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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 18, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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authentici authenticity. mr. bush wrote, i love crazy socks but barbara has had enough. thanks for watching. go to kelly file. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a message for team obama care. we hope they are listening. it's time for kathleen sebelius, health and human services secretary to go. for the hour i'll be joined by a studio audience. some will disagree with that. before we hear from them it is important to point out how disastrous the obama care roll out has been from day one. the blame falls squarely at the feet of the secretary of the health and human services which is exactly why the republican national committee is calling for her to be held accountable. in addition launching a twitter
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campaign with the hashtag fire sebelius they released this video. >> is there a accept i don't you fore soo that might delay the individual mandate open enrollment? >> no. i think we are on target. we hope to reach about 7 million people. >> error messages, page not found. >> we are on track to flip the switch on october 1. >> system down. it's been a tough, nearly two weeks for obama care. >> new markets will pope in every state in the country. >> i failed again. >> i couldn't make this page work. >> and a again. >> it logged me out. >> and again. >> it is not a typical government website. >> i tried at 10:00 at night. 7:00 in the morning. 3:00 a.m. sunday morning but the system was down for maintenance. >> we are on track to have the marketplace up and running on october 1. >> riddled with software and coding problems. >> data hub has been built and is ready to go. >> now more problems.
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terrible job on the website. >> people can come on and sign up. >> people who want to buy insurance kicked off. >> look at the plans side by side. >> your account couldn't be created at this time. >> user friendly, easy to read. >> system unavailable. >> easy to understand. >> my account could not be created at this time. >> interactive. >> maybe the third time is the charm. >> no. >> you visit the site and if you think something could be improved. >> i hope they fire someone in charge of making sure this would work. we knew there would be glitches. those go way yopd the pale of what should be ex-enexpected. >> there are good reasons to feel that way. from the washington examiner there was no testing permitted of the website or issue final system requirements until four to six days before the october 1 launch. according to an individual with direct knowledge of the project, that's not all. technology experts said to usa today the federal health care
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exchange was built using ten-year-old technology that may require constant fixes and updates for six months and the eventual overhaul of the system. for these reasons and more lawmakers want to speak with secretary sebelius and request she come to capitol hill next week. she was able the to find time to sit down and share a few laughs with jon stewart, but she's yet to commit to attend the capitol hill briefing. how convene yept. joining me with reaction, our studio audience. smart people. hi, tamara. >> hi, sean. >> who wants sweel sebelius fired? noah? i'm surprised. you will get to you. who doesn't. you're agnostic. >> i'll let her stay. getting her fired would be a political benefit marginally for the republican party. let ing her stay would be a stronger political benefit for the republican party. >> let 2000 bring up a point.
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i talked to a tech guy graduated from harvard. he has a business. we spent $634 million taxpayer dollars. he thinks he could have had a better system. he said he would be embarrassed to spend more than a million. >> we have a federal with the federal i.t. procurement system. look at it was built with $4 million. there is a big problem out there for prosecute kurmt. -- procurement. one site did you want tell the truth. >> who pays $634 million and has three years and screws it up that bad? >> we have a problem with the federal i. the program. this will demonstrate we need to overhaul it. >> there is a reason for why people need to be held accountable. there was a report in the wash war post with representative robert andrews from new jersey saying i told the administration there were tech problems months
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ago. they decided to proceed with the october 1 deadline. someone needs to be held accountable that the deadline was more important than to put out a functioning project. somebody should be answering questions. >> if any business, apple, microsoft. if they spent $634 million, they had three years to get it up and rupping and people say they are using 10-year-old technology and it failed this dramatically, why wouldn't that person be fired? >> i'm glad you brought up capitalism. the reason we know the site is having problems is because people are going to the site trying to -- absolutely. let me finish. people are are trying to sign up. we know people wait in line for iphones and find glitches. there are people waiting in line -- >> i just asked you a question.
