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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 4, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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an appeals court is set to review the multibillion-dollar settlement between b.p. and gulf coast residents. an nfl player at the central of a bullying scandal has been suspended. >> it is now 6:00 a.m. it is time for "fox & friends." they start right now. bye. good morning. it is monday, november 4. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. was the president dishonest when he sold obamacare to the american people? mitt romney thinks so. >> had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance and there would have been such a hew and cry against it, it would not have passed. >> more from the president's former opponent on the shore. >> a college student missing for 36 hours is found trapped in a tiny crevice between two
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buildings. how is he found and how did he get there in the first place? we'll tell you what we know on this monday morning. >> a scary moment in the nfl when a coach collapses on the field in the middle of a game. what happened? will he be okay? why do we still have so many questions? "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi. i'm larry holmes. you're watching "fox & friends." a real knockout. >> thank you, larry. welcome aboard to the world's number one early morning cable news show. good morning to you. >> how unbelievable is it? two coaches go down in two days. how stressful is that job? >> it is stressful. there is a lot of pressure there. if it doesn't go well, they don't have thraeur job anymore. >> speaking of pressure, the president of the united states was supposed to be driving people to the affordable care act website this week but instead
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probably because of the fact that it's completely screwed up and his poll numbers are tanking, the president is going to change the subject. now what he's going to do is he's going to emphasize the economy and immigration, maybe throw in minimum wage. but right now the last thing he wants to do is drive people to the affordable care act website because it's screwed up. >> again. saturday it was down. we're not sure how many mornings. >> it's down four hours a day now. >> for repairs intentionally which no one can get on. they need 7 million people by the march deadline to start funding it. but mitt romney, he actually had a lot to say about what the president could have done, meaning looking at massachusetts, seeing what the plan of massachusetts did. he noted that the president could have seen that people would actually be kicked off their insurance policies, that there was a lot to learn from the states having control including the biggest lesson of all, he said the president should learn to
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be honest. take a listen. >> obamacare barely made it through washington, as you know. there is no question in my mind that had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance and millions more would see their premiums skyrocket, had he told them that at the time it was going through washington there would have been such a hew and cry against it, it would not have passed. >> mitt romney goes on to say what was good for massachusetts was not good for everyone. if he actually said some of you are going to be kicked off your insurance we wouldn't be at the place we are right now. some people are saying look at the website. every night it goes down, it's not secure. the other problem is you've got millions of people being kicked off their plan who had no idea they were about to be kicked off their plan and now the president -- mitt romney was abhorred because he was in massachusetts saying they have a great plan.
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he said when they passed romney care he was a state delegate, scott brown said. we worked on this together. mitt romney came over to people's houses when they were at barbecues, democrats, saying what is it going to take to get you involved. by the time they were passing this, they were able to explain it to the citizens of massachusetts together. not blame each other. there's a fundamental difference. >> it was a bipartisan effort to slowly implement. >> overwhelmingly bipartisan. >> exactly. when you look at the affordable care act there was not a single republican vote when it went through the congress. what's interesting is as you watch the president's apologists line up saying he didn't mean that and he didn't mean this. what he meant, turns out "the new york times" yesterday when referring to the fact that the president of the united states 100, 200, maybe 500 times said if you like your health care, you can keep it, they say, "the new york times" says he simply misspoke.
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look at that. i just misspoke. they said mr. obama misspoke when he said by law insurers cannot continue to sell policies that don't provide the minimum benefits and consumer protections required. this overblown controversy has obscured the crux of what health care reform is trying to do. people are getting thrown off their health care plans because the affordable care act has standards which if your plan doesn't have they have to go out of business. it has to have pediatric care, maternity, prescription drugs. if it doesn't, you are canceled. >> you look at the title of that editorial in "the new york times," "not worth keeping." not only is the administration with those restrictions deciding what policies are right for you, but apparently this opinion article here in the editorial section, they're deciding too that they're not worth keeping. >> i almost think that's the comic section of news now, the editorial. it's basically a 30-second promo for whatever
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democratic plan president obama put forward. it never used to be like this with bill clinton. they used to take bill clinton on. i don't know what happened to "the new york times." they used to be somewhat interesting to read. the biggest defender happens to be one of the greatest architects. rahm emanuel's older brother ezekiel emanuel. his resume is impressive, his knowledge through the roof. as a communicator and interviewer he is possibly the rudest guy you can have. look at what he did to megan kelly through the week. it was the craziest thing, like a roller coaster at disney. >> chris wallace was talking about wait a second, grandfathering in this program is so narrow. people have a co-pay that goes up $5 over three years, they can't keep it. >> while the "new york times" is saying look the president simply misspoke,
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now mr. emanuel, brother of rahm emanuel, former chief of staff of the white house, says don't blame the president. blame those evil insurance companies. it's their fault. >> the law does not say sears drop coverage. sears decides what's good for sears. the law doesn't say to the insurance industry you drop coverage. the insurance industry decides how it's going to make money. when the private companies decide they're going to drop people or put them in the exchange, you blame president obama. he is not responsible for that. >> he is because he set the criteria of the program that sears and k-mart and others, wal-mart, walgreensing, excuse me, said i looked at this. it doesn't pay for us to do it. we can't buy it. suck it up and move on. he doesn't seem to acknowledge there is a program that the business community, corporate community is responding to. when people bring up problems with the individual care, ezekiel emanuel and others say these are bad plans. they don't want any part of the individual market.
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they don't want any part of it anymore because of the new rules that you put forward. >> in order perhaps, as some would argue, to squeeze people out of those plans so they fall into the system which has to pay for it. >> he thinks they are irresponsible plans because they don't give you the coverage you guys deserve. >> there was one interesting item in "the washington post" over the weekend. that is we knew when the website went live on october 1 it completely crashed. on september 5 they had a test of the affordable care act website and government workers were rooting for it to fail because they knew it was not ready and if it stunk up the place they could convince the president to say let's not go live with it. as "the washington post" says they were running the biggest startup in the history of the world. they didn't have anybody who had ever run a startup or even who had ever run a business. that's one of the reasons that it failed. >> we're in the mess we're in right now and our information is not even
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secure on-line. heather nauert welcome to monday. >> good morning. hope you all had a great weekend. cold out here this weekend. good morning to you. i've got headlines to bring you. the t.s.a. union is demanding tighter security including armed security officers at every airport check point, this after a gunman targets agents at l.a.x. on friday. cops say they missed speaking to the suspect by minutes the same day he killed a t.s.a. agent and wounded several others. cops visited his home because his family was worried about receiving what they described as disturbing messages. but he was already headed to the airport by the time those officers had arrived. after being gunned down by police at the airport, he told officers he acted alone and he had been dropped off at the airport by a friend of his. his motivation appears to be centered around some sort of a grudge. law enforcement says the shooter is heavily sedated and under armed guards at
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the hospital. look at this bizarre one. a new york university student missing for 36 hours is finally found and he was found trapped in a tiny space just two feet wide between two buildings. first responders say he was lodged between his dorm building and a parking garage and it took about an hour and a half for crews to reach him. as you can see in the video they had to break a wall to get him out. >> how do we not told the security guards the three of us 19-year-old students to check the roof, they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would probably be dead right now. >> we're not sure how this happened but "the new york daily news" is reporting this morning that the student was on his dorm building roof which was 17 stories high and he was taking part in some sort of a fire drill when he slipped in between the building. he was taken to the hospital when he was rescued and he's now in serious condition. we'll keep watching that story as welling. a scary moment for the
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nfl when houston texans head coach collapses leaving the field at half time in the game against indianapolis. he hunched over and fell to his knees and was immediately surrounded by medical personnel. he was taken off the field in a stretcher and taken to the hospital. the texans have not released what was wrong with him only to say he was recovering well. forget about being the best dressed team in the nfl. the redskins broke out new throwback uniforms with a helmet looking like it is made of leather but the rule doesn't allow the team to wear new helmets during the season so the redskins have to wear the old ones and deal with the clash of looks. those are your headlines. >> a lot of football. >> two hours and 15 minutes left to the show unless you know something we don't.
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why do you laugh, joe? he's the mastermind of the 9/ never see the light of day again but don't worry because he's got an arrow to point him towards mecca. the first look inside k.s.m.'s cell. and you may not like it. >> the president of the united states issuing an executive order giving him complete control of climate change policies. apparently he ignored congress on this one. stuart varney has got an idea. he's on deck. come on in, sir. you're next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped sta over 1 million businesses.
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the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief. with the stroke of his pen the president issuing an executive order giving
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him sweeping controlling of climate change policies in the united states. why isn't he consulting congress or getting their approval? let's talk to stuart varney, host of varney and company. stuart, using an executive order he can do a lot of stuff. if he's got to go through congress those darned republicans are going to stop him. >> not just republicans. the will of the people would say get away from us. we don't want all these rules and regulations. so the president really cannot put his plan before congress. he's got to go around it and use a series of executive orders to do it. essentially this climate action plan, president obama directly links wildfires, storms, droughts, floods, they are all the result of climate change. >> based on what? >> that's not necessarily based -- that's based on politics. >> conclusions last month? >> there is a direct link being staepd here. no matter what the scientists say on either side of the fence there is a direct link established. therefore, we must prepare
3:17 am
for future storms, droughts, wildfires. that means we're going to have to go round congress and we're going to have new rules, new regulations. we're going to spend a lot more money especially on infrastructure, and we're going to set up a committee, a task force largely made up of democrats from the states and the mayors of big cities, and we're going to say -- there you go. that is who we're going to have running this climate change task force, largely democrats. they're going to say we need to do this, this and this. we need to spend this money here, change that rule there. that's what we need to do. >> where is this money coming from? >> we don't have it. we may have to tax more in the future to get it or tax somebody to get it. but we don't have it now. >> will more regulations mean more taxes which is what they're trying to do? >> these new regulations would affect building codes, for example, the cost of building, the cost of rebuilding after a storm, it would all go up. who pays and where do we get the money from?
