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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 4, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> i am patti ann browne. >> a university student rescued after being stuck in a 2 feet wide space for two-days. it took an hour and a half for crews to reach him. they had to break the wall to get him out. coming up at 5:15 hear from fellow students who reported missing at a live report. a stacary moment gary kubiak collapses it happened as he was leaving the field at half time at the game against indianapolis. he hunched over fell to his knees and was immediately surrounded by medical personnel. he was taken off the field on the stretcher and taken to the hospital. they have not released what was wrong with kubiak only that he is recovering well. >> an nfl player a dolphins
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bullying scandal was suspended indefinitely. he was reviewed by the nfl for arresting teammate jonathan martin. this after it is revealed that incognito was refusaccused of forcing him to finance a trip even though martin didn't even go. martin gave incognito the money fearing consequences if he didn't. the girling hamal bam ma airport is reopened this morning after a bomb threat shut it down for several hours. an ploy neat fied authorities after finding a note saying there was an explosive device inside the airport. technicians and bomb dogs churched several flights were canceled or delayed. >> while you were sleeping brand new details at the deadly shooting prampage at the airpor.
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they missed him by a matter of minutes before he wounded some and killed others. they received disturbing messages. somehow he was already in route to the airport. dominique has the latest for us from lax. >> details coming in about 23-year-old man suspected of committing the gun attack at los angeles airport on friday. the protest telling law enforcement official he was being heavily sedated and being armed guards. he said he acted alone and is being brought back to the airport by a friend. authorities found a note in his duffle bag talking about killing tsa agents centered around a grudge. >> we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to
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kill multiple csa employees. they outlined the details in that note. the he signed the letter and made conscious decision to try to kill multiple employees. despite shift changes for officers there is no way of telling when a friday tragedy could have been averted. dominique di-natale. they quickly adjourned after the defendant's chance disrupted the proceedings. he refused to change into the
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uniform. morsi was brought from the secret location to his detention to cairo to chanface charges of incitement and murder. he w if convicted he faces the death penalty. protestors set up camp outside the court and authorities stepped up security. one lawmaker in washington issuing a threat to the white house to give up answers on benghazi or else. south carolina senator lindsay graham reiterating the pledge to block all nominees until they get word on the terrorist attack in benghazi. >> i shouldn't have to do this. i shouldn't have to make these kind of threats. they should provide in a responsible way those who lived in benghazi to be interviewed separate and apart from the obama administration to find out exactly what happened before, during and after.
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>> graham says despite several capitol pill hearings on the attack there are still too many unanswered questions. >> it is getting harder for americans to sin up for obama care. the web site going off-line this time for an extended nans period every night as programmers try to fix the bug filled marketplace this as the president is frantically trying to shift the chaos. >> kelly wright has the latest on all of this. >> good morning kelly. >> organizers had an obama care summit. he will be attending the ef of vent and speaking. ofa is putting a positive push on the issue saying there is a way to hear about the excitement of the obama care and the importa importance of the six months period when so many will sign up. more than excitement there has been confusion. a perfect storm of troubles continue to plague obama care its web site being worked on p
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by some of the best minds of technology shutting down saturday night and sunday night for expended repairs that will condition. >> i think they have to first of all get the web site right. the commitment is to have it right by the end of november. so that is the big test. the time for enrollment is six months and one month has gone by. so there a plenty of time. would i support it if necessary? dwre. yes. >> people have been getting notices of canceled policies even higher premiums. as for the web site many republicans are concerned about security for those signing up. >> no what was shocking to me even by their own words there was a high degree of risk when they were offering the web site to go public. the real threats when you have
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nations states, organized crime groups criminals trying to get information that is now available on the web site they need to take it down stabilize it. >> congressman rogers the chair of the house intelligence committee adds the repairs on this web site haare like tryingo change a tire on a car going 75 miles an hour down the expressway. patti ann, heather? >> kelly wright live in washington thank you. kennedy cousin michael skakel back in court this week. he's waiting for a new trial in the 1975 killing of neighbor martha moxley. now a judge will decide if he should be let out on bail. prosecutors say the judge doesn't have the authority to grant bond but the defense disagrees. the hearing is scheduled for wednesday. >> nsa whistleblower edward snowden has been charged with espionage. but he wants to be let off the hook saying they are looking to
