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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 25, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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for the next big storm. the guys from "this old house" and the generator guy will tell what you you need to do now. >> have a great weekend. >> have a great weekend. bill: good morning. we have breaking news about pirating attacks against american. two americans where being held off the coast of the nigeria. we are told pirates separated the crew based on nationality and took the americans. martha: the fbi and the state department are the two agencies taking the lead on this in the response. we have not heard what the response is going to be. >> our concern is for the safe return of the two u.s. citizens. chief of mission security are
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investigating the kidnapping report. we believe this is an act of piracy. bill: reuters reports a small marine unit in that region might be called in to respond. has anyone heard from the pirates just yet? >> there is a report that some nigerian rebels have been in touch with the kidnappers and they are trying to secure the release of the two men. the nigerian navy who have experience fighting pirates. but as you were saying the concern is that the men are some uninland. -- are somewhere inland. experts say this is not about al qaeda-type terrorism, it's about the money. > >> their lives are not at risk.
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it's about money. report report sea retriever is owned by a louisiana company which has not commented yet. bill: does this mark a shift in strategy? martha: from the waters around west africa to east africa, yes. we heard many instances of pirates operating off of the coasts of somalia. but internationallest to go after them moved them east off oil-rich nigeria yeah. in the waters off west africa, somalia 851 sailors were attacked. off east africa 960 sailor were attacked in 2012. there have been 132 crew members
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taken hostage off the gulf of guinea. martha:le gulf of guinea is one of the world's most oil-rich places. 30 per of u.s. oil imports flow through that region and all that oil attracts pirates. 40 pirate attacks have been reported in the first 9 months of this year. bill: oftentimes we think about somalia, the eastern coast of somalia. this off nigeria. the gulf of guinea is an area where a long large river flows in. oil platforms are stations off the coast of nigeria. go back to somalia a moment. that's our focus the past couple years has been on the eastern side. the horn of africa. what's fascinating is the
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tactics on the east coast of africa versus the west coast. we are watching the story out of nigeria. the expert who will join us says somalia. you have a pattern, you have a system. it is not that way in nigeria in many cases. martha: it's a reminder of what happened on the somali coast. that story is playing out on movie screens tack america. the kidnapping of captain phillips off the m earks rsk alabama. -- off the mearsk, alabama. >> i saw how committed they were and they weren't going to give up. i told them the navy is never going to give you money. you can let me go and this would
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never end. they were committed. they were not going to give in and it was just basically two forces coming together and trying to win out. martha: there he is on that day in 2009. he went back to work on the high seas. he he dealing with piracy is one of hazard of the job out there. bill: people take these jobs because they pay well. we don't have identities yet we can talk about publicly but we are talking about that. martha: back home kathleen sebelius is remaining defiant in the face of a tidal wave of criticism. a growing number of lawmakers called for her to resign over
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the massive problems on the obama-care web site. but sebelius says i don't take orders from those people calling for my resignation. >> the majority of people calling for me to resign are people i do not work for and do not want this program to work in the first place. i have had frequent conversations with the president and i committed to him my role is to get the program up and running and we'll do just that. martha: chris tire chris stirewh us. you have to wonder if kathleen sebelius would like to refray that. >> you are talking about core competency issues. when eric holder was under
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supreme pressure, fast and furious, how could this person survive in office. he was careful in all his public utterances to strike a contrite note. to be sorry about when competency lapses occurred and to defend the ideology behind what he did. for sebelius to be in the face of what is the most famous technical botch probably in american history. for her to be at the center of this and not be contrite, not be sorry and say she would be defiant in the face of these calls for her ouster is not going to play. martha: it's an interesting stance. build a wall around the administration. we are us and the rest of you are them who are unhappy with the job i'm doing. she could have taken that moment and said i'm the captain of this ship, i assure the american people that this ship is righted
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and i won't rest until i do it. >> popular in washington is an inrelevant claim of responsibility. she said it's not my fault but i take responsibility. as the person in charge of this department. though it's not my fault i take meaningless responsibility for what occurred. sebelius who was the daughter of a governor of ohio and herself the governor of kansas. one would think she would have more political moxie than to sound defiant. martha: we have not seen to many people loss their jobs for anything along these lines. >> reporter: the president
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need this to be a glitch, a software problem. for her narrative too hold true it need to be such a messup, she told c nrntioshe -- she told cne years. if she doesn't start being sorry and focus on the meaninglessness, if she doesn't focus on that side of it the president may tiefer her defines. martha: if she was pictured sitting at a table with reading glasses on. it might look that's where the focus was. but she has been out and about. chris, we'll see you next time. bill: next wednesday sebelius testifies at the committee. the lead contractors behind
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>> you are telling every american if you sign up for this or even attempt to you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. that's a direct contradiction to hippa and you know it. yes or no. >> once again, cms has complied to federal rules and regulations they established under our contract. that is a cms call. that is not a contractor call. bill: senator pardon will react to the allegations from one democrat out of new jersey saying yesterday's hearing was a monkey court. do you think the hearing was a monkey court? send us a tweet. our lines are open right now. you are spending upward of $600 million. trying to figure out how to get
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a web site opening. expedia started with a web site that cost $billion, they would have never gone the off the ground. martha: they were talking about privacy issues which are very important. a terrifying accident at a state fair. a ride that went more any wrong. what investigator think may have been the problem here. bill: a state attorney general and candidate for governor caught at an alcohol-soaked teen party. martha: what does it take to get fired at the white house? we just talked a little bit about that with chris stirewalt. but bill o'reilly took this issue on in a big way. do you believe the president is
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fixing problems? do you believe people are being held accountable? talking points ...
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martha: today is not a good day for doug gantzer. it shows him in the center of this teenaged party. a lot of underage drinking going on where his 19-year-old son was a deejay and that's dantzer was in the middle of the picture. at first he said he didn't recall if anybody was drinking but later he said he admitted his mistake. >> reporter: is that your hand on the cell phone taking a picture. >> i was reading an text. what i'm doing in that picture is walking through.
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my son was upstairs. he was a deejay. i walked through the party, walked upstairs. talked to my son, walked downstairs and left. what i could have done was investigate whether there was drinking going on and then taken action on that. for that i probably should have done that. though what i did do was go through there. and to make sure he was fine. i trust him and i know him. martha: oops? not a good job for someone in his position. we have a campaign in that town who say parents who host lose the most. he apparently signed the lease on this house along with other partners so they could host this party. bill: he and his son are having a good time. martha: until then.