3:18 am
answer, in the long run it is going to have to be the taxpayer who foots the bill for this ultimately. so taxes have to go up or borrowing goes up, one of the two. remember, you satisfy a key constituency here. you satisfy the environmentalists. you are doing something about global warming or climate change, call it what you will. the unions love it because you're going to get backdoor infrastructure spending. >> we don't have the x.l. pipeline. let's look at how much these environmental disasters cost us. look in the 1980's, we had 144 disasters cost about $1 trillion. >> are we to assume all that spending between 1980 and 2012, $1 trillion, was the cost of the disasters, the natural disasters in that time period? four of them in 2005 $160 billion. sandy cost $19 billion. >> look at how they have gone down, the number of disasters and the price. >> there is a direct link being made here between those disasters and the need for action to preempt
3:19 am
them in the future or stop them in the future. i don't think that that direct link exists. >> stuart varney is going to be talking about this and other important items of interest on this monday over on his program, kicks off exactly three hours and a minute from now. >> it does indeed. thanks en. >> coming up, one of the most talked about conspiracy theories in history. who killed john f. kennedy? >> it's the gospel according to britney. how the bible is getting a pop makeover and how i was able to read that even though my name was misspelled in the prompter. that is the bigger story. it was spelled brina. >> you answered to it. >> i guess so. i'm brina now. ♪ ♪ ♪[ male announcer ] a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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welcome back. time for quick headlines. this morning day one of trial for mohammed morsi. it was quickly adjourned already delayed two hours when morsi refused to change into the traditional prison uniform. it's getting harder for americans to sign up for obamacare. the website will go off-line for an extended maintenance every night as programmers try to fix the marketplace. >> 24 minutes after the top of the hour. it is one of the most talked about conspiracy theories in history. who killed jfk? a shocking book out today now claims not only did lyndon johnson know about the plot, he was the mastermind behind kennedy's
3:24 am
murder. political consultant and strategist roger stone is the author of "the man who killed kennedy: the case against l.b.j." joins us live this morning. good morning to you. >> steve. >> i thought it was lee harvey oswald. why do you say it was his own vice president? >> johnson had unique motives, means and opportunity. he was a man facing being dumped from the ticket and federal prosecution -- >> wait a minute. what do you mean he was going to be dumped? >> he had become a political liability by bobby kennedy's justice department in a wheeler dealer scandal and the bobby baker scandal. he was not only looking at political ruin, he was looking at prison and he was a very desperate man. >> okay. what did he do? >> i think there's three pieces of evidence that tie johnson to this crime. first of all, murder was in his repertoire. in my book i tie him to
3:25 am
eight political murders prior to kennedy to cover up theft through fraud of the 1948 senate election and to cover up his financial wheeling dealings with billy solastas. murder was in his repertoire. he had a hit man named malcolm wallace. his finger prints were found on the sniper -- >> on the records. >> the dallas police find a finger print from malcolm wallace, a johnson retainer on the card booed box in the sniper's nest in the repository. wallace is the shooter. >> what about lee harvey oswald? >> when he says i'm a patsy. >> in your book you talk about how l.b.j. pretty much ran that state and town? >> he had control of the
3:26 am
dallas police department, he had control of the dallas county sherrif's office. he had control of the dallas county prosecutor. this is why robert kennedy sent a message to the russians after his brother's murder saying dallas was the perfect place for the crime. >> there have been so many theories out there. it was the russians. it was the c.i.a. it was the mob. it was everybody and their brother. did jackie ever suspect the vice president? >> i think she did. i found a letter she wrote when she says, first of all, i never liked lyndon johnson and i never trusted him. she contacted french intelligence. remember jackie kennedy was the toast of paris. and they conducted their own investigation which they published. it concluded that lyndon johnson killed john f. kennedy. >> for many people, roger, for years it's been settled it was lee harvey oswald. why have you pursued this since 1964? >> the warren commission conclusions have holes in them. they do a paraffin test on
3:27 am
0000 -- on oswald and shows he hasn't shot a rifle. oswald is exactly what he says he is, a patsy. the real killer, who is, finger print evidence shows us in the sniper's nest is wallace who works for lyndon johnson and in my book i think i tie indelibly to lyndon johnson. >> the book is called "the greatest case against l.b.j." 27 minutes after the top of the hour. ahead, former bay watch pamela anderson just ran the new york city marathon and we've got the picture of what she did when she got home. great. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ welcome to the gallery.
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♪ ♪ >> that's your shot of the
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morning. introducing the fifth america of il divo steve doocy. >> the opera was on friday. >> while they were singing i was sitting on the curvy couch singing and she turned on her ipad. >> i was spying on him but i think he liked it. >> that is a glimpse of steve's life inside the station wagon on weekends. i can see you and il divo. >> i put it on 7 on 70's on 8 on 80's. go on facebook. if you like it, like it. you want to leave a comment, go ahead. >> a lot of people have gone on over the weekend and liked it. >> they liked it? >> they liked it. >> what i would love to see is other people singing to
3:33 am
their favorite songs when nobody else is around. >> send us your spy singing moments. >> speaking of spies. >> is this scare trend or new idea, sorting through students' social media and supposedly by the end of this year over 3,000 schools will be participating in programs that allow private contractors to come in and sort through and identify what's going on with the social media their kids are using. >> if a kid is being bullied on-line, people should know about that and they should do something about it because it seems like every time something bad happens, then people look at their on-line profile and say why didn't anybody catch this. >> sure. schools are in a tough position, don't you think? >> i just was on-line, nobody tkpwraez with -- agrees with you. they feel it is big government getting involved in people's lives. i came back and said what
3:34 am
if you know a kid after 3:00 was involved in a gang? do you not, a principal, vice principal or teacher not say i'm a little worried about billy or charles? >> you mean like a crips or blood gang? >> right. >> or saying something nasty about somebody else in the class. it could not be as extreme but could potentially get there. we saw the 12-year-old rebecca sedgwick who killed herself after being cyber bullied. on the other hand you can say what are they going to do with this information? >> as parents, are your kids on-line being bullied? are they being bullied from 9 in the morning from 3 in the afternoon? no because they are not allowed to use their iphones. >> kids have private
3:35 am
accounts and public accounts. generally they don't let their parents see the private accounts. if there's something in their private account and the school hacks into it i've got a problem with that. if it's in their public persona and somebody looks in, i got no problem with that. >> what do you think? do you want your kid's school spying on them? do you really want your kid's cyber action out there and evaluated by a contracting company? let us know what you think on facebook. we'll be reading those answer later. >> is it okay to go into your kid's journal? it's really the same thing. >> that's a parent's decision. >> if you hire a company to look through that journal to make sure, in another era, 1981 before twitter and facebook, do you want to go through that kid's journal and make sure they're not hanging out with the wrong people. >> is that journal being used to help somebody else? >> right. it is no different. one is electronic and one's paper. >> if it's out in the public, if it's on the
3:36 am
internet for all to see. >> big brother? tell us what you think. in the meantime heather nauert -- >> i was talking to a friend of mine who is a junior high school principal and he has other students who sort of spy on other classmates and report back to him what's going on. he says this is so important to know what's going on in a kid's life if there is something bad going on. >> a cyber narc? >> in a sense. >> isn't that 21 jump street or room 222 when the kids were 25 and balding. >> we're following the governors race in virginia. it is on. and the candidates terry mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli are looking to take tuesday's election with a star power. the democrats will campaign with joe biden. the republican candidate
3:37 am
will head out with marco rubio. democrats tried to link cuccinelli with the recent government shutdown. polls show mcauliffe a long time clinton insider is ahead in the polls. we'll keep watching throughout the day. he is the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks but take a close look at this. he'll never likely see the light of day again but we are getting a look at his cell at guantanamo bay. khalid sheikh mohammed has air conditioning and an arrow that points him towards mecca so he can pray. in the courtroom he is equipped with computer screens and translation service. still his military team complains the military justice system is unfair. the 9/11 trial will not officially begin for another year. one lawmakers in washington issuing a threat to the white house. give us the answers on benghazi or else. south carolina senator lindsey graham reiterated his pledge to block all the president's nominees unless congress gets more information about the
3:38 am
terror attacks that killed four americans. he said this on fox news sunday. >> i shouldn't have to make these kind of threats. they should provide in a responsible way those who lived through benghazi to be interviewed separate and apart from the obama administration to find out exactly what happened before, during and after. >> graham says despite several capitol hill hearings on the attacks, there are still too many unanswered questions. coming soon, listen to this, the gospel according to britney spears. ♪ ♪ >> okay. there is apparently a new broadway musical telling the story of jesus christ through the pop singer's song. it is called spears, the birth, life, deaths and resurrection of christ will be described in a musical with hits like baby one more time, oops i did it again. the show's creator claims
3:39 am
