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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 21, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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many conservative connators are saying it has been a disaster. >> you can see that in the standing of the republican party, suffered or enjoys, depending on what you want to call it, it is as low ebb, in two polls. >> it is hard for republicans to spin this as a win. clearly the president got most of what he wanted. >> on balance, though, if this is a little, the democrats won. >> did the coverage play a role in the narrative?
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is the press making clear this stopgap solves nothing in and are the news anchors taking sides? paul mccartney's media blitz from howard step to twitter. ♪ hope you're having fun snowed. >> the media still wants to hold his hand half a century after "love me do." >> the movie business is giving star treatment to julian assange getting star treatment. >> it is extremely serious. >> what i am asking if you feel this is an attack on wikileaks?
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>> is the wikileaks writer per seed as hero or not? that is next for "media buzz." you are part of this program. sent me a tweet and well read the best ones on the air. >> once congress finally cut a deal to end the shutdown, at least until next year, the newscast framed the story this way. >> everyone was toward by the president won on the principle of not negotiating over the debt limit. >> for the republicans in congress who caused this to happen it could be a long walk home. the party has been put. people have been hurt. mostly it has had a damaging effect on how americans view the people they elect and send to washington. >> what did it accomplish? it delayed clinical trials for cancer research, curbed school lunch programs, put 800,000
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federal workers out of work and caused problems for tourists and the business who depend on them. >> president obama weighed in with a swipe 59 his loudest defactors. >> all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyist and blogers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict. >> was the coverage unfair to the g.o.p.? rush limbaugh says it was a debacle. >> the republicans have done everything they can to try to make everyone like them. what they have done is create one of the greatest political disasters i've ever seen in my lifetime. >> time to grade the media performance. joining us is fox news contributor and a former managing editor of "usa today" and juan williams. and even conservative commentators are saying the republicans got creamed and beat
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up, but that is not the media liberal bias? >> i don't think so. we have a lot of conservatives who are saying this was a debacle. this was a mess. when you have those conservatives like brit hume or dana perino two said that the rnc would pick the location of its next conference and convention and it could fit inside of the phone booth because that is how divisive it is in the republican party. >> you may have complaints about the way the press covers this but the harshest comments from your side and in print including "suicide on the right." "self-evident folly." >> this is an argument that happened before this strategy was played out and a lot of people want to say, i pointed this out before we started it. >> if only they listened to me. aright. but it is fair that i don't think it is necessary let
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incorrect. brian williams goes a little far for a newscaster in my opinion. >> he probably should not have said the republicans started it. >> the media pretending as it is negotiating is unprecedented or shutting down the government is unprecedented, it has been shut down under a unifyied government but it is unprecedented that the government acts like no one negotiates. >> what about president obama saying the politicians should stop listening to bloggers and radio talk show hosts. that is a slap at conservative commentators who he things tell republicans what to do. >> that is right. the last part of the statement, everyone should stop listening to people who profit, profit, profit from this kind of conflict. that is a big story in terms of the fundraisers and people on the right who have backed ted cruz and instigated this and
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raised money. >> i don't think they were the inty -- instigators. >> couldn't it be said that the media profited from this with a lot of the cable ratings up? >> absolutely. listening to the news radio, they had countdown to breakdown or whatever and it is endless. we talk about the politicians going crisis to crisis, the media goes crisis to crisis and the ratings go up. >> and thed advertisers are happy. >> let me play a couple of interviews by news anchors, not professional commentators. one is from thomas roberts from msnbc. >> who initiated the protest? tea party republicans. come on, cup -- cut the crap?
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i love how you assume that everyone who is a conservative or tea party person is out there. >> when it comes to obamacare do you hate obama care more than you love your country? >> i think that comments like that, that you are making, are just incredibly inappropriate. what we have to realize --. >> you don't think it is totally inappropriate to shut down our government? >> you hate obamacare more than you love our country? >> wow, that is an anchor, an anchor, not an opinion person, taking quite a stand. a lot of people know that msnbc has decided to go mostly partisan. there are very few people who are straight down the line journalists although even chuck todd said that towed cruz was from "another planet," and we is seen a lot more of that.
