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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 21, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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stay tuned, we'll have the latest on the nevada shooting. >> i'm allyson camerota. >> the real story with grechen starts right now. welcome, everyone, to "the real story," i'm grechen carlson. we're going to grade obama's speech and hear from real doctors. are they worried sick or feeling just fine about obama care? plus, former vice president dick cheney said the in fighting sparked by senator ted cruz is good for the gop? and that was so scared terrorists would hack his pacemaker he had a certain part of it changed. remember, this happened on the show "homeland" and was he
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right? for every beautiful bald guy, researchers say they might have a cure. homer, you might be in for a cure. men and women both, but, first -- in what could be one of the biggest understatements of the year, the president acknowledging today that the obama care rollout hasn't worked as smoothly as it was supposed to, but he's urging folks to keep trying to sign up anyway for the insurance. he even gave out the phone number today. this as calls grow louder for health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius to step down over the botched launch. >> the problem has been that the website that's supposed to make it easy to apply for and purchase the insurance is not working the way it should for everybody. there's no sugar coating it. the website has been too slow. people have been getting stuck during the application process. and i think it's fair to say that nobody's more frustrated by that than i am.
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>> our own wendal goler live at the white house with what actually happened. hi, wendal. >> reporter: hi, gretchen. the president's goal is to keep people from writing off obama care with problems with the website. during the shutdown they didn't get the attention they should have. now there's a spotlight on them. with the president needing nearly 1 million signups a month to hit the target, the president says the other parts are works as they should. >> the product, the health insurance, is good. the prices are good. it is a good deal. people don't just want it, they're she go up to buy it. nobody's madder than me about the fact that the website isn't working as well as it should, which means it's going to get fixed. >> mr. obama said hhs has expanded its phone banks for people who have trouble with the online experience or you can talk to someone in trouble who can walk you through the signup
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process, but republicans say the website problems could have and should have been anticipated and they ask what difficulties will be found in obama care a bit further down the road. >> in the 21st century, setting up a website where people can go often and buy something is not that complicated. people do this every single day. the inability of the federal government to set up a website where people can go on and buy something like health insurance does not bode well for the much more complicated elements of this law that are yet to be rolled out. >> house members wanted hhs secretary kathleen sebelius to testify at a hearing on the aca problems on thursday. she had a scheduling conflict. she's agreed to testify next week though it's unclear if there will actually be a hearing next week. greshen. >> wendal goler, live at the white house. fox news alert. two people have been kills. two boys in critical condition after a gunman opens fire outside of a school in reno,
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nevada. trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom with the latest. is this going on live? >> it is, gretchen. we have the deputy police chief giving us a rundown of what happened. a student earlier told the reno gazette what happened. a student had a gun, they heard a pop and the teacher came investigating it telling the student to put the gun down. then the student says the other student then pointed the gun at the teacher and fired. the other students ran away and hid into a neighbor's house but on the way they heard three, four, maybe even five shots and we're hearing now that the student apparently took his own life. and before that he shot two other students, one clearly in critical condition going into surgery. we hear the other might be critical as well. they have not yet identified the teacher who was shot, just saying it was a staff member who was shot and killed. and the student apparently took his own life, but the other students said that he was wearing a sparks middle school
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uniform so apparently was a 13 or 14-year-old student. 630 students go to this school. they have all been evacuated. it is clearly now a crime scene. as we monitor what the sheriff's deputy say and the police chief, we'll get back to you with any breaking details, but the shooter is dead, self-inflicted gunshot wound and staff member is dead. two other students remain in critical condition in a nearby hospital. happened just outside of reno, nevada. gretchen. >> thanks so much, trace. in the meantime, president obama says there's no excuse for all the problems with the health care website. so what exactly are the problems? how are they being fixed at all? peter doocy with all of that. >> grech gretchen, they're telling people to call an 800 number and a prompt with that number is now very prominently displayed on the home page of
