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tv   To Be Announced  FOX News  November 3, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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tonight on huckabee. >> if you like your health care plan you will be able to cope your health care plan. >> broken promises and a rising premiums and a website. how can the president and democrats defend obama care? and the president said you can cope your doctor. but can your doctor stay in business? . plus, comedy icon. >> you can see harvey wetting his pants. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee.
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(applause) >> hello, everybody. it is a great audience and so glad you are with us and welcome to huckabee. look, it is no secret that i have major policy differences with president obama on about everything. i mean, i believe in american exceptional sxichl standing strong with israel and lower taxes and decentralization of federal government to lower level and sanctity of human live and less regulation and taxation and lidigation. and president obama he can't be blamed for a economy that is killing for the mitted class or broken promiseless for taxes going up for people making 200,000 or coping your health plan or doctor or dismal standing in the eyes of the nation of the world. even our friends are spitting
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mad at us. it turns out it is not his fault. because he didn't know anything about it. any of it. >> it is not manage i have followed closely. but we don't know. i am not familiar. he indicated he was not aware of what was happening in fast and furious. certainly i was not. >> i mean, i don't know. there was a lot development of the website. i don't know. >> nobody understood what was taking place. >> we don't have independent knowledge. he found in the nows report. >> i first learned about it in the same news reports that most people learn body this. >> it is it good things that a newspaper gets delivered to the white house or otherwise president obama wouldn't have a clue about fast and furious and benghazi and criminal activities of the irs, the justice department, trampling over the first amendment rights of the associated press and
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fox's news james rosen and disastrous obama care website and no so affordable health care act americans have lost health care. the president had no idea death benefits would be denied and he was completely unaware that the nsa was illegally spying on american citizens and tapping phone calls of leaders from european allies all the way to the pope. this is like tim cook, ceo of apple didn't know apple had an a new ipad until he read it in the paper or boston red sox owner wasn't aware boston won the world series until he glanced at the sports page. or imagine roger, surprised to find out fox news boat all of the other news channel. but he didn't know that until he heard it on the huckabee show?
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(applause) >> you know when there is a crisis or controversy, the answer with this president is always the same. >> i can assure you, that i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before the ig report had been leaked through press, through the press. >> you know, the president's biggest problem is that he hasn't a clue on how to run. he has 0 executive experience. i am not sure he could organize the two car parade and if he did he would have to read the news reports to know which cars for it. when i was governor i had a standing order don't let me know about things in the paper. bad news has to be delivered immediately regardless of the day or night. i never fired the people if they
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made mistakes. mine were more visible than theirs. if a mistake was made, there was not any reason for me to scream about it. just get it fixed. but one thing would get a staffer or agency head fired on the spot and that is not informing me we had a problem. now no one can know everything going o. my chief of staff used to say. if i knew everything going on not enough is going on. but a problem, break down or failure or looming disaster, that better be delivered to me faster than president obama can get to the golf course. (applause) look, this president has outsourced much of the functions of government and all of the responsibility. i decided he can't or won't do the job of president, then maybe, he could outsource to someone who can and would do it.
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mr. president, i am available. (applause) yeah, we have heard of a myri ad of problems with the website to sign up for obama care, here is another embarrassing one. health department enlisted several small businesses as places where there could be navigators to provide personal assistance and advice for those looking to enroll. the problem is they have nothing to do with obama care. we went to talk to the stores to find out about what happened. >> we are on location in williams burg, brock linat the cupcakes where people are directed to call. >> you don't provide health care here? nnone here. not at all. >> the website doesn't provide health care either. >> i know. show is listed as a navigator on
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the obama care. >> you cannot help the public with obama care? >> no. >> i am here in brooklyn waiting to speak to my health care professional in sam brand auto. >> we unfortunately can't help you with your health and after all of the problem. they listed the wrong phone number. >> you have angry new yorkers assuming you are not helping them. nright, that is not good. if you know brock lincupcakes we do a lot for the community and that is not our style. >> can you rent me a car insurance. can that hit a car with car insurance so i could so a doctor. can you help me get medicare. no. can you help me get medical marijuana? no. >> if you are calling here looking for health insurance you will not get it? but you will get delicious diabetes. you have an acent where are you
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from? >> rushia. >> how did socialism work out for you guys? >> i am here now! (applause) yes, he is. that says it all. by the way, ryan was asking about could he get marijuana, notice he didn't ask about brownies. and i am so glad he didn't go there. by the cupcakes, they look fantastic. they certainly work better than obama care and much sweeter, too. we thank ryan for going out. and according to kathleen sebelius, it is not her fault she can't enroll in obama care, that is the way the law was written. >> if it is possible for you to forego government program you have now, will you tell the american public yes, i will go in the exchanges next year like everybody else. >> sir, the way the law is written. >> yes, nor.
