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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 23, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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options of white. off white, cream, winter white, snow white. i think i'm out. >> leopard white. >> really? >> i think. >> white is the new black. >> haven't you heard? >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> you got it. gretchen is next. >> see you later. >> when you go to the website, apparently not, with new big problems with the shop and browse feature. if the president plans to tackle immigration reform next, congressman raul labrador explains why. and new report says you want recreational pot to be legal. what would you do?
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>> well, welcome everyone to "the real story ". the president's top advisers expected to sit down with the ceo's of the biggest insurers today. senior white house correspondent today. full plate today, right? >> meeting is happening right now. the president's advisers are saying that he did not know that the sign up website was going to have problems asked whether democrats are likely to pay a political price for the hang ups in next year's elections they suggested that the question is premature. white house press secretary who is briefing right now said that the administration's so called tech surge has a good deal of
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urgency to it. >> we did not expect, the administration did not expect the scale of problems that we have seen. which is why, at the president's direction and the secretary's direction we have launched this all out effort, 24/7 with the tech surge of experts into mys and ears coming into assist the team. >> democratic senator has called on the administration to extend the sign up period in light of the computer problems. at least one house democrat has called on the president to fire someone. nancy pelosi the minority leader in the house says they are focused on fixing the problems. republicans protested that they were not invited to the
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briefing. house speaker says the affordable care act is with holding growth. their wages are stagnant and part of the problem is that we've got the threat of obama care continuing to hang over our economy like a wet blanket. >> the president's most senior advisers meeting with the ceo's of most of this country's largest insurance companies to discuss open rollment and to pick their brains to solve the problems with the website. >> and the office of the house speaker john boehner informed fox news that republicans will brief the press on the bhems wi problems with the website. earlier eric can tore blasted
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the white house for the lack of transparenc transparency. >> no intension initially to say that they were going to brief republicans on what is going on. last night we learned that federal officials asked insurers not to release numbers in terms of sign ups. >> so this has been going back and forth all day. now the house republicans have been asked to go, bring us up-to-date. >> there is a back and forth. the white house has said they invited them long ago. the bottom line is that the administration is in a spin zone. they are trying to get out of the fact that a lot of this website still isn't working and they are trying to calm some of the push. not only from republicans that have been calling for an
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individual mandate delay but now democrats in the senate a number of house members saying it is time that this thing be put on hold for a while. >> that is an interesting development. also jay carney. take a listen to how reporters like you were attacking him. >> it is on us, the fact that the website has not functioned as effectively as it should. the tech surge has announced by cms and hhs i would refer you to him. i don't have more information i would refer you to hhs. beyond what i just announced, i would refer you to beyond those details i would refer you to hhs. >> so they are the people best situated to answer why questions. i would address your question to hhs.
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i don't have that information and this is being run by hhs. i would refer you to hhs. >> that is officially called the duck. ducking the question. if you had jay carney on your show you would get the same answer. this guy keeps referring everyone to hhs. ed henry our team spent a lot of time trying to get through to hhs and get answers and hhs would not provide those answers. how many people have enrolled. not just applications not just visited the website. how many people have enrolled through the call centers. we are expected to get it in november. but we don't have it yet. i think there is a real lack of information when it comes to new, knew what, when.
