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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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series. that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." this is the "fox report." tonight, death threats on twitter aimed at a u.s. senator who's leading the push to defund obama care. why the feds are taking them seriously. and bipartisan agreement on obama care finally? both republicans and democrat agree. poi pointing to the rocky rollout of the president's signature health care law. and now searching for ways to deal with it all. >> send air force one out to silicon valley, load it up with some smart people, bring them back to washington and fix this problem. it's ridiculous. and everybody knows that. >> and the obama administration is playing defense, as the problems pile up. >> i think there's no one more
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frustrated than president, at the difficulty in the website. also, two escaped killers cornered and captured at a florida motel, after taking advantage of fake documents to walk right out of prison. tonight, the investigation into who gave them the bogus get out of jail card in the first place. and, this doesn't look good. back and forth on a major highway. i'm paris faulkner. the bumpy obama care rollout, certainly not anything for the white house to write home about. the debut of the insurance exchanges online that went live october 1st have so far been plagued with a long list of technical glitches and crashes. the issue is well-documented at this point. president obama will talk health care reform at the white house at an event tomorrow. and the administration is confirming he will address the problems peoples are having to deal with so far. meanwhile, some lawmakers, such as florida republican senator
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marco rubio, say the problems so far are just some of the reasons why obama care needs to be defunded and repealed immediately. >> the only thing i didn't want to see us waste anymore money on is obama care, which has proven to be a disaster. we've already seeing these exchanges, the signup on the exchanges, which is supposed to be the easy part of this endeavor, has turned into a fiasco that the administration is struggling with. >> so you have that, and then you have this. some other republicans, such as former florida governor, jeb bush, who says the effort to defund obama care now is the wrong way to go. and that letting the rollout continue could help the gop politically. >> i think the best way to repeal obama care is to have an alternative. we never hear the alternative. and two, show how obama care, flawed to its core, doesn't work. so let -- have a little bit of self-restraint. it might actually be a
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politically, a better approach to see the massive dysfunction. >> the obama administration says they are working on fixes. today, the department of health and human services admitted people are frustrated, saying in part, quote, the initial consumer experience of has not lived up to the expectations of the american people. we are committed to doing better, end quote. steve santani live tonight in washington with the news. steve, what are we learning about what the president plans to say about the troubles with obama care at his event tomorrow? >> reporter: he'll appear in the rose garden and in the process he will address the troubled rollout of the program. according to a white house official, he'll say technical problems with that website are unacceptable and he'll talk about steps that are being taken to improve it. treasury secretary jack lew said today these website problems must be fixed. >> i think that if we get that right, everyone will regret that
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the early weeks were a little choppy on the website. but the test is, are people getting coverage and are they getting the care that they need? and we're confident we're going to be on track to do that. >> now, lew said that the hhs does have a plan to fix the website. harris? >> well, steve, we've been reporting congress' plan to hold a hearing on the bungled obama care rollout on thursday, and we know that the health and human services secretary will not be there. why not? >> yeah, well, her office says it's because of the government shutdown and the short notice she got, she's just not ready. but she will be attending, however, a gala at the kennedy library in boston the night before. this is bringing criticism, fierce criticism, from republicans, who are already calling for sebelius to resign. >> i think she'll have to testify. i don't think she can refuse to answer questions about this and trying to defend that i have time to go to a gala in boston, but i don't have time to appear before the congress because i'm so busy trying to make this
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system work, this doesn't make sense. and people know that. >> that congressional hearing is set for thursday before the house energy and commerce committee. harris. >> steve centanni, thank you so much. and while steve reported it, self-restraint is what jeb bush is suggests for the gop moving forward, to stop actively attacking obama care and just let it play out. is he right? he used to be the governor of florida, but he's not in office anymore. so would republicans be listening to his advice. i'll ask the insiders coming up a little bit later inside the fox report. the 16-day partial government shutdown is barely in the rearview mirror at this point, and before we can even tally up the full impact it's had on the economy, there's already talk on the hill of more looming deadlines. the government set to run out of money again early next year, because what they agreed to do was push it down the road a little bit. that is unless lawmakers can finally reach a deal on the budget and a long-term extension of the debt ceiling. deja vu all over again.