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hi. good to see you. >> good to soo you. you asked a question. wouldn't the american people like to know who your source is? >> for which part? >> your source. >> i'm telling you i have talked to more tech people that understand set-ups like this. they could do it faster, cheaper and more efficient than it is now. i'm looking -- >> i can do your show better than you, that doesn't mean i can. anybody can say uh that. >> typical government. it's what government delivers. you see it with the backlog at even vet et rans affairs. d.o.d. when the government tries to do something it ought not do. why would we think delivery of health care will be efficient? >> it uh may be wrong but two weeks into it. you were complaining about it before it started. >> the biggest indictment of the law is congress carved it out from the beginning. they knew it would be a
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disaster. >> the big question is this is a boondoggle that's every person out there contributed to the $634 million failure. in a world of billions and trillions may not sound like a lot of money. that's money out of the pocket of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, receptionists, lawyers and doctors. >> you have worked in the federal government in an automation position dealing with data. the type of data the census bureau carries and has the to transmit. comparatively, this is one of the biggest boondoggles. when i have dealt with data it's come from old sequel database to windows database and having to do those transfers. what you see is in efficiency. now to the argument over accountability. you're right. in any corporation, somebody would be held accountable for this kind of boondoggle. with taxpayer dollars in a
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corporation it's private money. here it's the taxpayer dollars wasted. and, final point, taxpayers not being served if you accept the obama care premise that we are here to serve you spl is there anyone liberal here? we have split it up equally. anyone liberal who thinks sebelius should be held accountable and fired is this. >> she should be held accountable. obviously something is wrong. you pay this much money and there are glitches. that's not to say it can't happen in any business. i don't think she should be fired. yes, accountability is important. >> it's like a shareholder of the corporation. we are the shareholders of the company that is america. we want them out. if it was ibm, as a shareholder you want that person removed. we are the shareholders. she should be removed. >> why not?
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>> you need to look at who was involved in the decision. this one woman can't be held accountable for the government. >> she's -- >> back there. >> this is just -- in any other instance they would be held accountable for what tell under their responsibility. this is where politics before people. they knew months in advance. the instead of consulting outside tech consultants they brought in campaign techies. they were worried this would get out. >> theying actually have a way to register voters on this whole thing. >> i like the idea of politics before people. >> nobody can hear you yet. >> i like the idea of politics before people. that's a really good phrase the. isn't that what ted cruz did and chris lee ? politics before people. >> i love how you distract from the issue. >> you're talking about a couple hundred million dollars which is
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a lot of money. that shutdown cost us $24 billion at least. the american people. >> ted cruz put his constituents first. he wept to washington saying he was going to go there and -- >> i would say 40 million texans. >> 200,000 were out of work. >> $24 billion. >> if obama can go in -- >> we have to take a break. up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> are you going to continue to take your salary? >> yes. i will continue to take my i salary. >> even though debbie schultz wouldn't give up her paycheck during the shutdown others did including a gop congressman who wrote a personal check to the tresh erie department. we'll explain. tonight throughout the show we are highlighting the top five lawmakers who stood on principle
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during the obama/reid shutdown. number five is louis gomer. >> we have voted for compromise after compromise. what i would like to say to you, harry reid and the president, stop the dishonesty. there is no such thing as a clean c.r. it's full of pork, waste, fraud and abuse. if steve palazzo and i had not picked up the barricades, separated the them after establishing with the park service who we were those barricades were not going to be opened. those world war ii veterans were not being allowed in. >> they think this is about a p.r. battle. we think it is about trying to help america. did you know more coffee drinkers prefer the taste of gevalia house blend over thtaste of starbucks house blend? not that we like tooting our own horn but... ♪ toot toot. [ male announcer ] find gevalia in the coffee aisle
