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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 1, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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his cycle cam. good morning. 1.ay is friday. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. on the first day of obamacare rollout six people signed up. what's next for the health care plan and its failure to launch? >> stop and frisk here to stay and the judge who tried to block it gets the boot. so is this a victory for common sense here in the big, bad apple? >> just when you sthaut you had the scare -- when you thought you had the scariest costume on the block, here comes honey boo-boo. wait until you see how her family and what her family was for halloween.
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"fox & friends" friday edition starts now. >> this is joel osteen. you're watching "fox & friends." good morning. >> thank you very much, joel osteen. >> they did a study on joel osteen. he has never been in a bad smile. ever see him not smile and be upbeat? >> we asked him that after the show. we said what makes you upset? he had no answer. >> i like the way brian changed the subject. about eight minutes ago brian and i referred to the program that you and i host along with him as "kilmeade & friends." >> i made a mistake. >> the last time i was talking and people were listening, that's what i said. >> wouldn't people be listening at your house last night? >> no. have you ever gone home with me, steve? i'm just a bystander. >> a bystander who got his
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phone hacked. >> why don't you have a lock on your phone? >> i don't have a lock on my phone. i never thought people would do something like that. >> we're right here on "kilmeade & friends." >> don't encourage him. >> we're going to start with this. it's a jaw dropper. it was one month ago today that obamacare kicked in. and we showed you in the 6:00 hour of our program that the system was down, and now ever since then we wondered how many people signed up. and now elizabeth and "kilmeade & friends" we have information and it is not good for the administration. >> apparently six people -- >> six. >> there's no thousand or million or trillion after that number. it's just six. but according to -- we have marilyn tavenner who was
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questioned and kathleen sebelius, they continue to stonewall and say they can't give the official count of six. >> we will not have those numbers available until mid-november. >> we will have those numbers available in mid-november. >> we will get those numbers in mid-november. >> chairman camp, we'll have those numbers available in mid-november. >> we will also have that information available in mid-november as well. >> do you have data on how many people in general in the united states have tried to enroll in a plan through this website? >> no, sir, we do not have any reliable data around enrollment, which is why we haven't given it to date. >> the numbers were taken from the notes for those who were in the war room at the meetings with the medicaid services task who were implementing obamacare and that person walked out with notes that said there were six. there's actually five, five different issuers and six different people. >> i believe it is darrell
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issa and on the kelly file said this is what we're finding out. the reason it's not official is because the white house has chosen not to make it official. >> they certify it. >> all they have to do is say it is not true. >> it is not official because they didn't certify it. by the end of the first day they had 6. by the end of the second day they had 248. keep in mind for this thing to work and for them to meet their goal, they have to sign up 39,000 a day. by the end of the second day they signed up 250. jay carney was asked about, hey, what's the number going to be? he is now tamping down expectations, as well he should. watch. >> if you're asking me will enrollment be low, the answer is yes because that was always going to be the case. >> oh really? how come the first thing you said the reason you can't get on is the high
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volume. and how many democrats do we hearsay there is high volume because people really love this thing. six really loved it the first day. >> how can you assess low if you don't have a number? that is what is interesting as well. they're saying we don't have the information but it's low. you must be looking at something to give that low assessment. >> the website has been disastrous. i've got to give the president credit, he said seven weeks ago, he asked is it ready and they told him it was ready. again punting and blaming, not taking responsibility. that's the vice president trying to save the president, who has been busy lately, i guess, all summer. now let's talk about the other element to this. the report we told you about yesterday that insurance companies were being intimidateed to keep their mouths shut about the disaster that's happening that they're witnessing about all those who have been kicked off. they told them keep quiet. and we didn't know what they had in terms of leverage, steve, all of these insurance companies.
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but it is beginning to become very, very clear, the truth lies with the insurance companies. >> they are the ones who have got to provide. there are all sorts of stories out there about how -- remember if you like your doctor, you be keep your doctor? not true. you like your plan, you can keep your plan. not true. you like your hospital, apparently that is not going to be true as well because so few are going to be involved. in the meantime, the democrats and the president clearly own this now. the affordable care act is theirs. and that, brian, is why they're trying to blame everybody else. those insurers, they're cut rate, bad apples. >> that was bad they said that yesterday. when the president used that term to describe insurance companies in boston, it was essentially game on with a lot of these companies. >> absolutely. it's like with wall street when he referred to them as fat cats. one of the bad apples was on last night from the insurance industry, and he made it very clear, look, this isn't our idea.
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blame obama. >> do you think an insurance company would want to cancel 300,000 customers on its own? that makes no sense. why would they want to do that? the obama administration wrote these regulations so strictly that almost no individual health insurance policy in the market today qualifies. i think it's probably going to impact about 80%, 85% of the individual policies ultimately over the next one-year renewal cycle. >> what he's alluding to is it's basically an obamacare squeeze. they're squeezing employers who know coming in the year ahead they're going to have to provide insurance if you work over a number of hours. what those companies are doing is reducing hours. insurance companies, they make small adjustments on a yearly basis, people renew their individual plans, they make one little change and they can't comply with obamacare. they're then squeezed dropping the americans that are now squeezed without care or left to fall into
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obamacare. >> it's been awhile since i had an individual plan. my brother has had individual plans. they change every year. the deductible goes up, goes down. sometimes you swap companies. a lot of people are saying i feel bad for those people but my company gives me a plan. look out. they're coming after you. they're coming after corporations. >> there's an item in forbes magazine that came out yesterday that somebody -- and god bless them. i don't know who in forbes looked on page 34,552 of the federal register, and back in 2010 the administration predicted -- we're not talking about the individual plans. there are just 15 million of those. forget about that. we're talking about if you get your insurance through your employer, the administration predicted that 66% of small business employer plans and 45% of large employer plans will
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relinquish their grandfather status by the end of this calendar year, which means those people in those plans through your work could go the same way that the plans through this individual thing are going right now. >> that's right. >> in other words, your insurance, you think it's safe because you work for a big company? maybe not. >> they wrote that in 2010 on page 35,000 -- >> 34,55 -- >> i overestimated. guilty as charged. heather nauert has not worked enough. she has only been hosting an entire hour show. >> what's it like to do the news on "kilmeade & friends"? >> i made one mistake at the promo. >> for those of you who missed that, brian did a promotion during the 5 a.m. hour and said on "kilmeade & friends" in just a few minutes, completely shoving your colleagues aside. >> heather, -- >> you do want to listen
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from 9 to noon on the radio. >> have we promoted enough now, brian? >> it's never enough. >> all right, guys. thank you so much. we have some serious news to bring you at ten minutes after the hour. there were some very terrifying moments in kansas when a bus goes off a bridge and plunges into a creek. ten children were on board and it topples into the water. then it landed half submerged on its side. the children were able to escape by climbing out of the bus windows and then on to the roof. >> when i first arrived here at the scene, the kids were on the bus actually hugging each other. the older kids were supporting the younger ones. i'm very proud of the kid. we've got great children. we've got great parents here in the district. and everyone's response has been positive. >> that bus driver who was pinned inside the bus was also safely rescued. police are still trying to
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figure out what caused that bus to go over the edge. but thank goodness those children are safe. rainy weather is heading east today after it left a path of destruction across the state of texas. more than a foot of rain causing sweeping floods across the central part of that state. two men were killed and hundreds of others were left stranded. many were forced to flag down rescue boats as cars and their personal belongings literally swept right away. >> my car is not even in the driveway no more. i don't know where it's at. we have nothing. but we have each other, so that's the most important thing. >> the midsection of texas has dealt with a major drought recently and that makes the flooding worse because the ground is too hard to absorb all that water in such a short period of time. stop and frisk in new york city is back on the books for now. a federal appeals court overturning a previous judge's order that blocks the nypd controversial crime prevention procedure.
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it allowed officers to search suspicious suspects without a warrant. police commissioner ray kelly praising the ruling. >> this is indeed an important decision for all new yorkers and for the men and women of the new york city police department who work very hard day in and day out to keep this city safe. their reputation was unfairly besmirched. >> the judge who first blocked stop and frisk has also been removed from that case. according to the second u.s. circuit court, she gave an pwraoepbs -- preens appearance of bias. >> take a look at this. ♪ ♪ that was last night's halloween light snow it the empire state. it lasted around nine
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minutes, featured more than 15,000 l.e.d. lights, took organizers about a month of planning to get everything right. and brian is so happy halloween is gone. that was a traumatic experience for you as a child. >> as an adult. i can't shake this halloween. >> was it second or third grade? >> third grade. >> this is a happy time for kid. they get candy. >> enough with the kids. every day is for the kids. can we have one day that's for us? >> okay. >> you only want halloween for you, not just kphobgz kphobgz -- not just kphobgz kilmeade and friends? >> it has been more than a year since benghazi but still no answers but soon that could change with a major hearing behind closed doors. ♪ ♪ ♪ ho ho ho ♪
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a new report this morning showing the same agency responsible for the botched obamacare rollout starting one month ago today paid $23 million to dead people in 2011. >> plus another $25 million to dead doctors. if they are struggling to run these programs they already have, how can they handle a new program like the president's health care law? >> they can't. >> stuart varney in the house to talk about what's going on. good morning. >> it cannot handle what's going on here. i really think the government can't handle this. the government is not set
3:18 am
up to handle this kind of thing right. the government is bureaucratic, inefficient. it's wildly expensive. and the series of rolling crises are the result of putting government in charge of this massive change in our health care structure. >> you heard the president two tka*eus ago in massachusetts -- two days ago in massachusetts saying it is a pretty popular plan, they reined in the cost. it worked for massachusetts, why not the country? >> this is government trying to put this in practice. when is the last time you went to d.m.v.? you happy with that experience? now for health care you've got to go through the same mish. you've had the series of rolling crises. the rollout a disaster. you've got the upcoming cancellation probably of employer-provided policies. and now looming just out there, just ahead you've got a doctor crisis. >> what do you mean by a doctor crisis?
