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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 22, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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everyone. and then the fight for immigration in the upcoming election. thanks for become part of "the real story" today. today on "shepard smith reporting," the little girl who was found in greece. don't know her name or her age. today there's an update and the father of pollyclass will be here to talk about the situation. and we'll have live on the show the girl who found a 3.85-carat diamond. the new ipad is lightning fast. the latest from the folks at apple, so let's get to it. first, at 3:00 this afternoon, the jobs picture. the nation are unemployment rate
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7.2%. a tenth of a percent dip. and the lowest level in nearly five years, but -- there's always a but -- while this may seem encouraging the feds say employers added 148,000 jobs in september. the partial government shut down delayed release of the jobs report. the late report had an impact on wall street. stock futures rose after the jobless anybodies went public, and now we're up more than .6 on the session. the experts say the government shutdown that just ended could still skew the jobs numbers for the time being. so we may not get a clear view of the job market until december. peter barnes is live in d.c. what sectors did the most hiring last mom? >> reporter: if you're look fargo job, here's where to look. professional and business services add 32,000 jobs in
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september. 20,000 of those were temp jobs. transportation and warehousing, up over 23,000 jobs. government added 22,000 jobs. most of those in state and local government. retail was up nearly 21,000. construction was up 20,000. a nice bounce from previous months. how might this affect the federal reserve's decision going forward? that appears to be what is moving the market today. >> reporter: this is a weaker than expected jobs report. the economists were projecting the economy in september was going to create about 180,000 jobs. it came in well shy of that. so that has got most of the economists i'm hearing from pushing out the fed's decision to start to withdraw this economic stimulus we have seen over the last five years. so expect that the cheap, easy money, to continue, probably into the new year sometime. >> peter barnes in d.c. this afternoon.
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thanks. the new tablet computer you ubought may already be dated, just in time for the ohio. apple just unveiled two new ipads in california. an ipad miniand a any one the ipad air. and we have details. apple reports they're both maller and faster than previous versions and this comes on the same day two new microsoft tablets hit the stores. and enthen there's nokia who unveiled its first tablet. a little late to the game. none of the companies got at the memo that the big area touch screens are the new thing right now. jerri willis is with us. this note is out of cupertino and i learned the ipad air weighs 1.4 panses and it's called screaming fast. >> they made thes bel skinnier, there's a bigger screen, moves faster,lighter, 1.4 pounds. the new one, a single pound. it makes my old ipad look like
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yesterday's news. >> it's $499. >> that's right. >> and macpros, the 13-incher and the 15-incher. >> it's an upgrade across the board. they're using the new ios system called the maverick. they usually name it after these cats. this time it's the maverick. you also want to check out the new desktop, $2,999. for professionals, macpro. >> this new 13-inch one, it has a retina display, nine hours of battery life. in fact somebody there said you could watch the black knight trilogy from cover to cover without publish. >> and never plug in and never have to worry about immigrant now what i do with my computer at work, i'm constantly pinging on the screen trying to get things to happen because i'm so used to my ipad. >> i don't know how much these are. >> million gazillion dollars. it's like you died and went to apple heaven in here.
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>> now, for people who want to still buy the ipad 2, the price didn't go down at all. >> we're seeing it -- listen, these people want to maintain their leverage in pricing. do what i do. buy the reverb version on the apple site. find the older products, they sell them cheaper. sometimes they're versions that didn't sell. >> nokia, a little late to the party, but just a little while ago looking at the new nokia, and it's good looking. >> this whole category dish haven't seen it but the whole category is changing. >> there's video on the screen right now. >> wow. look at that. >> i'm not sure exactly what they think they're going to do. so late into the game, but i guess it's worth trying. >> keep an eye out for microsoft 2 because what they're putting out there right now is really interesting. my husband has one of these pads. they're superfast. >> here's the surface we're
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looking at now. >> it's called the surface. people really like this product. it didn't get a first good ride from the media, but it's worth consumers looking at. >> so this is the new tablet from nokia. this happens to be from u.s.a. today. probably an apt met afor, nounsing the first connected windows tab let and two fablet devices. nokia has to travel great distances to catch up to the others. >> when you look at what apple has been able to do, what other companies are doing right now, they really have to go a long way to catch up. >> they do. it's great to see you. look for you this afternoon. >> that's right. 6:00 on the fox business network. >> 6:00 eastern, 5:00 in oxford. by now you have seen the
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video of the football fan cold cocking thewoman at the football game. now his mom is rushing to his defense. the jets fan gone wrong. plus a little girl who found the 3 about 85-carat diamond. she is going to be live on this program just minutes from now. my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research.