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if you are wrong. >> i don't give misinformation to the american. i don't want to give misinformation. >> i want you to research. >> you go into the exchanges? if you can, will you? >> that is yes, no. >> i will look at it. i don't have any idea. >> that is not a yes or no. >> if it she really wants to go under the obama care exchanges, of course she can. she doesn't want to. and that's why she isn't and neither is president obama and his family. you know when the cock won't eat what comes out of the kitchen, that tells me something is wrong with what is on the plate. the reason that americans don't want it because the people who created it, won't eat their own cooking. >> democratic congressman mike doyle said he will not have to pay for son's health care anymore. by the way, his son is a full
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grown man. >> one of my kids is self employed and 33 years old and paying 144 for a blue cross plan and eligible for a subides and we browsed that site. i think my wife is paying his premium and we'll save the money. >> wow, he has a 33-year-old son and 53ing his prem yups. i got news for my son. you are old enough to be on your own, pal. and good thing you are. >> obama care is supposeed to help those who can't afford quality health care and relying on the young and healthy to pay for it. you are about to find out it is not working out that way. we'll be right back with that. >> i would like to hear from you. go to and tell me what you think. or sign up for my facebook page and follow me on
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>> obama care relies healthy people under 35 to fund the coverage for older and sick. two guests tried to sign up for the affordable care act. 30-year-old law student brendan was paying $39 a month and logging on to obama care he found he doesn't have to pay anything at all. covereding to the website he is eligible for medicaid and he will get it for free. and casandra is a stay at home mom with three young kids and another on the way. her family lives on a tight budget and likes the concept of obama care and when she tried to sign up, she found out the costs are too much for her family to handle and she's better off paying the fine.
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brend an and casandra join me and thank you for being here. brend an, let me start wu. you are lucky to access the website and that is a plus in itself. when you found out you could get health care for less than $39 you were paying was that a surprise to you? >> it was. it is sort of. i mean, at $39 is not the whole story. i was paying 2400 a year and the university man dates that you have to have health insurance and i paid 2400 and i really couldn't afford that this year. and i shopped around and found a plan that was not particularly good. i mean, it is just slightly better than catastrophic and when the website went up. i will see what else is out there and i found this.
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you know i probably be on it until maybe on it until august and september and i will be back, my i will be employed and you know, i will be able to get insurance through the exchange or employer or whatever. >> you expect it will be cheap as $39. >> i wouldn't want that coverage again. >> would you be able to pay. maybe you don't know what you are able to pay because the job market hasn't opened up yet right now free under the medicaid program. let me turn to casandra for a minute. you now have coverage because you are pregnant and you have it for your children, is that right? >> yes. >> what happens after the baby is born? do you lose that coverage? >> i will have it for my post partum for six weeks and then dropped off medicaid unless we have met the income guidelines
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to keep it. >> what are those guidelines? you have to be probably you know, not destitute but what are the deadlines? they change every, it seeps like every three months they will change. and they are changing on the first and i want waiting to hear the new good lines. >> she will get draped off the medicaid program. vua mother with soon to be four kids. i hear the president saying we want to bring fairness and should she be getting health care. >> that issue is a state by state issue. and medicaid now is 138 percent poverty. and you know, frankly i am surprised that all of the states didn't do that. what is the goal of the program?