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peter with the news tonight from washington. peter? >> reporter: harris, a 29-person budget conference committee made up of democrats and republicans from the house and the senate is up against a december 13th deadline to present the plan that bridges the gap between the budget passed by the senate and the budget passed by the house. it's a $91 billion gap. and prominent democrats are hoping to get new revenue out of any potential agreement. >> we've got to be able to put everything on the table. that means republicans have to be willing to put revenue on the table. i just can't understand this basic premise, that this tax code is sacred, that there aren't loopholes in there that should be closed, and the savings be dedicated to reducing the deficit. >> the republican minority leader, senator mitch mcconnell, told cbs today, he does not think shutting down the government is conservative policy. the republican in this round of negotiations is entitlement reform and replacing the next
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round of harsh sequester cuts at the pentagon. higher taxes, not part of their plan. >> we just raised the debt limit for a period of time, and that's kind of like saying we're going to raise the legal limit for blood alcohol, thinking we're going to control drunk driving. we're drunk up there in terms of spending money. >> reporter: president obama says he wants a balanced approach to the budget that is fair and that will help, quote, hard-working people all across this country. harris? >> peter, thank you. two convicted killers made their first court appearance today since law enforcement moved in on their hideout at a florida motel. a task force rounded up joseph jenkins and charles walker, just minutes before we went live with the program last night. it was breaking news on "fox report." they were mistakenly released from prison last week on forged documents. jenkins was serving a life sentence for the 1998 murders of a father and six children. walker also serving a life sentence for a killing in 1999.
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now, they each are charged with one count of escape on top of that. and florida's law enforcement commissioner says it is clear these men got a lot of help along the way. >> i can tell you that there will be more rest. obviously, we will be backtracking to those who helped carry out this fraud and the long way, we will be looking closely at anyone who may have helped harbor these fugitives. >> with jenkins and walker back behind bars, the focus returns to those fake documents, which set them free in the first place. they had signatures on them. brian is live from our new york city newsroom. >> the attention is now on those fake but sophisticated court documents, and police are expecting to make arrests as it becomes clear that charles walker and joseph jenkins did get outside help. >> there is speculation, an underlying speculation, that e
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certain sum of money, that these documents could be constructed for $8,000. whether this is true or not will be determined. >> reporter: forensic experts are reviewing the fake court documents and police have seized printers from the prison. the documents, including a phoney court motion, reducing the men's life sentence to 15 years as well as an order to be released immediately made their way from the clerk's office to the department of corrections. >> the documents themselves look good, they looked official. the only thing, and the thing that caught the state attorney's attention down in orange county were people that did not usually sign this type of document were on the signature lines. >> reporter: walker and jenkins, unarmed, surrendered peacefully last night at the coconut grove motor inn motel in panama city, florida, after police received a tip by close associates to the men that they were in the area for the past two days.
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police say they were waiting to be picked up by someone traveling from atlanta. authorities now turning their attention to preventing this kind of thing from happening again. >> it is embarrassing. but my concentration at this point is, i think, everyone else here is making sure that we come up with a process and a procedure that prohibits this from happening in the future. but ultimately, that is our responsibility. >> the florida d.o.c. is now requiring prisons to have all orders that calls for an inmate's early release verified by sentencing judges. harris? >> bryan, thank you. right now a warning for the republican senator who spearheaded the charge against obama care. the threat flying. is ted cruz being taken seriously? stay close. did you know more coffee drinkers
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possible online threats, which have been made against texas republican senator, ted cruz. his twitter feed has showed several of the alleged threats, which were posted right as the government shutdown ended last week. one in question is from a vietnam veteran, who wrote, "take down ted cruz at his home." investigators say they have talked to that man. another tweet included what the tweeter thought was cruz's home address in houston. officials say they investigate online threats like these out of the abundance of caution, but most often turn out to be not credible. senator cruz has been blamed by some for his role in the government shutdown by demanding defunding obama care. the senator says he has not ruled out that same strategy again when government spending talks resume later in the winter. some striking workers of california's bay area rapid transit put down their picket signs today, out of respect,