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nine minutes past the hour. we're learning more about the football fan caught on video punching a woman. the guy who did it is also a convicted killer. more on that in a minute. here's the video of the fight. tough guy. you can see the guy in the jets jersey taking a swing at the woman wearing a patriot shirt. now his parents are defending the 38-year-old bar tender who has a criminal history in the year 2011, police reportedly arrested him for serving alcohol to minors inch the nines in he served three years in prison for a deadly stabbing during a fight. his lawyer argued it was self-defense, and this time his parents say he was trying to protect himself and his mother, who was at the game there with him. she says the patriots fans heckled them the entire game and an the jets won the patriots fans started the fight. >> they are trying to make my son look like he just hit this
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poor girl, and that's not the way it was, he does have a past from when he was 17 years old so he knows when there's an altercation, you move on. you don't put yourself in that position, and he was concerned for me and for himself also that just to keep going and just not make something out this. >> so far no arrests but police are investigating. with us now, former nfl pro bowl wide receiver, donald driver, and he is the awe -- author of a new book called "driven." not any fun to see that. >> not fun at all. i played in green bay, wisconsin, and our fans don't get into altercations. >> your fans catch players. it isn't as if this is brand new stuff. just more cameras. >> exactly. sometimes when you have that cameras, everybody is catching everything. everyone have a cell phone. you can always get someone videoing everything you do. so it's hard to say.
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>> anytime you see a guy hitting a girl, though, i'm old fashioned -- >> that's wrong. that's wrong. you never put your hands on a woman, regardless how mad they make you. >> your book, which is out today, charts your history and i guess is kind of a guide for little guys. >> yeah. >> in many ways. >> exactly. for me, it was just a childhood growing up, growing up homeless and going throw the trials and tribulations i faced, and the overcoming everything, and i have overcame everything. >> why did you decide to write the book? >> it came at the right time. i was trying to find the final chapter of my book, and retee as the all-time catch history and retire from the packers, i felt like it was time to come out of the book. >> you mentioned the green and gold. i hopely manage always wears the blue. but the story about lambeau --
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is that sort of a spirit in this age of free agency is going to go away? it's hard for the packers to hold on to that. >> it's tough. you don't find guys who stay with one team as long as i was. a lot of guys come and go. but the thing about the nfl, it's a big fraternity. everyone stays together. >> the video came out like that in wisconsin of what we just saw, at metlife. how would that fly? >> not too well, at all. sometimes you have to justify the situation. something happened way before that, that made this guy react, but the guy had no right to hit the girl. >> everybody knows the history of you and the ncaa today handed down its punishment for the booster who bought the programs. the booster claimed he had spent millions of dollars on recruits and athletes and coaches, strippers and all the rest, even played for an abortion, he claims. he told yahoo! sports he did
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meals and the rest, and we learned the football team will lose nine scholarships, basketball will lose three, the former coach will sit out five games and the in canes football team will be allowed to play. the school imposed its own ban and university officials will not appeal the statements. the school's president says the committee on infractions report closes a challenging chapter in the university of -- in the history of the university of miami. the president goes on, i want to apologize to the hurricane family as we have asked for your makes, faith, support, during a difficult time, blah, blah, blah. a lot of people from outside the canes family who, over the last two and a half years, looked at the allegations allegations andd facts, and said if this isn't the opportunity for the death penalty, i don't know what is. >> it has totally different. i'm glad i went to a small
