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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 1, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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your town. >> you're the best thing about next wednesday. these commercials will be off the air. >> that's it for us on "the five." have a great weekend. "special report" up next. fox news alert. in washington, new details just in on today's shooting at los angeles international airport. shots rang out as travelers add l.a.x. ran for cover. it happens in an area where dozens, maybe hundreds of innocent people were potentially in the line of fire. correspondent adam housley is at l.a.x. right now with new details. hello, adam. >> hey, how are you doing, bret. you mentioned the new details. just confirmed with the fbi that the gunman is named paul anthony ciancia. they have confirmed it, he's 23 years old. his last known address was here
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in los angeles in the los feliz area, and this morning, they believe, the suspect, 9:20, opened terminal three here at l.a.x. and opened fire. there are several victims. one has died, a tsa agent, and the gunman is injured as well. i'm going to have my photographer swing to the right. people from terminal three are finally being let out. there are a couple thousand people who were in there and stranded in a safe room. some are walking by right as we're speaking at this moment. now, we did hear from some witnesses who did get out earlier today. and when they came out, they were talking about all sorts of different things happening inside, people running, hitting the ground in fear. hiding behind counters in restaurants. running down pathway s onto planes and onto the tarmac. listen to what one witness who saw what happened, what he said when the gunman walked in and opened fire. >> when the first shot came, there was loud screaming and people running. a group of us laid down on the
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floor, and then the suspect quite calmly walked upstairs and through the checkpoint and fired a few more shots, and then he just walked around the corner. >> now, the president was also briefed about this today. as you might imagine, a very serious situation in los angeles. the airport was basically shut down. as we're talking now, an air new zealand plane was the first to land in hours since 9:20 this morning local time. the president was briefed. here's what he had to say about the shooting. >> we have been monitoring and we're concerned about it, but i'll let the law enforcement folks talk about it directly. >> again, that was from the president. local law enforcement has spoken to authorities here a number of times today. it's been quite chaotic as you can imagine anytime you have a major shooting. this is the first shooting in l.a.x. since about 10, 11 years ago. very chaotic, a packed airport.
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a lot of travelers. people walking up from the thousands to go nowhere, try to find hotel rooms. when you talk to authorities, here's what they said happened and how valiant one officer was who went after the suspect. take a listen. >> this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. the officers didn't -- i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual, and they confronted this individual in our airport. and unfortunately, it involved an officer-involved shooting, but that's what needed to be done in that particular situation, and that was heroic. >> bret, two quick things. behind me, here's people waiting to get back in and take off again. some flights are moving at l.a.x. these are the people finally let out of terminal three. they have been in there since this morning, in a safe room protected by authorities. a long day here, and a very serious situation as there are people recovering in the hospital and we know, of course, of the one victim. >> adam live at l.a.x.
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we'll head back for any breaking details. thank you. back here in washington, reaction to the disastrous obama care rollout has evolved from fear to frustration to ridicule and laughter. the president's health care exchange is the focus of a new round of pointed jokes after word that only six people signed up on the much heralded and promoted first day. and more appropriately, america heard it first on a comedy show, but people affected are not laughing at all. we have fox team coverage. jim ingle in washington with just how restrictive some of the president's new health care plans are. j john roberts in atlanta with the false promise of keeping your old coverage, but we begin with ed henry who reports from a place where no one is laughing tonight. >> that's right, good evening, bret. tonight, republican dave camp is demanding the white house start turning over enrollment data by 5:00 p.m. the next business day, every single day, amid signs the
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first numbers were awful. embarrassed again over the rollout of president obama pchs signature domestic achievement with news that, count them, six people signed up on day one. they tried to blame darrell is a issa, a frequent white house critic. >> we learned from selected cherry picked leaks from a republican committee, there are notes from a contractor that make estimates about figures. if the implication from this disclosure is that the website wasn't working effectively on october 1st, i think that is a dog bites man story. >> the document ethough, came from a war room inside kathleen sebelius' department, and issa today demanded to know then why a parade of top officials from jay carney to sebelius and one of her top deputies have refused to turn over the real enrollment figures. >> marilyn told us she doesn't have numbers. i'm sorry, but if you spend $600