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i mean, i know like mississippi for example, i think you have to earn less than 6,000 a year and that is unfair. and colorado, i don't know what the figure is in colorado. i can't speak to that and i would hope that she could stay on. i don't know come the first what that will be? >> i don't blame you for taking advantage of the program that is there and that is what connecticut offers and i would say you are qualified for it and so do it. but at some point, will you feel like hey, i have folks like casandra paying for my health care, long haul, is that a problem in >> i would disagree that she is paying for my health care anymore than i pay. i pay taxes or medicaid taxes. i worked for four years before i started law school and every year, i paid income tax and
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social security tax and medicaid tax. it is it a system that i am part of and as soon as my income disqualified i will pay back in the system and that is fair and i think that that is how it is supposed to work. >> four kids and no health care, have you looked to see how expensive it is for your family if you signed up? >> yeah, i have. >> what does it costs? >> if i didn't go through obama care, i would be paying thousand a month for our family of five right now. >> a thousand a month. >> and that is on on >> that's basic as it can get. >> wow, so that is notap option for you. a thousand a month? >> no, my husband works a high risk construction job and i would like to have the best coverage for him. if something happens to him our
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family suffers greatly. >> i hope that something happens good for you already it has to have four wonderful children and thank you very much casandra. brendan thank you for being here. it is important part how obama care works. >> a lot of parents want your kids to be doctor and income and desire and prestige and that made a doctor to be a popular and challenging career path. why are so many doctors quitting their practice? their practice? we'll ask so ally bank has a raise your rate cd
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medicare and medicaid are
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making it difficult for doctors to pay overhead. some are not accepting medicare or medicaid patients and some are giving up altogether before obama care. will the president's health care law make it. we have doctors who stopped accepting medicare and medicaid. and dr. hall who left her practice because it was too hard to make end's meet. >> first of all welcome back. what is the toughest problem that you are having right now. >> we are concerned about keeping the doors open. two days ago, a 38-year-old woman came to me who lost her gynecologist. they had gone out of business because of low reimbursement
2:25 am
from medicare and medicaid. we are fakes decreasing reimbursement and increasing cost of doing business. >> doctor, the patient who has medicare and medicaid. it is not like it cost you 100 to go through the procedure. they are fixed costs that the government decides no matter how long it takes and do. is that why you quit taking medicare and medicaid. >> that is part of it. the biggest problem with medicare was the regowls and coding. where as every other insurance company has one code for an annual check up. medicare has a different code and other codes you have to add to it to get to the same level as everybody else. we would have to employ separate people who are experts to handle just medicare when everybody else can do everything else.
2:26 am
it was regulations really and the bureaucracy is huge. >> when you talk about codes, we get forms from the doctor and numbers on the side that's what you are talking about. codes o864. we don't pay attention to the number but you have to pay attention to the numbers. >> you have to know how to code because that is where your bread and butter comes from. it is frustrating with medicare. coding is different and cumbersome and not logical compared to commercial insurers. >> dr. hall, i can't imagine how hard it is to go through medical school and college and internship and residency and you are years and years and years in an education process and get your medical license, i can't imagine it is so frustrating that you say i can't keep doing it. what was the breaking point for you? >> the breaking point for me is what they are talking about. i am a primary care drchlt i had
2:27 am
15 minute slots for appointments. i couldn't keep a viable business and i cut it to ten minute slots and i still couldn't make end's meet. the way i was trained i have to spend time with my patients and know them as a person because their personal life impacts their health and sense of wellness and in order for me to take good care of them the way i was trained i needed more time. i couldn't get more time because i would go out of business. instead of waiting to go out of business. i can figure out something else to do. >> i will ask each of you to tell me the percentage of time you spend treating patients verus bureaucracy and paper wosh and administrative side of medicine. what is the break down. >> i am spending more time since the affordable care act as of
2:28 am
october, we started to become penalized if we were not on electronic medical records. it turns out i am spending 25 or 30 percent of my time complying with government regulations and i am trying to play by the rules and keep all of my patients. 25 or 30 percent of my time is spent filling out paper work. nmaybe less because we don't take medicare. we are lucky we haven't had to take medicare. but the new regulation will add and they change. we have a new coding system that is coming up and we have to learn a new system and pay a lot of employees to learn that system. a lot of time and period is going to be keeping up with the regulations that are currently there. i can't imagine another layer on top of. it >> dr. hall, what kind of percentages when you dealt with
2:29 am
medicine? >> i would say 15- 20 percent of my time was just on administrative responsibilities. i had a solo practice and i was primary care and there is not a lot of margin and i was doing a lot of things myself. i had an office manager who was wonderful and took on more of that responsibility. what happens, you finish your day seeing patients and then you do the other stuff. it is not like you work it out in the day and it impacts your personal life you know, and you have less and less time for your family or music or whatever it is that your pursuits are. >> i think that is what people don't understand. when we come back, i want to talk about the solutions. we diagnosed the problem. how would these doctors treat the problem that and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check?