4:15 pm
they say, for two colleagues who were killed by a commuter train. the men were inspecting a section of track when they were struck by a b.a.r.t. train that was returning for maintenance. the train was being operated by non-union engineers, who b.a.r.t. officials describe as highly experienced, but union reps say they have warned b.a.r.t. about the danger of allowing manages to operate those trains. dom is live with more. officials say they have a good idea of how this happened? >> they say the four-car locomotive was being run in automatic mode when it happened around 2:00 p.m. local time on saturday, harris. the men killed were inspecting a rail. then we have this dread-filled emergency radio call come in from the engine crew. >> b.a.r.t. emergency, b.a.r.t. emergency. >> b.a.r.t. emergency, go ahead. >> central, train 963, we just struck some individuals at
4:16 pm
approximately 16.2 on the c-1 track. >> reporter: that's a terrible call, and the dead are identified as a b.a.r.t. employee and a contractor. the local union of b.a.r.t. says the full details are still being determined. >> it's my understanding that they were coupling a train, kekdikek connecting two cars. after that, i don't know exactly what it is. there's no gap in between the recording, so one leads into the next conversation, but i don't know exactly what was happening at the time of the accident. >> well, the national transportation safety board has sent one of its chief investigators to san francisco to look into the incident, harris. >> you know, i don't want to make any assumptions about what people do for a living or their job titles or anything, but i guess there were danger warnings during the strike about the managers running the trains. you would think if they're managers, they would know how to do that. >> reporter: you would think that. and b.a.r.t. is actually saying the pair had, quote, extensive experience working around moving trains in both the freight train
4:17 pm
and the rapid train industry. all the same, though, people are wondering if this could have been avoided. the ntsb says it will turn over every single stone. >> we'll be looking at everything from inside-out, operations, mechanicals, signals, tracks, every part of the -- every part of the operation out here, records inspections, you name it. >> and on top of that, the union chief has added that the member who was killed chose to cross the picket line, even though the union's recommendation to its members have been not to do that. although i think most people do agree, if you cross a picket line, you do not expect to die. harris? >> dominick, thank you very much. well, as we learn and see more, this situation just seems to grow more aheartbreaking and actually grotesque. brand-new images tonight from inside the shopping mall massacre in kenya. what government forces are now being accused of in the
4:18 pm
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after terrorists tore the place apart and took hostage and killed people inside a shopping mall in kenya, now we're learning details about government security forces there. those forces are accused of looting stores during last month's deadly siege. that shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. the surveillance video just released by kenyan police may support those accusations. the images appear to show
4:22 pm
soldiers picking items off store shelves and walking out with bags filled with reportedly stolen merchandise. now, keep in mind, again, this was going on in the middle of a bloody standoff with terrorists who control part of that mall for four days. the attack, as you may know from our reporting, ended with the deaths of 67 people, many injured. military leaders have denieded any looting took place. new evidence the civil war in syria shows no sign of slowing down. a truck packed with explosives rolled up to a populated checkpoint and blew up. that's where we'll start, as we go around the world in 80 seconds. syria, where that truck was loaded down with fuel cylinders when it blew up outside the city of hama, setting a nearby oil tanker on fire as several more explosions going off. syria's state media claiming most of the people who died were civilians. the u.n. says syria's civil war
4:23 pm
has claimed more than 100,000 lives since it began in march of 2011. australia. crews battling some of the most destructive wildfires in that nation's history. more than 200 homes burned. officials say looting is now a problem in some areas, as evacuees have returned to find their homes the ransacked. china. caught on tape, a box truck driver swerving violently. the truck lurching from one wheel to the other, slamming into the guardrails of a busy bridge. vehicles behind him came to a stop as the truck ricocheted from side to side until it eventually tipped over. the driver said he lost control after braking. he and his passenger were not hurt. germany, reenactors presenting the 1813 battle of the nations, which marked the beginning of the end of napoleon's dominance in europe. it was one of the largest in
4:24 pm
