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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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are liking it. again, thank you for joining us tonight. ms. megyn kelly up next. i am bill o'reilly. and please always remember that the spin stops right here. because we are definitely looking out for you. good evening, i'm megyn kelly, and this is the kelly file. breaking tonight, the white house seems to be in panic mode. they are firing out about the president's explicitly clear health care law which did not turn out to be true. promise, if you like your plan, if you like your doctor you can keep them. we heard it over and over and over again. fact, over ten, perhaps as many as 15, perhaps more million people will lose their plans. and perhaps their doctors. and this administration knew it
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at the very time the president promised us otherwise. tonight, we investigate how the president's signature legislative achievement has come to shock and distress millions of americans tonight instead of helping them. we'll show you exactly why millions of americans are being kicked off of their insurance plans at this moment. and what happens if they cannot get insurance before their current plans expire. are these people going to be left uncovered? wouldn't that be ironic? we'll investigate why the administration is now putting all the blame on the insurance companies, should it have foreseen that they would act in this manner? did they lay the groundwork that would essentially force them to act in this manner? and why are they downplaying the numbers being kicked off? only 5%, only 5%, plus, the medicaid numbers are exploding. that is why the number of people are signing up right now, on the
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medicaid numbers, while the number of people supposed to kick in on this thing, very low. they wouldn't tell us. what does it mean for the taxpayers? who will wind up picking up the slack? you? first, we brought you this. fox news confirmed that the administration knew, they knew back in 2010 that millions of americans would lose their health care plans even though the president had repeatedly promised the opposite was true. you may remember he didn't just say that repeatedly when they were debating the health care bill. he went there after it became law as recently as 2012. >> let me tell you exactly what obama care did. number one, if you have health insurance it doesn't mean a government takeover. you keep your own insurance, you keep your own doctor. >> you don't, if you're on the individual insurance market. and that is about -- well, 15 million people, potentially, many of them will not keep it.
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ed henry is our white house chief correspondent, what a day at the white house. >> that is right, second straight day, jay carney was pressed on whether or not the president misled the country, they pressed on this, they know they're under siege, they say anybody one, this is only 5% in terms of the people who buy their insurance and are getting cancellation letters. but as you know, 5% equals about 14 million people potentially that could get these letters, that is a huge chunk of the market, even though it is just 5%. secondly, they said what the president meant was, not what he said, was you could keep your own plan, if you had your own plan before march of 2010, signed into law, you wouldn't be affected. and after that, you're essentially on your own. the problem is, they're adding all of these contexts and qualifiers, the thing the president did not mention. here is jay carney. >> do the president's words
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matter? >> well, all i ask of fox and everybody else is to provide the context? >> he didn't provide the context back then. >> there has been essentially five years of debate. >> last year, valerie jared sent out a tweet and said in her words nothing in obama care forces these people off their plan. the liberal columnist today in "new york magazine," said that is simply not true. that is the law implemented that is forcing these insurance companies to make these decisions. kathleen sebelius will finally testify on the hill. >> well, we can just take the white house at its word. >> thank you. >> i'm using that tone, because clearly what they said is not true. and no one is coming out, where is president obama? let's hear it. let's have the explanation. were you misled. were you mistaken? what, instead we have carney not to believe our lying eyes and
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lying ears. instead, the white house predicted this back in 2010. they said more than 10 million would lose their plan because so many plans didn't meet the federal guidelines of obama care. but during the time, the president promised repeatedly the plans would be grandfathered. you heard ed say it. he said if you have a plan right now and obama care passes you will have a grandfathered plan. you will be able to keep your package. that is not true. well, grandfathering didn't work out at all because members of his administration saw to it. now some members of congress today put tough questions to one of the top obama care administrators on this whole thing. watch it. >> i am aware that there are issuers in states who are cancelling their old plans for grandfathered in and moving to new plans. >> so what you just said about keeping your health care plan is not true? >> no, they could keep it. the issuers --
