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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hello and welcome to justice. thanks for being with us. tonight, the hype over obama care comes crashing down. at this very moment, right now, the obama care website health is officially shutdown. as if it were ever working in the first place. congressman daryl issa on the hunt for what the white house knew and when they knew it. and losing faith. why one religious leader considers obama care blasphemy. plus, a utah doctor accused of killing his beauty queen wife, my exclusive interview with his
6:01 pm
attorney. but first, to my open. did the president lie? did the president know? and if he didn't know, because he wasn't told, or because he was hoodwinked or worse, lied to, why aren't heads rolling? why haven't people been fired? why? because that's not obama's m.o. what happens in this administration stays in this administration. now, doesn't that tell you something? do any of you really think he didn't know? consider this, you've got a great job. your boss assigned you a task with an unlimited budget but a deadline. you swear it will be done. when it isn't, your boss is mortified and publicly humiliated. do you think for one minute you would keep your job?
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i don't know about you but anyone who worked for me would be afraid to even show up at work. but not in washington. not with the obama administration. it's a badge of honor to simply say, i take responsibility. no consequences. no sanctions. and more often than not, a promotion. this week as i sat in that washington hearing room listening to secretary sebelius who ironically is from kansas, i literally thought i was in the land of oz. democrats were actually congratulating her on a job well done. thanks her for the millions of americans who owe her more than anyone else a debt of gratitude for their health care. really? i know the scarecrow didn't have a brain but there was only one
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sca scarecrow on oz. what planet was on? did they miss the yellow brick road as they were high fiving each other? i didn't see any red heels. clicking under that table that would magically turn on the website so that millions could actually get the health care that they were congratulating sebelius about. but apparently their yellow brick road can only hold six people. >> only six people? that means more people have walked on the moon than have signed up for obama care. and listen to this. of those six that signed up, four have already died of old age and only two left. >> but my favorite part of the hearing -- >> it is the verizon server that failed. not health and affected other customers. >> now, i don't know about you
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but i have verizon and my verizon works just fine. thank you. and i've had no service interruptions since october 1st. but maybe the verizon plan in the land of oz is different than mine here in new york. seriously? but of course, it's always someone else's fault. so why did they look us in the eye and swear it would be ready on october 1? why the lies? >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. >> we can't keep our doctors and we can't keep our health care plan. mr. president, with all due respect, you lied to us. you sold us a bill of goods that puts many of us in a danger zone as we're being dropped from health care plans and one that
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will only burden our kids for generations to come. and in your zeal to blame on others, you now have a new enemy for us. the insurance companies. why is it, mr. president, that you get it right? what you want you get right. if it's about you. like fund raising or winning an election. >> we had the president to his credit almost seven weeks out saying are we ready? to be told by the pros, yeah, this looks like it's all ready to go and neither he or i are technology geeks. >> the president to his credit asked about it seven weeks before? he's been promising it for three years. did you need someone to play the buffoon? mr. president, five years ago when you were elected they
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couldn't tear your blackberry away from you and now the vice president is telling us and they want me to believe that you don't understand websites? and what makes me crazy is that every tom, dick and harry has a website. i can go on amazon right now to buy a mop, my book "clever fox" or even a pair of red high heels to click you should a table and not to digress but the prosecutor in me wants to know why a contractor, the most important program, the crown jewel in your administration, is awarded to one of the first lady's dear friends, essentially a no-bid contract. for a defective product. so simple sebelius stays on. what makes you think she can get it right now? especially when she's got the same people working on the
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website who couldn't get it right in the first place. don't you have lawyers review your contracts? every first-year law student knows a time is of the essence clause needs to be put in a contract, even a no-bid one, mr. president, where a product must be delivered by a particular date. otherwise, there's a penalty. but not you guys. not only did sebelius say there was no penalty clause, she's willing to pay more to the same company that couldn't get it right in the first place. more of our money. some manager. but then again, your lawyer in over his head holder probably missed that contracts class. mr. president, with all due respect, you have promoted obama care for years. if it's so great, why aren't you on it? why isn't congress on it? why aren't federal employees on it? even simple sebelius refused to
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go on the very health care program that you all think is so great for the rest of us. and her excuse when pressed? that it would be illegal for her to do so. there's a reason i call her simple. it's not illegal. even in the land of oz. and what makes you think that you know better than we what is good health care for us and our families? a true leader leads by example. instead you look down your nose and dictate to the rest of us. you reign on high as you give waiver to the union friends, the ones who got you elected while the rest of us face massive premium increases we can't afford for benefits we simply don't need like maternity benefits and pediatric health care. in the past, poor people who couldn't afford health care had medicaid.
