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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 20, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> those rats newseled right up to the cookies and so would we. >> keeping in mind, that study is online for all of you. that's going to do it for us. in thank you for watching sunday house call. media buzz with howard kirk starts right now. here's howard. >> on the buzz beaters this sunday, as congress votes to reopen the government and avoid a devastating default, the media virtually unanimous in declaring the outcome for disaster for republicans. even many conservative xhen taters, even many fox xhen taters are saying that. >> you can see in the standing of the republican party now, suffers or enjoys, depending on how you want to put it in the polls, it's at low ebb. >> i think it's hard for republicans to spin this as a win, as you suggest. i think clearly the president got most of what he wanted. >> but on balance, if this was a battle, the democrats definitely won.
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>> but did the coverage play a role in this narrative? is the press making clear this stopgap deal stops at nothing and our news anchor is taking sides. paul mccartney's media blitz for his new album takes his from howard stern to twitter. ♪ why the media still wants to hold his hand half a century after love me do. the movie business giving star treatment to julian assange, now a fugitive from justice. >> it's extremely serious to deal with questions about my personal life. >> i'm not. i'm asking if what you see is an attack on wikileaks. >> okay. sorry. >> julian, i'm happy to go on to the next question.
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>> is the wikileaks founder being portrayed as a hero or an anarchist? i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. and you are very much part of this program. send me a tweet, @howardkurtz. once congress finally voted to end the government shutdown and default crisis until early next year, the news cast ran the story this way. >> everyone was tarnished by this, but the president clearly won on the principal of not negotiating over the debt limit. >> for the republicans in congress who caused this to happen, it may be a long walk home. the party has been hurt. people have been hurt, and mostly it's had a corrosive and damaging effect on how americans view the people they elect and send to washington. >> what did it accomplish? it delayed clinical trials for cancer research, curbed school
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lunch programs, put 800,000 federal workers out of work and reeked havoc on tourists and the business who depend on them. >> president obama weighed in with a swipe at his loudest attracters. >> all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyist and the bloggers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict. >> was the coverage unfair? even rush limbaugh says the battle was a debacle for the republican party. >> the republicans have done everything they can to try to make everybody like them and what they've ended up doing is creating one of the greatest political disasters i've ever seen in my lifetime. >> time now to grade the media's performance. joining us, lauren ashburn. one williams fox news analyst and mary catherine ham. lauren ashburn, with even
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conservative commentators says the republicans got beat up, is that the case? >> we heard a lot of people saying this was a debacle, this was a mess. when you have those conservatives like dana foreno, she tweeted something that the rnc was going to pick the location of its next convention and it could fit inside ra phone booth because that's how devooif vicive it is right now in the republican party. >> mary cath rip, you may have complaints about the way the media covered this. but the harshest comments coming from your side. this wasn't only coming from the -- >> no. and this is an argument that happened before this strategy was played out and a lot of people want to say, look, i pointed this out before we started this. >> if only they had listened to me. >> right. but i think it's fair to offer
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analysis that don't necessarily think it's incorrect. the brian williams goes a little far for a news caster, in my opinion. >> he probably shouldn't have said the republicans started this. isn't that not factually accurate? >> well, i think what gives me is that the media pretending as if negotiating over these things is unprecedented or even shutting down the government is unprecedented. the government has been shut down under unified governments. adding that context is important and they have totally failed to do that. >> and what about president obama saying politicians should stop lisping to radio talk shows and bloggers. >> you know, the latter part of that statement, howie, was that everybody should stop listening to people who profit, profit from this kind of conflict. and i think there's a big story there in terms of the fund-raisers and people, especially on the right, who have, i think, backed ted cruise and instigated this and gone
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online and raised money -- >> no, no time. i don't think they -- and bill clinton. >> i don't think they were the instigators. >> let me move you off of politics. couldn't it be said that the media profited from this snipt became a deadline and cable ratings were up. >> absolutely. i mean, it was -- even on radio, you listen to the news radio station, they had, you know, countdown to break yoen or whatever it was. it was endless. and i think it does. we talk about the politics going crisis to crisis. media goes crisis to crisis. and guess what? the ratings go up. >> and the advertisers sure are happy. >> let me play for you a couple of interviews, snippets of a couple interviews by news anchors. these are not professional commentators. let's take a listen. >> about it? >> who initiated this protest? it was tea party republicans. come on, ben, cut the crap.