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criminalize a local speech in a letter friday the northbounding sa whistleblower asked for international hope to persuade the us to give him clemency. >> he violated u.s. law. he should return to the united states and face justice. >> snowden has also indicated that he would like to testify before congress withoabout the surveillance program but lawmakers wonsay that won't hap either. >> houston taking on the colts. the texans were rolling through the first half. andre johnson pulls in his third touchdown of the game. texans up 21-3. what we told you about texan's head coach gary kubiak collapsing it's down there from houston they go on to drop their 6th straight. 27-24. raider rs taking on the eagles. it was the colts the eagles
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quarterback shutting down the raider's defense for a record tieing 7 touchdown passes. connecting with riley cooper for three of his 7 touchdowns. finishing the became 406 yards, 7 touchdowns no interceptions. >> it was a double victory for kenya at the new york city marathon. thousands ran after last year's marathon was canceled because of super storm sandy. security also tight after april's boston marathon bombing. here is video of bill ransic crossing the finish line. he started the race head last f -- dead last. every person he passed they gave money to charity. pamela anderson there, too, the former bay watch star posting
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this photo. she ended in under 6 hours. i can image you would feel that way. >> the jets also won. >> our team. yeah>> the coldest temperatures so far this season. >> ma roa molina is in the weather center with more. >> by the way. my team won, too, gloflorida st on saturday. all of our teams won this weekend. if you are waking up this morning you are waking up to some of the coldest temperatures so far this season. like the northeast where look at some of these current windchill temperatures in new york city feels like 29 degrees as you head out the door this morning. 31 in the city of detroit. you need the heavier coat that you haven't had to use so far this season across parts of the northeast. ee across the southeast. montgomery alabama current windchill temperature 38 degrees and it feels like 38 degrees in atlanta, georgia. seeing the cold temperatures in
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parts of the southeast. high temperatures not that much above average you are talking about temperatures above average in the northeast where highs are 47 degrees only in the 60s in atlanta. warmer as you head toward parts of southern texas like san antonio 70 degrees for the high temperatures. in texas you have to deal with areas of rain over the next several days. we have a storm system that doesn't look that impressive on the radar. you have snow across northern parts of the rockies. in tuesday and wednesday it will intensify. in the center of the country several inches of rain across oklahoma and texas. even a little bit of snow along parts of the midwest even into parts of february february. accumulations get very, very light out there. we are just talking a few inches. patti ann and heather we had sonya that made land fall across parts of western mexico. it will be enhancing some of the
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that mick tour over the next couple days as well. this may surprise you skepticism growing among investors ahead of twitter's public launch this week. lauren simonetti has more on that. >> twitter goes public and could begin trading on wall street thursday. this is the biggest ipo on facebook. in the associated press polls showed that 36 percent say buying the stock would be a good investment while 47 percent disagree. what are we so worried about? twitter has not turned a profit since its law 7 years ago. the future depends on advertisement. here's the problem more than half of twitter users say they haven't noticed the ads. it bills itself as a place for conversations but 15 percent of users say they turn to twitter for breaking news. interest in nurse's ipo is chris
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cal clear. twitter being valued at as much as 12 and a half billion dollars. well if you are looking to redeem miles with united airlines next year it will cost you especially if you are flying to europe, middle east, africa and asia. first class seat to europe that now costs 135 miles round trip will cost 160,000 miles and 220,000 miles to use on the star line partner airline. domestic award requirements those won't change requiring 20,000 miles for a round trip ticket in economy class. black friday deals also coming early to amazon. two things you need to know. the e retailer for the first time will offer two deals every single day through december 22nd. p second an electronic holiday gift guide will showcase some of the tech ideas offering a new deal through the end of the year. back to you ladies. lauren simonetti joining us.
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thank you very much. >> incredible images after a plane plunges to the ground. survivors frantically trying to rescue others in the spoeld smoldering debris. what authorities say caused the deadly crash. >> why decorative lights for the washington monument are turning off. ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly wolly doodle all the day ♪
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♪ hah
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>> brand new out of bolivia. a plane carrying 18 people crashed overnight and burst into flames killing 8. you can see people in the video frantically searching for sur rivers. the cause of the crash still unknown but the plane landed in heavy wind. the tsa ordered an investigation. a 18 people were in the van when it was hit by a car who didn't stop.
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the driver of the van was killed the other driver took off but was captured a few blocks away. two people are recovering after getting hurt during a wind storm in seattle, washington. crazy video shows the high winds slashing tall waves around the floating bridge. it was so bad about 50 people abandoned their cars saying the bridge was swaying. more than 100,000 people were hurt from the storm. both are expected to be okay. a new york university student finally rescued after being stuck in a two-foot wide space for two-days. he was between two walls. the question remains how did he get stuck in the first place? wnyw reporter joins us live from new york city. how did he end up there? >> his friends are asking that. the fdny is asking that. good morning to you. good morning everyone.