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welcome back to "hannity." another republican proves to constituents he's willing to put his money where his mouth is. frank lobiando decided to return a portion of his paycheck to the federal government. he wrote on his facebook pauj, i just wrote a check for 16 days of my salary, deducting taxes, to the u.s. treasury. he posted an i imagine of the check and the letter on his wall. debbie schultz was asked if she would forfeit her paycheck. i guess not. >> i know by law you get a paycheck. do you plan to keep anything you receive in salary as a member of congress during the shutdown? >> because i support everybody who works for the federal government getting a salary, i continue to support re-opening the government, making sure that
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everybody who is doing a job in the federal government can earn their salary. and so that's hi my position. >> are you going to take -- are you going to continue to take your salary? >> yes. i'm going to continue to take my salary. >> unbelievable. for reaction we go to our studio audience. juan williams son, right here, conservative. >> yes. >> we have to team up on your dad who i love. we disagree a lot. >> same here. >> hypocrisy? >> it's astonishing. she oos been on a book tour. seems she's more interested in politicking and making money than in governing for the people and taking care of constituents in florida. it's disappointing. >> would you also say it is hypocrisy if the congressmen to have earmarked $4 ppt 8 million to clean up the beach in front of his beach home? >> let's talk earmarks. the republicans said we are getting rid of them because they corrupt the system. >> he took one for the benefit
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of his own beach home. >> he's taking a stance with congress to get ready of earmarks. >> so it's a flip flop shm 's standing firm to govern properly without earmarks. >> the congressman has money to give up. a lot of american people and government workers work paycheck to paycheck and do not have money to write a check. >> you're saying debbie schultz doesn't have money? she's writing a book, going on tour. >> let me get over here. we've got money issues. okay. we have $17 trillion in debt. yesterday was the single biggest borrowing day in american history. $338 billion in a single day. the average male will see a 99% hike in their premium. the average woman a 62% hike. what happened to the $2500 save
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ings? >> and the median household income has decreased. americans are making less now than they were in 1996. this conversation shouldn't be about obama care but that is a huge issue. i agree it is a failure. however we need to talk about the budget. we punted the football three months to january 15. this is going to happen again. the republicans will have less leverage because they have been destroyed. they got defeat ed. it didn't wosh. they will be so scared. >> they didn't stick together. the democrats did. >> the government is like a teenager. they don't know when to spend money and when they do it's poorly like $600 million on a website. >> wait a minute. you are already pronouncing a program that's barely begun a failure. okay. the roll out was disastrous. everybody admits we were too busy talking about shutting down the government to pay attention to the computer glitches. apart from that, medicare part
7:19 pm
d, one of the most disastrous roll outs in american history is now a sacred entitlement nobody dares touch. give it a chance. >> this is a classic bait and switch. when the president made specific promises the average family would save $2500. we now uh see the average cost is going up $7500. that's profound in terms of a broken promise. $900 billion has now tripled and is going higher in projkted costs. the roll out $634 billion dollars, whatever it was. million. it's a disaster. >> we have 56,000 people signed up. let's see what happens when 45 million people. >> great point. the technocratic argument is going to fall apart. there is no website that cannot be fixed. a program bassed on the assumption of a lot of people having to pay for individual who is need care and don't need
7:20 pm
subsidies will sign up. now we no a lot of people are being expanded into medicaid and getting subsidies. that's why premiums are expanding. >> i have to agree. you have to give the program time to, wo. computer glitches are one thing. the roll out was a disaster. the president said independent. if the program works any of us who are fired can get health insurance. our children with pre-existing conditions can get health insurance. i was at the pharmacy today for medicine. you can't afford to live without insurance. >> you work with the heritage foundation. we're going to scroll for the rest of the show. you went state by state. 45 have dramatic increases. 27-year-old, 50-year-old. you put the percentage increase. to go back to judith, that's not what we were promised by the president. >> not at all. on top of that, that's for a
7:21 pm
bronze plan. that will have the lowest premium and the highest cost sharing. you will take a bronze plan for the lowest premium but you may have a 5,000, 6,000 dollar deductible. it's huge. soops the glitches are cleared up because it is just a distraction. when consumers can enroll and see their side by side comparison of 5,000 and 6,000 deductibles i don't think the american people will be happy. >> that's important. >> i agree. judith said we don't know yet. we know people are paying on average, ep men are going to double their price. women up 62%. isn't that a failure based on what we were sold? >> in some states premiums will go up. in other states they will go down. >> 45 of 50. >> we are adding hopefully 45 million people who have not been covered at all. >> cbo says 30 million will be uninuh sured. >> millions of people more.