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don't give me that. >> well, i don't -- i'm not -- okay. cut the crap. i love how you assume that everybody that is a conservative tea partier was going to be out there -- >> when it comes to obama care, do you hate obama care more than you love your country? >> i've got to tell you something. i think that comments like that that you are making are just incredibly inappropriate. what we have to realize -- >> you don't think it's incredibly inappropriate to shut down our government and to take all the hostages of america that you've taken -- >> no, i hate your comment. >> you hate obama care more than you love our country. >> wow. that is an anchor, not an opinion person, taking quite a stand. i mean, i think that a lot of people know that msnbc has decided to go mostly partisan. there are very few people, chuck todd, andrea mitchell, who are straight down the line journalists. although even chuck todd said that ted cruz was from another
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planet. and i think we've seen a lot more of that. cnn is largely fair. and don lemon seems to get a path when it comes to this. he's the anchor of cnn news room on weekend edition and he's said things like the party is dominated by aging white americans and some very vocal bigots. that's some harsh language. >> right. now, on the other side, mary catherine, shawn has drawn some critici criticism. salon did a piece saying he had three couples on talking about how they were hurt by obama care. one was a businessman who had laid off people, but his business was so small it wasn't covered by obama care. the only two say their premiums were going up and they hadn't checked to see if it would or would not go up with obama care. >> i think that's what happens. .frankly, i think the right feels because most of the
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mainstream media is leaning left, it is their duty to push this other side and to point out when the president shuts down parks and puts priority on certain things that maybe he doesn't need to put priority on shutting down to hurt people, that that is an important story that the media is missing. >> objection. objection. to me, the big story here is how the media, for the most part, said you know what? one side says this, the other side says that. therefore, they're balanced. msnbc, i don't think they would have any pretend of balance at this point. goodness gracious. i don't see that at ms. but -- >> it's at line of work. >> but in response to mary catherine's point, i think this was your implication, correct me if i am wrong, by providing balance to the rest of the mainstream media. >> no. i think people watch any outlet and that's their outlet. people pick it almost like picking a club these days in
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terms of niche media. and i think there is some responsibility in a part of news media to make sure people have a sense of the larger picture. when they say, oh, you know what? these folks say they have to shut down the government on principal, why doesn't somebody say, wait a minute, what principal? i think it is the obligation of media to point out when people are misbehaving. >> and we have the obligation to point out this has happened many, many times before sometimes with democrats arguing with democrats. so it is not this out of this world thing that just naturally -- all of a sudden obama is like we don't negotiate over that stuff any more. i think that's not a lie. >> to negotiate over you a las that passed and say i'm going to shut down the government if you go to a law that's three years old and say, defund it. >> when obama ends up having to come and ask for delay later, i look forward to the media gymnastics and say that's totally unreasonable. >> let's take a step back and look at this whole -- there must
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be a half million pieces talking about who won and who lost and basically almost every commentator and news outlet said president obama won this negotiation. >> it is easier to compile a list of winners and losers than it is to actually explain what is happening, what we're missing, what is wrong with the government. stay a quick google search. you have guardian, "new york times," nc news all with headlines saying the winners and the losers in the shutdown battle. but there are other explainers out there. they're just not at dominant. >> but when these various arms and legs of the media say obama won, i don't think there's any dispute if you look at it in the short-term political sense, let's look at the polls. the president came out better. he got most of what he wanted. republicans took the blame, even from other republicans. but to focus on how little was accomplished as a stoop gap measure and we have to go