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and that will come out. >> real quickly, also another glitch in this website where people go and they can sign up for a certain age bracket but they are getting the wrong prices of what health care costs. >> the shop and browse feature enabled people to go in and not have to apply for insurance but compare and shop. what happens is, they are put into broad categories, 49 and under and 50 and older. you can type in your specifics and be double what the shop and browse price is because of how it is structured. it is pretty amazing. it is structured for a 50-year-old and your cost would be higher. thank you so much. we will be watching tonight. >> fox news alert for you now. 14-year-old student being charged for the murder of be
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loved math teacher. trace gallagher has the latest for us on this story. >> reporter: the 14-year-old has now appeared in court. being identified as phillip chism. he was reported missing and police sent out a tweet notifying the public to be on the lookout. last night at 11:20 math teacher was reported missing. the coincidence brought police to the high school where they found blood ain a second story bathroom. they found him walking along the highway and now video showed him at the high school after that they found the teacher's body in the woods behind the school. the da won't talk about the connection between the student and the teacher or about the
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cause of death. only that he assaulted her and he beat her. here is the da, listen. >> i don't believe i said she was stabbed. i didn't say that, and again, as we progress with the investigation we will present that evidence at the proper time. >> by all accounts colleen ritser was a beloved teacher. it was her second year. before the year started she sent out this tweet: >> again, 14-year-old phillip chism being charged as an adult all 7 of the schools in that district have been shut down. unclear when the schools will reopen. >> what a horrible story. coming up. big news on secret documents on the jon benet murder case.
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bankruptcy. retirees and unions argue the city has failed. >> new questions at whether health and human services secretary knew about problems with website. president insisting that he didn't know about problems until after it launched. >> do you know when he first knew that there was a problem. >> i think it became clear fairly early on. the first couple of days? >> not before that? there was no concern at that point in the white house at hhs? >> i think that we talked about having testing going forward. >> mark tieson, former speech
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writer for president bush gentlemen, thank you so much for being here. simon, a senior official had this quote today. obama has had a level of skin in this game that has been underreported. this isn't a problem that has crept up on him. this is the signature domestic issue of this president of the united states. are we to meef thatbelieve that not know that this website was having trouble before it launched? >> i don't know bet per than they do. i think it would be completely conseestabceivable given the en of his job. this is only one piece. >> the central piece though on whether or not this actually
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works. this is his signature domestic issue. >> i understand. it is possible that she didn't know and the senior folks at hhs wouldn't know. >> wouldn't they be fired then? >> the answer is no, because we want them to go fix it. >> gretchen, i'm answering your question. >> the answer is no. i don't think they should be fired. i think the priority is to fix this. so that the people who don't have health insurance can get it. in the private realm, would people not be fired? >> she would be gone already. she is in charge of the roll out of this product she is responsible for it. the fact that she hasn't offered her resignation discredited her. the fact that she didn't tell
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her boss that his signature achievement is going to implode? if you think the implementation of obama care -- >> that is assuming that she knew about it and she chose not to tell him. do you believe that the president knew? >> i think he knew. he had to have known. if the president didn't know and the secretary didn't know and she was bt paying attention and these payment want to run the health care of americans. >> maybe we should call in the superbowl champions baltimore vey v ravens help out. although asked many times, they are using $130,000 of taxpayor
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federal money to do just that. simon, is this the reason why the ravens are 3 and 4 this season? >> as a giant's fan i would take 3 and 4 right now. it is common for the government to spend money on the nfl. all of the military spends tens of millions of dollars advertising inside the staydium. i'm proud that the ravens have stood up and said they want them to have affordable health care. by the way, no nba teams have decided to do it mark. >> if the ravens website to sell tickets worked the way that the obama care website works there would be no problem on sunday. >> the problem is it is broken.
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you can't overcome that with advertising. >> you can't get on the website to buy insurance. >> maybe if the fans are watching the report know on cable tv or looking at the facebook and twitter plugs they will like it better. but that is where it stands right now. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> six months after the boston marathon bombing police beefing up security for the world series. >> ahead what it takes to keep boston safe. chuck smith is there for game one of the fall classic. >> and you come home to find your teens having a drinking party. do you call the police like some connecticut parents did? tweet me right now i'm going to respond right now. i'll ask a top republican about comments like this.
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>> i think that our focus should be used to fix it because the american people are depending on it and it is going to be a beautiful thing in their lives to have that freedom.