7:22 pm
we are one of the t few sieve uhlized democracies that do not offer universal health care. >> spain, portugal, great britain, canada, they all have financial problems. >> not because of health care. >> it's a lot of yishs and they are not productive. >> this is indicative of another system called socialism. democracy doesn't promise every person health care. i agree wf a health care crisis. i want everyone to get health care, too. it doesn't work in this system. even liberals are upset because this is not a single payer system. we are far from pleasing anyone. >> free market capitalism, portabili portability, individual savings accounts for health care would be better. up next on "hannity." remember this obama bureaucrat? his tax pay uhher funded bubble bath pales in comparison to how much of your money the agency tasks with implementing obama
7:23 pm
care is wasting. why are journalists ig mothering the victims of obama care? we have numbers to show you how much coverage the media has given to the shutdown versus obama care. first back to the countdown of the top five lawmakers who fought on be half of you, the miles an hour during the shutdown. number four, kentucky senator rand paul. take a look. >> when the american people want dialogue between democrats and republicans, how do we get there? we have to stand up for what we believe in so they will come and talk. >> we are worried about bankruptcy of the country. we are asking for restraint on spending. >> with spend more money guarding the world war ii monument than protect ing our ambassador. in libya. it's become a farce. >> this is important for the american people because this is being portrayed as, oh, republicans are obstructionist. republicans won't want to do this. republicans don't want to. it's exactly the opposite. >> if he's going to exempt his
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welcome back to "hannity." if the shutdown and disastrous roll out of obama care weren't enough to shatter your confidence in the federal government the wasteful spend ing by the administration should do the trick. the department of health and human services, aka, the agency tasked with immr. meant ing the obama care train wreck are robbing you blind of your taxpayer dollars. during 2012 fiscal year the hhs
7:28 pm
spent more than $56 million on 140 separate conferences or just over $400,000 per event. that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outrageous spend ing in d.c. during the first three days of the shutdown, the government scrounged together $3 billion for the department of housing and urban department -- that's right, three days, $3 billion, unreal . moving on. where else to turn for wasteful spending than the irs? last month the tax agency spent $10,000 to produce a parody video of donald trump's "the apprentice." where are the priorities? we bring back our studio audience to the d.c. wasteland reaction. i will work on you, judith. let me, if i can, eileen, i want to go back to you. you're with heritage. you have been given a chart. we are putting this at the bottom of the screen state by state. it has before obama care, age 27
7:29 pm
adult. before obama care age 50 adult and percent change on average. tell us how you came up with the numbers. >> what it cost many the individual market before trying the to get a plan comparable. trying to make the comparison as equal as we could. what it cost before obama care and after. 45 states have huge increases. >> there was a manhattan institute study that shows membership around the could be country will have a 99% increase and women, 62%. >> right. >> they are discriminating against men. >> that's how obama care works. you can't rate insurance the way you used to. >> for the liberals in the audience and jump in if uh you want. help me out. how is it the president promises savings and how is it it's a cram tick increase, doubling for men. and how come you are not
7:30 pm
outraged? three times the projected cost and you are not outraged. >> from my experience i signed up. the gold plan is cheaper than the insurance i'm paying. >> she's in d.c., one of the five places where it's lower. existing condition. i was denied. i have a cheaper one. >> liberalism is a pre-existing condition. >> unfortunately in the insurance marketplace it was broken. now you have competitive prices. >> the 27-year-old man ten years ago, growing up in pennsylvania. >> ten years ago. >> my age. >> as a 31-year-old guy 21 years ago. >> my younger brother is 2. he's not paying $227 a month for health care. he'd rather take the risk, break his arm, go to the hospital anden get the bill. >> people forget who obama care is aimed at.
