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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 2, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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here in d.c. we're going to leave you with something to smile about today. we're going to show you that wonderful amazing baby animal video from our d.c. zoo. it's panda monium, folks. enjoy. hello, i'm kelly wright. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm patty ann jon. new details in the death of one of america's most wanted terrorists. a top taliban loader responsible for a devastating attacks on americans in afghanistan was killed in a u.s. drone strike. plus, could there be more trouble on the horizon for obama care? why many are now saying that the glitches associated with the rollout are, quote, just the tip
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of the iceberg. and the hidden danger in your kitchen. why the fda says your spice rack may be filled with dangerous contaminants. new developments in the u.s. drone strike that killed a taliban leader yesterday. meh su d believed to be behind a failed car bombing in times square in 2010 and the murders of a cia outpost in 2009. now the pakistani government is condemning the strike and accuses the u.s. of derailing peace talks with the taliban. >> reporter: there was a $5 million bounty on mehsud. he has been targeted by drones many, many times and at least twice he has been pronounced dead. this tyime, however, it is official according to taliban
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and pakistani officials. including four other people were killed in this drone strike somewhere in the tribal region between afghanistan and pakistan. reportedly the taliban buried him under the cover of secrecy some time in the past few hours. mehsud was a ruthless and violent leader of the pakistani taliban. he was also an influential leader in the afghanistan taliban, which they are two different group s but they have close links. he is responsible for the death of thousands in both afghanistan and pakistan including nine people at a u.s./cia base in khost province. now, technically he was the head of the pakistani taliban, but he had close ties with the afghan taliban. in pakistan, however, this is being criticized. the new government in pakistan has largely been elected on a
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position of ending u.s. drone strikes in pakistan and starting peace talks with the pakistani taliban. government officials in pakistan are angry about this. however, many security officials in pakistan are actually welcoming this move. he is a ruthless and violent leader of the taliban as i said here in afghanistan. his death is being welcomed not only by americans but also afghans who see him as sort of a root cause of many problems here in afghanistan. now, it should be noted, kelly, that the pakistani taliban have already appointed a new leader of the pakistani taliban movement. they're also vowing revenge. so right now, even though they've lost their head, kelly, it appears the taliban will continue to launch attacks in both pakistan and here in afghanistan. >> conor powell reporting from afghanistan, thank you for that report. fresh fallout over the ailing obama care website. for those of you still trying to sign up, the site will be
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offline for repairs starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. that's expected to end some time tomorrow morning. those technical glitches that led to these fixes are being called, quote, the tip of the iceberg. that's according to a senator who gave this week's gop address. he compared the problematic website rollout to the sinking of the titanic. molly heninburg is live in washington with this. >> reporter: the white house has been saying for several weeks now that obama care is more than just an ailing website. today, the republican senior senator from indiana, dan coates, agrees, and said obama care's problems, quote, run far deeper. >> when middle class families are getting hit with massive premium increases and outrageous deductibles, it's more than just a website. when individuals can't keep the doctors they have trusted for years, it's more than just a website. when hard working americans are seeing their hours cut and paychecks shrink, it's more than
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just a website. >> cbs news reported this week that only six people signed up for obama care the first day the website went live and only 248 people signed up by the end of day two. the obama administration needs 39,000 people to enroll a day to meet its goals and make the system work. the white house calls those, quote, rough figures, and says it will reveal enrollment numbers for october in mid-november. white house press secretary jake carney says it will be a slow build. >> it's no question it's been made more challenging by the poorly functioning website and that's on us and that's why we're dedicating the resources and the brainpower to get it fixed. >> carney says the obama administration expects the numbers for october to be, quote, relatively low. patty anne. >> all right, thanks. fox news alert.