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million on your signature legislation and you have internal numbers and you're not willing to give external numbers, what you're doing is the kind of propaganda that this administration has done since day one. >> presidents aides have pledged to start revealing numbers at the end of october. they say it will take a couple weeks to nail down the details. >> why don't you at least put out a reasonable preliminary number and show us some transparency. show thepublic where we are. >> we are going to give you a reasonable, accurate number, as we promised we would, on a monthly basis, consistent with the data released that you see for other programs. and the focus here -- you know, for understandable reasons, i guess, is on, you know, how low the number might be. >> carney said while republicans want to focus on the bad news, the white house always knew enrollment would be slow at first but will pick up over time. the pressure to be more transparent overall is now
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coming in from longtime supporters of the affordable care act, like howard schultz who blasted the rollout in an interview with cnbc. >> it might be a great vatagy, but the execute is flawed. it's off the rails, and i think what the country needs now is real honesty and transparency and truth about what's really going on. >> oddly enough, it was a comedy show that first threw out the number six last weekend. >> millions of americans are visiting, which is great news. unfortunate unfortunately, the site was only designed to handle six users at the time. >> they revealed the website wait times are getting dramatically better, though it's interesting on monday, the president will be addressing his political organization ofa on health care, a sign he still needs to rev up his political base. >> ed, thank you. >> ultimately, all of the obama care problems are not about politics but about people. tonight, senior national correspondent john roberts
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introduces us to some who are facing life-changing decisions because of the new law. >> betsy could be the poster child for the unintended consequences of obama care. >> i was very happy with my plan. but then i got the letter saying it was no longer available and i would need to choose a new one. >> her plan was dropped because it didn't include maternity care. she's 52, her son is 24, and she doesn't plan to have more kids. to replace the coverage she has, her premiums would go up from $454 a month to $871. her options on the obama care website weren't any better. >> there is a policy on the website that i could stretch my budget for and afford it at $541 a month, but the deductible with that plan is $12,700. i can't afford a deductible of $12,700. >> sho she said she may have to drop insurance all together, pay the fine, and roll the dice with
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her health care. that's a decision also faced by small business owner cay joiner. he was recently told his premiums were going to sky rocket. >> it was going to be over $400 a month. i'm a single individual. i've got a business to run, eight employees. i have to make a pay roll and pay for fuels and other things for my company. it wasn't going to work at that high price.tsy, joiner could fid a lower premium, but the tradeoff is far higher out of pocket expenses. >> you want me -- >> it's the same problem stephen curry is wrestling with. >> i was very happy with the plan. >> a benefit specialist and event planner, his current comprehensive plan is being dropped. so far, he hasn't found anything to replace it. >> they increased the deductibles and sometimes increased the premiums as well. unfortunately, i don't get any subside as. >> that's something curry, joiner, and tatter all have in common. they earn too much to qualify for subsidies. and in joiner and tatter's case at least, too little to afford
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the extra expense they're facing because of changes under obama care. >> my federal tax dollars will fund president obama's insurance plan, but yet he's going to fine me and penalize me for something i can't afford to buy. it makes me very angry. >> tatter says there is one positive aspect to obama care. it has allowed her 24-year-old son to remain on her policy. that is until january 1st when tatter says no one in her family will have health insurance. bret. >> john, thank you. from president obama, this has been a halloween week in which his praumshs about his health care reform plan have come back to haunt him. tonight, a new example. here's jim ingle. >> president obama's made several promises about the new health care plan, but two of them collide with each other, including one pledging many people will pay very little. >> one study shows that nearly 6 in te10 uninsured americans may
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find coverage for $100 a month or less. >> he also made this promise. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> he said he didn't want to interfere with people's relationships with their doctors, but he can't keep both those promises at the same time. >> if you want a lower price in an insurance plan, you only put the doctors and hospitals in there that will take the lowest reimbursement rates. >> there are much narrower networks than some people are used to, and that's really how insurance companies can bring down their costs, is they negotiate rates with providers. >> exchanges have lower premiums in part because they have narrow networks. fewer doctors, fewer hospitals that have agreed to lower payment rates. >> none of the details about doctors and hospitals is available on the shopping site for in fact, the least expensive plan for a family of four costs $718 a month and carries a $5,000 deductible. others cost as much as $4800 a