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>> no, they can't keep it. they just got cancellation notices, you can't keep it. the president says you can't keep it. why are you saying you can? i don't understand. >> all right, time has expired. >> joining me notice, the chief legal counsel of the american center for law and justice. i don't want to do broad rhetoric, walk us through it. what did they do? it started with the health and services regulation. kathleen sebelius tightens the noose back in the summer of 2010 right after they passed the law. what did she do? >> all right, so this is the hhs regulati regulations. and in it she re-defines the term "grandfather," with six provisions that eliminates the grandfather policy. there are six ways it could get voided. simple ways such as increasing the deductible, a co-pay, a
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coverage switch, mergers and acquisitions. so they void the grandfather clause on 70% that would be grandfathered. hhs recognized through their own regulatory process that that in fact would be gone. they issued a statement in july, called an internal revenue bulletin. that bulletin says exactly the same thing, determines that grandfathering it will now be very limited. and the reason the individuals are getting those cancellation notices, the white house is going to try to lay this at the foot of the insurance company, these plans don't qualify under obama care's minimum standards. therefore, they're being cancelled. and you brought a very important question right at the beginning of the broadcast. what happens come the time the policies are gone and the individuals can't get onto the "obama care plan." while you have so many people qualify for medicaid and medicare, because there are requirements for that. the reality is, the regulatory
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regime put in place by the obama administration. and the parent president, what is he going to say -- he didn't know this, too? the time has come for a reality check. it is not simply computer glitches. it is a regulatory scheme that is penalizing the american people. this is a very, very damaging statement contained in the president's own administration guidelines, and i don't know how they explain their way out of it, megyn. >> so they said don't worry, we know some of these plans won't meet the requirements, not to worry, they will be grandfathered. but kathleen sebelius comes out and says they wouldn't be grandfathered if they are changed in any way, if you change the period, then the grandfathering is out. forget about it. and that basically forced these insurers -- nobody had a grandfathered plan. 70% of the people on the
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individual market no longer have the grandfathered plan. all of these people are getting cancelled totday. that is why it is happening, correct? >> that is exactly correct, i'm sure the president will deny knowledge, as jay carney said, it was in context, here is the context, the hhs and the irs in the regulatory process, abandoned the policy to keep the doctor you like, the plan you like, and instead, they're forcing everybody onto obama care. and when that fails, megyn, watch out. it will be single player, which is the plan all along. that is another reason we're not getting real numbers on who enrolled in this program. >> and now they come out, they say it is the insurance company's fault. it is their fault because you made them. >> they're trying to figure out how they're going to comply with this. >> you just heard jay. an estimated 2 million americans recently received notices that their plans are being cancelled. it is expected to go well beyond
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that. so with all the website problems, there is another report out tonight that yet another freeze is taking place. could they fall into a coverage gap. that questions came up this morning. >> can you guarantee no american will experience a gap in their health care? >> so what i can guarantee is that we have a system that is working. we're going to improve the speed of that system. >> excuse me. >> yes. >> you are saying the system is working? >> i'm saying it is working, just not at the speed and the success we want, those are the things we're working on. >> i mean, so you literally may have people who get kicked off of their plans, thanks to obama care, which was supposed to insure more people, right, they get kicked off? >> right. >> and then they have no choice but to go onto these exchanges to try to replace their coverage, and yet they can't get on the website. and maybe they don't like the plans. i don't know. and then what happens on january
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first? >> we had to destroy your health coverage in order to save it. and this is the bizarre reality, the through the looking glass moment for america right now. we find out even as we speak, the website is down, crashed again. that is not good. if you just got a notice in the mail today from your insurance company that says you're dropped. and if you have a family and you have people and you have medical bills and you are living paycheck to paycheck like so many millions of middle class americans are, imagine the panic that would greet a system log-in, it is broken. or the data that makes it through to the other side is corrupted and we can't even use that. what a panic. >> and they don't know what they're going to get when it is all said and done. they don't know if they get to keep their doctor. what about people on chemotherapy, people who have children who are getting ongoing care from physicians and hospitals. they don't know if they can