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the boston red sox and the st. louis cardinals getting ready to play game one. security is tight. our own shepherd smith. >> shep you are reporting live from there have you tried to scale the green monster there. i feel like a traitor all of the teams tonight are wearing red. it is going to be a great night
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for boston and for baseball. they are expecting temperatures to be in the 40s. two days ago the weather man was calling for a chance of rain. they think there is a good chance they are going to get this in without any rain. game one of the world series is going to be dedicated to military families. to returning veterans and their families. the families who stay back home go through just as much as those who fight for our freedom over seas. on the field a big "b" for boston strong. they have raised awareness here and they are taking good care of the victims of the boston marathon bombing and they will play a little baseball.
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las vegas says the red sox are the favorites to win this thing. but those cardinals have a good shot tonight. it is on the big fox broadcast network as it has been for years and years. first pitch just after 8:00 tonight. so we are fired up to be here even though there is no plu. >> i feel for you shep. wasn't it big poppy who took to the center of the field after the boston bombing and took to the crowd with spicy language. is he going to be on the field at least speaking and not playing first base? as they have made their way through the playoffs? he delivered a grand slam and brought him a win. his language may be saucy some time. we are a saucy town from time to
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time. and i don't think they mind that one bit. they love him. >> the tv news business no spiz spicy talk whatsoever. >> no, ma'am, not today. >> i'm envious but have a good time. >> ahead, how jon benet ram see's father got in the middle of the rehe's lease of long hel documents. >> new signs that the majority of you want to legalize pot for recreational use. >> our power panel talks coming up next. ♪ legalize it ♪ don't criticize it ooh, homemade soup! yeah...
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welcome back everyone. time to check headlines now. president obama sitting down at the white house right now with the president of pakistan. pakistan's alleged support of the taliban. minnesota court deciding if police need search warrants before making drivers take a dui test. anyone suspected of drunken
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driving can be charged if they refuse that test. it comes amid security concerns ahead of brazil hosting next year's world cup tournaments. >> we've heard president obama was hoping to bounce back from the government shut down with a new push with immigration reform. his agenda is getting bogged down. bad blood from the budget battle may have doomed the over hall. dead on a rival. congre congressman is from idaho. >> good to be on your show. >> you have had a bipartisan approach to this. you believed at one point that we should be talking immigration
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reform. now what is your message to him? >> it was that he was unwilling to come to the negotiating table. we sent him 14 bills and he said that he would veto every bill. most would open the government fully or partially. he wanted to completely destroy or gutt the republican party from it's core principles. now he says he wants to pivot to tax increases. harry reid said the only way they will do entitlement reform is if we increase taxes. he said the only way he would reform is we have to accept a senate bill. >> i understand if you are a republican you may feel that you
11:33 am
got burned from this budget battle. a lot of people believe it is important to tackle the immigration issue. do you believe that? >> absolutely. i'm writing legislation right now that deals with legislation. that deals with aspects of immigration reform. the question will be if we have willing negotiators on the other side. there is no reason to negotiate with him on these issues. >> the interesting thing is some people feel that is his attitude with republicans that wanted to shut down the government. how ironic do you think it is that the president's spokes person is starting to talk about depllaying obama care? >> it is the most amazing thing
11:34 am
that we have seen. we don't need to make a huge deal out of the website issues. the problem is obama care is not the website. the problem is that the law is flawed. people are receiving health insurance costs that are doubling and being kicked off of their health insurance. i think they are going to end up doing it anyway. he shut down the government and they aare going to do what we were asking them to do. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. ♪ girl, girl >> all right is that a little mood music now? how high can you go? for the first time a new poll
11:35 am
shows most americana du adults r ma making marijuana legal. joining us into our power panel. >> all right, are you in favor of legalizing pot use so that you can do it in your home? >> no. i think it sets a bad precedent. go ahead and do the drugs as you see fit. for me disnal purposes. >> washington state, colorado, the first states to legalize it. are they on the right pathway? >> i wouldn't do it. i understand it is a huge business. they are putting $100 billion to
11:36 am
$200 billion on this market to create jobs. it wan spark a lot of companies. >> they say that it lead to other criminal activity and further more drug people who are trying to help people say it leads to bigger drugs. >> what does alcohol do? i don't see a big difference i think it is probably safer to smoke pot although you will get heavier. >> you are part of the 58%? >> it will help the food bis. i'm a supporter of passing it. take the power out of the drug dealer's hands and i think it is going to be the gold rush for living in those states. i think people will move out there and make a living. >> your lungs. >> then don't smoke. >> the issue is making it legal. >> i don't smoke cigarettes or pot.