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through this again in 90 days? >> no. >> some journalists have pointed that out. >> but that's a critical message. in short supply at the moment because every, instead, wants to treat it like a horse race. we treat elections like that and we treat crisis like that and i think it ill serves the public. i think it's media malpractice. >> here is one more question. how many times has obama beat republicans politically at the expense of confidence in the government? i don't think it's a great idea for liberalism. regardless of who wins politically, confidence in government to do big things, which he what he likes, goes down. i can that's something he needs to know about. >> it took the spotlight, the media spotlight off of what's happening with the glitches and the computer glitches of obama care. i think that had we not been focusing on winners and losers, we would have seen a lot more. >> watch this. watch this. next step for conservative media, all about the hellish aspects of obama care because
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now, having sensed that there was a law -- >> you wouldn't agree that it's a nightmare? >> we don't have any evidence that it's a nightmare. what we have is that they've had problems with the technology. >> nbc reported yesterday that 580,000 people just got a notification that their stuff is gone now. >> i won't use the word glitches any more because i think this is a full fledged disaster and not just a few days of people trying to get on. and i will say this, when we do the winners and losers which costs a political mentality that affect tess media, i say the news business was hurt by this because we were seen in part because of our caustic tone and taking sides, we were seen as part of a dysfunctional mess in washington. and i think a lot of people out there are sick of it and bored by it. ahead, i'll play referee in the latest media scrimmage over the washington redskins name controversy. but when we come back, ted cruz, is he being pounded unfairly? that's next. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself.
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>> it was ted cruz who lurchbed the shutdown battle and ted cruz who continues to draw the ire of liberal commentators. >> this guy is a loony and he has embarrassed the united states senate. >> i think you're seeing in these people a very bad tad of general mccarthy in this thing that cruz is up to and a lot of revolutionary anger that's unfocused, it's free-floating and a lot of it has to do with having our first black president. >> mary catherine, a loony. joe mccarthy, and here is the cover of "bloomberg business week" shows ted cruz as a mad hatter at a tea party and says
8:18 am
crazy is the new normal in washington. this is a news magazine. >> with ed, for one thing, i think it's a real take one to know one moment. but, look, i think this is a given on the right. we go into these situations knowing that it is -- we're less allowed to be loud as ted cruise is in the senate. why is he talking so much they get so up in arms? you are going to be called crazy, you are going to be called racist quicker. conservatives know when they speak up that they are going to get these kind of attacks. >> the one i point out that ted cruz has gotten a lot of vitriol from his own side, including whether you might call republicans or establishes, and conservative commentators. but he doesn't care because he's become famous. >> and on crazy coverage, though, i noticed that the last one that stood out to me was commercial bachmann was on the coverage of news week. and so i think conservatives
8:19 am
might have something to say here. >> i don't know that it's outrageous in terms of the concept, because i've heard republicans on the hill say to me, this guy is evil. they really don't like him. i'm talking about senior republican whose say he has undermine today party. >> but the media are supposed to be balanced. >> wait a second, how are you supposed to be balanced when somebody takes the party down to the lowest level of approval in history? >> first of all, ted cruz didn't single handedly do that. but do i think this is a brilliant campaign by ted cruz to manipulate the media making him the hottest and most divisive republican in washington? >> that depends on what you mean by manipulate. if you mean control and manipulate, yes. if you mean unscrupulously, not so much. his name recognition is through the roof thanks to his 21-hour filibuster. you have to have him on your show. you know who deserves a lot of
8:20 am
