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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 18, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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under control off the freeway. the plumber used a hose from his truck to put out the flames and then fire fighters got there to help finish the job. >> good for him. it is the weekend. have a great friday and enjoy your weekend with your family. we'll see you here on monday morning. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. ♪ ♪ good morning. it is friday, octoberñi 18, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. new details about the obamacare debacle. the website wasn't even tested until a week before it launched. and that is just the beginning. >> meanwhile, a brand-new benghazi bombshell. but don't ask the white house about it. >> i know that we're creating an exchange here. i'm mindful of that. >> are you going to make any of those documents associated with that press release available as you did with the susan rice report? >> i think we're done here. >> you might. we don't.
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how much did they know before the attack? we're going to tell you what we know. >> should congress give back the pay -- their pay from the]iñ shutdown? >> they'll continue to take my salary. >> we know what debbie wasserman schultz will do. she says i'm keeping my money. meet the republican who says i have to give it back. in fact, he just did. that's his check. i'm going to give that story and talk about it because "fox & friends" starts now. >> happy birthday, steve, and all your friend here wish you the best. >> thank you very much. >> happy birthday tomorrow, steve. >> thank you very much. elisabeth has already given me my birthday president for tomorrow. >> which is? >> i haven't opened it up yet. where's yours? >> i'm going to give you
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cash again. >> i just got a paycheck from a congressman in new jersey. >> it will be a three-hour celebration of your birthday. have you met that mayor? >> no. i was long gone. interestingly enough, the hospital i was born at in algona, iowa, was the same hospital that stuart varney's wife was born in. deb was born in the same hospital. >> how did that come up? >> i don't know. >> i guess when you're playing tennis in your all-white outfits in new jersey. where was your wife born? i don't know. where was your wife born? >> i saw you with your posse, the guys hanging around with the beer and the whiskey. i saw ted on tv and it looks like ted is trying out for "duck dynasty." >> both of whom i love. "duck dynasty" and the sox.
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>> he was shaving in the fourth grade. >> meanwhile, elisabeth, let's talk about the affordable care act website. it stinks. >> it does. what started out as a failure is now just a complete disaster. the "wall street journal" is reporting that the obamacare website is providing insurers with wrong info, making it impossible for people to actually sign up or then go back and actually check a password. they've lost a ton of information actually. >> what they're doing too now, because it's a trickle compared to the seven million they plan on handling, they're going back in and trying to fix all this manually, which is staggering because they got to get specialists to handle this manually. the navigators are supposed to be helping people. they are nonexistent. here are some of the problems. duplicate enrollments, usually not good. you'll pay back. spouses reported as children. although some of you ladies feel like you're raising children, it's not going to work out in the health
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business. and missing data and fields. like me, i always seem to miss a block or two. like what sex i am or what sex i prefer to be. if i don't check that pwo*bgs it is like -- check that box, it is like falling downstairs. >> the administration keeps referring to it as tiny glitches but this is systemic. insurers have been under a lot of pressure not to say anything, through the health department. so they have anonymous sources quoted in these articles. they're saying it is straining their ability to even handling the trickling of those trying to get on. >> one of the problems is apparently they're using ten-year-old technology. for you to navigate the system, you've got to remove -- clean the cache and then do the popup blockers. this is so eight years ago. according to mitt co, they -- according to "politico," they said the administration had a bunker mentality when they were building this particular site. they were essentially afraid of transparency.
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they were afraid the people who did the site would be called in front of oversight asking why was it so bad. instead what they did was essentially they hired trusted campaign experts to do the work. now we know the work's terrible because they weren't experts at it. >> and they only tried it a week before the rollout, october 1, which is unacceptable. you see debbie wasserman schultz and robert gibbs say it is unacceptable, it indeed is acceptable. they were in on the creation of this entire project. on top of it, this is their biggest fear. they need healthy to sign up. they didn't explain that to you. they need healthy people to sign up. if you're sick and have preexisting conditions, you're going to stick it out. if you're healthy, you don't want to sign up to begin with, you're just worried about being fined. you're going to throw up your hands and say i'm going to playñi handball or go out with the guys. >> they procrastinate and don't try it out until a
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week or two beforehand? this deserves a six-week trial with all the information americans are supposedly needing to put into the system. they had medicare and medicaid officials running this information through during that minute those that wd normally do it. i think, my goodness, you're putting in your social, your financial information, where you're from, your password, your dog's name and they don't know where it is. they might not have the right to put it in because they are not the ones who should be doing it. >> my dog threw up on the stairs yesterday. i wonder if he's covered. >> frank lutz talked to his focus group about obamacare. who do they blame? >> we believe obamacare is just going to add to the deficit? raise your hand. a majority of you. would any of you fire anyone for what went wrong? who would you fire? >> at least for the rollout, i'd fire sebelius. >> who else would fire
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somebody? >> i'd fire the president. >> okay. you can't do that. >> if this were another country, step up and resign. >> got brand-new paintings behind him. this has been a debacle technologically. but also keep in mind they had such high hopes they were going to have this gigantic rollout and so many people would sign up. according to a health industry consultant, based on the number of enrollments the feds sent back to insurance companies, the first week they think they probably wound up signing up 10,000 people the first week, 10,000 people the second week. the web traffic fell off 88% after the first week. they are probably at 5% of their goal. that's not good. >> now the other topic, during the shutdown, a lot of lawmakers are getting pressure and hearing a lot from their constituents saying what did you do during that time? i was furloughed, told to stay home.
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why were you getting paid? the government was shut down. how can you tell me you were doing your job well. if you talk to representative frank lobiono, he will not take his money. he put a check on the website saying here's the $5,000, i'm putting it towards the deficit. when debbie wasserman schultz was asked the same thing, listen to her. >> because i support everybody getting a salary, i continue to support reopening the government, making sure that everybody who is doing a job in the federal government can earn their salary. and so that's my position there. >> are you going to continue to get -- take your salary? >> yes, i'm going to continue to take my salary. >> yeah, great. meanwhile, brian, on the other side of the aisle, from my current home state of new jersey, frank lobiondo, said, quote,
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please find my check dated october 17 of this year in the amount of $5,021, the check is repayment of my salary incurred during the 16-day period of the partial government shutdown and to be used toward the reduction of the public debt. way to go, frank. >> that's patriotic. >> you saw the picture of the check? when -- we're going to have heather do the update. but actually in a moment, i'm going to go back in the next block and interact with everybody on our facebook and find out what you think about it. i checked it before the show started. everyone loves this story. either like it or interact with us. >> go on to facebook and either like the idea of that check being sent back to the u.s. treasury or not. brian will be fielding those and let everyone know what you said. >> could you get us some coffee? >> snacks? >> you like it black. >> it's my birthday.
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i'd like whipped cream in it. >> and you just like it free. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. as brian leads to the green room, go to our facebook page, "fox & friends" and like the picture of the congressman's check, and we'll let you know how that goes. >> i notice how you brought producers in the news room this morning cups of coffee. >> i do it every day. >> how nice. we've got some news to bring you and some serious news coming out of ohio overnight. a sad story to tell you about taking place there. a police car colliding with another car, leaving six people dead, including one child. one police officer has been seriously hurt. and here's what we know about what happened. the cop had his lights and his siren on at the time, and we're told that he was responding to a robbery. all of this unfolding right near the state capitol in columbus, ohio. more details are coming in. we will keep you posted as we learn more. brand-new developments
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in that nationwide manhunt for twoñi convicted killers who had been freed by mistake. it looks like it was an inside job. these murderers walked out of a prison in florida using fake documents that authorized their release. the phony paper work had the forged signature of this judge. chief judge belvin perry. he oversaw the casey anthony murder trial. >> somebody had to help him. they alone could not do this. i think someone outside helped them. >> 0 joseph jenkins has been on the run for 21 days. charles walker has emn gone since october 8. be on the lookout for them. president obama ready to fill the seat vacated by janet napolitano. he will appoint jay johnson.
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he previously served at the department of defense and did the military reviews and approvals of every military operation. a group of world war ii veterans from san diego heading to the nation's capital to visit the memorial today. it is finally open to the public after veterans moved the barricades and they stormed in. we told you a lot about that. that was when the government shut down. >> i feel sad that these self-serving politicians have disregard for most americans. they are only interested in their own political career or whatever. >> that is norman maximum well. it will be -- nor man maxwell. it will be his first trip to the memorial. he is 88 years old. have a great trip. >> thanks, heather. a man got a pink slip who
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helped someone being attacked in a parking lot. >> brian in the green room interacting with you on our facebook page. go log on. you can read your comments right after the break. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar ♪ it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. let me tell you what's happening on facebook. here's the thing. congressman lobiondo says take my paycheck. i'm giving it to the debt and deficit. what about other congressmen? should they be giving money back especially since debbie wasserman schultz is not going to do that. tammy writes says she needs all the money. elizabeth said no others
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got paid. other people are getting personal. i won't read that out loud but i'm going to be responding the whole time. back to you. >> under obamacare businesses faced a tough choice. cover all workers or pay a hefty fine. our next guests are taking a cold, hard look at those numbers and say they might opt to pay the penalty. the fine for 200 employees, $400,000. that's compared to the coverage costs that range from over $900,000 to almost $2 million. joining me are debby and larry co-owners. certainly, you have a lot of to weigh with your business. what's making you look at those numbers side by side, and where are you in your decision? >> well, we have to decide what, whether we're going to pay or play, in the vernacular, of the obamacare law. depending on the cost of
3:18 am
the insurance plans that we would be able to come up with, we may have to decide to pay the penalty. or if we get a reasonable plan, we may be able to choose coverage for those employees. >> both seem to come with a hefty cost. many companies, many mid-sized business owners right now are actually being forced to, looking at the mandate coming, take full-time employees and bump them down to part-time so that they would have to obviously look at the bottom line and avoid having to be concerned with mandates. are you going to be in that situation? >> it might in some ways turn out to be an advantage to us because sometimes companies would rather outsource employees to temporary staffing companies such as us, to be able to help them so they don't have to work with that. >> i know that you grew
3:19 am
your business in 2005 from the ground up. certainly this environment right now, according to many, is not good for business growth. does obamacare kill the growth of businesses? >> well, i think, you know, as a business owner, as every business owner in america is facing right now, the challenges are you just don't know what your costs are going to be. and just the uncertainty. and i think that's what -- some of the companies are postponing making hiring decisions or either they are outsourcing their hiring because of uncertainty, because they just don't know what the costs are going to be. >> larry, certainly this can't be good news for you. i know you're looking at protecting employees. but what does it mean for them? what about the people working for you? what are they facing in the next couple of years? >> starting in 2015, as you know, we got a reprieve for
3:20 am
one year in relation to the obamacare. our employees could lose their coverage. our current employees, our staff employees could lose the coverage that we have that we've tried to get for them over the past few years. they may be lumped into another plan with all the temporary employees we have. so it's going to be some changes. the bad thing is that we don't know at this point what's going to happen. it's very hard to quote a plan. we haven't got any carriers to quote a plan until 2015. >> larry, you know, and debby, sad news obviously for a lot of business owners. we thank you for being honest with us about yourñr situation and wish you the best. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> up next, could a song be the key to beating alzheimer's. a stunning new study next. >> i'll just have one glass.