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still go to the hospitals and have doctors. all they know is they have been cancelled contrary to an explicit promise, and now when they go to get coverage, they can't even get on the darn website. >> how about this, we don't even know about the americans losing or have exchange programs through their employers. because they don't come out through the numbers like these droppings do. how many more people will be there shaking at the gates of the website, of this portal, please let me in, i need coverage. this must have sounded a lot better when democrats were doing it in 2009. we're going to blow up the system, push people into the new obama care experience. i bet they didn't imagine that kathleen sebelius would be talking about what she will be talking about tomorrow. >> the answer is they will get on the exchange, better coverage, she told me people paying on their own, doing the hard work, paying on their own, get those policies cancelled they get a bunch of benefits didn't want and in many cases
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didn't need. now the federal taxpayers need to subsidize their plan that they were paying on their own happily before. quick last word. >> that is the reality. and guess what? kathleen sebelius tomorrow is going to do everything she can not to answer that question. >> we'll have full coverage of her testimony this time tomorrow. we hope you will join us. chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> so are insurance companies the individuvillain? should they have foreseen this, that is next, plus, what did the president know regarding the promise that he made to americans over and over again, was not true. former white house chief of staff, andy card, next. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america. barack obama.
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keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today. . breaking news, we have just confirmed that the federal health care website is down. again. the now familiar message says this system is down at the moment. our reporters say that 1-800 line is working, oh, joy. but the bigger issue is this, given that the obama
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administration knew in 2010 that millions of americans would lose their plans and doctors, why was the president repeatedly saying the exact opposite, with no qualifications? andy, it is great to have you here, i know you say one of the biggest jobs of the chief of staff is to determine what the president gets to know and doesn't get to know. so what do you think? did he know or did he not know? >> i can't believe he doesn't know. that doesn't mean he may not have known the first time he said it. but the words the president speaks at the white house, everybody knows is very, very important. so the process, the written speech is reviewed by a whole team of people at the white house, and from a whole cabinet that would have been involved in the policy. so this major speech would have been reviewed by the staff at the white house, a very senior job to make sure that the
6:18 pm
president knows what he is talking about. >> would you have let president bush go out there and say repeatedly, knowing that could be millions of people that could lose their plan, you can keep your plan, period, over and over? >> no, i would not have allowed the president to do it. at least i would have counseled him against it. and if he did do it, even if it was a mistake, i would have been sure that the press secretary knew there was a caveat that the president knew that we have to talk about it. it is very important that the president's words really speak to the reality of situation. this was repeatedly done over and over again. so i can't believe that the president had not been informed. or at least the staff, the white house staff counsel, they should have been told by somebody, at least by hhs, mr. president, you really can't make that promise because there will be some
6:19 pm
exceptions, and they didn't do it. >> what do they do now? they're sending out tweets basically telling us not to believe our lying eyes. and today, it was a full-on press corp at the white house press briefing. >> well, i wish the president and his staff would come forward and say look, there are a lot of problems with the implementation of obama care, the affordable care act. and we'll put things on hold and try to fix the problems. and we also want to try to understand your angst, american people and we want to address those angsts with a process, there were a lot of complications, when clearly nobody really understood what was going on. >> how can they do it? they can't mitigate it. the law is the law. now the insurance companies already cancelled two million people. they moved on. they had to fix their businesses based on how the law is, as it exists. it doesn't steeem fixable.