credit, i believe, is the senior communications director, amanda carpenter who used to work for town hall and washington times. she is a blogger, a columnist, a reporter. she gets it. she gets the media news cycle. >> why is it that ted cruz is on every show, everybody wants to see him. i think it is evidence of how in this media moment people who are the most extreme get the most attention. and people who are rationale are ignored. >> the media treats extremists on the left as if they are rational people. when you talk about wendy davis down in texas, she is against 60% of texans and 60% to 80% of americans on that issue, but americans are never accused odd of drifting lefts towards her. >> mary catherine ham, great to have you on this sunday. on our press picks, this media fail, the cardinal sinner announcing someone dead
8:21 am
prematurely. that's what happened with bill young who was gravely ill. it was report thad young had passed away before correcting the error. that's a terrible mistake, even though young died the next day and fox apologized with its correction 12 minutes after the story aired. but the story took a strange twist on air. a politico writer started tweeting about it. it's been a matter of life and death and it's been an hour. brian steltzer, still been an hour. both later admitted they were young. and cnn's piers morgan jumped in, are your corrections to your other corrections the true definition of irony? ahead, we'll do .beatle buzz with paul mccartney's media blitz. but first, bob kos tas gets
8:22 am
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the media controversy over president obama saying the washington redskins was start to go change their name was starting to die down. the nfl sportster used a time to say he's strike the name. >> redskins can't possibly be considered a neutral term. it's an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent. >> now, whether you agree with costas or not, he has the stature to weigh in on this long, simmering controversy. costas took a lot of heat for his comments on gun control with
8:26 am
critics saying he'd injected politics into sports. i think he had the standing to enter that entry and even more so with this redskins flap. but glenn beck began by saying he respected costas and then -- >> it's time for him to be wheeled down the hallway by the nurse and maybe time to take the blue pill. i'm not really sure. because i think he's got full fledged senile. >> you sanctimonious piece of crap. why is it that all white people think that they have to correct all of the ills and protect everybody else? >> now, i've got to throw the penalty flag here. you can tackle costas, say he's flat wrong, but senile? sanity moneyus piece of crap? that kind of personal attack over a football team's name, no less, is or should be out of bounds. >> don't forget, send me a tweet about our show this hour. and after the break, paul mccartney playing to new media.
8:27 am
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and order your dna kit for only $99 today. learn hundreds of things about your health at we are life from america's news headquarters. hi, everybody. i'm jamie. those two convicted killers back in front of a florida judge moments ago as they were set free from prison using bogus paperwork and then went on the run. they were caught by u.s. marshals without incident last night, not that far from a prison in panama city, florida. both men were serving life sentences. pressure mounting on obama administration over health care website glitches. dallas house panel saying they want to speak with kathleen sebelius about what she knew about those potential errors before the site even went up. white house officials told the associated press, nearly 500,000
8:31 am
people signed up for obama care. sebelius says she's not available. now back to media buzz and howard kurtz. ♪ paul mccartney is still making music at 71 and he hasn't limited himself to traditional media outlet when he is publicizing his new album. he stopped by jimmy kimmel, recorded a concert and sat down with howard stern. >> i have the weirdest feeling when you come in because i don't normally get nervous. but with you i do. john accused you of staring at yoko and you took it as an insult. >> we didn't welcome yoko in the studio because we thought it was a guy thing.
8:32 am
>> and that was great fun for me. it means so much and you're so generous with telling these stories. >> i spoke earlier with james rosen, fox's chief correspondent and it acknowledges beatles fanat fanatic. >> welcome. >> thanks, howie. great to be here. >> they're fahning all over mccartney, frankly kissing his ring. >> after all, he is a living legend and -- >> you're doing it, too. >> beatles are sort of like presidents without borders. there's only two left. >> mccartney is using twitter and youtube. hard to imagine paul would be so digital. >> paul has always embraced whatever media in whatever time period. i've dug deep into my own stash which by all accounts is insane to show you, for example, the october 1997 issue of yahoo! internet life. >> who knew?