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investigators are gathering more evidence this morning as things start to get back to normal at los angeles international airport. after yesterday's shooting that killed one tsa agent, injured other people and impacted travel for thousands across the country. police say he was allegedly on a mission to kill asp tsa agents as possible. he is now in custody at a hospital where he was taken after being wounded in a shootout with airport police. dominic dinotoli joins us from the scene with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: that investigation beginning very much in earnest today. we can show you the moments of chaos in which tsa agents and local police ordered passen germs to throw themselves to the floor. and then they actually ordered them to get out of that terminal. fortunately, one of the passen germs was able to capture this
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on their phone and get it to tmz. "los angeles times" reporting, quoting an official saying that a note was found on cianci saying he was targeting tsa officials and, quote, pigs. indicating he was obviously after the police here. the associated press also reporting the fbi wants to look into his background. they want to see precisely what the motivation was. i was speaking to a police officer yesterday. the police often certain was telling me, look, he might have had a run-in at some point at a checkpoint with the tsa at an airport, we don't know. there was also speculation from the officer that perhaps he'd actually applied for a job that he didn't get with the tsa and possibly that he tried signing up for the precheck, which is early security screening, and might have been turned down for that. that was speculation very much at the time. the fbi is searching his apartment today. it is unclear at this time if
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anything they found at all. but local officials saying that this actually could have been an awful lot worse and the tsa was so swift to react when the gunman actually entered the airport. take a listen. >> we bore witness to heroism at this airport. when shots rang out, members of the police department ran towards that gunfire, without regard to their own safety or well being. they tracked down the suspect, apprehended and arrested him. and no doubt without their efforts, the casualty count today would be significantly higher. they did remarkable work. >> reporter: and the tsa officers back at work at terminal three. the scene there right now, while there was a blue tarp covering most of the entry points to that terminal, and a lot of it is cordoned off. we do know that the ticket counters in terminal three have reopened.
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some 826 flights into lax and out of lax affected by that attack, started at 9:20 yesterday morning. some 99,000 passen ge engers han affected by that, we're told by the lax officials. the airlines are saying they hope to get most of those people out some day. flights redirected towards the airport east of los angeles and airlines putting a lot of the passen ge engers up in local ho. yesterday, saw people sleeping in the corridors of the radisson just a short distance from where i'm standing. generally, state of shock here at los angeles international airport. back to you. >> you have to commend the police for their swift reaction. reporting live from lax today, thank you. an extreme weather alert now. strong winds and heavy rain slamming the northwest this
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weekend. some people in higher elevations there are bracing for up to a foot of snow. >> don't forget to fall back this weekend, tonight, right. >> the clocks. >> bring the clocks back. just an friendly reminder. some of us have to work and we have to get to work on time. let's look at the satellite radar imagery. a store system is exiting the east coast. then a weak system across the great lakes. but the system we're going to be talking about today is the one across the northwest where we're seeing some rain. we could see some wind gusts inside of 60 miles per hour. this is the big snow event for the cascades. the first of the season for them. it's going to continue to move eastward across the intermountain west and the northern plains. we could get anywhere from 6 to 12 inches. we have winter weather advisories in place. 6 to 12 inches. isolated higher amounts. and then those wind gusts are going to make it very tro
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treacherous. for seattle, it's going to be blustery. sunday, better conditions, but it's going to be cooler. monday, tuesday, a little bit of a break. we have another system that's on its way to the northwest heading into the workweek. big marathon that's going to be happening tomorrow. of course, it's the 26-mile course that goes through the five boroughs and taking a look at some of the conditions, this starts off in staten island right near the verrazano bridge. with the north wind, that's going to be kind of tough for those runners, again, moving through the five boroughs. of course brooklyn, the bronx, moving into central park. again, that north wind is going to be tough. thankfully, we're not dealing with rain or snow, but the winds are going to cause some problems. have you ever run the marathon? >> no, it's a lot of fun to watch but i don't think it would be that much fun to run. i like my three mile jog. >>cy i agree. my husband ran it one year and he said that was enough.