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now, you made affordable health care so unaffordable that virtually everyone is now signing up for medicaid. so here we are. a day late. and a dollar short. with millions literally without health care and believe me it's only going to get worse. so don't try to sell us your bill of goods. the website is not up and running. we can't keep our health care plans and we can't keep our doctors. stop telling us what's good for us. the truth -- you've lost all credibility. no one believes you anymore. maybe hillary was right. what difference does it make? none of this affects you. with me, house energy and committee member bill johnson.
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good evening, congressman. you were in that room during the testimony this week of secretary sebelius. should she be fired? >> well, you know, the secretary serves at the pleasure of the president, and i just heard your opening. i would never have survived in my career as a program manager, as an implementer, as an integrator if i had performed in way and this is the kind of performance that's acceptable to the president, then i think the president has got some accounting to do to the american people. >> well, and you know, congressman, as i'm sure you've heard from your constituents, so many people are now being faced with increased premiums for benefit that is they don't need, don't want. you know, when there really is nothing more personal than your doctor and the ability to keep that doctor, don't you find it astonishing that something as important as this was not ready for prime time and they looked you guys in the eye and they
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said we will absolutely be ready when they never even did an end to end testing? >> oh, yeah. and the flaws go all the way back to the beginning. you know, i've looked at the contract. there was supposed to be a major review of testing in the fourth quarter of 2012. another final review of that testing in the first quarter of 2013. with plenty of time to fix any errors or any problems that they discovered. and it's very, very clear that they never did any of that testing. and you mentioned it just a few minutes ago. you're talking about the fox in the hen house. qussi, the company that's now been hired to finish this integration, to finish something that cms could not do right the first time, they were an independent tester. now, i say independent very loosely because they were also part of the development team. so, how can a member of the development team be an
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independent tester of a complicated implementation like this and now placed in charge of integrating the entire system. there are a lot of unanswered questions. >> congressman, you are so right. the fox over the hen house. thank you so much, congressman johnson, for being with us. we'll stay on this. thank you. and coming up, congressman daryl issa and the facts that led to the disaster known as obama care. tonight's insta poll. how would you fix obama care? facebook or tweet me. we'll read your answers later in the show. ♪ ♪ hey lady! noooo! no! [ tires screech ] ♪ nooo! nooo! nooo! hey lady, that's diesel!
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internal documents released revealed that just six people
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signed up for obama care on day one. that's right. six. count 'em! earlier i spoke with the chairman of that committee, congressman daryl issa. all right. thank you for being with us today. i understand that you recently said that health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, if she cannot reorganize and get the kind of team we need to fix this obama care website that she shouldn't be there. are you asking for her resignation? >> judge, when you've had three and a half years, $600 million to execute on the president's signature legislation and it's this wrong, you've got to ask who's going to be held responsible and is somebody who couldn't even answer whether there were shutdowns on the site as they were going on yesterday, is she really the person to do it. you understand that this website did the tip of the iceberg. there's so much more that has to be seen, that has to be fixed in obama care and she may not be
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the person to do it. >> congressman, apparently this administration was warned repeatedly by the contractors that the website was not ready to go live on october 1. at the same time that the administration is looking congress in the eye and the president is looking at the american people and saying this is going to be the best thing since sliced bread. and why didn't they heed the warnings of the contractors? >> you know, management 101 says bring the boss a problem so they can be part of the fix n. this case, the president and the vice president now on record saying seven weeks out, if everything was okay as they were told and they tried using the site at one point but we know from documents obtained by from the contractor that is three and four weeks ago they were issuing very, very stern warnings of vulnerabilities relating to speed and what we have been able to see live but by the way they were also about the question of testing for secure information
6:18 pm
that may as we speak be being released to the bad guys. >> just. as the signature legislation, this will be supposedly the crowning star of his legacy and, yet, there's so much uncertainty and so much mismanagement and i guess that's why you recently sent a request for information from qssi, one of the main contractors. subpoenaed information after they refused to voluntarily give you information. what do you expect to get from them? tie internal documents as to who knew and who was covering up these failures. we've gotten documents from ten of the 11 major vendors and hope to get it from qssi but more importantly, judge, our obligation even if we don't like this law is to at least protect the american people and the confidential information and right to have access as best we can and attempting to do even with the administration that continues to be very opaque. >> mr. chairman, i sat in the
6:19 pm
energy and commerce hearing and i heard secretary sebelius testify and one of the questions put to her was whether or not they were going to continue to pay qssi to fix what they never made right in the first place. and her response was, well, we can't deal with that right now. you know, we have to look forward and not look to blame people. this seems to be the argument every time something happens in this administration from benghazi and the american taxpayers given the bill to correct something that is wrong and shouldn't be paid for in the first place. >> your honor, absolutely. there's no question, judge, that we are going to in the period after november 30th be asking, how much money needs to come back? who's to be held accountable? i almost want to at some peril say, if i were managing this, i would be more important with fixing it than how to get small
6:20 pm
amounts of dollars back by comparison than $600 billion spent for something that doesn't work. >> i disagree in that this is the united states government. we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. if i go on amazon and order a book or anything else, a sweeper why can't the united states government say, there should be a penalty in the contract if you're not done on time and sebelius said, no, there was no penalty in the contract. if it's like amateur hour down there. >> well, she may or may not be right. we have requested and received 10 out of 11 contracts and we have a subpoena out for qssi's contract. we'll get to the bottom of what the clauses are and how to hold them accountable but just to give you an example of how bad this is. in the first six years of ebay being a huge site with countless numbers of people doing commerce, very complex, a bidding process, in those entire first six years, they did not spend $600 million.
