> he was trying to channel a message directly to you. if you look into his eye, he was thinking that greg gutfeld. >> yep. nobody listens to me. what was he getting at? what do you think? >> i think he was doing what he
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does best, lecture. he's lecturing. he's also telling the american people don't listen to the chattering class on the right. the tea party, talk radio. listen to me above all else. that's what they want. it's just unfortunate republicans couldn't get anything out of this. i don't think the president won but i do think republicans lost. we lost the most. coming up president barack obama 's former chief of staff wants to thank the tea party for helping the president cover up the obama care disaster. >> every time he gets in trouble, they come to his rescue. >> is he right? check out our facebook page at facebook/the five. and our five.
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well with the shutdown and debt drama behind us for the time being, the biggest questions remaining in washington are what can be
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learned and what happens next? obama's former chief of staff bill daily thinks the tea party has helped the president throughout this. >> why did you say you think the president is lucky to have the tea party? >> every time he gets in trouble they come to his rescue. yet these people pick obama care to have the fight over. >> there have been so many glitches in the roll out of obama care including internal estimates of how many would be signed up in the first couple of months. there's not been a focus on that because it's been about the debt ceiling. >> right. >> tea party senators cruz and lee said their tragedy would have worked with republican backing. >> if republicans had united and supported house republicans and the american people we could have had a different outcome.
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senate republican divided and attacked house republicans, attacked the effort to defund obama care. that led to the lousy deal we had tonight. >> this is the end of the beginning, a fight that's going to continue. >> so eric, a lot of people have disagreed with ted cruz's tact tick defunding strategy because it was never realistic. is there truth about what she was saying? they did didn't they, republicans? >> i'm not sure. i think what happened ted cruz and mike lee to a certain extent did what they felt they had to do, fight the fight, whether they believed they were winning or not. they had to find out who was on their side. who are the conservatives going to back defunding obama care in the face of unlikely odds to see who was there. going forward 2014 i think the tea party will become stronger because of this.
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there was a voice that they were speaking that although they didn't win was still wanting to be heard. i find it very interesting on the right. ran paul, rubio and chris christy played this well in the right place at the right time right frame of mind. they laid back and let this fight be fought by cruz and lee now. they may be the runs that come around in 2014 and 2016 and say we're on your side, speak you're voice. let's do a more realistic way. >> if there's one silver lining, dana, one at all, can republicans thank ted cruz for putting them on the record as being against obama care? now going forward every time there's a negative headline which i'd love to see if the media will actually report them, they can say i told you so. >> i guess if you're in the group of 16 or 18 senators that voted no, maybe you're in that position. all the others are not. most important is you have the
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senate red state democrats up for re-election that are going to have a tough re-election. mary landru from louisiana pulls way ahead of her republican opponent in louisiana in the last two weeks. i don't know how lasting this is. to nora o'donnell's point in august we were all talking about the weight of irs scandal, fast and furious and syria complete now today president barack obama gets to take a victory lap. i don't call that winning. from the beginning you were never going to have five senate democrats and the president defund their own bill. i would say maybe if you're a purist you think this is great. there are different world views happening. democrats with their view are 100% united. republicans and tea party conservatives are probably 95%
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united, not enough. >> do you think eric has a point this did rally the base and show them on some level there are people willing to fight in this? or no, do you think the republican party is more fractured than ever? >> the problem with cruz trying to check out to see who's with him and against him, what if you think it's a bad strategy? all of a sudden you're not as conservative as i am. you're out of the club. that's the opposite of reagan. reagan got people into the club. we can disagree. people with brains were for the strategy. people with brains were against the strategy. you don't become stupid because you disagree or become a rhino bau because you disagree. i'm critical of these anchors.