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at this p point that is a question that remains unanswered. he is lucky to be alive after spending nearly two-days wedged between a dorm and a parking garage. it all happened behind me on the other side of this building here in lower manhattan. the fdny is only about 2 feet wide. it is only accessible from the roof. they are the ones credited with saving his life. they alerted security they went looking for him. they are the ones that say they pulled the security guard here at nyu to check the roof. when he did he heard the student's cry and called 911. >> how do we not call the security guard the three of us 19-year-old students to check the roof. they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would probably be dead right now. >> that student is now recovering at a nearby hospital.
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he is listed in stable condition. that's the latest from tribeca this morning lower manhattan. >> thankful for his friends this morning. thank you teresa. the time is now about 19 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up you want to see this horrific video of a woman being lit on fire at a gas station. why her husband is facing criminal charges for the accident. >> caught on camera the moment a skate border got a rude surprise. the story behind this mid air collision ahead. honestly, as much as i love this job, i plato do a lot more.
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>> the skyline will be a bit dimmer from now on. the office turned off 400 lights that had illuminated the scaffolding on the washington monday um. it has surrounded the monument for much of the past year during construction to repair the parts damaged during the earthquake that struck in 2011. the scaffolding is lit up for the last time last night. >> we figured tonight or never. we have been talking about coming down here for months now and if we are going to come we have to do it tonight. >> next week crews will begin taking down the scaffolding. the monument is expected to reopen next spring. the space agency has begun the formal count down to the unmanned orbiter tomorrow. it all goes as planned india will launch the spacecraft from
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a small island. it will take 11 months to reach the atmosphere of the red planet. in case you were wondering that is 140 million miles from earth. >> this was no trick shot a drone crashes into a skate border in mid air. the remote control drone was filming the skate border's tricks and flips but as he attempted a summer salt the drone goot too close both and hit him. the skater and the drone were not damaged. fresno california's new it's a baby giraffe yet to be named maybe male is the sixth calf to the mother baba. he is getting to know his surroundings. snuggling up to other giraffes. he is only a few beaks before he
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will be shown to visitors. >> safety concerns fliers might want to worry about. >> lost fido? there is an app for that. all about the new technology that will make it easier for you to find your pet. or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know the ancient pyramids were actually a mistake? uh-oh. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know.
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>> it is monday november 4th. the reason the shooter plotted the attack at lax. >> a cirque du soleil performer injured. why witnesses a -- what witness are saying about the fall. >> gary kubiak collapses during half time at the houston indianapolis game. we will tell you how he is recovering today. "fox & friends first" continuing right now. ♪ >> good morning everyone. looking at mid town manhattan after the clocks have been
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changed. it is monday november 4th. i am patti ann browne i am ainsley earhardt. >> gained an hour so everybody should wake up early today. >> i am heather childers it is half past the top of the hour. while you were sleeping the deadly shooting rampage at the los angeles airport. police missed speaking to the suspects palsy anul ciancia. they went to his house they were worried after receiving disturbing messages that the alleged gunman was already in route to the airport. after being gunned down by police he told officers he acted a i loan and that he had been dropped off at the airport by a friend. his motivation appears to be sentered arou-- centered and a grudge. >> a statement where he made a conscious decision to cull mill tim tsa employees.
2:32 am
he addressed them at one point in the letter and stated he wanted to quote instill fear into their traderous minds. >> this as law enforcement says the shooter is being heavily sedated and is under armed guard at the hospital. >> the birmingham alabama airport has been reopened after a bomb threat shut down the airport for several hours. authorities notified employees after they found a neat that there was explosive device inside the airport. technicianse techniciansen and bomb dogs searched. several flights were canceled. >> a audience member talks about the accident at cirque du sol l soleil. >> he was injured in the show. >> bounced a little bit tried to get up and laid back down.