6:21 pm
this is an amazing expenditure of money for what by comparison to e bay is a simple website. >> i have to tell you, mr. chairman, my background as a prosecutor tells me that these are contracts and if they are, indeed, no-bid contracts that need to be looked at, relationships need to be looked at, because it's often all about the money and the contacts. >> absolutely. we will. >> i'm sure you will, mr. chairman. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you, judge. and coming up, millions of americans dropped from their health care. you won't believe one single mom's heartbreaking story. she's next. and the trial of the utah doctor accused of killing his beauty queen wife. wait until you hear what his mistresses had to say when they took the stand. [ sneezes, coughs ]
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obama care is crumbling before our eyes. and we are paying the price. regular people like my next guest, 25-year-old student says obama care is creating a huge financial burden. he joins us from tampa, florida. and here in new york, my friend, a single working mother, a widow, caring for both her 8-year-old as well as her own elderly mother. vicki's insurance company dropped her and like millions of other people she now has no health care and no idea what to do. they join me now. i'll start with you, though, sal. you are a dental student. you are someone who understands the medical system. can you tell us how you feel about this obama care and you're 25. is that how old you are?
6:26 pm
>> yes, it is. i think that it is a huge blow not only to students but to young americans of any age. we are dealing with a very high cost of education. i have a good field but many college students are broke. trying to pay back the high cost of education, living and regulations by the obama administration and now going to put obama care on the tabs? we can't afford it and crushing our generation. >> sal, you are going to be a dentist. when you are 28, will you buy your own insurance? if your employer doesn't give it to you. >> i will. >> what about your friends? what are they saying? >> yes. a lot of my friends, they don't know what to do. some of their parents have gotten dropped from their insurance and they were counting on the mandate to stay on their insurance until they were 26. now that their parents don't have insurance, they have to buy. under obama care -- >> do they feel they need health care?
6:27 pm
>> some of them do. it's mainly for a rainy day like the catastrophe plans and type of regulations for the high-cost plans they don't need is too expensive for them. >> vicki, you shocked me yesterday. yesterday i was talking to you. you were at work and you said you lost your health care. >> i did. talk to me. >> well, i am a widow. i'm a low income. i cannot afford to pay close to $800 a month for health inshirns. >> 800? >> close to 800. >> you said your proposed one went up 25%? >> around 25%, 30%. that's to me with a child it is a lot. i have to pay rent. you know? i mean, $800, it's just a lot of money. >> you voted for obama? >> i did. thinking that he would be doing this wonderful things but it is not working out for me. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know.