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they mocked other scandals. every candidate should go out there handcuffed with a victim of obama care. obama care is a fire lose of bad government you could spray all over immigration reform and climate change. it's the greatest argument for small government. obama care can rally everybody that believes that government is bad. >> bob, you have been looking at the polls over the last couple of days and following how the tea party has been fairing in this battle. you were a member of the far left, protested a lot. there's a poll here. you've actually said debt is something we need to tackle. that's what the tea party is about. why do they have such a bad wrap? >> they're marginalized, not people that understand legislative process does require on occasion trying to find consensus. they are people that have absolutely no experience. i don't doubt they believe what they believe. they're a marginalized part of
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american society. they are not as eric says going to be a big force in 2014. obama care could be no question about that. the tea party itself -- >> here's what bob did -- >> dead, dead, dead. anybody who wants to get it. republicans are running from it like scolded dogs. >> you're forgetting what the tea party was formed for, to fight obama care. >> that was a long time ago. republicans are against obama care. >> you said in 2014 obama care could be a problem. if the tea party is a reason for obama care -- >> i don't think it's the reason. >> obama care is the reason for the tea party. they'll come back and see we told you. this law sucks. it's your fault. now elect more of us and change the law. >> if it's as bad as you say they can pick it up. for your sake, it's a non existent entity in american politics. >> bob, i hope you keep saying that. the more you say that, the more
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the tea party will gain. i don't think the tea party is weakened at all. >> you don't think they're weakened? >> they don't think they're weakened. >> you saw the president of the united states fighting for power while this group was fighting for a principal. they don't care what you think. they don't give a damn what you think. the obama care is still exposed. it's not about winning or losing. it's about shrinking government. they don't care that you think they suck. >> you have to admit they won in 2010. midterm elections in the second term president which typically lu loses seats. on a state and local level, the tea party kicked ass last time around and probably responsible -- >> they lost three senate seats single handily.
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>> you could have taken the senate back. you lost it. >> think about this. the more people that get act la mated with obama care if they can even log on, the more they're going to identify their frustration with this bill and law i should say, with what the tea party is saying. the tea party is not going to stop fighting. i know you want them to stop fighting. i know you're going to try to call them, one of your democratic buddies trying to call anyone that poeopposes the president racist. here we go. >> there's a body on congressional people that want to paralyze the system. what's underneath it unfortunately is there's probably racism involved which is aufrl. >> -- is awful. >> is that the elephant in the room? >> it's not an elephant but some type of animal.
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some people get so threatened by change they get angry and terrorized and vicious. >> vicious and terrorized. what's wrong with not liking change? >> you know what's funny red ford made a movie was a flop. it whitewashed terrorists that killed a guard. why did he cover that up? he's pay aging relevant racist. >> what's happening with the tea party -- i believe they believe in what they believe in. as a political force, it reminds me of what happened to the govern iets back in the 70s, democratic party in the main stream took it back over. look at any pole, republicans on the trail. they're staying away from the
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tea party. they don't want anything to do with them. >> it's hard to participate in something you don't like. that's the challenge of the conservative. when liberals say where's your obama care alternative? we don't believe in that because we're small government. that's the problem. it's like you going to the gym, tea party are always antagonistic to government. that's why you don't like them. you like government. >> bob, if you take the tea party and add in the libertarian party, you put those together and there's overlap no doubt. if you have that grow from the gop up from that, that's a force to be wreck onned with. >> i think you'd be surprised if you took the tea party label off and brought in a group of people. maybe they should try it on a live show and talk about what the tea party stands for, r
1:27 am
reducing the debt. i think when they reveal who they identify with more, the president or the tea party, people would be surprised. >> they have been for themselves for years. it's not the tea party. republicans opposed obama care and didn't vote a single vote for it. they have been against the budget spending. you give that credit to the tea party? give me a break. >> some atheist are upset with oprah. what did the queen of talk say that got them irritated? we'll show you that coming up. stay with us. >> technology
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livewatch helps me stay in touch and in control. >> founded by a paramedic inkansas, serving tens of thousands of homes in all 50 states, and trusted by policemen and firemen throughout the country, livewatch is the new choice for home security. no door to door salespeople, no messy installers, no long term contracts. just plug & protect. now you too can enjoy the home security and control you want for your family. try plug and protect in your home for a full 90 days. included is our hassle-free guarantee. go to plug & protect is not available in stores, so go to right now. that's welcome back everybody. remember when president barack
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obama promised to be the most transparent president in history? you don't. here's a quick refreshment. >> i have a track record of transparency. >> i'll make our government open and transparent. >> we'll do it in a transparent way. >> i want transparency and accountability. >> come on, really? here's how financial times correspondent reports it. the washington bureau chief said quote the obama administration is far worse than the bush administration in trying to afford accountability reporting government agencies. don't forget trying to report on fast and furious, she said she was screamed and cussed at by a white house advisor. transparentally mr. president, you're joking.
1:33 am
>> this could be the most opaque. >> if you're in the white house and looking at this report the former washington post editor put out which got lost, you're thinking high five. we're doing a good job protecting our boss. that's one way to look at it. i always felt it was best to have the relationship. i knew they had a job to do everyday, reporters. they knew i had a job to do. try to defend the president 50% of the time. you have the responsibility to defend the access of the press to the president and other agencies. i understand their frustration. the administration probably things they're doing a bang up job. >> greg, remember president barack obama was the first social media president. social media shined light on a lot that use to stay unscene in the corner. >> it's more like the media is sad he doesn't hang out with them. they wanted to be friends.