2:33 am
you may see somebody seriously injure themselves. >> he was taken to the hospital luckily is expected to be okay. there is a half citations in the death of another former performance. he dishe died after falling 94 feet when a rope snapped. >> multi billion dollar settlement between oil giant and gulf coast residents and businesses. it was to compensate victims for the massive 2010 spill that pumped oil into the gulf of mexico. the judge misinterpreted the settlement. they could be forced to claim bogus claims by businesses. they paid 307 billion of the estimated $7.8 billion settlement. >> it is getting more difficult for americans to sign up for obama care. the problem plagued web site it goes off-line actually every
2:34 am
night for what they are calling extended repairs as programmers try to fix the issues. >> this coming as the president tries to shift the focus away from the mess. doug luzader with the latest. >> good morning. these outages are going to become a regular feature at the obama care web site at least for now. if you look at the top it says the site will be down from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. every day while it is being fixed. these issues may go much deeper than simply the flawed web site. there are questions about how the numbers are going to work as we learn more about who is signing up for obama care. fox news sunday the so-called architect of this plan said he is not worried. >> we have all of the way until march 31st to get back the 7 million people. i don't pay attention to the numbers because we would expect naturally -- >> but you -- >> let me finish. they will butt it off until the end so those numbers are irrelevant. >> speaking of numbers here is
2:35 am
one of the biggish oo yous. when you look at the two state exchanges that reported in maryland and other gone they have had about 144,000 people sign up but almost all of them had been funneled into a medicaid plan not the paid insurance plans that the system depends upon for finance. >> the system will never work unless there are 5-7 million people in the private side of the exchange not the medicaid side. they are nowhere near that. dead stop zero. they haven't signed up hardly anybody. >> the president will head to dallas this week to try to build support thor this troubled plan. back to you guys. >> doug luzader in shington. thanks. a scary moment in the nfl. houston texan's head coach gary kubiak collapsed as he was leaving the field at half time of the texan's game against indianapolis. kubiak hunched over he fell to his knees and was immediately
2:36 am
surrounded by medical personnel. he was taken off the field by stretcher and taken into the hospital. texans did not release wlahat w wrong with him only that he was recovering well. >> the center of the miami dolphin's bullying scandal has been suspended indefinitely. ritchie incognito is being suspended for threatening martin. this revealed incognito is accused of forcing martin to pay 15,000 dollars to help finance his trip by some players to las vegas last summer even though martin did not go. he gave incognito the money fearing consequences if he didn't. nsa edward snowden wants the charges against him dropped the nsa whistleblower asked for international help to persuade u.s. authorities to give him clemency.
2:37 am
so far the white house says no. marianne rafferty has details. nsa whistleblower edward snowden has been charged with federal crimes but he wants to be let off the hook saying authorities are looking to criminalize the speech. viper says that's not going to happen. >> mr. snowden violated u.s. law and there always has been he should return to the united states and face justice. >> snowden has also indicated he would like to testify before congress about the nsa surveillance program. california senator diane fine stein said he already had his chance. >> he had an opportunity if what he was was a whistleblower to f pick up the phone and call the house intelligence committee senate intelligence committee and say look i have information you want to see. that didn't happen. >> tensions between the u.s. and germany have also been strained thanks in part to leaks by
2:38 am
snowden. it is being alleged intelligence officials monitored communications from the chancellor. michael hayden says spying on one another is what entell against agencies do. >> i would just assume that almost all other nations in the world conduct espionage. >> there's a call for united nations to look into possible violations of privacy rights. in new york, marianne rafferty, fox news. thousands of demonstrators gathered outside of the former u.s. embassy in iran today. marking the anniversary of the 1979 takeover. the protests occur every year but it was the largest in years. it was a show of support for opponents of the president's outreach to washington. protestors stomped on images of president obama as the u.s. flag trampling america under our feet and death to america was chanted. >> a massive bomb leftover from world war ii.
2:39 am
20,000 people had to be evacuated before they could defuse the 4,000 pound bomb. the explosive was discovered by analyzing old ariel photographs. world war ii bombs are regularly found in germany but not many are as large as powerful as this one. >> a strong beginning for the hinders game. >> no one can understand the enemy. you will be the one to save mankind. >> the futuristic teen book turned movie debuted at the top of the box office this weekend with $28 million. >> bad grandpa still doing good with $20.5 million. lost vegas in third with 16.5 million. the east coast is bracing for the coldest temperatures so far this season.
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>> before you leave the house let's get your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> you will need the heavy jacket from north east down into parts of the southeast. even in parts of georgia and alabama you are waking up to temperatures or windchill temperatures only in the 30's. 38 right now in atlanta 38 as well in the city of montgomery. otherwise parts of the northeast in new york city only 29 degrees is the current windchill temperature. actually temperatures will make it into the 60s and 70s across texas. 48 degrees for the high temperature over in the city of minneapolis. rain and snow wise we are relatively quiet across the country. there are showers across central texas and light snow showers across parts of the northern rockies. it is tuesday into wednesday that we expect a storm system to begin a organize and produce heavier areas of precipitation. we are expecting areas of snow from parts of wisconsin further west into parts of new mexico. some areas are expecting a few
2:41 am
inches of snow and we are talking locally up to 6 inches of rain in oklahoma and parts of northern texas. enhanced precipitation in oklahoma we had tropical storm sonya. it has weakened into a depression but it will be enhancing t enhancing. >> maria molina thank you. 41 after the hour. caughted on camera the moment a reckless driver ter rises a jerusalem suburb. the scene playing out in front of a dash board camera. no one likes a solicitor. now we are learning more americans are fighting back against them. we will tell you how they are doing it. i'm beth...