11:06 am president obama said this is an alternative way for individuals to a employ for coverage in 25 minutes, but when i called this hour an operator kristie told me she's not permitted to give any information about coverage options or subsidies over the phone and that their protocol is just to take personal information, then send appropriate paperwork through the mail. she said that process usually takes about two weeks. so we just asked the white house why the operator is saying that. >> you can enroll over the phone. you can enroll in person. you can be provided an application to sign up and register and to enroll. >> health and human services officials are now describing like it needs major surgery. here's a quote from a 600 word long hhs blog post. our team is bringing in some of the best and brightest from both inside and outside government to scrub in with the team and help
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improve that's basically what republican senator john mccain said the white house should say publicly just yesterday. >> look, it's been a fiasco. send air force one out to silicon valley, load it up with some smart people, bring them back to washington and fix this problem. it's ridiculous and everybody knows that. >> today for the first time since health launched, there's an option that lets people preview prices in their state without creating an account but they don't figure out any possible subsidies. to get that information you need to create an account which is something a faulty securities question page has prevented me from doing it. >> i've watched you try to sign up online and now you're telling everyone you're trying to call. i don't know what's next for you, peter, but be sure to let us know when you do. >> we'll do. >> thanks. we want to hear from you. what do you think about the president's event today and the president's vow to fix all of the obama care problems?
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e-mail us at the real tweet us@therealstory. president obama's approval rating has taken a big hit plunging 3 percentage points. now it's to 44.5%. making it the biggest quarter-to-quarter decline. the latest slump was the third consecutive drop. before that there were five quarters with rising approval ratings. hillary clinton has already been introduced at one recent event. you know how she was introduced? as the next president of the united states, but is hillary 2016 a foregone conclusion? what do you think? tweet me. let me know. plus, a former republican vice president speaking out on the way senator ted cruz and the tea party had been dividing the gop. and a man says he's not only facing criminal charges now for
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allegedly knocking over an ancient rock formation, he's also now receiving death threats as well, dozens of them. that's next. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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welcome back, everyone. trains now running again after a freight train derailed in new mexico saturday. they say a broken track knocked a train off the rales 100 miles south of albuquerque. no injuries reported. track was repaired. cleanup crews working to clean up the derailed cars from alongside those tracks. back to our top story. the real story on the president's speech on the obama care rollout. what's the real talk of how he actually did today? joining me, julie ruginsky and
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lars larson, republican radio host. all right. so your assignment was to grade the president's speech. julie, i'm going to speak to you. you dye sided to divide the grade into extra parts. >> i'm an over achiever. >> my grade is a big fat "f." there's no excuse. the bill has been on the books. there's no excuse for what is going on. it's a complete disappointment for me as a democrat and somebody who supports the law. as i said, on the state exchanges, places like kentucky, places like connecticut, i give it a "b plus." the state-run exchanges are running well. >> wow, some real talk from julie today. >> always. always. >> as a dem giving them a grade. >> lars, your grade? "f minus" on both. i'll divide it the way the
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president did. the president says the costs are going down. they're going up. the federal exchanges don't work. i'm sitting in a studio in oregon. it was supposed to go on october 1, now it's october 15. we're now into the latter part of october and they don't have a date when the exchange won't work. if you don't sign up through the exchange, you don't get the subsidies. further, let me tell you this, julie. oregon sent a letter to 250,000 food stamp recipients and said we don't have to qualify you. all you have to do is say yes. sign this piece of paper and send it back or make a phone call and you're on obama care. they got 20% participation. 80% simply didn't bother to reply. with that kind of participation the whole thing fails. >> i have to move onto the next topic. former vice president dick cheney defending the tea party.