6:20 pm
>> i guarantee you, they could have put it on hold. if the president said it is happening too fast, we don't know what is happening in terms of the implementation of the law, and the implementation through the actual process is not going as i envisioned. let's slow down and try to fix it and do it right. >> quickly, before i let you go, what do you think is happening inside the white house right now? >> well, i hope they're second-guessing their strategies, allowing a misrepresentation to be so solidly repeated over and over again. and that, i think is a flaw. that doesn't speak well of this president and doesn't speak well of a white house that would allow him to say something that a lot of people knew was not accurate. so i think there is a credibility problem inside the white house now. and i hope they will step back and put the american people first, and say let's do this right, rather than do it fast. >> andy card, thank you. we have a number of people
6:21 pm
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website is down again, and a white house spokesperson told fox news to get it back up and running, it could be five minutes or two days. plus, helpful report, showing big support for obama care. huge numbers are enrolling in taxpayer-funded medicaid, while very few are signing up for paid coverage that you would get on
6:25 pm
the exchanges. what does that mean? allison barber is a reporter for "the washington journal" and joins us now, they won't tell us explicitly, but we're hearing now that 67,000 have enrolled in the private exchanges so far at the state level. 286,000 have enrolled in medicaid. the first group is supposed to fund the second group. the ratio is not looking so good so far. what does it mean? >> it could be a catastrophe if the pattern continues, it could be catastrophic for the law itself. the whole premise of the law is based on healthy people buying into it. so the theory those enrolling in the medicaid program is different than the exchanges. but if you have more people enrolling it in the broader numbers, that increases the help. it increases the people for free insurance, and the number in the
6:26 pm
high risk. >> but not free for the american taxpayer. this was part of obama care's vision, though, to get more people onto the medicaid rolls. these are people who are uninsured, they show up at the emergency room and we wind up paying for them anyway. this was part of the vision. that we would get them on a program like medicaid, we would know how many there are and it would be funded through this whole system. since the funding is not necessarily coming out. i mean, they wouldn't tell us, there is a reason they wouldn't tell us how many people are going onto the paid exchange, the insurance exchange. who is going to pay for all the new medicaid enrollees. >> the premise was the federal government was going to pay for it. the question is what about people who are not newly, technically eligible who are signing up for exchanges? is the state going to have to pay for that. and allocate it into the budget? you have to have someone paying
6:27 pm
for these things. there is no way anybody is ever getting free insurance. when you expand it like this and you're not having an equal or higher amount of healthy people enrolling in the other exchanges to compensate for that, whether it is the exchanges for the high risk people or the people on medicaid, that will cause problems. it is not sustainable in the long run and possible for insurance companies to bear the burden. >> medicaid is a state program, and the feds basically said states, states, come into obama care and help us, what we'll do is pay 100% of those medicaid expansion costs for the first couple of years and it will decline to 90% and so on. basically every state that is headed up by a republican governor said no, thanks, and every state headed up by a democrat said okay, we'll take your help. but in any event, the federal taxpayer is going to be on the hook. and to the extent they don't get the numbers they want, then the states expanding these roles, then their taxpayers are going to be on the hook, no? >> exactly, that is where some
6:28 pm
of the people -- there were 26 states that said yeah, we'll seen up for this. the reason behind some republicans saying no is because they said what happens if some of these people don't fall into your category of the newly eligible people. what if they heard about this, said i'm eligible, i'll sign up. what pays for it? the state budget? they don't have it. and that will be a problem for a lot of states. >> well, they refused to tell us the numbers today. they refused to release them until november. we don't get to know. allison thank you. >> thank you. >> what does the white house do next? brit hume has thoughts on that. plus, should insurance companies get the blame here? and what is next for the folks kicked off their plans. we'll speak to the people answering those challenges and debate it. >> in fact, it is the health care law that is forcing insurance companies to make
6:29 pm
these changes. so isn't that law read into these cancellation notices? ♪
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call or click today. i like her. retroactive, retroact more on the breaking story tonight that an estimated 2 million americans have already lost their existing health care coverage. that, despite the president's repeated promises that if you like your health care plan you can keep it. period. ian and sarah hodge are from lancaster, pennsylvania, two people who have lost their coverage already. welcome, thank you for joining us, let me start with you, did you recognize your insurance policy was going to get cancelled under obama care? >> no, we had no idea it would be cancelled until we got the letter from high mart. >> so when you followed the debate and you heard the president saying that, as we all
6:33 pm
did, did you believe him? >> yes, in fact, our biggest concern when we got the letter is we felt betrayed. that was the emotion we felt the most, we felt betrayed. that was what what was said by the administration and the president himself. >> so you get the letter, ian and sarah, this is your insurance company which you say you liked, your policy is cancelled? >> policy is cancelled as of january 1st, 2014. >> and what did you did then? did you try to go on the exchange when october came? >> yes, we tried -- i tried to go on the exchange on october 1st, the first day, unable to sign in. tried about ten times on that day. periodically went back to try to sign in, i never was really successful in signing in until just recently, and when i was able to sign in i clicked on the plans and i got a blank page.