8:33 am
>> which aside from pam anderson includes the tript of paul's first ever live internet chat. he has sometimes done niche media. here he is on animal guardian. but then he uses the existing media. he promotes an album. this is a periodical that he has beenng on the cover of for literally 51 years now. >> and the beatles broke up by my count 43 years ago. how is it possible that there is such a media frenzy over the cute beatle? >> nobody does it better, to quote carly simon. they don't want everyone listening in unison to the same album any more. they want a niche market because it's more profitable. >> since you probably have a room in your house devoted on to these archives, you're the best person to ask, does paul
8:34 am
mccartney ever say anything new? >> to most interviewers, they don't come with any knowledge of the history or what he has said before. it's sort of like press ago nuke box button and no matter what you ask, you get a6. >> the great thing about john and i is we used the write songs and record them and sell them, you know, which is sort of reducteo absurdum. if you know what you're doing with paul, you can get him to open up. >> but in fairness, he's probably been asked these questions about this song, that song, yoko ohno, what, a half million times? >> yeah. no one has been as famous as paul mccartney as long as paul mccartney. >> what's remarkable is he's always gotten good press except maybe in the period when he was going through that ugly divorce with healther mills. >> the 1980s were a difficult time for him in terms of press because people were
8:35 am
appropriately grieved by the assassination of john lennon. suddenly, paul mccartney became the bad guy in the story of the beatles, the overly bossy one and, of course, someone stuck a microphone in his face on the day after that assassination and he said, yeah, it's a drag. and he took a lot of criticism for that and he was ambushed and himself grieving at that time. >> i went to a mccartney concert here in washington a couple months al ago and i thought i was a fanatic until i met you. you're research ago book on paul mccartney. is it hard to break new ground given on the millions of words? >> it's tightly focused on one year in their lives and it's a functioning as a biography of a single song. i was privileged enough to get an interview with paul for the book. i was allotted ten minutes on the telephone with him. >> do you have any second thoughts about having such a short period of time? >> yeah.
8:36 am
i thought maybe i should decline because i don't want to do him an injustice and what can i accomplish in ten minutes? and then i came to my senses. we were able to go for 26 minutes on the phone. nancy chevelle later confided to his wife ta paul really enjoyed the session and he considers james, quote -- and i cherish this -- a brilliant and knowledgeable fox, capital f. >> how would mccartney say that? >> a brilliant and knowledgeable fox. >> and so the way that you kept this very busy and as you put it ledge yentdary musician on the phone for 26 minutes was reportedly you used the trick of keep him talking? >> well, sure, but how do you do that? and the answer was i was bringing to paul eeps attention things that i don't think he had heard about things about george martin where he said it one way in 1971 is and a very different way in 1995. and paul, i think, relished the opportunity to speak with
8:37 am
someone who was knowledgeable about the beetles history and past and set the record straight. >> james rowsen comes to play. >> hero of villain? director alex gibsy next on media buzz. in the nation, sometimes bad things happen. add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance and we'll replace stolen or destroyed items with brand-new versions. we put members first. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. surprisingly bold flavor trust your instincts to make the call.
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three years abdomen, julian assange was working with the "new york times" after his wikileak groups obtained pages of u.s. documents. these days, he's hiding out rather than facing sexual assault charges in sweden. >> we've got special ops forces. i mean, the dead man can't leak stuff. illegally shoot the son of a [ bleep ]. >> this little punk. now i stand up for obama. if you're listening today, you should take this guy out. >> i think obama should put out a contract and use a drone or something. >> i sat down with the film's director in new york. >> excuse me, welcome. >> thank you. >> there's your film, there's a new movie called the fifth estate coming out. what makes this strange new julia assange worthy of all this
8:42 am