6:28 pm
i had to first of all i'm literal coming to this thing of obama care and the health market. i have no clue. i need someone to sit with me and show me step by step. >> yeah. >> what i need to do, when's going to benefit me. i want to keep my doctors. i have a relationship with my doctors. i don't want to change them. >> well, you know what? the problem is you can't even get on the website. it is officially down. but vicki, i mean, to the extent any of us can help you -- >> well, i mean -- >> you became a natural citizen in my courtroom. >> you swore me in. that was a greatest thing. >> thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> sal. >> thank you. >> and coming up, the obama care website isn't the worst of it. how your identity could already be in the hands of hackers next. later, a religious leader's take on the fallout. how can we trust the obama administration at all? [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped sta over 1 million businesses.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner. the latest on the shooting at los angeles international airport. federal prosecutors charge 23-year-old paul ciancia with the death of a tsa agent. that agent was among several people hit by weapons fire. he was the first tsa employee ever killed in the line of duty. people ran for their lives yesterday as the man opened fire with an assault-style rifle we are told in terminal 3. four people shot including two other tsa agents before police shot and wounded the gunman. perhaps it could have been worse. the mayor says he had 100 spare rounds of ammunition leftover. a note in the duffel bag suggested he killed -- planned to kill tsa employees and what he called pigs. the fbi has set up a website
6:33 pm now the judge. has each piece of that code that's been introduced in the system security tested? >> that's my understanding, yes. and -- >> each piece of that code is tested, yes or no? >> i don't know. >> that eke secretary sebelius saying she doesn't know something. shocking. the next shoe to fall in the obama care debacle, hackers accessing all your private information from the website. with me, media temple president and website expert russell reader from l.a. good to see you, russell. knowing what you know and what you heard and i was in that hearing in d.c. this week, would you get on that obama care website? well, it is down now. but would you sign up? >> we can't, right? >> if it were ever to work -- >> you know, once it -- i think, unfortunately, the scaleability
6:34 pm
issues, it is not working is the tip of the iceberg. the big issue is once this is working is the security. all right? so you have to test all of the lines of code, the integration to the system so this is -- the hackers around the world right now are probably already figuring out a way to not only get into the system but get access or have other fake website that is look like this system. >> you know, russell, it was one question that sebelius was asked and that was, you know, whether or not there were certain information that was put in the original plan that would give hackers obviously and i prosecuted identity theft, the fastest growing crime in america, it's affected something like 10 million people last year. i can topple governments and certainly ruin an individual's credit. but one of the things that she actually said was, oh, that question shouldn't have been in there from the beginning and it was still there four weeks later. are these people tone deaf?
6:35 pm
>> personal identity theft is always an issue any way no matter where you go, no matter the store with the credit card. when you put your personal information online, where you live, your social security number, all the information about you, personal identification theft is going to be the next big issue here. >> how do you sign on with peace of mind, russell? >> well, i think they're not following proper security protocols for their questions. they're basic questions. they have to drill in and really catch up on the security protocols to make sure that they're asking more complicated questions up front to make sure that when people come to the website they know it's the right website. and then, to make sure when people get those e-mails that they understand where the e-mails are coming from, as well. i think it's very confusing more people not tech savvy.
6:36 pm
>> with the information that is required to even sign on, i think we're all vulnerable and that we'll be the next shoe to fall. >> it will be. >> thank you. >> great to see you again. thank you. all right. while obama care sinks, so does the president's approval rating. a new poll shows just 42% of americans approve of the job that he's doing. with me, republican strategist noel nickpoor and steve lacer. thanks for being with us. steve, what do you have to say? why is poll ratings so low? >> well, judge, obviously there are problems with the website. you've got to say that, you know, people are expecting a website to be working october 1st. it is not. but, you know, secretary sebelius said by the end of the november it will be back up and running. >> it wasn't ever running. they officially shut it down at the start of the show tonight. it's officially down. >> nearly three quarters of a million people already signed
6:37 pm
up. >> bah lowny. the only thing is six people signed up. >> day one. >> day one. but think won't give us anymore information. where did you get that number? where did you get that number from? >> on a couple of different news sites. >> what where? >> 5 s 1,000. around 200,000. >> what's amazing to me. i sat in the hearing room and secretary sebelius said she wasn't given any numbers. now the numbers are out? i don't know what to believe. do you believe it? >> sebelius, we don't believe her and the white house and obama. you know what? we'll take advantage of this. there's 2014 elections coming up and probably taking some senate seats because of this very thing. in 2010, i used to work for senator boseman who was running against blanch lincoln and blanch lincoln voted for obama care and lost the seat because of that in 2010. 2014 rolling around, obama care.
