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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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twitter. [ applause ] >> thank you so much. i would like to thank the academy. follow me @megyn kelly and send me a tweet using the hash tag # t# # kelly file. thanks for watching. today, health insurance reform becomes law in the united states of america. >> the affordable care act was to be his greatest live achievement. according to a report only sigs people signed up for obama care on day one. >> the website wasn't working on october 1. that's a dog bites man story. >> with this change with insurance possibly going the way it will go and the medical field changing. >> our week-long series on the missed obama care warning signs continues. >> i don't know if i would be talking to you now. >> "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight for the hour we'll be
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joined by a studio audience from both sides of the aisle to debate the disastrous health care overhaul. you will hear from real people. real cancellation letters, real rate shock. on day one of the obama care exchanges only six americans -- only six people signed up for it. that's not the only embarrassing part. it is pathetic. we bring in the studio audience. good to see everybody. all right. is there one liberal here -- i'm looking for just one -- that will admit that the american people were lied to? if you like your plan -- >> clearly didn't tell the truth about it. it's clear we have to figure out why and what to do about it. we have to make the law work. we can't just trash obama care. >> why do we have to make a law work? >> it's the law of the land, sean. >> slavery was, too. we overturned that.
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>> so you will admit we were lied to. >> clear. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. the average family per family per savings per year of $2500, lie? >> yeah. >> $900 billion cost, lie? >> clearly not the case. >> the website will be user friendly. >> give them until the end of november. >> he said it the day before they rolled it out. rick, are you going to shock me? >> i will. 3% of americans were lied to. that's the number we are talking about. having said that i will ask if there are conservatives in the room that will admit that conservatives have been lying about obama care for three years? >> what are you talking about? [ multiple voices ] >> you don't have to answer that question. it's not the rick ungar show. let me tell you why what you said is false. i will go to page 34,552. i almost sound -- where is
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betsy? she has the whole health care plan there. i sound like her. >> i have it here. >> the register of the federal government predicted in july of 2010 that 66% of all small employer plans will go away. you can't keep your small employer. 45% of large employer plans will go away. we now know 16 of the 19 million individual plan wills go away. forbes magazine did the math. it's 93 million americans. 93 -- am i right? >> yes. don't forget to add the many, many seen kwors, millions of seniors many medicare advantage plans who received letters telling them they are losing their doctor because of the obama care cuts to the medicare advantage plans dropping specialists that seriously ill patients depend on. >> i have a small business. i lost my plan. i had five options to look at. all five are worse than the option i had before. the most comparable one is a 48% increase.
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i called the insurance company to see what they had the to say. she said they have been getting calls left and right. she said, we can go into the bank website and try. of course i couldn't get through. that's another employee for me being taken away. multiply it by millions of companies. it's killing the economy. >> 93 million and they knew it in july of 2010. first of all, i know you. i know your daughter. if your daughter lied to you how much trouble is she in sp system a lot. but i won't say this is a lie. it's a new law being implemented. >> the president said if you like your plan you can keep your plan, period. they knew in july of 2010 that wasn't true according to their documents, not -- i didn't make it up. not my documents. >> we have to be realistic. there is always something that may not turn out that way. >> your daughter will say, mom, you need to be realistic. >> she will. >> the president is not a health care expert.
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he said what he said because that's what he was told. if this plan needs fixing which cle clearly it does it is incumbent upon republicans to work with democrats to make this plan -- >> wait a minute. this president doesn't know a lot. i read in the paper about fast and furious. i had no idea we were spying on the pope and chancellor merkel. >> the biggest lie is it's not going to work, not going to pay for itself. they say they can do it for a trillion dollars. that means taking $750 billion out of medicare. there are 12,000 new people a day going into medicare. at the end of the day there is not going to be sufficient doctors, sufficient money. financially it can't make it. why are so few people on the left -- i have argued with james carville, bob beckel.