cinematic attention? >> i think it's the whole david and goliath story. the idea of a guy with a backpack full of nothing but a laptop computer roving around the world and finding a way to publish the world's secrets. it's a powerful idea. >> you approached julia assange over your documentary and he said no. what happened? >> he said no. i had a spectacular six-hour nonstop meeting for him where he asked for a lot of money. i said i wouldn't give it to him. more interesting than that, he asked if i would spy on all the other interview subjects for him for a guy interested in source protection, that struck me as rather odd. >> you said no pretty quickly, i imagine. >> i said no. yes. >> and now he has criticized both of these movies. does that surprise you? >> no. julian criticized my film as being anti-wikileaks and it's not. but anything that criticizes julian assange is something that
8:43 am
has no basis in impact as far as he's concerned. >> didn't big media organizations like the "new york times" and others get into bed with wikileaks in order to obtain those documents? and did they regret it? >> i don't think they regretted it. i think the big media organizations are still using that material. so, in fact, that material goes on and on and on. i think they had trouble from julian assange and assange are troubles with them. it was a cultukuculture clash. >> is he anti-american or does he simply not care about the damage caused by his disclosures? >> i think he's becoming more and more anti-american. i think, you know, you have to make a distinction, really, between the first julian assange or the julian assange who emerged with these leaks. as things have played out, he's become more and more anti-american. but i think the original leaks were quite powerful and important. >> but then, of course, he dumped all the documents which
8:44 am
are said to have endangered sources and methods in a way that seemed to be indiscrimin t indiscriminant. why do some people think that he's a hero, first amendment champion for dumping these documents? >> i think it's fair to say that in the case of the afghan war logs, he did release documents on his website which had not been properly redacted. but he also withheld thousands of those documents. when he released the iraqi war logs, he got it right. in the original state department release, he only released a few thousand. he held back a great many. so i think there was a conflict going on inside wikileaks. but it's not fair to say that he just duped them all. that's not the way it worked out. but he did make a number of mistakes. the problem with julian is he never properly learns from his mistakes. >> the fact that he is now hiding out and missing in london, hiding from the sexual
8:45 am
assault charges in sweden that he does not want to face, has that changed the way he runs wikilea wikileaks? but does it all, at the same time, give him a kind of charming rogue status among people who are inclined to like him? among his most fervent followers, it gives him that kind of charming rogue status. but i think he's locked himself up in a prison. nobody forced him to be there. he chose to be there. and he decided to go there when he didn't want to go back to sweden. i think over time he's become a prisoner of his own fervent imagination. >> and people who like him and don't particularly like your film said you've heard -- >> my film is deeply critical of all the of things that the united states has done. in fact, it was properly praising what assange did as a publisher in terms of releasing
8:46 am
documents that i think are in the public interest. >> final question about the obama administration, which as you know has gone very aggressively against leakers, using prosecutorial tools. there's a new paper out about the administration in which someone is quoted as saying this is the most closed control freak administration i've ever covered. is that a fair criticism? >> i think it is a fair criticism. what the obama administration has done when it comes to national security and journalist is outrageous. >> thanks very much for joining us. julian assange also gave stance to fugitive contractor ed snowden who leaked all the documents about the secret nsa surveillance to the guardian's greg glennwald. glennwald announced this week that he is leaving the british newspaper. he's launching his own site. now there's been a debate about
8:47 am
whether greenwald is a journalist or a liberal activist. he's both. but he's certainly functioned as a reporter in delivering those scoops to the guardian. he told mroger jay rosen that he's looking for independent journalists with expertise, a voice and a following. should be a fascinating experiment. up next, with so many fake reviews, who do you know who to trust? overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. more discounts than knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive.