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>> $500 million later we find the american public have been dumped with the ultimate cash for clunkers except they had to pay at cash and still got the clunker. >> there are thousands of web sites that handle concurrent volumes far larger than what healthcare go --than what healts faced with. >> this is more than a web site problem. frankly the web site should have been the easy part. >> reporter: that's republicans and democrats. some estimates are the government spent $500 million already and they are not done yet. 55 contractor needed to screw in
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this lightbulb and there is still not enough electricity. is this going to be the first billion dollar web site in technology history? >> it could be. based on the history in washington, d.c. of solving problems by throwing more federal money on a problem they spent lots of money on. you have the administration saying they are going to bring in a surge of tech analysts and tech specialists but they are not willing to tell us who those people are. how much we are waying them and when this will be done. you can take a look at the testimony from yesterday and they are saying we'll have it done by january 1. but they can't give you a specific date. bill: everybody is looking for a price tag on this. you made the point the government keeps throwing money after problems which shows you how government gets fat and very, very expensive and shows how you get into a $17 trillion
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debt. these people have lost their mind. >> they have. you look at the reason why we continually throw money at these problems. the federal government aren't willing to look at the exact problem. they are short on details when it comes to why the web site crashed. the administration isn't willing to give out information. the oversight committee is getting ready to subpoena contractors on why this didn't work and why these contractors were hired. when you don't look at the problem at the basis of why we are spending so sp money it creates more problems and cost a lot more money and the reason it cost so much money is there is no accountability for spending this much money. bill: where is this tech surge? you point out, what will the cost be then? this among democrats now compared from a year ago in
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october to now. 41 per are sat fight, 59% are dissatisfied. move to the far right. 77 per were satisfied. that dropped 36 points along democrats. what does that tell you? >> it goes to show with the obama-care issue we saw this as an issue in 2010. we'll see it as an issue in 2014. we are told this is a tea party issue and it's not. you look at polls showing the majority of people want everyone in congress thrown out and it's because of this. sp r. $500 million on a web site that doesn't even work. a lot of promises have been broken based on false promises of keeping your doctor and not having your rates increase and now we are seeing the brunts of all those bad promises. bill: i just saw an e-mail from
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a buddy in georgia. he's self-employed and aetna just dropped him and his increase is 85%. do you think the web site was set up to hide the cost of the insurance? >> yes. the administration wanted to hide the cost of insurance until the very end. meaning people had to nut their personal information at the very beginning which clogged up the system to make sure people who didn't get subjects died didn't see how much it was going to cost and how much healthcare was going to cost taxpayers. martha: this story gripped everyone attention. a 14-year-old suspect accused of murdering a 24-year-old beloved math teacher. how he tid this and we did right after he committed this crime.
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bill: the ride that sent five people to the hospital. >> this has taken all of us a little bit. we definitely have these folks in our thoughts and prayers. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ woman ] if you have the nerve to believe that cookie cutters should be for cookies, not your investment strategy.
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by the white house was bathed in pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month. 22,000 women will be diagnosed this year alone and thousands will die from breast cancer. martha: a terrifying accidents at the state fair. five people were sent to the hospital in raleigh, north carolina. what do we know about this. >> reporter: investigators are look at the ride itself to see
6:26 am
if there was some mechanical issue involved, if it was operator error. but preliminary reports from witnesses suggest this vortex ride at the fair had stopped and people were in the process of offloading when the ride restarted. one passenger told wnctv when he got off the ride he heard a crashing side and he saw people on the ground and the ride open vapor on his knee crying. >> we have witnesses that may help us. the prelim flairy is the ride had stopped and they were fixed to offload when it started off again. >> reporter: the sheriff is hoping someone may have cell phone video. they are asking anyone who may
6:27 am
have pictures of the accident to contact the sheriff's office. that particular ride was supposed to inspected three times a day. part of investigation is intended to determine whether those inspect were done. martha: how about injuries? >> reporter: the victims range from age from 14-39. officials tell us two of the injuries appear to be serious. the fair is back open for business today with the exception of this one particular vortex ride as it under joes a thorough inspection. though the fair has another vortex ride that's been on site for many years. this is the first year for this particular vortex manufactured by technical parts international of italy. bill: some veteran getting the trip of a lifetime. the story behind sending heroes to the holyland.
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martha: a high school soccer player is accused of murdering his math teacher and then allegedly heading off to the movie. >> it's scary and sad because she was so nice and it's so horrible. it's just a horrible way to die. no one in the school even knew what was happening. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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bill: police say a gunman has
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surrendered after releasing three hostages inside a cvs drug store. three people were in the store when he tried to rob it. 32 past the hour. martha: a sad day for this massachusetts high school that is reopening this morning. we are learning disturbing new detail about the 14-year-old soccer player who is suspected of murdering this woman. his 24-year-old math teacher much beloved in this community, this town and this school. we learn she was killed with a box cutter in the school bathroom after classified ended tuesday. her body dragged into the nearby wood in a recycling bin. we are hearing philip chism reportedly after that went to
6:33 am
the movies. he grabbed food at a local wendy's with her credit card. and his team members were searching for him because he didn't show up for practice. we saw this poor girl, a student somebodying in front of the cameras. she can't believe the horrific nature of this crime. one of the witnessed said he saw the teacher walk by him and suggest he come see her after class to work on an algebra class. >> something went horribly wrong a long time ago. it can't be that mr. chism would have come to danvers, massachusetts and this would be his first altercation and the
6:34 am
first sign of trouble in his life. what we'll find out if we trace the roots of this, either he was exposed to lots of act that were dehumanizing that crushed his empathy or there were signs that were missed or set aside and he moved to danvers, mass and this horrible tragedy unfold. martha: we have seen it so many times before with these stories. we'll start to learn more details about this 14-year-old and what the rest of his life has been like up until now. but none of that matters this poor woman whose life is over. the more we hear about this, it's just so cold and calculates and the video according to the one of the reports, he put on white gloves, lab-type gloves before he carried this out. that shows a certain amount of calculation. >> reporter: that would seem
6:35 am
to show calculation. what it shows the absence of. sometimes as a forensic psychiatrist i'm not thinking about what people felt each as what didn't they feel. this ability to do this as he's charged with and if he's found guilty, to then go to a movie and get some fast food show he doesn't have that requisite empathy that normally restrains people. we can imagine each other's suffering and that lead us to not want to hurt each other. he would seem to be devoid of that quality. the question is when did he lose it. why wasn't it reined in. martha: he went into see "blue jasmine" by woody allen. which lead me to wonder if he was hiding . thinking if he slipped into that movie no one would have found
6:36 am
him for a couple hours. >> the ability to do that. you are 14 years old. to do this horrific act, then if that's parts of it, to then plan kind of blending into the crowd and make yourself blend into the crowd. most of us would never do this. but we would be panicked. you couldn't possibly do it. you would be filled with a sense of guilt and remorse and horror. that doesn't register with this 14-year-old. so that's the question. when didn't it register before this. this isn't the first sign of this i promise you and we'll find out why people didn't attend to things early on. martha: this happened after the other incident in sparks, nevada in a middle school where a child went in with a gun and killed his teacher. i wonder if this had an impact on this kid as well. maybe he heard that story. >> if you put all of this
6:37 am
together and you think:this bullying incident where the alleged bullier said i don't care that i have been part of this girl's death, who lept to her death, a suicide. you wonder, do we have a problem with young people and empathy and dehumanization and do we have to look at technology. i keep saying that. and these games they play and facebook and the rest of it because we are losing some of our kid. martha: you and i have spoken about this many times. this disassociates them with actually interacting with people and gives them a place to hide on a daily basis behind that machine, behind that phone, behind that phone. and we are starting to seat ramifications of that especially when it plays upon who may already have some difficult past and difficulty motional issue when they are growing up.
