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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  October 18, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it's october 18th. a disaster from day one, now new evidence obama care web site glitches could have been worked out long before the launch but were not. two convicted killers remain on the run after faking signatures to get out of prison. as a surprising connection that their escape has to the casey an thon nae trial. >> if you get ready for work this morning do you have a lot weighing on you? there's a scientific solution to clear your head. we have the answer. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
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>> up and adam. a lot of people working hard already. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> new this morning a congressional investigation is launched into the disaster thousands roll out of obama care. there is new information that all those glitches could have been prevented. elizabeth prann is following the latest for us. what's the latest this morning? >> a house has scheduled a hearing for next week. they will look into the fast amounts of technical road bumps of this day 18 of the 182 day open enrollment roll out. that includes the contractors the ones paid millions of dollars possibly over budget to create the site.
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health and human services secretary kathleen seb beal why yous has been invited to ascend. how much did the administration know of the possibility of these problems. they say americans deserve answers. >> at the least they were confused. this should all be delayed as a result of these horrendous developments. i hope that the white house will reconsider. >> the white house respond saying folks just need to be patient. >> people have been working 24/7, around the clock to resolve them and make consumer experience better. >> nobody is more insistent that that work be done and experience be improved than the president. >> long wait times and flaws. upgraded attempts have accidentally deleted names and pass words. one senior official saying these call agents were flag the
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problem are just wrong. >> elizabeth prann live for us this morning. >> there's a new arrest that is putting the state department on high alert. the u.s. embassy in uganda warning anal sh al shabab strik could be happening soon in uganda. they show the terrifying moments of the mall attack. it shows shoppers casually walking through the mall when they hear the gun shot and begin running for their lives. much of the video too graphic to show you. 67 people were killed in president bloodbath. >> normer new england patriot aaron hernandez set to be arraigned in a massachusetts courtroom. carlos or tease faces an accessory to murder charge. prosecutors say order tease w o
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tease was one of the men with hernandez. hernandez pled not guilty to the murder. automatic oo investigation into the terror attacks in benghazi. investigators for the republican led house armed services committee zero in on a press release. it was issued by the white house a day before the attack. it said that president obama had met that day with key national security principles to discuss the steps taken to protect u.s. persons and facilities abroad on the eve of the 11th anniversary of september 11th. as investigators now say they want to hear from the defense secretary at the time leon pan neda. he wants to hear what he calls about the 911 sessions. in the 13 months since terrorists killed americans in benghazi the panel has quietly held 9 hearings on the subject 7
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of them classified. >> workers are on strike leading 200,000 daily commuters stranded for the second time in four months. employees at the commuter railroad walked off the job at midnight. the strike called by the two largest unions representing the bay area rapid transit systems will add hundreds of cars to the normal gridlock traffic on the bay bridge. president obama finally ready to fill the seat left open by janet napolitano. jay johnson previously served as department of defense and conducted the legal review and approval of every military operation approved the president and secretary of defense. >> it is going to be an exciting day for this world war ii veteran from san diego. he will be visiting the world war ii memorial in washington for the first time ever.
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as it is open to the public after being closed for the government shut down. that didn't stop protestors from forcing their way in. >> i fael dad that these self serving politicians have disregard for most americans in the only interested in their own political career. >> 90 veterans are a part of the flight. i get to fly with them this weekend. >> i can't wait to see that story. good for you. >> furloughed workers in oregon have something to be happy about, they are getting fade twice. now workers who receive state unemployment benefits during the shut down will not have to repay that money. >> o.j. simpson reportedly planning a new life as a televangelist. once he is out of prison his manager claims he is going to
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host a tv show. it will be called holy safari where he talks about his religious rebirth behind bars. allen dershowitz he spoke out about the allegations on the kelly files. >> this is silliness. i can tell you what i told him it was done in public not in private. i said get your face out of the public. nobody wants to ever see you again. >> sinmpson is in prison for at least four more years since kidnapping and armed robbery conviction. >> stop soaring after shut do down -- stocks soaring after the deal. could it be too soon to call it a turnaround for investors? we have that story and other top business news this morning. >> stocks are pushed into record
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territory. a new closing high. it happened on the day the government reopen. the debt ceiling raise. the dow closing lower we had weak earnings from ibm and golden sax. all three are up for the week. s&p's annual gain not far behind. people are making money whether these gains hold in the final couple of months we have to see. toyota is recalling 800,000 vehicles they include the 2012, 2013 camrys avalons hybrids of those cars. the problem is caused by spiders. not making this up. their webs can block a drainage tube in the air-conditioning con tenser that causes it to drip into the air bag module tack cause a short circuit and the driver's bag to deploy. some cars can lose power steering as well.