6:38 pm
out. >> noel what is saying, how does this bode for 2014? >> i look forward to 2014. the website probables will be long behind us. >> how do you know? >> between 10 million and 20 million americans will have insurance coverage they didn't have before and i think i'm looking forward to 2014. it is a totally different situation. people won't remember that the website had problems. >> what about security problems? what about people getting the security, their information stolen from the hackers and everybody's at risk that entered the information? what about that, the fallout of that. >> i have an i.t. background for 15 years. >> he told me why they couldn't get it to work. >> well, you know, that's a totally different story and what that gentleman was just talking about, the problems can be resolved in a couple of days. >> really? a couple of days. >> they're billions of websites out there. the knowledge on how do do this -- >> do you know how many people log on to get a flight every year in this country? what is it? 140 million people a year. >> facebook. judge, judge, what about
6:39 pm
facebook? twitter. >> thanks so much for being with us tonight. coming up, murder, lies and mistresses and an exclusive interview with the attorney for the utah doctor accused of killing his beauty queen wife next. don't forget to vote. how could you fix obama care? facebook or tweet me. road closed? there's a guy... excuse me? glacier point? follow me! ♪ follow me! keep up, kp up, keep up. ♪ look he's right there! follow me! ♪ wow! crtal falls? follow me! [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinde nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ we don't have time for stuff like laundry. we're too busy having fun.
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6:43 pm
explosive testimony this week in the utah murder trial of martin macneil accused of killing his wife michele. macneill's mistresses on the stand this week. plural. along with the chief medical examiner and one of his daughters. dr. joshua perper, pathologist, gave key testimony for the state on friday saying he believes that michele died as a result of drowning and that martin was involved. macneill's team maintains that she had a heart attack and fell into the bathtub. with me is the attorney for the accused killer martin macneill. thank you so much for being with us this evening. how do you think the trial is going, suzanne? >> you know, it is really up and down as a former prosecutor you know that feeling of, you know, someone gets on the stand and you think it's going well and then, you know, somebody else gets on the stand and it's not a good day so you have good days
6:44 pm
and bad days but we're very happy with the medical examiners who have testified so far. we think that -- >> it seems like you have more bad days than good days. we heard about gypsy. she moves in like a week after he buries his wife who's beautiful and then we hear that he was two timing gypsy. that he had two mistresses, both of them testified, one said something devastating like he told her, you know, i could make something like like a heart attack. how are you going to attack the medical examiner's testimony? will you be able to prove that it was an accident? >> well, we absolutely think so. i mean, that is the difficulty from the beginning or are the sensational facts of this case that he had a mistress, that he moved into the home shortly after michele died and that's always difficult because, you know, he isn't likable. and so, it's kind of like the
6:45 pm
pink elephant in the living room. i dealt with on opening just so the jury would understand that, you know, he isn't a boy scout. and, you know, hopefully they can set aside their emotions and decide on the facts. >> i don't mean to interrupt you but i don't have a lot of time and delighted to be able to talk to you but when your client's daughters testified that they believe their father killed their mother, how do you a former prosecutor turn this one around? >> it's very difficult to have, you know, one beautiful macneill daughter after another get up on the stand and testify against their father. it's very damaging and it's very difficult to overcome. but we're focusing our case on the medical portion of the case. and hope that the jury can see that there was no murder here. yes, he is guilty of having an affair but he's not guilty of murder. >> an affair or two. is he going to testify, suzanne?
6:46 pm
>> we don't know yet. i mean, i always make that decision, you know, after the -- >> good answer. good answer. you know why i wouldn't let him testify? because of the prior con virkss. thank you so much for being with us during the night. >> thank you. >> with me defense attorney steve razor and pathologist and fox news contributor dr. michael baden. let's hit it. you've got the first medical examiner says it's a heart attack. the second medical examiner said it's a heart attack with drugs. third said she drowned. nobody said it was a homicide. how does the prosecution win? >> well, i think number one is that the diagnosis by the third medical examiner dr. perper of evidence in the testimony and the autopsy of drowning is correct. that she had a lot of water in her lungs and air passages from the testimony. >> let's assume she drowned. how do we know what she drowned from? >> like drew peterson case.
6:47 pm
people don't drowned in bathtubs wearing clothes innocently. >> did she have clothes? >> the top of her body had clothes on. she wasn't taking a bath and had a heart attack. >> what was she doing in the tub? >> that's why it was -- let's see if that dr. macneill can answer that. there was an issue as to whether she was bent over the tub or whether she was fully in the tub and i think the way the testimony came in she was fully in the tub and that there's enough evidence that i would say not only drowning but death at the hands of another. i don't know who the other >> okay. all right. so doctor, you know, i'll take this one to steve. steve, they say that the doctor had told that the doctor defendant husband two timing with a couple of mistresses had a -- told her doctor that she could take x, y and z medicine and that she took too much medicine. let's assume she took too much medicine.