it appeals to everyone because it mixes religion and pop culture in a nonoffensive way. not sure i get the connection between britney spears and jesus. >> are they going to change the lyrics or use the songs the way they are? >> i don't think so. i think as is. >> i remember in the 70's they tried this with the bay city rollers and it didn't really go over. >> what song did they sing there? >> saturday night, they couldn't get all the psalms out. >> thank you very much for the news. of course the big news this morning as we all open the door to come to work, it was freezing in new york city? >> we're talking very cold temperatures across parts of the east, temperatures well below average. i want to show wind chill averages across the northeast because it feels like in the 20's as you head out the door so you really need the jacket. feels like 27 now in new
3:40 am
york city and feels like 23 in pittsburgh. even parts of alabama, parts of georgia waking up to wind chill temperatures in the 30's this morning. bundle up as you head out the door. you need that heavier coat today. otherwise texas in the 60's and 70's as we head into this afternoon. we have a relatively quiet weather picture across parts of the country in terms of the radar picture. a blitz of snow across parts of the -- a little bit of snow across parts of the northern rockies and montana. this storm system will begin to intensify a little bit more. as we head into tuesday and wednesday that is when we expect more significant snowfall across parts of the midwest, several inches expected. and also heavier batches of rain in oklahoma and texas locally up to six inches of rain will be possible. part of the reason why we do have heavy rain across texas and oklahoma is because we had a tropical storm that made landfall in mexico. you can see some of that moisture moving on into
3:41 am
oklahoma and texas. >> if you tried to get into new york city, there was a marshon. a guy from kenya won. this is a shocker. he defended his title. thousands ran after last year's marathon was canceled because of super storm sandy. security tight because of the boston bombings. here's video of reality star bill ranc i d crossing the finish line. he started the race dead last. for each mile he donated one dollar to a breast cancer charity. pamela anderson was there. she's hot and fit now. check her out, as we always do. let's go to football. monday morning means nfl highlights. we'll go to houston where the texans are taking on indianapolis colts. the colts were down big time, 24-3 early. it looked like the texans were going to snap a losing
3:42 am
streak. the head coach collapses. it goes down from there for houston. andrew luck ignites. he has another come-back. three touchdowns. texans drop six straight. they try to tie with a last second field goal. it didn't work. they lose, a heart breaker and are worried more about their coach. that is a good game last night. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. he promised america's youth hope and change but what they got instead? >> the president is being completely deceitful, 100% deceitful. that's terrible. >> deceitful. >> 100% deceitful. >> i think they're thinking deceitful. there's more coming up next. >> you've never seen anything like this before. getting up close and personal with a cheetah. >> cheetahs never prosper. >> cheetah. don't be a cheetah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ho ho ho
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if you look at the numbers, they gave the president their full support on both elections but are young people now questioning their decision? from fast and furious to the i.r.s. mess to the current debacle young people are signing off on the president claiming they feel deceived. you have your own web show, the caleb bottom show? >> every sunday. check it out. >> you guys are a conservative group. you went out to the campus and your first question was what? focused on the i.r.s.; correct? >> we asked students if the president's explanation of the i.r.s. target to conservative organizations was transparent as he
3:47 am
promised to be the most transparent administration in history. was it deceitful or straight incompetence? >> let's hear what they had to say. >> i think he was embarrassed because he wasn't dealing with it well and he thought it would be a better idea to say, no, i didn't have any idea, kind of like a kid would. >> i think it is possible he was trying to come up with a better reason or come up with a better excuse as to why he didn't deal with it. and that's why he said he didn't know about it but it seems kind of impossible that he didn't. >> what campus were you on? >> we're at the university of northern colorado. it should be noted that the president's explanation to the i.r.s. scandal was that he didn't know about it until it hit the news. and we brought the students down this train of thought, bringing up scandal after scandal. and the president's consistent response that he was unaware of what was going on, the improper activity within his administration, until it broke on the media. he needs to be briefed by the news organizations a little more, i guess.
3:48 am
>> there's about five or six different ones including fast and furious. he was saying he didn't know anything about it. you pwhraut -- brought that up to the kids on campus. here's what they say. >> i think he was being deceitful. i feel bad saying this but honestly that seems deceitful. >> how do you not know? that seems illogical like i'm the president and i didn't know until the news broke. that seems very incompetent. >> there you go. northern colorado? >> university of northern colorado. we down this progression. with every scandal we brought up, every instance of the obamacare glitches during the rollout and to the administration knowing for three years that nearly 75% of all individually insured americans would lose their health care, the president consistently continued to go out and promised if you like your health care you'll be able to keep your health care. and the students, they were simply, they were speechless in many cases.
3:49 am
>> in fact you brought that question up and that's the newest news out of this entire trend. let's see what the kids said on campus. >> yeah, that's 100% deceitful. that's telling people one thing and then not going through with it. >> that was the president being completely deceitful. 100% deceitful. that's terrible. >> it was deceitful. >> here's the thing. most of the kids heard you can stay on your parents plan until age 26 and thought the plan is good. now they're getting a different sense of it aren't they? >> yeah. they are understanding that this was not what the president promised and they're starting to see through that. >> listen, get the voice of the 19 to 23-year olds on the campus. caleb, good luck with doing that. >> thank you. >> 11 minutes before the top of the hour. an army man making it his
3:50 am
mission getting the afghani man he credits with saving his life to live free in our nation. both of them here with their incredible journey. >> she form flipping her way to you. ♪ ♪ if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune. enjoy plum amazins, diced prunes. i'd put these on a salad. these would be perfect for cookies. delicious and nutritious sunsweet, the amazing prune.
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3:53 am
she tumbled her way into our hearts in 2012 summer olympics. this 17-year-old two-time olympic gold medalist has not stopped. so what is gabby douglas up to now? she's here to tell us.
3:54 am
we're huddled up together. we may not flip together, but maria molina, you were telling the truth, it's cold. but you are warming up to a great new piece here, which is fun, a sony vios and brand-new. it's the flip, which is perfect for you. >> yes. it flips for a laptop 2, a tablet and viewer. it's different sizes. >> so it turns into a tablet, you can walk around with? >> it's so handy and so light. i need it. i travel a lot. so i need devices that i add. >> you're flipped out over it, i guess. >> yes. >> let me ask you, you are training now for 2016. >> i am. >> you have been flipping out here, going to go all around new york city in the bus today. >> a double decker bus. >> how much harder is it to do a flip in the cold? >> very hard. but it's variable. >> i have to tell you, you are the hero of so many young ath threat -- athletes out
3:55 am
there with your spirit, win or lose, it's so incredible. what is it that you kind of go to when you're having a tough moment? >> i set autopsy foundation, my coaches, my family, when i've had a very hard and tough time, this bring that up in tough times. >> oh, my gosh. are you going to flip for us here today? are you going to flip over this? >> i did. >> i'm going to preserve your hamstring because we want you to take home the gold. we love you. we talked about internet integrity. what tips do you have for young people? you're 17 -- to use things like this wisely with great epic? >> it's also important to use the internet or social media wisely and if you are -- be careful what's out there. >> you are one incredible woman. thank you. i love your book. i love watching you. i wish that i could flip. i can't flip at all. but this is certainly a cool tablet that we're excited to hear about. gabby doug l thank you for being
3:56 am
with us today. i'm going to keep you nice and warm because you have olympic gold, two-time champ here. great potential coming up. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> have fun today. coming up, remember this, a bus driver talking a woman off a bridge. talk about a hero. and donald trump says this heroic act deserves a reward. he's going to join us top of the hour with that. and how would you like to see this on your way to work today? one wild ride caught on camera. oh, my. ♪ i'm angela, and i didn't think i could quit smoking but chantix helped me do it. i told my doctor i think i'm... i'm ready. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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4:00 am
was the president dishonest when he sold obamacare to millions? mitt romney thinks so. >> had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance, there would such a cry against it, it would not have passed. >> there is more electric the president's former opponent. plus donald trump weighing in. and a scary moment in the nfl in the sunday night game when gary kubiak, coach of the houston texans collapses in the middle of the game. he was taken off on a stretcher, taken into an ambulance. we still don't have a report. but he never lost consciousness. how stressful is it to be a coach? it's the second time in two days they've had a real medical scare. ♪ she's roaring. then justin bieber's embarrassing defeat by katy perry. why she's roaring to the top, leaving the biebs in the dust.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two for this monday starts right now. this is dorothy hamill and you're watching "fox & friends". >> thank you very much. brian, phil has got a bone to pick with you. he was looking at your sports report and he said, tell brian the kansas chiefs are 9-0. >> right. i know. what we're looking at now is we have a minute ten. so how can i make every city happy? i'm in awe of the chiefs. >> they're number one! >> if they can get to 10-0, we lead. >> phil, that's your charge. >> in the meantime, heather nauert, you have some headlines. >> i learned something new about maria molina. did you know she used to be a science teacher? >> no. >> 7th grade science teacher. >> really? >> anyway, that's your interesting tidbit for the day. got some headlines. did you hear about this?