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owners will be notified by mail to take their cars into dealers for service. interesting story. it is a harry predicament for suave. the smoothing kit melted their hair and burned their scalp. the carotene infusion 30-day smoothing kit was recalled by the company last year. the class action suit claims it was not formaldehyde free as it was advertised. >> melting hair and spiders in the car. what a business block today. >> happy weekend. >> yeah, thanks. >> game 5 of the la championship. mike napoli hits a solo home run to give the red sox a 1-0 lead. boston knocks in three runs in the second. they take game 5 4-3.
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>> the seahawks seattle office. turning it on in the second quarter. russell wilson finds zach miller in the back of the end zone. spectacular catch. the seahawks stepping up. he picked off by brandon browner who takes it the other way. he was sacked 7 times the seahawks go on to win 34-22. >> as we head into the weekend it is time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. people are waking up to snow. the first snow of the year this morning? >> that's right. the first official snowfall of the year right now on average of the first official snowfall is october 19th. today is the 18th. right on time in the city of denver.
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maybe an inch of snow on grassy surfaces. in the city of denver and east of colorado right on time with the season. otherwise the storm system that produced areas of rain is moving on out leaving behind much quieter weather for many of you including new york city as we head into the weekend. perfect timing. a lot of sunshine, temperatures very pleasant. the current temperature in new york city not bad 61 degrees. it will get a little chilier during the overnight hours for saturday and sunday. temperatures in the overnight hours will be in the 40's. temperatures already in the 40's in cleveland, chicago, minneapolis, kansas city. some of the colder air making it down into sections of oklahoma and texas panhandle. we have a number of brief watches in effect. we are expecting temperatures to get even chilier into the 30's. 28 in rapid city. as we head into the afternoon
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hours the high temperatures will only climb to 60 degrees in kansas city. 54 chicago and minneapolis. i want to show you what the hey temperatures will be on saturday. for tomorrow high temperature only 51 in the city of cleveland and middle 60s in the middle 6 -- 50's. >> a victim's mother was the one who noticed the mistake. >> when he saw the paper he was dumb founded because he didn't have no idea this could have taken place. >> we will be live with those details when we come back. the surprising connection it has to the casey anthony case. jody arias is trying a new career behind bars. heart healthy, huh?!