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cnn largely is fair. don seems to get a pass when it comes to this. he is the anchor of cnn news on the weekend and says the party is dominated by aging white americans and very vocal bigots. that is harsh language. >> on the other side, sean hannity has drawn criticism, with three who were on said they were hurt biocalm bear, his
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almost like picking a club with
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mixed media and there is some responsibility to make sure you have a sense of a larger picture. when they say these folks, they have to shut down the government on principle, why isn't someone saying, what principle? it is the obligation of the media to point out when people are misbehaving. >> and the obligation to point out this has happened many times before sometimes with democrats arguing against democrats. it is not this out of this world thing that shutly obama is we don't negotiate over this stuff. that is a lie. >> it is not a lie to say to negotiate over a law that is passed and say i will shut down the government if you do not go to a law three years old and say undo that law... >> when obama has to come and ask for a delay of obamacare i look for the media to answer to that. >> let's take a step back and look at this whole...500,000 pieces talking about who won and
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who lost. every compare and narrative said that president obama won this confrontation. >> this is a dysfunction in washington, dc, right now. it is much easier to compile a list of winners and losers than to actually explain what is happening and what we are missing and what is wrong with the government. look on google, "guardian," "the blade," nbc news all saying "winners and loser" but there are others explaining but they are not as dominant. >> when the various arms and legs of the media say obama won, i don't think there is any dispute that the president came out better getting what he wanted and republicans took the blame but did they focus how little was accomplished and this is a stopgap measure?
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>> some journalists have pointed it out. >> that is a critical message. it is in short supply because everyone wants to treat it like a horse race. we treat elections like that and we treat crises like that. it is media malpractice. >> another question, how many times does obama beat republicans politically at the expense of confidence in the government? i don't think it is a great idea for liberalism. regardless of who wins politically, confidence in government to do big things goes down and that is something he needs to think about. >> it took the media spotlight off of what is happening with the glitches of obamacare. had we not been focusing on winners and losers, we would have seen a lot more on that. >> next step for conservative media: all about the hellish aspects of obamacare.
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>> you agree it is a nightmare? >> we don't have any evidence. we have evidence they have problem with the technology. >> the technology. >> i will not use the word glitch because i think it is a full-fledged disaster. i will say this, to sum up, when we do the winners and losers which is the political mentality that infects the media, the news business was hurt by this because we were seen because of our tone and taking sides and fanning the flames, we were seen as part of the dysfunctional mess in washington, dc. a lot of people out there are sick of it and bored by it. >> i will play referee over the we latest washington redskins name
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you are seeing a lot of revolutionary anger, it is free-floating and a lot of it has to do with our first black president. >> showing ted cruz as a mad
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hatter, and that is from a news magazine. >> well, it is a "take one to know one" moment but it is a given on the right. we go into the situations knowing we are less allowed to be loud as ted cruz in the senate. you are going to be calls crazy. you will be called racist quicker and it is bad for debate that conservatives know when they speak up they are going to get these attacks. the same is true when a tea party gatorring happens. >> i point out from ted cruz's own side, the established republicans, and conservative commentators. he doesn't care. he has become famous. >> let me say on crazy coverage i notice the last one that stood out was michele bachmann, looking terrible, and i think conservatives might have something to say here. >> it was outrageous.
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>> i have heard republicans on the hill say to me this guy is evil. they don't like him. i am talking about senior republicans who thing that he has undermined the party. >> but the media are supposed to be balanced. >> wait, how are you balanced when somebody takes the party down to the lowest legal of approval in history? >> ted cruz didn't single-handedly do that but do you think it is a brilliant media campaign by senator cruz to manipulate the media? >> what do you mean by "manipulate," do you mean control or influence? yes. unfairly or unscrupulously in not so were. his name recognition is through the roof because of the 21-hour filibuster and you have to have him on your show. >> everyone wants him. >> he doesn't force himself on anyone. >> you know who deserves the credit is the senior
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communications director who used to work for townhall in "washington times," she gets it. she gets the media news cycle. >> why is it that ted cruz is on every show, everyone wants to see him? it is evidence of how in this media moment, people who are the most extreme, they get the most attention. people who are rational, those folks are ignored. ought media treats extremists on the left such as wendy davis in texas who did the abortion crusade, she is against 60 percent of texans and 60 percent to 80 percent of americans on the issue but democrats are never accused of drifting leg. >> i thought you were going to call ted cruz extreme? >> great to have you on, on this sunday. in our press picks, this media -- does media fail the card natural of announcing someone dead prematurely, bill young was
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gravely ill, and fox reported he passed away before correcting the errors, a terrible mistake, although young died the next day. fox apologizedded with the correction 12 minutes later. but the story took a strange twist online, political media writer starts tweeting and i know fox doesn't always correct errors but this is a matter life-and-death and it has been an hour and "new york times" reporter claims, an hour, still no correction by fox. later they admitted they were wrong and cnn jumped in tweeting to reporters, you are your corrections to your own demand for corrections the try definition of irony? >> well, we all make mistakes. our condole ends to young man young's family. we will do beatle buzz ahead but first, a hard tickle by -- tackle by glenn beck, was a
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penalty calmed here over the
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the media controversy over president obama saying the redskins should consider renaming their team. >> the redskins cannot possibly be considered a neutral term. it is an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present day intent. >> whether you agree or not he has the stature to weigh in on this controversy. he took a lot of heat for the comments on gun control after the murder-suicide involving a kansas city chief player saying
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high injected policy into sports. i think he had the standing to enter that fray. but then a denunciation from glenn beck who respects costas. >> it is team to be wield down the hall by the nurse and maybe time to take the blue pill. i'm not sure. i think he has gone senile. >> you piece of crap. why is it that all white people think they have to correct all of the ills and protect everyone else? >> i have to throw the penalty flag. you can say he is wrong, too p.c., but senile? piece of crap? that kind of attack over the name of a football team is or should be out of bounds. send me a tweet about our show and after the break, paul mccartney trying to build a new audience. are interviewers rolling over for him?
