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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 21, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the president said 20 million people visited the web site. >> he said we will get the numbers in early november. >> we'll find out. thank you for joaning us today. bill and ally are next. two are dead and two wounded in critical condition. a shooting in northern nevada on the grounds of sparks middle school. >> the injured described as two boys, who are in critical condition. the school is all clear and the suspect is down. we'll have more on the story as we get. it. damage control mode saying help is on the way. i am bill hemmer. >> thank you so much, and i am a list son camerota. the president is surrounded by
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people who successfully enrolled in obama care. chris, the president said there is not problems with obama care, >> one case he highlighted. it took seven hours to sign up for health insurance. i don't know if that is the enducement. seven hours to get logged on and loaded up is tough. >> he called them kinks and implored people to go to the web site and they would like what they see. is the president not aware of all of the reports that there are mass you have problems with obama care? if he is not aware, when do the people tell him. >> i think everybody in america knows that there are massive problems with the web site and a
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paratus. the president wants a positive out of the negative. whatever it takes to get people signed up. including doing a infommercial and president sham wowness to be out there and it is great and did you know it could clean up a soda spill? >> he has to turn the negative in the positive. >> of course, he does. i love the wow reference. was he mrind sidedness. people had been raising a red flag saying we have a technical issues with this. why would they unveil it if it had this sort of catastrophe problems. >> for democrats, and lib democrats, the movement from whence the president comes, spending money and government
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benefits are moral undertakings. this is a matter of serious moral import. and when the law was floundering and people said wait. they say no, ramming speed. any procedural movement we have to do. and when it was coming in. wait, it is not coming together the right way, this doesn't work. they said go, go, go. what is at stake is not functionality. it is a moral imperative to him to get the new entitlement program. and glitches are not going to get in his way. he will sham wowness his way to many americans signing up. >> it sounds as if tens of thousands of people not able to sign up, it is beyond glitches. will somebody be held responsible. and what about kathleen sebelius
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and her coming to the house of congress to testify? >> she ain't in the house of representative and will not be for sometime. she knows she will have to face uncomfortable questioning after why after three years this thing doesn't work and she will face that from the senate democrats who will do it in a spirit of highway- minded regret as opposed to the republicans that come down on her like a pack of hyennas. she will wait and talk to the folks in the senate after a cooling off period. >> your analogies are on fire, chris. i enjoy them very much. but on a serious level, is this the level of inepiitude we should expect? glitches, we don't know when it will be working or how many people will be able to enroll
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and not just visit the web site. >> when consumer report said don't try right now and come back later, this is the problem that has consequences for all americans. not only that the data is corrupted when it gets to the insurance companies. the problem is, they are trying to sell a product that is free or part ideally free subsidized health insurance. if the people who need it the least are not enticed to buy. it the bottom will blow out of the private insurance market as the sick folks who are in. this is consequential for every american going forward. and younger people say i don't like what you are making here because it doesn't work, that has consequences for americans
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because of the law construction. >> chris, good to see you. you have sham wowed us. >> sham wowed guys are on line two, waiting. did the president answer the questions. go to me. and fox news alert at jp morgan- chase. they are about to pay $13 billion fine stemming for 2008. we have ed and charlie. charlie, how are you, start wu. 13 billion. >> and probably more, bill. it doesn't count all of the clakz action. they have to give a concession of guilt. here's the criminality of this. this is stuff that jp morgan did
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not do. they were asked to buy bear sterns and washington mutual in a financial croisis. and i know this for a fact because paulson told me this. >> i come on. why not fight it? >> here's why they are doing. it jamie diamond went from the greatest banker of all time and to a critic of the obama administration. you don't have to be a conspiratorist. he ramped up the critique that's when the hammer came down on him. he opened himself up by down playing a loss in london. but it is all victimist and bad for the american political system. >> let me bring ed on it.