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lawmakers accusing tea party republicans of hurting the gop. the civil war, so to speak. not so says the former vice president. >> i think they've raised issues that an awful lot of americans care about. terrible track record with respect to federal spending. nobody seems to be able to solve the problem and it's an uprise and the good thing is it's taking place within the republican party. i don't see it as a negative. i think it's much better to have that kind of ferment and turmoil and change in the republican party than it would be to have it outside. >> julie, a lot of people were shocked by the former vice president's opinion on that. >> i'm shocked. his daughter is running in a heated primary in wyoming. he has to talk the talk. the tea party came about because they weren't happy about the spending under the bush/cheney administration. everything the tea party stands for, whether it's less spending, less foreign intervention was absolutely the opposite of what the bush/cheney administration did. so if dick cheney wants to talk about how civil war is good for
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the republican party, he has to understand they're fighting against a lot of what he supported. >> lars, when ted cruz went back home to texas, he got an eight minute standing ovation. what do you make of that and what julie said? >> he absolutely observed it. you understand, i've been a tea partier from the beginning. i'm unapologetic. the tea party is the rudder on the ship of the republican party that occasionally loses the way. the point of the tea party was to help direct conservatives and republicans. some of whom are not conservative. senator mccain. small government, low taxes, maximum citizen liberty and maximum opportunity and no government control and government funded health care. >> but many people are wondering, will the republican party coalesce before 2016. 2015 for president. is it a conclusion for
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2016 that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee and, in fact, win? listen to this. >> i've had a chance to think a lot about what makes our country so great, what kind of leadership is required to keep it great. >> yours. [ cheers and applause ] >> lars, she was introduced at a recent event as the next president of the united states by a former mitt romney supporter. what do you make of it? >> i hope she is the nominee because this is a woman who still has to explain why she let four americans get murdered on her watch. she still has to explain what exactly she accomplished as secretary of state and, of course, obama care isn't a whole lot different from hillary care. she's going to have to explain why she would support something like that, because i think the whole thing is going to be a train wreck. i hope she's the nominee. i hope we can beat her, and i think we can.
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>> who would you put up against her? >> well, i would -- you know, i've got a couple of candidates that i love. i love -- i love wisconsin's governor. i love rand paul. i don't know if ted cruz is ready just yet, but am' for the more conservative candidates that are out there and we have to wait to see which one becomes the nominee for the party. rand paul, the governor from wisconsin, either one. >> julie, is it a foregone conclusion that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee and the next president? >> remember when john had a story -- >> big story with john. >> i sat on his show and said, oh, yeah, hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. i'm going to say right now that i have no idea whatsoever because once bitten, twice shy. i hope she doesn't run not for the reasons lars laid out but she is the best nominee. i hope they put up rand paul or scott parker.
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i hope they don't put up chris christie. >> thanks so much. we're following breaking news out of nevada. at least two people have been killed in a shooting in a middle school in reno. the latest straight ahead for you. plus, their boulder toppling was caught on video. it went viral. now two boy scout leaders say they're getting death threats over this. that story coming up.
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fox news alert to tell you about right now. a grenade-like item reported in new york's times square subway station right now. nypd says units are responding. they're calling the job active
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right now. this was in the subway station. times square of course a very busy place any time of the year. a lot of the subway lines are being impacted by this right now. nypd says it's active. we're going to keep you apprised of the situation. some sort of a grenade, a unit of some sort found in a times square subway station. more on that as it is warranted. another fox news alert for you. updating a shooting. trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom with the very latest. trace, what's happening now? >> reporter: gretchen, the news conference that was held ten minutes ago. it happened at 7:15 west coast time at sparks middle school outside of reno on the basketball courts near the middle school. the teacher shot and killed is a hero because he intervened. a student told "the reno gazette" that he heard a pop. the teacher tried to intervene and was apparently shot and killed. the other students say they then
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fled the area and they heard four or five more gunshots, pow, pow, pow. they went inside a neighbor's house. the rest of the kids left the school. two other students apparently were shot. one of them has gone for surgery. the other is now said to be in good, stable condition. that's a good sign here. and then apparently it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, we're told, that the shooter killed himself. again, police are not confirming that. we still don't have fwhfgs his exact goal or what kind of weaponry he had on him. listen now a short time ago to the reno deputy police chief. >> you know, we've got probably 20 to 30 witnesses and co-students that we need to interview. before we get to the bottom of the interviews, we don't know what the motivation was. >> yeah. the conditions of the two students, serious is one, another is fair. the teacher shot and killed. the shooter believed to be a 13
11:25 am
or 14-year-old student who has not yet been identified also shot and killed. police not confirming that it was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. other reports are as we get more information on this shooting just outside of reno, gretchen, we will bring it to you. >> thanks so much. the teacher may have been a hero in all of this. what a sad story. thanks, trace. new call to dig deeper into the irs scandal. why one group going to court says we need to look beyond irs official lois lerner. "prometheus' president obama's fingerprints are all over this. a man trying to save a woman is beaten himself. walmart may be changing or choosing.