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we have a real beatle fanatic up next.
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headlines catch partial mccartney is still making musics at 71. he stopped by jimmy kill it but he recorded a concert at new york school for yahoo and sat down with howard stern on siriusxm. >> i have the weirdest feeling when you come in because i don't normally get nervous but i do with you. john accuses you much staring at i yoko. >> we did not welcome her in the studio because we thought it was a guy thing.
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>> nasa what great fun. i am sure for you, another dinner, but it means so much to the people at the dinner and you are so generous telling the stories. >> i spoke with the cheap washington correspondent an acknowledged beatles fanatic. james, welcome. these interviewers they are kissing his ring. >> that is to be expected because, after all, he is a living legend. >> you were doing it too. >> they are like presidents without borders. there are only two left. >> he is using twitter and yahoo. hard to imagine when he was singing "when i'm 64." >> he always embraced the evolving media to promote his music. i dug into my archives which is insane to show you, for example, the october 1997 issue of yahoo internet life which aside from pam anderson includes the
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transcription of paul's first live chat in 1997 on the internet. he has done niche media. here in 1993 cover of "animal guardian," and he promotes the new am people on the new music express in england. this is something he has appeared on the cover for 81 -- 51 years. >> they broke up 43 years ago. why is there such a media frenzy? >> well, nobody does it better. there has never been a group with the glue of beatles and probably the entertainment industries want it that way. they don't want everyone listening to the same album for a generation, they want to niche market. >> you probably have a room in your house devo these, a paul shrine, you are the best to ask, does he say anything new in the interviews? >> to most interview efforts
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they don't come with any real willing of the history or what he has said before so it is sort of like pressing a jukebox but the were and you get a6, the great thing about john and i, we used to write songs. and record them. and sell them. that is the same thing. you can get him to open up and tell stories never told. >> but he has probably been asked, in fairness, these questions of this song, that song, yoko, and half a 348 -- 500,000 times. >> no one has been as famous at paul mccartney as long as paul mccartney. >> he always gets good press except when he was going through the ugly divorce. >> or the 1980's were difficult in terms of press because people now were overly grieveed by, or appropriately grieved by the
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assassination of john lennon and suddenly he became the bad guy in the story of the beatles, the bossy one and he said, yeah, it is a drag, and he took criticism but he was ambushed and himself, greening, at that time. >> i went to a concert in washington a couple of months ago and i thought i was a know nautic but you have devoted your life to the study you are researching a book on him. is it hard to break new ground given the millions of words. >> it is a book about the beat thes, tightly focused on year and functioning at a biography of a single song and i was privilege the enough to get an interview with sir paul for the book. >> you are disclosing this exclusively on "media buzz." >> and then we will defeat it out. i was allotted ten minutes on the telephone with him. >> any second thoughts about such a short period? >> i thought i should decline i don't want to do an insanta cruz
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disand i came to my sents and as it turned out this is one of my achievements we were able to go for 26 minutes on the we phone and his wife con filed to the broke of the before he enjoyed the session and includes "james "a brilliant and knowledgeable fox." so the way that you kept this very busy and legendary person on the phone for 26 minutes is keep 'em talking? >> i was bringing to paul's attention things that i don't think he had heard about, discrepancies in various accounts of things, for example, by george martin where he said it one way in 1971 and in a different way in 1995 and he relished the opportunity to speak with someone knowledgeable about the history and to set the
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record straight because he feels he has been maligned. >> whether it is benghazi or the beatles, jones -- james rosen. >> julian assange is the subject of two new films. is he depicted adds a hero or villain?