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>> thank you so much for joining us this morning. starting your weekend early with "fox & friends" fist. we appreciate it. six people on a small boat that cap size off the coast of florida are facing federal charges. four people died when the boat capsized early wednesday 7 miles east of miami. 11 riders were rescued and taken into federal custody. one person arrested is facing
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charges of attempted smuggling. an arkansas man was shot and killed in chicago after he asked for directions. 55-year-old robert franklin and his friend were lost. they let someone get in the car with them to show them where to go. the person pulled out a gun and shot franklin four times. the gunman made off with $400. convicted killer jody arias try to make some money behind bars. she tweeted last week she is filing for bankruptcy. according to her art web site she is releasing limited edition prints of her jail house drawings. the starting price $39. her artwork was selling on ebay for more than $1,500. the site banned her from selling her art there. a jury convicted her in may of killing her boyfriend. she faces a trial to see if she gets the death penalty. >> eduardo ang leawas pulled ov
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100 pounds of pot was discovered in his jeep. he's facing several charges. new developments in the may gos wide manhunt for two convicted killers. they should be serving life sentences. here's the picture. the men released from the florida prison by mistake. dana jay is outside of the orange county courthouse in orlando, florida. a lot of people are waking up watching you this morning. what's the latest? >> well, the latest is family members we learned learned that t two of the killers have been released from jail with four signatures. let me show you the men who are accused of both are sent to prison. one of the victim's mothers got a letter saying their son's killer had been released from
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jail. he had been serving the life sentence. that letter was brought here we learned to the orange county courthouse where the prosecutor took a look at it and realized the signatures had been forged. two signatures on those forged documents, two sets of forged documents one for each men, one of them belonging to the chief judge the other belonging to state's attorney for the area. the interesting thing here is that that state's attorney had been involved in the casey anthony case at that time. tied up he did not remember that case and did not have time to be reviewing the case and letting these men out of prison. we believe these men are still on the lose possibly here in orange county. investigators actively looking for them. >> it is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. a busy mall shut down when the
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>> a nightmare for parents in arkansas. a man with a knife high sack jacked a school bus with children on board. john miller jumped on the bus as it stoppeded to pick up the children yesterday morning.
2:24 am
he drove the bus several miles as police pursued him and only pulled over and surrendered when he saw police had dropped some stiek strips on the road. he is now facing numerous charges including piracy and kidnapping. so here's a weird one. a man spreads his fiancee's ashes at the mall. he scattered the cremated remains in a lens crafters store and took off. employees became alarmed. they have responded to the scene and shut down the mall. tests determine it was human ash. no charges will be filed against the grieving man. >> a western ohio women is charged with petty theft for allegedly stealing $2.87 from a courthouse fountain. she pleaded not guilty. they hope to resolve the case before a trial in november. >> we know that sleeping can
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drain our drain but scientists discovered why. sleep helps us stay sharp because of a system that scrubs away neutral waist and it is mostly active when we sleep. it adds to scientist's understanding of sleep but it points to new ways to treat disorders like alzheimer's disease linked to the accumulation of toxins on the brain. well this lucky dog has some guardian angels. that pit bull spent four-days trapped in a sewer after his owner de sorted him. they left food and tried to find a way to get him out. a rescue team opened it had enough to grab him. the dog will be put up for adoption. >> he just wants the family who loves him. the amazing plea at that one teenager made that is now getting response from all across
2:26 am
the country. >> then he waited months to confessing to killing a veteran on-line. >> when i get charged i will plead guilty and take full responsibility for everything i have done to vince and his family. >> now he wants the judge to take pity on him. is that fair? we report, you decide. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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>> it is october 18th rt. a shocking revelation of what was discussed during a security
2:30 am
meeting the day before a deadly benghazi attack. what is the white house's response? >> going to make any of the documents of the press release available? >> just wait until you hear jay carney's answer. >> new evidence of obama care west side glitches could have been worked out before the launch but they were not. >> and then he waited months before confessing to killing a veteran on-line. >> when i get charged i will plead guilty and pay full responsibility for everything i have done to vince and his family. >> now he wants the judge to take pity on him? is that fair in we report, you decide. fox and friends first starts right now.
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>> good morning. you made it. it is friday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 31 minutes after the top of the hour. >> new for you a congressional investigation is launched into the disastrous roll out of obama care. there is new information all of the glitches could have been prevented. >> elizabeth prann has the latest for us out of washington. >> amid reports of how much the white house doled out the web site contractors perhaps over budget one house committee scheduled a hearing they will probe into the vast amounts of technical road bumps. kathleen sebelius has been welcomed to attend. how much does the administration know of the possibility of all
2:32 am
of these problems? the media pressed the white house for answers yesterday. >> he wants 100 percent so when do we see that and who is held accountable? >> people who are responsible for making it work are hard at work fixing the problems that need to be fixed. the president wants the work done so the consumer experience is approved. >> the accountability of the president now is the accountability that comes from making the system better, improving process for consumers. >> he said people need to be patient. but they are pushing back saying it should have been tried and tested. >> you would think they would have tested it and retested it before the roll out on october 1st. they promised it would work on october 1st. of course it has not worked. >> among the flaws we are seeing reports of upgraded attempts on the site.