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rick ungar will be arguing with me before the end of the show. why do they accept the fact that this was predicated on a huge lie and they don't admit it? >> a lot of people are banking on helping obama create and protect his legacy. i think a lot of this -- remember the shutdown. this was over defund obama care. they wouldn't budge. now look. look at it unraveling. look what they have been defending and protecting as a big epic failure. >> i'm a liberal. i have no interest to protecting the the president's legacy at all. what i have an interest in is doing what's right by the american people. the president made a presumption that people you will would not want junk policies and if they wanted -- >> you are putting words -- hang on. one at a time. you are putting word ps in the president's mouth. what part of if you like your plan you can keep your plan
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period. >> in all fairness -- >> a hundred times. >> if your health care currently -- your current health care policy meet it is new higher standard of health care in this country, you can keep it. if it doesn't it's junk and will be trashed. >> jay carney said if you like your plan, but it is a crummy plan you can't keep your plan. that's what the president wanted -- everyone is making excuses. >> this was a lie barack obama and the democrats sold to the american people because they knew if they sold everyone the idea that they would lose their health insurance, it would be replaced by a plan that was double or triple it never would have passed. they lied because they knew if they told the truth it never would have happened. >> that's key. kirsten. >> the reason why we were sold this is for a lot of people in the obama administration and the democrats they believe the ends
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justifies the means. their means are good. they have good intentions and yes, we need a better health care system. you know me. i'm a conservative. we need insurance reform coupled with tort reform. we need major change and people are afraid. >> we have the free market. >> we have to sell this hard. >> senator, you have lived the life. >> let me tell you uh -- >> i have lived it. i have abused it as >> i don't know about that. this is one of the great abuses and it demonstrates the old cliche power corrupts. absolute power is the worst. we never had absolute power because we didn't have the ability to stop the filibuster in the senate. they had absolute power, didn't give a darn, weren't willing to listen and they adopted a plan that's unfortunately doomed for
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failure. i say unfortunately. you have heard the story. catch me if you can. you think you will catch young, healthy people, make them sign up and pay more money for what? because they will be part of the greater pool? that's what they call the death spiral relating to insurance. you have to change this plan significantly. and you bring in some jack ass company. you have great organizations, microsoft. >> apple. >> google. the kids' facebook. bring them in to set up the platform. don't bring in your cronies. i won't go into who it is the, to set this up. doomed for failure. >> now they are bringing in cronies to fix it. >> bring in the extras. number two, you should have brought in the actuaries,
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insurance people. you should have been willing to listen and you should have been willing to compromise. so now you have this incredible failure and you cannot make -- you think you will get young people paying more money? for what? >> no. >> you think there are enough irs agents to track them down? >> all right. i promise we'll get to you and you can respond to the young person question. i can't. i love how the president said we are going to bring in the best and brightest to fix it. why didn't we bring in the best and brightest to start it? makes sense. much more with the studio audience tonight. first coming up tonight on "hannity" -- >> with this new change with insurance possibly going the way it will go and the medical field changing, i would be scared to be in the shoes i was in when i was fighting cancer seven years ago. i would be very scared. >> all week long the series continues with two real americans affected by obama care. that cancer survivor who shared
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her story with us in 2009 will join me after the break to share her story and how it will impact her family. another revealing number about obama care and the grave concern it's causing. don't miss it. you will hear from real americans, real cancellations, real rate shock ahead. both maxwell and ted have hail damage to their cars. ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
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welcome back to "hannity." we are continuing our week-long series we titled "you were warned." before obama care was passed we highlighted the dangers of what would happen if the law was, in fact, implemented. my next guest shared her story with us during a universal nightmare special we had in 2009 about her fight against cancer and her concerns about what could have happened if the
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changes in health insurance were in place when she was diagnosed. take a look. >> i was diagnosed by what they called a walk in the park cancer. after surgery they said it's worse than we thought. you have no more than six weeks to live. don't even try chemo. the chemo won't touch the cancer. you will die from the treatment. that was it. >> catherine didn't accept the answer. she went to m.d. anderson cancer center in houston for a second opinion. >> without the second opinion she wouldn't have been able to participate in these interviews. >> if i was in a country where you don't have a chance to go to the a specialist i would have done whatever it took to come to the united states of america. >> here i am at 7 years, eight next month. >> reporter: for catherine that meant seeing her children grow up and the birth of her