3:19 am
>> doctors are fleeing anything to do with medicare, medicaid and the obama exchanges. >> why? >> because they are not being paid properly. hospitals are not being paid properly. medicare is going to lose $700 billion. doctors are swamped with new paper work, new rules, new regulations, and they've got absolutely no protection whatsoever from lawsuits. they predict 90,000 doctor shortage. 90,000 within six years. 90,000 doctors short. >> you know what? on some exchanges they don't even list the doctors or the hospitals available. apparently in california they don't provide the names of the doctors or hospitals as well. why would you sign up for something if you don't know there is going to be a hospital or doctor there? >> you've been bamboozled. this is one great big bamboozle. that's what's going on. >> you're referring to this watchdog group, the "u.s. news & world report" looked at 18hospital nations wide.
3:20 am
11 don't want anything to do with obamacare. >> it was the 18 top hospitals. >> 9:20 varney and company might be leading with this. >> highly unlikely. >> if you want me to talk to you about your second story i'll get you in the break. >> stuart varney, thank you for being here. next on the rundown he gave michael jackson a deadly dose of drugs. now that dr. conrad murray is out of jail, he wants a do over. >> have you ever heard if wrestling is real or fake? our next guest brings you inside the square circle. hulk hogan. who wins? we'll tell you. >> wrestle mania. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. it's time for quick headlines. united express flight makes an emergency landing after a threat on board. the flight from san francisco to san antonio was forced to land in phoenix. passengers were evacuated while a bomb squad and police dogs searched a plane. officials not released more information. >> conrad murray is suing the state of texas to get his medical license back. it was revoked after he was convicted of manslaughter from the death of michael jackson. murray claims he's $400,000 in debt and needs to work to pay for court costs. he was released from jail monday. brian? >> if you're not a fan of professional wrestling, you probably wondered are these shows rigged? are they real? if they are rigged, why do
3:25 am
we watch? it is a sport that's been around for # 0 years and we -- for 80 years and we can't get enough. today we're taking a look behind the scenes in a book called the squared circle. the author david schumaker is here. what inspired you to write a book in and out of the ring? >> i've been a fan since i was a kid. if it grabs with you at a young age, sometimes it will stay with you your whole life. >> why has it withstood the different changes in society? >> it is a different platform. when cable tv expanded it was there and easy to put on the air. i think at the end of the day it is our modern mythology in america. >> we know it's scripted. we want things that are unpredicted. >> that's true. one of the great things about it is the script -- the script is even more interesting than real life. >> i tried my whole life to
3:26 am
watch wrestling without my parents switching the channel. i went to uhf with the circle antenna to be able to watch on saturday morning. let's go through some of the people you highlight. first off, maybe the most famous, andre the giant. the man was huge in every way. >> the most famous wrestler of all time. he toured the world and toured the country and sold out houses everywhere he went. his real life, it's impossible to separate fact from fiction because he's a mythological creature. >> he used to drink how much? >> there's so many stories, 150 beers a night is a pretty average one. >> in order to find out how much anesthesia to have surgery, they ask him how much he drinks? >> he told them how much vodka it took to make him feel tingly inside. they said i guess we can figure it out from there. >> he lived with vince mcmahon to get his surgery
3:27 am
and rehabbed there and got back in the ring. >> he's wearing that outfit because he had a back brace, just after surgery. >> let's talk about randy macho man savage. >> one of the weirdest things about a lot of these guys is their real-life personalities absorbed their on screen permits. he was as possessive of miss elizabeth in real life as on screen. >> when i was in grade school i used to swear wrestling was real. what's real and what's not? >> well, the outcomes are predetermined, so that's not real. the matches are choreographed for the most part. a lot of times they're improvised in the ring. the main points are decided ahead of time. the toll these bodies undergo is completely real. there is no way to fake getting hit by a chair.
3:28 am
those do real damage and wrestlers live with that pain. >> they are great athletes, courageous and fearless and they're good guys. you did a great book and did them great justice in putting them together. you talk about the death and early deaths. the squared circle, life in professional wrestling. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. we move on. she was shot twice but that did not stop her from performing her duties. what this marine cop hero did next. >> this guy watched a tow truck driver roll into his car right into a ditch. there you go. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009.
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[ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. it's your shot of the morning. yesterday we saw all of your costumes, and we're going to see what the stars dressed up for halloween. first up, we mentioned -- is this honey boo-boo? that is honey boo-boo. george w. bush and his grandchild. >> that's nice. >> the president looks like he's in college. >> he looks so happy there. >> heidi klum dressed as an older woman. heidi klum with an aarp card. julianna rancid as a real
3:33 am
housewife. is that a bandage on her knouse. leon ryan. >> dolly parton as kenny rogers. >> that's cute. did you guys get dressed up? >> we've got pictures from the "fox & friends" crew. first up, this is the guy who greeted the children in my neighborhood. i've got a feeling not many of the kids are coming back next year. what do you want! >> how fast did they run? >> fast enough. >> imitation is the finest form of flattery. do you think your son was happy you dressed up like that? >> he thought it was funny. meanwhile, elisabeth hasselbeck out there in the suburbs of new york city. >> darth vader was taylor.
3:34 am
guys, if you take a picture for mommy, she'll stop asking. they were running away from me. they would not pose for the picture. >> brian, your children were dressed as something yesterday; right? >> yeah. take a look. there they are. there they are. they are so cute. >> the reason we're using that picture -- >> because they're my kids. >> they're not your kids. they're generic children. >> they're not my children. i got the message at 4:30 and i didn't tphoefplt i didn't want to wake up my wife. >> brian, you're fired. >> you really don't like halloween, do you? >> i didn't know. gav i n hadden e-mails me
3:35 am
at 4:36 in the morning. i can't wake up my wife at 5:00 and say send me halloween pictures. >> you didn't take any on your phone? what kind of dad are you? >> [i'm not a smart man] >> 8:30. what time is a good time to wake my wife? >> according to those pictures, your wife is going to wake up this morning and say to your daughters, where are the sheets on the bed? >> heather nauert. >> did you guys have a nice halloween? >> we did. made it home in time to take the kids out. i've got a picture. >> does your whole family like halloween? >> they all like halloween. i'm the only one. >> you are something else, killmeade. the question is what really happened in benghazi? a house panel expects to find out when they hear
3:36 am
from c.i.a. officers for the first time later this month. the men were among the first to respond when the compound was attacked and they will reportedly appear before lawmakers in a closed door session on november 11. a texas police officer is shot in the face and the chest, but she still manages to give chase to the suspect. >> shots fired. i'm hit. >> officer ann karazolis is a former marine and shot during a routine traffic stop. thee people were in the car. they fled, but the police officer returned fire and got in her patrol car and went after the suspects. the alleged shooter is a 21-year-old. he's on the left. he was busted but police are still looking for the driver, henry freddy rodriguez. he's on thehe other guy who was in the car. >> i didn't think twice to do it in the past.
3:37 am
i wouldn't think twice to do it in the future. but sometimes even we protectors, we seek protection. >> police are offering a $10,000 reward for information in the case. arnold schwarzenegger can add a new title. park ranger. he is being made an honorary ranger this week because of what they say is his leadership on climate change issues. it is a pretty exclusive club. he joins the actress betty white and the rolling stone keyboardists as the only honorary ranger in the agency's history. >> when a tow truck comes to the rescue and messes things up even more, that is just bad luck. >> uh-oh, uh-oh!
3:38 am
[bleep] >> wouldn't you feel like such a dummy for that. it happened in england. it is hard to tell who feels worse, the driver who has to call for a crane or the tow truck driver. what do you say? oops. >> by the way, heather, we've got the picture of your two children. can we put up heather nauert's children from halloween? there they are. there you go. >> they look great. >> the same thing as the kilmeade family. >> are you guys married? >> some days it feels like it. >> thank you. >> yesterday ended our hallow-week. >> in case you missed anything, here's a recap. >> just a warning, though, things got a little scary. ♪ ♪
3:39 am
>> one of the neighbor kids is fiddling with the light switch. >> we've got to pay our bill or change the batteries. >> happy halloween. >> how do you scare a somali pirate? blast a little britney spears. steve: i want to see you at -- >> i want to see you at a spin class. >> tight outfit. >> what are you up to now? he's got a stapler. no. >> huge fan. i'm almost like sweating right now. >> brian, you're right. lightning is five times hotter than the surface of the sun. >> i can do this show myself. i can do the crew's job myself. i don't even need anybody. i didn't know you heard me. >> i'm going to start again. >> that's a problem.
3:40 am
>> i'm being funny. ♪ ♪ >> something kind of cool to do on halloween. >> this is the duck dynasty edition of halloween at "fox & friends." >> you'll never believe this. >> how do you live like this? i'm so itchy. >> bob massy is here with ridiculous treat or treat laws that you might be breaking. >> it's a plane! it's? >> oliver. >> kids, go crazy. >> what a week. i think the scariest thing i saw during that montage was our legal analyst from las vegas bob massi.
3:41 am
wearing a bald wig. >> that is true. after you have the laugh, then you have to do the segment. now for your expertise. >> he answered legal questions in costume. >> all he needed was an earring. he could have been mr. clean. >> an exciting week and thank goodness halloween is over. coming up straight ahead -- and i will get pictures of my kid or somebody else's kids next hour. coming up, forget the glitchy website and the president's broken promises. our next guest says the problems with obamacare runs much deeper and we ain't seen nothing yet, the prompter says. >> do your kids love mack and cheese? there is a big change coming. >> i had mac and cheese pizza yesterday. ♪ ♪
3:42 am
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quick headlines. 19 people discovered crammed inside a fake air conditioning unit on a truck that was crossing the border from mexico into southern california. customs and border patrol officials found 14 men, 5 women hiding inside. kraft mac and change getting a change to the recipe after pressure from consumers. the company announced they plan to pull the artificial yellow dye from kid-friendly boxes. the natural color will come from spices. i'll continue to follow that story. >> brian, thank you very much for that mac and cheese update. the president doingñi damage control this week after a report suggested many americans might not be able to keep their health care plan as he promised forñr years. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law and you really like that plan, you are able to keep it.