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welcome back. time for quick headlines. this morning an associate of former new england patriot aaron her tphapbz sets to be arraigned. prosecutors say he was with hernandez the night odom lloyd was killed.
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steve? >> talk about double vision. the next glass of wine or beer you may have tonight could be 50% stronger than you think. take a look. the guidelines for the average serving sizes is 5 ounces of wine with 12% alcohol. 12 ounces of beer with 5% alcohol. and 1.5 ounces of 80 proof spirits with 40% alcohol. but a brand-new study find drinks served at bars and restaurants are much more potent than that. dr. marc siegel, our mixologist from the medical a team joins us to explain. >> the national alcohol beverage association found we're drinking a lot more than we think they are. when you go to a restaurant, you think they're heaping up that glass. the problem is you think it is one glass. it is the equivalent of two. >> let's show folks what we're talking about. you wanted me to show you what i think is a glass of wine. >> drinking guidelines
3:26 am
would be no more than two glasses per day. wine is starting to get a lot more alcohol in it. >> i would say that's about a glass of wine. >> that's about what you think it would be. let's look at what it really is. it is supposed to be four to five ounces. the problem is wine has a lot more alcohol than it used to. it has up to 15% alcohol. they're recommending four ounces, four to five ounces. look at the difference. >> come on. you go into a restaurant and this is the glass they serve you. >> right, which is more like two glasses. again, that's already the amount you're supposed to have in a day before you should risk driving or anything like that. very different between men and women. with women, body weight is an issue. genetics is an issue. >> meanwhile, when it comes to beer, this is easy because this is a beer glass; right? i got a little too many sudden. nothing is falling over the top yet, mr. kilmeade, whose father owned a bar.
3:27 am
>> how much does brian drink, by the way? >> a lot. >> he's not supposed to have more than 12 ounces at that football game. >> this is the size glass that i would pour. >> if you're watching the new york giants right now, you have to have a little bit more. here you go. >> look at that. i was about on -- i was exactly where you're at. >> no, no. you're a little bit more. >> just a tiny little bit. >> beer, by the way, is good for your bones. it's got silicone in it. >> red wine is supposed to be good for your heart. >> very true. you don't want to overdo it. you get more calories than you think. >> a simple sip of hard liquor, i would say that is about right. >> you think? i would say a lot less than that. >> if anybody shows up at the bar with a pyrex cup, you'll know you were watching dr. marc siegel.
3:28 am
>> this is very serious. we're joking but if you drink more than you're supposed to, you're much more likely to get in a car accident. over 100,000 fatal car accidents a year related to alcohol. this is a very serious matter. >> next week you're going to be reporting on college kids and alcohol. >> who are all drinking a lot more than they think they are. >> this is very helpful. most importantly, i think folks who buy wine, they're getting way too much alcohol and calories? >> absolutely. there is a lot more alcohol in wine than we think. it is up to 15%. 5% in beer. jim beam could be 90 proof. >> dr. marc siegel, thank you very much. there are a couple of coffee drinkers. >> exactly. at least at 6:28 in the morning eastern time. let's tell you what's going on on facebook. >> barbara is writing they shouldn't have gotten a pay check in the first place. >> by the way, i walked in
3:29 am
there, there were 324 responses. by the time i was done with your segment, 1,700 responses, likes. >> how many people asked if you got a haircut yesterday? >> a lot people were curious. >> we have more posts coming in, so continue to send them and we'll read them. >> meanwhile, one minute before the bottom of the hour. here's what coming up. >> a brand-new benghazi bombshell but don't ask the white house about it. >> are you willing to make any of those documents associated with that press release available as you did with the susan rice talking points? >> i think we're done here. thanks. >> how much did they know before the attack? >> a mother and daughter reuniteni after decades apart. even more incredible, they saw each other every single day and never knew it. her mom was the bus driver! you're givi away pie?
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3:34 am
up a probe and what they seem to be zeroing in on now is the day before the september 11 attacks in benghazi, libya, last year, apparently jay carney's office sent out a four-sentence press release that said that the president had met with key national security principals to discuss, quote, the steps taken to protect u.s. personnel in facilities abroad on the verge of these september 11 anniversary. what's interesting is the guy who ran africom was asked, and he said i don't know who they're talking about because they didn't talk to me. they apparently did talk to joint chiefs chair mark dempsey, and he said that it was rather routine which i don't know what that means. >> two things. they concluded they could not get help there in time. but it's also true they should have had assets in position to get help there in time because if they were clear there was indeed a threat -- which by the paper work it seems as
3:35 am
though it is -- how can you say i can defend libya? which led to conflict in yesterday's briefing. >> certainly our ambassador chris stevens family and the others killed were asking for answers. james rosen was asking for answers from jay carney. let's see how that went. >> i wonder if you could tell us more about what those meetings entailed, who the participants were, how closely vetted that -- or thoroughly vetted that press release was and whether the white house might be willing to make available either to congressional investigators and/or to the public the e-mails, the memos and other sort of paper work that was associated with the development of that press release? >> it is clear because four americans died on that day that there was not adequate security. and that was revealed in the accountability review board. and i would simply say when it comes to -- and i know we're creating an exchange here for fox and i'm
3:36 am
mindful of that. >> what we're engaged in here is not for fox of it's for the record. would you be willing to make any of those documents associated with that press release available as you did with the susan rice talking points? >> james, i think we're done here. thanks. >> are we done? not exactly. many more questions. the reason he was asking whether or not the white house would provide documentation is the fact that while the committee has oversight and can go ahead and get documents and related e-mail and stuff like that from the military, they can't get it from the white house. the white house would have to cough it up. at this point it doesn't sound like they're going to cough up anything else. >> there would have to be ao direct release. but instead, no. going to shut down any information. >> i'm going to go to the green room. >> the picture of the check on-line on our facebook at "fox & friends." it has close to 2,300 likes on it right now. if you think it is a good thing that the congressman from new jersey gave his salary that he earned
3:37 am
during the government shutdown back to the government as opposed to debbie wasserman schultz, go to our facebook and like that picture. >> brian is going to check that out. heather is going to grab headlines. >> here's another question about giving back the money. should furloughed workers have to give back unemployment money they got after getting back pay? some furloughed workers in the state of oregon getting paid twice. workers who received unemployment compensation during the government shutdown found out the government is not making them pay back that money. on top of that, they're getting back pay. wow. fired for doing the right thing. a worker at a wal-mart in michigan is out of a job this morning. he helped a woman who was being assaulted in the parking lot. what? here's what happened. he was in his car during a break when he heard the woman screaming. listen to this. >> i never expected all of this. and the least i expected was to not have a job. i don't even know what to
3:38 am
put on an application about all this. how do i say this ended? i'm always going to act the right way and do the right thing, even after all of this. >> fired for doing the right thing indeed. wal-mart says that they understand his actions, but that he violated company policy. what do you think about that? a woman finds out she had been seeing her long-lost daughter every single day without even knowing it. freda pickering was 19 years old when she gave up her daughter for adoption. they were reunited after decades apart and found out freda actually drove her daughter carol's school bus every day for seven years. listen. >> wow. no idea, of course. >> i was just thinking last night i'm blessed that carol called me. we're talking like mother and daughter, which i never dreamt that would happen.
3:39 am
>> how sweet. the two now talk to each other every day. they live in england. a catchy song may be more than just stick in your head. ♪ ♪ >> that is "can't get you out of my head." apparently it is considered the catchiest song of all time according to a new poll. doctors say songs like this help with alzheimer's disease because it can trigger memories in patients. i doubt anyone listening to that has alzheimer's at this point. what about something like "ain't too proud to beg" temptations. >> very nice. thank you, heather. it may have been a four-day work week for many of you, brian -- >> "fox & friends" has you covered. >> real quick on the post, we now have another 1,000
3:40 am
over the last, i guess, 12 minutes and everyone saying good job. also people are pointing out that he gets paid $5,021 over six days. no wonder we have a deficit problem. >> is this time for a look back at the week that was. >> let's do that right now. watch. ♪ ♪ >> it's columbus day. >> happy columbus day. >> i would say nina for a thousand dollars. >> she wrecked four million tv screens and three ipads. >> you're fired! >> skhrepbt -- excellent questions. they make terrible pets. >> the singer went on to do a show on the island of -- i'll get myself in trouble if i say that out loud. i'm done.
3:41 am
>> when in doubt, leave it out. >> elisabeth, stop walking across the set. you're distracting me. >> really? what about now? >> that doesn't bother me. i lost my place. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're all right >> where was alice, by the way? why does she have to work the oven? when was the last time we had an argument during the cold open. >> what is a pumpkin considered? is it a fruit or vegetable? what do you guys think? >> i'm going with decoration. >> octavius spencer is doing something awesome. >> there was a study that says men with deep voices are found to be sexier.
3:42 am
♪ let's crank it up loud ♪ >> you called me stuart varney. >> that looks to me like i'm being thrown out. >> she's going to go get some headlines. >> bye, brian. >> let's get out of here! quick! let's go! >> how did the blogs explain why brian was being carted off by the cops? >> i forget. >> he's in the green room. >> more posts about yourircut. coming up in a little bit, jihaddists threatening to retaliate against americans for the capture of al libi. why don't we just send him to gitmo? our next guest weighs in on that. >> plus bloomberg's soda ban not going flat yet. the new physical as we roll
3:43 am
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it's about a quarter before the top of the hour. got some friday morning headlines for you now. an absolute nightmare for parents in arkansas. a guy with a knife hijacked a school bus with kids on board. he drove the bus a couple of miles before surrendering to cops. he's now facing numerous charges including kidnapping and piracy. there's still some fizz in mayor bloomberg's new york city's soda ban. new york's highest court agreed to hear his appeal of a decision -- the mayor's that is to say -- striking down the ban on the large sugary drinks. the court is not expected to take up the case until after he leaves office.