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you think it smells bad here? >> yeah, over the weekend, charlie did a great job of reporting. this wall street is scared. we had the red scare on wall street, they are all scared of what the administration if you speak out publicly against them. why is it 13 billion and not 18 billion or 4 billion. >> it might be 26 billion when we are done. people forget eric holder is throwing a bone to the ambulance chaser community. he is forcing a concession of guilt. this would be done if it is just money. jp morgan can pay it and still make money. but this is about them saying something like we did something wrong and the trial bar coming after them with class action lawsuits. that's the biggest pay day the
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trial bar has gotten. >> 13 or 26. where is the billions go? >> that is a great question. they don't know. >> they do. they do. >> in terms of it. seven will go to the federal treasury and four will go to programs for homeowner relief that means it gets transferred to not homeowners. but to advocacy. and acorn could get the money. >> why did you say it is bad for the american political system. >> you look at what jp morgan did wrong? that was marginal. they inherited this stuff. and if you look at when the investigations ramped up. when jamie dimond, a committed democrat and supporter of
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president obama said that dodd frank is squeezing banks and hurting the economy and a lot of it is stupid. he went from becoming the greatest bank to public enemy number one. with his faceup there. >> and one final comment from ed. >> we should expect to see more in >> as we get closer to the elections. it is politically motivated, i don't know how else you can dissect this. and the idea that he shut down wall street and speaking to his base and trying to bring people over from the middle. everyone has a commonunding. wall street is bad. that is the idea. that wall street is the common bad guy out there and wall street is starting to fight back and not just sitting back. >> but they have no shot when
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you are up against them on the mccarthyism. >> you come after me because i say something bad about dodd- frank? >> thank you, i understand. americans are buying fewer homes these days. sales of existing hopes that make up most of the market dropped two percent last month. economist blame higher mortgage rains and the recovery is slowing down. >> and then we'll bring them back to duke it out. are you bad in the groove. >> i had forgoodnight how to do my job but it is like riding a bike. 400,000 with a problem.
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new attacks on christians in egypt. >> strong show of support for stranginger facing the student and getting an apology. >> i have want an apology. >> i want to take it back. canned close
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egypt's government and religious leaders condemning an attack outside of a coptic church in cairo. among the dead a 11-year-old girl. it is ten percent of the country that is kristyen. james bolton, former ambassador, hello to you. you are a fox news contributor. there doesn't appear to be much end to what is happening in
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cairo. >> the coptic christian population is in jeopardy. coptices are a major part of the egyptian population, ten percent. and hundreds of thousands of them have fled egypt since the over through of muba rak. it is a larger campaign by the brotherhood and allies to destabilize the government. >> they have long complained about the discrimination targeting them. has the government responded? >> not enough. there is a lot of the criticism from the coptic churches and priests and believers in are jeop ordery. it ties in not only the
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brotherhood, but the terrorist on the sina i peninsula jeopardizing people in egyptian and transportation routes like the suez canal. it is a problem for the military government with the many challenges it is facing. >> the other thing these are gun men on a motorcycle. >> it is a reflection of the muslim brotherhood's capacity to enguy gauge in guerilla warfare. they believe they will find sympathy among the egyptian population that is not christian. and the more whiches on the brotherhood greats, the greater the problem for the military government. their objective is to make it hard for the government to deliver so it becomes unpopular
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much morsis did. >> is there any stableation in the country now? >> i think some. the military cracked down hard on the brotherhood. they are not going to go lightly and they are a radical group and transition to terrorist tech knocks x. they are in it for the long haul. >> four dead and 17 wounded in the last one. we have seen so many stories about kids being bullied and end in tragedy. this is a unexpected show of support for a student who stood up to his alleged bully. greg, tell us about this. >> i love this story. ha lsy parkerson.