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administration showed six people managed to sign up the first day.
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(applause) the doctors are in and we are continuing our conversation on what could be better in specifically with obama care coming in. dr. hall i will go down the other way. i will ask you to treat the problem. what do we need to do that we are not doing right? >> i think one of the biggest problems that we have tried to eat an elephant in one bite. it is impossible. we need to take mauler steps to fix the problem. we were talking earlier in the back, how about tackle health care for children? health care for all children. smaller percentage of the population and easier to manage and from that experience apply it going forward. it is too big of a monster to really trito say this is a fix. >> we didn't road test it in
2:35 am
a specific state to see how it works and another piece in another state. just change the whole health care for 100 percent to fix for the 15 percent that was not covered. doctor, what would you say is the prescription i am going to write for health care in america. >> the bill out there is lacking things we are talking about. one thing that is grossly lacking is a tort reform. that is a huge problem in this country. it doesn't address it at all. and you are talking about all of the time we spend in the emergency rom and take care of people without insurance and one thing that is not addressed in the government is undocumented immigrants. they don't have access to care and we take care of them for free and had a high level. you come to emergency room you are getting the most expensive care in our system. i wish doctors in the trenches
2:36 am
like us were part of creating the legislation and i don't think that happened. >> doctor boon. >> they should have talked to doctors in congress and congressman tom price is my congressman and i am a fan of him and empowering patients first act had a lot of solutions. if i would say one thing i want. selling insurance cross state leans and open up all of the lines and get less costly insurance and they can compete. right now it is selling insurance in georgia and south carolina and everybody is competing and prices are getting better. >> let me ask you. yes or no. in five years, will obama care have made health care better or worse. >> i honestly don't know. i would say no change.
2:37 am
>> doctor, dr. boon is the only one that read the bill. and based on what i know it will make it worse. one thing i want to preserve. i love my patients and be a doctor. you have to maintain the doctor/patient relationship and i am not sure the bill will allow that. >> i read the bill and it took me 19 hours and it will crash the system and be the worst nightmare. and i feel like i love mi family and patients, i came here because i want to cope my patients. >> your patients are fortunate to have you. it breaks my heart that doctors are leaving the profession after all of the training and commitment and dedication not because of not loving medicine and patients, but because they can't make the business end of it work. if you think your doctor is getting rich you are wrong. i want your doctor to be wealthy, why?
2:38 am
because doctors can treat me and not how they are going to make their car payment. we got to fix it. and thank you for all being here. and it is a pleasure to have you here. >> from the quirky characters on the carol burnet show and golf series. his comedy has made generations of
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>> my next guest has been making americans laugh over 50 years. >> ♪ by the sea. >> how can he be a lawyer? >> he went through four years of law school and then i had to go to pre-med. and then law school and then i got a scholarship. >> i told you to jump out of the window, would you do that. >> no. >> it is too bad i had hope he would hit you with that club.
2:43 am
>> what did he say? . he's got a brand new book called what is so funny? he is. plose welcome the one and only tim conway. (applause) >> what took you so long to say thanks for being here so much. >> terrific. >> what a plosure. >> can you hear me? >> it is distant. i think most of the guests are
2:44 am
afraid to get close to me and afraid it would ruin your career. nwell, my career is ruined. >> one of my favorite skits ever was involving you and harvey corman and you were the dentist. a ha. i will play a clip of it. >> okay, well, we have novacane and ceil see how this works here. novacane. take a firm hold of the hypodermic needle right. a h. >> there will be a little bit of pain and then numbbness will set in. and i will give you a little shot here.