6:38 am
we are trying to figure it all out and we thank you very much for helping us do that today. we'll see you next time. bill: by all accounts he was such a respected teacher. >> that fresh face, right out of college. so eager to teach. so eager to help kid and she was tweeting with kid and social media. you can reach me any way you want. i'll be there for you for extra help. all that kind of stuff that the teachers do these days. bill: optimistic and always willing to help push in the right way. a shocking revelation from a football great. what bre brett favre said that s the country talking. martha: bill o'reilly asking why through all the scandal and promises the president has made to get to the bottom of it no one seems to be ever taken to task.
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[ woman ] i love the convenience of adt. i can finally be in two places at once. [ male announcer ] call today to get adt for less tha$2 a day. helping protect your business, is our business. adt. always there. martha: a shock revelation from former nfl quawrmterback brett favre. >> i don't remember my daughter playing soccer, youth soccer. i don't remember that. this was a little shocking to me that i can't remember my daughter playing youth soccer. it was just one summer, i think. i don't remember her playing basketball or volleyball. i think maybe she only played game or two. i think she played like 8. that's a little bit scary to me. for the first time in 44 years,
6:43 am
that put fear in me. martha: he was talking about his decision not to take the st. louis rams up on their offer to suit up again. it will continue to bring attention to the concussion and the impact it has on player's memories. it will make a lot of people think about the difficulties. bill: this guy played 19 seasons. no quarterback was sacked more times in the history of the nfl than brett favre. 925 time that guy was on his back with a guy on top of him. here is o'reilly from last night. have a listen. bill: who in the white house was involved with the irs unfairly scriewt thieding consequence rrp?
6:44 am
and who had the role to supervise the rollout of obama-care. maybe i'm dim and fail to see how people who make mistakes' are cute needs. maybe i don't understand what get together bottom of things really is. maybe i understand too well. that the white house will not own up to the obama-care chaos or anything else. bill: what does it take to get fired from this white house is a basic question. yawn williams and mary katharine ham. what does it take to get fired. i believe shirley shirrad. she jumped the gun on that.
6:45 am
but since then when you have a scandal, there are serious scandals with serious consequences. the lower-level do sometimes see consequences but the higher-level people not so much. shirley shirad was? >> somebody in usda accused of unfairly distributing stuff for benefits. and it was a big news story. they jumped the gunfiring her. after that in the subsequent issue, nobody gets any accountability. as the obama administration has this habit of putting them in a holding pattern. we have got to find the facts and get to the bottom of this. they get to the bottom of it for three years. lois learner got a paid vacation for three weeks. when you say you are going to get to the bottom of it. there is no follow through. what do you make of that, juan?
6:46 am
>> i remember, i think it was lewis cardela, he allowed a flyover of lower manhattan. he got fired. then stanley mcchrystal the general who was mocking the white house operation. he got fired. bill: if you are critical of the administration you lose your job. erline davis. she is 26 years old. the mother of two and she answers phones for obama-care. and she made the terrible mortal season of talking to sean hannity and telling him how callers were reacting to obama-care's web site. listen to her from last night. >> i got escorted to hr, human resources. and it was 40s of us including myself in the office. they locked both the doors and they waited until they had me on speaker phone with one of the head ladies.
6:47 am
and then they finally got in contact with her and i could barely understand what she was saying. but i did hear she said we can't have that type of stuff at the job and we have to release you. that's when i put my badge down on the desk. >> reporter: you can put erline davis in the category of stanley mcchrystal. >> all presidents have trouble firing people in the white house who work closely with them. i think people in the white house are in the poll i part of it, and not the technology part so much. all presidents have trouble because of the loyalty factor firing people close to them. bill: the "post" has a big article on this, why this president is reluctant to show people the door. here is a clear case where you spent $500 million on a web site
6:48 am
that doesn't work. >> which is 10 times more than it should have cost. bill: how about 100 times. >> if erline davis messed up the rollout of his legacy law she would have been total job security. when you have high-up people who make huge giants noticeable mistakes as long as they are sort of loyal to the president, apparently they are not in danger. people need to be held accountable. bill: o'reilly talked about benghazi and the irs scandal. >> with everyone you get this line we are going to find the facts, i assure you no one is more mad about this than i am, this is unacceptable. then we move on and he doesn't
6:49 am
get a press conference for six months. >> in the benghazi there was an accountability review board and there was an extensive investigation. people were put on leave and in some cases you know some of those people then lost their jobs. so i think -- bill: on leave with pay. you know how much that stings. >> you say there is no accountability. i think there is accountability. bill: we will see if there is accountability on this one. stand by, juan. democrats on that committee yesterday, they were ticked off and for good reason. we'll talk about. martha, next. martha: some of our brave american combat heroes getting a new lease on life thanks to one amazing charity group. we'll tell you what these people are doing. bill: the hearing on obama-care.
6:50 am
kathleen he peel was will be up next. texas republican joe barton says the site may violate american law. his reaction to the hearing being called a monkey court. >> we have my republicans colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> will the gentleman yield? >> i will not yield to this monkey court. i'm not yielding. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel. well, you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it. and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. priceline savings without bidding.