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it is time now for our digital download. people write on-line reviews these days for just about everything, restaurants, hotels, books, you name it. >> many of these reviews are posted by friends of the business or enemies of the business or an author's mother-in-law. so how can you trust them? a third of people polled in
8:51 am
one poll say they don't trust them. >> it drives me crazy. i will be looking up a hotel and you see great reviews, fabulous service, but then another one says terrible, never go again in my life. you have to wonder -- >> who is writing this? >> what is the agenda? >> the ftc only has guidelines about this. you have to make it clear when there is a financial relationship, but it is not -- not endorsed. >> the website trip advisor which is popular has made a deal with american express that if you use an american express card when you stay somewhere or eat somewhere, that will be noted onreview. we know somebody went to the restaurant. there was a tale in the new york times about the english seaside restaurants where the waiters are supposed to go into the water and catch your dinner. people went and it didn't happen. >> the hoaxer who did it said he thought other people had a grudge against that restaurant and had written these bad reviews. he was going back and showing
8:52 am
how ridiculous these on-line reviews can be. >> this has gotten into a question of law enforcement. new york state investigators obtained $50,000 in fines against one of the reputation management firms. it sounds benign, but they are doing the fate reviews or trashing somebody else. >> there was a year investigation into companies that create these fake reviews and clients who buy. it charter bus operator x teeth whitening service, laser hair removal chain and an adult entertainment club. >> they got everybody. amazon has gotten into the business of reviewing reviews when somebody has a financial interest in the book or competing book or competing product. i don't think your mother-in-law gets caught in that net so you have to be skeptical. >> yelp filed a lawsuit accusing a law group of gaming the system by planning fake positive reviews about the law firm. >> that firm earlier sued for
8:53 am
coercing into advertising in order to get favorable reviews. there are a lot of charges and countercharges. i think these reviews have become incredibly popular because you can actually -- don't you tend to believe if an average person says it was a great meal? >> don't you? >> yeah. >> the ones i believe though are the ones my friends actually do on facebook. >> you can call them up though. you don't have to use the internet. >> i will say, hey, i am in seattle and i need a good lunch restaurant. you get great reviews that way. >> i would like to believe in the wisdom of the crowds. if lots of people say it is a good hotel or restaurant and if i can believe these are real people and there is no ax to grind it would be easier to have faith in these on-line opinion mongers. >> it looks like they are trying to crackdown on these firms. >> thanks. still to come, your best tweets. the softest softball question asked of president obama and i go head to head with bill owe
8:54 am
riel lie on the media -- bill owe riley.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
here are some of your top tweets. hub scout writes, nobody wins. especially viewers whoett -- who get far right media coverage. fox analysts say tea party 1? this is the news they pump out. smith says what is said that no one, not even fox news is covering the hate and name calling from the left. all do it. another comment, this is talking about juan williams on the show, ignores the rising tide of conservatism. liberals are afraid of conservatives. nbc as you luke russ set made comments about religion the other day telling cnn it
8:58 am
is easy to come after people of faith and played to the snickering masses. i agreed on the o'reilly phak a ter. it can seen condescending, but there are notable exceptions. bill didn't exactly agree. >> pope francis has gotten glowing coverage and deservedly so. >> why is he deservedly so? pope benedict did not get glowing coverage. i know the reason pope francis is getting glowing coverage. >> you say it is because he is more tolerant toward gays at least -- >> absolutely. there is no doubt about it. but he is a media pope and a humble leader and he is on twitter. >> but people who are not even christian -- >> you are making my point for me. >> the left is against religion. the left opposes gay marriage and abortion. >> i don't buy the argument that the left is against religion. there are church going liberals in the news business, but we need to talk about serious short comings in the
8:59 am
media's approach. msnbc pushes to be more partisan? chris matthews says yes. in an interview the host began by talking about fox news and whether its nighttime hosts feel compelled to move to the right prompting king to follow-up. >> there is a lot of group pressure in those places. i feel it. i think it is there. you know your audience. you know who you are talking to. i always know who i am talking to, but i want to keep a chunk of republicans as well as democrats. >> and in a perfectly substantive of president obama, diana williams closed with this. >> my daughter asked me to ask you what is the coolest thing about being president? >> now i understand wanting to end on a lighter note, but the coolest thing about being president feeds every stereo type about the liberal media swooning over barack obama. that's fine for diane williams' daughter, but not
9:00 am
for a journalist. let's continue the conversation on twitter and on our website. we love to hear from you. we will be back here next sunday morning 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. hi, everybody. i'm jaime colby. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> hello, jaime and hello everyone. i am eric shawn. here is the news this sunday. one budget battle is down and now another one could be on the way. will congress come up with an early compromise as the clock winds down to yet another budget deadline in only six week from now? we are live with the latest from capitol hill. >> and so much going on with that. plus the administration is hoping to get seven million people enrolled in health insurance plans under obamacare. are they coming close