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a bully taunted him saying you don't have any friends. and haulsy shrugged it off saying it happens all of the time. 50 cars showed up in support and stand up to the bully. the car club on facebook and they showed up in mass to mach a statement against bullying. >> this is haulsy. well, the parking lot became a traffic jamb. and had he found out why. you know, what let the event continue. haulsy confrobted the bully who said he was sorry. >> he has a lot of friends, too. you need to apologize and take it back. >> i now know when i get
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bullied, i will say sorry. i have too many friends who think i am bullied for one glorious day. >> haulsy writes, i am tearing up. thanks for standing up to me and make a difference. and good for haulsy and good for the aunt who took it in his own hands and everybody is a hero. >> i am toring up, too. that is a beautiful out come. if only they all ended up like. that haulsy's story is inspiring and many others end in tragedy including the heart breaking story of a 15 year old by coming just days after the 12-year-old girl took her own life. we'll look at the issue of bullying and how we prak the cycle of it. >> everybody needs to know about this. and you need to be made awarpar
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we'll tell you attention shoppes are not fooling you. there is an allegator at the store you know well.
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alligator taming needed on aisle three. a six foot gator taking a stroll in the walmart store. it activated the glass sliding doors. and the police kept watch to
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make sure no one got too close and then walked away and vanished in the brush. maybe it was there to buy a pair of crocs. snr or hand bag and shoes. >> see you later. a lly- gator. >> and new developments in the little girl found in groes. maria is not the child of the people she was with. that couple raising abduction charges and greg is live in london tracking down the story for us. >> yeah, the case has a lot of people interested and concerned around the world. the young girl answers to the maim of maria and believed to be six, blonde hair and blue eyes
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and looks like nothing but the gypsy couple. the dna doesn't match the family. police in greece raided a gypsy camp. they never claimed that the biological tie. she was given to them to care for them. there are 14 children this their possession. the allegation is made that they paid the money for the girl. it may be part of a child trafficking ring. and the couple is charged with child abduction and in custody. gypsy it is long thought to be involved in child abduction trafficking. and why we are told by authorities in greece that they
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received 800 calls from folks all over the world including the united states. and the calls are handed over to interpol. and while there is no link to the very high profile case involving madeline mccann, it has given the parent was madeline encouragement and gives them hope that their girl may be found alive and hope in other places as well. we spoke to the authorities in greece and told us that maria is still in the hospital there and undergoing further medical treatment and after a rough young life, she is in good continue. >> our best to her. greg thank you. >> every time this happens, it give hope that these kids are
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still alive. >> in the mean tile help is on the way. the massive web site and snafus will be fixed. it will silence the critics in >> and this could rival the great pumpkin. what happened next would make charlie brown crack a grin. oh, yeah, true story. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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a dispute over a cover charge led to a shooting. the suspect is in custody. and france, explaining a report that nsa gained access to 70 million french citizens. that is based on the documents leaked by edward now den. a 255 pumpkin and he won the contest. it was taken. but they returned it saying it was wrong of me. >> can i ask you a question. >> how did he get a 255 pound
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pumpkin off of the porch. nroll it or whole barrow. >> the by said it had the same mark on. it >> there is a lot of 255 pound pumpkins. >> a pashtly it could have been a imposter. kathlyn sebelius will testify before congress as early as next week. that is crossing the wires right now. mr. obama speaking out about the mess and critics call for heads to roll. and tony is one of our brightest minds and a republican news strategist and bazil smuls on. >> welcome to our pumpkin party.
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>> tony, did that do it for you last hour? >> notalt at all. the president should be applauded to get out a head of it. you don't want to avoid an obvious problem. 101 in crisis management rule. what he did was i am not sugar coat it, but i will wait for my entire statement. it is a catastrophic failure. and what you are not going to have is one sided critiques. democrats are saying that people have to be held accountable. robert gib combs said people have to get fired for this. and the web site doesn't work.
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somebody has to pay for it. >> basil, the president called these kinks and some are referring to them structural problems. does somebody need to be accountable and fired. >> my guess is that they will be fired. i agree with tony. i don't know if i am surproduced. the president needed to get a head of this and this is the secretary come and testifying. she shouldn't testify if she has nothing to say. >> it is going to be a feeding frenzy. so many easy targets. >> it will be a feeding frenzy. you should not cave to media pressure. you come out when you have something to say and actually offer solution. part of the problem is being able to offer solutions. we know there is a problem.