7:31 pm
people who had preexisting conditions, the poor. aims to give them subsidies. i won't pay more. hold on. i won't pay more. i get health care through my employer. it's not affecting me . 70% of the people it won't affect. the people who it is aimed at get the benefit. >> dave has a point. funneling. >> matt makes one of the most salient points. who signs up for obama care matters. those with pre-existing conditions. i believe in getting rid of pre-existing cushions but young people who stay on their parents' insurance until 26 with high unemployment rate make bullet proof decisions. we are not going to do this. the funding mechanism goes away without young people signing up. >> and they are not. one of the big unintended kwepss here was the job loss. we'll start with sea world. a serieses of -- so many corporations, hundreds of them are either not hiring oh or they
7:32 pm
are firing or getting rid of coverage or pushing down people's hours to part time. below the 30-hour threshold mark. that's an unintended consequence. doesn't that anger you? >> i'm a business owner. i have employees. i'm not doing that. one, there is a crisis of health care in this country. i standard of beating the dead horse, what are we suggesting other than obama care? >> i have a solution. >> what's your solution? >> i want health care savings accounts for every american. including insent vicing people every year to get a check-up oh to check things early. it includes catastrophic care if you have a heart attack, cancer, need a knee replacement. that would be covered. and a fund for poor people that need help as well. you get to take it job to job. you build up your fund when you're young and healthy. when you're older the money is available. you're in control.
7:33 pm
you pick your doctor. comp tigts comes into play. you get better service, lower prices because of the population. >> that could potentially work. you allow young people to invest. medicare will go broke in ten years. social security in 20. when is this nation going to quit putting us in a position to fall off a cliff. >> she's a small business owner, i'm gathering. people with less than 50 employees aren't affecteded by this at all. >> they are, too. their plans changed. >> so why aren't you providing health care? >> they are giving up coverage. >> this goes to other problems as well. other promises broken. told us our plans wouldn't change. i run a small business. a small business nonprofit. guess what, its plan changed. also doctor shortages. >> we have to take a break. >> the average person, can you afford a $5,000 or $10,000
7:34 pm
deductible? a simple question for america. >> up nx, we expose oh liberal media bias here but when it comes the main stream media oos reporting on obama care, the stories are unbelievable. we'll explain and ask our liberal friend this is the audience to defend these so-called jourmists. we want to hear from you, our special companion site. share your thoughts or write tamara @tamara holder. ow. we continue the countdown of lawmakers who fought on behalf of you. number three, florida senator marco rubio. >> millions of people feel they are running in place like this is no longer a country where through hard work everyone can get ahead. >> we are talking about millions of people starting early next year will be directly impacted by this law and will realize, hold on. this is not free health insurance.
7:35 pm
>> we have been warning people for years about this. we have done everything we can to keep this harm from reach ing our people. >> i don't know of anyone who wants to shut down the government. with want to shut down obama care. the reason is because of the harm it's doing to the american middle class. this fight isn't over. it's only just begun. flu every second -- . and sunset skies into rich interior accents. or putting the auty of a fest in the palm of your hands... it will take you to another place... wherever you happen to be. this is the new 2014 jeep grand cherokee. it is the best of what we're made of. well-qualified lessees can lease the 2014 grand cherokee laredo 4x4 for $359 a month.
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7:40 pm
already broke and robbing the kids? >> i agree. there are real problems in america. barack obama has been trying to address those problems. the conversation we have had tonight is a perfect example of what is blocking the capacity because of their obsession with obama care which led them directly into the trap the of a shutdown that the american people -- >> i'm happy with the with shutdo shutdown. >> you may be but the american people hated it. out's further eroded the republican brand. >> it's time to have a conversation about broader issues. >> hang on. don't filibuster. >> the president has been in office five years. >> and tried to make a budget deal every single one of them and had one in 2011 until john boehner backed out because of his republican -- >> don't filibuster. nobody is hearing you.