6:48 pm
shouldn't the doctor, the other doctor have known that, you know, he recollectedn't give this much medication to a woman or risk drowning or not drowning but having a heart attack. >> the evidence has come out so far is that the drugs that were given were there in therapeutic amounts and if that's true, therapeutic amounts various drugs would not cause her to pass out. >> i hear that the myocardial infraction wasn't enough to kill her. >> the slides -- >> i rest my case. steve, you want to be a defense attorney tonight? >> sure. you could certainly defend this case because of the fact that there's no direct correlation to there being a homicide because, look, if you can't get the chief medical examiner to simply classify as a homicide, you are not at first base. normally you define it as a homicide and then ask who did it? they're not even there yet or at the starting point to be able to
6:49 pm
say who did it? who did what? that's the problem. all the defense has to do and that's why macneill will not testify. one thing very quickly. the only direct evidence to prove the case is jail birds sitting in jail with macneill and testify to the confession to them. which is a very interesting topic because those inmates testifying is going to expose macneill to his prior convictions. may not be able to say were you sitting in a jail cell? the judge most likely won't allow that. >> i would allow it with -- >> allow the statements for sure. admissions. >> and the other convictions have to do with fraud. go right to credibility. >> absolutely. >> i wish we had more time to speak with both of you. thank you for being with us. coming up, the obama care lies. they keep piling on. one outraged religious leader fights back, next. and it's your last chance to vote. how would you fix obama care? facebook or tweet. ♪
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the president's signature health care law is bloken promises and lies for millions of americans. has it come down to a complete loss of trust? with me pastor at the church of the holy family, father gerald murray. thank you so much for being with us this evening. you are a trusting man. do you trust this administration? >> very hard to trust the administration after what's gone on. remember that this latest revelation of untruthfulness was proceeded by what was told to cardinal nolan. he was told by the president, catholic church concerns of contraception and abortion would be dealt with, not forced on the
6:54 pm
catholic church and that's what the hhs mandate was. we're fighting that in court and the administration won't back down. this is just another in a series of big disappointments. >> you know, father, it's from your perspective, obviously, you live by the word of an individual. you want to. you know? a man's word. you know? deal on a hand shake. i mean, doesn't it seem to be continuous lying that ends up hurting people? right now, there are people, regular people, who are needy who won't be able to afford health care now. like the young woman who was here with me earlier this evening. i mean, do you think that the president is intentionally doing this for his own political agenda? i mean, if he says, i'm a community organizer in jesus was a community organizer, why doesn't he feel? >> what bothers me is the president says one thing
6:55 pm
campaigning for the issue and then to implement it will do nothing to make sure that his promise is kept and then when called to his attention he changes the promise. he talked about sub standard plans are no longer in effect. wait a minute. people were happy with their plan. he said you could keep it. and now suddenly they're sub standard and the government. this is overreach. it's typical, unfortunately, of a certain mind-set. the government knows better. individual people have to be instructed by the government. the catholic church said we are born free, freedom of the children of god. that needs to be respected by the government and the individuals tie catholic church is known for all of the charities and all of the work they do on behalf of the needy. do you feel now that the church is not just the catholic churches but all the churches in this country are going to have to kick in more, aside of the promises that the president made to the cardinal and he reneged on, you know, does this now mean that the churches are more involved in helping people
6:56 pm
because the government won't? >> we'll find out. the government's not allowing us to do what we want to do. we want to serve people according to the teaching of jesus christ and the president through the health and human services administration saying you can't follow jesus' teaching to be involved in health care. that's ridiculous. the church heps more poor, sick people, more people in distress than any other religious institution and otherwise private. why all of this pressure? has to be ideological. >> so it seems. father, thank you so much for being with us again. >> thank you, judge. >> thank you. now time for the results of the poll. how would you fix obama care? the overwhelming majority of you would dump it. noel tweets, i would take all of north korea's nuclear bombs and use them to blow it up. solve two problems at once. bobby writes, you can't fix stupid. leave us the hell -- excuse me, father -- alone. mary says i'm 60.
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have a great weekend. i'm megyn kelly. this hour, when he this hour, when he walks, america listens. the journey of md to the pulitzer prize. how he overcame a devastating accident with a determination to lead. a liti that matters. >> hello, i'm bret baur. i hope you'll enjoy this special as much as we enjoyed making it. fox viewers know where charles sits on the panel and they probably know his position on most issues. but we bet there's a lot you don't know about the all-star panelist. syndicated columnist. harvard trained psychiatrist. and even


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