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grandchildren. >> with this insurance going the way it will go and the medical field, i would be scare ed d to going through that. >> joining us, natalie willis who received notice her plan would be terminated and her new options would be more expensive and provide less coverage. catherine, i guess six weeks has turned into 12 years now, thank god. you're doing well, i hope. >> praise the lord. thank you. >> that's really good news. where are you now? obama care? you were speaking out early on. you were on our universal nightmare special. where are you with health care now? >> i have called it the
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no-brainer health care. we are able to compare apples to apples. my husband is still employed with the same national company. we are on the other side of 50 now. but no major changes in our lives. our insurance life has drastically changed. the good coverage we were able to have is longer available. there is a lesser tier of coverage available at a higher cost. the out of pocket is higher. it is so high for some people they are offering gap coverage in $15,000 and $30,000 incrementses. >> wow. >> so if you are ill you won't lose your car, your home or tell your kids they can't go into college. >> what about your pre-existing condition and the fact that you had answerer?
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>> life insurance isn't an option. as far as follow up care i get at m.d. anderson it will cost a lot more. >> so in other words, are you with the same employer? >> we are able to compare apples to apples because employment situations are the same. how do you know this is related to obama care? is that the reason sp? william yes. we have a nice pamphlet from the insurance company. it doesn't directly say it. they don't have to. we know what it is. the other sad part. >> were you doing to read from it? >> i was going to say the other sad part about the change is we
10:19 pm
have no freedom. it's supposed to be fair insurance for everybody. that would be great if it could happen. this is not the way to do it. we are forcing catholics and christians to pay for abortion and medicines and birth control that it is against their religion. >> we had a court decision on that today in the second district court in d.c. hang on right there. i want to bring in natalie. you have a website, baby sleep >> yes. >> where were you when i had my two kids? >> i don't know. how old are they? >> do you train 14-year-olds to go to sleep? if you do, whatever that is you will make a lot of money fast. all right. you have -- by the way, that's cool. i bet business is booming. >> i can't complain. yes, it's doing well. >> tell us about your health care issues. >> so i have always carried my
10:20 pm
own health insurance plan. it's been important to me that i be insured. when my husband left law school i found an insurer after i was denied for some pre-existing condition. i was accepted by my insurer. so i carried a great plan. after i had my son i decided to step down and take what was considered the catastrophic plan. this plan has a $1500 deductible and $3,000 out of pocket maximum. i have been to the doctor several times and never felt i have been gouged. love my plan. didn't go on my husband's plan. great plan. now the plans my insurer carries are being cancelled and replaced by compliant plans. so if i want to pay the same premium i'm paying now i will be doubling or tripling my deductible and doubling my out of pocket maximum. to keep equivalent coverage i will be paying about 40% more.
10:21 pm
this there really isn't equivalent coverage with my insurer. so i'm looking at either having to pick something from the exchange -- >> yeah. by the way, you've been on health we have been trying here for weeks. >> i have been on to the california plan. it's okay. the exchange is okay. doesn't work super great with my browser. but it's okay. there are 30 plans available to me, six providers. i have looked at them, checked what it would cover, what hospitals i could go to but there is nothing the same. i either get way less care for the same money or pay more. >> i'm going to beat them up about your case in a minute. you're 29 years old. your husband worked hard to become a lawyer. you have built a business. you were responsible. you want your own care. you want to keep your plan. you like your plan? it's not a crummy plan? >> no. if i wanted a plan that covered
10:22 pm
more i would have gotten a plan that covered more. >> what do you think about the president of the united states that's lied to you? >> i like to think the best about people. maybe he was misinformed. maybe he b didn't read obama care. >> what's worse -- lying or not reading it? >> i don't know. it's really long. >> can i ask a question? what would be worse -- not reading it or lying about it? if that's the options you are providing, which is worse? >> lying is worse. that's why i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. >> you're going with the option he didn't read it. >> earlier salesmen else said the ends justify the means. that's probably what happened. i'm sure he knew b and thought we have to convince people to codo it. >> hope the liberals are paying attention. real americans -- >> interstate insurance purchases to provide greater options. >> you want to fix something so broken, so dilapidated. >> i want it to work for the american people, sean. >> we'll take a break.