4:02 am
a new york university student who slipped between two buildings in downtown new york city, was missing for 36 hours and he has finally been found. he was lodged between the two buildings, a dorm and also a parking garage. the space was just two feet wide. it took an hour and a half for first responders to reach him. they had to break a wall just to get him out. >> had we not told the security guards, the three of us 19-year-old students to check the roof, they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would probably be dead right now. >> the student was reportedly on his dorm roof building, 17 stories high, and we're told that he was taking part in a fire drill when he slipped between the building. he's hospitalized in serious condition. looks like a scene from the movie, but these incredible images show the aftermath of a horrific plane crash. this plane burst into flames in bolivia. 18 people were on board this flight. eight of them were killed.
4:03 am
but what's so interesting about this, you can see all the people running through the burning wreckage searching for survivor survivors. even trying to right that plane over. a spokesman for aerocon said the plane had technical problems. we'll watch that one for you. the tsa union is demanding armed security officers at every airport checkpoint after a gunman targets agents at lax. cops say they missed speaking to the suspect, paul ciancia, by mere minutes. the very same day he killed a tsa agent and wound several others. officers had visited his home on friday because his family expressed concern about messages from him that they described as disturbing. after being shot by police, ciancia told officers he acted alone and had been dropped off at the airport bay friend. his motivation appears to be centered around a grudge. he's now heavily sedated and your honor armed guard at a
4:04 am
local hospital. and curious kitty gets up close and personal with a go pro camera. he starts sniffing this suspicious device and then licks it. the tour guide says he left the camera in the african wilderness on purpose to catch moments like this. how cute is that? yeah. >> thankfully you don't have smellavision right there. >> i'd rather have him lick the camera. >> put it right there next to the salt lick. >> that cheetah's breath. >> cheetos. thank you. >> four minutes after the hour. time of the week when we welcome in donald trump. welcome to a brand-new week here on "fox & friends." >> good morning. >> was it back to the future yesterday? is governor mitt romney comes front and center and says, hey, mr. president, stop bringing up mat care. what do you think the message was? >> i think he was very good. i have think he said a loft things that were true and
4:05 am
basically called out this whole scam going on in washington that was a lie, and there is no question about that. i thought he did a good job. >> it worked. so when he said against mitt romney, you can keep your plan, that was the types of lying that pinned mitt romney to the mat and he knew weren't true a year ago. >> i'm sure that some of the political people that were on the fence probably believed what he was saying and they voted for it on that basis. so you could say it was fraudulent. i'm sure that there are a lot of people, a lot of politicians that voted for this thing that regret it. and they very much regret it now. but the ones on the fence, very much could have been persuaded by the lie and it was a big lie. no question about it. >> a gigantic lie. if folks did miss mitt on that program yesterday, here he is saying the president lied. >> obamacare barely made it through washington, as you know. and there is no question in my mind but had the president been truthful and told the american
4:06 am
people that millions would lose their insurance and millions more would see their premiums skyrocket, had he told them that at the at the time time going through washington, there would have been such a huge cry against it, it would not have passed. >> last week and the week before, the word of the week was transitioning, people are getting dropped by their insurance companies. they were transitioned. it means nothing. then this week it's misspoke. the "new york times," saying president obama misspoke. he didn't lie about you keeping your insurance, period. he just misspoke. what are your thoughts? >> i don't think he misspoke at all. i think he wanted to get it passed. he was desperate. he gave exact statements, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. many people are not allowed to keep their doctor. said, if your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period. he used the word, period. it was like definitive. now, no one he -- nobody will
4:07 am
ever, no one will ever take it away. these are statements that were made and these were very misleading statements. forget about to the public -- to politicians on the fence. if he would have lost a couple of votes, he couldn't have had it pass. it's very fraudulent and very sad. very sad. we're stuck with this ridiculous situation. we're being laughed at all over the world, as usual. i've been saying that for years about almost everything. we're being laughed at by everybody. we look like a bunch of stupid dopes in this country and in the meantime, we don't even have a web site. they spent $635 million on a web site that doesn't work. >> it's a part-time web site. mr. trump, what do you make of the white house's argument where they go, look, if you got canceled by your company with your insurance, it's because it wasn't good insurance. it didn't cover maternity. didn't cover prescription. didn't cover mental health and things like that.
4:08 am
>> i read about one woman, 64 years old, she lost her maternity insurance, which can you believe this? there are numerous of them out there. so they were very happy with their insurance, okay? they were extremely happy with it. they wanted it. now they're trying to say, we're going to give you better. but it's not better. it's much worse and much more expensive. they're not able to use their doctor. it's catastrophic. i've been saying it's going to fall of its own weight. but you really wonder when. how much longer -- people are suffering. it turned out to be much more of a disaster than anyone could have predicted. it cannot continue. >> you talk about how long it will go. i read in the "wall street journal" or the "washington post" this morning about one woman whose dedeductible went from 1,000 to 12,000. let's say they change it in a year or two, how many families are going to be wrecked financially on this?
4:09 am
>> i had liberal friends, believe it or not that, had been supporters of obama. they're not anymore. i'm not sure they're going to support anybody. but they're not supporters of obama. they think it's a gross imcompetence. >> you ought to hear one of the architects of this train wreck. ezekiel emmanuel. he is making that argument by interrupting everybody before they can ask him a question. here is who he's saying the blame belongs with. listen. >> the law does not say sears drop coverage. sears decides what's good for sears. the law doesn't say, you drop coverage. the insurance industry decides how it's going to make money. when the private companies decide they're going to drop people or put them in the exchange u blame president obama. he is not responsible. >> your response? >> it's just doesn't matter, it's fall. but it doesn't matter because people are being dropped and whether they want it or not, these are people that love their plan. they want to keep their plan and they're not able to get a plan. now on top of everything else,
4:10 am
they can't even go and price anything out. and by the way, it will be much more expensive. they're saying when it works, when the web site works. there is a real question, i know a lot about web sites, there is a question of whether or not it can ever work because to do a web site, you have to start from scratch. to do a patch job on a web site, especially as complicated as this, and can you believe the people they use? they weren't even good! they had horrible marks and horrible references and this is the people -- we have the greatest minds in the world and we don't use them? we use a bunch of hacks? so it's a very sad situation. can you also -- as a businessman, i guarantee you, they are throwing money at this thing. you think $635 million. how are they negotiating with these people? they say we have to people it. the people that screwed it up are saying, we want hundreds and millions of dollars more. you know what they're saying? our people are saying, you've got t. just please, please, fix it. you've got it. anything you want. >> what incentive to get it wrong, right? if they get more money.
4:11 am
>> they're not going to get it right. if the web site is a disaster, it's got to be -- you've got to start all over. otherwise you're gog have a patch job. it's ridiculous. >> all right. donald, before you leave, we want your comment on some video we ran last week of a buffalo bus driver, he's driving along and sees a woman. she appears to be contemplating whether or not to jump off the bridge. you have made -- he was able to talk her off the bridge and you have made, i saw an twitter, an offer to the bus driver and now to the woman. tell us about that. >> i was in florida on friday. so as soon as i get back to my office in new york, i'm going to sign a check for $10,000 to him. i thought he was great. the way did he it, the compassion, and if you notice, you have other people walking right by her. one guy with a bicycle and another one walking and she's obviously ready to jump and she's going to jump. she's got a lot of problems. but he stopped a loaded bus full of kids and he stopped and they gave him tremendous applause when it was all over.
4:12 am
but it was a great compassion. religious guy. i just thought he was terrific. so i'm sending him a check for 10,000. i thought of something else just as i'm waiting. she's a woman in great distress. i'm going to try finding her and i'm going to send her a check for $10,000, too. maybe she's got money problems or something else. but the way he did that was so incredible. but i'm also going to send her a check for $10,000 and maybe let her be presented with the check by him. >> what a compassionate thought. >> i thought he was great. i watched him interviewed and the compassion that he had. look at these other people walking. i'm just looking at your show right now. these people walking right by her. she's ready to jump. they couldn't care less. >> sad commentary. >> i'd like to give them something also, but it's not $10,000. >> we all would. >> that's quite a gesture. >> let us know what happens. >> i will. >> maybe we can cover that before monday comes up. >> have a great week. thank you for joining us on this monday. >> very good.
4:13 am
thank you very much. >> now is the money edition of donald trump, he's set you up for the week. now coming up next, should prayer be allowed in town meetings? is the supreme court case that could redefine this separation of church and state. but should the case have even made it this far? we'll examine. >> he's the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks. he'll never see the light of day. but don't worry, because he's got an arrow to point him toward mechanic could. the -- mecca. the first time inside ksm's cell. some of it might actually bug you my customers can shop around.