11:37 am
i don't even drink alcohol. >> i have tried it. >> vera is going on the line saying that she has never tried it. >> i can't say that. >> but have you ever seen the video police officers out in california had people get high and go behind a car the steering wheel of a car and they were morer rat tick drivers than when they were drunk. >> what was the test? how much did they drink and how much did they smoke? >> once you make it legal peel illegally get these prescriptions which is happening. if you want to smoke poll you can smoke pot. they do get these diseases at least the government is reaping the benefits. >> going down the line yes or no. parents in connecticut come home from a long weekend find their teens drinking under age.
11:38 am
they call the cops on their own kids and the kids have been arrested. >> would you do the same thing. >> absolutely not. why? first of all why did the parents leave? if they feel that their children can't be trusted then stay home for your kids. once you put your children into the legal system. you are opening up pandora's box. >> the police say the parent's decision they did the right thing lauren. >> they did the right thing not only did the 15 and 16-year-old have several parties throughout the week. >> whose fault is that? >> why did the parents leave. >> they are charged with permitting a minor.
11:39 am
>> this isn't the first time. >> i would not have called the cops i don't think. i would worry about the ramifications later on in life getting into college and getting a job and having it on your record. >> what if something happened that night. >> but it didn't happen. >> thankfully. >> they might have had issues with these kids in the past. >> then they should be arrested be better parent as. >> there is a cschool in texas taking away this concept of every kid gets a trophy. >> we have a whole room of trophies that they didn't earn. i would throw them away. do you have too much of kids winning everything and not enough losers? >> i absolutely agree unless it was like the oscars and then you
11:40 am
could fill my house with them. just kidding. i wasn't in that generation. i didn't get any trophies. so i know the value of winning. i think you have to eastern it. let's listen to the school director. >> kids have been raised in a society where things have been given to them. you get a reward. you have to go above and beyond to get those rewards. >> i agree. you are miss america and you get your krocrown. >> losing is a lesson in life. you need a drive to get you to a real trophy. >> but i like when little children get it. i like the fact that when they are very, very little they are
11:41 am
all winners. >> so the trophies i threw away when they are five. >> they don't need more than one. >> great panel discussions today. >> coming up the judge in the jon benet murder case is ordering the release of the documents. and why her father is dpens the release of those documents. >> next. >> my name is matthew on june 22nd, 2013 i hit and killed vincent kansani. this video will act as my confession.
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well, an arrest in a duck dynasty heist. a 16-year-old admitted to stealing a scare crow that looked like uncle si. the first trail lore just out. >> let's look at the big map. where is the map? >> look at the monitor. where are my legs, i don't have legs ron. >> anchorman 2 hits theaters coming up this christmas. >> jose baez will now represent two of the bullyies in the case of the florida team that jumped
11:46 am
to her death after two teens bullied her online. our next guest is a high school teacher from new jersey who says there is no time for bullies in her classroom and is sharing her story of being resulty ining b child. i think it is so brave for you to come forward. you were a victim. >> it is shocking to hear this story they see me day-to-day. when i read the story in class they say this really happened to you and i say yes. and they are intensely listening for the rest of the period. >> for you it started with threatening notes in your locker. it ends up where you are off school property and you get
11:47 am
punched. >> what was your reaction? >> shock. because i was lured off of the school grounds. it doesn't happen on school grounds. i was lured behind my church and i was alone i was faced with a circle of people who were there to watch and the bully. she said that she wanted to fight me. and i said why, you don't know me and i don't know you and she swung. i chose not to hit her back. >> why? >> first of all, it is against my principles, i'm against violence, but all it would have proven at that moment was that she was stronger than i was which i already knew. >> my daughter has also faced bullying. as a parent you want to do
11:48 am
anything to protect your child. i felt the same way that you say you have seen the parents want the kid to fight back. i have said if that ever happens again you tell them your mom is going to come and you know what. you say that is not the right approach. >> first of all, they are going to be penalized for fighting in school. even if it takes place on school grounds it will not solve the problem. and it continues. my approach worked she stopped bullying me because i didn't feed into her attention. >> how important is it for you as a teacher who believes in interceding and what about the teachers that don't see the signs? >> some don't see it and some
11:49 am
chose to look the other way as i believe some look the other way. it can make someone's life miserable. it only happened to me for a year. despite the fact that i had a boyfriend and lots of friends and a loving family. but what about kids who face this their whole school career and now kids are taking their own lives. thank you for sharing your story with us today. coming up, 17 years after her death the new secret documents and why her father is dense their release. we will be right back. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel. well, you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it. and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. priceline savings without bidding.