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school. we don't have those type of things going on. we development get pay to play football. so it was easier for us to go to school. >> your thoughts on what just happen to miami. >> when you make those type of -- you do those type of thingsor, going to get penalized for it. they deserve everything you get. >> the other story that's out there dish don't know if you have been falling grambling. >> yeah. >> over the weekend -- a great football tradition and a fine band tradition, and over the weekend the players, coach, in a dispute with the university and saying, we don't want mold in our practice facilities. they account play the game. they have patched things back up but there's something brewing in ncaa football. it seemed like a lot of kids are saying, this -- we need some compensation. we ought to at least be able to endorse a product. and if not, why can't we? there's a constitution in this country. >> it's tough you got guys coming out of college thinking they can make so much but but it's not true. the guys are wearing a jersey
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for a reason. we know if tim tebow jersey was selling in florida you know that's his number so these get complicated. players should get compensated. you're going to sell the jersey and make revenue, pay the players. >> the players are agreeing. the book is out now, called -- it's on your book stores and amazon and the rest. donald driver, nice to meet you. the teacher killed in yesterday's school shooting was nick named after a superhero and police say he lived up to that reputation. did you hear what the teacher did? and an effort to save students whom he was teaching. we're learning much more about his with action when another student opened fire and how he protected his students from the shooter. that's next.
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some dramatic images here showing israeli troops fighting with palestinians in the west bank today. we have it in our daily slide show for you this afternoon. this is israeli officials who say that the soldier killed a suspected militant during the fighting. they tell us they believe he was responsible for a bus bombing that happened in tel aviv last year. the "associated press" reports tear gas lit part of the hillside on fire. israel officials say security fors initially tried to detain the suspect who is right here -- he took cover in a cave and they eventually shot him. israeli security forces and the security service report also arrested two of his accomplices and out of israel and palestine. that is today's slideshow. >> we're now hearing the police scrapper audio from yesterday's middle school shooting in nevada. the shooting that left both a student and a teacher dead. lisp.
12:21 pm
>> police say the shooter was a student who ultimately killed himself. they say sparks middle school is closed for the rest of this week, as investigators try to piece together what led to yesterday's shooting. one of the victims was michael landsberry. not only a teacher at the middle school but also a father, husband, and a veteran of our war in afghanistan. family members say they're not surprised he died trying to save little lives. meanwhile, some of his students say their teacher loved batman so much that many used the title as his nickname. one student tweet, you'll always be known at everyone's batman, you're a hero. i love you. rest in peace, are in
12:22 pm
landsberry. another, hero before and a hero forever. mr. landsberry was an amazing teacher. a real world batman. will carr is in our west coast news hub this afternoon. >> reporter: the mount of sparks is mourning and the local police department does not have any plans to release the suspect's name. they say the suspect was a 12-year-old. he was in seventh grade and he showed up to school with a nine millimeter ruger handgun he had taken from his home. they say a short time later the suspect shot landsberry, two other suspects and then shot and killed himself after he cooperate get inside the school. listen to one student as he frantically called 9-1-1. >> we're told it took 15 minutes from in the first call to 9-1-1 to the time the shooter actually killed himself. now, police say it's up to the
12:23 pm
prosecutor as to whether they want to charge the suspect's parents because the gun came from their home. they said out of respect for the suspect's parents they're not going release the suspect's name at this time, shep, and also in terms of motive. there's some reports that the suspect may have been bull idea but police don't confirm. >> what do we know about the teacher? in the only one publicly identified. >> reporter: everyone from police to family, friends, say it comes as no surprise his actions yesterday made him a hero. now, witnesses say that he ran up to the shooter, tried to diffuse the situation, tried to protect the students, and that's when he was shot and killed. >> it was just a rumor when it started that landsberry had been shot. i didn't believe it as first. he was too cool to be shot. but when i got home, i heard the news, and it really hit me hard. >> he was honestly like a second dad to me when i went there.