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thank you for coming. also, i want to thank catherine as well. thanks for being with us. up next, a troubling number about the issue of obama care and the application. we'll explain it when we get back. we'll turn it over to the studio audience for the remainder of the program. you will hear from more americans about cancelled plans, higher premiums and what it means for you and your family as this special edition of "hannity" continues. you're givi away pie? would you like apple or cherry? cherry. oil...or cream? definitely cream. [ male announcer ] never made wi hydrogenated oil. oh, yeah. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. life by the gills. [ male announcer ] always made with real cream. go take a road trip to a place with no roads. go to bass pro shops for great deals like this redhead camo duffle bag for under $20. and a 30 quart aluminum turkey fryer for under $50.
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welcome back to this studio audience edition of "hannity." we told you b about the down right embarrassing number of enroe ennen enrollees on day one of the obama care roll out. the washington post said, quote, the first month of the new law rollout reveals an unexpected pattern in several states, a crush of people applying for an expansion to medicaid and a trickle of sign-ups for private insurance. according to the report in some places nine of ten employees are in medicaid causing a major imbalance in the program and a grave concern that obama care will end up being a mere expansion of another entitlement program. the the question is was that the left's plan all along? we bring back our studio audience. david webb, you were saying that in the break. >> choice is the issue. they have removed choice from the market. the market is americans and the same washington post article projects budget forecasters that
10:28 pm
9 million people will sane sign up for medicate in 2014. 7 million shoppers would purchase 3r50i69 insurance plans. what happened is americans are making a choice. they say we'll choose medicaid which will cost the american people more. the net-net in the economy where you subsidize obama care is that you are taking money out of the system and redistributing it into another one. choice is gone. >> 700 billion -- >> are we surprised that the choice is removed? this is what obama wanted all the time oh. government mandated health care. the reason people are signing up for medicaid that i'm going to trickle off from what david said is they can want get on a crashed website and people like free stuff. this president has created a mentality that government is the solution. i want to go back to what judith was saying. the president is a nominal figurehead? he doesn't know what's going on. he's a bystander to government. he's a liar. this health care law was
10:29 pm
written. it carries his name. he stood up in boston two days ago. do you know what he said? hey, guys. he still won't take accountability and apologize for the huge lie. he told the american people, guys, look, the reason your health care plan is getting cancelled to the tune of a million by the end of december is because it was substandard. he said you can shop around and get a better deal. we heard from the young lady on the front row the better deal means more health care coverage than i need at a higher price. >> somebody wants to argue. >> to pay for the people that were dumping -- this is all by design, like katie said. individuals have to be cancelled and pushed out. i'm a business owner. i have to be dumped out to pay for the exchanges. >> the this idea that the president didn't know goes far beyond health insurance. if you google the term obama didn't know you come up with dozens of headlines in the last couple of weeks covering the irs, conservative groups, nsa, all types of different issues. he's trying to take himself out
10:30 pm
of it. it's a crisis of credibility. >> you heard from natalie, catherine. there are millions of americans. why do you justify this? >> first of all, why do you justify not digging a little further? let me tell you another horror story. wait, wait. >> did i ask for a horror story? natalie is 29 and helps put 14-year-old kids to sleep. >> how do you mean? i would like to sit down with gnat lapd get on the exchange. do you know what you didn't mention? >> she doesn't want it. [ multiple voices ] >> have uh you checked that out? >> as you are sitting there and the president said you have to do this. we don't care about your choice. you are limiting the choice. making people pay more.