3:47 am
now you know. brian, over to you. >> get this, i don't know if you heard yet. new anger and threats to americans overseas following the capture of al qaeda suspect aby anas al libi. according to reports jihaddists are being urged to retaliate by kidnapping u.s. citizens. what do we need to know and should we have brought him to new york city for a trial? let's ask someone who used to be part of an extremist group. he's the author of "radical: my journey out of islamic extremism." thanks for joining us. from what you know and used to be an extremist yourself, should al libi be tried in new york? >> i think he should. i think it is important to demonstrate we adhere to our values. when we try him of extremism we're not charged with duplicity. >> how important is it to put him in an environment in which he speaks and talks intelligence? >> crucial.
3:48 am
the man may know so much we can learn from. >> what makes you think that's the environment he's going to talk the most? >> i think basically what we know from studies in terms of interrogation techniques it is more effective when you apply standards that are common without the necessary pressures added to the side of that. >> what do you know about islamic extremism? >> i spent 13 years in the leadership of a -- >> in britain? >> yes. >> at 16 you didn't know if you were pakistani or british? you were susceptible. they sold you on the school of thought? >> that has become the brand of young angry muslims across the world today. there is a brand out there attracting them. it is not necessarily an intellectual process at 16. it begins as an emotional journey, it begins as a form of revolution and end up with a dogma they tkopd, an ideology. >> you get arrested in egypt. you were thrown in jail. at jail in egypt is when
3:49 am
you realized your way of thinking was warped, twisted. >> i spent years in prison, i had the as sass -- assassins of presidents. i came out -- i was imprisoned at 24, still a young man. i came out four years later as an adult. >> what is the best way to fight islamic extremism? we've got to be doing more. combine that school of thought with the ideas, the attacks. >> military operations will only be a short-term solution. in the long term we have to start rebranding democratic values and challenging extremist ideology. >> i hope people listen to you because you've been there and you've come back and you're sharing it in
3:50 am
your book. the crisis in washington averted for now. what's next? dr. ben carson joins us live because many people about to lose jobs and the white house needs to take no
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
thanks for being with us. the stats are sobering. every three minutes there is a new breast cancer diagnosis. and this weekend thousands will come together to raise
3:54 am
awareness. our guest is program director for the avon walk for breast cancer and a survivor herself. plus she brought a whole bunch of friends with her in pink. i know you guys are going to put those feet to the pavement tomorrow to raise money for the avon breast cancer research. over 170,000 participants across the nation. your story is incredible. you were so young when you were diagnosed. correct? >> yes. i was 33 years old when i was diagnosed with breast cancer. no family history, was living a happy, active life. it was a big shock. >> how are you today? >> doing really well. eight-year survivor now. and putting my story to good use working for the avon foundation all these wonderful people doing the walk this weekend. >> how long is the walk? >> two days and 39.3 miles. >> we have a ton of family history of breast cancer with the girls in my clan here. so i cannot wait to do this walk one day soon. do men walk at all?
3:55 am
>> absolutely. we'll have thousands of women and men walking together this weekend raising money and awareness for breast cancer. the majority of the money raised at this walk this weekend will stay in the tri-state area. all the money you worked to raise will help people in your own communities and the money goes to breast cancer research and helps people get the breast cancer help they need. >> we're going to put everything on our web site. your story of recovery is incredible. how many survivors do we have here with us? raise your hand and give a shout, everybody. and we have a little puppy here. polo, in pink right here. we're wearing the t-shirts. why is this walk specifically important to you? >> it is so important. every three minutes in this country, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer and we really need to change that statistic. we have all these people walking and working to raise money and aware tons help change that. >> i love the pink movement going down the streets. when you see the images and the sisterhood, it has to be one of the best weekends the first time you did it. >> oh, my gosh.
3:56 am
this will be my 51st avon walk for breast cancer. i'm just as excited as i was in my first. every avon weekend is an inspiring celebration and it's a real community and i invite everybody to come on out and share all these people on -- cheer all these people on. they could use encouragement. you can donate. it's not too late to get involved. >> thank you for your story. good luck to everybody this weekend. for more information, go to our web site. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> back to you, brian and steve. >> a life is lost every 13 minutes. >> yep. each year we do that and they're ready to go. here is what's coming up. >> coming up, how dirty is your brain? not dirty mind, dirty brain. survey says it's filthy. we got that story at the top of the hour. >> then throw civility out the window. >> why does a group of people that always loses elections or tends to do lately, why do they call themselves the american people?
3:57 am
do they still count blacks as three folks. >> stay classy. a closer look at the comments top of the hour to a place with no roads. go to bass pro shops for great deals like a big game hub style blind for under $100. plus, bring the kids this weekend, for a free photo in the pumpkin patch. what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
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4:00 am
contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exi. avoid if you te clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor abouxium. good morning. it's friday, october 18, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the shutdown is over, but republicans still being blamed. >> why does a group of people that always losing election, or tends to lately, why do they call themselves the american people? do they still count blacks as three fifths of a vote? >> does that take it too far? >> i've decided. >> so have i. democrats seem happy the debt ceiling has been lifted. what about the american people? >> who is responsible for that? >> i think congress is responsible. i think the people in the white >> you basically blame everyone? >> mike luntz with what the vote
4:01 am
railroads saying. >> plus, how dirty is your brain? survey says it's apparently filthy. we're going to tell you the science behind that story. "fox & friends" hour two for this friday commences right now. >> i would like to wish awe very happy birthday. just one thing, remember, you're not in kansas anymore. >> thank you very much. that's rosy who is my barber out in new jersey. >> your family! >> pretty much. she knows my hair better than anybody. by the way, her shop, rosy not only does my hairdo, but the hairdo of the always dapper stuart varney. >> another stuart varney dropper! this is unbelievable. >> barber shop for the stars. >> oh, wow. >> happy birthday in advance, by the way. >> thank you. >> it's tomorrow. listen, thanks very much. i'm already getting comments on my birthday on facebook.
4:02 am
we've got over 4,000 likes on our facebook. "fox & friends" at facebook. and 1700 comments. here are some of the things you are saying -- we asked you about -- about the new jersey congressman who gave back his paycheck and the debt that is rising. >> where did i go wrong? if i laid down on the job for 16 days, i wouldn't have -- i would have received a pink slip. not a check. >> that's right. and vonna says, why give it back? they're just going to go waste it. why not donate it to the wounded warrior project. >> i think he said he's going to pay it against the debt. >> into the general fund. that's what the congressman will do. jeff says, every member of congress should do the same thing as congressman lobiano. that's his check wisely he cut off the routing number and his account at the bottom. but he made $5,124 during the
4:03 am
shutdown. debbie wasserman schultz was asked, are you going to do the same thing? she said no, i'm going to keep it. >> it's been quite tense over the last 16 days. the president refused to negotiate during that period of time. the house put many ideas to fund the government, all those injected by the senate. finally we thought we had a last minute deal and that blew up and in the end, many people would say the president got what he wanted, which was the deficit got raised, the continuing resolution got passed. so how did he act yesterday in terms of moving on, putting it aside and putting the best foot forward 'cause we have to negotiate again within three months. >> someone asked, why the sour face? why the bad attitude? but this is what we're hearing over and over and over again from president obama, nancy pelosi, and jay carney. >> you don't like a particular policy or a particular
4:04 am
president, then argue for your position. go out there and win an election. >> was their temper tantrum worth $24 billion? >> did the scolding, if you want to call it that, was far less severe than some republicans have received from members of their own party. >> you know what? the president said just go out and win an election. well, mr. president, with all due respect, remember, the american people reelected the house of representatives to be under republican control. how many members won their elections? take a look at this. 233 republicans. just 200 democrats. so remember next time there is some spiking of the football on capitol hill, the american people voted for a divided government. that means you got to compromise. >> every time the president seems to be in a tough heated situation, no one looks back to clinton, reagan, and bush. they go, it's got to be -- many people go, it's got to be race
4:05 am
related. it's staggering and so disspiritting when you see robert redford, a great film maker who says the house is giving him a hard time because we think it has something to do with the color of his skin. that issue was brought up again with somebody who should know better, chris matthews. listen. >> they had this weird way they referred to. we the american people. why does a group of people that always loses elections or tends to do lately, why do they call themselves the american people, because do they still count blacks as three fifths of a vote? worried about, like we're more american than the rest, so we should get a higher waiting than we are? i think it's dangerous. it goes with the birther stuff and all the rest of it. >> you know, why do you have to play that? >> i don't think there was any we involved in what he just said. i think he was standing alone on an island with that up with. >> no kidding. we've seen it a million times. >> you don't like their philosophy, they won an election. you don't like the fact that they came up from the masses
4:06 am
organically from the grassroots, then you shouldn't have passed obamacare because that was the one piece of legislation that binded together a group of americans who said, that's enough. we're spending ourselves into oblivion. let's form not a part of the republican party, but let's form a party. they see more eye to eye with the republican party. where does race come into what they're saying? i don't see anything brought up about race. >> it's a desperate attempt and it undermines racism when it actually exists. i think to just throw it out there not only is a largely a false accusation, but also really does a disservice to the wrong that is racism when it does occur. >> because -- and we were talk being this, you mentioned robert redford, he was playing the race card yesterday -- in the past, that has been a very effective way to shut people down. just to shut them up. they don't like the president's policies because he's of african-american descent. no. brian was talking about the tea
4:07 am
party. at the time party got elected in a grand way in 2010 and many more in 2012 as well simply because their mental was simple. we are spending way too much money. what's interesting with this debt ceiling loophole, apparently they set a time limit for the debt ceiling extension, but they didn't cap it at any particular fixed amount. so that number can go up and up and up. frank luntz was talking to one of his focus groups yesterday and here they are discussing who to blame in washington, d.c. >> the country spends a small fortune, in fact, a large fortune supporting other countries around the world and we can't take care of our business at home. and i think it's outrageous. >> who is responsible for that? >> i think the congress is responsible. i think the people in the white house are responsible. >> you basically blame everybody? >> i blame -- >> i didn't hear either side during the shutdown say, let's talk about entitlement reforms.