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welcome back, everyone. shooting inside a nightclub inside of vegas leaves one person dead, three others hurt. the alleged gunman was among the four people hospitalized. hurricane raymond still threatening people. the category 3 hurricane hovering off mexico's pacific coast right now. authorities say they may evacuate some low lying areas. an update we reported on
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friday. walmart offering to rehire a man they fired after he tried to help a woman being attacked. walmart said he violated store policy. no work yet if that worker has decided to actually return. well, the scandal over the irs targeting of conservative groups getting uglier. former irs official lois lerner, she may have retired, but the tea party expanding their lawsuits now to 22 states. lawyers representing them now say they want the president put under the microscope over what he knew about the scandal. jay secalo is the chief council for the american center of law and justice which filed those lawsuits and he is my guest. good to see you, jay. you're amending your original lawsuit. you're including the president but you're not really naming him as the defendant. how are you pointing the finger at the president? >> what we've done, gresh tchen we've followed the evidence. we've had a number of congressional oversight hearings. there's more documents produced
11:31 am
and what it showed and continues to show, you look at the time line. the president made statements, whether it was criticizing the citizens united case or whether it was in fact statements about what he called these 501 c 4 unregulated groups. then weeks afterwards the irs starts taking direct action. then we had the connection between the irs and the federal election commission. that was communications between lois lerner and fec lawyers. that was not supposed to hatppe. then we had carter hall, the irs lawyer, testify in front of the house that the cases were taken over by chief counsel of the irs. the chief counsel, of course, is actually appointed by the president. it's one of two appointments the president makes within the irs, the commissioner and the chief countries counsel. in those two cases you have evidence pointing upwards. you have the famous e-mail from lois saying everybody is clamoring for us to clamp them
11:32 am
down and do something. we know what she does, she stops granting the exemptions. this is looking like -- go ahead. >> no, you go ahead. it's looking like what? >> it looks like that's what's happened is the irs and its higher ups were reacting by the statements made by the commander in chief, by the president. we don't have a memo from the white house to the irs, but we do have a situation where statements made by the president resulted in actions taken by the irs. why he should be shocked that there was targeting going on is a bit confusing at this point to say the least. >> so in this amendment that you're filing, you're adding new names of people associated with -- >> yeah. >> so what do you hope to achieve by adding these new names? >> it's pointing to the people that were ultimately making the decision. so as the case has matured, this is typical in federal litigation. i came out of the office of chief counsel in the irs a long time ago when i started my career and i've been litigating
11:33 am
cases. what's happening is evidence is coming forward through congressional hearing and the freedom of information act requests. it's pointing higher up the change. it goes from the agents in cincinnati to washington to supervisors in washington to heads of departments including tax exempt and you have the head of the obama care administration, ingram, she was in charge of the tax exempt group when all of this was going on, so all of this evidence is pointing to a much more controlled washington presence in this audit review process. it looks like they were reacting to the commander in chief's statements, the president wanting to get behind these anonymous c 4 organizations. that's why they asked, for instance, the irs, grechen, for these lists and piercing the first amendment. >> why do you think the story is falling off the front pages of the newspaper?