12:24 pm
he cared so much about the students. >> he said, i would help you guys. i would do anything for you guys, and i guess that meant taking a bullet. and he did. >> reporter: a vigil was held last night to honor landsberry. as for the two students who were shot, we'll end with good news. both are in stable condition right now and both are recovering. one upgraded from critical this time yesterday. crews battling massive and deadly wildfires in australia have managed to stop a so-called mega fire from forming for now. yesterday we reported how three different fires west of sidney were in real danger of new jerseying and these firefighters are on the line and giving it their all. this is a blaze that could have become very difficult to control today firefighters were safely able to keep the fires from combine combining. the flames have destroyed more than 200 homes and many more are
12:25 pm
damaged beyond repair. one person died. the young girl whom investigators found living with gypsies in greece could be an american. a missing girl whose disappearance made national headlines is in focus now, and the fbi's investigating. who is this little girl that's ahead. from the texas news deck. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with applicati sites. discontinue andgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure.
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a fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. secretary of state john kerry met with u.s. allies in london for discussions about ending syria's deadly civil war once and for all. sir ya top rebel coalition announced it will not attend future peace talks until the current president is out of power. the fighting killed more than 100,000 people. hurricane raymond has weakened off the coast of
12:28 pm
mexico, max winds at 105 miles-per-hour. forecasters say raymond will move west, a. from the united -y from the united states. >> a rough day for mr. las vegas, the singer, wayne knot -- newton's, yacht sank.
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12:30 pm
the fbi just a short time ago confirmed to fox news they're trying to determine whether the young girl who turned up at a gypsy camp in greece could be baby lisa. baby lisa is a toddler that went missing in kansas city. the investigators are calling the young girl maria. and look at this side-by-side image. you can see another picture of maria on the right. police say the image on the left is what an artist believes lisa
12:31 pm
may look like today. he third birthday is next month. the police discovered maria at a gypsy camp in central greece. happened during a crackdown on illegal activities there. they'll say they picked the girl out because she looked nothing like the couple taking care of her. the authorities say the man and woman apparently kidnapped the child and dna tests prove their not her parents. trace gallagher has details. not lost is the fact that trading in children in this part of the world is not something that is really that unusual, but as far as this little girl goes, it appears she is older than little lisa. >> reporter: the gypsy parents say that this maria child was born back in 2009, which makes her either four years old or almost four years old. then they conducted forensic
12:32 pm
dentistry and say she could be a year or two years older, so that rules her out as baby lisa, but we offend out forensic dental test is a little unreliable. the irwin family says they investigate all leads. the kansas city police are also still investigating this. they say the leads of the past year and a half have dried up. there's one sure-fire way. because they have already done a dna test to rule out the gypsy parents being her lie bylogical test. they could test the irwins to fine out if this child belongs to them. >> yesterday we reported they've gotten so many tips around the world on the little girl. >> reporter: and they're taking eight of them seriously, including baby lisa, three of the other ones are from the united states, and also have tips from canada, sweden, poland, and france. they're looking into. keep in mind, this is all based
12:33 pm
on what they don't know, so now they're thinking about doing something called, an to bloggal analysis to narrow down which country she might be from. there are 38 young girls in enter poll's database but none match maria's description, and they're looking at this phony birth certificate going on in greece and might be part of the welfare scam. the jimmy claimed the biological parents lived in their camp and then let them take care of and then finally gave them maria because they were financially unable to do so. but their story changed so many times authorities are very leery of their motive. >> one little girl in the middle of it all. it's get some context. mark klass started a foundation after a man kidnapped his 12-year-old daughter poly. nice to seal you again. >> thank you. >> i don't know if people
12:34 pm