6:34 pm
so the only way i was able to see any type of insurance coverage was this last week, when the website allowed you to look at the policies without signing in. >> and i know you said the policies were a lot higher. looks like you may be paying 50% more. sarah, i want to ask you, looking at the website, are you worried you may have a health care lapse, you don't have insurance when the comes through? >> well, that is a very real fear of ours, but we're trying our best to keep after it and cover all of our -- you know, points and try to find something before then. >> you know, ian, the administration came out, the white house came out today and said look, it is only 5% of americans this is happening to. your thoughts?
6:35 pm
>> i -- my thoughts are that you know, the administration, the president said clearly that if you like your health care, you will be able to keep your health care. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. if you like your hospital, you will be able to keep your hospital. in our case, that is not true. we can't keep our health care, we're not sure if we can keep our doctors, and we're not sure if we can keep our hospital. >> and so if you could say something to the administration on this tonight, what would it be? >> it would be, i would say that we would like to be able to keep the health care we had, mr. president. and if you could change the law to allow that, that would be a positive for us. >> good luck to you, sir, you too, as well, sarah. thank you both so much for being here. >> thank you, megyn. millions left in limbo, not sure what they're going to wind up with for coverage, or if they have coverage at all. they're saying don't look at me,
6:36 pm
it is not our fault, it is the insurance company's fault. joining me, a veteran of two presidential campaigns, democratic analyst, welcome to you both. simon, let me start with you. i mean, now, you are a defender of the administration. let me get your thoughts on this. >> well, there is clearly a lot of work to be done on obama care. i mean, the implementation has been a little bit rocky. there are some things that have gone right. i think the biggest fault i would place and the things you're covering tonight is that this has been such a surprise. you know, the truth is, the individual market as you discussed earlier, has been a rocky place for a long time. the average person in the individual market keeps their insurance three years before it is turned over. so this should not be a big surprise, it should have been anticipated as we move to another system that covers not just the only ones you're are talking about, but another 40 million adults that don't have
6:37 pm
insurance at all. >> but kate, that assumes everything is true that they talk about, that the insurance policies turn over. they could lose their coverage, they can't re-up with their insurance company as they have been doing for years. and they're now going to be put on the government insurance where they could get increased premiums. >> the fact is this is not a surprise. this is a regulation that many members of congress are well aware of. this was a regulation that the tea party specifically went out and warned people about, which is why we saw people coming out in droves, protesting this obama care. they said look, in this huge 2,000 page law you're going to lose your health insurance if you're on the individual market. and here we are, after president obama said not once, but two dozen times at least saying they
6:38 pm
could keep their health insurance and their doctor. and now it comes as a big surprise that people are losing their insurance. another big promise that was broken was this was supposed to get more people insured. we're seeing the exact opposite as more people are losing their insurance than getting their insurance on the obama care exchanges. >> they're saying the insurance companies are doing this. it is not obama care. that is not exactly true. of course the insurance company has to cancel the policy, the administration can't do that. but the reason they're cancelling the policy is because of obama care. >> well, it is technically true, but i don't think the couple you just had on the air would sort of live with that technicality. but what we're discovering, it is true what the president said, most people will see no changes. >> i concede that point, but that is not what he said. >> i'm not going to defend that.