4:08 am
we're talking entitlement reforms something we need to talk about. but neither side said, let's really change this. >> they're afraid to do anything about it because they're afraid they're going to lose votes. that's stupid. >> i believe anybody who came up with the idea, let's not pay for things we already bought, i mean -- >> nobody had that idea. i don't understand what you're trying to do. >> the debt ceiling is about things we already bought. >> try not paying for your credit card and see what happens >> that debt ceiling is another credit card for the federal government. >> there is such frustration in that room. there is such frustration across the country. he made the point and we heard it a million times during the debt ceiling debate and that was well, the congress has got to go in there and pay the bills that they agreed on. i think we all agree on this, congress is running up way too big of bills to start with and that's part of the frustration. they got to stop spending. >> i don't really think it's related. dr. ben carson coming up shortly. meanwhile, heather nauert is following what else is breaking. >> we have an update for you on
4:09 am
a story we told you about. new video coming in to fox news overnight. breaking news in ohio. a police car colliding with a car leaving six people dead. one police officer has been seriously hurt, but he is in good condition at a local hospital. here is what we know so far. the officer apparently had his lights and his siren on as he responded to a robbery at a mcdonald's near the state capitol in columbus, ohio. according to our local affiliate, a male driver and a female passenger, including a toddler and a teen-ager, were killed in that accident. police believe no one was wearing a seatbelt. more details are coming in, so we will keep you posted on this developing story. in the meantime, brand-new developments to tell but in the nationwide manhunt for two convicted killers who were freed by mistake. it appears that this was an inside job. the murderers walked out of a prison in florida using fake documents authorizing their release. that phony paperwork had the
4:10 am
forged signature of chief judge perry. remember this guy? he was the judge who presided over the casey anthony murder trial. here is his take on what happened. >> somebody had to help them. they alone could not do this. i think someone outside helped them. >> well, joseph jenkins had been on the run for 21 days. he has been on the run rather. charles walker has been gone since october 8th. so be on the lookout for these men. a new terror threat puts a state department on high alert. the u.s. embassy in uganda getting that warning. the embassy says u.s. citizens should avoid public areas that attract large crowds. al-shabab militants recently killed more than 60 people in that west gate mall attack last month. we know sleeping can drain your brain, but scientists have
4:11 am
discovered why. there is a new study out that suggests while we sleep, there is a system in our brains that scrubs away neuro waste. the discovery not only helps scientists better understand sleep, but it may also help them treat diseases such as alzheimer's. that is linked to an accumulation of toxins in the brain. so anything to help out with that. those are your headlines at this hour. >> it's like a mental pipe cleaner, cleaning out. >> yeah. another great excuse to sleep. >> there you go. >> sleep long. >> another reason to feel bad for not sleeping. coming up, crisis in washington averted for now. so what's next? dr. ben carson says we're about to lose jobs. the white house needs to take notice. he joins us next. >> good morning, doctor. >> good morning. and should congress give back the pay from the shutdown? some democrats say no. but meet the republican who says yes. he just did it. your facebook posts are coming in like crazy.
4:12 am
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4:15 am
we need a doctor. with the senate shutdown over and the debt default avert ford now, washington can now focus their attention on obamacare, right? joining us right now is fox news contributor, dr. ben carson. by the way, he's also the author of a new book that is called "america the beautiful" and also a professor emerits at johns hopkins university and he's retired and busier now than he was before. >> it's been amazing as i travel around the country and speak to enthusiastic crowds and people
4:16 am
saying, you mean there is somebody else that thinks the way i do? 'cause they've been beaten into submission. there are a lot of people who think this way, believe me. >> absolutely. there are a lot of people looking in, they've been watching what happened in washington, d.c., you know, now the president, he's got a short-term deal on the cr and the debt limit and stuff like that. you say that the republicans actually, going forward, have a good message to present to the american people. >> well, the message of fiscal responsibility. personal responsibility and fiscal responsibility on behalf of everybody. but also recognizing that the republicans went right up to the brink. they did fight. most of the time they wilt long before this. i think what they need to let people know is it was a matter of do we allow the country to go into default because clearly, the other side was willing to let it go into default, protect their pet -- >> john boehner made it very clear a week or so before, we would not go into default.
4:17 am
>> correct. so when we start ascribing blame, i find it quite interesting that a lot of people want to say it's all the republicans, but the fact of the matter is, it was the president and his group who were quite willing to allow the country to go off the cliff in order to protect their pet programs. >> sure. it's interesting, just a couple of minutes ago we were talking a little bit about racism. it does seem like the opposing side to you plays the race card an awful lot. yesterday we played robert redford, the day before we had a sound bite from charlie rangel comparing conservatives to confederates. here is chris matthews once again playing the race card yesterday. >> they had this weird way they referred to, we the american people. why does a group of people that always loses elections, or tends to do lately, why do they call themselves the american people because do they still count blacks as three fifths of a vote? like we're more american than the rest, so we should get a
4:18 am
higher waiting? i think it's dangerous and it goes with the bier stuff and -- birther stuff and all the rest of it. >> i'm very hopeful that at some point people will grow up and stop the third grade tactics of calling people names. we the people, we the american people are not each other's enemies. the enemies are those people behind the curtain jerking everybody's chains and trying to divide us up by age, by race, by income, by virtually anything they can because these are more controllable units. the people i believe are waking up. >> you know, i think it's all part of members of the mainstream media who are trying to completely marginalize members of the tea party and create a split within the republican party because that's perhaps the way the white house thinks going forward that's the only way they're going to be able to win anything is if they can spahn off a number of moderate republicans from those darn extremist tea party members! >> if you read my book "america
4:19 am
the beautiful," there is an analogy comparing the american tea party with the old tea party. the british empire was trying to do exactly the same thing to the american tea party during the american revolution. it's just incredible the way that you march along and see the things done. the tea party is no big organized party. it's americans saying excuse me, don't we have something to do with how our country is run? the people who are running it say no, you don't. get out of here! >> it drives a lot of people crazy, like you. dr. ben carson, fox news contributor, thank you very much for dropping by. >> always fun. >> all right. what do you think about his comments? e-mail us, please, or if you got the facebook up, go ahead and like it. up next, no more free phones. where people now have to pay for their obama phone. how much? it's going to surprise you. it's a story we told you yesterday. o. j. simpson planning a new
4:20 am
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4:23 am
welcome back. it's time for news by the numbers. first, 41. that's the final tally of stories blaming republicans for the shutdown, according to a new report by the media research center. no stories blamed democrats. >> shocking! >> next, $123,000. that's every working american shared the $16.7 trillion debt in 2012. and finally, $5. that's the monthly fee georgia will charge participants of the life line program. it's the first state to charge a fee to low income people who get free cell phone service through
4:24 am
the obama administration. >> five dollars a month for a cell phone? that seems like a pretty good deal. what happens when two of america's biggest action stars team up to make a movie together? this happens! >> i need to get into the isolation area. >> okay. >> good. >> that's a favor? >> sometimes favors hurt. >> what a combo, "the escape plan" starring arnold schwarzenegger and sylvester stallone comes out today. in the fox light, michael tammero is here and he caught up with them on the red carpet and let's talk about the details. >> it could be 1983 all over again. that might not be such a bad thing with what's going on in washington. >> get out the aggression. >> these guys had dominated this genre for 30 years. they were the king of the box
4:25 am
offices in the '80s and this movie is basically about stallone plays a security expert who goes into prisons to break out of them, to expose their flaws. his latest assignment, he's double crossed and he finds him selves trapped in a prison called the tomb, home of the world's worst criminal masterminds and he has to team up with fellow inmates arnold schwarzenegger to escape. we caught up with him at the world premiere earlier this week and asked him why these movies are still so pop lea. how have they changed and what's it like working for the first time -- that's the first movie they worked side by side together. >> that's crazy. >> yeah. >> radically it changed with technology and unfortunately, i think a lot of the guys that are very good physical specimens don't get a chance to show their stuff. just taking more physical chances, not that i recommend it because we're both pretty broken up. >> some movies will always be the same. people like to see good movies.
4:26 am
they like to see action. people love action movies and it has to have a good story. that's the bottom line. >> isolater. you know. gets on my nerves a little bit. >> been taking a beating for decades about who has the last amount of body fat, whatever. >> it was the gun show. >> get down to the bmi. they're doing their own stunts, right? >> they still do. there is one scene, stallone said it would probably -- it was probably his last fight scene. for all of that, there has yet -- there is no new generation of actors that has really come to replace them. luckily for them, they have reliable franchises they're tapping into. a new "rambo" coming out, and rocky is hitting broadway this february. >> wait, rocky will be singing and dancing? >> it's going to be a musical. >> love it. >> that could be the first
4:27 am
broadway musical brian is going to go to since pippen. >> there you go. >> we'll be looking for you on the fox light. >> foxlightmichael. >> thanks. coming up, it was the outburst on the hill that left many lawmakers stunned. >> the constitution would not have been written by free masons. they go against god. >> and now we know. what exactly made her snap? >> she was planning that, according to her husband. and brian is in the green room looking at our facebook. brian? >> over 5,000 likes, coming up to 6,000 right now. we're going to be right back to find out what else you're saying and more exciting stuff coming your way. yeah, keep the likes coming, if you like it. i hope you do. ♪
4:28 am
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♪ one of our hairiest viewers, that's madison, a very loyal apparently "fox & friends" viewer. she watches the program every morning on her own ipad. that's why it's covered with spittle. army staff sergeant richard says his maltese can't start her day without getting a dose of "fox &
4:32 am
friends." does your cat or dog love "fox & friends"? e-mail, tweet, or post your pics to our facebook page which is "fox & friends." >> that's right. >> a reminder, we got to -- everybody should give their pet a password because if you're not home, you can't expect the dog to sit there and not watch the show. >> they've already stolen your passwords. >> they have, okay? >> brian is in the green room right now. he's monitoring your comments regarding this story. there is -- remember the government shutdown, 16 days long. debbie wasserman schultz was asked, okay. there are some people who gave up a lot. would you give up your paycheck as some republicans have suggested they would do? here is her answer. >> because i support everybody who works for the federal government getting a salary, i continue to support reopening the government, making sure that everybody who is doing a job in the federal government can earn their salary and so that's my
4:33 am
position there. >> are you going to continue to take your salary? >> yes, i'm going to continue to take my salary. >> okay. >> well, well. not everyone feels the way she does. she's certainly saying i'm taking my check and go cash it. frank lobiano from new jersey is doing the opposite. we've been talk being this all morning. this is the actual check that he is sending back with this letter. please find my enclosed check number 155 date october 17, 2013 in the amount of 5124.09 payable to the u.s. treasury. it's repayment of my salary incurred during the 16-day period of the partial government shutdown to be used toward the reduction of the public debt. >> a lot of people are doing the math and saying they're getting paid a lot. 5,000 for half a month, that's over 10,000 for a whole month. about $120,000 they're bringing home and that's why they may be working so hard to keep their jobs. check this out. on facebook, that's what rose
4:34 am
looks like. rose says this, wow, i applaud his efforts, the most shocking thing, i go out of town and have so much money. congress made for doing nothing. i wish i could do that. aaron says, obviously red sox fan, they should give the salary to the families who were wronged by our government when their loved ones who died overseas had to rely on a charity to get what was promised. so a lot of people weighing in. we're now in terms of likes, we're -- we started with 300. we're up with around 8,000 people have liked and weighed in. this just goes on and on and on on our page. >> it does. speak of on and on, debt cody posted on facebook, why should they get paid if they don't do what we, the american people, put them in office to do? good point, deb. >> that's right. we have another post from bruce klein, 5,124 for 16 days? no wonder we have the fiscal problems we do.