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month. subsidies will help those with modest incomes, of course. the subsidy level is pegged at the second lowest choice in the silver plan, slightly more generous than the bronze plan but less than the gold and platinum plans. about half of the lower cost plans, though, are hmos. >> they have closed networks so you're only covered for going to the doctors and hospitals that are part of the network. >> and not necessarily the specific prescription drugs you take. far less than many people expect. >> the president said people are going to be really impressed. i believe people are going to be really surprised. >> now, when i called theate00 number today from an unlisted phone, i was asked for my name and address. after a few moments on hold, the man on the phone said it appeared i was a member of the media. how he knew that, i have no idea. but then he said he could offer no more information, that an advanced resolution specialist would call me in two to five business days. so the site seems to be more
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successful at identifying reporters than explaining the options and signing people up for health insurance, bret. >> a very distinctive voice. >> maybe that was it. >> next time, hide it. all right, jim, thank you. >> the dow is up 70 today. the s&p 500 gained 5. the nasdaq ahead 2. for the week, it cane sganed about a thirdth of a percentage point. >> up next, trying to find out what really happened in benghazi from people who were there. >> first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering. fox 29 in philadelphia with the mother of autistic twins, starting school for children like hers. fox 31 in denver with couples camping out overnight in line, not for concert or sports tickets, but for applications for wedding venues next year. and this is a live look at our boston affiliate, fox affiliate fxt, the big story here, preparations for tomorrow's red sox world series victory parade. big celebration there.
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we have a follow-up tonight on a story we brought you thursday about upcoming testimony from american personnel on the ground the night of the benghazi terror attacks. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with why lawmakers are so insistent they talk. >> based on congressional sources and thas largely overlooked press release from the house intelligence committee on 9/11, 3 cia contractors who have a book deal for their benghazi story are expected to testify the week of november 11th. committee staffers did not immediately respond to fox's request for comment, but in a recent interview, the committee chairman confirmed he would not take no for an answer. >> i think it's either you come voluntarily or come with a subpoena. >> the cia contractors
3:18 pm
dedescribes adformer members of the military can independently explain the timeline of events, as well as the cia's response and the impact of not sending military assets. eli lake has written extensively on benghazi. >> we have never heard from the perspective of the actual operators who went on the ground. the other thing is these guys are working in benghazi, and they can begin to tell the story of what the u.s. intelligence community was doing there. >> and whether the cia operation was the target of the attack or somehow provoked the attack which killed ambassador chris stevens, sean smith, and ty woods and glen doherty. this recent letter to frank wolf obtained by fox news meticulously lays out the state department's weapons program in benghazi but emphasizes it does not speak for all u.s. government entities. we respectfully refer you to the
3:19 pm
central intelligence agency for any questions regarding the activities. they did not store collected weapons at benghazi. none of the weapons collected were ever transferred to syria. >> if you want to find out what happened, you have to talk to the cia. >> sources familiar with the negotiations between the contractors and the house intelligence committee tell fox news that the hearing will be classified and a subpoena was not necessary. one of the contractors was so severely injured in benghazi that the blood loss was life threatening and since he has had multiple surgeries. >> fox news has learned exclusive details on why the two delta force operators who volunteered to help defend the u.s. diplomatic facility in benghazi have been nominated for the distinguished service cross and the silver star. at least one of them went into a hospital under terrorist control to retrieve the body of the slain u.s. ambassador. and they both carried dead and injured off the roof of the cia annex after sustained mortar
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fire. >> president obama says the u.s. wants iraq to pass an election law so people can discuss the differences politically instead of resorting to violence. he met with iraqi prime minister al maliki today add the white house and talked about the challenges ahead. >> unfortunately, al qaeda has still been active and has grown more active recently. so we have a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against that terrorist organization that operates not only in iraq but also poses a threat to the entire region and to the united states. >> still ahead, democrats jumping ship from obama care. first, behind the scenes intrigue about hillary clinton and the 2012 campaign. it's what you love about her. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use
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this is a fox news alert. an update on our top story, the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. federal authorities confirm the shooter is 23-year-old paul cianc ciancia, he's a california resident. he's at the hospital. they expect to speak to him as soon as possible. a note was recovered, according to authorities, from the suspect's bag which he dropped at the security checkpoint when he started shooting. innote was described as a bunch of threatening language districted at the tsa and a lot of antigovernment rants. we're told the suspect started shooting at the security checkpoint, then went around the security gate and through the exit where those who had just arrived were moving down the terminal. officials do not think the suspect has a military record. the motive is not clear, other than the anti-government sentiment in the note. no details on exactly what kwiend of weapon was used.