3:46 am
that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. but ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or scandal these substandard -- or cancel these substandard plans, we said you have to replace it with quality coverage because that too was the central premise of the affordable care act. from the very beginning. >> really? we didn't hear all that stuff from the very beginning. is one of the president's biggest guarantees going down the drain? what does that mean for the rest of the law? the president was very clear when he was president and trying to get that thing passed, when he was senator running for president, if you like your health care, you can keep it. now he's got all this fine print. >> you said it. his statement now is far from the truth. you say he's a stranger to the truth. it's remarkable. you're going to see more of
3:47 am
this. what you're going to see, unfortunately, is good plans are going to be downgraded. people aren't going to be able to keep the same insurance that he promised them. and you have what you call in the industry the death spiral. i don't know if you've ever heard about that. what takes place, unless you have a good mix of young people, healthy people and elderly people, people who are more prone -- >> put the money in. >> right. those companies are going to go down. and you're not going to be able to -- and young people are not going to be signed up. remember the movie "catch me if you can"? you're going to have millions of young people saying try to catch me. i'm not going to sign up. i'm not going to pay more. >> i think you're right. in addition to the fact the president said if you like your plan, you can keep it, and we know that is not true, he also said the average family is going to save 2,900 bucks a year on their premium. >> the average family is
3:48 am
going to beginçó paying $2,ñi 500 or more for the same health care. insurance companies, they're using this as an opportunity. they're saying you have to stay in network. great plans. by the way, what about when you're going to get taxed for the golden plan? you're paying $20,000 a year-plus. but now we're going to tax you because you're paying too much. >> what's interesting, senator, is the fact that i think over the last couple of weeks, going on to a month, mainstream media is kind of waking up to this. i think the story that only six people signed up on the first day came from cbs news. a lot of people are going we really believed this guy, but maybe we shouldn't have. >> can you imagine? at the end of the day 47 people, and they're saying hundreds of thousands of people -- >> it's the volume. that's what broke it. the volume. >> right. you know what it is? it's just this idea i'm
3:49 am
going to do it my way. it's the old story of power. absolute power corrupts. so when the democrats controlled both houses overwhelmingly, they didn't look for compromise. they didn't look to involve others. they jammed it through. now they're paying the price. they're not. the american people are going to suffer. >> i read a lefty blogger somewhere on the internet yesterday who said this is what you get when you hire somebody to be president who has never run anything in his life before. >> true. he's a great speechifier, and he still is but i don't think he's going to be able to talk himself out of this because the results are disastrous and you're just beginning to see those results. >> senator al d'amato, thank you very much. it's now ten minutes before the top of the hour. switching gears, having trouble selling your house. it could be your fault. up next, the five biggest turnoffs for home buyers. get out a pencil.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
welcome back. the housing market is on the road to recovery. with some home prices soaring more than 12% over the past year, our next guest says it's a good time to sell. how can you make your home stand out? here is how not to turn off potential buyers. so you're selling your home and you want people to love it like you do. you said there are things that can turn people off. what's the number one thing?
3:54 am
>> one of the big things is actually how personalized your house is. clutter, odors, the fact that you have a lot of family photos on the wall. remember that when a potential buyer is coming into your house, they're imagining themselves living in that house. that's not to say you should scale everything out and take your furniture out of the house, but take a look at that brightly colored room. maybe you should paint a neutral color. take a look at the smells happening in your house. if you have family pets, really focus on scaling back those smells. >> the smells can be a turnoff. maybe have a friend come in and say this is looking cluttered to me? >> exactly. >> what about wallpaper, is that an issue? >> my earliest memories of wallpaper is at my grandmother's house. i think it is the case of a lot of buyers. it isn't necessarily in right now. even though you might like it, it's very hard to remove. a lot of buyers don't
3:55 am
necessarily want that. they have that committeation. >> what about curb abeihl? so many -- curb appeal? >> that's your first impression. these may sound basic, but making sure your gardens and front lawn are landscaped. making sure your gutters are clear, that you don't have a wasps nest hanging above the door to your house, power washing it. if it's shabby, you'd be amazed how a coat of paint would spruce things up in the interior and outside. >> a lot of people actually feel like i'm taking all my personal stuff out. but when the buyer comes to a home that's been misrepresented, that could be the ultimate turnoff. correct? >> that's a big one. so we see misrepresentations a couple of ways. one is listing photos and listing information. so one of the debates going on in different mls's across the
3:56 am
country now is this idea of photo shopping. we see this a lot in the luxury market. you'd be surprised how many million dollars homes are like that. we see this with tax. saying tax abatements or what would be the case if you're coming in and don't have a -- one of the biggest issues is price. don't overprice your home. remember that buyers coming in, they've already researched. about 90% of all buyers start their searches on-line before they talk to a realtor. they know the comps. price accordingly. >> make it worth their while. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me on. >> and up next, stop and frisk. here to stay. the judge who tried o block it -- to block it gets the boot. former new york city mayor rudy guiliani joins us live, walking
3:57 am
in at the top of the hour. ♪
3:58 am
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4:00 am
good morning. today is friday, november 1. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. six. yeah. that's six on the first day of the obamacare rollout six people signed up. what's up next for the health care plan and its failure to launch? stop and frisk here to stay. yep. and the judge who tried to block it gets the boot. so is this a victory for common sense for new york city people? former new york city mayor rudy guiliani here live to react. put down that cup of coffee. turns out if you're drinking your morning brew right now, it won't do you any good. so when should you drink? the answer coming your way. that looks delicious.
4:01 am
>> can we start the show, please? >> okay. >> this is kelly. and you're watching "fox & friends". >> come on over, rudy. >> mayor rudy guiliani here in the studio bright and early. >> good morning. >> when you walked in earlier when elisabeth was introducing you at thend of the last hour, they were playing "bad boy." >> there were a lot of people in the city who thought that. "new york times" would love that editorial. >> the suggestion was that you go after the bad guys. >> that's true. i've been doing that for years. >> you have. >> it's the song. we couldn't find rudy, former mayor, is joining us live theme song. >> rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
4:02 am
>> heather nauert is here with headlines. >> before you get your interview started. terrifying moments at kansas. a school bus goes off a bridge and plunges into a creek. ten kids were on board that bus at the time. it toppled into the water and landed half submerged on its side. the children did escape by climbing out the bus window and then onto the roof of the bus. >> when i first arrived here at the scene, the kids were on the bus hugging each other. the older kids were supporting the younger ones. i'm very proud of the kids. we've got great children and great parents here in the district and everyone's response has been positive. >> how frightening. the bus driver who was pinned inside the bus was also safely rescued. police are still trying to figure out what sent that bus over the edge. rainy weather is headed east today after it left a path of destruction across texas. more than a foot of rain caused sweeping floods across the central part of that state. two men were killed and hundreds
4:03 am
of others were left stranded. many were forced to flag down rescue boats as cars and their personal belongings literally floated away. >> new car. it's not even in the driveway no more. i don't know where it's at. we have nothing. but we have each other. that's the most important thing. >> the mid section of texas has been dealing with a major drought there. that makes flooding even worse because the ground is just too hard in order to absorb the water. talk about a weapon of mass destruction, a cloud of axe body spray sends six students to the hospital. emergency crews rush into a school to investigate a report of a hazardous smell. axe body spray released in the classroom was actually to blame. fortunately, there were no serious injuries. oh, boy, i hear you can also use it as mace. if you're drinking coffee right now, put it down. a new study says the best time
4:04 am
to drink coffee is actually in the afternoon because that's when your energy is the lowest. makes sense. but if you really want coffee in the morning, they say wait a bit because they want to you drink it between 9:30 and 11:30 so it doesn't interfere with your body's natural way of waking up. those are your headlines. back to awful you. >> best part of wake up is folger's in your cup. thank you very much. >> mr. mayor, you're here now at a very interesting time. they're trying implement a program that you worked hard with mitt romney to make sure it was side lined. didn't happen, so we have it. after yesterday's reveal, notes taken from the war room meeting after day one, there were six people across the country who were able to sign up. >> totally absurd. the rollout is much, much worse than i thought it would be. i thought it would be terrible. but i actually think it will get worse when it rolls out because when it rolls out, we're going find out that everybody is signing up for medicaid and it will bankrupt the program.
4:05 am
the whole theory of this is that a lot of healthy young people were gog buy insurance and they're going to fund all that additional amount of money. that's not going to happen. more people will be taking government money. this program is going to be an absolute total disaster. not to mention all the insurance policies canceled, all the people whose freedom has been taken away about the doctor they can go to. >> who is hurting more by the rollout. you need 7 million people to sign up by march 1. you have people facing premiums or being dropped by their policies. >> they're the ones hurting, because the president has health insurance. meanwhile, he's messing with a lot of people who are frightened, maybe they have two kids or three kids, maybe they have an illness. they're frightened, how am i going to get it? the government tells me basically that my policy is gone. >> yeah.