4:35 am
>> what we'd like to you do, brian will be coming back to the studio in a moment. go to our facebook page, "fox & friends," you'll see frank lo burks ano's check. we would like to you click like on that. we know we've had something like 65,000 people already looked at it. if you like that what he did, hit like and while you're at it, go ahead and like "fox & friends." >> don't forget your furry friends. in the meantime, we're going to heather nauert. >> good morning to you. 35 minutes after the hour. we got some headlines. we are learning more this morning about diane reedy, the stenographer who had the meltdown on the house floor during the debt ceiling vote. listen to this. >> the constitution would not have been written by free masons. it goes against god. >> her husband is now saying that she was working mind numbing hours and was plagued by sleeplessness since the start of the shutdown. he says his wife does not have mental problems. a member of o. j. simpson's
4:36 am
defense team during his murder trial is now speaking out about simpson's plan to become a televangelist. the former nfl star wants to host a tv show that is called "holy safari" where he would talk about his religious rebirth behind bars. but his former lawyer doesn't think this is a good idea. listen to this. >> this is really telling us, i can tell what you i told him, because this was done in public, not private after the acquittal was rendered in the case. i said, get your face out of the public. nobody wants to ever see you again. >> okay. how does he feel about that? here is the answer to steve's question, simpson is in prison for at least four more years for kidnapping and armed robbery convictions. two weeks ago an orphaned boy stood up in his church and asked for someone to adopt him, anyone, he said. this morning his prayers may now be answered. according to the church in florida, the phone has been ringing off the hook for 15-year-old damien.
4:37 am
they're getting calls from as far away as utah and they're now forwarding them to his adoption agency. this young man has been in foster care ever since he was born 15 years. he just says he wants a family to love him and he'll be the best. sounds like a really nice young man. >> heather, thank you very much. by the way, one other thing about the stenographer story, this is key to lot of people -- she's been interviewed by a number of people. she credits the holy spirit. she says for the last couple of weeks, she was getting up in the middle of the night, she says god was talking to her, said she should do what she did and she did it. asked whether or not she'd go back to congress, she said, you know what? it's a little toxic there. >> between the chaplain and the stenographer, i think it's driving people crazy. meanwhile, maria is out on the veranda with the weather. >> steve, i want to wish you an early birthday. >> thank you very much. i hope it's going to be a sunny day. >> yeah. it's going to be a sunny day in new york city. good news for everyone that lives along i-95 corridor.
4:38 am
beautiful weather in the weekend. we had a storm yesterday move through. and it did produce muggy conditions. temperatures were very mild. that's gone. now we're talking about a return to sunshine. it will be a little breezy in new york city today. otherwise, i want to take you through parts of colorado because in the city of denver, this morning some of you waking up to a little bit of snow. we could be talking about accumulation of an inch on grassy surfaces. not a big deal. but it is a first official snowfall of the year, or at least of the season. 46 degrees for a high temperature in denver. so it's quickly going to be melting. we're staying above the freezing mark there. otherwise 70s across parts of texas. 67 for the high temperature in new york city. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. it's stories like these that make you wish that here on "fox & friends," we had smell avision. >> the food network's new york city wine and food festival now in full swing. anna kooiman is live at the event cook up some good eats. good morning, anna.
4:39 am
>> good morning to you, elisabeth and steve and everybody at home. we're whipping up some sweet potato mash. you know her from home made in america, good morning. >> nice to meet you. thanks for having me. >> we need to put a little olive oil and what? >> we're going to make my roasted mash, really, really easy. just a little olive oil, shake, shake, shake. we're going to roast these off. got to season up with some salt and pepper. >> did you just say salt and pepper? >> i sure did. ♪ >> so then after that goes in the oven, 400 degrees. everything gets nice and charred. sweet potatoes get a lot sweeter when the moisture comes out and onion. get some butter in here as well. and then just -- >> it is like a "kill bill" night. >> you put the whole thing in there? >> no, girl! >> just a little bit.
4:40 am
a little goes a long way. i'm just going to close it up and blitz. it's that simple. there are a loft recipes like this in my cookbook. it's just potatoes, onion, olive oil and butter. >> down-to-earth cook for real people. can we sample this? >> yes, please do. that's a little bit cold 'cause it's cold out here on the pier. >> the bottom is pretty warm. >> dig deep, baby doll. >> this is going on through sunday now. >> through sunday. we got the chicken coop tonight. it's sold out. john legend performing, hosted by whoopie goldberg. i'll be there with wb and j wings. that's right, you -- pb and j wings. >> whoopie goldberg will be here. tickets still available, start at 20 bucks. come on down if you're in the area. come see my girl cindy. >> this is good. >> very nice. >> all right. >> say hi to whoopie for me. >> no kidding. >> by the way, for the same festival, tyler florence is going to be in front of our building a little later on.
4:41 am
he'll show you great recipes with mac and cheese. meanwhile, they fight for our freedom, but then they come home and can't find work. but our next guest is trying to change that and he brought along a veteran who he just hired. >> imagine that. veterans getting jobs. plus she's one of the hottest super models in all the world. but there is still one thing she can't seem to get. and that is a date. >> bar none. >> american men should be ashamed. ♪ [ female announcer ] you've got finding time for what matters, down to a science. you're the reason we reformulated one a day women's. a complete multivitamin that now has extra b vitamins, which help convert food to energy. energy support for the things that matter. that's one a day women's. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up.
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including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which may be fatal. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back. quick headlines now. does this look like a girl who can't get a date? super model parafell is lamenting the single life. she said since her six-year
4:45 am
relationship with leonardo dicaprio ended, she doesn't seem to find a man. which musician do you think makes the most money from concerts? listen to this. ♪ she thinks my truck is sexy ♪ ♪ . >> that would be country music star kenny chesney. he makes nearly $3 million per city when he goes on tour. next on the list, is taylor swift. over to you, brian. >> thanks. the unemployment rate among veterans is disturbing. unpatriotic. serving since 2001, it's a staggering 12.5%. when it comes to finding a job, no one has a tougher time than veterans with disabilities. my next guest is working to change that. single handedly. cal quinn is the cfo of drexel hamilton, a financial broker and veteran. and daniel morales is here, one of the veterans just hired by the company. welcome to both of you. thank you for your service. first off, cal, why did you see
4:46 am
gold in someone like daniel? >> first of all, he's a tremendous man. he's proven himself in the military. he's proven himself in his personal life and what we have found, what we are proving in drexel hamilton is that disabled veterans have a greater capacity than they're counterparties to develop an understanding ofen an area of knowledge and harness that to create value for their organization. that's what we proved through our organization. >> daniel, what made you think this might be a good fight? >> well, for one, the mission and that is to provide veterans with meaningful employment. so it's a national alignment for me. i returned from the battlefield to be reunited with more of my brethren in the civilian sector. it was a natural fit. >> but you had no financial background, right? >> no. >> so you were in there. you threw him into the fire. you saw a character rather than experience. am i correct? >> i see an immense pool of talent available in our returning veterans that's not being fully harnessed.
4:47 am
you mentioned the 12.5% unemployment rate. there was a study in 2012 that found that rate was 41% among gulf era veterans, 42%. nearly half are being barred from the american dream that they went across from the country and left part of themselves on the battlefield and they're excluded from that american dream. >> daniel, you're dealing with ptsd? >> a little bit. i think we all ought to have our fair share. >> how does this help you beat that? >> well, for one, again, i'm surrounded with my brethren. so part of it is being able to have that dialogue. that's huge part of the healing process begins with the dialogue. it's difficult, but when you're surrounded with your own brethren, a lot more -- >> we've lost more lives of our veterans to their own hands than we have to the hands of the enemy over the last 12 years. what we're doing at drexel hamilton is all about restoration. restoration of those disabled
4:48 am
veterans back to their rightful place of leadership within their communities, most of all within their families. that starts with providing for their families. giving them means to a set of skills that will follow with them through a life of a career so that they can provide for their families and move forward with their lives, not be focused on ptsd. >> here is the most important thing. we have so many veterans who watch our show. people serving in kuwait, hanging out in afghanistan. so tell us how we get ahold of you to be a part of this. >> drexel, reach out to us. we are all about our mission. exclusively around providing the most meaningful training opportunities to disabled veterans and demonstrating not just within our industry, but across the street that disabled veterans represent a tremendous opportunity within your organization. hire them. give them a chance. as a business counterparty and employee. >> daniel morales, cal quinn, thanks so much for your service to our country and what you're doing. it's great. >> thank you. >> we'll put that on our web
4:49 am
site before the end of the show. coming up straight ahead, she was tormented so badly at school, she took her own life. now two girls are facing charges. so should their parents be held responsible, too? geraldo on that at the top of the hour. and -- think you can't afford a house like this? think again. where you can buy a home for less than $200,000. i'm moving. ♪ twins. i didn't see them cing.