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>> once is impressive. >> never run it. something else is going on, democrats are fuming over obama care. they're urging the white house to fix the glitches associated with the rollout in time for this year's midterm elections. but could it already be too late? we'll have a fair and balanced debate coming up. and the blame game over the nsa surveillance program. who the agency's chief says is really responsible for all the recent scandals. plus, how the unemployment rate is having a major impact, get this, on our beer industry. ♪ hmm. ♪ mm-hmm. [ engine revs ] ♪
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risk includes possible loss of principal.
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the white house getting an earful this week from some top democrats over obama care. senators gene shaheen, dianne feinstein, just some of the prominent members now voicing concerns over the potential impact of the botched rollout.
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our fox news political analysts. thank you both for joining us. "the new york times" now says the consensus is the gop took the bigger hit over the government shutdown over democrats but now the troubled health care rollout, quote, will cut into that benefit and cost democratic candidates in next year's midterm elections. >> i think what we've the american people, if you look at some recent polls, democrats are up 9 points because the shutdown had a larger impact than this obama care rollout had. american people believe at the end of the day this is going to work out. a lot of them are seeing benefits because their kids are now back on their parent's health care insurance and stuff like that. the impact is really going to be on the republican party as we go into the 2014 elections. >> "the new york times" article also says the anxious democrats include not only senators and house members facing hotly contested races, but also those whose seats are considered safe,
10:18 am
as well as lawmakers in states with republican governors and even states with democratic governors who have made every effort to sign up the uninsured. that sounds like a lot of anxious states to me. >> what we're seeing unfold right now is the old cliche, self-preservation is the first law of nature. when president clinton was in office, we saw republicans take over the house and the senate. so seasoned politicians, especially those progressive and those liberals, they remember back then where president clinton signed 70% of the contract with america, which were conservative proposals. so we're not only -- i think democrats are not only looking at the midterm elections, they're looking at the long hall, what if the senate and the house goes back to republicans? their whole agenda is dead in the water. >> as we mentioned, there have now been several closed door meetings between democrats lawmakers and the white house administration officials involved in the health care rollout. some of what they're looking to
10:19 am
do is extending the enrollment period, delayin penalties. democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia is quoted as saying the problems go far beyond that, including the individual plans that have been canceled and also a lack of choice in some parts of the country. this according to manchin. can all of that be fixed? >> think it can be fixed. i think the american people will judge this president not on how this rollout went but on how this plan looks' year from now. a year from now, millions of people will actually get benefits. of the individuals using it is exchange, 50% of them have pre-existing conditions and 50% of them will also qualify for a tax credit which are great things for the american people to understand. what this white house has to do is communicate the benefits of the affordable care act to the american people. as the american people enroll, they will see the benefits.
10:20 am
>> they have communicated what this law will do. the president said that if you like your current health care policy, you can keep it, you can keep your current doctor. what we're seeing is millions of people losing not only their care but also their doctors and also their health care plans. we're seeing people lose jobs -- hold on, rich. delta airlines actually said to implement obama care will cost them millions of dollars. u.p.s. is cutting back employees covering their spouses with their health plan. i don't know how they can come bat this, where they say this will be better for the american people. >> i think if you look at the most recent jobs reports, we're seeing hours worked for employees increasing. people are beginning to see the benefits of their law. parents who have their children in college cab now gn now get tk on their health care. i hate when they use the word
10:21 am