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three years ago julian assange was working with "new york times" after he obtained 60,000 wages of u.s. documents and now he is hiding out. he is the subject of two movies including a documentary "we steal secrets," including television coverage of this divisive figure. >> we have special forces. a dead man cannot leak stuff. >> this little punk. i stand up for obama. obama, if you are listening, take this guy out. >> obama should out out a contract and maybe use a drone or something. >> that is what i would like. >> use a drone. >> i sat down with the director in new york. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> there is your film. "the fifth estate," what makes him worthy of this attention? >> it is the whole dade -- david
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and goliath story, a guy with a laptop computer going around the world and publishing secrets. it is powerful. >> you approached him for cooperation and what happened? >> he said no. he said no over a great period of time. i had a spectacular six-hour nonstop meeting with him where he asked for a lot of money and i said i would not give it and more interesting he asked if i would spy on the other interview subjects for him. for a guy interested in protection, that struck me as odd. i said no. >> now he criticized both movies. does that surprise you? >> no, it doesn't surprise me. for julian assange he criticized my film as being antiwikileaks and it is not. there are many thinks about what wikileaks did i admired and it is an important moment in history. but anything that criticized julian assange is something that has no basis in fact for him.
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>> did "new york times" and others get in bed with wikileaks in order to obtain the documents? did they regret it? >> i don't think they regretted it. the big media organizations are still using that material. in fact, that material goes on and on and on. they have trouble with julian assange and he had troubles with them, a culture clash. >> is julian assange anti-american? does he simply not care about the damage caused by the disclosures? >> he is becoming more and more anti-american. you have to make a distinction between the first julian assange or the one who emerged with the leaks and as things have played out he has become more and more anti-american but the original leaks were quite powerful and important. >> but he dumped all the documents which endangered sources' methods.
1:44 am
why do some think julian assange is a hero, first amendment champion for dumping the documents he got from manning? >> it is fair to say in the case of the afghan war logs, he did release documents on his website which had not been properly redacted. he withheld some thousands of those documents. when he released the iraq war logs he got it right, releasing documents but properly redacted. in the original state department release, he only released a few thousand. he held back a great many. there was a con thicket going on inside wikileaks but it is not fair to say he dumped them all. he made a number of mistakes. the problem with julian assange he nerve properly learns from his mistakes. >> the fact he is hiding out in embassy in london, for sexual assault charges in sweden, does
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that change how he interacts with the world and did it give him a charming rogue status among people who are inclined to like him? >> among his most fervent followers it gives him that kind of charming rogue status. he has locked himself up in a prison. he decided to be there. he decided to go there when he didn't want to go back to sweden. over time he has become a prisoner of his own imagination. >> people would like him and don't particularly like your film say you are defending a surveillance state? >> that is nonsense. i am deeply critical of things the united states has done and it was properly praising what julian assange did as a publisher in terms of releasing documents that are in the public
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interests. >> finally question of the obama administration which has gone against leakers using prosecution tools and reporters. there is a measure report headed by former "washington post" editor about the administration in which "new york times" reporter is saying this is the most closed, control-from freak administration ever covered. is that fair? >> ing it is fair. what the obama administration has done to make journalism almost a criminal activity when it comes to national security is outrageous. >> thanks for joining us. >> julian assange gave us fugitive c.i.a. contractor that leaked the documents about the surveillance to guardian, and he announced he is leaving the british number, that reporter and launching his new website with millions from ebay founder and now there is debate about whether he is a
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journalists or activist. he has been a reporter in delivering the scoops to "the guardian." he is not known as a liberal and is looking to independent journalists with expertise and a follows. >> with so many fake online reviews how do you know who to trust? we have some clues ahead
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test test
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people write on-line reviews for everything, but how can you trust them? a third of people we polled in
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one poll say they don't trust them. >> it drives me crazy. i look up a hotel and you see the fabulous reviews and a few say it is terrible, never go there, worse experience and you have to wonder, who is writing this? who is telling the truth? >> exactly right. the ftc only has guidelines about this. they say you need to make it clear when there is a financial relationship. but it is not, not, not endorsement. >> trip odd advisor which is popular make as deal if you use an american express card when you stay somewhere that is noted on the review so we know somebody actually went to the restaurant. a "new york times" reporter talked about the waiters going into the water and caught your dinner and it did not happen. >> the hoaxer thought that other people had what a grudge against that restaurant and had written these bad reviews so he was going back and showing how