10:31 pm
now you are saying come to a system that's broken. it's not fair. >> natalie -- hang on. natalie, speak for yourself. >> okay. so i love the insurer i have. i would be heartbroken to leave them. people don't love theirs. i love mine. i love my doctors. >> what was your lifetime limits on the policy? >> i believe the it was -- >> you don't know. >> i believe it was $300,000. >> hang on. >> she liked the plan! let her finish. >> my insurer, according to what they told me and what was on the website my insurer doesn't provide plans that are not aca compliant. i don't have a choice. i could go to someone ems. i don't want to go to another insurer. i want to stay with mine. >> let me make the point. >> hang on. you're a liberal and you think you know better for her. >> right.
10:32 pm
>> let me make the point. if i don't make the point what's the point. if you buy a car -- >> go ahead. >> if you guy go to buy a car and don't pick up the hood, you buy the car and then you get in the car to start it and it doesn't start. do you know why? there was no engine under the hood and you didn't know it. do you have a problem with that? [ multiple voices ] >> hang on. wait, wait. if obama says you like your plan you can keep it. he was selling us a car. if you like this car you can buy it but it doesn't have an engine. >> sean, it doesn't matter if you like her plan or i do or president obama likes her plan. what matters is she liked her plan. she was promised that she could keep her plan. it was taken away. now her costs are rising and she's paying a consequence for something that was a promise unkept. that's the point.
10:33 pm
>> she doesn't know what was in her plan. >> government, regardless of what it is cannot create a marketplace. the therefore by forced design or unintended consequence you are forcing americans to make choices when they have the right to make good choices. >> you mentioned the federal register and regulations that came out was around june 17, 2010. >> by the way, i got that from your article, in fairness to you. >> five days later barack obama did a speech and talked about the regulations from labor, treasury and hhs. he said, by the way, i don't want insurance companies blaming obama care in case their premiums go up. that's the thing. he was getting ready for this. he wanted to make sure he could blame the insurance companies. >> average family per year $2500 savings.
10:34 pm
we have more people to talk to. some of you haven't spoken yet. we'll get to you, i promise. more with this lively studio audience after the break. by the way, we want to hear from you. join our special companion site, follow the live show. vote on the online poll. we are asking how confident you are that obama care, do you like it? well, on twitter @sean hannity. we'll continue. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. they're not usually this thin, this light.
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welcome back to "hannity." we continue with our studio audience. i want to go back to you because the heritage foundation has done a good job analyzing cost increases state by state. richard ungar thinks he knows better. the president thinks he knows better. people getting rate shock. what's the cumulative impact of that politically when it's 93 million people that lose a policy and everybody gets the rate shock. >> right. >> i think it will be devastating for the left.
10:39 pm
>> i agree. it's just one of many broken promises. you have increased costs in 43 states. these are premium increases for people over 100% for some people. you can't keep your plan. you will have premium increases and millions of people will be impacted by the cost increase, the 18 separate taxes or losing their plan. every american will be negatively impacted. i hope the american people wake up and get behind the movement to get rid of the low. >> it's not just the cost. it's the the quality of care. in new hampshire, this one provider, anthem, only provides coverage at 14 of 26 hospitals there. what happens to the people who want to use the other 12 hospitals? this is a quality of care issue, not just cost. >> ron, you're in virginia, right? >> running for congress there. >> ken cuccinelli's numbers are back. >> because of obama care. >> especially because young people are suffering because of the law. young people are suffering.