6:39 pm
let's let the white house do that. they're pretty good at that. the key thing here, because it is also true, the way the exchanges work if they do work, and that is a big question about the gap you mentioned tonight. the administration has to get on it right away. you know there are 55 million working americans in this eligible individual market, people who work who have not such good insurance or no insurance at all. there are far more people watching the show tonight who are in the situation of these two unfortunate folks that don't have health insurance at all. the key thing is, they will get health insurance in the market. that is still correct, you are still -- >> but when there is such an express and repeated promise after the fact. i mean, kate, i don't want to concede that most people are going to get coverage, i take that back. i don't know what is going to happen now. i do want to say this, kate, when you have this express promise, people -- hodge was not
6:40 pm
looking up the hhs regulations and then the irs interpretations of them and following the news reports. he wasn't do that. he did, however, listen to president obama saying, and this is what he said, i guarantee, i guarantee. okay. and don't believe me, let's play it. let's just play the guarantee. >> here is a guarantee that i've made. if you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. if you have a doctor that you like. >> and he goes on, a guarantee, kate. >> absolutely guaranteed. and i think that ed henry had one of the best questions today in the white house press briefing with jay carney when he asked specifically do the president's words matter in this situation? and up to this point, they have not mattered. we've gone from president obama saying you can keep your insurance, keep your doctor, end of story.
6:41 pm
and then david axelrod saying the majority of people will keep their plan. to jay carney saying well, we're only talking about 5% of people losing their insurance. we're switching the story of the guarantee. that brings up the question, if i can't keep my insure now, what words will the president say in the future. will it cost less? will i get a better plan? those things can't be relied on. >> and we've seen the employer mandate plan, whether they keep people on the roles or the exchange, if they choose to so they avoid paying the penalty. . the website is down tonight. it is taking serious fire about the president's promises. what does this mean for mr. obama? brit hume is next. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity,
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do the president's words matter -- >> well, again, all i ask of fox and everybody else is to provide the context -- >> he didn't provide that context back then. >> there has been essentially five years of debate about this. >> the problem now? the five years of debate involved promises that turn out not to be true. brit hume is our fox news senior political analyst. and that is just a fact, that that guarantee, in his words, that you will keep your plan, period, was not true.
6:46 pm
now, we don't know whether they knew at the time or he didn't know at the time. but the question is, brit, do words matter? do they matter here? >> well, of course, they do. and this valley of the shadow of the debt for which the health care plan and the president are now traveling looks like they're going to continue for a while. it is not good either way, if you look at it. if you look at it like he didn't know, there is a list of people as long as your arm that knew, so if he didn't know, that looks terrible. if he did know, and there is suspicion increasing in this town that he did know. and that looks worse, so either way you slice it, it looks ugly. >> even if he didn't know before the obama care was passed, you're telling me months and months after -- is there any chance that kathleen sebelius and the irs and regulations, they can seeing that all of these policies are about to be cancelled, and he still doesn't
6:47 pm
know? he is out there in 2012 making the same guarantee? >> no, i'm not telling you megyn, because i don't buy it. i also would tell you this. go back to 2009 when this explicit promise was made. passing this thing was a near thing, i mean, literally, there was not a vote to spare. there were all sorts of parades of horribles about all the things that were bad, republicans in particular, all the things that would be negative. the administration was eager to try to deny as many of those things as possible, and continuing their health care was one of those things, you can see the attempt to fudge this thing was there. now we're in a situation, not only did he do it then but he kept doing it right through the 2012 campaign as you demonstrated on this broadcast tonight. and it seems megyn, every hour, another quote from the president turns up, post-passage, closer and closer to now in which he
6:48 pm