cancellation. what they're doing is upgrading them to a better plan that has more benefits. it raises the floor for all americans. that's the truth of the matter. >> tell that to some of the cancer patients -- >> cancer patients who have not gotten health care because they've got pre-existing conditions -- >> i've being told i have to wrap. thank you both so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. an entrepreneur is someone who has the ability to add value to humanity as well as developing character and integrity while making a profit. that is how jerome defines it. with that in mind, he is seeking to change the world by helping ordinary people and making -- helping them make extraordinary accomplishments beyond the dream. atlanta is a city that's flourishing. it boasts being home to many wealthy people. among them, jerome and his wife. a successful entrepreneur,
10:22 am
jerome and his family enjoy then an affluent area. not bad for a man who grew up poor. with just his grandmother raising seven on her own. >> we chopped cotton every summer to barter school clothes. it was from there that when i saw those farmers owning the fields that i wanted to own my own. i mean, that's where i got my entrepreneurial spirit with my grandmother. >> the dream turned into a desi desire, to achieve his goal by getting a good education, living diligently and living by faith to make his dream come true. author of the book "maximizing misfortune" has emerged as a business leader. he made significant breakthroughs in the food and service industry. becoming a leader at kentucky fried chicken in detroit, then moving on to becoming the nation's first black owner of a
10:23 am
denny's restaurant. from there, jerome and his wife launched edn, the edmondson global network, which teaches people how to successfully develop their dreams. >> when we started teaching entrepreneurship, it was a great economy. now everybody's excited about entreprene entrepreneurship that we started twentysome years ago. we are inundated every day by someone at some capacity calling us, wanting help in their exist businesses, wanting to start their business. >> jerome spends a great deal of time helping people realize their dreams. he has a special focus on helping people living in urban areas impacted by the vicious cycle of violence. he recalls how violence hit his family while living in detroit. his own son was among several teens that was shot while attending a fireworks celebration. >> that's the greatest shock you can ever get, that your son has been shot for no reason. >> jerome says the blood stained
10:24 am
t-shirt that his son was wearing the night he got shot. >> i want to use this to stand up to tell parents to never think this isn't going to happen to them, that aren't doing anything, to go out and save our young people, that are looking to our young people, and i communicate to them this can happen to you. >> jerome and his wife launched the young entrepreneur program for high schools and colleges. he teaches its youth how to establish their own business and motivates them to focus on something positive instead of falling prey to violence. through their partnership, they have helped thousands of people develop business in the u.s. and africa. but his most cherished accomplishment is his family. >> i'm 50 years old with four grandchildren and that's what drives me every day to do better. >> and that for jerome is his american dream. his son did survive that shooting. there's a lot more to his story and in the future we will show you more of what he and his wife are doing to help people
10:25 am
position themselves for job creation, leadership and family wellness. jerome edmondson, living his life beyond the dream. >> great couple. we wish them all the best. glad to hear their son is okay. an appeals court has sided with religious business owners, striking down the embattled birth control mandate. we have a look at where things go from here. >> it's a celebration nearly a century in the making. the boston red sox winning the world series at home for the first time since 1918. congratulations. highlights from today's victory parade. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling.
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and best of all, it means i can enjoy all the foods i love. oh, zero heartburn is awesome. just like zero clery. ♪ [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. investigators say notes from the
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alleged lax shooter reveal his hatred for the tsa. they also say he was arped with 150 rounds of ammunition. he was injured in his shootout with airport police. he's currently in custody with an l.a. hospital after allegedly killing a tsa agent and injuring at least five other people yesterday. taliban commanders saying the pakistani taliban chief, mehsud, and four other fighters were killed by a u.s. drone strike. the group's leadership council meeting, reportedly choosing his successor. and showing off the art of facial hair. it's the annual world beard and mustache championships held in germany. the categories include most fashionable beard. never had a beard or a mustache -- >> not to that extreme but i did wear a beard and mustache and i felt young and naked when i cut my mustache off.