4:14 am
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4:16 am
the supreme court will hear a landmark case challenging public prayer that could redefine separation between church and state. so what could this mean going
4:17 am
forward? joining us now is executive director of the american center for law and justice, jordan sekulow. >> good morning. >> this will be heard wednesday. correct? >> that's right. goes before the supreme court on wednesday. >> should it have even gotten this far? wasn't this already decided? >> you would think so. when it comes to prayer at a town board meeting or legislative body, the supreme court said in 1983, the three days before drafting the first amendment, which has the free exercise clause and the establishment clause that's at issue here, three days before, congress hired a full-time chaplain. so if congress can hire with taxpayer money a chaplain from a specific denomination, you would certainly that i town could bring in different chaplains and people could volunteer, so not just christian chaplains, wiccan priestess and others. what the lower court found was that's not good enough. it was too christian. and that's very dangerous when
4:18 am
the government starts saying well, the content of your prayer is too christian. of course, demographically, it makes no sense either. >> it seems to be about one religion, not all religion then. correct? >> that's right. that is the focus. that's why i think the supreme court took the case, is that regardless of how it -- it's very difficult. basically every justice, the reason why we have so many religious freedom cases, we're filing one tomorrow at the supreme court involving the healthcare law. involves the first amendment. because every justice looks at it a different way. so you can't predict how each justice will go. i'd say on this case, the swing vote will go to justice kennedy. it looks like in whether or not this is coercion. he doesn't like people being coerced. we live in the united states of america. that means you will hear things that you may not like or agree with. that doesn't mean you have some constitutional injury. we call it the hurt feelings or offended observer. if the court could even say there is no standing here because there is no injury, you
4:19 am
can't bring a case because you don't like what someone says or you have hurt feelings, imagine if we set a precedent that allows people to go to court just because of that, just because oh, well, i'm offended by what you said. i'm suing you in court because you violated my constitutional rights. >> on the flip side f this does go forward, that could set precedent where offense, when it comes to religion, could be a valid course of action. >> that's right. that would flood the courts, literally flood the courts with these groups, mostly atheist groups -- trying to shut down our judeo christian heritage, which is why the supreme court held in 1983, the state of nebraska could absolutely employ a chaplain. i want to let people know, at the end of the day, these atheist groups may have their own worst nightmare, which is instead of having different people from the community, how about we just hire a chaplain, which is what legislatures do. >> thanks for the info. we'll hear what happens on wednesday.
4:20 am
>> thanks. next up, an army veteran making it his mission to bring the afghany man he credits with saving his life to live freely in the u.s. both of them are here live with that story. and then justin bieber's embarrassing defeat by katy perry. she's leaving the biebs in the dust
4:21 am
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on this monday morning. time for news by the numbers. first, 50,740. that's the number of runners who competed in the new york city marathon this weekend. congratulations to the first guy and the last guy. next, 28 million.
4:24 am
that's how much the futuristic teen movie earned at the box office, making it the number one movie in america. and finally, 46.5 million. that's how many followers katy perry has on social media. are you kidding me? she roared past justin bieber to become the most popular twitter user on planet earth. she's the queen of the jungle. brian, over to you. >> an afghan interpreter is credited with saving his brother's life during a fire fight in 2008. for five years, matt zeller has made it his mission to return the favor. accomplishing his goal of bringing him and his family to safety in the united states. finally they are together. we are joined right now, live on camera by matt zeller and his afghan interpreter who saved his life. congratulations to both of you for the long fight that got you here. first off, matt, how did he win
4:25 am
you over? >> thank you very having us. he saved my life on april 2008. my 14th day in country. we were out on patrol. we got surrounded by about 45 members of the taliban. there were 15 of us. so they had us by about three to one. he was part of the qrf that showed up and jumped into my fox hole and killed two taliban fighters, who if he hadn't been there, would have shot me and killed me. he's been my best friend since. >> so you leave and want to make sure he can go. you realize you have to go. why? what happened after this incident and after matt left? >> after he left, i found out that my name was added in the taliban kill list in gazni province. for that reason i was transferred to kabul. at that time, i thought afghanistan is not safe anymore for us and i have to leave
4:26 am
afghanistan. and what zeller when he was leaving afghanistan, he promised me that he will save my life and he will get me to united states and he did. now i'm in the united states and i'm safe. >> matt, why did it take four years? >> well, the state department sat on his application for two of them. and for the first two, quite honestly, janis is that brave of a guy. he figured afghanistan was his country, he wanted toly. he wanted the taliban to go. he never covered up his face in any of our fire fights. when i asked him why, he said, i want them to fear me. i don't want them to ever think i'm afraid of them. but when it became clear in 2011 that it looked like our military was eventually going to leave and that the country was not getting better and that he would likely die after we'd go, he figured, i'm going to apply for the visa i earned. unfortunately, the process is extremely broken and remains broken as evidence by the struggle it took to get him here.
4:27 am
>> finally after taking a polygraph test, he's here and arrived. what's it feel like to be here in america? >> i feel very happen here. i know i'm very safe. the important thing is for me and my family that we are safe. no more fear of taliban. no more fear of somebody kill my family. i'm very, very happy. >> matt, how many people out there like janus, wanted to give his life fort u.s. 'cause we keep hearing about green on blue killing. we don't know who to trust. the taliban are pretending to be somebody. what's going on there? >> right. i would say that almost the majority of the interpreters are on our side. there are definitely couple of bad apples, but that's common in war. you always have infill traitors. you ask any veteran, all of us have a story like janus, an interpreter who ended up saving our lives or providing with us
4:28 am
that useful piece of cultural information that prevented our units from making enemies of the local population and made friends. the problem is that in iraq, there are still currently 78% of the visas allocate that had have never been handed out and in afghanistan, 90% of the visas that were allocated have never been issued. state has got to do something about this. these programs expire next year unless congress extends them. it looks like they will. but even then, dakota myer, a medal of honor recipient, credits his interpreter with being the hero of that fire fight. it took the senior general in afghanistan to personally intervene just to get him out of afghanistan. >> if you want people to risk their lives for our lives, we have to show loyalty after that's done. i agree. janus, one work of advice. stay away from the fast food. it will kill you. besides that, you'll love it here. thanks for what you're doing. >> thank you. >> way to fight. good job. >> thank you. >> coming up next, take a look at this.
4:29 am
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yeah. >> this is a story all about now. >> let's turn upside down ♪ ♪ just sit right down ♪ the prince of bellaire >> that's great. >> it's your shot of the morning. david hasselhoff getting a hard time from critics about his singing ability. now he's the star of this new music video. technically it's not him singing, but it's his voice mashed up, edited with performances from his biggest successes, like "bay watch" and" night rider", compilation of him rapping the fresh prince of bellaire already going viral. >> that's one of my favorite theme song, by the way. >> you know the whole one? >> don't make me sing it. >> give me one line. >> i pulled up to the house -- no, i'm not going to do it. >> all right. now something new. >> he was one of the first known spies of the american revolution who suffered deadly consequences
4:34 am
for gathering intelligence behind enemy lines. >> nathan hale, 21-years-old, september 22, 1776, arrested, interrogated, hanged. message is clear, you spy in this war, you die. >> after nathan hale's death, george washington went on to create the ultimate spy ring that helped turn the tide of the war. >> those unsung heros are the focus of brian kilmeade's new book called "george washington secret 6" and joins us live here in our studio to tell us all about it. if we're going to interview you, we got to change -- >> should i walk out or something? >> that's more guestish. >> you don't need your notes. >> congratulations, by the way. because i know a ton of people are curious about the book. loving it already. i'm in the middle of it and i can't get enough. especially now we're talking about nsa and spying and i can't
4:35 am
think of a more appropriate time for this. i'm fascinated by the individuals behind these actions here. >> the secret 6? >> the actual secret six. agent 355, there is a female spy. >> yes. >> we still don't know her name. tell us about her. >> what you have is six spies in the middle of the war, we almost lost the entire thing out of new york. washington gets blown out of new york, we're down to 3,000 men. so he says to get back into new york and take on 40,000 british, i have to set autopsy spy ring. so he's got to find someone who knows new york city. so he gets his trusted lieutenant, talmadge, and he says, listen, find some people we can trust. we've got to get into new york. i got to find out what's going on. one of the people he gets is this agent 355. all we know is she's a lady and she infiltrated the social scene, like you picture in new york city now and she listened and she actually interacted, went to the parties where she overheard people talking about a
4:36 am
general ready to give up west point, she ends up finance -- one of his trusted generals was ready to give the war to the british and she was able to get that information back to washington, make adjustments and stop him from doing that. >> i love the fact that -- tomorrow we've got an episode where you go out and retrace some of the steps. that's why you were by that nathan hale plaque. nathan hale shows up early in your book and what'sing interest is everybody knows he's an american patriot. he kind of volunteered to do some spying for george washington. but did a really bad job. >> yeah. tough guy, but knew nothing about espionage. he goes in and within a couple of days gets caught. the british go okay. you're a spy, you're a traitor, i'm going to hang you. 66 and third here in manhattan. the message goes out, if you spy, you'll get killed. so washington penalty personally
4:37 am
responsible. he put together this ring. so before i would look at the ring, and steve, you know i've been bothering you with this for 15 years and i've been talking about this. before he did this, i went to the c.i.a. and i said, please tell me, just tell me that i'm overestimating this. tell me that these guys weren't as great. tell me i'm caught up in a story and beyond reality. they said not only am i right, we teach some of these things these citizen spies did in the middle of a war, we teach it to our agents today. >> are you serious? >> they still teach some things today. they used incredible ink? >> i was going to say that. this is so fascinating to go back and see the techniques they used. invisible ink, is remarkable. >> what i was trying to do is give six people who represent so many of the people we've had a chance to meet, the soldiers who fight the war on a daily basis and don't want credit. if you want a navy seal to recoil or an army captain to be upset, try to give them credit. these guys and one woman, when everyone wants to praise them, they would not even meet george washington. only one we know of met him.