10:40 pm
premiums are up 45% for recent grads. 200% for a 30-year-old. we have to reach out and be advocates to fight against the law. we have to defend young americans. what's happening is we are in a recession uh now. we have to stand up. >> how old are you? >> 24. >> i'm 25. >> i'm 51. >> a young person in your 20s nowadays, you have high unemployment. kids are moving back in with their parents. unless your parents pay for everything you don't have the same hopeful attitude as our parents had. that's a lot to deal with. we don't need another bill. my generation will pay the $95 penalty rather than another bill for insurance. student loans, it's tough to be a young person in the united states. >> you're a great political fundraiser. what impact does it have on 2014? i think the rate shock, the impact of cancelled policies and a president repeatedly promising
10:41 pm
something that isn't uh true, i think you cross a line here. >> i think it will be a big opportunity to the raise money for republican canada datas, number one, because of the flub-up that the democrats had, the white house. number two you will see a lot of people shift to the gop. once they thought we were whacko birds and we thought they were nuts. >> -- negative in history. >> so do the democrats. >> they are headed that way. the republicans have no positive -- [ multiple voices ] >> two quick points. the heritage foundation numbers don't account for subsidies which more than half of americans who don't currently have insurance will qualify for. the other thing i would point out is senator al damado, i agree with things he said and he's the only republican i have ever voted for in my life. one of the things he said is that republicans need to be part of the solution here. if i can paraphrase what he
10:42 pm
said. i agree with that. why did it take three and a half years for them to get engaged? >> that's legitimate. i want to address something doug said. did you see the carville poll today? devastating impact on democrats in their districts, far greater than republicans. >> that's correct. the republican ratings in the wall street journal poll, highest negatives in history. >> the president has the lowest numbers. >> 42 is bad. if there was a real republican party the president would be in the 30s. >> go ahead. >> -- touched on this tonight. we need to stop saying the plan needs to be fixed. this is rolling out the way the liberals want it to roll out. it will fail and the big wonderful government will swoop in and save us. >> single payer. >> exactly. it will be universal medicaid. >> how many agree? i agree with it, too. >> this is the way it was posed to. >> we played it. he said, even canada, they
10:43 pm
didn't start with with a single payer. they transitioned. he used that word a lot going back to 2003, 2007. >> he said it was the first step toward single payer health care. >> i have to break. coming up, a lot more to get to. a spirited studio audience right here. glad you're with us this friday night on "hannity."
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welcome back to "hannity." we continue with your distinguished studio audience. ed rollins when it comes to politics i respect you a lot. i spent an hour on my radio show today laying out the case, we are going to look back at the month of october 2013 as the month that most defined the
10:48 pm
obama presidency -- lack of honesty, people don't trust him, broken promises, saying one thing repeatedly he knew wasn't true. what do you think the political fallout is? >> she'll diminish by the day ad the program will. we had medicare which took care of the elderly. medicaid took care of the poor. the b problem is medicare now will be more expensive for seniors and they won't have all the services. that's a given. plus the 700 million. medicaid will be overburden ed by people jumping into it today and which doctors and hospitals lose money on medicaid. so you will break the two federal systems. it hurts democrats which medicaid, they are more geared toward the poor americans who need the help. seniors will be furious. >> and young people. kisha? >> this is my issue. i admit there are flaws in obama care. but we need to give our president more credit. he didn't intend to be a liar.
10:49 pm
there are flaws. i think we need to look at what the intent of obama care was. it wasn't to deceive the american people. >> how is -- >> it was to try to correct an overall problem with americans. >> how do you tell a lie if it's not to deceive. this is stupid ti. more pinocchios in the washington post. a benign way of saying you lied. >> senator? >> let me give you the political post. >> you are the only person not partnered with anybody. i don't know what that means. >> i'd like to move over here. hey, honey. how are you, babe? my wife is seeing this, i'm in trouble. >> you're in trouble. i'll write you a note. >> give me a little -- ted cruz, a whacko. >> no, he's not. >> let me finish. very bright, very smart.