11:34 am
we never got to the bottom of it. did we? >> no, we haven't. you had a -- the last three weeks we were all occupied with the government shutdown. that was the major news point. in the very knew future there will be additional hearings and it will include the chief council of tdow countridown counsel of the irs. you've had the whole situation with the obama care health rollout disaster. you have kathleen sebelius saying she won't testify before the house. we have a symphony of problems in washington. the irs one happens to be a big one. the attention will come back to it as these others recede back. it's an ebb and flow. funny you should mention that because in fact the obama administration is facing a
11:35 am
firestorm of criticism over problems with the new health care website. the president addressing those problems in the white house rose garden. he vowed this morning to fix them. will his latest remarks satisfy the ranks previs is chair of the rnc. we invited debbie wasserman schultz to come on but she declined hour invitation. i know you had a ton of questions. were you satisfied? >> no. basically, i don't think many democrats were satisfied either. he put a speech together. i think everyone behind him had not signed up for obama care. possibility they didn't try. what did he do? he said, look, this is just a glitch and we're going to have a call center instead. we're going to return to the 1980s instead of dealing with this website. but, look, the website's one issue, and it's the symptom of a
11:36 am
bloated federal bureaucracy and a program that has been -- was ill-conceived from the beginning and the roll outwas a disaster. >> the new thing for you today is you have filed a foya, freedom of information act. what do you want? >> we want a simple number from them.of information act. what do you want? >> we want a simple number from them.freedom of information act. what do you want? >> we want a simple number from them. we asked for how many people signed up for obama care over the website. they're claiming they have half a million people who got on the website. that doesn't mean anything. we're assuming that they're telling the truth. let's assume that. all that means is that people have a log-in account. that doesn't mean that they actually signed up for the program. this is why it matters. tens of millions of dollars have been spent on a no bid contract on a firm that was fired by the canadian government. they've had three years to get it right.
11:37 am
obama care needs to be delayed for everybody. >> they say 19 million, 20 million unique visits since the october 1st launch. 476 applications have been filed. it's unclear how many of those have actually been enrolled. but you believe that this is about the taxpayers' dollars, that the website costs taxpayers money, and do you actually believe taxpayers should get some sort of refund because there have been so many glitches? >> well, i mean, i think at the very least, gretchen, i know it sounds like a broken record at this point, but this is why delaying the individual mandate makes sense. think about what's happening. i'll be quick, but the president himself has come out and said the system is half broken. the employers are not going to be subject to the provisions of obama care. now you are telling individuals that although the employer is not responsible for providing a compliant insurance, you, the
11:38 am
individuals, most of which are employees, have to comply with obama care. it doesn't make any sense. you're seeing all of this now fold out in front of everybody. >> speaking of an individual, health and human services secretary, kathleen sebelius, it was reported that she denied or said she would not be able to testify at the hearings this week even though she went on the jon stewart show. her office says she will be available to testify next week. i know you've called for her resignation. does that change your mind at all? if she testifies, do you still want her to resign? >> yeah. she's totally incompetent. this is a clear indication of this incompetency. robert gibbs who's the press secretary before jay carney agrees she ought to be fired. this is not that difficult. "the new york times" wrote a piece, i think it was about a week ago, and it turns out that secretary sebelius had her relatives vouch for her in this
11:39 am
story in order to cover her back side. look, this is the signature piece of legislation from this president. the rollout is terrible. kathleen sebelius has everything to do with it. >> that's the thoughts from the rnc. as we said, we asked the head of the dnc to join us and she declined. thanks so much. tell me what you think about the president's speech today and former vice president's comments on senator ted cruz and the tea party. tweet me @gretchencarlson and you can use #therealstory. dick cheney making news when he revealed how the plot from "homeland" was a real concern for him. can you hack a pacemaker? we'll tell you. bald may be beautiful. what if you could get back the luscious locks. a new makeover could get your hair follicles tingling -- i seem to remember a tingle up