4:06 am
it's not going well. we're exactly one month in. big story here in new york city that a federal appeals court has blocked the ruling on new york city's stop and frisk. they said you have to have an overseer. the court said wait. that judge was biased. >> i'm really very eased about this because i was very worried that this was going to lead to a big increase in crime. i hope the new mayor will embrace stop and frisk as a strategy. i hope this teaches mr. debossio something. i filed a case along with mr. mukasey in this case. we had someone argue for us. when he came back from the argument, he said these judges look like they're upset about this, the trial judge and the way she handled the case. remember, mayor bloomberg had been telling us for a year that she was prejudiced. the fact is, here is one thing just to consider, chicago has 3
4:07 am
1/2 times the murders of new york. we're virtually the same city. why? because we do pro-active policing. we do policing where our police officers, starting with me and bill bratten and now with mike and ray kelly, new york city, look at that. look at philadelphia. so our police officers try to prevent crime. their police officers try to arrest people who commit crimes. >> big difference. >> it was a big change that i made with bratten. it's a big change that ray and mike have increased and made even better. you switch back to let's just go arrest people. you're going to start seeing -- >> that's the guy new york is looking to -- >> chicago is trying to change and go in our direction. they hired a terrific die who was a police commissioner in new york who was trying to change things in chicago, to come to our direction and we want to go back to 1991 and 1992 when we had 2200 murders. we're going to have 400 this
4:08 am
year. are you crazy? yes, you're crazy! >> it's a life saving technique. ray kelly, police commissioner, at brown university, boo'd basically for stop and frisk. >> if i did that in my college, manhattan college, christian brothers would have thrown me out of school. if we boo'd anybody and was disrespectful to a man who was a united states marine, lifetime police officer, ran the emergency services unit, saved lives, and saved thousands of lives since he's commissioner of new york city, what have they done for us on terrorism? you boo that man? you're out of school. >> we should define for people that do not know, he was asked to go speak at brown and he shows up and got shouted down. >> what kind of school is this? >> a $55,000 school with the best of the best. do you know what it takes to get in there? unbelievable hoops and ladders. >> do they teach the first amendment? do they teach the history? >> does this come from the administration? >> of course it does. if you or i ran that school and
4:09 am
they did that, out. it wouldn't matter, if president obama went there to explain obamacare and they boo'd president obama, they should be thrown out of the school. president obama has a right to go explain obamacare. i think it's a disaster. i think it's a terrible mistake. other people don't. we talk about it. >> but you would give him a chance, right? >> we don't boo a hero? >> you invite people in to hear their point of view. >> where is the professor behind the students? >> probably encouraging them. >> there is always one. >> this happened to condoleeza rice in boston as she was giving commencement addresses and they got up and turned their backs on her and it was led by the professors. >> it's crazy. >> go ahead. >> one other topic we want to talk to you about. there is an organization over in iran called mek. >> located in iraq right now.
4:10 am
>> and they are anti-iranian government. >> which means -- >> our friends. >> white house, they're on our side. >> and we need to protect them and help them. and you know what? this is not a story you're going to see any place else but fox. why isn't anybody picking this up? >> because the state department has done a tremendous bog job in which they have made it appear as if these people are terrorists. >> and they were on the terrorist list. >> a while back they opposed the shah. when the ayatollah turned to religious regime, they turned on the ayatollah. they've been apposing the regime since 1981. the head of this group is a woman. they believe in women's rights, a nonnuclear iran. thank you. they have a considerable amount of resources inside iran. they're probably the source of most our information that has contradicted the lies of the iranian government. >> did they tell us about the nuclear facility? >> they told us about that. there was a false report about
4:11 am
stop enriching uranium. they put out that false report. they're probably our best source of information about iran. >> why aren't we helping them? >> we promised we would, right? >> we promised in writing. i could get you the colonel who commanded that base. he might even start crying when he tells you, i gave a promise for my country and 100 of these people have been killed because maliki -- >> who is in the u.s. right now. >> is working for iran. he's a client of iran. >> he left, he had no choice. >> maybe he had no choice. maybe he did have a choice. in any event, he is effectively now iran. he has tied himself up, they're killing sunnies left and right, plus they've killed 100 of these people. we owe them a promise in writing. they should be moved immediately to the united states. we should send over airplanes, bring them to the u.s. a number of senators and congressmen demanded the president cut off aid to iraq
4:12 am
until that's done, including senator mccain, lindsey graham >> we're not let in on the high value, but there is a lot of pressure in the u.s. senate to support the president as he decides to pull back and not inflict iran with the next series of sanctions. what's your thought? >> there was a loft pressure in the other direction, which i agree with. this is the time to up the sanctions. what got them there in the first place? what got them there was the so-called bargaining table was the pressure we put on, the sanctions, that the president opposed. he had to be brought into that kicking and screaming to do the heavy sanctions. maybe he should see it works. the sanctions should be increased until and unless they completely take a step back and assure us that they're actually doing it. plus they should have these people released. they should not be killing innocent people. we should finally do something for our friends because we are spending all our time helping our enemies and double crossing our friends.
4:13 am
>> amen. all right. rudy guiliani, mayor, thank you very much. come back in about a month and a half for that christmas song you were asking for earlier. >> that came out the year i was in kindergarten. >> is that right? >> oh, yeah. it taught me to become a boxer. >> you earned that red nose. th. >> thank you so much for being here. coming up, forget the glitches. our next guest, a heart surgeon, says there is a part of obamacare that no one is talking about but everyone should be. >> and it's whale versus kid at the zoo. who wins? it's the most adorable video you're going to see all day. ♪ all we do is go out to dinner. that's it?
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we all remember what the president claimed when he was touting obamacare and running for reelection. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. >> well, we got a doctor who is coming up next who says that's not true. pediatric heart surgeon, dr. brad allen, has looked into the future and predicts a potential doctor shortage, as well as many other medicare issues and medical tests. he joins us from los angeles. good morning to you, doctor. >> good morning. >> you know, you wrote an op ed in the "wall street journal" and you looked ahead three years to -- it's called obamacare 2016. and it's an eye opener because
4:18 am
there are going to be so many problems down the road. and right now it seems like everybody is talking about the web site. this is much bigger than just the web site, isn't it? >> yeah. that's the problem. that was one of the main points of the article is the web site is going to get fixed. the president says all the time the affordable care act is more than the web site and i agree. the problem is fixing the web site is not going to fix the underlying problem with the law which is the destructive effects it will have on health care for everybody and the health care delivery and their doctor-patient relationship. we have to remember this is health care. this is not a failed green energy product. this is the healthcare you're going to get for your brother, your father, your mother. so we really need to start looking at what this law is going to do to healthcare delivery and stop looking at the smoke and mirrors of the web site, which will eventually got fixed. >> absolutely. one of the problems you forecast in a couple of years we'll notice we don't have the number of doctors that we want. in fact, 44% of the new york
4:19 am
state doctors said they're not going to participate with the new healthcare exchange programs. that is a problem. >> more than that, if you really look at that survey carefully, it really said only 23% said they definitely would be part of the program. and of those 23%, three out of four were doing it out of contractual obligations. only one in four of the 23% said they wanted to. and you have to wonder not only are you going to lose your health care policy, you're going to lose your doctor and the doctors that are willing to take that you may be 5% that said they want to participate, are they the best doctors? are they the ones that are the busiest that need the extra patients? are you going to be able to keep the doctor that you want, which is very important. this is your healthcare, your brother's healthcare. >> and the answer is no. there is a really good chance you won't be able to. and there is a new story out today that apparently there is a really good chance you're not going to be able to -- you like
4:20 am
that one hospital you've been going to forever? there is a real good chance you can't go to your favorite hospital either. >> no. and some of these changes should have been anticipated when massachusetts introduced the program similar to this. the shortage of primary care physicians escalated. the waits to see a physician sometimes more than doubled. you can wait 50 to 100 days to see a physician in massachusetts. the number of primary care doctors went down. they stop accepting new patients. obamacare or the affordable care act will be worse because it has such profound changes also in medicare and medicaid. the 85% of people that have private insurance in general, most of them are going to find their health care has been changed dramatically. they're going to see only the doctor for their 15 minutes on an assembly line of the and the people that have medicaid, -- aren't really going to be help because you'll be left with putting 30 million more people in the system. >> we're just starting to see
4:21 am
that. we've just seen the tip of the iceberg. we thank you so much for getting up early today out in los angeles. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> straight ahead, the same agency that botched obamacare facing even more trouble thisstl morning. tell you about it when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
4:22 am
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4:24 am
24 minutes past the hour. news by the numbers. $51 million, that's how much a federal watchdog says the government paid in medicare benefits to thousands of dead people and illegal immigrants from 2009 to 2011. next, $200. that's how much this guy in texas has to pay after he was arrested for keeping a library book for three years. finally, 200%. that's how much olympian ryan
4:25 am
lochte tipped his servers at a steakhouse after dinner with his friends. >> at least he had his shirt on. >> that's good. time travel romantic comedy about time and vegas comedy, "last vegas," hits theaters today. taking on topics that have already been done. but are their all-star cast enough to get to us cough up money to see them. >> joining us is, kevin mccarthy. >> good morning. it's an honor to be here on doocy and friends. >> i made one mistake. >> brian, i preorder your book. i'm upset because i saw elisabeth already has an advance copy and she's on chapter 2 already. >> i am. i'm on chapter 3 now. >> i want to direct the movie,
4:26 am
brian. when it comes out, that's all i'm saying. >> speaking of movies, i think looks hilarious. it's "last vegas". older guys who we've loved for years went back to vegas, baby. >> here is the issue with "last vegas," you're dealing with an amazing director who directed movies i grew up watching, you also have an all-star cast, four oscar winners. the problem is the script of the it's manipulative, cliche, predictable. you can not not think of "the hangover" when watching this film. you think how original that was. this movie does not have those beats to it. there are some good moments, the acting is decent, but the overall film feel forgettable. you have these four guys together, why not give them a better script? i gave it 2 1/2 out of five. if you're really interested in seeing it, i recommend the matinee. if not, wait for the renal. i had the -- rental. i had the opportunity to sit
4:27 am
down with all four of them at the same time and all i wanted to know was, you had these four best friends going to vegas. look at alt characters these actors played so far in their career. which one do you think would have the most fun in vegas with these four guys? this is what they had to say. check this out. >> the guy in "black rain". >> i want to see that. i would love to see that. mr. freeman? >> yeah. i think -- >> that i want to see. >> i think dave. >> the president? >> the president? >> yeah. >> the accidental president. what about the movie "about time"? >> it's a movie directed by richard curtis. i don't know if you saw "love actually," i'm obsessed with
4:28 am
that film. this film deals with a young man who figures out that his father and the men in his family can time travel. he uses this time traveling element to manipulate aspects of his relationship with rachel mcadaps. i know you're thinking she already did one. that was a terrible film. don't think about that movie at all. this movie actually works. it really does work. it's more about a father-son relationship. i want to say this, i think this movie delivers one of the best scenes of the year. it's a moment that will make any grown man or woman cry. i was in tears, one of the most beautiful scenes i've seen so far this year. the only problem, it's 15 minutes too long. i gave it a 3 1/2 out of five. >> john boehner no problem with your tears. >> right. >> 15 minutes too long, just go in 15 minutes late. >> good morning, guys.