3:25 pm
authorities don't believe the shooter used any type of special ammunition. a federal appeals court has blocked a judge's order required changes to new york city's stop and frisk police program. but it might not matter for long. democratic mayoral candidate bill de blasio is way up in the polls, says he will get rid of it if elected. >> the obama administration is denying a report that advisers considered replacing vice president biden in the 2012 campaign. the claim, though not the first we have heard of it, comes in a new book. fox news media analyst howaurd curts tells us who was next in line. >> a new book monday which happened to be obtained by the times and then the post, said white house officials considered replacing joe biden on the ticket. it's a political eye opener from what we heard in the amateur, which reported the white house put out feelers to see if hillary clinton was interested
3:26 pm
in taking over the vice president's spot. this latest book now reports that the president's top aides ordered polling and focus groups in late 2011 to determine whether biden should be booted and replaced by clinton. but the idea was dropped after the research found that an obama/clinton ticket wouldn't do much to boost the president's chances. bill daley, who was then the white house chief of staff, told the "new york times" it was due diligence to at least consider the switch as an option. >> too many women here and around the world still face ceilings. >> clinton was at a women's conference in philadelphia today, but did not address the big story, and the white house today tried to brush it off. >> what i can tell you without a doubt is that the president never considered that and had anyone brought that idea to him, he would have laughed it out of the room. >> the account comes from double down, a book by mark halpern and john heilman who earlier book
3:27 pm
became a movie about sarah palin. two other revelations, he chafed at spending too much time with bill clinton, telling aides after cutting short a golf game, i like him in doses. and mitt romney dropped chris christie from his vp short list after he failed to fully answer questions about his background and his health. now, no one knows whether the publisher deliberately laeaked hot book like that, but it won't hurt sales. >> what do you believe? do you believe the report on replacing or possibly replacing vice president biden? sent me a tweet. >> we have polling information tonight on perhaps the biggest race in next tuesday's elections. emerson college has democrat terry mcauliffe leading ken cuccinelli by just two points in the virginia governor's race. newport university has a poll, and the spread in that is seven. the real clear politics average of all polls is almost eight in that race. we'll have complete coverage on election day.
3:28 pm
the president has invested millions of your dollars into solar. we'll tell you in one case what you have to show for it. speaking of big money, you'll be appalled to learn what some federal workers are doing while you're paying them overtime. "the grapevine" is next.
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now, some press from the political grapevine. you're paying almost $9 million to federal workers who are tasked such as watching tv,
3:32 pm
surfing the internet, and taking care of personal business. and that's just at six homeland security department offices. it has to do with abuse of overtime that has almost become institutional. a letter to the president warns these cases may be just the tip of the iceberg and quote, such abuse of overtime pay is a violation of the public trust and a gross waste of scarce government funds. dhs is reviewing its procedures, adding, while some overtime is necessary, the misuse of it is not tolerated. >> is government an insult? an assistant district attorney in tennessee thinks so. a national newspaper reports the prosecutor got so tired of being called the government by defense attorneys, she filed a motion to stop it. quote, the state believes that such a reference is used in a derogatory way and is meant to make the state's attorneys seem oppressive and to inflame the
3:33 pm
jury. the lawyer who was targeted in the motion fired back. dense attorney drew justice told the judge that hence forth, he would like to be referred to as captain justice. other acceptable names, he said, would be guardian of the realm and leader of the resistance. the judge denied the government's motion. finally, remember a bound solar? it was one of the green companies that folded in 2012 after taking hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in loan guarantees. well, here's the kicker. their building is still a toxic mess of carcinogens, broken glass, and contaminated water. the northern colorado business report said it will cost nearly $4 million to clean up that building. taxpayers like you have lost a total of $70 million on that company so far. before the cleanup. the major political fallout in the obama care mess is not criticism from the right. and that's a given. it's the growing defection of members of the president's own