4:38 am
they did not want praise or money. they took a loft guff for saying, why didn't you fight? they went to their death. and in the book, i have a picture of their graves. nondescript, scattered throughout their region. never got the acclaim. but washington kept their secret and kept their letters. we built the book around these letters and we saw washington praise them and their accomplishments are written in the book which is out tomorrow. >> what bridge between then and now. it's remarkable. >> it's a thrilling part where one of the spies gets the invisible ink, finally they have it and there is a mishap and hat the bottle goes down the drain. it looks like suddenly the revolution might be toast. >> right. >> absolutely true. it's amazing. they went 55 miles with a message from long island to manhattan and 65 miles across the sound with five guy, a cannon on the front and just rowing. >> it's a great book.
4:39 am
>> it is. honestly reads like mystery and excitement. i would recommend it. i can't wait for my kids to read it. >> now that you read it, in all seriousness, i think it's history and a mystery and i like to tell you it happened. >> job well done. >> well done. tomorrow it goes on sale, right? >> tomorrow is goes on sale. >> a great author as well. check it out. meanwhile, heather nauert. >> congratulations. i look forward goat ago copy of that book. i'm wondering how you became so interested. >> inadviceible ink. >> the more i found out about it, the more i found out historians knew about it? >> did you read about it through your kids? >> no, i bore them with it. now they're excited with it. >> congratulations. got other headlines. the governor's race is on in the state of virginia. terry mccough live and ken cuccinelli are taking on the election with a little star power. mcauliffe will campaign with
4:40 am
joe biden. while checkup nellly heads out with marco rubio. polls show mcauliffe is ahead in the polls. he's a mathermind of the 9-11 attacks. and he'll likely never see the light of day again. but khalid khalid shaikh mohammad has an air conditioned room and an arrow that points him to mecca. in the courtroom why he'll be tried, he's equipped with a computer screen and translation service. his american legal team, though, still complains that the military justice system, they say, is unfair. the 9-11 trial will not officially begin for another year. talk about a rough ride to work, a driver in jerusalem caught on a taxi driver's dashboard camera. you can see this car here weaving in and out of traffic with no regard for the other cars, hitting a van before swerving over to the median and then on the left. the driver's joy ride ended when he crashed into a railing. no one was hurt. ouch. think that extra hour of
4:41 am
sleep you got over this weekend didn't make a difference? think again. studies show you'll have a competitive edge, improved heart health and sharper memory and better ability to learn. i felt better this weekend. you feel better today after getting an extra hour sleep? >> huh? >> no. >> my kids were hungry at 4:00 p.m. for dinner. >> right. >> we're not a good test case on catching up on sleep. give may week and i'll come back with that answer. nobody in the studio. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. mitt romney sounding off on obamacare. his advice for the president? tell the truth! so why hasn't president obama been honest with the american public? peter johnson, jr. on deck with some follow-up e pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior,
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4:45 am
for president obama. his biggest advice for the president? start telling the truth. >> you have to tell the american people the truth. when he told the american people that you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that plan, period -- he said that time and again -- he wasn't telling the truth. i think that fundamental dishonesty has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term. >> wow. so why wasn't the president telling the truth? peter johnson, jr., fox news legal analyst, joining us. good morning to you. >> because if he had told the truth, he would have lost. if he had told the truth, then a lot of people that are losing health care today would still have the health care that they have today. if he had said to the american people, listen, this is a transformation. this is a redistribution of wealth in the united states. but what will occur is if you're satisfied with your health insurance, which so many americans were, there is a very good chance you will lose it and not get it back. what i will put in place will be
4:46 am
more expensive and will cover more, especially for things that you don't need. if you're a man, i'll have pregnancy coverage. i'll have prostate coverage for women. we'll have those kinds of things. but it's going to be more expensive and if you live in rural america -- we talked about this before, steve -- if you live in rural america, you're going to pay more than people in urban and suburban communities and you're going to have less choice. in dozens of counties, you'll have only one choice of a health health care carrier in spend choices. >> the "washington post" talks about how on september 5, they had a test of the system and it didn't work. there were people inside the government rooting for it to fail big so that they could convince the president not to roll it out because he was rolling out the biggest start-up in history with people who had never had a start-up and had never run anything, like mitt romney.
4:47 am
>> what an opportunity it would have had. he could have covered up the fact that it wasn't ready and complied with the wishes because it wasn't ready. at the time, we're facing security problems with regard to obamacare. people in congress are fed up and they're sounding the sentinel as to the real security issues, let's hear what was said yesterday. >> they ought to take down the web site until it was right. they believe that they need to keep it running and that they can sort out the difficulties -- >> when you have nation states and organized crime groups and criminals trying to get information that is now available on these web sites, they need to take this site down, stabilize it, meaning they can't continue to add code every week, and then they need to stress test the system. >> a lot of people who have already put their information into the web site are wondering, is that save? >> why was it necessary? mike rogers pointed out it wasn't security tested.
4:48 am
has this become some chicago or new york city tamminy hall that they need to find out what registration. they need to find out all their data, even though six people sign up in the first day or two? on top of that, john fund pointed out in an interesting article, who are the so-called navigators, these community organizers who are being appointed without the kind of vetting that irs people have, that f.b.i. people have, that other officials in the government have. they're going to have all of this personal information. so is that going to be subject to fraud? is that going to be subject to identity theft? is that going to be subject to using that information in ways that we never considered in this country? so what we have is not a professional business rollout. we had a political rollout that failed in a huge, huge way. >> because you just said a moment ago that if the president would have told the truth, he would not have been elected. >> he knows he didn't tell the
4:49 am
truth. we can say it 7,000 different times. >> the "new york times" says he simply misspoke, mr. johnson. >> he misspoke repeatedly and he knew that this was transformative, that you wouldn't have what you had in the past if you were happy with it. yeah, i guess you'll have some new stuff. but there was always new stuff available under medicaid. there was all a capacity in this country for people to get health care. now we have people that are dying of cancer, as seen in the "wall street journal" today, a person lost their health insurance as a result of obamacare and does not know where to turn. where will this turn get the chemotherapy now? the system is down, under maintenance. and we haven't been told the truth. it's a scary prospect for a loft americans. maybe millions and millions. >> it is indeed. all right. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> all right. ten minutes before the top of the hour. the state department leaking the name of a benghazi witness. is this more evidence of the
4:50 am
administration's mission to intimidate? congressman jason chaffetz is determine to get to the bottom of it and he's here live. the author of "forrest gump" is back. his new book, about three aviators of flight. we'll sit down with winston groom next [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. chose prego homestyle alfredo over ragu classic alfredo. prego alfredo?! [ thinking ] why can't all new things be this great? ha ha! whoa! [ monkey squeals ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
there were three men who pushed the limits of aviation in the early 20th century. but their achievements did not stop there. they became heros of world war
4:54 am
1, and and beyond. the author may be best known for writing "forrest gump" and he joins you now. welcome. your writing is so descriptive and beautiful. why did you want to feature these three men? they are outstanding. >> i started thinking one day, who were the great here rose of the 20th century? i kept coming back to these aviators, the famous raid on japan and tokyo a couple months after pearl harbor and the number one air ace in world war 1, shot near 26 german planes. became the ace of aces, which is a dubious honor. >> sure. >> and lindbergh did something that was almost fantastic. he flew from new york to paris. everyone else who tried it had been killed. and these guys, by the time
4:55 am
world war ii came along, they were rich and famous and middle aged and had families and they could have sat it out. >> they could have said, you figure it out. we've done what -- >> they were in their 40s. they were too old, most of them, for the regular stuff. but each one of them bellied up and did the most dangerous things of their career in world war ii when they were in their 40s and 50s. >> which is incredible. we were talking earlier in the break about i said, they seemed fearless. you said no, they actually managed -- >> they managed their fear. it's something that you learn. it's not easy. i don't think i've ever quite learned to do it, although i was in the army. but these guys could perform under extremely dangerous circumstances and all they're thinking about is the mission, whatever it might be. whether it's flying over across the atlantic or killing enemy planes or raiding tokyo or
4:56 am
whatever, they managed to do it and keep their wits about them while all around them were losing theirs and blaming it on you. >> what stories of innovation burks also dedication and service to our country. i think that is outstanding. >> they were extremely loyal. they were very innovative guys. i think i said in the end of the book, these guys knew more about flying than all the collective knowledge of aviation put together because they started off in these crates that were paper and wood and they wound up with these big things with 1,000 horsepower engines. they were really something. >> winston groom, outstanding piece of literature. this is so exciting to have read and i know that everyone out there will enjoy it. "the aviators." don't miss it. >> thank you so much. >> wonderful stories of innovation. thanks. immigration, anyone? well, the president hitting the road and he'll be trying to talk about anything but obamacare. will that tactic work?
4:57 am
we are asking our own bret baier at the top of the hour. and more bad news for justin bieber. caught on camera, someone throwing a bottle at him and it only gets worse from here. that story moments away. ♪ e yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough.