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the pain started up and wrapped around to the front. i couldn't play my bassoon because of the pressure that i felt throughout my whole head. the blistering and the rash was moving down towards my eye. the doctors at the emergency room recommended that i have it checked out by an eye doctor. there was concern about my eyesight. when i had shingles the music stopped. bill: this is sandy hook elementary school. the demolition begins today where 26 kid and teachers were killed last year. they want to destroy every material. eliminate every trace of the building. they are going to melt down the
6:54 am
steel so no one has any artifacts from the school. the 34u school is expected to be opened by 2016. martha: a charity sending veterans on a potentially life-saving trip to the holyland. >> reporter: a quarter million veterans from iraq and afghanistan suffer from ptsd, post traumatic stress disordered. the number of vietnam vets with ptsd is estimate after a half million or more. >> reporter: u.s. combat veterans in israel visiting some of the holiest sites on earth. hoping to help heal post traumatic stress disorder. >> why not take them to bethlehem to the western wall. to take them through the
6:55 am
stations of the cross. why not give them an option. >> reporter: earnest was in vietnam. >> the dog and the team leader hit a land mine. they blew apart in such a bizarre fashion that wasn't something i was suppose to see at 19 years old. >> reporter: he came home with ptsd struggling to adapt to civilian life. he credit his wife with helping him adapt. he says he's extremely grateful for this gift of a spiritual journey to the holyland. >> i believe my steps were led by the lord to go this
6:56 am
direction. >> i'm look for something that will dramatically change my point of view and way of life. >> reporter: they threw his name in the hat for the trip ... >> i don't have to look behind me. i feel safe, i feel confident. >> reporter: the trip funded entirely by private donations at a cost of $7,500 for each of the 10 veterans. they will choose 10 more heroes next year. martha: very inspiring stories. bill: the dna testing for maria is complete. we now know who her biological parents are. use an empty pan is a blank canvas. [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. [ woman #3 ] to travel the world without leaving home.
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[ male announcer ] whatever the reason. whatever the dish. make it delicious with swanson.
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martha: we are back with this fox news alert. there are new details that have broken on the mysterious girl
7:00 am
that was found in a gypsy camp in greece. now the reports that her real parents may have been found in bulgaria. greg palkot is live in london with the details on this story that has been a misery all week, >> reporter: martha, we got off the phone with the bulgarian ministry, the parents of that blond girl found in gypsy camp in greece are indeed the biological parents, in fact they are telling the truth. the girl was found in a gypsy camp by, and they are parents of that girl was, there was no connection, there was no dna linkage there. they were coming up with a lot of different stories and the thinking was perhaps this girl had been abducted, perhaps this girl was part after child trafficking ring. they had been taken into custody but in fact they had said that in fact this is exactly what had happened. a bulgarian woman, a gypsy
7:01 am
herself given that girl to this couple in greece for a safekeeping because they were not able to maintain that girl. and that is what happened. right now we're told by bulgarian authorities that they are looking at a possibility of criminal action against, against this bulgarian couple. as for the girl, we have learned she is in a care home in greece right now. she is in good condition. back to you, martha. martha: what an order dearly it has been for that little girl with the blond braids. greg, thank you very much. politics back here at home, the dam continues to break today. a growing number of democrats signing on to a letter that was sent to kathleen sebelius this morning calling for an extension to the open enrollment period so americans will have more time to wrestle with the website and deal with the new law. that is how we start a brand new hour of "america's newsroom."
7:02 am
glad to have you with us today, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer on this friday morning. all this among heavy criticism of the botched obamacare rollout. here are democrats calling out for, tension of the open enrollment period. high-profile names like senator dianne feinstein and mark used dal. senator joe manchin, and barrow. martha: you wonder what the reaction to the the defection in part by the growing list of democrats? >> reporter: i think martha we'll likely see the open enrollment time extended. the real question, the individual mandate or penalty, whether that gets delayed as well, not just the enrollment extension. i think overall, you're seeing this breakaway, especially in red state democrats up for re-election. they're looking at the polls in
7:03 am
their states and saying, this is something that i need to be on the right side of. and you look at the pictures there, there's a growing number. martha: yeah, indeed there is. it raises this question as well, bret, about the credibility of the president on this issue and how carefully he has overseen this process when you do have democrats saying, essentially what some republicans were saying during the shutdown debate, look, take our time, let's extend, push deadlines, some going as far as you said for the one-year delay for the individual mandate but it has to be raising some eyebrows in the west wing? >> definitely. it is interesting to point out the politics of this in the wake of the shutdown and debt ceiling increase debate that clearly the gop took more of a hit for, a big hit in the polls and now you have this, and people looking at this and saying, if there is a enrollment extension, a delay in the individual mandate, people
7:04 am
will, could point back to july when republicans voted to delay the individual mandate, and a number of republicans during that shutdown area, listen this, thing is not ready for prime time. essentially that's what some democrats are saying. >> they were, you know, eviscerated in a lot of arenas about even suggesting that the program should be delayed. now we're learning more about it. some people think if they had done the politics differently, the republicans might have come out smelling a little bit better in the situation. flip over to the republican side for a moment. there is this effort underway by representative darrell issa to subpoena some of the records that have to do with this relationship between cms, which is the government arm overseeing health care and these contractors we saw yesterday. he wants to know what did they know and when did they know it? the old question. >> we hear that question a lot here in washington on a number of different fronts and these subpoenas will likely force some more congressional testimony to try to figure out exactly what
7:05 am
the connection was and who knew what when. also you're talking about a lot of money here, a lot of different numbers are floating around out there but it is in the hundreds of millions of dollars to launch this website that as yet really performed. martha: indeed. bret, lots more to be said. we'll watch you tonight. watch bret baier as he angst cores fox news reporting, charles krauthamer as well, a life that matters, that will be after bret as well on "special report." that is 10:00 p.m. saw clips of it last night. we're looking forward to see that -- bill: man is such an inspiration. martha: he sure is. bill: what do you think, how do you solve the issues with obamacare and you have a voice in this, folks. send a tweet to @billhemmer, @marthamaccallum. lines are open as we say every day. when we do that -- martha: people are not shy how they feel about this issue. keep them coming, folks. we love to read them.