4:29 am
thank you so much. >> two movies just for you. a public service. >> i'm a nerd tears fan. >> you are? >> i am. >> i'm a kevin fan. next up, speak of movies, a gang of robbers takes a cue from the movie "scream" on halloween. >> you want to get the truth out of somebody? stick around because scientists have nailed down the exact time of day you're most likely to be honest. >> is it now in people are on facebook talking about this. ♪ as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card
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4:33 am
if you're going to be traveling soon, listen to this. the faa announced today that airline passengers can start using cell phones and ipads during takeoff and landing. yep. in related news, everyone was already doing that. >> yeah. it's on, the plane's going to crash, apparently mott. >> apparently not. >> doesn't it aggravate you that we had -- excuse me. i told you we'll throw you off the plane. >> you have to follow the rules. >> it's a fake rule. it's been abused for 15 years. >> how do you know you're not on the one that can't handle it?
4:34 am
>> if your plane starts going down, turn your ipad off. >> it might be too late. >> we've got an important public service for you right now. if you have a question for your spouse or good friend and you really need the truth, call them up right now and ask them the question because the longer the day grows, the more likely your friend or spouse is to tell you a fib. >> you know why? because when you get up in the morning and your inhibitions are down, you're thinking just get things done, you're thinking more efficiently. later in the day you're thinking of creative ways not to tell the truth. >> this is coming out of harvard university. they had people choose between the correct answer and one that would insure a higher payoff. as the day went on, people were more willing to cut corners. >> so in other words, if you're watching the channel, for instance, right now we're completely truthful, 100% glitch
4:35 am
free truth. by the time you get o "red eye" -- to "red eye" -- >> that's a great point. if they were a morning show, they would make total sense. >> actually, they are a morning show. >> for some. 3 a.m so we got to ask you guys this, when do you start lying? what time? >> tell us the truth. >> tell us the truth. when are you lying on facebook. i'm going back in there after my interview. >> i have a question. i wonder what time of the day the president was saying that if you liked your health care, you could keep it. >> every day. >> i got to wait 'til afternoon. >> i don't think he said it at the prayer breakfast. i think it was the morning blitz >> that's why i don't answer my kids about where their candy is until later. >> where is it? >> i ate it last night when you went to bed. i'm sorry. i took two pieces from each of
4:36 am
your bucket. >> off her bucket list. heather nauert may have dipped into the bucket last night as well. >> i certainly did. the youngest don't even notice. >> what's your favorite piece of candy? >> i like twix. >> 'cause you get two. i like anything where you get double. >> by the way, we're gotting interesting comments about why you dislike halloween so much. some people are saying it's brian kilmeade get off my yard! like the grumpy old man. >> listen -- >> i'm going to check right now. >> i'm glad it's november 1. >> okay. i have some headlines to bring you now. got some work to do. so what really happened in benghazi? a house panel expects to find that out when they hear from c.i.a. security officers for the first time later this month. the men cast with guarding c.i.a. agents on the ground were among the first to respond when the compound was attacked.
4:37 am
they were reportedly appear before lawmakers in a closed door session on november 11th. we'll keep you posted on that. the feds will reopen the investigation into the mysterious death of georgia teen-ager kendrick johnson. his body was found rolled up in a gym mat at his high school back in january. they're expected to review a previous investigation by the sheriff's office, along with newly released surveillance video that shows the teen-ager the day he died. police had ruled his death accidental, but johnson's family suspects foul play was involved and push for the department of justice to probe that case. this was just like a scene from a horror movie. two men wearing scream masks like these making off with more than $310,000. they pulled off an armored car heist in philadelphia in just minutes. witnesses say the armored car was in the parking lot of a bank when the suspects attacked the driver who was holding the bags of cash. >> oh, my god, that guy just got robbed. i was like, who got robbed?
4:38 am
they come running from the back and he said, they're getting away! and they jumped in the van and headed down frankfort avenue. >> police eventually found the suspects' get away van a half mile from the scene, but the robbers are still on the loose. get ready for the cutest video of the day. a whale having fun pranking a young boy. watch this. how cute. that video comes out of china and shows the whale squaring off with a boy through the glass and then gives him a good spray and his parents a good laugh. how cute is that? those are your headlines. >> very sweet. >> thank you very much. >> talking about sweet. >> she's out on the street. there she is in a green trench coat. >> i have a name for brian. hallow grinch. >> listen, november 1. let's turn the page. >> that's right. >> let's get ready for thanksgiving. >> it's my daughter's birthday today. >> there we go. that's what i look forward to. >> yea. let's take a look at the weather
4:39 am
conditions. unfortunately, steve, we do have a wet forecast in store for your daughter's birthday across parts of the east coast. we're looking at a storm system producing wide areas of rain. that's all across parts of the northeast of new england. down the coast, showers and storms are going to be firing up, especially later on this afternoon. it's relatively quiet right now. we could be look at rainfall amounts of over an inch across parts of the carolinas and georgia. i think one of the biggest concerns with this storm system as the wind picks up is the wind. you can see we have wind advisories in effect across parts of the northeast and interior sections of the northeast because gusts up to 60 miles an hour will be possible. i kind of wish we had a wind meter right now to figure out how much that last gust was here in new york city. temperatures very mild. in the 70s in new york city. behind the storm, getting chilly. only into the 40s. don't forget, coming up this weekend, you have to turn back the clocks an hour coming up early sunday morning. it is the end of daylight savings time.
4:40 am
now let's head to brian. >> let me tell you what happened last night because you did not watch. it was thursday night football and ends at 11:00 p.m. eastern time. great game. final minute, miami down by three. watch this catch. the pass. keeps his feet in. here is the game winning field goal. that would tie the game for overtime. then andy dalton. he would come back to passments i never saw this. safety in the end zone, game over. game, set, match. good-bye. 22-20. dolphins do something the jets didn't get close to and that's beat the cincinnati bengals. let's head to college football. arizona state at washington state for some pac 12 action. arizona state already ahead 28- 28-7. quarterback drops back, bomb. look at that catch. batted around but caught for a 51-yard touchdown.
4:41 am
sun devils up 35-7. it didn't stop there. arizona finished 55-21. that's a quick look at a very busy day. coming up on tuesday, finally here, the release of george washington's "secret 6". >> this has been one of brian's passions for as long as i've known you and elisabeth and i are both working on it. great book. >> it is a great book. >> you're on chapter 3. >> with everything going on with spying, it's an incredibly appropriate time for your writing. >> it's very interesting because people talk about we don't spy. we wouldn't have an america if we didn't spy. >> sure. >> there you go. >> coming up straight ahead, he was like a broken record. the president promising if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. our next guest is proof that just is not true. she just got a letter dumping her from her plan. >> that's right. ladies, it turns out your favorite food could be making you sad. what you need to know next. >> would that be chocolate?
4:42 am
>> i hope not. >> your breath makes me sad. >> the aflac trivia question of the day. this australian actress was nominated for her role in "the sixth sense." who is she? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer and you will win a copy of brian's great new book. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. okay, who helps you focus on your recovery?
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[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® got some quick headlines for you. wal-mart upping the ante on christmas shopping. wal-mart kicking off their on-line deals on tvs and tablets a month earlier than usual. shoppers will be able to purchase the items shortly after midnight tonight. there is -- there may be a link between pasta and depression. a new harvard study shows women
4:46 am
whose diets are heavier in refined grains like pasta, red meat and soda were a third more likely to suffer from depression. good news is chocolate is not on that list. president obama repeatedly said if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period. so why are americans getting letters like this? in order to comply with the new requirements for individual health plans under ppaca, we must eliminate your current blue cross-blue shield plan. we are automatically moving to you a new plan that meets the new requirements. but the person who got this letter hasn't gotten a new plan. in fact, she doesn't have coverage at all. she's fallen into what's being called the obamacare coverage gap. she joins me now. she's a rancher in colorado and with us this morning. thanks for being here, tammy. you get this letter. you've always had insurance.
4:47 am
what did this new plan that they were pushing you into offer? >> it offered a much higher deductible and it offered a out of pocket that we didn't have before. so it's causing what we actually pay for our health care coverage to be a lot more expensive even though the premium stayed pretty much the same. >> were you happy with your coverage before this? >> yes, i was extremely happy. we had a higher deductible and it worked for us. we own our own business, so we have to protect our assets. and so we had health insurance just in case something terrible would happen. and blue cross-blue shield has been wonderful to us. we meet our deductible and they pay 100% after that. >> you also work as a part-time independent insurance agent, so you know how these things work, right? but even this seemed so shocking that after hearing the president say, you can keep it if you like it, getting a letter like this and being left to what seems to
4:48 am
be a pretty awful option to you, how shocking was this? >> it was very shocking. the most shocking part was that we were under the impression that we would be getting some kind of a subsidy from the government to be able to help pay and offset some of our new costs. but when we went on the web site, we found out that we didn't qualify for obamacare because of how our business structure works. so we were told that we had to go on medicaid, which i don't understand why i have to be on medicaid, but that's where they directed us to. nebraska did not expand medicaid, so there will be no help for people like ourselves. so we are forced to buy a new plan all on our own and face these expenses by ourselves. >> you truly fall not guilty -- falling in this gap. last year marked two years cancer free for you. >> it was wonderful news. >> that is unbelievable.