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5:00 am
good morning. today is monday, november 4. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. president obama about to hit the road, but not to sell obamacare. he's trying to focus more on the economy and immigration. will changing the subject really work? bret baier is on deck to talk. a college student missing for 36 hours found alive this morning. the question now, how did he get stuck in a tiny gap between two giant buildings? that's the hole where they hauled him out of. his story coming up. weren't these great? today's kids are getting a
5:01 am
break. some teachers replacing the wooden chairs with yoga balls. >> how do you write on a yoga ball? you need formica. >> don't groan when i read. >> it wasn't a groan. it was a thought. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi, this is kristy yamaguchi and you're watching fox friends. >> best show on ice. it's news capades! >> look how happy that kid is. >> they say it actually helps if you have some sort of sensory learning that it can help you. it can get your fidgeting in order. i actually -- it would work for me. >> can we put that picture back up? here is the problem, that kid's feet is not touching the floor. so there is no way he can balance on it. >> that's not a safe indication.
5:02 am
>> i agree with you. >> it's two minutes after the top of the hour on this busy monday morning. bret baier is going to be helming our special report show tonight. joins us from our bureau in d.c hey, bret. >> good morning. a little thing you don't know, i'm sitting on a yoga ball. >> we do know that. >> it's for your core. >> i'll tell you, there you go. bret, first off, the president of the united states is not shrinking from obamacare. he's going to be monday and wednesday, i think he's on the road talking about it. i don't necessarily think that his massachusetts appearance changed the focus. do you think this week will? >> don't think so. i think they are desperately trying to november 30th where this ambitious goal is to have the web site up and running and that they can, as his aide said this weekend, get to a good place. the problem is that one, they're not in that place yet. and two, that outside the web
5:03 am
site, the law is really changing some people's lives. that is the focus. people who are losing insurance and two, some of the people who aren't getting federal subsidies getting on the web site and seeing maybe a little sticker shock in a change of plans to something else. >> yeah. >> we've seen also there is a demand for the information about what the administration knew going into this, when the web site shut down. additionally, how many people were able to sign up in the beginning. well, dan pheiffer apparently, white house senior advisor, seems to be preparing the nation for failure here. he said the numbers weren't exactly what we wanted them to be. take a listen. >> i can promise you that the first enrollment numbers released later this month are not going to be wt we want them to be. there is no question about it. >> okay. your thoughts on that? >> yeah. listen, they're preparing for the worst because the numbers are not going to be good. if they were good, we would have
5:04 am
heard about them already. all of these tests -- all this testimony up on capitol hill at these hearings, the questions again and again and again, you know what these numbers are -- >> they stink! >> and kathleen sebelius said the numbers are not reliable, et cetera. i think you're going to get to a point where six the first day is going to just be the tip of the iceberg because by the i'm you get to november 15, they can't be that substantial, otherwise we would have heard them already. >> you're probably right. i think it was in the "washington post" over the weekend where they had this story, they rolled out the story that said essentially behind the scenes for a long time, the president's advisors were saying, okay. should we just say if you like your plan, you can keep your plan or should we add some caveats? it sounds like the political people won the day. let's keep it simple. but now they're going, yeah, we talked about it. we decided just say that. it doesn't affect that many
5:05 am
people. >> yeah. this is why this story is probably -- has a lot of legs beyond a few days, even a couple of weeks. obviously it affects so many people, but we're getting these drips of information out from internal memos and internal discussions. and that's one of them. today learning there is a report out that all of the paper applications that people were told to file were just basically in not so many words, a delaying tactic, goes through the same cue, the same computer system as does the phone call, as does any paper that's filed. all these things add to the storied coverage throughout the days. >> i always look at, when i see a republican comment on a republican movement, when you saw ted cruz create some division with the republicans, i thought was noteworthy, just like i think democrats speaking out against the president is noteworthy because they rarely do. then jones of all people said this is like the president
5:06 am
saying, read my lips, no new taxes, to bush 41. him saying if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, is something he's not going to be able to shake. i was stunned by that. >> yeah. and there is more and more democrats are coming out. mary landrieu has a piece of legislation she's proposing to make sure that you can keep your insurance coverage. it may be too late by the time she gets that up and whether it's come up for a vote or not in the senate, yet to be seen. these stories are nonstop. the "wall street journal" today. you also can't keep your doctor. a stage 4 cancer survivor and has just lost his plan he liked. it's these stories one after another are going to keep popping up. >> that one guy in particular had 1 to 2% survival because of a particular medicine. it was very expensive. he was able to survive and now he's extremely worried. also about this, democratic senators in red states like mark
5:07 am
begich, mary landrieu, kay hagin, they are beginning to run for the hills. obamacare could cost them. >> yeah. if they're up for reelection in a red state or reddish state, it is a very political -- it's a tough political spot to be in. the law overall was tough to defend in 2010. you saw the massive republican wins. in virginia, you've seen polls close. ken cuccinelli, the republican candidate has closed in recent days, according to several polls and a lot of analysts are saying that's directly tied to obamacare. virginia was directly affected by the government shutdown. that opened the lead for mcauliffe. but it may have closed with obamacare in the last couple of days. >> interesting stuff. bret, you weren't at your post on halloween night. could it possibly be related to this, what's on my laptop? your two children? did you take them trick or
5:08 am
treating? >> i did indeed. that's danielle as the red power ranger and paul as the scary whatever that is. they got a ton of candy. >> the guy screen right is the reaction people get when they open their mail and see they've been canceled because of obamacare. >> right. an interesting obamacare package. >> he didn't have that message on his outfit. >> you're a good father. very nicely done. we'll be watching you at 6:00 p.m. eastern time here on the fox news channel. thank you. >> thanks. now for the rest of the headline, we'll head over to heather nauert. >> good morning to you. this nyu student who fell between two buildings, amazing story over the week. a little bit of an update. a student missing for 36 hours was found lodged between his high-rise dorm building at a parking garage. the space was just about two feet wide. it took an hour and a half for first respond force reach him
5:09 am
and they had to break a wall to get him out. >> had we not told the security guards the three of us 19-year-old students, to check the roof, they would not have found him for who knows how long and he would president-elect obama be dead right now. >> it's not exactly clear how he got stuck, but one local reports that he may have been on the roof of his 17-story building when he fell. he's hospitalized this morning in serious condition. apparently his dorm room was on the fifth floor. we don't know exactly at what point he fell. a frightening moment when houston texans head coach gary kubiak collapses on the field at half time. he hunched over and fell to his knees and was then immediately surrounded by medical personnel. he was taken off the field in a stretcher and was taken to the hospital. the texans have not released what happened to him just yet. they say that he is recovering well. the tsa union is demanding armed security officers at every airport checkpoint after a
5:10 am
gunman targets agents at lax. police say paul ciancia acted alone when he killed a tsa agent and wounded several others on friday. his motivation appears to be centered around a grudge. he is heavily sedated and under armed guard at the hospital. the two tsa agents who were wounded in the attack have been released from the hospital and are now recovering at home. bieber fever turning violent? in brazil. look at him there. a fan throwing a bottle at justin bieber, knocking the microphone out of his hand. the pop star walks off the stage, but he never came back. then after 30 minutes, the singer's entourage began pack up his equipment. he kicked off the brazil leg of his believe tour. he was also 20 minutes late starting the show and more than three hours late to a fan meet and greet. that sounds like our crew, they
5:11 am
get upset, they're packing things up and walk off. >> yeah, they're firing. we're going to have to go to break eventual complete explain it to them. >> i didn't notice a watch on bieber's wrist. maybe he doesn't have a watch? >> maybe. >> man, he was busy while he was down there. there are all sorts of stories of what he was doing in his spare time. >> any time you have to leave a lace with a blanket over you, you probably did something wrong. >> or you're cold. >> right. >> thanks. 11 minutes after the top of the hour. he broke a major story claiming the united states knew there could be a terrorist attack in benghazi. now his name is being dragged through the media. he's been outed. is that an accident or an attempt to silence a witness? congressman jason chaffetz up next to talk to brian. and your next trip to the bank is about to look a whole lot different. forget bank tellers. computers would be much better, right? don't tell that to the humans they're replacing.
5:12 am
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5:15 am
the state department striking back at this british security agent who claims he witnessed the attack in benghazi. in fact, hopped over the wall and confronted one of the attackers. watch this on "60 minutes." >> said what's going on? he said, we're getting attacked. i said, how many? and he said, they're all over the compound. i was shocked. i didn't know what to say. and i said, we'll just keep fighting. i'm on my way. >> wow. because report leaked to the "washington post" claims the security agent was unable to get to the consulate that night. is it true or is this just another attempt to discredit a
5:16 am
seemingly very credible witness about those attacks who witnessed those attacks. trying to get to the bottom of this is utah congressman jason chaffetz. congressman, they not only rebuked his story in the "washington post," they also outed his name. what's going on here? >> that is done to endanger his lifement one of the most represencible things you can possibly do. this is a gentleman who has served his nation and helped the united states. for them to go out and purposely endanger his life by revealing a covert agent's name out in the public is just one of the worst things you could possibly see. >> what about the fact that they said that in order, he said they were going to attack the british and they were going to attack us after. and they were just waiting in benghazi for this attack to happen. so therefore, there would be no basis to say this was a video or a movie that would cause this type of violence.