7:06 am
bill: fox news alert. a pirate attack targeting americans at sea. two americans now held hostage. it happened off the coast of nigeria. armed men storming a u.s. flag to oil industry ship, kidnapping the captain and chief engineer. we're told they were separated by the crew, based on nationality before taking off with their captives. bruce paulson has experience with this. he is a maritime attorney works here in the new york area. sir, good morning, how are you? >> i'm fine, thank you. bill: one of the things you tell our producers this is a new and different tactic in nye guy yaw as owe -- nigeria as opposed to what we see in somalia. how so? >> the somalian business model was there was capture of ships and released for ransom. the captain phillips, make alabama situation was rare exception and individual situation solved by navy seals. the somali model has fallen
7:07 am
apart as ship owners hired armed guards to protect their ships. now you're seeing somali piracy on the wane and almost eliminated and piracy off western africa on the increase. bill: in west africa my understanding the government there does not allow armed guards on board these ships which is what used off the coast of somalia. that must make it doubly dangerous. >> that may change. there were laws, for instance, for the flag states, the states where ships are registered likely beer yaw, marshall islands, panama, that prevented armed guards being used aboard ships. those laws were changed. these laws may change as well. bill: how does it look for these two men? what can you tell us based on history? >> based on the age-old crime of kidnap for ransom, it is likely if they're going to get paid ransom that the hostages will not be badly harmed. that is certainly what happened in somalia. one of the concerns is that west
7:08 am
african piracy involved a higher degree of violence than east african piracy. bill: really? >> hopefully the ransom will be paid. hopefully the company that owned the ship has insurance for that. and they will be freed without being harmed and not too long a time. bill: let's hope. i would imagine there will be some line of communication open with these captors. otherwise how will they get what they're looking for which is money, right? >> at least in the somali model and other places where kidnapping is a common crime, often there's a period of silence after the kidnapping to make the employer sweat and their families sweat. then there is contact and a ransom demand and then there is negotiation. bill: you give an interesting description how you give the ransom, shrink-wrapped bills, lease a plane and literally dump this over an ocean. i mean that is the pattern, right? >> that was the pattern in somalia. if these two american hostages are ashore in nigeria, there
7:09 am
will be some other methodology. bill: brian paulsen, thank you, sir, for your expertise, from stewart and kissel in new york. >> you're very welcome. bill: thank you. martha. martha: testy exchange at the hearing of the botched rollout of obamacare. >> once again here we have my republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> will the gentleman yield. >> i will not yield to this monkey court. >> this is not a monkey court. >> do whatever you want. i'm not yielding. martha: gave birth to the hashtag monkey court all over twitter. that outburst was directed at texas congressman joe barton is here live in "america's newsroom" to respond. bill: he compared the tea party to the ku klux klan. why florida congressman alan grayson is refusing to apologize and why we have heard only crickets so far on this. martha: space junk is not for the movies, folks. so how much of it is actually out there? and why you could soon be footing the bill to get it
7:10 am
cleaned up out there. >> ah. >> we have been struck. doctor, detach. you must detach. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
7:11 am
help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
7:12 am
7:13 am
bill: take you down to florida. fox news alert now. a 12-year-old charged in connection with the suicide death of a girl who was bullied allegedly. made a court appearance earlier today. the 12-year-old is the younger of two suspects charged with felony aggravated stalking. she is being represented by the sail attorney who represented casey anthony in the 2012 trial. he spoke after the arraignment just a short time ago. >> i represent people accused of crimes. i also represent victims and i am, it is very rare when you're in the situation where you feel that you're representing both and i think my client is just as much a victim in this case as, you know, as she is a defendant. >> rebecca sedwick committed
7:14 am
suicide last month. investigators believe that she had been bullied online and in person for about a year's time. martha: new reaction today after explosive hearing into the count countless obamacare website problems that have been witnessed. the lead contractors behind the site got a bit of a grilling by a house committee yesterday, and one of the biggest moments in that when a new jersey democrat blasted republicans for suggesting that violates american law. >> once again here we have my republican colleagues trying to scare everybody -- >> will the gentleman yield? >> no i will not yield to this monkey court or whatever this is. >> this is not a monkey court. >> do whatever you want. i'm not yielding. i'm trying to tell you that the problem here -- >> protecting american citizens citizens -- >> preexisting conditions don't matter. hipaa doesn't apply. there is no health information in the process. you're asked about your address, your date of birth. you're not asked health
7:15 am
information. martha: all right. there it was, texas congressman joe barton's questioning led to that outburst. he is on the house energy and commerce committee. he used to be the head of it. he joins me. congressman, good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome to our monkey court. here we are. what was your reaction to that comment yesterday. >> congressman pallone is a friend of mine on the democratic side. he is one of the authors of it. he was subcommittee chairman of the health subcommittee when they passed it but he is wrong on this. americans have a right to privacy. hipaa protects that right in terms of medical records. this questionnaire does ask medical information, asks if you're a woman, if you're pregnant. asks if you have any mental, physical, emotional condition that would preclude any activity. asks if you're a smoker and it has your social security number and it also asks if you have health insurance and if you do, what is your policy number is and what the company is. so there is all kind of health
7:16 am
information that's asked and, hidden in the code, not public in the disclaimer but hidden in the code there is a sentence that says, you waive any reasonable right to privacy of your personal information. transiting of it or storage of it. then it goes on to say the government has the right to use your information for what is termed any lawful purpose. so the primary issue i was trying to raise is, your privacy rights are being run over on this website, number one. number two, the obama administration is hiding that they're running over your privacy rights. and number three, the law specifically designed to protect your medical privacy, hipaa, in my mind is being violated under this law. martha: we just put it up on the screen, section of the code. some are saying it is the code. since it is not something the average user sees when they go on, they don't have to worry
7:17 am
about being held to it. there is no other reason i would think if it was buried in the code if they didn't want to protect themselves and give option to do exactly that, to dig into records, to make sure you had no rights really over your own information. now pallone also made the argument, the congressman, they didn't really ask any personal medical questions. you also raised the issue shows in fact in your mind at least, some of those questions do cross over that line. where do we go from here? everybody watched yesterday what happened in there. i think a lot of people think, you know even if i'm not going to sign up for this, get on the website and sign up. even if i have medical insurance, people all over the country are finding out their situation is changing dramatically anyway? >> well on the specific problem of protecting privacy, that's fixable. the obama administration, the democrats on the committee, can unite with myself and chairman upton and the republicans and fix it. they can change that code. they can delete it. they can put a, clear, specific
7:18 am