7:41 pm
one at a time. >> i want to provide fact about the budgeting. he's had three or four, what, trillion dollar deficit years? the first time the deficit went town is because of sequester. >> $7 trillion in new obama debt. when he finishes the term he will have accumulated more debt than every other president before him combined. now how do we pay for this? >> i'm going to pay for it as a young person. >> you're right. >> no. you can't afford it. your kids will. >> i read a book and they kwused the analogy it's like all the people went and had dinner with wonderful wine and skipped out on the bill. there is no way to pay for it. >> i don't think you can blame old people for the problems. it's the design of the programs. medicare has been broken. we have known it. it's time to fix it. it uh's government not working.
7:42 pm
>> you're a liberal. don't you feel a sense of moral obligation that we are literally stealing and breaking open our kids' piggy banks? don't you feel it's got to end somewhere despite the lofty reasons you want the programs? >> i do feel an obligation to young people. talking about elderly people. >> you're stealing from her, her, her. >> are you saying i'm a lot older than them? thank you. >> that was bad. >> really. >> i humbly apologize. >> i'm going to cry. >> the young kid ops the panel. >> poverty rates have gone down. you're right. the young people are going to be paying for what's going on. that doesn't mean the government can't work well. >> hang on though. let many have a dialogue. >> what did it achieve? >> is medicare going broke? >> absolutely. >> social security? >> absolutely. >> $7 trillion?
7:43 pm
>> absolutely. >> $90 trillion in unfunded liability. money we have committed to. >> absolutely. george bush sat throw tlu -- >> oh, stop. i don't want to hear it. >> of increases. >> he could have sat across from paul ryan who's been the adult in the room. yop if he's on the top five uh but he kept it on the deficit debt spend ing. the president and his colleagues screamed about the debt ceiling and the debt explosion. he's had year it is toing sit down with reasonable people. >> we have to take a break. we'll come back. up next we'll reveal the number one lawmaker who stood on principle throughout the shutdown and we'll ask the wonderful shy studio audience about our countdown. first at number two on the list. utah senator mike lee got the ball rolling. >> this is yours. it doesn't belong to the government. it belongs to the people. >> ted cruz and i have been
7:44 pm
criticized for our actions in the attempt to defund obama care. we make no apoll i jis. >> no. we are not going away. neither are millions of americans who have joined this dialogue, made their voices heard by washington, d.c. this is washington at its worst. it is exactly the kind of thing the american people are fed up with. >> let's stand united, stand strong for liberty. [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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7:48 pm
i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. >> let me ask a simple question. why is the federal government spending money to erect barricades to keep veterans out of this memorial? >> stop that train wreck, that disaster, that nightmare that is
7:49 pm
obama care. >> it is unfortunate that washington is not listening to the people. >> the this deal does nothing for the millions of people who are hurting because of obama care. >> this debate and fight will continue in the months ahead. >> he has been speaking up for the american people . our number one lawmaker who fought the good fight on behalf of the american people during the shutdown is texas conservative senator ted cruz. let 's bring back the studio audience. i want to talk about the politics of this. i look at a new emerging conservative group of people includinging ted and marco and rand and house members with more influence and will garner more this the future. do you agree? >> i tend to agree. the republican party need s to be united on message. they didn't have an end game and there wasn't enough preparation beforehand to say this is going
7:50 pm
to be our strategy. what's emerge ing is new leadership in the party. we have to look outside of washington. you see impress sieve governors taking on oh issues like bobby jindal in louisiana. suzy i'm right there with charles krauthammer, look at where republican popularity is. >> i'm with suicide caucus than surrender caucus. >> all right. >> what? >> what? >> let's, i think tea party we're the ones seeing -- look at the democrats have the senate and white house but who is controlling issues coming to americans now? republicans taking charge. that is a positive thing for americans right now. >> taking charge in november. >> taking charge for shutting down the government and -- .