realize -- i didn't even realize the extent to which children are traded almost as property or currency in that part of the world. >> well, that's absolutely correct. and actually the kids that are traded from that part of the world generally come from that part of the world. think about the logistics of kidnapping an infant like lisa and then transporting her tigress and then sell can her to a gypsy family. doesn't make a lot of sense. there are estimated to be 270,000 victims of human trafficking in the european union right now. >> 270,000. how in the world do you begin to track down where these children might have come from and where they should be? >> well, you have to start drilling it down. i mean, if you look at logically, they believe most of the traffic victims come from the u. european union and then from ashe and africa, skins says so much closer to europe and the
12:35 pm
united states. >> marc, there were at least a handful, up to ten kids, who were found in this one camp when the police went out there, looking for those who committed some sort of crime. and they don't have any idea where any of them belong. >> that's exactly right. the whole idea of trafficking in children or selling children has gotten a lot more attention just in the last couple of weeks because of the madeline mccann story. now i think this is something that people need to jump on. weed in to become aware of it. weed in to be aware of what's going on in our community, just as the prosecutor was who noticed this little girl, and maybe we can get a handle on the whole human trafficking issue as it applies to stolen children. >> always a long shot. my heart goes out to all these families who have missing children for so long, and you see something lick this and hope and pray, but i can't imagine, marc. >> well, it gives people hope, though. it gives the families of the
12:36 pm
missing hope. whenever somebody is discovered who is actually missing, and now it's just a matter, in this case, of getting this little girl -- this is doing it in reverse -- getting this little girl back to where she came from. if that doesn't happen let's hope she fines a loving family that will give her the opportunity to grow into a good and productive citizen. >> how can people look it up? tell us about the foundation. >> well, the klaas kids foundation posed a blog on this case., and it's easily found on the internet. >> good to see you, >> did you know there's a state park in the state of arkansas where you can dig for diamonds and keep whatever you find? there is. been there. one teenager went there with her folks and discovered a diamond that could be worth -- oh, my -- at least tens of thousands of
12:37 pm
dollars. i'm talking a little girl here. a very bright one. but a little girl nonetheless. she is our guest live next. the day we rescued riley, was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers. you can find it all on angie's list. join today.
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delicious and nutritious my kids are going to love this. ones and plum amazins. only from sunsweet, the amazing prune. >> this one taught be good for a college fund. a teenager from oklahoma found a rare 3 about 85-carat diamond during a family trip to state park in arkansas. this could be tens of thousands of dollars. she says she was sift through the dirt for two hours when suddenly she spotted something, well, shiny. at first she said she thought it was a shiny candy wrapper, but turn out to be a jelly bean size diamond. he mom says they still have to get it appraised but the experts valued a similar diamond at between 50 and $60,000. this is just one of the latest finds at arkansas', crater of diamond state park, which is the only site of its kind open to the public. since the early 1900's, folks have found more than 75,000
12:41 pm
diamonds there. with us now from oklahoma city, tawnya klymer, and her mother. good see you both. >> thank you. >> tawnya, a shiny candy wrapper? >> yeah. >> and then when you got up close, did you realize you just stumbled on a diamond? >> not really. after i thought it was a candy wrapper i thought it was a marble. >> a marble. a marble might have been fun but wouldn't help pay your way through college, whoa it. >> huh-uh. >> mom, why haven't you gotten this thing appraised yet? >> well, everything has just been happening so fast, and honestly, she had the local news channel come out after we got back home, and as soon as they came out i wanted hit out of the house, and so we put it in a safety deposit box. i know it's not millions of dollars, but just having something valuable in the house, thought it was important to put it away. >> that sounds right to me.
12:42 pm
it's my understanding you have had as much fun with being on tv as you have hearing about what your diamond might be worth. >> oh, yes. every little girl wants to be famous one day and this is pretty cool. >> i bet it is. mom, it's her money or your money or family money or what? >> it's her money. it's hers to do whatever she wants with it. >> what do you want? >> i want college. >> good for you. where are you hoping to go some day? >> i want to go to osu. >> oklahoma state. if there's a little money left over, what are you going to do with that? >> i'll either use it for a ring or to go to a car or might spend it on myself for a shopping spree. i'm not sure. >> you deserve that. i guess -- i've been to that place once, and when you go there, you expect you might find a little sliver of something, or have some fun looking, but you don't really expect to find a jelly bean size diamond in there, do you?