3:34 pm
party. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at who is bailing on obama care. >> a month into obama care, there are signs its bumpy launch has left democrats feeling anxious. denis mcdonough and other key administration officials went to capitol hill to allow senate democrats to vent. mcdonagh was told they have lost confidence. obama care is not working well, and senate allies are concerned. several said they're counting on the tech surge to fix health ca in a hurry. >> we ought to give them the time to see those improvements, but we need to see the improvements, and we need to make this a much easier, more consumer-friendly process. >> clearly the website has presented a real challenge. it's not where it should be. >> house democratic whip steny hoyer expressed some regret for the pitch, if you like your health care, you'll be able to keep it. >> he said, quote, i don't think the message was wrong, i think the message was accurate, but it
3:35 pm
was not precise enough. he spent his time in the house energy meeting telling kathleen sebelius he wanted a delay. >> my constituents are losing confidence in the government's ability to pull this off, and the only way to restore their trust is to delay the individual mandate. it's not far to penalize the consumers when their noncompliance is not their fault. >> and max baucus said he's open to that. >> maybe we should start thinking about delaying the penalties. it's not right to penalize people for mistakes that the government's made. because exchange isn't working. >> meanwhile, leading republicans are reminding the american people who brought them this law. >> so far, washington democrats have resisted every attempt to exempt the struggling constituents that we all represent. the folks who ran this partisan bill through know it's not ready for primetime. and they seem to want no part of it themselves. >> gene shaheen, who faces re-election next year, is leading the call among senate
3:36 pm
democrats for an extension of the enrollment deadline. >> thank you. please join us tonight in our panel segments. if you have not participated, take a moment, go to our home page, you can watch the instrekzs there. look betteren an orange tie. realtime feed back what the panelists are saying. you can weigh in on it all and access the pulse on your smartphone or tablet by going to >> we have a big panel ahead. it's fully half as large as the entire nationwide obama care sign-up sheet from its first day. we'll try to fit it all in next.
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test test
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from selected cherry picked leaks from a republican committee is that there are notes out there from a contractor that make estimates
3:40 pm
about figures related to enrollees in the early days of this process. if the implication from this disclosure is that the website wasn't working effectively on october 1st, which i think that is a dog bites man story. we know that. >> you spend $600 million on your signature legislation and you have internal numbers, and you're not willing to give external numbers, what you're doing is the kind of propaganda that this administration has done since day one. 4.7 million unique views, that's what they put out. they seem to be able to get that number. >> well, the number on the first day of the obama care rollout of people who enrolled said to be six. according to darrell issa, the committee chairman looking into this enrollment numbers tough to come by since the beginning, october 1st. we'll start there, as you join our panel. let's bring in our panelist.
3:41 pm
steve hayes. julie pace, and george will. julie, it has been frustrating trying to get those numbers, and i know you all have felt that in the white house briefing room. what about this latest revelation, and how it fits in the big picture in. >> we have been reporting for several weeks that on the first day of enrollment, the numbers were in the single digits. we know that number is six. and what we don't know, though, is where the numbers are now. this is incredibly frustrating because we know the numbers exist somewhere in the west wing, somewhere in hhs, and really what you're seeing is selective transparency on the part of the white house. they'll tell us the number of people who go to the site, the number of applications that has been submitted, but they won't tell us how many people are enrolling. you're seeing them lower expectations pretty dramatically for when they put out the first round of numbers, which is expected in mid-november. >> november 15th, we hear. >> subtract six from 7 million. that's number they expect to have or need to have signed up by march.