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we have to provide real concrete solutions and the president said we can't take it off of the ball. it is not a web site. >> tony, why stick to the october 1st dead line? why not rehearse the web site a week or a month or a year ago? >> it is the gross incompetence and the lack of oversight by the health and human services that demand accountable. october 1st was a artificial deadline that didn't have to be met. we knew and told by the digital architects and government accounting office and others analyzing the way it was working that it was not going to be ready. if secretary sebelius was the one to give the green light knowing it was fatally flawed that should be a reason for her
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to be under the scrutiny. and no beta testing? they never tested it. they were making decisions in september as to what was going into the sight. >> basil, should they have delayed the roll out? >> if topi is right and they didn't do beta testing, then i do think you wait. you gave the businesses an opportunity to get their things together. but i don't know if you are going to provide the same opportunities to the individuals who want to sign up for the health coverage. you should have waited longer. >> we are past that. basil, thank you. and tony thank you as well. speaking of obama care and american dras and hospitals facing a new world. >> we could see changes in how hospitals and doctors meet the american health care needs.
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dr. martin seagull and associate professor of medicine is going to join us to talk about it. a new report that hundreds of thousands of people are getting letters from the insurance saying they are being dropped from coverage. this is exactly the thing that the president said would not happen. if you like your insurance, you keep your insurance. >> you have to read the fine print. you will not get it in the press reference or ads. if your insurance is not from before 2010. it will be changed up to fit the requirements. preexisting conditions lovered and maternity care and preventative service. if it isn't you will get dropped by your insurer. what is happening next? you will go to the exchanges where you can't literally get through the red tape or go back
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to the broker and say is there a obama care're daned policy available? >> what the argument is, with obama care, you will get the benefits that you were not get in the subparinsurance coverage that you had. if you get through the kinks that your insurance will be better? >> this that is fair, and no onements lifetime limits and everyone wants preexisting coverage and up to the age of 26 and maternity coverage. that means premiums of young people are used to cover those with medical problems. and so it depends on who you are. if you are elderly or sick or have chronic illnesses it may benefit you. >> mark, what are you guys talking about in regard to obama
10:40 am
care in the doctor's office and seeing how a simple web site failed as it has. nphil number one is the shrinking networks means that i might not have the people to refer to. i might not have the sidewalk tryst and orth petis. and our shrink reimbursements. we are worried about paid for quality care if we have a positive outcome. but what about a patient with lot of medical problems. our own hospitals may have trouble meeting bottom lines if they are flooded. >> and thank you for explaining to us. fox news alert. update on the school shooting in northern nevada. reporting that a staff member and a student shooter are both
10:41 am
dead in the nevada school shooting. it happen on the ground of sparks middle school. two boys are in critical condition. a press conference out of nevada on the top of the hour in fox.
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. . . . .
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time to check in on the real story. >> i hope you had a great weekend. was it commander in chief or sales person in chief? our political panel will pitch the real grades and former vice-president cheney ordered his doctor to change the pacemaker because he was worried terrorist could hack into it and kill him. it happen on home land. but could it happen in real life as well. big news for the bald guys. could there be a cure for men and women? >> there is always hope. >> what are you talking about. >> there will be a day.
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>> i don't think so. he has a good head of hair. >> and so do you, ally. >> thank you so much. >> and surveillance cameras capture a gunman with a red bandana that opens fire on a grouch men. one dead and others hospitalized. one man in a light colored tank top and run for safety and then return back with gunfire. >> there is a tragic new case of bullying. 15 year old jordan louis from illinois took his life on thursday. his father posted a video saying bullying is to blame. >> the suicide note stated that he was tired of life basically. and that he's doing it because
10:46 am
he was bullied at school. >> this comes just days after the story of rebecca sedwick in florida. she jumped to her death from a tower. dr. russell, thank you for being here and what is going on in the country? why are we seeing more tragic episodes this week. >> it is a huge problem and i want to predict there is a bullying component to the nevada school shooting and it was foresoable. it is minimizing it to call it bullying anymore when this is not bullying that adults remember from childhood. every kid is running around with a digital device. it is a 24- 7 mental and emotional torture and in addition to the threats that we have seen belong kids.