12:43 pm
>> huh-uh. i didn't think i would find anything. so this is just a complete shocker. >> mom, when she pulled it up, what did you say? >> well, when i actually seen it, i thought everything else that we had seen that day was just like a rock, and if anything could have been a diamond, that was it, and i just told her to put it in her pocket, and i know that sounds terrible but it was in a paper sack, very tiny paper sack and in her pocket for another two hours. i just have that doubt like it might be, like a fake diamond, somebody placed somewhere or something. didn't think it was real. >> that would be rude to -- well, tanna, good luck. hope things work well at oklahoma state. be careful choosing your friends along the way, all right? >> yeah. >> i feel sorry for her future husband. >> i don't. she won't need a dowry.
12:44 pm
>> while we are on the subject of diamonds, kanye west popped the question to kim with a $15,000 ring. the couple was celebrating her birthday last night at san francisco's at&t park with friends and family. kanye had the jumbotron read, mess mary me. of course, kim. -ye had baby north west. kim's first marriage and kanye's first. the. >> meantime, new want said he was afraid to tell his bride he forget to book the hall. so he called in a bomb threat. he admitted he did call from a phone booth in april, saying
12:45 pm
there was going to be a bomb explosion in a wedding hall in 45 minutes. officials ordered everybody out of the building, including the bride, who ended up standing in the street in her wedding gown. there was no bomb. a defense lawyer says the couple is still together. stay tuned for news. we're you one day away from the start of the fall classic, game one of the world series. and -- well, it's happening in boston but that's another story. we'll be there, so will some true american heroes. three living recipient office the medal of honor. some of the bravest men in this nation. we'll talk with one of them coming up. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days.
12:46 pm
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just in to fox news. the 2014 tax season is going to
12:49 pm
start later because of the government shutdown. about one or two weeks later than usual. the "wall street journal" is saying,er is says tax filing season will be delayed one to two weeks, filing for 2013 returns to begin between january 28th and february 4th. and we'll have more on that and what it means for us. >> first, fox report. moore of theday's top headlines from the news deck. the russian security forces are looking for a husband of a woman who blew herself up on a bus yesterday. killing six people and wounding dozens more. investigators say her husband is a militant explosive expert who has been on the run for more than a year. emergency landings for two delta flights on the same night. a spokesman says one plane was heading from atlanta to seattle when an alarm wasn't off about the possibility of a fire in the cargo hold. she says it was a false alarm, but a second jet went back to
12:50 pm
syracuse, after an actual fire in the cabin, apparently involving a coffee pot. no word of any injuries. mission accomplished. that's what it says here. nasa reports astronauts on the international space station successfully released an unmanned cargo capsule today. it was but a test. it does mean that the company that owns the capsules can now start bringing supplies to the international space station. >> the world series starts tomorrow night and major league baseball is dedicating game one to veterans and military families. before the game there will be a special on-field ceremony for three living medal of honor recipients, in february, president obama awarded sergeant robeshay for saving his fellow soldiers. they woke up to an attack. about 300 firefighters, taliban
12:51 pm
fights. the sergeant moved under heavy fire, rescuing his comrades and directing air support. officials say he took out an enemy machine gun teen. then a grenade hit the generate he was using for cover. he kept fighting. he's with us now. >> i happened to be watching that day as the president was talking about you, as you stood stone faced and seemed like you really weren't into it. tell me how that mentality comes about when you are without question an american hero and you don't want to hear about it. >> it's a time to reflect. it was great experience to be there and share with my platoon mates that were in battle that day. the eight guys we lost to have those families there and watch their heroes recognized on national level. anytime we can remind the american people what our service men and women are doing, it's always for them.