2:33 am
one saying the call agents who flagged this problem are flat wrong. we will hear from consumers on this one. heather e-ainsley, back to you. world war ii veterans from san diego celebrating the end of the government shut down. they are heading to the capital to visit their memorial. it is open to the public after being closed for the government shut down. that didn't stop protestors from forcing their way in. >> i feel sad that these self serving politicians have no regard for any one they are only interested in their political career. >> he is norman maxwell 88-year-old veteran so excited for the first trip to the memorial. >> a baggage handler accused of setting off dry iced bottle telled bombs at lax pleading not
2:34 am
guilty of possessing a destructive device in a public place. he could face up to 6 yearss in prison if convicted. he set off for last sunday for his own amusement in areas only accessible to employees. he is being held on $1 million bail. >> workers are on strike today leading leaving 200,000 commute stranded for the second time in four months. the employees walked off the job at midnight. the strike called by the two largest unions represented by the bay area rapid transit system will add hundreds of cars to the traffic on the bay bridge. >> new details into the investigation of the terror attacks in benghazi. the investigator for the republican led house services committee zeroed in on a press release by the white house a day before the attacks. doug zoo laider is live with the latest. >> there are new questions this
2:35 am
morning not just about the attack in benghazi itself but also about a meeting that took place in the white house just the day before. the administration at the time sent in a prees reless that president obama was making security officials about the preparation for 9-11 anniversary. excluded from the meeting was carter ham. >> the white house took the position they did all that they could and adviinvite people inte discussion. i would hope that in the future they would invite the commander that has the most knowledge about what he needed. >> four americans including u.s. ambassador chris stevens were killed in the attack. the white house acknowledges there were security lapses but points to the defense department and did not respond kindly to a request from james rose enthey release details about that white house meeting.
2:36 am
>> did you make any of those documents with the press release available as you did with the susan rice talking points? >> i think we are done here. thanks. >> re pub cans in congress in the meantime as they continue their investigation into the benghazi incident would like to hear from then u.s. defense secretary leon pan neda. pan neda's office did not respond to an interview request from fox. >> he did not like that question did he? doug luzader live for us. a new terror threat puts the state department on high alert. the u.s. embassy in uganda warning an al-shabaab strike similar to kenya's mall massacre could happen soon. the u.s. citizens should avoid public venues that attract large crowds. this as just released surveillance video shows the terrifying first moments of the kenya mall attack. it shows shoppers casually strolling through the mall when
2:37 am
suddenly they hear gun shots and begin to run for their lives. much of the video too graphic to show you. 67 people were killed in a bloodbath. edward snowden says there is no way russians and chinese got a hold of classified documents he stole. he left them all with journalists in hong kong. they expressed fear other governments might have obtained the secrets as well. in an interview in the new york times says pleaing hong kong with the documents would not have served the public interest. he faces espionage charges in the u.s. but is under asylum in russia. >> she may not have the noeshl prize but she is hanging out with the queen at the palace. this will be their second meeting. the queen says she is incredibly impressed with her bravery and work she was doing. malala was shot in the head last year by the taliban. >> prince william has his first
2:38 am
ever invest tour ceremony a move thought of as a step forward in becoming a full-time royal. he presented awards to 90 people across the united kingdom since leaving his role in the military next month. the duke prepares to take on more royal responsibilities. >> this is a great story for you here. an orphaned florida boy's prayers may be answered. according to a church where the 15-year-old made a urgent plea for a family to adopt him. the phone has been ringing off the hook. two weeks ago he bravely stood up in front of the congregation. it it said he would take any one and the church is getting calls from as far away from utah and forwarding them to his adoption agency. >> to him for the first degree weather update with maria
2:39 am