history, with more than 500,000 fighters. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. well, they certainly made it seem like a big deal and that it had brought everything to an end, but the last-minute budget deal in washington may have reopened the government and exposed some problems. our political insiders at fox news weigh in on the real damage from the shutdown. and they'll talk about strategy for both parties. stay with us. ♪ wow...look at you. i've always tried to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliquis. and three important reasons to take eliquis instead. one, in a clinical trial, eliquis was proven
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i'm harris faulkner. this is the "fox report." it is the bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us, the two convicted murderers who walked out of prison using forged documents were in court today. each now charged with one count of escape. the officials promising more arrests are coming, possibly people who helped them along the way. the fbi is investigating online threats made against texas republican senator ted cruz. several alleged threats were posted to his twitter feed, just as the government shutdown was ending. cruz, by some, has been blamed for his role in the government shutdown by demanding the defunding of obama care. but at the same time, hailed as a political hero for pushing for americans who see the new health care law as make things worse for them. i realize that every time i say the phrase "government shutdown," some people may feel
4:29 pm
their ears beginning to bleed. they just can't hear it anymore and they don't really understand what just happened. well, it is worth looking at the damage from the standoff in washington, because it could stretch far into the future, especially for those directly involved in the stalemate. 16 days of furloughed federal workers and closed national parks took a major toll on american's confidence in the people, whom we've elected to lead this nation. let's bring in, on our political insiders of fox news, john, former republican congressman for new york, pat, a former pollster for president jimmy carter, and fox news contributor, and doug schoen, former pollster for bill clinton and a fox news contributor as well. gentleman, good to have you tier tonight. >> good to see you. >> so the big question for some is what the heck just happened and what was the point, doug? >> well, in a word, it was politics. the republicans tried through the tea party to effectively defund obama care, to shut the government down to achieve a policy objective.
4:30 pm
the country didn't understand why they were seeking to do that, and the president seeking political advantage with the democrats, played it out, so we have a couple of weeks standoff that ended up with exactly what we all expected. a political solution, and as you suggested, harris, a lot of people suffered needlessly. >> pat? >> well, we've kicked the can down the road, is what we've done. we will go through this. but the republicans marched into a box canyon. they never established a narrative for what was wrong with obama care. they go for a defunding scheme no one thought would work, and then the administration do what they're doing, which is, oh, my god, we're winning on this, so let's really make it worse. and the whole country was revolted at everybody, but particularly the republicans, but the whole system. and we are at a very revolutionary moment, politically. >> before we move on, john, your thoughts on this? >> i think that the tea party part of it was a primal scream
4:31 pm
temper tantrum by them against something that they were elected to run against, originally. which was obama care. and they're frustrated that here it is, on the eve of the shutdown, that was the day that bop care went into effect and they hadn't been able to stop it and they latched on to the wrong strategy, sold by ted cruz, this defund deal. the three of us for months have been saying, forget about the defunding. that's not going to happen. daying was a possible plan, had they set it up months in advance, which they didn't do. >> you know, i want to press in a little bit, with what jack said before we move on. because you said all the pain and everything. i remembered reading over the past few days, and several different sources, where people were saying, you know, they called back the furloughed workers on a thursday. that means we have to work right before the weekend. i wish we could delay that until monday. i'm not saying people didn't suffer, but there were perhaps some who didn't suffer as much as they would like people to believe. >> that's right. and the american people hear that and they say, that doesn't make any sense.
4:32 pm
we have to work every friday and a lot of us have to work weekends -- >> so make it make sense? >> it makes sense by thinking that the political class in washington is seen by the american people to operate according to their own rules, getting benefits that ordinary people don't get, and there's real outrage, as pat and john were suggesting, across the board, because bottom line, harris, this country is not working. >> pat, your thoughts? >> look, and it gets worse than that. you know, you're right. this is a privileged class. that's what the american people see. and you know, 85% of the government was funded, by the way. what it was, people who had got not the most for the workers, who some of them double dipped, as you pointed out, harris, which is a real problem. you know, this was a political act by political players trying to get political points and the country is going, my god, this thing does -- we've got problems that don't work, an economy that's not working, and no one is speaking to us.