4:49 am
my mom was a breast cancer survivor. i know every year counts. what's next moving forward for you? being a cancer survivor, what are your main concerns as one who faced cancer? >> our main concern is being able to afford the out of pocket costs. so we're looking at different ways that we can try to afford the new cost, whether that be go with a more expensive monthly plan to keep the out of pocket costs lower, but it's all going to come out of our pocket. i know that every year i'm going to have expenses. i have to have a colonoscopy. i have to have cat scans. those are required for me to stay healthy. so we already know that there is those expenses. it would have been nice just toe plan i had that worked for us. >> certainly those things were promised to you and i'm sorry that that promise is not being made good on. we wish you well.
4:50 am
congratulations on being two years clear. we thank you for joining us this morning and sharing your story. >> thank you. >> coming up, are you in the market to buy but you think you can't afford a house like this? think again. this one is under $250,000. there are more just like it next. and the global sensation, el divo is going to perform on "fox & friends." you do not want to miss it. ♪ too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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4:53 am
the answer to the aflac trivia question, toni coletti.
4:54 am
the winner is buddy. you'll get a copy of my new book. let's talk real estate. rates on fixed mortgages dropped last week to their lowest levels in four months. the average rate on a 30 year loan down over 4%. this means that now is the time, perhaps. so where can you get a great home for under $250,000, if now is the time for you to get a mortgage? michael corbett is the author of this book "find it, fix it, flip it" and he joins us now with the country's least pricey pads and their locations. all right. first off, when it comes to the metropolitan areas, is this a good time to look in the cities? >> yeah. absolutely. what's going on is that according to trulia's price monitor, nationally we're up 11.5% in list prices. but in certain cities, some of these hot markets that we're going to talk about today, it's even more. however, as you just said,
4:55 am
interest rates are lower than they've been in three months. so it's a great window of opportunity right now where a good price meets a great interest rate. >> you're going to give us sample houses and maybe people can act. in atlanta, georgia, you want us to look at a house that goes for $229,000. why do you think this might be a pretty good buy? >> take a look at this house. it is stunning. it's three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, two stories. almost 1900 square feet. it's a really great craftsman. it's got beautiful front porches on both floors it's got hardwood floors, granite in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances. it's also got a big backyard, big fence, a deck, a fire pit. beautifully done and it's going to run you about $1,100 a month. including taxes and insurance. >> if wolf blitzer is look for someplace to stay, maybe this is a good place. houston, texas, dwight howard
4:56 am
might be look. does he want a $220,000 home that looks like this? >> he might 'cause this one looks like a little mini mansion. it's two stories, all brick. it's four bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, about 2300 square feet. this one is completely updated, open floor plan. it's got a formal living room and family room. granite, stainless steel, custom finishes. big backyard. about $1,100 a month. great deal. >> we have one from cape coral, florida, but don't have time to show it. but we'll show it on-line and we'll put that up, it goes for 219,000. that will be a mortgage payment of 1094 a month. the other two, the houston was 1097. the atlanta one was 1144. always love having you on. thanks so much. >> we'll see you later. thanks. coming up next, you hear about this? stop and frisk here to stay. the judge who tried to block it gets the boot. so is there a victory for common sense? geraldo rivera went to law
4:57 am
school. he said he did very well. he's going to review it. then, you've never seen a sky dive like this, landing right into a moving mustang. the video you got to see to believe, if you do believe it. ♪ good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. two full servings of vegetables (coffee be♪ng poured into a cup.) save your coffee from the artificial stuff. switch to truvia. great tasting, zero-calorie sweetness from the stevia leaf.
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5:00 am
good morning. it's friday, november 1. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. talk about failure to launch. six, that's right, only six people enrolled in obamacare on the first day of the rollout. the debauchle continues, but is the plan a bigger problem than the web site? geraldo rivera coming up. >> meanwhile, extreme weather turning deadly. rescuers forced to pull dozens of people to safety when flooding river turned the roads into look at that, a little lake. now the storm is on the move. where is it headed next? we've got the latest. and the military turning to hollywood to protect our troops in the line of fire.
5:01 am
how ironman could soon have a role on the battlefield. >> you say it much more dramatic >> we all match today. >> now you can sit next to us. hasselbeck and friends starts now. >> you're watching "fox & friends". ♪ >> that's il divo and they're here and are going to perform live. >> they're on broadway and they've come a block to visit us today. they've been practicing in the commercials and it is fantastic. by the way, we should point out as you join us here on the curvy couch, five minutes before this program started at a little before 6:00 o'clock in the morning, brian kilmeade said,
5:02 am
and join us later in five minutes on kilmeade and friends. >> i made a mistake! >> you really did. that's the secret plot here. >> that's the whole spy thing. >> that's why the teleprompter said hasselbeck and friends. >> your agent called. >> watch out, i will hack into your twitter. >> i told everybody he was coming up. i didn't lie. >> did you tweet it out? >> look at steve's tie and your sweater. >> and i got blue. >> we've got lots to talk to geraldo about regarding health care and stop and frisk, things aren't going as planned. in the meantime, to set the table, shear heather nauert. >> geraldo and hasselbeck, i like that. >> good news for me and steve. >> sorry, guys. >> all right. got some headlines. there was terrifying moments to tell you about in kansas. a school bus goes off a bridge
5:03 am
and plunges into a creek. ten kids were on board that bus at the time. it toppled into the water and it landed half submerged on its side. the children escaped by climbing out of the bus windows and onto the roof. >> when i first arrived here at the scene, the kids were on the bus actually hugging each other. the older kids were supporting the younger ones. very proud of the kids. we got great children. we've got great parents here in the district and everyone's response has been positive. >> thank goodness they are all okay. that bus driver who was pinned inside the bus was also safely rescued. police are still trying to figure out what caused that bus to go over the edge. an extreme weather alert to tell but now. storms headed east today and they're bringing dangerous strong winds after they left a path of destruction in the middle of the country. in texas, more than a foot of rain causing sweeping floods. two men were killed and hundreds of others were left stranded. those storms also turning deadly
5:04 am
in tennessee where a nine-year-old boy died after he was shocked by a downed power line. severe weather has been pounding that region, knocking over trees and leaving thousands without power. this may not be for super heros anymore. the military wants to produce a real life ironman suit within the next 12 months. special operations command began soliciting ideas for this suit this year, including this one. no contracts have been signed yet and no price have been set. but the pentagon wants a working prototype within a year. the metal suit apparently would be bullet proof and also include the latest communications gear, including live video feeds from drones up above. interesting. accidents happen. it's a fact of life. but this story is back. a tow truck driver comes to the rescue and really messes things up even more and that's just bad luck. look at this.
5:05 am
>> oh, oh. (bleep) you have to be kidding me. >> it goes right over the cliff. that poor guy, this happening in england. let's watch it again. there he goes. >> if i can't get the car, i'll stop and pretend like i planned it, yeah, that's right. >> that poor guy. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much. geraldo rivera joins us live here. >> good morning, everybody. >> good to have you. >> one month ago today they launched obamacare. yesterday we discovered -- remember in the beginning, the white house blamed the web site, the reason it was down and millions of people got that message was because of the volume. now we know on the first day,
5:06 am
you know how many people signed up? six. at this rate, it would take 'til the year 6849 to implement obamacare. >> i can't wait. but you mentioned a month ago. that is the key date. what has happened in that month? first you had the government shutdown and you had the debt ceiling detour, and everybody focused on that and on the awful tea party. we were distracted enormously from the real story. what was the real story? not the launch of the web site, the horrible launch of the web site. those are two major distractions. you had the shutdown and the launch of the web site. now we are seeing exactly what the obamacare program is. what is it? it turns out justice roberts, when he ruled the law constitutional was precisely right when he said obamacare is a new tax and the federal government has the ability to
5:07 am
tax. when conservatives were lamenting the fact that the judge ruled obamacare constitutional, i said for conservatives that the silver lining was justice roberts has revealed this program to be an enormous new tax. now you're seeing people with existing policies, low cost, low benefit policies getting hit with much more expensive, better policies, arguably, but much more expensive and there is a realization that the middle class is going to be taxed now to pay for the health care of those who up until now have not been able to afford it. it is an enormous new tax and it's being revealed -- >> because of the delay is this. >> dallas of the delay and disastrous launch of the web site. we have been focused on the wrong story for a month. >> nancy pelosi was right. we have to pass it to see what's in it. >> we also now have to focus on it and now i think there really is tremendous turmoil and disquiet in the country and i don't know if the law can this.