right to privacy protection that people see. so that's a fixable problem. on the bigger problem of obamacare itself, it is not, it is just not working. so i am introducing the oca, the obamacare choice act, which makes it voluntary for a year, not delay it. go ahead and let it go into place, but let people choose to hey wouldn't levyt. any fine against somebody who chooses not to, right? >> exactly. martha: clearly a part of the way to finance this. so that might be problematic for people watching this program. >> they will do that anyway. the democrats are beginning to say, we ought to delay it. well, you know, make it voluntary is not as strong as delaying it. just let as american people choose. i have a feeling that is what the president will end up doing. martha: i'm almost out of time, congressman, i will want to get your thoughts what you will want to ask kathleen sebelius when she appears before your
7:19 am
committee next week. what do you want to know? >> i will ask her had made the decision to hide the privacy waiver? i will ask her to fix it. and i'm going to ask some questions about the costs. this obamacare is going to be hugely expensive. it's not going to save money. it will cost money. and then i will ask her to support either making it voluntary or delaying it until we get it right. if we can't get it right, let's repeal it. martha: we'll see where that goes. what do you think about her saying people who want her to resign are not people she works for, before i let you go? >> i'm not ready to ask her to resign because i don't think she is the only culprit, but i do think she has a lot to be accountable for. martha: all right. fair enough. congressman barton, good to have you here, sir. we'll see you next week, at the next hearing, thank you. bill: got a fox news alert out of colorado. jonbenet ramsey case. moments ago the court released new documents that have been sealed for all these years. what the documents say about her
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
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bill: fox news alert. boulder, colorado, a judge now releasing documents on the jonbenet ramsey murder, a case that has gone unsolved for 11 years, murdered on christmas day, 1996. alicia acuna is on that. she is live in denver now. what is in the documents alicia? >> reporter: this is the indictment that the grand jury handed down back in october of 1999. it is four pages, two for patsy ramsey two for john ramsey. this is what the charges would have been should the district attorney at the time gone to trial. i will read the quote from one of the charges here. it reads on or between december 25th and december
7:24 am
december 26, 1996 in boulder county, colorado, john bennett ramsey, did unlawfully, knowingly, feloniously, render allowed to a child to be put into a situation which threaten the child's life or health which resulted in the death of jonbenet ramsey, a child under the age of 16. the charges read identical for patsy ramsey as well. there is another charge that is much longer but it basically amounts to accessory to a crime, saying one, helps the other. you will recall back in 1996, on december 26th, jonbenet ramsey who was six years old at the time was found in the basement of her parents home. this was in boulder. the autopsy reported that the time found she had been sexually assaulted and strangled. now the district attorney, alex hunter, at the time said that her parents fell under what he called an umbrella of suspicion. however no one was ever charged and convicted of this crime. and a grand jury met for 18
7:25 am
months, returning an indictment back in october of 1999 no one ever knew about until this past january, when a reporter from the boulder daily camera found out that indictment ended up in a safe all of these years and alex hunter decided he would not this to trial. at the time, bill, he said he didn't have enough evidence to take patsy ramsey and john ramsey, the parents of this young child to prosecution. bill. bill: wow, wow. alicia acuna in denver, colorado. more to come on that. martha. martha: well there's new fallout today over florida congressman alan grayson's comparison of the tea party to the kkk. why he is refusing to apologize. bill: st. louis cardinals bouncing back in the old fall classic, tying up world series with the boston red sox, one game apiece. strong pitching from the rookie sensation michael wacha. game three in st. louis tomorrow
7:26 am
night, only on the big fox. mccallum has the red sox. martha: i do not. bill: hem hears the cardinals. if you win i buy you a month's supply of clam chowder. if i win, i get a month's supply of budweiser, only in bottles. back in a moment. martha: just in bottles. ♪
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martha: well, seems there is a bit of new tension between the
7:30 am
white house and some of our allies as the reports surface it was not just german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone that was monitored by u.s. intelligence the guardian newspaper is reporting that the nsa spied on 35 different world leaders and their cell phone conversations. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live from washington. so, james, this could all essentially in the end wind up costing the u.s. taxpayer we're learning as well. tell us. >> reporter: good morning, martha. that's right. the european parliament is sending a delegation here next week to explore, potential legal remedies for nsa spying on eu citizens. among the 35 world leaders believed to have been spied on are as you mentioned german chancellor america americas, french president francois hollande and brazilian president rousseff. a former top official in president obama's first term cautioned that spying on foreign heads of state could be the result of broad intelligence efforts even joint ones with the
7:31 am
affected countries or the result of a more damaging scenario. >> if this is the result of a specific intelligence operation obviously that cuts to the heart of the confidence that you have in that country and the confidence that you have in the relationship with that leader. so one is easier to explain than the other. >> reporter: chancellor merkel has demanded that the u.s. finalize a no-spying pact with germany and france by year's end, martha. martha: she was not too happy about this. so what about the national security council, james, what are they saying? >> reporter: well, deputy national security advisor ben rhodes has told reuters aside from deeply-strained relations with brazil these disclosures have not carried any quote, across the board impact on u.s. foreign policy nor done major damage to u.s. experts ports but the administration couldn't say whether president obama himself, while speaking to world leaders on the phone, had himself been snared in the surveillance dragnet. >> well i think it is pretty
7:32 am
clear that the nsa, the foreign intelligence organization as our intelligence community is, so i don't have any reason to think. they're focused on overseas information. >> if he is speaking with -- >> it is a good question, but i don't mean to laugh at it. it is a good question. i will take it and see if i can get an answer for you. >> reporter: brazil in protest canceled its purchase of $4 billion worth of fighter planes from boeing. martha? martha: that has economic impact clearly as well. james, thank you very much. good to see you. see you later. >> reporter: likewise. >> democratic congressman alan grayson's doubling down on his rhetoric after comparing the tea party to the klan. grayson unapologetic saying the truth hurts. he recently sent an e-mail to supporters with the image of a burning cross, the caption reading, now you know what the t stands for. ebony williams, attorney, radio talk show host, mike slater also a radio talk show host. brought in talkers to talk about
7:33 am
this. how are the two of you doing there? >> very good. >> i'm not going to assume either one of you supports grayson for what he said in making this comparison, mike, but where is the outrage? >> i tell you i have a different reaction than most conservatives. i think i'm supposed to be outraged and furious at the hate speech that he did. well, look who this is coming from. alan grayson is caricature of absurdity in washington, d.c. i feel bad for someone who has to remain relevant by trying to think of something more foolish to say than he said the day before. my wife, southern wife had the best, and most appropriate reaction. i showed it to her a little bit ago. oh, bless his heart. all we can say. bill: that might be, mike, where is everybody else on this? i mean, shawls shawls was -- debbie wasserman-schultz was asked about this. i'm disappointed in imagery. she said both sides are doing this i mean where is the outrage? ebony? >> sure.