7:51 pm
>> let me throw this there. i want to ask you this. because for me this was a pivotal moment and a tipping point if you will. as reagan says, you don't want pale pastels. i want every republican on the platform. everyone of them said they'd repeal everything they can do to kill obama care. the guys that stuck to their promise are now the bad guys in this? i think they're heos. >> the president sticks to it and gets credit. republicans brought on their platform. they stick to it. start there. who won? who lost? who cares? losers are the american people. because should the american people what were the solutions? judith is right ted cruz going dwoun a fight. we knew that. i would have started in 2011 and gone after obama care and eroded the foundation of it
7:52 pm
which republicans failed to do. that is the strategy. but what happened here is put polls aside. galvanizing moments like this. going down with a fight. galvanizes americans sitting at their kitchen table realizing credit card maxed out, i'm going to pay interest on the debt and not default on what i owe. >> it's important. >> ted cruz not going to have trouble getting electedded. he's not. ted cruz and guy that's stood up, none of them are going to have trouble getting reelected. i think john mccain would have a hard time. >> i wanted to comment on the fact, comments about president obama and debt that, didn't just happen in five years, we need to think about what did he inherit? where did the problems come from? we can't just. >> if someone said to me it's your bat, your ball, and your ass. do you know what? it's his deficit, his budget.
7:53 pm
he spent it. that is it. >> but have you to look at what was inherited prior to five years. >> who is to blame? blame bush? >> you're exactly right, sean. >> i'm a democrat who loves ted cruz. i love ted cruz. he has galvanized the american people against republicans. >> no. no. >> real quick. >> the fate of the shut down will be viewed with the fate of the -- saying these guy had a point. this is a disaster. >> nate silver says it won't be an issue in 2014. >> we're going come back, closing thoughts from our lively studio audience as we continue. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national.
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as we continue with our lively studio audience we vonl a couple minutes wrap it up. >> hi, again.
7:58 pm
i think that. >> turn that over, that is a bad word. >> my mother is a cancer victim. a lot people have preexisting conditions will be hopefully positively affected by this ob rauma care. if not i hope everybody, republican or democrat goes to the polls and votes for a conservative. but how do we look in the world economy? regardless of our political leanings how do we look? we look dysfunctional because of the shut down. how can be proud of that? that is because of the shut down. that -- that we're down graded. >> i think you're right, sean when you said ted cruz is not going to have a problem getting reelected but that is the problem. he dragged the party into the middle street. and left it there. >> he made a promise to the people when he ran that he would fight and do everything he could, and he did.
7:59 pm
since when is that a problem? >> bad strategy. doesn't mean he has to throw the rest of the party under a bus. >> he's demi god when a liberal like president obama. he's a hero. a pop culture barbie. start thinking about government. >> before he shut the government down, republicans had a one in four chance of picking out in the house. >> hold on. >> that my point being you saw the g.o.p. brand damaged. 75% say they hold republicans responsible. >> we only have, hang on. >> 13% of the american people think we're on the right track. he's the president. >> principles behind why they wanted to have the shut dourng it probably did damage the g.o.p. brand. it may not affect 2016 but there is a serious gubernatorial race in virginia
8:00 pm
where republican candidate is down now. i don't think there was a second stop. >> you're all awesome. every one of you. big hand. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. we'll see you monday, thanks again. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> james, i think we are done here. thanks. >> white house spokesman jay carney refusing to answer fox news correspondent james rosen's questions about benghazi. but why? tonight, we will tell you. >> this really is a disastrous launch for a program that i supported. >> obama care continues to be pounded by the very liberals who are in love with it we will continue our investigation into the healthcare chaos. ♪ that no one knows ♪ what does the fox say. >> why are hundreds of millions of people all over the world looking at this dopey vehicle. >> din


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