4:33 pm
they're all feathering their own nest, and that's basically what's happened here. >> let's take a look, excuse me, john, and i'll get your thought in just a second, but i want to take a look at this real clear politics poll. because it really speaks to the issue of where people are. are we going in the right direction? you know, it's hard to get 75% of people to agree on anything, other than they don't want to have their teeth cleaned at the dentist on most days. >> well, who is the 17% who think we're going in the right direction? who are they? because we don't know any of them. and on your earlier point, because it fits into that, you work with people that you don't get along, with, we all have, d you work with them anyway. and thing part of the revulsion that pat referred to is the notion that these congressmen and senators and all can't and won't even talk to each other. when we all talk to people that we don't agree with, but we have to, why won't they? >> why won't they? >> well, because they complain to their base -- >> it's just politics, harris. >> i have asked this question before, pat, and i'm curious to
4:34 pm
know what you think. who benefits if they just can't get along and the government shuts down and we're always on this precipice of crisis, crisis, crisis. >> as long as the system allows no choice, but the players inside, one of the two sides wins and the other picks up and waits for their moment. the whole country is losing. and the numbers right now, the american people have had it with the political system as it works, and the political class in ways that we have not seen in my lifetime. >> and quickly, what's the danger in that? >> the danger is that we have a dysfunctional government. we don't have a health care system that works, an educational system, and most of all, harris, an economy that creates jobs and grows. >> but why isn't that hurting in the polls democrats as much as it should? and i say "should" because you would think if you're losing on every plane, as you just pointed out, it would hurt you, but the president's numbers ticked up this week. >> they ticked up a bit from the low 40s to the mid-40s. >> nothing to break about. >> nothing to brag about. the republicans are just plain worse. >> and nothing's happening. doug just said pro-growth.
4:35 pm
where is the government trying to do something to get our economy really going again? there's nothing happening. and is presidency, nothing's happening. it's just a political game, back and forth. where's the big picture leadership for him to say, we have to get this thing moving and get jobs created. from jobs come everything. >> real quickly, before we go to the commercial break, jeb bush weighed in today, former governor to have florida. anybody in the gop listening to him? >> well, i don't know if they listen to him, but they should have. i think what he said was, if we had -- if they had pursued a narrative and made their case, as john and doug and i have said, and made their case about a delay, a case against the congressional exemption you mentioned, the special benefit that the republicans claim to be against, except when they were in the bathroom, supporting it. and the irs, they would have reached a point -- >> and the alternative, pat, to obama care. >> jim reached this point, that you must have an alternative. the republican party stands for
4:36 pm
nothing except no. and that's ridiculous. they have a lot to offer. >> a positive agenda for two things. have their own health care plan that people can relate to. that would have helped a lot. and a government program to generate dwroet in the economy. we don't hear a word anymore out of them. all it is is against this, against that. >> but there's more to come. because what doug was just saying is, you know, it's a fight, a fight, a fight. and one guy stands out and waits for his next opportunity. now it is the republican's opportunity. what strategy do they take. and they'll have a feather in their cap this time, because p obama care is rolling out -- well, i think pat's expression says it all. he's not choking. >> laughing. >> so stay put. we want to take a fox fast forward look at what the shutdown fallout could mean for the 2014 and 2016 elections. and also, obama care and where we are with it now. and gunshots at our nation's border with mexico, as we will
4:37 pm
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(vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. so we were live tweeting in the commercial breaks here and turk has a question for our panel. what are the prospects of the affordable care act being embraced and praised by a majority of voters? doug? >> harris, in a word, slim and none. bottom line, as this legislation has rolled out, as pat and i have predicted, it's gotten less and less popular. if the republicans come up with an alternative, a simple one like interstate purchase of insurance across state lines, and offer something as an alternative to the health care exchanges that are not working, they can make political hay with a bill that's getting increasingly unpopular as it becomes rolled out. >> the viewers saying "slim to none" is three words, but -- >> i apologize.