10:31 am
>> nothing quite that hairy, right? >> no, not that, that's too far. some more news. a new twist in the latest nsa surveillance scandal. the chief play a bit of the blame flame after reports emerge of u.s. spying on foreign leaders. speaking to a former ambassador at the baltimore council on foreign relations, general alexander said, quote, we, the intelligence agencies, don't come up with the requirements, the policymakers come up with the requirements. one of those groups would have been, let me think, hold on, oh, ambassadors. that's the tone in which he gave it. let's bring in our panel to discuss that. the former spokesperson for four u.s. ambassadors to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. we also have a former cia senior analyst and chief analyst for thank you for joining us. so, look, here's the cia, i mean the nsa chief saying these
10:32 am
things, the nsa spying on diplomats at the request of ambassadors. what do you say about that? rick? >> i have to agree. there are a lot of am pabassado around the world that really want to know what's happening from the other side the aisle so to speak. so there's a lot of requests that go back to agency personnel. the sip pell fact is the agency personnel is only responding to the policymakers. the politicians and others feel the pressure from those in the field who want the intelligence and they're the ones who are responding. they don't make the rules. if you want to change the rules, lobby congress or get congress, the congressional oversight committees, to be aggressive. >> the challenge came from james caru rosepep, a former u.s. ambassador to romania during the clinton administration, and he now a democratic state senator
10:33 am
in maryland. during this exchange between the two, with general alexander, he was pressing the nsa chief to give a, quote, national security justification for the agency's surveillance for combating terrorism against democratically elected leaders and private businesses. the general apparently didn't like the response or liked the question and tersely responded to him. what about this, is he right to ask this question? >> i think the question was extremely naive. he was right to ask the question but the reality is we live in a rough and tumble world and the u.s. has to have an aggressive intelligence operation. i'll give you one, terrorism. there's many states that are a good friend of ours. they're not incarcerated. they're not monitoring terrorists who may be planning attacks on the united states. we're completely within our rights to do what we have to do. to defend the homeland against such threats.
10:34 am
>> from what i'm hearing, both of you agree with what the general has said about nsa's conducting surveillance, yet secretary of state kerry recently said the surveillance activity happened on a kind of autopilot within the nsa, without the knowledge of senior officials within the obama administration. so who's right here? is it a blame game going on? >> well, kelly, you know, let me just jump in here and say what i am against is the hypocrisy. the hypocrisy of former state department officials like this former ambassador who are now saying, oh, gee, isn't it terrible that we're gathering all this intelligence information? i can guarantee if you look back at his requests when he was the u.s. ambassador to romania, he made specific intel requests to try to figure out what was going on in some particular issue. so let's just make sure we call out the hypocrites. you don't get the request for intelligence gathering without
10:35 am
having the difficult task of gathering intelligence. it just is a basic principle. >> there's a lot at stake. the terrorists can be right once. we have to be right all the time. >> exactly right. the collection the united states is conducting is not what we're seeing china and north korea doing. we're not engaging in cyber espionage to damage infrastructure. we're trying to protect national security and inform policymakers. but i will add one thing here, i'm a little uncomfortable with the cell phone collection against angela merkel and i think that shouldn't have been done and that's going to be suspended. but at the same type, we have to be careful about saying we will never spy againss like germany and france because sometimes we have major policy differences. >> policy differences notwithstanding, something has to take place so that, like you said, fred, we're not spying on democratic leaders like angela merkel. the presidents and leaders of those nations. the president has said that will not happen again. i want to change gears just a minute here.
10:36 am
rick, fred joining with us here. let's congratulation rick on being cancer free. it's a good thing, rick, tell us about that really quickly. >> well, thanks. i am cancer free. i'm growing my hair back so i'm pretty excited, thank you. >> we're excited for you. you have battled back fromlymph. that's quite a battle. that's something we all can agree on. our prayers have been answered. to see you healthy again. again, try to get through this and thank rick and frederick for joining us this afternoon to share some insights on nsa but you trumped all of them. >> thank you, sir. >> good day to you. meanwhile, in washington, another big blow to obama care. a d.c. appeals court has struck down a mandate that would have forced religious-based businesses to provide employees with birth control coverage. the court ruled the contraception requirement is too
10:37 am
much to ask of business owners, even if they're not purchasing birth control directly. elizabeth prann is live with this story. >> reporter: the federal appeals court here in d.c. says an affordable care act mandate which limits the right of free exercise of religion. the justices striking down that requirement. saying it burdens or compels business owners regardless of their religious bleachbeliefs t provide health coverage which includes birth control. others say it's the employees who have the right to coverage. >> the only question here is whether our government can force religious business owners to pay for abortion-causing drugs and to pay for contraceptives even if that's against their deeply held religious beliefs. >> the reason for that is you have the right to practice what you want but an employer shouldn't have the right to deny the people who work at that institution their right to follow their consciouses and use