3:42 pm
and you see it has declined. there's an old axiom in washington, if you don't like news, make some of you own. the president went to boston, and with utter predictability, turned this into an attack on insurance companies, bad apple insurers who stop selling the policies the customers wanted but the administration thinks they shouldn't want. this is the most transparent administration in history by its own admission is complaining about leaks from itself from documents that leaked numbers it claims it doesn't have. it's not a pretty picture. >> about that, we talked a lot about it over the past few days. if you had your insurance, you could keep it, that promise, period, from the president. there was this pushback that it was a small number in the big individual market, 5% overall. we're seeing that it's really more than that. and even businesses, small business groups are being affected. take a listen to this guest,
3:43 pm
diane iser and her plan. >> i currently have a blue cross blue shield ppo, 80/20 plan. okay? and it has been affordable to me, and i want to reiterate that. i want to say it one more time. it has been affordable. i have been happy with it. and now i'm being told it's substandard. my coverage currently would be stopped as of december 31st. my premium is going from $363 to $713. my deductible, my deductible is going from $1750 to $3250. >> not tough to find these stories. >> that's the problem for the white house. this has moved from a theoretical debate over the past three years to real numbers where people are doing real math. i mean, people are getting these letters. these are not made-up things. people who have household budgets are trying to find a way
3:44 pm
to make this work. and the problem for the administration is, they can spin it and jay carney can refuse to give out the enrollment numbers and they can play games with the timing, but it doesn't matter. ultimately, the numbers are what they are. people are getting these notices. one of the other arguments that defenders of the law have been making lately, that if you get your insurance through your employer, you're really not affected by any of this. that's total and utter nonsense, as we just heard from her. but you hear this from everybody. we got a letter at the weekly standard telling us our premiums would be increasing. you talk to people across the country and they tell you their premiums will be increasing. this affects everybody. >> and it affected the politics here. listen to max baucus, democrat, talking about this rollout. >> i think it makes better sense. let's just see how much of this can be put together, how much
3:45 pm
humpty dumpty can be fixed in the next month. if it looks like humpty dumpty is not being put back better, maybe we should start thinking about delaying the penalties. it's not right to penalize people for mistakes that the government has made because the exchange isn't working, so the better approach is to make sure the exchange is working so we don't have to worry about the penalty problem. >> julie, you have some democrats saying pushing for delays, others calling the website and the rollout humpty dump dumpty. >> max baucus isn't just any democrat commenting on the affordable care act. he's one of the ark tektds of the law. he knows it in and out. it's particularly notable if he's coming out and saying we may have to fix some things here. i think with democrats, what you're seeing is democrats who already feel vulnerable because ofy may have taken, positions they may have taken on the affordable care act, obama care, coming out and being a bit more forward leaning on saying we may need a delay on the
3:46 pm
penalty. this is going to be completely depend on what we have happen on the next couple of weeks, months, and how much pressure the white house feels from their own party. >> max baucus was the pioneer of the phrase train wreck, but twice in that statement, he used the word penalty. he better check with chief justice roberts because he said if it's a penalty instead of a tax, it's unconstitutional. they can't even get their semantics straight. >> the website is not going to be ready on november 30th. not going to be ready. this is being discussed among health insurance company ceos in meetings extending late into the early-morning hours. they understand it's not going to be ready. software experts understand it's not going to be ready. if it's ready, i will polish your shoes, every one of your pairs of shoes for the next year. >> i have a lot of shoes. >> fully functional. fully functional. >> all right. we've got some -- we're tracking on bing all of the responses. a lot of them, and the results
3:47 pm
here to these questions about the rollout, which has been the biggest problem with the transp. people losing existing health plans, 41%. what will happen to the website, 54% say like steve, it will not be fixed, but kept anyway. and 28%, it will not be fixed, eventually scrapped. finally, has anyone you know tried to logon to the website. 65% said no. 35% said yes. have you or anyone you know tried to logon to the obama care website? some of the questions here as we track your analysis. next up, the friday lightning round. twins. i didn't see them cing.
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>> each week we ask to you vote in our friday lightning round poll for favorite topic this week i chose the ongoing benghazi. we're back with the panel about the witnesses. steve? >> there are actually going to be two sets of people meeting with the house intelligent committee. first, a couple of witnesses on the ground who have already met with the staff the senate intelligence committee and then three later, about a week later in all likelihood, the three people who catherine herridge talked about before. i think that the second group, the three, these are the three who are writing this book that's likely to come out sometime next year. are likely to provide basically a just the facts ma'am accounting of what actually happened on the ground and i'm told that that account will, in some significant ways contradict the official line that we have gotten from the obama administration. it should be an interesting hearing. we will see if we learn anything out of a classified hearing.