1:34 am
he was the cool guy. they're the fan club to one direction. for those of you that don't have kids like me, one direction is a bunch of teen bopper boys. the toughest question they get is will you marry me? that's the with obama. he hasn't come back and said i love you too. they were going to walk off on the sun set on the beach barefoot and it didn't happen. >> one of the most important things going on now. they could actually tell us how many people enrolled in obama care. why haven't they? >> why? why tell anybody? i consider this a great badge of courage. i don't know of an administration that's wanted to have laundry transparent out there for the press. if they don't get it, tough luck. the idea here is in politics we do our best to cover up bad
1:35 am
news. we don't want bad news to get out. >> did you see the montage. he ran on transparency. >> every president does. >> no not at the level president barack obama did. he promised unprecedented amount of transparency and didn't get it. i don't blame him. i think his advisors are doing a great john bullying, getting their way. the media only speaks up and calls him on this when they're not allowed to watch him golf. that prompted the media outrage because they didn't get to watch him play golf with tiger woods. he is actively fighting freedom of information act, request in court at obama's direction. he is fighting this every way. executive privilege on fast and furious. won't let us see the obama care records. then he spies on everybody else including the media. >> greg particularly keeps saying media is in his back pocket. you're saying the media isn't
1:36 am
getting access. you can't have it both ways. >> the media are not asking the tough questions. >> oh they're not? >> they're not. >> my daughter wanted me to ask you, how cool is it to be president? are you in a toxic relationship with someone? would you even know it if you were? dana has a list of signs to help determine if it could be time to let that person go. greg, watch out.
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are any of you out there married or in a relationship and something isn't quite right? the relationship could be toxic. how could you tell?
1:41 am
i came across interesting advice from dr. gregory of the institute. greg, this statement was designed for me and greg. here are five signs you are in a toxic relationship. one it seems like you can't do anything right. two it is about them and not you. three, you find yourself unable to enjoy good moments with this person. you're uncomfortable being yourself around this person and five, you're unable to grow and change. does that ring a bell for you? >> you both aren't going to grow anymore. >> i'm shrinking as we speak. a relationship is toxic when somebody uses the word toxic. what happened to bad or lousy? magazine and experts use that word toxic. the a thing i hate about this is -- >> toxic is more descriptive than bad. >> this article was written by
1:42 am
somebody that got dumped. they mock your personality, everything is about them. this guy got dumped by somebody. relationships are easy until they get hard. that's the story of life when you live with somebody forever. it's easy to bounce from casual relationship to casual relationship. you never get dirty, never get involved. being married is the bravest hardest thing you can do. trust me. >> you have a lot to say. >> i was in the magazine industry. i saw this article reconstituted every month. >> people like this stuff. people are in relationships. bob, you have been lucky in love. have you ever been in a toxic relationship like this? >> my form her wife had to put up with a lot of this from me. i was never meant to be in a relationship. some people aren't. >> no kidding. at least you're honest about it.
1:43 am
>> now you're going to say with your current situations that you don't have any of this. i'm sure you think your opposite does everything right. >> it's all about me and not peter. >> it's never about them, it's about you. come on. you have to own up to some of this. >> what do you think is the worst of these? what would you pick? >> being uncomfortable being yourself. that's a really bad one when people can't be themselves around somebody else because they're afraid they're going to be critiqued or hiding who they are. >> sometimes you're too comfortable. certain types of bodily functions. >> i believe this is giving people an out to say i have numbers one, two, three, it's over because it's hard and i'm out of here. i think that's true. >> i actually think eric this could help people that they don't understand what's wrong in their life.