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welcome back. rising home prices and mortgage rates have increased the cost of homeownership by more than 10% in the past year alone. >> in many cases, houses are less affordable for the middle class, but there are some cities that you should keep your eye on the next time you're looking for a great buy that won't break the bank. >> that's right. real estate expert michael corbett is the author of "find it, fix it, flip it." he joins us with the country's most affordable cities to live in at the time. good morning, michael. you're going to take us to three different places today starting with south carolina. correct? >> yeah, absolutely. south carolina, it's number 8 on trulia's list of most affordable cities. right now this one, it's 234,900. it's about four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2600 square feet. this is a beautiful house. it's got great curb appeal, fireplace, moldings, an open kitchen with granite countertops, french doors out to a deck for grilling and
4:54 am
entertaining, big large lot, lake access and the whole thing will cost you, including your taxes and insurance, around $1,200 a month. >> that's a beautiful house and has a great big screen tv over the fireplace. by the way, what factors was trulia look at in figuring out what are the most affordable cities for the middle class? >> it takes into a lot of accounts. it takes in a combination of the amount of money it would take to rent a similar home, a comparable home at the same time as opposed to the affordability and takes into account the employment. a lot of factors that really make a house and also price, of course, that make a house really a great place to be buying. >> i got a ton of family in cleveland, ohio. you say that's a great place to be look right now for affordable homes, right? >> unbelievable. ohio has got some incredible deals right now. here is one of them. this one is 125,000. it's four bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths. about 1900 square feet. but it's a three-story tudor
4:55 am
with a big formal room. but what's really amazing, it's got a huge third floor bonus room that really bumps up the square footage on this. landscaped yard. it's got a wood deck and the price on this for your monthly payment, including your mortgage, taxes and insurance is going to be about $629 a month. >> amazing. >> that is a great buy. now let's look at the best buy in birmingham, alabama, where we got a lot of friends, including rick and bubba. tell us about that. >> this one is my deal of the week. this one is in birmingham. it's under $125,000. it's a two bedroom, one bath. it's an historic property, because great setback. beautiful stairs going up a big long driveway. it's on a third of an acre, hardwood floors. crown moldings. it's got these original 1930 archways in there. but this is what's incredible about this property. it's actually got its own separate guest house. amazing. you put your mother-in-law back
4:56 am
up in there or visiting friends. >> you can rent it out! >> sure. >> you could rent it out. you could live there for free. this is an incredible deal. >> good stuff. and where can we find this if people would like more information? >> you can go to my blog on trulia. trulia/michaelcorbett and get all the details on all these properties and about to the fox web site. >> that's right. michael corbett, the first guy up in los angeles once again on this friday, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> thank you guys. a brand-new benghazi bombshell. but the white house doesn't want to talk about it. just wait until you see what happens when james rosen tried to ask. >> your facebook likes and comments pour not guilty on this one. should congress have to pay back their paychecks from the government shutdown? let us know what you think. go to our "fox & friends" facebook page and like the check that the republican congressman sent back to the u.s. government. geraldo and brian are perusing the postings.
4:57 am
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contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exi. avoid if you te clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor abouxium. good morning. it's friday, october 18, 2013. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a brand-new benghazi bombshell, but don't ask the white house about it. >> i know they were creating an exchange here for fox and i'm mindful of that. >> are you willing to make any of those documents as you did with the susan rice talking points. >> james, i think we're done here. >> i don't think we're done at all. how much did they know before the attack? geraldo rivera is here. >> talk about getting the blame, the main stream media blaming republicans for the senate shutdown 41 times. how about democrats? they blamed democrats zero times. we're going to analyze that lop sided coverage coming up. >> he saved a woman from being attacked in the parking lot.
5:01 am
his reward? he got fired. goat a pink slip. -- he got a pink slip. really? really? "fox & friends" final hour of the week starts as soon as i'm done talking, which is now. >> this is marinader, the city of russell, kansas, hometown of senator bob dole, arlen specter, and happy birthday steve. we'll see you the next time at maris dees. >> if you've been joining us for three hours, you realize -- >> it's your birthday tomorrow! >> i have many homes. >> you're always on the move. >> iowa, raised in kansas, then i moved to virginia and now i live in new jersey. >> if you would just pay your credit cards, you wouldn't have to be running from the fed. >> it wasn't the credit card. it was the library fines at the university of kansas. >> did you leave or get kicked out? >> anyway. thank you very much for -- a lot of people are wishing me happy birthday on facebook already and this morning we posted on the
5:02 am
"fox & friends" web site on facebook a republican congressman from my current home state of new jersey, he's sending back his paycheck from the 16 days of the government shutdown. there is frank lobiano's check right there. debbie wasserman-schultz said, nope, i'm keeping my money. he said, i don't feel good about keeping it, so i'm sending it back to reduce the debt. we asked you what you thought. you were liking it, like crazy. >> almost 11,000 likes on the check so far. >> they were on us before the she started. we had 300. now we have probably -- it's close to 11,000. >> is it 11,000? so people on there for the most part, a lot of people are noticing, i wish i had a job that paid that well. after 16 days, i get close to $6,000, i'll take that after taxes. plus great benefits. you don't have obamacare without subsidies. >> now posts are coming in. tim said, leading by example. we need more of this type of behavior from both sides.
5:03 am
i won't be holding my breath. >> michael murphy says, congrats to the congressman. this should be the standard for all politicians in washington, d.c. >> jason says this, give the check to the charities that covered you. we're talking about the fisher house and of course wound warriors where 13 million-dollar check out to the veterans at thend. >> so far on our web site, on our facebook page, there are 12,300 likes. while you're there, like "fox & friends" as well. >> we're actually commenting. i'll comment on this, heather nauert has the news. >> great to see you. >> we like you. >> thank you. better with friends, right? >> that's right. >> geraldo likes you, too. >> thank you. we have serious news to bring you. there is breaking news that we're following out of the state of ohio this morning. a police car has collided with another car leaving six people dead. one police officer reportedly suffering minor injuries. here is what we're hearing so far, that the officer apparently had his lights and his siren on
5:04 am
as he responded to a robbery at a mcdonald's near the state capitol in columbus. according to our local affiliate, a male driver and a female passenger -- actually five female passengers, including a toddler and a teen-ager, were killed in that crash. police believe that no one was wearing a seatbelt. we'll keep following this for you. in the meantime, new develops this morning in the nationwide manhunt for two convicted killers who were freed from prison by mistake. it looks like it was an inside job. the murderers walked out of prison in florida using fake documents authorizing their release. the phony paperwork had the forged signature of chief judge beloving perry. you may recognize him. he was the judge in the casey anthony murder trial. >> somebody had to help them. they alone could not do this. >> i think someone outside helped them.
5:05 am
>> one of the guys, joseph jenkins, has been on the run for 21 days. charles walker has been gone since october 8th. be on the lookout for the two men. in the meantime, later this afternoon, an associate of former new england patriot aaron hernandez is set to be arraigned in a massachusetts courtroom. carlos ortiz faces a charge of accessory to murder. prosecutors say that ortiz was with hernandez on the night that odin lloyd was shot to death. also a group of world war ii veterans from san diego headed to the nation's capitol today to visit the memorial there. it is finally officially open to the public. remember this, veterans moved barricades and stormed in when the government had shut it down. >> i feel sad that these self-serving politicians have disregard for most americans, they're only interested in their own political career or whatever. >> that is norman maxwell. it will be his first trip to the memorial. he is 88 years old.
5:06 am
have a great trip. i'll see you all in a bit. >> thank you very much. shear a man who liked her shoes. geraldo rivera. >> what is your take now that the government shutdown is up and running and everything seems to be now people are getting paid back and the furloughs are ending? what is your take on the fact that benghazi is back in the headlines? this report is released and says the president of the united states, september 10, had security meetings and told to be concerned about the security. >> it cost $70 per person as the father of five, so that's $350, plus my wife and i are another $140. this who is going to pay us back for the $70 of the shutdown? who is responsible? i think as long as we're computing and forgiving and reimbursing and returning checks, let's remember what it cost us. >> by extension, you're blaming? >> blame is i think in the eye of the beholder. >> i think that's right. i think a lot of people should
5:07 am
be blaming both sides. >> you just rewrote 20 million hallmark cards. >> thank you. on benghazi. i think the intrepid reporting of james rosen uncovers what? a press release dated september 20, 122012. what does it say -- 2012. what does it say on the consulate in benghazi and other facilities around the country, the press release on september 10, 2012, says there is a heightened terror alert. be on the lookout. all our people have now been informed. so there was clearly notice. there was an appreciation on september 10, 2012, that our facilities overseas were in peril. jump cut what was done in response to that terror alert that everybody acknowledges they received -- >> the answer is? >> precious little. as i've been reporting from the very beginning, it is clear that the united states military did not have assets in place to protect our facilities in the
5:08 am
mediterranean or elsewhere in the world and so shame on us in the sense that we were notified. the word went out, but we did precious little about it. >> right. in that release, apparently the commander of the africa command was not included in a key national security principle meeting the day before. correct? how important is that to know? >> well, hamm is or was in charge of the africa command, as you suggest. but he had very little assets. what did africa command at that time have that general hamm could have deployed? putting aside the issue of whether or not he was notified. i can't imagine that he was cut out of the loop entirely. but he had no forces. he had that one unarmed drone which he did dispatch. he had no military forces. there are some people in eritrea thousands of miles away, there are some ships at sea. the fact of the matter is, that i hope has been remedied.
5:09 am
but on that day in that place, we had nothing with which to respond to force. >> and we know what happened. what trouble sos many people, and that's why fox is still on this -- is the fact that ambassador stevens made a plea to his boss, hey, i got to have more security and i'm not getting it. there is ambassador stevens, along with the other three brave americans who died that night. we do have the exchange. you were talking about the intrepid reporting of james rosen. he wants the white house to cough up the documents that went into the press release that said that the president did have the meeting with the security people even though the guy not in charge of that theater got a little contentious yesterday. watch this. >> i wonder if you could tell us more about what those meetings entailed, who the participatants were, how closely vetted that or thoroughly vetted that press release was, and whether the white house might be willing to make available either to congressional investigators and/or to the public the e-mails, memos and other sort of
5:10 am
paperwork that is associated with the development of that press release. >> it is clear, because four americans died on that day, that there was not adequate security. and that was revealed in the accountability review board. i would simply say when it comes to -- i know that we're creating an exchange here for fox and i'm mindful of that -- >> we're engaged in here is not for fox. it's for the record. are you willing to make any of those documents associated with that press release available, as you did with the susan rice talking points? >> james, i think we're done here. thanks. >> so he blew him off. >> what's your take on that? >> on what we just saw? i think jay carney was he can extremely overreacting and very, very sensitive and embarrassed in a way. >> smug. >> to respond. the smugness, i guess you could attribute that, brian, to his personality. i've never -- >> congratulations. >> i never -- >> embarrassed. >> i'd like to be your press secretary. >> as in my new book?
5:11 am
>> it is true. >> it's a 900 pages right now. >> my unauthorized biography would be tamer than your authorized biography. >> he'll be on the radio in an hour two right now. >> you're always welcome back. elisabeth, you have to make your debut. >> i would love to. >> we had megyn on yesterday talking about her debut. look fox has become so magnificently successful. >> what about you this weekend? >> we have a couple of stories. baby hope, remember the little child found the corpse, found violated and the story, a cold case. the cops stayed on it. they ultimately found the perpetrator who had raped and murdered this little girl. we found the whole family. also the 14-year-old who was allegedly raped in missouri by the high school athlete. she and her mom will be coming on. saturday night at 10:00 o'clock. >> you do a great job. >> we'll be too excited. >> thank you. >> elisabeth, we sort of match. >> we do. >> you know, he talks about heather's shoes, her dress.