10:50 pm
but so political if he really used the great intelligence he would have warned and said, these are the pitfalls. you could have spelled them out. you could have spelled out the pitfalls of what would take place, why young people wouldn't come in, how the system couldn't support itself. [ shouting ] >> let me finish. >> step aside. don't shut down the government. you would have had people -- pee fixing, taking a look at this. and obama and the program would have been in much worse political shape. it is still going to, attract attention and now, for the first time, someone is going to say my god. i didn't know about that, my premiums goring up. having said that, let me conclude. i, no filibuster here. >> oh, no. >> i had a long one myself, 13
10:51 pm
hours, okay. but let me finish by saying this, it will be very difficult to fix. i you think you're going to see medicaid expansion we've talked about, huge. i think wrur going to continue to see average american is going to pay rs whether in a big company plan or a small individual plan, much more and you're going to get less. >> all right. let me go to katie. i think cruz ran mike levy out of this. nobody in america remembers government shut down. everybody will remember this debacle of a web site and this rom rolout. >> right. ted cruz went to washington and did what he said he was going to do. fight against obama care. i watched ted cruz's filibuster. i stayed up to watch it. he laid out problems, told the
10:52 pm
stories, laid out details how much it would cost, who it would affect young people not coming into the system they're responsible for paying for it in the end whether now or later. >> how many think ted cruz helped? i think he did. >> if he had not worked and got my friends that are republicans had to shut down the government, it would have been -- he would have -- . >> okay. >> this is -- . >> noelle. [ talking over one another ]. >> we'll take a break and we'll come back. more thoughts from our very quiet, demure audience, right after this, as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one,
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10:57 pm
time foreclosing thoughts. >> i want to get to sean's point on the president's credibility. i want to say i do think the president has a credibility issue now. his speech in boston was a perfect time to come out. if you let me speak, crystal. if he'd take the time to own it, say do you know what? this has gone awry. he should have. that is a separate issue. >> the president never owned any mistake made in his administration. fast and furious, ben gazy. irs targeting but i want to go back to what senator demato said. i admire ted cruz and mike lee. they're trying to fight against this. where republicans failed is that they focused on defunding obama care rather than pointing out the mandate which the president, oh, ebony, he did, right? >> it doesn't matter.
10:58 pm
listen. i think everyone agrees this is a flawed law. but now it's time not only to recognize it but go back to the table and put in common sense concerns. >> really great, won't it be great if we're having this discussion and the republican party had a plan that was a pro-free market approach sitting on a web site that works? won't that be a great discussion? they'd drop the ball after hillary care. they cannot drop the ball again, get on it. you have good ideas. you need to counter act this nonsense. >> health care savings account. >> there needs to be a plan. >> i don't see it fixable. >> fix it. use free market principles. allow a cross border insurance. >> yes. >> but in the meantime, just advice to protect yourself. if you're a baby boomer line up doctors now if you're
10:59 pm
healthy and if you wait until you turn 65 and go on medicare you will not find a doctor willing to take you on as a new patient f you're going to the hospital and you know it, cobble together for a private duty nurse the first night. you're going to find too little care. that is important advice. >> you held your own with some of the best and brightest professionals in the world of common teary. you're living this, we invited to you tell a story. you're 29, losing coverage, paying more. final thoughts? >> i think it makes me feel like i can work hard, and live a mediocre live or not work hard and live a mediocre live to. someone like me, it makes me feel like it is never going to get fixed. >> are you what mad you can't keep your plan? >> yes.
11:00 pm
i'm more upset is the whole problem. thank you. >> that is the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us. greta goes "on the record" right now. six. do you hear me? six. remember that number. the obama administration well, probably wishes it could forget it. >> these early numbers are embarrassing. nothing short of embarrassing for the administration. they day one six people enrolled. >> probably just overloaded with traffic. >> millions of americans are visiting which is great news. unfortunately the site was only designed to handle six users at a time. >> internal memos are showing that six people only six people signed up on day one of the healthcare exchange program. >> what we learned from selected cherry picked leaks from the republican committee is that there are notes out there


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