4:41 pm
stand corrected. >> here's the problem. the white house, the administration is taking the same approach that the republican leadership did after the election. oh, it was a technology problem. they're all running -- no, this is a substance problem going on. and people are paying more, getting less, and what they were promised, they're not having. and doug and i, as doug pointed out, in the face of all the washington experts, how the american people would eventually embrace this, that's not going to happen in this disaster if they follow. the republicans have an opportunity to re-raise this late in december, because the country is going to say, why us? >> but if they were to get a nicer face to the party. >> and a positive message. >> a caring face. once obama care bombs, which it's going to do. >> in the next two months. >> and onward into 2014, the republicans could run on that, try to retake the senate, and on
4:42 pm
the line, here's our alternative, and we're nice. we can't be this harsh, negative -- >>down what's interesting. i'm wondering if doug and pat are going to be invited to dinner by any of their democrat friends. you're beating up on your own party. in fact, they're doing your work for you. >> let me put it to you this way. the invitations have been fewer and fewer. but this is also a symptom of what's wrong. pat and i and certainly john, we speak for the broad middle that wants to achieve results. tax reform, economic growth, health care that works. >> all right. let's fast forward now. because you sort of touched on it, the 2014 and 2016 elections. what do you see coming down the pike? >> i see in 2014, the republicans have put the house in play. i think they'll still hold it. they had a chance to win the senate. now more problematic. and given that the field is so divided for 2016, on the republican side, i say the democrats in the person of hillary clinton is the clear
4:43 pm
favorite. >> i want to go to you, john. >> i think the three of us, other than what doug just said on that is, we believe the country is fundamentally ready for a third option for president, maybe by 2016. not a republican, not a democrat. >> full findings ever today on that 60%. >> someone who could embrace that and run against both parties and say, harris, these two parties put us into the soup. they're not going to get us out. >> but you already have a third party, don't you? kind of de facto tea party. couldn't that work? >> no, look, thirty appeareds work only if they pull from both sides. there is an 80% majority in this country against the political class in washington believes that they are feathering their own nest at the expense of the country. that goes from the far left to the far right. what is necessary is a new paradigm of discussion, number one. but before we get to 2016, it's 2014, is the opportunity, for new people to come and run. the thing about 2014, and i think right now, you're right about the democrats, but i want
4:44 pm
to tell you something. a bigger message here, and an argument for changing the country, you get three or four gives elected or women elected in the senate, half a dozen in the house, on a new platform, you'll blow the political system up. >> harris, here's the thing. the people want new ideas. that's what that 74% figure said. they want new leadership. democrats and republicans are vulnerable across the board. >> let me ask you guys a question, though. and i don't know if we have the numbers to put up on the screen. but it has to do with the favorability and the likability of the tea party where they are right now. i'm going to ask my team if we've got that. those number have said sliding down a little bit. and now you'll see them across the board. the unfavorable number ticking up to 49% just for the month of october so far. we're only halfway through the month. >> they have gotten more popular among the right -- no, more popular inside the republican party on the right, less popular outside the republican party in
4:45 pm
the whole country. >> because they're talking to themselves. >> they're in an echo chamber, they tell each other what they want to hear. and they do represent 20% of the country rae belieeally believes stuff. and we shouldn't demean it, but to win, we, republicans, need to take them and other people and join them together and win with a coalition. you can't -- >> 70% of majority of disen chanted americans and it's just not the tea party, it's independents and a lot of basically moderate democrats who are unhappy. >> who can bring all those people together? >> we haven't found them yet. by the way, it will start by several people running and being successful. that moment is coming. >> you guys are loved on twitter, though. a few people would like to know you didn't put your ideas in washington. political insiders have had some great ideas on the shutdown. why didn't they submit their ideas? >> you know, we speak out, but i will tell you, harris, there's a larger point here. it's very hard to penetrate the democratic republican duopoly, which keeps individuals, fresh
4:46 pm
faces out, and fresh ideas. that's why political insiders -- >> and let me say, a republican about these two, the democrats treat them like dirt, because they dare to criticize the president at times and the democratic leadership. >> i want to tell you, the republican leadership hates me too, because of -- >> we're going to treat you really nice on "fox report" as we ease our way into a commercial break and thank you. you can continue the conversation with the political insiders, i will, during the commercial. but you can on our website, every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern at on, our other news source here at our fox home. a big scene at the alamo. what went on there this weekend that hasn't happened there in more than 100 years? take a look.
4:47 pm
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trouble on our border with mexico, as all traffic in and out of our country was shut down after a high-speed chase ended with gunshots. it is our top story as we go across america. >> california. it all began with a carjacking about 80 miles north of san diego. the guy behind the wheel led police through san diego county, reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. it ended at the otay mesa crossing, when officers say the suspect started driving erratically, toward a border patrolman. we're told three officers opened fire, killing him. no one else was hurt. texas. something that hasn't happened in at least a century. long guns drawn at the alamo. thousands of people taking part in a gun rally at the historic landmark.