5:12 am
>> he notices. >> we know what kind of reporter you are. >> a man who notices. >> straight ahead, the results are in. so who do you think the mainstream media blames for the government shutdown? next, we analyze the coverage so you can decide what is fair. >> that's right. he saved a woman from being attacked in a parking lot. you know what his reward was? a pink slip. ♪ [ man ] on december 17, 1903,
5:13 am
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okay. we're taking a look at some of your comments regarding the new jersey republican congressman who is sending back his paycheck during the government shutdown. so many of you had so many things to say about it. i just hit a crazy button and, for instance, susan says, what i don't understand is why the people that didn't go to work because of the president's shutdown got back pay for those weeks once it was over, makes you wonder whether or not the shutdown was just another administration ruse and then they shouldn't have gotten a paycheck in the first place. what do you think? go to our facebook page, "fox & friends." like it, we'll talk about it. over to you, elisabeth. >> thanks, steve. should the government -- the government shutdown is over. but has the blame game just begun? let's look at how the main stream media has covered this and whether or not it's been fair. we are asking town hall columnist crystal wright, her take on this. good morning, crystal. >> good morning.
5:17 am
>> when we look at the stats here, we laugh about it. but it's actually -- we have 41 evening news stories that blame the gop. zero were blaming the democrats. the rest of the 17 happened to blame both. what's your take on that? >> the mainstream media just stoked the fires all along. remember, president obama, even though he's the head of the country and the executive, remember, he was blameless. elisabeth, to add more i guess insult to injury here, my hometown paper did over 200 stories of the victims of the government shutdown and only three stories of the negative impact obamacare is having on americans. so it's pretty disgusting. you still pick up the papers even this morning blaming house republicans and the last time i looked, democrats are making up half of congress over there in the senate. they're just as much to blame. so i'm not saying that house
5:18 am
republicans didn't have trouble with their game plan. but come on, come on. >> well put. also 80-0 for the "new york times" there in terms of shutdown and obamacare. also when we talk about news, abc world news, 21 minutes on the shutdown. zero on obamacare. zero. nbc nightly news, 30 minutes on shutdown. zero on obamacare. cbs evening news, 27 minutes on shutdown. you could probably see in terms of talking about obamacare, victims specifically, there have been zero stories on the victims of obamacare. thankfully we're covering it here. but where is it everywhere else? >> right. you're absolutely right. the only paper that has been doing a good job is the "wall street journal." and for two years now, particularly this year, we have in the "wall street journal," story after story, elisabeth, of big companies and small companies doing what? laying off people because they can't afford the health care insurance for what?
5:19 am
obamacare. we hear over and over people like me and my premiums are going up. they're not going down like the president said. i can't keep the health plan i like because of what? obamacare. let's talk about i think it's over $500 billion in taxes, elisabeth, because of what? obamacare. so people would rather have jobs than this lousy so-called affordable care act that's really going to i think crumble under its own weight. but we don't want to talk about that, right? we just want to act oh, it's just a computer glitch. you'll probably die trying to sign up for obamacare. >> that's not healthy. crystal wright, love your work out there and you certainly hit the nail on the head with this one. thanks for being with us. >> thanks. coming up, more on the disaster that is obamacare. we just learned that the web site wasn't even tested until days before the launch. chris wallace is going to react
5:20 am
to that. up next. plus, the movie is getting a ton of oscar buzz and we're talking about 12 years -- >> i know what kind it is. i've been there myself. >> ground for a slave. >> expert player on the violin. >> i was born a free man. nature at its most delicious. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ]
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5:23 am
you need some headlines? the youngest suspect charged in the bullying death of a florida girl, rebecca sedwick, now saying she's sorry. the 12-year-old apologized to rebecca's mother. the other bully, keeping quiet. tomorrow would have been rebecca's 13th birthday. president obama set to nominate former pentagon lawyer
5:24 am
jeb johnson as head of the department of homeland security. he served at the department of defense and did the legal review and approval of every military operation approved by this president and the secretary of defense. will he get the job? we'll keep you posted. >> the story that captivated critics, now in all theaters for all to see. >> the stars of this dramatic narrative sat down to share the movie making experience of playing a free black man who was abducted into slavery. joining us with the inside scoop of 12 years a slave is kevin mccarthy. a fox news contributor and the founder of good morning. >> good morning. how are you guys? >> good. >> what do you think of this movie? i hear it's quite taxing, quite dramatic, quite well done. >> it's a powerful film. one of the best movies i've seen this year, but also a movie i will never watch again. >> why? >> one of the most brutal, most intense, most excruciating films i've seen because of the
5:25 am
brutality. steve mcqueen directed it. you're dealing with a free man in 1841 abducted and sold into slavery for 12 years. he wrote an autobiography in 1853 which came out. that's what this movie is based upon. steve mcqueen is known for long uninterrupted takes. we had scenes of 1 1/2 minutes where nothing is being cut and you're dealing with the realism and the brutality and intensity. the actor is incredible. i think he'll win an oscar. the actors are incredible, a breakout star for this film. she'll be nominated for a best supporting actress. known for having an internal performance. there are a lot of scenes where he's not saying much. i sat down with him to talk about that. what does an actor think about in a scene where he's not saying much? >> i think you're just engaged in the moment, you know. i think steve and i from the very beginning of this journey, we talked about it as a kind of
5:26 am
sort of dark fairy tale, like sort of a dark version of alice in wonderland. you fall down the rabbit hole and you're just into a completely different universe and we're witnessing that universe through the eyes of this man and we are this guy. he is our guide. he's our conduit into this other place. when you're reading on his face is reflections of how you're also thinking about what he's seeing. >> pretty incredible. i gave it 4 1/2 how have five. the only problem i had was brad pitt. you can't have someone that famous show up three quarters of the way and not think about brad pitt. >> you did say that movie does not get done unless brad pitt throws his weight into it. correct? >> he produced it. he's one of the big producers in the film, that's right. >> all right. what about the wikileaks movie? >> this is a film that had potential. i loved the actor, the problem with this movie is it's style over substance.
5:27 am
the directing and editing are terrible. but the performances are great. i gave it 2 1/2 out of five. but i sat down with the actor who played julian assange in the film who apparently got an e-mail from julian assange the day before filming started. i sat down with him in september and this is what he had to say about it. >> he wanted me to step away from the project. that was what the communication was at the beginning of the film. i received a massive e-mail telling me with very clear, very highly articulated reasons why i shouldn't be part of this project. >> did you respond? >> yes, i did. yeah. i did in kind. i took a long time and i wrote as passionately about why i thought he might be wrong. i hope secretly he'll watch it and think it's not as bad as i thought it would be. >> too bad. how many stars do you give it? >> i gave it 2 1/2 out of five. julian assange if you're watching this, do not watch the movie. it's not good. >> he says it's not true. >> yeah. he said that. before the movie came out, he
5:28 am
saw copy of the script and said it was a massive propaganda attack. he's definitely not for the film whatsoever. >> not happy about it. but getting personal indeed. >> thank you, mr. nerd tears. have a great weekend. we'll go to the movies. >> thank you. >> follow me on twitter at kevinmccarthytv. >> all right. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. democrats seemed happy the debt ceiling has been lifted. but what about the american people? are they happy? >> who is responsible for that? >> i think the congress is responsible. i think the people in the white house are responsible. >> basically you blame everyone? >> i blame -- >> frank luntz with what voters are telling him in his focus group. >> a mom and daughter reunited after decades apart. even more incredible, they saw each other every single day and never knew it. her mom was the bus driver. >> are you kidding me? ♪ i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
5:29 am
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♪ >> waiting on the world to change as you watch our show. earlier today we asked you for pictures of your pets watching "fox & friends." here they are. michael from florida tweeted this photo of his dog, jet, watching "fox & friends" right there. >> he looks like he was put on an ottoman and afraid to jump. >> "fox & friends" contributor
5:33 am
kevin mccarthy just tweeted this picture of his dog, oscar. >> of course, he would name his dog oscar. wouldn't he? >> that's his goal. >> after oscar myer. that's a lot of bologna. the american people in other topics, want someone held accountable for the obamacare mess and i don't know if they all agree on who to blame, but frank luntz got a group together, focused in on obamacare and where the responsibility belongs. take a listen. >> who believes that obamacare is just going to add to the deficit? raise your hands. okay. so majority of you. would any of you fire anyone for what went wrong with obama? who would you fire? >> right now i would probably fire at least sebelius. >> sebelius. >> sebelius. >> i would fire the president. >> you can't do that.
5:34 am
>> if this were another country, she'd step up and resign. >> let's welcome back chris wallace who is not a part of the focus group for frank luntz. he was not there. it's one of your big regrets. chris, here is the thing -- >> but i got through it, guys. >> it's amazing. you represent resiliency. in the big picture that, is going to be front and center now. now it's going to be obamacare. it rolled out october 1. how is it going? do you know anybody that thinks it's been a good rollout? >> well, maybe kathleen sebelius. i will tell you an interesting story. i was talking to a republican senator. remember late last week republican senators went to the white house to meet with the president? i'm told by one of them that the president actually teased them and said, boy, aren't you sorry that you shut down the government and all the focus is on you and if you hadn't, the focus would be on obamacare? because he knows that it's been a mess.
5:35 am
he's not happy with it. >> are you kidding? >> ultimately i think you have to hold kathleen sebelius, head of health and human services, responsible for this. she was saying this summer it's going to be great. it's going to be ready for prime time on october 1. and look, they've had three years to get a handle on this. if you've already -- we see it regulating a sixth of the economy, this cannot disspell those doubts. they can't fill you with confidence. >> you know what, chris? if the white house fired her, that would be admitting that they did something wrong. i mean, you look at benghazi, four people died there because most probably because there wasn't enough security there. nobody has even been held accountable in that. >> well, that's true. that's true. the only difference i guess i would say is at least -- i'm not in any way minimizing benghazi. that was an emergency. it was a sudden situation. >> yeah, but they heard from the ambassador ahead of time, we're surrounded.