5:08 am
>> you're so busy doing radio and everything else and you also have the show on the weekend. did you have a chance to see the president in massachusetts? >> i did. >> mitt romney, heck of a job. >> like the ghost in the room. >> did you buy his explanation for why he says he was telling the truth when he says you can keep your plan if you want to keep your plan and the fact is we can't? he says, those plans weren't sufficient anyway. they were substandard anyway. so he's actually making a leap of deciding what's substandard and what's perfect for you. >> i think that this is as close as you're going likely to get to see the president really disassembling. i don't want to say lying, but clear will he misrepresenting a reality. i think he hangs on the nuance. who is taking away your existing policy even if you like it? it's not the government. it's the insurance company, so that's his technical cover, i didn't lie. it's the bad guys, the insurance
5:09 am
company. >> desperate to reach that march 1 deadline of 7 million people to pay for the system which he's putting on the american people. >> i do not believe that the system as currently tooled is workable. i think a this will add enormously to the deficit and i hate to say that, but it becomes clear now, because people are going to resist paying this brand-new tax and particularly the young and healthy. they're going to say why are you -- i'm already struckling. look how high unemployment is among my demographic is anyway. how unhappy i am with you old folks telling you what i have to do and now i have to buy this when i don't need it. if only we had kept our powder do i and waited until the launch, waited until the failure and then complain. >> all became political. and the president's poll numbers are dropping. the headline in the new york post today, go frisk yourself. we've got this stop and frisk policy here in new york city. many have said that it's one of
5:10 am
the reasons the crime is so low here, including the guy who wants to be the next mayor says i would get rid of it. the good news for people, if you like it, apparently the judge who ruled on this has been booted and the federal monitors for this have been put on hold. >> ray kelly a friend of mine, police commissioner. he's coming on the radio program today at 10:00 o'clock eastern time. this judge was an activist judge as absolutely biased as you could possibly get. she invited this lawsuit. she openly invited it in court. she recruited the plaintiffs for the lawsuit, to bring the action -- >> wait, she can't do that. >> and the appellate court said, wait a second. not only are you biased, you created this case in a large measure. what you did was inappropriate. so stop and frisk has been reinstated in terms of its constitutionality. so now -- >> what happens to the monitor? >> the monitor is on hold.
5:11 am
there is no mandate now for that monitor. new york is the safest big city on earth. chicago has 3 1/2 times the homicide rate of new york and chicago has a very similar demographic. you can't say -- >> look at the numbers. >> we are clearly doing the right thing in new york. what this judge did with this judicial activism, look at that. this is real, ladies and gentlemen. whose lives are being saved by stop and frisk? it is precisely the people, the black and latino, young person, most susceptible to being killed by gun violence. these are the people being protected by stop and frisk, as rudy guiliani said in your previous hour, the america's mayor, the mayor in new york during the '90s, this situation now, do you want to go back to where we had over 2,000 homicides a year? right now we're returning it under 400. who is being saved? it's not the park avenue matrons being saved. it's the kid, it's the 18-year-old from brownsville. it's the 17-year-old from the south bronks. those are the children being
5:12 am
saved by stop and frisk. you kept the balance, personal liberties and the constitutional requirement that everybody be treated with dignity with the reality that if you don't stop a bunch of kids on the corner and say, hey, what's that bulge i see in your pocket there, ace? if you don't do that, if you wait for him to commit the crime, then the murder will have been told. the city blood would be flowing. i think you have to reinstate this as soon as possible. ray kelly was right. mayor bloomberg was right. 20 years of republican administrations in new york city has done a good thing. i'm not saying that the democrats can't handle it also. but if they cave to the most vocal minority within the minority, then the city will skid back to -- remember, i was born here. i spent most of my life in this town. i've watched this. this is a process that is very necessary. you need a strong hand in new york. bear in mind that people's dignity has to be protected and constitutional rights.
5:13 am
>> and remember it saves lives. >> certainly. >> thank you. >> elisabeth, thank you again for the dress code. >> any time. >> you got a new nickname, ace. >> you are ace. coming up, nearly two years after pushing out the u.s. military iraq now wants our help with al-qaeda. should we give it to them? colonel allen west is next. >> then you've never seen a move like this. a sky diver landing right into a moving car. that's some good shooting. ♪ ♪ ♪ s
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
nearly two years after pushing out u.s. military, iraq wants our help with al-qaeda. the administration in reality
5:17 am
showed no interest in doing that, wanted to pull out. joining us, a man who lived it and worked for us there, former florida congressman and lieutenant colonel, colonel allen west. let me put you into the oval office. he walks in and says, the word is, he's not happy and the people are not happy with the relationship with iran. too oppressive. the iraqis want to be iranians. what can we do? what should we do with al-maliki? >> first of all, i would lay down serious preconditions to make sure that if we do go back into iraq, we have very specific missions that we're attempting to do. i think the president missed a window of opportunity by maintaining a campaign promise and not listening to the generals on the ground about keeping a residual force in iran where we could have put out along the borders with syria and the borders of iran to kind of keep those external influences from coming in. and then also working with the kurdish people in the north, which are really our best allies
5:18 am
in iraq. i'm very concerned right now about the fact that we just had secretary lewis, secretary kerry up on capitol hill yesterday talking about easing the sanctions on iran, but yet now we have al-maliki showing up on friday talking about he's not happy with the relationship. so we would have to get to the bottom of this first and foremost before making any commitments. >> let's look at iraq. we lived this for so long. on the right side is syria with this huge rebel/al-qaeda, some rebels are al-qaeda operatives on one side. on the other side is iran. it still looks like there might be a nexus, an alleyway where the sunni triangle consists mostly of al-qaeda g. a lot of the rebels of syria are al-qaeda. are we setting up a pseudo country right through the heart of that region? >> well, you are. as a matter of fact, al-qaeda is not decimated. they've had a resurgence in iraq. they're calling themselves the
5:19 am
islamic state of iraq now. they have reconstituted themselves, just not calling themselves al-qaeda and iraq now. so we once had a foothold there where we could have kept the pressure on al-qaeda and other terrorist associated elements and then we also could have kept iran honest. now you'll have to go back and fight your way back in, which is something you never want to do. so this is a part of the short-sighted strategic vision of president obama. this is a tough situation he's going to be in, but i think that if you have the right preconditions, you could look at reinserting yourself because right now if you don't, al-maliki is going to go either russia or china. >> yeah. that's what we saw happening in syria and iran and russia have never been tighter and saudi arabia is looking for a chief ally because they feel like we've abandoned them, as we have done egypt. it's an interesting foreign policy we're witnessing. lieutenant colonel allen west who fights for us, worked for us
5:20 am
in washington and now a fox news contributor, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me, brian. >> next up, hey, parents, do your kids love mac and cheese? there is big changes coming and you need to know about it because they're going to eat it anyway. reality show husband bill rancic is running into the studio right now, he'll be in last place of the new york city marathon. wisest kid? we need a new recipe. let us consult the scroll of infinite deliciousness. perfect. [ wisest kid ] campbell's has the recipes kids love. so good! [ wisest kid ] at [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good!
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5:24 am
booted out of her home she lived in for 55 years. the reason? the land was bought at a tax sale for 43 bucks without her knowledge. now the new owner is charging her $300 a month to stay in the house after filing for her eviction. terrible. and kraft mac and cheese is getting a slight change to the recipe. they plan to pull the artificial yellow dye from the kid friendly boxes. the new natural color will come from spices like paprika. maybe it will be pink mac and cheese. i'm not sure. >> delicious. in the new season of "giuliana and bill," bill, pictured here, is busy paging the doctor. check this out. >> i hadn't been to a doctor in years. >> are you worried about it? >> i feel good. i just want to make sure everything is working perfectly. i want to make sure i'm going to be around to coach his team. >> i can't have anything happen to you. i'll be destroyed. >> nothing is going to happen.
5:25 am
>> that was preobamacare. >> there he is, bill, the star of "-- bill who broke on the scene on" the apprentice." are you ready for a brand-new season? >> i'm ready. >> first of all, i love the show. >> thank you. i did well. >> you guys had a long journey. >> we had a long journey. health scare, duke is 14 months. >> he's 14 months, walking and babbling. >> he's operating. >> he's operating. >> take a look at a shot of duke. >> that's the shot. this is halloweenç
5:26 am
absolute las person. >> that's right. 50,000 runners. i'm 50,001. and everyone i pass, timex will give a dollar to breast cancer. hoping 25,000 people, knock on wood. >> will she be at the finish line waiting for you? >> she will be. >> unless she has something else to do. >> she may have a couple meetings along the way. >> honestly, how emotional would that be for you, because seeing what your wife went through, literally seeing her life threatened by cancer? >> running the marathon is nothing compared to what she had to go through, all the surgeries and just the whole road for the last two years have been brutal. so when i'm struggling at mile 24 or 25, i'm going to think about everything she had to go through and i hope that will push me on.
5:27 am
>> we got to hope you're not struggling at mile 12. everybody that passes bill, they contribute a dollar. >> i wish that was a case. >> you're in great shape. you're ready for this. >> i've been training a lot. i've been training for the last four months. i'm running with two buddies. we're not shaving until after we finish the race. >> you know what? elisabeth could give you some advice. i hate to brag on her, but she has run the boston marathon. >> four hours and change. new york is so special as well. i think any marathon is great. this one has great meaning. you have to hydrate. >> and we're going to have more people than we've seen because of last year and given what happened in boston. >> this will be your third marathon? >> i ran one when i was 28 and one when i was 30. i ran chicago now i'm 42. so it's a little different. >> this will be easier. >> yeah, right. >> when you run four a cause, you don't feel as much pain.
5:28 am
brian will sub in for you if you need it. >> i'll need him about mile 20. >> i ran the long island marathon, like you run on an empty highway. it's like your lost. if you broke down on the side of the road. >> you were running it the week before the marathon. >> that's true. that was my problem. >> you heard him talk about the cause. >> makes a lot of money. >> anyone watching, if you see me, let me pass you because it's for a good cause. >> you know what, that's a great thing. >> you'll be in second place. >> next up, the same agency that botched the obamacare rollout facing more trouble this morning. it just paid out millions of dollars to dead people. how does that happen? we're not sure. >> yeah. and the global sensation i il do tackling broadway. first they're performing live on the "fox & friends" show. don't miss it.