4:51 pm
it's the site where hundreds of texans died in a siege with the mexican army back in 1836. >> i think it's encouraging to see people displaying their rights as americans. they are lawfully armed by the texas constitution. >> the alamo event organized for gun owners to protest a local ordnance which restricts people from carrying rifles and shotguns into city parks and other public places. georgia. the state getting a taste of america's newest pastime, running with the bulls, inspired by the tradition in pamplona, spain. it's estimated 3,000 adrenaline-pumped runners dodging a herd of bulls in a quarter-mile course. >> straight adrenaline. i hardly even remember any of it. >> no serious injuries reported. next up, you'll see this in texas, florida, illinois, and pennsylvania. that's the fox watch across america. it's a fish tale that sounds improbable, but it's true. i want to know if you can fry it up and eat it, because i love
4:52 pm
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> we now know what killed an alleged extortion victim who had hoped to testify at the trial of boston's most notorious mobster. cyanide poisoning killed steven rakes. his death was ruled a homicide even then. authorities say it was not related to the case. bulger was convicted of dozens of charging including murder and racketeering. an update now on a story we first covered on fox report last night. boy scout leaders accused of
4:56 pm
destroying a landmark and putting it on video and posting it online. the video has gone viral. it appear to show the men knocking over an a rock formation. this guy is apparently shoving the boulder to the ground. we learned he filed a personal injury lawsuit last month, a claim that is raising a few eyebr eyebrows. >> you have recently filed a personal injury lout saying you are debilitated. >> from four year ace go. >> you don't look very debilitated in that video. >> you didn't see how hard i pushed. >> it looked like you were pushing pretty hard. >> you don't have my authority to put this on the news. >> you see a video like this where they are climbing around,
4:57 pm
destroying public property. it begs the question, is this a legitimate claim or is it a bit fraudulent. >> you don't have the authority to put my interview online even though i posted something from myself for millions to see. he and his scout leaders said they were just doing a good deed and claim it was wobbly and could have crushed someone. authorities are now considering hitting them with criminal charges. with ewill follow the story and update you. there is something fishy going on along the california cost. it involves this odd looking creature called an oarfish. for the second time in less than a week, this specimen has washed ashore. this one was found friday near san diego. it measured 14 feet long.
4:58 pm
take a look at this. a whopping 18 feet in length discovered one week ago. it took more than a dozen people to land it. scientists tell us that oarfish can grow as long as 50 feet making it the largest boney fish in the world. >> a special treat for a little girl missing dad is next. and we like to check in with our fox affiliates around the country. tonight we go to texas for the story of a fourth grader in the middle of a math assignment when she got the surprise of her life. >> fourth graders under the impression that cameras are in their classroom for work on a documentary. >> i'm going to do my best and look cool. >> while secretly down the hall, a u.s. airman is planning an emotional surprise. ashlynn has not seen her dad in
4:59 pm
nine months, away for his second deployment to the middle east. >> ashlynn, i have a package for you. >> daddy! >> a big bear hug, tears, and flowers, too. >> very excited and i mean i -- very happy. >> next, albeit, hard to gather, thoughts from a military dad and his little girl who understands his call to duty. >> i know it's very important to the usa. and my dad just has to go when he has to go. >> awe. little ashlynn's father said seeing the range of emotions is something he will remember for the rest of his life. god bless them. put up the picture. i can't put tartar sauce on this
5:00 pm
because you can't eat an oarfish. who knew. now we all know together. that is how fox reports on this sunday, october 20, 2013. thank you for watching. have a fantastic week. huckabee starts right now. tonight on "huckabee," teachers forced to join unions and pay dues. >> my union uses my money to fight against something that i believe in very strongly. >> bullied and silenced by her union, she is now suing to keep politics out of education. and -- >> her body was left on the tarmac for three hours. >> the father of one of the four killed in bengahzi demanding answers. >> wish that he had sent the troops that everyone knows were


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