2:45 am
hang on. we'll be right with you. (laughter) (applause) >> tim. that was funny. you made a comment and our audience loved it. >> toward the end of the scene. you can can look closely and see harvey wetting his pants. little control over himself. did he know what you are going to do? >> no, i was a writer and any sketch that i wrote for he and i and for him and me and me and
2:46 am
him or -- whatever that thing is, i never put the correct lines down i always left it a little open so i would surprise him and he was such a poor talent that he would fall for it. >> let's watch a little bit of door from tim conway. >> we are getting in some more. and i would like to set up. what you want to do here is back in here. 1, and 2. 1, 2. 1 and 2. first of all. you can see the way. like that. and we bring it to the chest. like that and got to be careful.
2:47 am
and then you pull it up there and let it down. gently. oh, boy. >> did you come up with the character of dorf. is that your creation? >> yes, i guess so. it would be funny if i put my shoes on the knees and put holes in the floor and i could put my legs through there. and i am a pretty smart guy and i came up with that. they sawed two holes. and once in a while people will go cross the stage in cbs. there are still holes there. >> was it manage to put in your bock to fill it up. >> this is the one which your mother said if you are on tv for several years and thought you should get a job in the hardware store just in case. >> she said you have been out
2:48 am
there in hollywood and jim, who owned the hardware, is hiring again and you know jim pretty well. and so why don't you come home and ask him if you could at lost apply for it? >> you have been on mckale's navy. >> i said you you been watching television for a couple of year accident. she said that crap will -- >> if you loved tim conway you will love the bock. great stories and america could use a few of those right now. tim, thank you for joining us today. (applause) tim conway. ♪ ♪ [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two.
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well, saw more than 30 million records and they recorded more than a dozen top 40 hits including reminiscing, lady and night owl. here to perform a song if their brand new album "cuts like a diamond" please welcome the little river band. great to have you guys here. wayne, your music has been able to span over several decades. one of the most notable things about little river band is the incredible harmonies of the band. is this natural to you guys? do you have to really work at it like if i sang with you? >> wow. loaded -- what a loaded question. >> yeah, it's loaded. >> haven't heard you sing yet but you're playing great. >> there's a reason there's no microphone. >> it does come natural to these
2:53 am
people and with, you know, people come and go after 38 years we have had a lot of people come in and out but the -- one of the connecting elements is that ability to blend, sing hard, night after night and create that, you know, that kind of blend and those kind of powerful vocals. >> this new album "cuts like a diamond," still in the same groove of little river band? will we still find that great, great sound? >> absolutely. the vocals are right out front. the story lines are great like our music is known for. harmonies under the vocals. as you said before, strong rhythm section, strong foundation. it's -- people will hear -- as a matter of fact, it's been out for about six weeks now and that's the kind of feel we are getting back is people are saying thank you for not just going out the moves. >> it is a great album. let me just say from my perspective, i love it. the song today is fantastic.
2:54 am
i just want to make sure that our audience will download it on itunes or buy the entire cd. you will love every cut on it. we'll do a song called "you'll dream i'll drive." that's the name of it? >> that's the one. >> let's do it. ♪ ♪ being back let the wind blow through your hair baby ♪ we ain't done nothing for nothing for such a long time ♪ ♪ ain't we ♪ i want to spend some time with you out here in the big clear blue ♪ ♪ around here ain't much else we
2:55 am
can do ♪ ♪ some day we're going to blow this town ♪ ♪ and chase that old sunset down ♪ ♪ all of the way around the world ♪ ♪ you and i ♪ right now we got this open road ♪ ♪ and before we go down that road move over a little closer girl ♪ ♪ tonight you dream i'll drive ♪ ♪ i'm going the drive ♪ oh yeah
2:56 am
right now we got this open road ♪ ♪ and before we take that road ♪ move over a little closer girl ♪ ♪ tonight you dream ♪ ♪ i'm going to drive us yeah ♪ oh yeah ♪ >> little river band. i hope you get new album. it is a kicker. thanks, guys, so much for being here. what an honor to play with you. >> same here. thank you. >> an honor to have all of you folks watching tonight. be back next week.
2:57 am
we will be. until then, from new york, this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. my customers can shop around. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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good morning, everybody. it is sunday, november 3rd. i am here with an amazing story of survival. two planes clyde midaollide mid. if you thought professional football players were some of the toughest players. one player walks out on the team. now the nfl investigates. he says bullying is to blame. the whole story to come up. there's no more terrifying speech than a toast, right, at a wedding. some don't always go as plabd, like this one.


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