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ridiculous the online reviews can be. >> this has gotten into the question of law enf in new york state after obtaining $350,000 in fines against the reputation management firms which sounds benign but they are either doing these fake positive reviews or trashing someone else's business. >> so, there was a year investigation in companies that create fake reviews and charter bus operators, teeth whitening service, and an adult entertainment club. >> amazon is in the business of removing reviews where the company determines that someone has a financial interest either in the book or competing book or competing product but i don't think your mother-in-law gets caught in that so you have to be skeptical. >> and yelp filed a $25,000 lawsuit accusing a law group of gaming the system by planning fake positive reviews of the law firm. >> the firm sued yelp for
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coercing into advertising to get favorable. so there are charges and couple step charges. it is a shame because the reviews have become incredibly popular because you can tend to believe if an average person says it was a great meal. >> don't you? but you say you are skeptical. the reviews i believe are the ones my friends do on facebook. i will say, i'm in seattle and i need a good lunch restaurant or whatever and you get great reviews that way. >> i like to believe in the wisdom of the crowds. if lots of people say it is a good hotel and i can believe these are real people and they have no ax to ground it would be easier to have some faith. >> they are trying to crackdown on the firms. >> your best tweets. the softest softball question asked of habe and i go head to head with bill o'reilly on
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religion. ֖֖֖
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>> the top tweets "no one wins especially the viewers who get the far right media coverage and common sense views are ignored." >> fox said tea party won and this is the garbage fox news pumps out.
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but david smith "what is said, no one not of enfox is covering the hate and name-calling on the left." and this is about juan williams ignoring the we riding tide of conservatives which ignores that liberals are afraid of conservatives and ted cruz. >> and cbc was told it is too easier for the media do come after people of faith and i agreed on o'reilly factor coverage can seem condescending but bill didn't agree. >> pope francis has gotten glowing coverage and deservedly so. >> why is it deservedly so because pope benedict did not? i know why pope francis is getting glowing coverage. >> you will say because high is more tolerant toward gays.
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>> absolutely. no doubt about it. >> but he is a very media satisfactory pope and humble leader and i think he is on twitter and --. >> mere is the deal. >> you are making my point for me. >> the left is basically against religion because religion opposes things like gay marriage and abortion. >> i don't buy the argument that the left is against religion. there are plenty of church going liberals in the news business but we need to talk about serious shortcomings in the media's approach to religion. in an interview with larry king, msnbc talked about fox and whether the hosts feel compelled to move to the right. king followed up. >> there is a lot of group pressure in the places in those places. i feel it. it is there. you know your audience. i know i am talking. but i always want to keep a
1:58 am
chunk of republicans and democrats. >> and president obama, diana williams, of abc closed with this. >> my daughter asked me to ask you, what is the coolest thing about being president? >> i understand wanting to end on a light note but the coolest thing is it beats every stereo teach about the liberal media swooning over barack obama. we love to hear from you. we will be back here next sunday morning with the >> good morning. it is october 21st. from the computer cross to low enrollment the obama care has
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been a debacle. the president is finally addressing the mess. does he have a solution? >> four american lost their lives on the attack of the u.s. consulate in benghazi. now a new book written by a hillary clinton ally calls the tragedy a hoax. the author behind this straight ahead. >> the football brawl the game between the jets and patriots ends in this violence. a fight erupts between fans and it is all caught on camera. fox and friendings first starts right now. ♪ >> good monday morning toch you. you are watching "fox & friends first". we are inside the building. i am ainsley earhardt.
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>> i am heather childers. thank you so much for start rg your day with us early with us. appreciate it. >> disastrous launch of the obama care web site the president will speak to the nation today. he calls the site problems unacceptable. >> now many want an explanation from kathleen sebelius. kelly wright is here to explain. >> it is not looking good when it comes to rolling out obama care. the glitches have become a huge embarrassment and headache for the obama administration. the president will try to do damage control when he appears in the rose garden later today. he will discuss the troubles with the roll out of the affordable healthcare act. the white house says the president will acknowledge the technical problems of the web site. he will say they are unacceptable. he will discuss steps being taken to correct