3:52 pm
>> julie? >> i think what will be interesting from the white house perspective will be to see if the information that comes out of these hearings which is presumably going to be more detailed than what we know at this point whether that gets the white house to change their position. so far the white house really feels like what they are doing is sustainable. they don't believe they are under political pressure to provide more information to change their approach. we have to see after these hearings if there is a difference. you listen to senators like senator graham, george, he they are adamant about. this take a listen. >> the survivors, the people who survived the attack in benghazi have not been made available to the u.s. congress for oversight purposes. so i'm going to block every appointment in the united states senate until the survivors are being made available to the congress. >> what do you think about that? >> well, institutional tension is built into our system of government. now, if you believe the administration's sincerity and it's been difficult to do this since they said the benghazi attack was just an excessively violent movie
3:53 pm
review but an internet video. if you believe they are worried about, a, national security, something was going on there that they think ought to be kept secret or they are worried about the integrity of a perspective criminal justice action against people who attacked them. even if you credit that, however, there is equally strong claim on the part of the rival institution, congress, to its constitutional duty of executive oversight of the executive branch, therefore, they will have to fight this out. what you do is get someone like lindsey graham who makes the marker so high and the stakes so large that someone is going to have to give. >> quickly, winners and losers. >> this week's loser was brown university war mob of liberals shouted down ray kelly, the new york police chief who was there to defend and explain the stop and frisk policing. the winner this week was ray kelly and the people of new york because appellate court struck down and sharply reprimanded the rule of the judge who had in the first
3:54 pm
place stopped to overturn the stop and frisk measures who have probably saved over the last decade 7,000 lives, most of them minorities. >> julie? >> my loser users or attempted users in the middle of all of this political fighting there are real people trying to log on to the web site and see what kind of health insurance they could get. my winner the city of boston. nice to seat folks there after everything they went through earlier this year have a chance to celebrate. >> george was there steve? >> my winners are you have met him jim capretta two healthcare policy wonks who have predicted almost everything we have been able to see the last couple of weeks. this is what he wrote back in july four months ago, the exchange rollout has reached the point of administrative collapse and the administration is doing everything it can to it hide that fact. that was four months ago. the loser is john jon huntsman, last week the chair of no
3:55 pm
labels group dismissed mike lee and other conservatives and tea partiers as whack jobs. a new book about the 2012 campaign suggest that he was, in fact, planning his campaign while he was serving the white house contradicting what he said. this from a guy who ran as candidate who was going to end the trust deficit. >> okay, panel, my loser, a beard. because my staff put in should bret grow a beard in support of no shave november? 70 percent said no. and apparently that's why. duck dynasty beards? in support of men's health early detection prostate cancer good cause just no beard. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a a clip of kathleen sebelius bringing down the house and also bing results. check it out.
3:56 pm
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from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at here are tonight's bing highlights. democrats agreed with congressman darrell issa, republican, that the white house is being disengenius about its presentation of enrollment numbers. the highest intensity of the
3:59 pm
segment was one where 26,000 votes per minute when steve offered to polish our shoes for a year if the obama care site is ready on time. high approval for men and women when julie questioned whether the hearings will make the white house change their position. also, all parties agreed that students were acting like a mob when george presented his lightning round winners and losers. total votes tonight 183,000. finally tonight, kathleen sebelius faced uphill battle while meeting with house members to aface the web site disaster. as we see here, she had quite the escape plan. >> there is a famous movie called the wizard of oz and in the wizard of oz turns dorothy turns to dog toto and says we are not in kansas anymore. while madam secretary while you are from kansas, we are not in kansas anymore. >> did you apologize and say it's a debacle.
4:00 pm
[ laughter ] >> wizard of oz land. >> i was surprised to see that. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. six. do you hear me? six. remember that number. the obama administration well, probably wishes it could forget it. >> these early numbers are embarrassing. nothing short of embarrassing for the administration. they day one six people enrolled. >> probably just overloaded with traffic. >> millions of americans are visiting which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> internal memos are showing that six people only six people signed up on day one of the healthcare exchange program. >> what we learned from selected cherry picked leaks from the republican committee is that there are notes out er