molina. >> some people waking up with the first snow this morning. >> right around the time you should be seeing the first snowfall in the city of denver. i want to start out in the northeast. yesterday if you lived across here you did notice the temperatures were very mild and it was very muggy and humid out. we did have a storm system that moved on through producing light showers with areas of rain for some of you. overall much quieter weather behind the storm system. it will be a little breezy today. temperatures in the afternoon dropping just a little bit. it is during the overnight hours you are going to notice in places like new york city you should be getting down into the lower 40's over saturday and sunday. again it is in the nighttime hours. we saw the rainfall transition over to snow just a few minutes ago. we are seeing that snow coming down not expecting significant accumulation out here. only talking about maybe an inch or so on grassy surfaces. current temperature it is cold enough for snow 30 degrees. we are seeing the cooler air
2:40 am
moving on south from canada, rapid city very chilly right now as well. 28 degrees. we are starting to see the pattern change where the colder air is making it further and further south in parts of the texas panhandle is. high temperatures only in the 50's today. heather and ainsley. >> maria molina live for us. >> thank you so much maria. 6 people are dead in ohio after police cruiser collides with the car. a small child is among the victims. an officer has been seriously injured. the officer was responding to a robbery when that crash happened. >> the sten nothing fer dr-- st nothi -- stenographer dragged off the floor now telling her story. >> there's hope for women
2:41 am
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>> an ohio man confessed on-line to driving drunk. >> i killed vincent canzani. this video will act as my co confession. >> michael cordel confessed but his lawyer says he should get a lighter sentence for taking responsibility for his actions. >> two colorado farmers will plead guilty to federal criminal charges. investigators say the outbreak
2:45 am
which happened in 2011 is one of the deadliest cases of foodborne illness in the united states. er reck and brian jenison could face up to 2 years in prison and maximum fine of $250. at least 47,000 more pounds of rotisseri chicken recalled by costco in san francisco. the chicken might be contaminated with salmonella that is linked to the ongoing outbreak. they were sold between september 24th and october 15th. >> workers getting a glimpse of how healthcare costs will wear on their pockets and the new study is showing are alarming at the least. diane macedo joins us more. >> a new study shows americans with employer provided health insurance continue to get stuck
2:46 am
with higher medical bills. most should expect to dish out 5,000 dollars of their own money for healthcare. the average cost of healthcare for employees is expected to increase almost 7 percent in 2014 to more than $11,000. the average worker will be expected to pay almost half of that. premiums are expected to increase to nearly 2500 in 2014 with out of pocket cost with co insurance and deductibles are expected to increase to nearly 2500 from little over 2300 this year. over the last decade employees share of healthcare costs will have increased almost 150 percent. while 2013 brought in the lowest premium rate increases in more than a decade the company expects to see the rates go back up going forward. heather? >> diane macedo joins us this morning.
2:47 am
thank you. >> the time now is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. fired for doing the right thing? meet the wal-mart worker who said it happened to him. >> plus two of hollywood's biggest action stars team up for the first time on the big screen. we sit down with arnold schwarzenegger and sylvester stallone coming up next. >> quite the lineup, right brian? >> absolutely. sounds great. i have to tell you what is coming up on our show of gather around it will be a great friday edition of our show. the crew will be, woulding. we want to know with the government shut down should lawmakers be forced to return their checks? we will find out what you think at home. homes are more expensive than ever before for america's middle class. we are going to find secret neighborhoods that you definitely will be able to afford. pretty good. then a new study finds when it comes to boozman knee people can't tell how much is too
2:48 am
dr. mark seigel will be here. plus chris wallace is going to be here, and geraldo is going to be here. interviews with geraldo. we are going to have the interview with arnold schwarzenegger as well as sylvester stallone. what do you want to talk about now? thank you very much. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup.
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welcome back. we are learning more about diane reidy. she is the stenographer who had a meltdown on the house floor as the debt ceiling vote was coming to a close wednesday night. her husband says that she was working mind-numbing hours and was plagued by sleeplessness since the start of the shutdown on october 1. he denied that his wife has had any mental problems.