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welcome back, everyone. her's what's getting clicked on the web right now. don't adjust your set. that's not dirt on the screen, that's smog in china. the choking fog forcing schools, airports and roads to shut down. peyton manning getting a he hero's welcome when he returned to indy. they lost to his old team, the colts. this german bishop answering to pope francis today after spending $47 million in church funds to make over his holy residence. the bishop also accused of falsifying expense reports. well, we all know the president defending obama care today, but even he's admitting
11:44 am
that he's frustrated with the glitches plaguing the signup website. still, he says the insurance itself is helping people and it still remains a good deal. >> the fact is the product of the affordable care act for people without health insurance is quality health insurance that's affordable, and that product is working. it's really good. and it turns out there's a massive demand for it. >> so our panel of doctors is going to weigh in now. dr. bob rahida is at beth israel hospital. dr. debby at the nyu school of medicine and dr. nina radcliffe is in private practice. i wanted to assemble a group of everyday physicians, and i mean that in a very high class way, to get your points of view about what you think about obama care. dr. bob, let me start with you. do you believe that this will be a good thing or a bad thing for you? >> most physicians feel this is going to be a bad thing for
11:45 am
them. for me, as chairman of the medicine, i take all insurances. i see medicaid, i see medicare patients. however, for my colleagues in private practice, it is sort of a disaster simply because we're really uncertain about the patient exchanges. they're going to be approximately 20 million more medicaid patients given to us. we don't have the manpower. we have a doctor shortage. primary care physicians are very difficult to find and they're not going to be there for these patients. >> so speaking of private practice, i'm going to turn to dr. nina, right, because you're in private practice? >> right. >> do you agree? >> no one in their right mind would enter into a contract or agreement without knowing the terms and conditions. it's like getting married to someone and knowing them and meeting their parents or knowing their likes and dislikes. it's like playing russian roulette. >> do you agree? >> i agree. the system is getting overloaded because so many people are trying to sign up for health
11:46 am
care. the same thing could happen to the medical system. so many people are trying to get in to see the doctor. >> isn't the biggest issue for physicians is the reimbursement? because you don't know yet how much you're going to be reimbursed, correct? >> correct. >> can you make it as a physician? back in the olden days being a doctor was considered an incredibly high income job. >> absolutely. >> now what does this do when you don't know the financial numbers and the bottom line? >> the numbers are getting lower and lower. we have no idea as to what we're going to get paid, particularly since there are now independent panels to tell us what we should be paid, insurance companies are heavily linked with the new medicaid rollout. it's going to be very, very difficult. >> let's talk about vice president dick cheney because he said in a recent interview in his new book as well that when he had the pacemaker put in he was actually worried that a terrorist could hack into it. and so he wanted the wi fi component of it taken out and
11:47 am
asked his physician to do that. we saw this on the show "homeland" could this really happen? >> not everything that happens on television is real. "star trek" they used to beam scotty up. there are no reported cases of it at this time. i do not want people to be concerned or get pacemakers placed that could be life saving. >> i agree. however, theoretically it could happen and his doctor is aware of at that as well. >> let's listen to the vice president. >> i was aware of the danger, if you will, that existed but i found it credible because i knew from the experience we had had, the necessity for adjusting my own device, that it was an accurate portrayal. >> he's the vice president of the united states, second in command. >> well, something like this is not possible today but i do
11:48 am
think just the way technology is, i mean, it may be something that's possible years down the road. >> all right. the real doctors of the real world with real talk on the real story. appreciate your time. a dad is tied up. three armed men threaten to shoot his daughter. the amazing story of how he used youtube and this rap cover to track down his own attackers. researchers say they may be on the verge of cure for baldness. i should have asked the doctors about this one. details coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of the country's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply bemes consider it solved. emerson. ♪
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welcome back. our military reached a deal with romania to use an air base as a key hub for pulling our troops out of afghanistan.