7:34 am
i agree with the dnc chairman shults saying that both sides need to refrain from this type of rhetoric. bill: whoa, whoa. why didn't she just condemn it outright? why does it have to be equivalency that the tea party is doing it too? >> well, because they are but -- bill: really? >> this is not any way trying to defend what representative grayson did here. i do take a different point on this too, guys. i think like this is tactical on part of congressman. i think it undermines the true horror and domestic terrorism that we all know has been done and continues unfortunately to be done by actual kkk. >> i was, i thought you were saying by the actual tea party. i apologize. >> no, by the kkk. bill: back up and let's get some facts on the table. give me proof where the tea party has been racist like the klan in this ad? ebony, try this. >> not like the klan. bill: hasn't, happened, has it? >> they have had racial
7:35 am
sentiments. bill: whoa, whoa. >> hate speech. bill: no, listen we're not throwing stuff out there to be low throwing out out there for sake of a debate. i want facts. where has the tea party -- >> when they say things, when they say things like obama's plan is white slavery. that is racist. that has been done at several protests. i've seen signs. it has mass media, go back to kenya. >> or when the tea party talks about president obama being an articulate black man. oh wait, that was democrats who said that. sorry. let me tell you what the root of this is. we are so extreme, right, ebony, conservatives and tea party. let me tell you what we stand for. we stand for not taking more debt and cutting spending limits what we had in 2008 and balancing budget. democrats, they want to spend more than ever before and they want to take on more debt than ever before, how is that not extreme. they're the extremes. bill: come back to the point the reason why we did this segment, where is the outrage about a
7:36 am
member congress using the klan to raise money? how do you get away with that. >> i think people are outraged. bill: mike answer. then i come to you. >> violent rhetoric from the left particularly last two weeks. president saying put a fun to the head of american people. arsonists, terrorists strapping bombs. this is crazy. this is stuff sarah palin got in trouble for basically pulling trigger on congressman giffords. we're supposed to rise above and left drags us into the mud. to bring racism, coming from grayson, give me a break. bill: give you the last word here, ebony. almost as if, i don't know, do you expect to hear this from grayson? does that make it okay? because you think h just some congressman who should be dismissed? >> no, no. that's what i'm saying i'm clearly, i'm offended by the statement by the congressman as well. mainly because again, to equate the actions of the tea party, again i unequivocally have seen and stand by there is hate speech within parts of the tea party. but that is no way, shape or
7:37 am
form anywhere close to the horror, and terror, we're talking about lynchings, talking about murders, talking about burning crosses, that the kkk has still does to people -- bill: i respect your opinion, need a name. who has done it? give me a name? who has done it? >> of tea partiers? bill: yeah. >> honestly things that rand paul has said. thing ron paul said, association -- bill: give me an example what rand paul has said that makes him the equivalent of grayson putting out the klan in a campaign ad? >> i said those are not equivalent. i said over and over again, those are not equivalent. that is my entire point. bill: you will leave it at that? >> they're not equivalent. bill: all right of the okay. so we'll look for this example and try to find it, all right? because the two, they don't seem like they add up here and we're waiting for the condemnation. >> they're not the same. bill: it is not coming out anywhere. >> i just condemned it. i just condemned it. >> people of central florida need to get their act together
7:38 am
with grayson, that's for sure. bill: to both, i appreciate the debate. mike slater, ebony davis. martha: all right, well the fda is proposing tough new restrictions on some most commonly used prescription painkillers. the move will classify more drugs as schedule 2 narcotics like the powerful oxy content. dr. marc siegel is live in our newsroom with more on this. hi, doctor. >> hi, martha. the food and drug administration is weighing in on a very controversial restriction on narcotic painkillers, specifically hydrocodone and acetaminophen, commonly known as vicodin. the most commonly prescribed painkiller in the u.s. centers for disease control report a 300% increase in prescription pain pill sales since 1999. 300%. vicodin is listed by the dea as a drug classified as schedule 3. now that means you can get up to five prescription renewals without even seeing a doctor. can be prescribed by a nurse or
7:39 am
physician's assistant. fda is recommending changing that category to schedule 2, which is intended for more dangerous and easily over used drugs like adderall, ritalin, and oxycontin. here is part of the fda statement. this determination comes after a careful a thorough analysis of extensive scientific literature, review of public comments and several public meetings which we received input from a wide range of stakeholders, including patients, health care providers, outside experts and other government entities. we spoke to the fda, martha, and they pointed out that some professional groups, including the ama and the american cancer society, were not for rescheduling because they are concerned that the change would limit access for patients who need the drugs the most. other experts feel on the other hand, that rescheduling the drug's category is the best way to combat abuse and misuse. dr. michael weinberger, we spoke
7:40 am
to him, he is the director of pain management at colombian presbyterian. he is concerned that the drug is so easily abused but also worried about the impact the restricting the drug will have. >> the numbers are up to 15,000 deaths a year related to prescription opiodes. that is a crisis we need to respond to. at the same time i think opioids are very useful for many patients and for many parities with chronic pain it is important to have these medication so think can have quality of life. bill: in -- >> in december the fda will submit the formal recommendation to reclassify products like vicodin to schedule 2. they anticipate that the national institute of drug abuse will then agree. the next stop will be the dea for a final decision. martha? martha: interesting debate, and you can understand both sides there. doctor, thank you very much. >> thanks, martha. bill: he was convicted of killing his neighbor almost 40
7:41 am
years ago. now the kennedy cousin michael skakel will have a new trial and he could soon walk out of jail. we'll talk to former homicide detective mark fuhrman who has done extensive research on this case. mark is standing by live. plus there is this. martha: a dramatic new video of an explosion. we'll tell you where that happened next. >> look, look.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
bill: some dramatic amateur video coming to "america's newsroom" this morning. [gunfire] said to be a southern town in syria. activists say the blast is a car bomb detonating at a building where government forced are based. also reporting heavy fighting in the region between rebel and government forces as that civil war rolls on in syria. martha: there's another case that has resurfaced. lawyers for the kennedy cousin convicted in the murder of 2000
7:45 am
two, 2002, now asking to let michael skakel out of prison on bond. the judge ruled that michael skakel will get a whole new trial in the 1975 killing of his young neighbor, martha moxley, you see on your screen. michael skakel is serving 20 years to life. mark fuhrman, did his own investigation, wrote a book called, murder in greenwich about this story. he is a fox news contributor. good to have you with us. boy, didn't think we would hear too much about michael skakel until he was done with his time on this case. remind everybody some of the details that happened that night. >> well, in october of 1975, 15-year-old martha moxley was out and about on halloween. then subsequently the next day she was found dead below a pine tree as she had been bludgeoned to death and she ultimately died from her wound, bleeding to death, and the initial suspects
7:46 am
were the live-in tutor, well eventually, the live-in tutor in the skakel home, and maybe lightly, thomas skakel, and michael skakel was never considered a suspect. martha: yeah. so you push this whole thing ahead. you wrote a book. they never convicted anybody in this. you wrote a book saying that you believed, based on the evidence that you saw that michael skakel was indeed guilty of this crime, right? >> absolutely and that is also because of information that i received from dominick dunne and independent information that i investigated that michael skakel made statements that he did in fact kill the teenager, martha moxley. so that was not a shocker that they would actually form a grand jury. martha: this poor girl was killed with a golf club that was found to match a set that came from the skakel household, correct? >> yes.