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17 years after her death, jonbenet ramsey's family the
11:53 am
secret indictments reportedly claim both parents abused the girl until she died. jonbenet was found murdered in her family's home on frim dchri day in 1996. should these secret indictments be released to the general public. it's hard to believe it's been 17 years. >> what word did you just use to describe them? what kind of indictment? a secret indictment? a secret is something you tell somebody one at a time. but it winds up getting out anyway. in my opinion, absolutely not. as a prosecutor, you call charge the jury their first day of service, you say this is a secret proceeding and you can't tell anybody what happens here. the fact that an indictment was not signed by the district attorney means in my opinion
11:54 am
what happens there should die there and it's over. >> so the district attorney refused to sign this and the defense now is that what they're saying, that when people go and participate in a grand jury, they think it's going to be secret, right? >> because there are secrecy rules. we all got snookered, because 17 years ago, we didn't know that the grand jury indicted, we didn't know that they put forth a true bill. we assumed that the grand jury didn't indict. wait a minute, if the grand jury said there was enough there to prosecute, why did the prosecutor not sign it? that's what we need to uncover and that's why the secret indictment needs to be revealed. >> no doubt this story's far from over. we got to talk about this dui crash confession. remember this video? well, not that one. we remember that he went on,
11:55 am
matthew cordell and he confessed to killing a man, he said he was highly intoxicated. some people said he did that because he wanted a lighter sentence. he got 6 1/2. >> that's why he went and did it, it was propaganda, now they sent a message, if you kill somebody and you do the same thing, the judge is going to knock off half your sentence. >> i thought that was a stiff sentence, apparently according to the state law, he will never be able to driver again. >> these are the hardest cases, i have probably had five of them where i represented the defendant and when you hear the family of the deceased, your heart is breaking. this young woman said, my father did nothing wrong, my father was just driving and now he's dead. the kid, yes, he was over the legal limit, it's not like he was on heroin and he was crazy drunk. he should not have been driving,
11:56 am
but 6 1/2 years is a long time. he just walked in and his first plea was guilty. that never happens. everybody always says not guilty. >> these cases would actually wrap up like this. >> i got to run. >> it's not like he's a hero. >> i got to run. your tweets and, mails next. the day we rescued riley,
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was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at
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you guys were all over the facebook posting on the parents who called the cops who came home from a weekend away to find their children having a drinking party. janet says the parents did the right thing. i did that once, it never happened again. and blake mcmillan said, sure, let the state deal with the
12:00 pm
problem instead of stepping up and dealing with the problem yourself. and from a police officer, most of the time, parents don't call us which leads to more problems down the road. gretchen, thanks, and welcome to game one of the world series tonight between the red sox of boston and the st. louis cardinals. we'll speak live at the legendary sports casters, there's a lot of news today, another student accused of murdering another teacher, this time right here in boston. and some important dna results concerning that little girl who cops found in a gypsy camp in europe. all that and much more unless breaking news changes everything. >> live from fenway park in boston. >> good afternoon again from righ


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