11:52 am
a few thousand soldiers could remain after the deadline in a supportive role. the base will be near the black sea and replace the gays we're leaving leaving in -- >> for the millions of men and women who would rather keep their hair, they're could be some huge news today. john roberts with the story. what is the breaks news? is there hope for all these beautiful, bald men out there? >> more than hope. could be a step down the road to a cure. this is very, very big news. until now dealing with hair loss has been limited to possessions or drugs that slow it down or hair transplant transplantationt around but this is the first time they've been able to grow hair follicles in a laboratory. they cook cells from seven cooperate, cloned the cells and then implanted them in human skin on the backs of mice.
11:53 am
it resulted in the creation of new hair follicles that grew healthy hair. a lot of applications here could grow grass for traps plantation, could help burn victims grew hair, might be injected directly into the scalp to grow hair. this has the potential transform the medical treatmen loss. >> so current hair transplant surgery is basically relocation of hairs from the back of the head to the front but no net gain in the number of follicles. the thinking is if we get to this where we could use it to increase the number of follicles. >> she knows what she is is talking about. that's a wig she is wearing because she has a condition and suffered from it since 1996 called alopecia. she has lost most of her hair, and has really made it her calling since then to help people in a similar situation.
11:54 am
here's another direction this could go in as well. drug companies have not been able to come up with specific drugs to treat hair loss because you can't grow hair in the laboratory. now they can grow hair in the laboratory, so they can bombard these hair follicles with thousands of potential pharmaceutical compounds and maybe find a real cure here. >> wow. that is amazing news. john roberts, thanks for the exclusive report right here on "the real story." >> straight ahead, look at what you, our viewers, have to say. how a rap video posted online helped police crack a vicious crime. social media now helping crack crimes? amazing story. don't miss it.
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>> hear about this story? a minnesota man turns to youtube to find three men who ransacked his home and threatened to kill his daughter. the police say the men broke into the guy's place after going door to door with pamphlets in the neighborhood. they tied him up.
11:58 am
he managed to track them down by showing rap videos on youtube. >> i'm not sure why the victim decided to look on youtube, and he ended up seeing the people that committed this crime against them, and so he contacted the police, and from there, the police followed up on those leads, and they were able to apprehend all of the perpetrators involved in this crime. >> wow. so the police were given the info from the rap videos and were able to find these three men, originally members of a local gang. >> two boy scout leaders who knocked over an ancient rock formation in a utah state park now say they're getting death threats. one of the men recently filed a personal injury lawsuit, claiming a car accident left him, quote, debilitated with serious back injury. >> you don't look very debilitated in that video. >> you didn't see how hard i
11:59 am
push. >> looked like you were pushing hard. >> you don't have my authority to put this on the news. >> this begs the question, is this a legitimate claim or is it a bit fraudulent, bit overreaching. >> utah state park officials have asked for criminal charges to be filed against the two men who toppled the boulder. the many said they were afraid the rock might fall and hurt their scouts. >> lots of feedback today on the president's speech and obamacare. sharon says, it's not affordable, and he isn't going to admit that. he has always had things given to him instead of having to work and pay for it. >> i'll cullly give him a b-plus on this speech. he is doing pretty good selling insurance. >> this facebook post from jim: f for fake, and d for deceiving. >> we heard from former vice-president cheney's defense of senator ted cruz. steven tweeted, ted cruz is my hero. doesn't lack the courage to what he was elected to do.
12:00 pm
>> keep all your tweets, facebook, ininstagrams coming in, we'll read them on the show. thanks for being part of "the real story." shepard smith is live from in the fox news deck. >> great -- today the story of a little girl. somebody's child. authorities don't know her name, where she came from, they know nothing about her. except that no one has claimed her. and now, thousands of tips from around the world and a suggestion she may be an american. plus, aaron hernandez the former new england patriot accused of murder, the prosecution looking for a new judge and a bizarre hearing ongoing right now. we'll get to that. where were you on saturday? man, the upsets in college football. we'll run them down and show you my favorites. let's get to it.


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