12:52 pm
you never look going into stuff to do it for yourself. just doing your job. so you're always reluctant on acknowledgment, but it's for everyone, not you. >> for those of us who pay tapings to wars as cash advertise and numbers and stacks, i find it sobering and almost comforting on these days when people like you are recognized for doing what you were trained to do and want to do. there's something very uplifting about those moments, and i think all of us were the day we heard about you. what kind of memory does you have of those events? >> the day, a 12-hour firefight. >> 12 hours. >> a time that was a blur, and a time of moments of absolute clarity. as i look back to that day, moments of what my battle buddies did, that teamwork, that group effort throughout the whole day.
12:53 pm
stuff as simple as stopping for a five-minute break to drink a dr. pepper and smoke a cigarette. to take a breather, break, and then reengage and continue on with the mission. as i look back, those are the key things i remember. my battle buddies, my friends, the eight guys we lost, to keep their memory alive. >> you took out -- well, you took out a machine gun -- explain to me what you took out that put shrapnel all over you. >> my assistants gunner and i moved into position to help reinforce a position that had been cut off and isolated. we were using a 60k generator, six feet wide, four feeting high, as a shield against the enemy bullets. sitting there trying to eliminate the enemy, and so they could come back to a little better concealed spot, and they flanked around us and inned up firing a shoulder-fired grenade
12:54 pm
launcher that luckily the generator took the brunt of the blast. kind of just peppered me with shrapnel. gregory got hit but we could still shoot, move, and communicate, and able to get back on our feet, continue to send rounds downrange but knew at that point our position there was no longer feasible to support. >> somehow you were able to get five of you back mobile again and go back on offense. >> there was one of those -- you know, everything was going, left, right, up, down. but we knew we had a job to do. the guys that day, the platoon, unit, all doing their piece, but it got to a point i went in to talk to my platoon leader and gave him this hair-brained idea, let's counterattack, take this thing back. and in hindsight, when i walked in to ask for volunteers, who will follow me, i had five guys
12:55 pm
raise their hands. delaney, danny, rasmussen, and jones, and just to see those five guys stand up and say, hey, we'll follow you anywhere, me permanently insuring hindsight, looking back, that was a crazy idea. why whoa anyone want to do that. but the american forces, our military are the finest and well trained men and women in the world, and we had 52 of us that day. unfortunately the taliban only brought 300 so that was their mistake. >> 52 to 300. we experience it at fleet week and those who lived in and around military bases all our lives experience it, day in and day out. and that is you meet people who walk down the street or you see them at parties or whatever, and you -- they're american heros and i just wonder if you could give people out there who are watching an idea what it is that on a day-to-day basis we can do for you. >> you know, the american people
12:56 pm
have been so gracious and supporting of our veterans and our troops, and so often men and women go overseas and serve. they raise that right arm, less than half a percent of the american population serves. >> one half of one percent. >> everyone wants to talk about the one percent, well, the half theirs is the elite class in the u.s., and they do it because they want to they understand selfless service and sacrifice and they're not doing it for the big paycheck or the gloryie and, to be part of events like the world series game one decide indication to veterans, that's america's national pastime, that's america's game, and to allow on a national level recognition to our service men and women, who, like i said, they strap the boots on, pull the uniform on every day, because they're sacrificing -- they just do it. to have major league baseball come out and dedicate a game like that, and great organizations like the veterans
12:57 pm
welcome to provide assistance for these men and women coming back, their needs. it's just great to be part of. great to announce it. >> staff sergeant we'll be there to cover it tomorrow. it's an honor to meet you. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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see these hot new apple devices? do they look anything like this health care site they can't get right? one is ipads, one is ipannic. >> i don't remember anybody suggesting apple to stop selling iphones. >> they fixed the problem and moved forward. >> just stop, just stop. tonight i want to be very, very clear about it. mr. president, i like apple, and i would like to think apple is the friend of mine, after years of buying devices. mr. president, you're no apple. >> it hit me a few hours a