repeated the words, doesn't look like it is going to get any better soon. >> it is on white right now. the people who passed this law, who all voted for it, despite the fact that most of them didn't even read it. >> of course it affects them, that is why you see many of them calling for a delay in the implementation of the mandate. that is why many are beginning to jump ship on this. it will affect the president, unquestionably going into next year. what the administration has to hope for is that they can somehow ride this out. and that the website finally gets up and running. people begin to obtain policies on the website and are satisfied with them and they get a subsidy or whatever, or they find a price to be acceptable, or whatever. and that that process takes hold. and is carried out in sufficient numbers, that it begins to overwhelm the negative stories that have to do with people losing their care and not being
6:49 pm
able to log onto the website. that has to be the administration's hope. but the key point to that, megyn, it doesn't look like it is going to provide any immediate relief. >> well, will it or won't it? because it doesn't look like they're giving numbers as to how many people signedup. and in the meantime, people are getting cancellation notices. they have to go on the website and try to find an alternative. the administration knows, the numbers stink now. if we can just hold out that the insurance companies are cancelling these people, oh boy, the numbers will start to explode. >> well, that is only true if people get on the exchanges and find a policy that they can afford and that they find desirable. if people get on the website and find sticker shock, as happened in some cases already, they find the policy is unaffordable and a terrible burden to them, that will make the situation worse,
6:50 pm
not better. >> yes, and it doesn't change the fact that the promise, the guarantee, was not true. and there is a question about credibility. we saw it before on benghazi, the irs, the spying, one wonders whether at some point he is held accountable for statements that seem untrue. i'll give you a quick last word. >> well, the last word on that, megyn would be remember now, we're beginning to see mainstream media outlets like mad. stories are breaking on nbc news, mainstream outlets that were not involved in digging into obama care. that is a sign something has changed. we may have reached a critical mass on this man's credibility where it is being doubted in quarters, where it was not before. and if that proves to hold true, that is damaging for the administration. thank you, brit. and hundreds of coal miners marching to washington to keep their jobs. plus, this is on hannity.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
an update now on the story we brought you last night, as bus loads of coal miners go to washington, d.c. today, our producers were there on the ground as they protested the administration's alleged "war on coal." trace gallagher has more. >> megyn, they came to washington because they believe their jobs are in jeopardy and the obama administration is hurting their jobs. they believe that building new plants would be almost impossible because the new
6:55 pm
plants would have to cut their carbon emissions nearly in half. some that many argue is not technically possible. they are pushing for a more draconian approach. >> you need to keep people working, america needs it. >> in our area, coal mine is one of the few things that you have that you can support your family with, so i don't know what we'll be doing. >> critics say the coal industry should have seen this coming. massachusetts senator ed markey said, coal mining companies and coal burning utility companies managed to put themselves in these situations, may just provide the impetus to get themselves out. but it is important to note that coal provides 80% of the electricity, 20 plants in 19 states announced they will shut down in coming years, costing
6:56 pm
thousands of more jobs, listen. >> there are mines that have shut down, we're seeing people forced out of their homes. forced to move out of their area. and -- it hurts. >> as long as as the coal miners are working, i mean, other businesses and stuff, they're booming because everybody has a job. everybody is making good money. and if that goes away, if the coal mining goes away, it is a problem. >> thanks, trace. >> and the coal prices go up. . on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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so we're taking your thoughts on that question, do words matter? should they? follow us on twitter @megynkelly, at our twitter page. this is "the kelly file." good night. welcome to "hannity," there is nowhere else to run. the administration is finally being forced to answer tough questions about the disastrous obama care rollout. tonight, we're going to be joined by a very outspoken studio audience, and they will ask about the explosive testimony on capitol hill and much more. >> let the grilling begin. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> the officials responsible for the disastrous obama care rollout face the music on capitol hill. >> you're saying the system right now is working?


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