1:44 am
they read something like this and say oh my gosh, i'm in a toxic relationship. and they fix it. >> do they fix it? >> every woman's hack article in every cosmo or glamour. oh this is me. i'm going to do something about it. oh muffins. >> don't be a debbie downer. that's so accurate. if you are just happy. >> if your significant other is mean to somebody else or debbie downer towards somebody else, i don't like that. >> don't date somebody that's mean to a waiter. >> they'll be mean to you eventually. >> i'm being serious here. this thing about not being able to grow and change is true about any relationship. that's probably hard trying to get somebody trapped and not let them expand to their fullest. my wife had enough sense to dump me before i expanded to my
1:45 am
fullest. that would have been disaster. i think there's a lot of people that do hold people back in marriages. >> also it can work the other way. if you're in a good relationship it could help you grow and do more. >> everyone has their own crap. it's who's crap you're willing to put up with. >> you know what, we could have ended the segment with that there. that's the relationship advice with the five. >> just have fun. >> are you advocating swinging? >> whoa whoa. we'll talk about that on the break. we're going to talk about this with bob next. i don't want you to get mad at me. some atheists in america are upset with oprah winfrey and demanding an apology about something she said to record setting swimmer diana nyad. you'll find out what ticked them
1:46 am
test test
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atheists in america have a new target, oprah winfrey. what are they upset about with the talk show queen? over an interview she just did with record setting swimmer diana nyad that swam from cuba
1:50 am
to florida without a shark cage. that's smart. nyad told oprah she doesn't believe in god but believes in awe and wonder. here's what respond. >> you're not a god person you're a person in deeply awe. >> i'm an atheist. >> you're in the awe. >> don't know why anybody would find a contradiction in that. so me my definition of god is humanity and love of humanity -- >> i don't call you as an atheist. if you believe in the awe and wonder and mystery -- >> okay. >> that that is what god is. that is what god is. >> the atheists are extremely tolerant people have asked that oprah apologize. >> oh, yeah. >> what do you think, eric? do you think she should apologize or will she apologize. >> no. i'm thoroughly confused what she's talking about.
1:51 am
if you have awe in nature that means you believe in god? i don't really understand how that -- i believe in god and i respect in everyone's right not to believe in god. i don't think we should have an opinion whether nyad has a believe in god or not. >> i'm an unabashed oprah fan. they were having a discussion. oprah expressed her opinion she wouldn't call her an atheist and she believes in humanity and awe. why should she apologize for her opinion. atheists are so overly sensitive. everything is an insult to them. >> you have to be careful here. there are plenty of extremely sensitive religious people as well. there are religious people who will kill you if you insult their religion. you can't blame all atheists as being hyper sensitive. some people who you work with don't care one way or another what you believe in.
1:52 am
obviously there was an offhand captain and it was a discussion. one thing they pit atheism versus lack of faith. there are other options out there. there could be a god but he just moved on. >> or a different kind of god. >> what do you think? >> i guess you can be in awe of something even though she doesn't understand it. i guess if you believe that we came here because of some massive explosion out of nowhere and there is no god, which i'm assuming what she's saying, she can be in awe we exploded or evolved from monkeys. in awe of that theory. i don't believe it. oprah can say whatever she wants. she's sitting down with the queen of talk. she has to deal with oprah. she's allowed to participate. that's why people love oprah. she's opinionated. sometimes you love her sometimes you don't. i don't know why atheists think about. >> when she talks about awe and
1:53 am
wonder that is for people of faith they do see awe and wonder in nature as something having to have been given to us by god. atheists don't. that's their business. everybody ought to -- >> she was saying you can appreciate awe without having it connected to a higher being. >> nyad was. >> oprah accept that. >> one more thing is up next.
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>> this day in history in 1931 gangster al capone is sent 11 years for tax evasion.
1:56 am
he was one of the great criminals of all times in the 20s and '30s and died of syph. illis. >> you can wear a hat. >> all right. as you know friday, last friday al baldwin's show debuted on msnbc. he has a segment on exercise in which he leads the audience in actual exercises. we have a tape. he's using the tether ball. working his shoulders. >> it helps your core. >> it does help your core. >> great exercise. >> we should have an exercise segment. >> andrea? >> okay. so my favorite snack, gummy bears. the creator died this week at 90
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years old. his name is hans regal. he worked up until the day he died because he said it made him happy and that's the slogan of the haribo gummy bear the most delicious gummy bears in the world. it makes people happy. >> give me a couple. >> fox nation, new article, the liberal media we talked about. check it out dana i hear you have an excellent one more thing. >> we were running out of time. no, we're not. because joshua and sean the producers i work with could not come up with a good one more thing for me. however i'm throwing them under the bus because they dropped the ball but they are great about one thing. social media and our website. sean made sure our website fox
1:58 am
news/ it puts obama care to shame and it did not cost taxpayers $300 million in a no bid contract. >> i can't get on the damn thing. how do you get on it. >> obama care? >> our fox. >> you can find out everything that's going to happen in the segment if you miss greg's monologue you can catch it there. there's a tip you gave on one more thing to parents. one more tinge, nothing into an amazing one minute of television that no one will ever forget. >> without mentioning once your dog. >> i'm sorry. i
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>> it's october 18th. a disaster from day one, now new evidence obama care web site glitches could have been worked out long before the launch but were not. two convicted killers remain on the run after faking signatures to get out of prison. as a surprising connection that their escape has to the casey an thon nae trial. >> if you get ready for work this morning do you have a lot weighing on you? there's a scientific solution to clear your head. we have the answer. "fox & friends first" starts right


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