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he gets out of the car swerving off the median on the other side of the road. the driver's joy ride ended when he crashed into a railing miraculously no one was injured in this accident. >> tired of all of the telemarketing calls you are getting? so where americans. the robo callers are surging. diane macedo joins us now on this story. >> class action lawsuit against unwanted telemarketing calls are already on the rise with new additions to the telephone consumer protection act are expected to go to more of a spike. the in you rules which took effect last month required companies to obtain written rather than verbal consent rather than prerecorded calls to
2:47 am
cell phones or lan lines. they place the calls to consumer with whom the caller has an established business relationship. the fcc offers consumers better protection against telemarketing calls. supporters say the new rules are more cut and dry which will help protect businesses from accidental violations. having a written record of consent will help protect them. according to estimates by web recon. lawsuits already increased 63 percent in 2012 and with no limit on what they can seek with damages. the critics say it will hurt businesses especially small ones at times when they can use all the help they can get. interesting debate. >> certainly could us oo help. thank you, diane. it is 47 after the hour. a surge in guns ceased at our
2:48 am
nation's airport. that's not all the tsa says it discovered. the safety concerns that might worrisome fliers straight ahead. >> the first ever youtube music awards are one for the history book. the winners and the losers straight ahead. first, he's always a winner in our book. steve doocy. what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> we have a packed show for this sunday morning. olympic gold medallist gabby douglas joins us live. donald trump will join us as will special report bret baier. see what is going on on washington. if you like it you can keep it. new witness to the attack in benghazi could his testimony finally provide answers. a delicious new food trend. this i got to see to believe. they have deep fried twinkie
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welcome back. travelers on edge after friday's deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. you might be surprised to know in the past two weeks. t.s.a. agents seized nearly 50 guns at airports across the country. that's not all. >> reporter: it's a scary thought. ticketed passengers trying to bring deadly weapons in their carry on bags but t.s.a. officials say it happens all the time, passengers carrying loaded guns to security check
2:53 am
points. >> i'm shocked. i wouldn't believe they would try to do that. >> it's pretty scary. you could have somebody running in and shooting people. i guess that could happen, as we've seen in other places. >> reporter: a week before the l.a.x. shooting that left one t.s.a. agent dead, agents seized 39 guns at airports across the country. 32 were loaded. take a picture of the knives that were seized. one passenger tried to conceal a pocketknife as a disposable razor. one passenger tried to go through a security check point with a loaded gun, another person with a stun gun, two other people with novelty grenades but t.s.a. stopped it and those items never made it past the security check point. >> i hope it wasn't anything with malicious intent, it was a mistake and a one of a kind situation. >> reporter: officials say a lot of times people forget to take items out of their carry-on bags.
2:54 am
>> there are people that stkoepbt forget they are in -- that don't forget they are in there. maybe a pocketknife but not a gun. >> internet superstars and musicians come together in new york city for the first ever youtube music awards. unlike some other award shows the fans voted for the winners and with 74 million views and counting the top award video of the year goes to the south korean group grove generation for the song i got a boy. artist of the year was won by rapper eminem and the youtube break through award which recognizes the biggest break outs went to mclemore and ryan lewis. >> the time is six minutes till the hour. did daylight savings time did daylight savings time buy you an extra hour of >> if it did, you might be reaping the benefits inwe'v reaping the benefits inwe'v more ways than one.
2:55 am
join today.
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savings ends heart attacks decrease. finally, you may remember a little bit better. more r.e.m. sleep helps your ability to learn and retain information. >> got to get that sleep. forget paeurpg your neighborhood with -- papering your neighborhood with posters if your precious poop goes missing. now there is an app for that. it is called pips. upload a few pictures of your pets with other details. the app sends out an alert to other pips subscribers in your area as well as shelters and veterinary offices. >> the gunman accused of opening fire at los angeles international airport is under armed guard as he recovers from four gunshot wounds. authorities say he recently moved to los angeles from new jersey and that he acted alone.
3:00 am
an appeals court is set to review the multibillion-dollar settlement between b.p. and gulf coast residents. an nfl player at the central of a bullying scandal has been suspended. >> it is now 6:00 a.m. it is time for "fox & friends." they start right now. bye. good morning. it is monday, november 4. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. was the president dishonest when he sold obamacare to the american people? mitt romney thinks so. >> had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance and there would have been such a hew and cry against it, it would not have passed. >> more from the president's former opponent on the shore. >> a college student missing for 36 hours is found trapped in a tiny crevice betwee


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