2:52 am
listen to this. a worker at añi michigan wal-mart says that he was fired from his job after he intervened to help a woman being assaulted in the parking lot. the 30-year-old was spending his lunch break at his car when he heard the woman screaming. he was able toçó get on top of the suspect, but then two other men jumped him from behind. luckily police arrived quickly. >> i never expected all of this. the least i expected was to not have a job. i don't even know what to put on an application about all of this. how do i say this ended? i'm always going to act the right way and do the right thing, even after all ofu this. >> maybe somebody will see this. a spokesperson for wal-mart said while the company understood his intentions, his actions violated company policy. hmur could be a big problem forc wanna be mom.çp&c @3 añi study says one or two glasses of wine a week could reduce a woman's
2:53 am
chance of becoming pregnant by a third and more than three glasses a week cuts the chance of conception by twoñi thirds. researchers advise women who hope to become mothers to limit alcohol to very low amounts or cut it out completely. ainsley? >> thanks, heather. what haóujjurá the biggest action sta@s in hollywood teamñi up? you get the escape plan. >> i need to get into the isolationñi area. >> okay. >> good. >> they are back. theññi new movie out on friday stars sillñr -- sylvester stallone and arnold schwarzenegger schwartz. michael tammero is back. >> it could be 1983 all
2:54 am
over again and with everything going on in washington, that might not be such a bad thing. stallone and arnold schwarzenegger, the first time they're pairing together in 30 years, the first time they have had two costarring rolesçó side by side. stallone plays añi security expert who specializes in going into prison and investigating their flaws. he has to team up with arnold schwarzenegger to escape. we asked them, this has been such an enduring genre for the two of them and they define the whole action picture. we asked them tuesday night at the premiere on times square why people like these movies so much and what it was like teaming up for the first time. >> people like to see good movies. they like to see action. people loveç(p(urzn movies and it has a goodñr story+s@&cú3 that is the bottom line. suppose he's all right. he guess on my nerves a little bit. >> who has the biggest guns, who sells the most tickets, whatever.
2:55 am
>> you and i could be like that every day. >> i love both of them. this is definitely one that i will see. >> it got a little roughed upñi by the critics and the action genres have had a tough go as of late but no one replaced those two guys. they are not showingw3 signs of slowing down. there is a new "rambo" in the works, new rocky in the works. rocky is coming out on broadway and there is a report arnold may exploring a run for the presidency in 2016. when he said he'll be back, he meant it. catch the whole interview atçó inthefox and you can catch me on twitter. >> good to see you. next, imagine driving down the highway and seeing flames shooting from the qj:á of theñi road. wait until you hear what one man did. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪çóçóqñiñi two minutes till the top of theñi hour. actually one minute. it is friday. the weekend is here. before you leave the house this morning, here's what's happening. a former associate of new england patriot aaron hernandez set to be arraigned in a massachusetts courtroom. bart workers are on strike stranding 200,000 commuters in the san francisco bay area. this is the second strike in four months. it is going to be an exciting day for a group of ve+-ou(jtrom san diego. they're visiting the world war ii memorial in washington to celebrate its reopening after the government shutdown. >> professional fire fighters get help from a couple of amateurs.
3:00 am
a man trying desperately to keep a small brush fire under control off the freeway. the plumber used a hose from his truck to put out the flames and then fire fighters got there to help finish the job. >> good for him. it is the weekend. have a great friday and enjoy your weekend with your family. we'll see you here on monday morning. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ ♪ good morning. it is friday, octoberñi 18, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new details about the obamacare debacle. the website wasn't even tested until a week before it launched. and that is just the beginning. >> meanwhile, a brand-new benghazi bombshell. but don't ask the white house about it. >> i know that we're creating an exchange here. i'm mindful of that. >> are you going to make any of those documents associated with that press release available as you did with the susan rice report? >> i think we're done here. >> you


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