7:47 am
absolutely. martha: her mother waited for justice for so many years. she was very patient through this whole process. but now, interestingly enough, this judge bishop, sort of out of the blue, is saying that he doesn't understand why mickey sherman, who was the prosecutor, the defender, rather on this case, he says you know what? we just decided he didn't do a good job representing his client and therefore michael skakel deserves to be let free on $500,000 bond and we'll do a new trial. where did that come from? >> well, i don't know where it came from but the skakel family has hired attorneys and they have been doing this since about, well, since the conviction in 2002. there has been multiple appeals all the way up to the connecticut supreme court. i would find it really hard to believe that there was so many problems with the defense counsel in this case and none of these judges, probably, a half dozen judges, have reviewed this case and found no problems with
7:48 am
mickey sherman, the defense counsel, and in fact, found no problems with the evidence. and now lo and behold, this judge in connecticut finds that, michael cake schedule should get a new trial. martha: one of the things that this judge is saying that mickey sherman did a disservice to his client, michael skakel, by not pointing the finger at his brother tommy. what kind of defense attorney who works for a family will say, i'm going to help you get off but let's pin it on your brother? >> i think this is, it is actually ignorant for the judge to actually say something as silly as that. mickey sherman was working at the direction of his employer, and his employer was the people that were paying him to defend michael skakel, as well as michael skakel himself, his client. i don't think they're going to throw tommy under the bus to create reasonable doubt for michael and then prosecute tommy. that's ridiculous.
7:49 am
mickey sherman i personally know. mickey sherman is a competent attorney. mickey sherman was also at the direction of decisions made by the skakel family including not to bring certain things forward or certain witnesses. so maybe the skakel family should look in the mirror if they want to say there was some kind of problems with the defense. martha: you know, seems just a couple seconds left, but when you dig into this, they are just arguing that michael skakel should spend time with his own 14-year-old son, ironically almost same age as martha moxley. he has been sober for 31 years. basically sounds like the argument is let him out on good behavior. >> sounds kind of silly because you have children and now a past alcoholic, somehow that plays into the equation. martha moxley is dead. she will always be dead. her family will always miss her. i don't think it is one of the issues in this case. and think that if they have another trial, if justice serves anybody, it will serve dorothy and john moxley and put him
7:50 am
right back in jail. martha: yeah. they fervently believe michael skakel is the one who killed their daughter and they stand by that. we'll see what happens. mark, thank you very much. great to have you on this story today. >> thank you. bill: space junk is part of the plot in the movie "gravity." not only a hollywood might mayor. why this junk is such a difficult thing to manage. >> losing my voice. >> i'm -- i can't breathe. what do you want me to do? what do i do? what does that first spoonful taste like?
7:51 am
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bill: wow, haven't seen it yet. martha says it's great. that was a clip from "gravity", but the danger of space junk is not only in the movies. three economists say you can clean it up but that is very expensive. that is a graphic of all the space junk floating out there. cory powell, editor-at-large at discovery magazine and the master of space junk. >> i'm wearing my space junk necktie. bill: nicely done. this stuff could take out a satellite this afternoon and we would have a very long weekend. what is the problem with the issue? >> well the problem is what economists call the tragedy of the commons. when you have a shared resource it is very easy to get greedy wit and not pay attention to it. in this case the resource is space. very easy to put things up, not worry when your satellite is dead. not worry when you create a lot of junk in process of launching it. space is filled up with lot of . some say 500,000 pieces. >> nasa is tracking 500,000
7:55 am
pieces larger than half an inch across. they're moving 10 times the speed of a rifle bullet. picture 500,000 rifle bullets whizzing around the earth. bill: what kind of a risk is there? >> well there, there are two different kinds of risks. big things crashing into each other. that actually happened. in 2009 a dead russian satellite crashed into one of our communication satellites and knocked it out. that already started happening there is these little bits. and think, they can, basically plow right through a satellite, knock out the electronics. knock out the solar panels. there is both the dramatic risk and just like the slow -- bill: 10 people like you worry about this. kind of like your job. you're aware of it. we are not but what can we do and what is the price tag to take care of it? >> well, so, you know, i think it is a garbage problem, you know, 200, 300 years ago on earth, people dumped all the garbage in alleyways. you had all kinds of disease. cities and governments got
7:56 am
together and said, we have to clean this up. yeah, i worry if nobody, space junk is kind of abstract. the real worry is that nobody will pay attention to it until it reaches the point where you start getting your satellites knocked out all the time. once that happens you could get a runaway chain reaction. bill: some people you put a tax on satellites you launch in orbit, maybe that takes care of it. we need to do something, right? >> we need to do something. the easiest thing is do a user fee. use the user fee to play for cleanup effort. sending up little rockets to get rid of dead satellites before they become big speases of space junk. bill: good luck with it. hope it doesn't happen this weekend, right. >> absolutely. >> thank you, martha. martha: kathleen sebelius says she doesn't work for the people who want her to resign. so that's that. what is next in this website fiasco and will it ever really be fixed?
7:57 am
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8:00 am
wager on world series, are you cool with that? martha: little pushed into. i'm on board and root for the red sox. bill: i don't want to push you. you have clam chowder on the line. martha: i can't lose. have a good weekend. "happening now" starts right now. >> right now, brand new stories and breaking news. >> with critics of obamacare website calling for her head, a defiant kathleen sebelius says she doesn't take orders from anyone except the president. explosive new documents released in the jonbenet ramsey murder investigation. why prosecutors decided against charging the little girl's parents jon: dna tests


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