5:29 am
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5:32 am
here is an amazing sports story. a surfer may have set the world record for the largest wave ever be surfed. after riding an estimated 100-foot wave off the coast of
5:33 am
portugal. the sad thing, this giant 100-foot wave, still easier to surf than the obamacare web site. >> which, by the way, you can't still. >> they're going to have it fixed by the end of this month. >> game on. good luck. >> yeah. when the lions are playing, they'll be sweating on thanksgiving day. >> you could be right. meanwhile, thank you for joining us on this awfully busy friday. look who has headlines for the final time today. >> good morning to you. hope you're off to a great day. what happens in benghazi? a house panel expects to find out that when they hear from c.i.a. security officers for the first time later this month. the men tasked with guarding c.i.a. agents on the ground there were among the first to respond when the compound was attacked. they reportedly appear before lawmakers on november 11. a pair of shocking new reports reveal the government paid out millions and millions of dollars in medicare benefits to thousands of dead and illegal
5:34 am
immigrants. a federal watchdog says more than $50 million was doled out from 2009 to 2011. federal law prohibits illegal immigrants from getting medicare benefits, but some are still able to gain access through medicare part d. officials have pledged to fix that problem. halloween and pumpkins go hand in hand. but usually filled with candles. not cocaine. a montreal woman is in custody this morning after custom agents found three pumpkins in her luggage stuffed with more than four pounds of cocaine. scanning equipment at the montreal airport discovered it inside the hollowed out pumpkins. check out this incredible video. the sky diver soaring through the air, but instead of your normal boring landing, she tries to land in a moving car. take a look at this. yellow mustang right there driving on the road and out of the sky she comes right into the back seat.
5:35 am
look at this. nicely done. >> isn't that amazing? perhaps no surprise here, she's a professional sky diver with more than 3,000 jumps. that is just incredible. >> was that an ad for somebody? >> not that i'm aware of, no. we'll look at that. >> i would love to get in a convertible, driving down the open road and hope some sky diver lands in. what the heck? >> now it's time to go outside because somebody else is going to be dropping in, maria molina is joining us. stormy weather moving around issues isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> she's moving around, too. >> go ahead. >> good job. >> good morning. yeah. we do have a storm system that produced incredible images across parts of texas and we did have very dangerous situation out there with a lot of flash flooding occurring. some areas picked up more than a foot of rain. look at these images. that was the story as well across sections of arkansas.
5:36 am
we did have reports of severe weather in terms of damaging winds and even possible tornadoes that will need to be confirmed later on today by the national weather service. this storm system still on the move. we're not looking at a flooding threat or tornado threat today, but you are looking at very strong winds associated with the storm system and areas of rain stretching from the northeast all the way down to the southeast. pretty quiet now across georgia and the carolinas. those storms will be firing up later today. we have high wind warnings and wind advisories in effect across the northeast and the eastern great lakes because of gusts up to 40, even 60 miles per hour at times. temperatures east of the storm, brian, very mild. only in the 70s today in new york city. brian, i know you're starting off with sports, but i want to mention college football, florida state um. >> another fantastic game. another reason why i watch college football. 24 minutes before the top of the hour. they played thursday night football and we taped it.
5:37 am
bengals played the dolphins. this was a great game. watch this great catch. this would get them into field goal range and would they have a shot to tie it up? they convert. into overtime we go. will it be won by a field goal? dalton drops back for the bengals. he is tackled in the end zone, that's a safety. game over. dolphins with a stunner. they win 22-20. they are back in the thick of things. talk being a team backing champions. red sox winning the world series was a time for celebration, as you know. of course the locker room celebrations included the obligatory champagne shower. david ortiz was pictured with a massive bottle of french champagne. it was very high priced. the bottle can go for $100,000. that's one expensive shower. congratulations. $100,000 champagne bottle. he can afford it after getting mvp. >> it has been almost 100 years since winning at home.
5:38 am
>> who is coming up on your radio show? >> by the way, coming up on the radio show, ambassador robert jordan to saudi arabia, kevin mccarthy, and others. >> good info. they sold tens of millions of records and packed arenas all over the globe. iil divo is making a new milestone by performing together in broadway in a series of special shows. >> that's right. watch. ♪ ♪ >> they got a new cd that comes out tuesday called "a musical affair." right now we're joined by our buddies, screen right. you have urs, followed by sebastian, carlos and david.
5:39 am
>> you all come with your own speakers. >> so this is the first time you guys have ever been on broadway together. who is nervous? >> kind of. >> it's a huge honor to be on broadway, but it's also -- there is an amazing legacy of fantastic singers and wonderful performances that we're going to try and live up to. >> david, this has got to be weird for you because you live here in new york city and these other guys are from europe somewhere. >> who knows? they need more space. >> that's okay. they're nice enough guys. they can come and hang out. >> it's a big week you have 'cause you have a cd coming out on tuesday? >> that's right. >> so tell bus it. >> we have a duet with kristen chenowith, we sing with michael bol and we have a compilation of
5:40 am
song, old and new songs from musicals. >> heather hadley will be performing in the show with us. >> yes, yes. >> fantastic. >> this is what i worry about, not knowing anything about singing, so please excuse this. you sing with so much energy and so much strength. can you do it twice a day? can do you it every night? seven days a week -- there is no stand-in for il divo. >> as a matter of fact, we do a whole run through of our show that area going to give thursday on broadway. >> that's a full blown concert. >> exactly. but i think the fact that we're able to do what we love, that's what gives you the energy like you guys. i can see you have lots of energy. >> we do our show, the musical. we might sing. >> it may be a bit more of a rap thing. >> that's more our style.
5:41 am
>> i always ask this, time the role simon cowell is playing. he put you together. what kind of role is he playing? >> less and less actually. last time we seen him is not that long ago. about a month ago, was at att. but these days, especially again with the musical repertoire, we've moved further and further away from what his home grown. he's not really into that music. together with management and the recording, we've taken care of it. so he's very busy and still getting busier. >> will you guys baby-sit if he asks you? got to pretty much, right? >> we've got to sing for the baby, right. >> now that is a lullaby. >> you're not going to be singing for the baby yet. you're going to sing for our audience in ten minutes. you're going to do "tonight" from" west side story." ten minutes to memorize the
5:42 am
words. >> they have their own speaker. >> il diva. >> yeah. >> six months after the boston marathon tragedy, new york city is on high alert ahead of its race this sunday. we're live on the ground with the latest security measures. >> plus, big changes coming to one of your favorite snacks. the savory and sweet in combo you have to hear about. >> we have more breaking news about food than i ever remember. first, clayton morris is here with what looks to be the "fox & friends" weekend show. am i right? >> that's right. i'm over on the weekend cube area. i cleaned it up for you. coming up this weekend on "fox & friends," is your health care changing under obamacare? the three questions you need to ask yourself before deciding to buy in. then this weekend america adjust its clock. daylight saving time. if an extra hour of sleep doesn't seem like enough, we've got ways to make it seem longer. people are getting headaches from daylight saving time. plus, governor mike huckabee, dana perino, all here with us
5:43 am
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esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. quick headlines now. he may have pulled off one of the biggest investment schemes in history. but if bernie madoff actually bad at math as well? a former employee says he is. government witness david kugel testified in federal court that madoff had trouble with long division and regularly asked for help on calculating returns. and if you just can't decide between chocolate or potato chips, put those hands together because now you have both. lay's is releasing the chocolate dipped potato chips for the holidays and they will be on store shelves soon. and shepard smith will break in as soon as she get done with this throughout the day. >> pinch me, i'm dreaming. that sounds great. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. the new york city marathon set to return this sunday after getting sidelined by super storm
5:47 am
sandy last year and additional money has been spent on security. our reporter is live outside central park with what we can expect on sunday. lydia? >> reporter: good morning. we're outside central park. the finish line is just over this wall. we've been out here all morning long. we weren't allowed to go inside. the marathon may be days away, but when i step out, you can see security is already going on right now. you can see road blocks, security personnel, as well as many vehicles. officials are telling us that this will be the largest antiterrorism operation carried out across new york city. it's thank is in response to april's boston marathon bombing. marathon officials are banning more items this year such as backpacks, high duration packs, vests with pockets, baby strollers and if you do show up
5:48 am
with some sort of bag, even a purse, expect your bags to be checked. again, baby strollers are also being banned. because of all of these road blocks, officials are asking spectators, as well as runners, to take public transportation. normally the finish line is actually painted blue. but this year in honor of the boston marathon victim, it will be painted yellow. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. they have warmed up and they're ready to go. ill tivo. guys, you about ready? they're coming up next. first, let's check in with martha mccal lum. >> good morning. the governor's race in virginia is starting to tighten up. ken cuccinelli is our guest. and new revelations on benghazi. trey buddy joins us this morning as well. so six, that's the number of people who signed up for obamacare on day one. why does the president not seem
5:49 am
worried? great panel on what may be behind that. we'll see you at the top of the hour right here ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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look at all this stuff we covered today that's history now. halloween is history, but not before we share some of our photographs with what happened at our houses. that's the guy who greeted the children in our neighborhood. i've got a feeling we won't have much repeat business next year. >> did he scare small children? >> all of them. >> elisabeth, who is this? >> that's isiah. he was supposed to be trick or treating, butted, he was eating
5:59 am
his candy before he got home. >> heather nauert, do you have something to share? >> okay. so that's not steve. that's tim. >> looks like he could be my brother. >> he wanted in on the action. >> those are my kids right there. pirates and davie crockett. >> my two kids dressed as ghosts. there they are. still here. >> actually brian went with a generic photograph. when you forget to bring a picture, you bring out the generics. >> good news, one sent in only katy's picture. we didn't have a picture for kirsten. that's katy and she's a zombie. but she's beautiful and a lovely girl. her friend's mom saw her shirt stained with blood and washed it out. we didn't wash her shirt, so the blood remains in. >> maria was running with the zombie.
6:00 am
>> on saturday. >> and we heard from maria earlier. >> turn your clocks back an hour, coming up early on sunday. 2 a.m. >> il divo will do another number in the after the show show. get ready. >> they just found out about it. bye-bye. martha: we start with this fox news alert. stunning new revelations on obamacare's botched rollout. internal memos are showing only six people, six actually signed up on day one of the health care exchange program. good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom". >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. the obama administration is not actually denying the information. the health and human services department is down playing released documents. let me quote them. they appear to be notes. do not include enrollments, statistics. we will release enrollment stats on monthly basis after coordinating information from different sourc


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