10:38 am
contracepti contraception. >> a little background center on the owners of freshway foods, a pair of catholic brothers who did not want to provide cont contraceptives for their employees citing their religious beliefs. the two are facing a $14 million fine for not complying. while the obama administration says it is necessary, the judges were not convinced in this case. the decision friday is along the same lines as the tenth circuit court appeals ruling. now, that court ruled against the abortion pill mandate and the hobby lobby case and it relied on that ruling and other instances. there was another case out of the third and sixth circuit which went the opposite way. the split among the federal appeals courts may enhance the chances that the supreme court could take on this issue. patty ann, back to you. >> elizabeth prann, thanks. beer sales in the u.s. are down and now big beer brewers
10:39 am
are asking one group of americans to help pick up the slack. >> it's a tough job but someone's got to do it. as more people grow frustrated with the obama care website, millions are being kicked off their current insurance plans. we'll have a new report that shows the white house knew this would happen all along. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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so when coverage really counts, count on nationwide insurance. because what's precious to you is precious to us. ♪ love, love is strange just another way we put members first. because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ baby... ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ bostonians having a wicked good type at today's red sox
10:43 am
victory parade. the world series champs still donning their playoff beards, making their way through the city on 25 duck boats. boston beat the cardinals 6-1 on wednesday at fen way, ending a nearly century long dry spell for winning a world series at home. the fess tictivities expected t continue throughout the weekend, maybe even beyond. >> while they're celebrating their beards in boston, there's also the celebration of beer, the lack thereof. unemployment among young men having a major impact on our beer industry. acording to the new report from the "washington post," beer sales are down over the past decade. oh, my. the current employment rate among young men, which is more than twice as high as the national average and could be a big reason why. patricia powell is the founder and ceo of powell financial group.
10:44 am
we talk about a lot of serious things here in business but how does this all factor in? the sale of beer among young americans? because we are seeing the unemployment rate among young men is significantly higher than the average. >> sure, and then living at hope, they don't have the money that they would have if they were out in their own place and had a job. it's an important story because beer is not just a little incidental. it's a $246 billion industry. >> wait, say that again. >> $246 billion. almost a quarter of a trillion dollars a year. it employs 2 million people at 2,800 breweries. this might be a little fun story but it's actually an important story. sort of a microcosm of what's going on in the overall economy. >> it is an indicator of what could be happening. let's show you a graph about people who often drink beer. this is from the gallup poll. it shows that beer is -- more beer is consumed by men than women. if you look at the women polls,
10:45 am
more women consume wine than men. we're looking at two industries. wine and beer. we know that beer is $240 billion. so if we're not improving the jobs for young americans, what happens to that industry? because they are doing well in places like china. >> well, the interesting thing -- i'm going to get back to your question in one second. >> sure. >> while men drink more beer, men have been drinking less beer over time as have women. we've been switching more to wine and we've been switching more to hard liquor and i'm not sure what that says about us. >> is that connected to more marketed or is it connected to the purse string? >> purse string, i think, because it's certainly true outside the united states when you look at emerging markets. one of the first things that people do is they gain wealth is they get better booze. the second thing they do is eat better and put more meat in their diet. we think about all these other things but booze is very important in emerging markets. >> that's a staggering amount of
10:46 am
money out there and 2 million jobs. >> absolutely. >> so what else can we get from this kind of story? >> well, i think what you can get is there's lots of little economies going on. our large economy's made up of all these little economies that are added up into the overall. i think the basic problem is we don't have enough jobs, particularly for young people. these young men -- who are these young men who are 20 to 24 and have almost a 15% unemployment rate. they're kids who just got out of college. they're kids maybe who didn't go to college, who didn't finish college and they go out there and there just are not the jobs for them that there might have been in a different decade. >> with the previous segment, beyond the dream, we showed him helping young people. should more young people be concerned about creating their own business rather than depending on someone else to get
10:47 am
a job? >> when you're an entrepreneur and something goes wrong, you're in that business at 2:00 in the morning when your computer's not working. you can't call your tech guy because you don't have your tech guy, you're it. or if you have a person who's outside, they come in and you're working after hours. this is what being an entrab pra anywhere is all about. a lot of people don't want that kind of imposition on their total life. if you've got that spirit, you can create a lot jobs. look at the companies. look at apple computer. 78,000 jobs. that company was created in one lifetime. microsoft created in one lifetime. walmart created in one lifetime. so there's opportunity in this country if you have the right stuff. >> never stops. >> never stops. >> all right, have a beer. >> yes. >> or a glass of wine. >> good advice for this saturday afternoon. all right. a new fda warning about a hidden danger that could be lurking in your kitchen cabinet. the doctor is in with what you need to know about spices.