5:36 am
we need help. >> i know. but all i'm saying -- i understand. all i'm saying is that it's different than obamacare where they had three years. >> you're right. >> this is something that was totally within their control and they still screwed it up. >> they screwed it up and they didn't have it tested until the week before. something that they should have been at least giving a test run, don't you think, for i don't know, at least six weeks or so? >> it's been very interesting to listen to some of the experts on web sites and these kinds of things, rollouts, in the commercial sector and they're just shaking their heads. they're saying, this was so utterly predictable. if you were a professional in this business and why they didn't have better people staffing this and hadn't tested it. earlier this week they were talk being a specific person in delaware who had signed up for obamacare and what her problem was and wouldn't say her name. it turned out it was pretty easy to find out her name 'cause guess how many people had actually signed up going through the whole system and signed up in delaware?
5:37 am
one. >> one indeed. >> blue cross blue shield has been a mess in nebraska. medical mutual of ohio, they got three people to sign up there. one by one, these companies and states are rolling in saying it's a disaster. naturally they're trying to fix it manually. if they get 7 million people signing up, you can't possibly keep pace manually. >> no. you get no argument from me on this. this has been a mess. again, as i say, utterly foreseeable and i think we've all been talking on our show and on your show about how the government refuses, the administration refuses to say how many people have actually enrolled. they say well, we can't say it. we'll tell you in november. i think clearly it's because the numbers are so embarrassingly small, they don't want to put it out there. >> you know what? it's a sad state of affairs when your wife's web site for her cookbooks has been more effective and more efficient than obamacare's web site.
5:38 am
>> look, everybody knows that mrs. sunday soups and chicken are good for you. it's a 99% approval rating. she'll have a book out in 2015. >> who is mr. sunday's guest this weekend? >> we'll talk to marco rubio. he's one of the 18 republicans who voted against reopening the government and we'll ask him about that. also about this debt deal and what's going to happen there. we're going to talk -- speaking of debt, now we'll have two months to figure out the budget. dick durbin, there you see them. and roy blunt and maybe most interesting of all, the head of heritage action, 31-year-old young man named michael needham and in the middle of this week when john boehner wanted his house republicans to do one thing and needham put out a note and said no, don't do that and we'll legislate -- people ended up siding with needham over the speaker. you'll meet him on sunday.
5:39 am
>> we'll be watching. check your local listings for show time. mr. sunday, chris wallace, have a great weekend. >> see you guys. listen, can you get me into that next frank luntz -- >> we'll do our best. >> i really want to be part of it. >> i want to raise my hand. >> i know. thank you, sir. let's look over there. she's got -- i see the headlines. >> i've got some headlines. first i want to tell you, we've been talking about the obamacare exchange web sites. i was talking to an insurance executive whose company is participating in the exchange program. he said they were told the program wouldn't be ready, the web wouldn't be ready until thanksgiving. >> great. maybe they should have pushed it off a year like the republicans said. >> i learned that last evening. got some headlines finally here. nightmare for parents in arkansas. a man with a knife jackknife add school bus with 11 elementary school kids and their driver on board he drove the bus several miles and then he only surrendered when he saw police
5:40 am
had dropped spike strips on the road. 22-year-old nicholas john miller is now facing numerous charges, including piracy and kidnapping. fired for doing the right thing. a worker at a wal-mart in michigan out of a job this morning for helping to rescue a woman who was being assaulted in the parking lot. he was in his car during his break when he heard her screaming. >> i never expected all of this. the least i expected was to not have a job. i don't even know what to put on an application about all this. how do i say this ended? i'm always going to act the right way and do the right thing, even after all of this. >> listen to this. wal-mart says that they understand his intentions, but that his actions violated company policy. we'll keep you posted on that one. a woman finds out that she's been seeing her long lost daughter every single day without even knowing it. she was 19 years old when she gave up her daughter for adoption. they were reunited after decades apart and they found out that
5:41 am
frida drove her daughter, carol's school bus every single day for seven years. >> oh, wow. no idea, of course. >> i was just thinking last night, i'm glad that carol come now because we're talking like mother and daughter, which i never dreamt that's what would happen. >> how nice. the two ladies now talk to each other every day. those are your headlines. what you got? >> thanks, heather. >> we have steve in action now. he's working the facebook. >> that's right. >> he's into the green room. steve, what have we found out? >> over 18,000 likes so far. keep them coming, baby. >> all right. sounds good. we started with 300. >> one congressman already did give up his money, put his
5:42 am
paycheck on-line to say he's giving it back to the government to pay off the debts. we want to get your comment on him giving that up. so keep weighing in on facebook. >> so we can share them. first, here is clayton and anna with what's on tap for this weekend. >> good morning. coming up this weekend on "fox & friends," how far would you go for your child? would do you anything? we'll examine the latest trend with parents going to the extreme. >> we're carving pumpkins with chain saws and how to make the perfect pie. join us from 6 to 10:00 a.m. saturday and sunday. >> look out. ♪ [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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5:45 am
welcome back. so the main talk right now should congress be giving back the salary that they had during the shutdown? we've been discussing this here. you certainly have been on
5:46 am
facebook about it. one of them, debbie wasserman-schultz says she's going to take her pay. she's not giving it back. listen to this. >> because i support everybody who works for the federal government getting a salary, i continue to support reopening the government, making sure that everybody who is doing a job in the federal government can earn their salary. and so that's my position. >> are you going to continue to take your salary? >> yes, i'm going to continue to take my salary. >> that is not what one new jersey congressman says, steve. he said take my 5,000 plus dollars. i'll write a check back to the federal government. we put that on the facebook page. before the show this was going big. what's it like now? >> so far 377,000 people have looked at that. we've gotten almost 19,000 likes and page views. these are some of the comments right here. steve griffin says, the president should give back his
5:47 am
pay for lack of leadership. janie bartlett says, man with integrity, referring to the congressman from great state of -- my current state of new jersey. dream says they should give every penny to pay back on the debt that they made. chris says, attention, american people, remember this in 2014. susan bird said, if you made $5,000 in two weeks, he needs a pay cut. one says, if wasserman schultz manages her finances like the nation's, she probably can't afford to give hers back. >> that's right. steve, thanks. we have a couple more coming in. we have john pully, great job, congressman. i live in california and i bet my congressman didn't give anything back. >> not only that, they get their money and they get a chance with the subsidies to get obamacare at a discount. jim says this, not impressed. washington politics as usual. however, i would be impressed if he signed up for obamacare and gave the check back as well. republicans wanted to put that
5:48 am
in there. democrats wouldn't even entertain it in the senate. >> we'll have a lot more people sounding off about this. one more, if we the people, from franklin, did not work for 15 days, i doubt we would still be getting paid. >> if you want to talk to us directly, go to us on twitter. we're on that. >> up next, 12 minutes left in the show. >> we're getting an early start to game day. tyler florence live on our plaza cooking up the best comfort food. >> first let's check in with bill hemmer. always provide has measure of comfort when he's on television. >> indeed. >> how is it going? >> terrific. good morning. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> life's a glitch. that's the bottom line with this obamacare rollout. there are countless headlines on that this morning. tom delay hammers back. we'll ask about ted cruz and president obama. do not miss that. and remember the kids told to turn around their american
5:49 am
t-shirts with the american flag on them on cinco de mayo? that case is now in federal court. we'll see you on that and more in about ten minutes, top of the hour on a friday d
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ let's have a party ♪ ♪ let's have a party ♪ . >> who doesn't like football and comfort food? when you pair the two together for a great tailgate party, it makes for the ultimate game day. am i right, celebrity chef tyler florence? >> we love him. >> very cool. this is a cool outfit you have here! >> thank you very much. >> we're going to be at the paramus high school football game.
5:53 am
working with stouffer's. they're giving $5,000 to local high schools across the country. does this sound good to you? >> yeah. >> who doesn't like macaroni and cheese. >> you know a thing or two about food truck. >> i host the great food truck race. the show did really, really well. i like to show a lot because we're actually spawning businesses to realize they can do it because restaurants as a whole are very expensive to get into. but if you've got a creative process, it's a great outlet for young chefs to start their own business. >> what do you have for us? >> so growing up, my dad used to fill the freezer full of stouffer macaroni and cheese and fettucini alfredo. i'm going to make this. this pot will be hot enough to cook with. if not, we'll use our imagination. a little oil on the bottom. that's chicken soup we're going to use.
5:54 am
you and i have been cooking together. >> almost ten years now. >> yes. >> so start this up. we're going to throw a little garlic into the pot. garlic, onion, a little carrot and peas. perfect. the braised beef will go into the pot. add salt and pepper and a little tomato. >> you guys getting this down? >> look at this! >> mix it all up. a little salt and pepper. this is going to cook down for two hours. this is also a really great crock pot recipe. >> i love a crock pot. >> nice and low and slow. >> can't watch a crock pot, can you? >> you put it in, you come home, dinner is done. >> it's like watching paint dry. but it tastes a lot better. >> you come over here. >> i'm just helping. >> what i love about this recipe, it's easy to translate this into a base for what i call a shepherd's pie. instead of using mashed potatoes on top, you would put it to a
5:55 am
dish -- this man looks hungry! this is what it looks like when it's done. >> put the beef stew under this. put the mac and cheese under that as a replacement for mashed potatoes. put it under the broiler. it's a great dish. >> how long did it take us? >> so making this stew from scratch is something you can do on a sunday. the mac and cheese, take a couple of seconds out of the microwave and the kids will love this. >> you can do this, brian. >> duke this. >> steve, i don't want to box you out. >> that looks delicious. food photography, ladies and gentlemen. >> give me a fork. >> can i do your job? >> we got one more. >> this is another dish i like.
5:56 am
>> inmates are running the asylum. >> that's right. >> wrap it up! >> come on. >> this is really great. >> i call this cheesy chicken noodle soup. put mac and cheese at the bottom of the bowl. chen chicken soup right on top. look at that. chicken, carrots, celery. then you put -- when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up.
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for only 50 delicious calories. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant steve's birthday and he doesn't get enough credit. >> cheesy chicken noodle soup. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ . >> steve, you getting emotional?
6:00 am
>> check out stouffer's facebook page. you can find all of the mac and cheese recipes. >> it's two of my favorite things. i love mac and cheese. >> happy birthday, steve! bill: nicely done. happy birth today. >> steve. enjoy the weekend, my friend, with your family. new fallout with obamacare. the problems with the online exchanges go much deeper than first thought. "wall street journal" reports, insurance companies are getting quote, flawed data from the websites. go figure. even if you can navigate the gauntlet that is that website. i'm bill hemmer on "america's newsroom." >> great to be with you, i'm jamie colby in for martha maccallum today. these insurance companies are saying it's a huge problem, they may actually be stopped from dealing with the small amount of people that then actually signed up. bill: these new numbers show another bad week for t


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