10:47 am
when one of these kids commit suicide, i can tell you that there is mental vulnerabilities involved. and so a homicide charge doesn't work. however, to the extent that bullying endangered the individual there are criminal and civil things to per sue. >> you think it would stave off the episode if the kids thought there was a punishment. let me play you the entreaty that the sheriff said about rebecca took her life. >> we have to stop this. as a child, i can remember my parents saying sticks and stones may break bones and words will never hurt you. today words stick because they are printed and there forever.
10:48 am
they are hurtful. they are hurtful and sometimes more hurtful than sticks and stones. >> dr. russell, he brings up what you are saying. somehow the words on the iphone feel different than the words in person, why? >> it is 24- 7. these kids can be reached wherever they are. and there has to be more than just mean words and in a society that values free speech it is tough to criminalize the words. there will be negligent adults in nevada and in florida, adults that should have known that a child was in endangered. and if you are a school employee and you know that bullying is going on. you are endangering the child.
10:49 am
if you are a parent and kid is being a bully, you are in danger. that callous lack of empathy but will bring failure and isolation to your own child and might lead to a physical attack to your own child. >> i think you are right. what is the answer? how can parents be more involved and if your child is saying mean words or e-mails on facebook, what are you supposed to do? if you find your child is doing the kund of stuff. that is an emergency for you and you have to drop and everything devote your full attention to figuring out how you feel that that kind of behavior is unacceptable. and you may want to cut off your kid's access to social media or
10:50 am
digital technology for a while. we have to reach out to kids who see this going on and bystanders. those kids have to be encouraged to report to adults what they see. i advocate a school having a hot line or web address or something that kids can deputy and anonymously report it when they see. it >> thank you so much for bringing them to our attention. we would love to hear from you watching. find bill and me on twitter. thank you. >> there it is. >> watching this rapidly developing story. in nevada. the student gunman took his own life and two students are in critical condition. we'll have the latest from nevada when we continue the
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press conference. press conference. canned cooer i don't like the ups and downs of the market, but i can't just sit on my cash. i want to be prepared for the long haul. canned cooer canned cooerre canned cooer canned cooer
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kathleen sebelius will testify before congress. republicans have been banging the drum saying she has to testify this week. apparently sebelius had an event in boston the night before. speaker boehner just sent out a note that the president gave no answers for the obama care mess when he came out in the rose garden and sebelius must testify on thursday. we'll let you know how it is resolved.
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carol burnet is the recipient of the prize. >> finally carol burnet gets the recognize she deserves. at 80 years old burnet was awarded the mark twain prize for american human. and not only for humor but the stage she set for generation. she is a living queen of comedy and should get an award ever day. >> she is the high mark of everyone who attempted variety television... >> she was very physical. >> burnet stepped in the entertainment world in the 1960s
10:56 am
and became hilarious and famous as miss hannahbegan in the film. she recalls getting her first laugh after enrolling at ucla and from then on was hooked. >> i was shy and a nerd in my school and it was not until i got to ucla and did one -- and i heard them laugh and i liked that feeling. >> previous recipients was tina fey and bob newhart and bill cosbow. it will air on november 24th. >> just classic skits. she always did this. thank you so much. >> again we expect a news conference out of nevada. the shooting on the grounds of the middle school.
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stay tuned, we'll have the latest on the nevada shooting. >> i'm allyson camerota. >> the real story with grechen starts right now. welcome, everyone, to "the real story," i'm grechen carlson. we're going to grade obama's speech and hear from real doctors. are they worried sick or feeling just fine about obama care? plus, former vice president dick cheney said the in fighting sparked by senator ted cruz is good for the gop? and that was so scared terrorists would hack his pacemaker he had a certain part of it changed. remember, this happened on the show "homeland"


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