10:48 am
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a health danger could be hiding in your kitchen. the food and drug administration issuing a warning about the items in your spice rack. they might be filled with dangerous contaminants. thank you as always for joining us. >> thank you. >> the fda tested thousands of spices over a two-year period and they found 12% of them were contaminated and most concerning, 7% tested positive for salmonella. how big a concern is that? >> it's a huge concern. just when you were about to spice up your life you realize there's so much contamination going on. 12% of them ended up having plastic, insect fragments, rubber bands, staples. it's just incredible. the one that's even more important is the 7% salmonella. what they found was there's about 80 different types of salmonella. as a doctor, that's the one i'm more concerned. not that the other ones make it any better. over the last decade, they've
10:53 am
found about 14 outbreaks and about 2,000 people awere contaminated by some of these spices. a lot of these spices are being imported from india and mexico and they're finding out they're really, either in the shipping or packaging part of it, you have rodents, hair, a lot of con tap nants. it's really not good news and you have to be careful with this. >> we should emphasize the fda was on looking at inported spices and that leads to the question, how can you determine where your spices are from? are they always labeleded? >> well, we are actually the biggest -- they're not always labeled. and 80% of our spices are being imported. one of the biggest users of this spice all over the world. they're coming from many, many different countries. that's the difficult part. the consumers have no ways of knowing and nobody's really going to go find out. this is a serious problem. now, fda also has many guide lines. they're saying if something is
10:54 am
safe, it may not be desirable. your peanut butter, there's about 30 insect fragments. the question i have, what if you find half of those? so this is a little tricky and fda is saying sending agents tol these countries including mexico and finding out what the root of this is. i think for a lot of people out there who listen to this is maybe you should add the spices before you cook your food. in order to reduce. we know that heat destroys the sam nell thlmonella bacteria. add the spice before you cook the food. is it going to as spicy? we have to wait and see. but it's a huge concern. >> the highest rates of the salmonella are found in root seasonings such as ginger. next were the fruit spice, pepper, mustard. the lowest levels are in bark or flour spices which is like cinnamon and saffron.
10:55 am
should people be favoring certain types of spices over others? >> the one actually i think -- you're 100% right. the one that made the top list was black pepper and red pepper from india. and to my surprise, basil and oregano. i don't think we should change the way we cook. we should find out where the origin of these is. and, again, i don't want to make a statement that anything that's coming from india and mexico is contaminated but be careful. >> and mccormicks, why is a spice company, biggest one in the united states, emphasizes they have a lot of safety procedures in place and they're not implicated at all. we're talking about imported spices here. >> absolutely. >> so interesting. >> you're 100% right. >> you can see the doctors tomorrow morning right here on fox news channel with "house call" at 10:30. >> and i also want to recognize a lot of our fans who really follow us, and this is like becoming a great successful program. >> we want to say that that is
10:56 am
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this week on "the journal editorial report," obama care marches on, despite an apology for the rollout debacle and growing outrage over millions of dropped policies. president obama says it's full steam ahead for the controversial law. plus, new nsa leaks pit the spy agency against the administration. did the white house okay the surveillance of our allies? all that and our election preview from new jersey to virginia to colorado. a look at what's on the ballot this tuesday. i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch


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