5:17 am
>> look, left to their own device, the white house, the state department, hillary clinton, barak obama themselves would lead you to believe it was a video gone awry. that never, ever happened. it was never, ever true. we were sold a lie and it wasn't true. there are people like this and colonel wood and others who had foreshadowed the fact that this was probably going to happen because they did attack the red cross. they did have an assassination attempt. they did foreshadow they were going to attack america and then they did for the third time. >> do you believe the white house fed the "washington post" that story? >> i don't know who did it, but to release a covert agent's name to endanger his life should be an absolute outrage in this town. if they want to get to the truth, release the documents for the interview that he had the day after the attack and the interview that he had at his home a few days after that. if you want to be open and transparent, release those documents and i think you'll find a different story. >> do you think the state department was more likely to leak it? >> i don't know. but we should find out who did if because this is just -- this
5:18 am
is one of the tactics that you see. they're going to go out and disparage somebody, attack him personally, and put his life in danger. he'll never be able to work at that level again in this industry. it's just absolutely outrageous. >> now, senator lindsey graham said, i want to see the transcripts of the f.b.i. interviews with the survivors. i want to interview survivors of this attack. what's your take on that? >> the military should come clean and release the after action reports. the united states congress, so we can review those. some people say they don't even have it, which if you're in the military and you can't say there is an after action report, come on. anybody who has ever served in the military knows there has to be those documents. we haven't seen those. the f.b.i. interviews done in the hours after the attack, we should be able to see those. and then we need to get in public, people who were on the ground, americans, who went through that horrific attack. that's what has to happen. >> the man known as morgan jones repeated a phrase who we heard way too much. they were told not to go to the
5:19 am
fight. not to go to the fight. when is get giving this stand down order? >> i'm telling you, there is more than one account of people being told that they cannot engage in the fight. that is so contrary to what president obama has said, that that again necessitates to get these people in public before the american people, before the victims' families and be able to tell their story. to date, that hasn't happened. i just find that totally unacceptable more than a year after the fact. >> i guess the message being sent is if you come forward, someone is going after you. i don't know who this force is, but they're looking to take you down. congressman, thanks so much. >> thanks. 19 minutes after then't evet senator chuck schumer says just endorse hillary clinton for president in 2016. her response next. and this video is insane. a traveling powerball inches away from a home of the the man behind the camera joins us live. i believe he's okay. you're about to see it.
5:20 am
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5:23 am
welcome back. it's time for quick headlines. it's getting harder for americans to sign up for obamacare. the web site will go off line for extended maintenance every night as programmers try to fix the bug-filled marketplace. and senator chuck schumer making things awkward for hillary clinton. during a speech in iowa, the senator giving clinton his endorsement for president in 2016, even though she hasn't decided to run yet. her team's response? quote, that's flattering. she says she plans to make a decision next year. goodness gracious, steve.
5:24 am
>> yep. thank you for that flattering intro. check out this amazing video of a fireball blazing along a power line. that great ball of fire, electricity probably, traveling along power lines in quebec, canada, following a massive wind storm that left hundreds of thousands of people without power. joining us now from montreal is the monday who stood on his front porch with his cell phone and took the picture of it. hugh griffs. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing okay. so you lost power earlier in the day and then what happened just before you saw this great ball of fire? >> well, it was something out of a science fiction movie, like "close encounters." the phone lines started ringing even though they weren't connected. the sky went blue. the power wasn't work all day.
5:25 am
we could hear this himming and pop -- humming and popping and i looked out and the film i took was actually the second fireball that came down the power line. the first one came about ten minutes earlier and totally took us by surprise. and then ten minutes later when i could hear the noise and the phone lines started ringing and lights started flashing again, i was ready with my phone that time. that's why i was able to capture the second fireball. >> here we go again. and then we've seen explosion 'cause it hit the transformer or something, right? >> it hit the transformer, i assume, and blew up and showered sparks all over the house. there was a huge blast of energy that actually kind of pushed me back inside my house. i was one foot in, one foot out and i took a dive. >> so we're look at a longer version in anticipation of it coming. so tell us about how hot it was and the sound it made. >> it was incredible. the size of it was probably 12, 15 feet in diameter and the heat was just incredible.
5:26 am
it was really like i said, like i was standing under the wires themselves. my eyebrows i felt were singeing. it was incredible. >> i understand that obviously the power lines in front of your house are toast now. you don't have electricity now. >> yeah. >> it will be a little while. but you do have many, many fans, millions of people have seen this on youtube -- we're looking at one of the trees down on your neighborhood. a lot of people have suggestions about what that was. so far you haven't heard any official verdict of what that was. but what are people telling you? >> there is a few people from power companyies calling it an impedance arc. i really have no conclusive confirmation from the power company what it was. a lot of theories. somebody said it was lightning, but there was no lightning that day. so i don't think it was anything to do with lightning. >> if that happened at my house, my wife would say, you know
5:27 am
what? we're moving. don't know what that was? we're moving. >> yeah, exactly. >> hugh, who took the images, youtube wonder, we thank you very much for joining us from montreal. thank you. >> thank you very much for your time. 27 minutes after the top of the hour. still ahead, behind bars with the accused mastermind of the september 11 attacks, we're gotting our first look inside his cell at gitmo. an arrow. what's that for? we'll explain. weren't these great? chances are you sat in a chair like that six hours straight. but kids today need exercise. so some teachers are replacing chairs with yoga balls. are you kidding me? nope! coming up ♪
5:28 am
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♪ >> here is your shot of the morning. florida teacher replaces chairs in her classroom with yoga balls using her own money. the teacher said she's wanted to stop the six and seven-year-olds from wiggling around and losing focus. so she says she not only did it
5:32 am
and it worked, but helped the kids with their coordination and posture. get that. i believe it. is this something you would put in? >> i do have problems focusing. >> here is the thing, that's like the chair version. i didn't see the background -- just move it out there. >> can we do the whole segment? >> sure. if it will stop from you fidgeting, sure. it actually said the kids who -- it helped them find of focus. maybe it's a place to put their energy. >> kids during the '70s had huge quads because of hippety hop. remember that? >> i never had that. >> if you had one -- i am cheating because i have a little bit of a back. >> some offices have put it in for that reason, to stabilize the core. this is specifically for learning and attention. i'm going to put them at my kitchen table. maybe the kids will stay and eat. they're so fidgety.
5:33 am
>> i think your kids dine for gluten. >> they're not. you want to go there, kilmeade? wait 'til our twinkie burger comes up. >> yeah. we told you earlier about how a number of school -- there is one organization called geolistenning that apparently they have signed contracts with 3,000 schools across the country to essentially sort through children's social media, to look at their twitter, to look at their four square, to look at their facebook, to look at everything to see if there is any bullying or inappropriate stuff. >> i'm going to put the ball up. >> the schools are in a tough position because they're look at situations where we've seen cyber bullying happen. >> that lasted one minute. >> i lost my focus. >> i know. >> we asked you, do you want your schools essentially spying on your kids? is it big brother? you guys have been answering us on facebook, telling us what you
5:34 am
think on twitter. karen says it's not up to the school to watch my child after school. it's up to me. i'm the parent, right? >> but what if you have an atypical situation, both parents are working. >> there are some people torn about it. there is some moms who say, look, it's actually something that could be monitored. a little help would be okay says one mom. i'll be held accountable to some degree since i can't monitor my kid 24/7. >> i think that person used the right word. monitor. if your kid uses social media and it's in the public realm, you're not spying on somebody. you're just looking at it. and t.j. said, quote, if it keeps my children safe, yes. t.j. is okay with it. >> tammy says, if the student is using the school's computers, then yes. if it's not inle ski, then it's none of the school's business.
5:35 am
'cause they'll go encrypted. >> who has it and what will they do with that information? >> another said parents don't seem to have the time to watch what's going on. >> if your children allow you to look at their facebook and stuff, you should. >> it's probable will he a dummy facebook. >> many children have several accounts. >> right. >> a public one for their parents and then the one that all the kids are on. >> how about in a different era, do you pick up the other phone, like when it was phone calls, when your kid was always on the telephone? would you ever pick up the line and listen to what they're saying? >> that's you. the schools have it. they are in a predicament. a lot of people are addressing that here. they want to keep the kids safe. we had a terrible case of where a teen took their own life. >> let's go back to your question. did people listen in on your phone calls at the kilmeade castle? >> i heard a lot of heavy breathing and i'm not sure where it was coming from. you never know.
5:36 am
some f.b.i. agent might have been tapping in. >> is that my brother upstairs? >> that's where the interest in spying came from. >> yes. >> secret six. >> that is exactly it. >> we just got to the bottom of the interest. >> it's not a passing of history. >> personal for you, brian. >> there you go. >> let's go over to heather nauert. >> i'm trying to picture your phone calls in the eighth grade. i thought they were pretty funny. >> me hopefully talking about shaving eventually. >> great. got some headlines. we are getting a first look inside the holding cell of the 9-11 terror mastermind, khalid shaikh mohammed in gitmo. he spends his time inside a special air conditioned cell. you can see an arrow points toward the holy city of mecca. the passageway to the court complex, the court where he goes to hearings, is covered in a bullet proof camouflage mesh. in the courtroom, ksm is equipped with a computer screen and also translation service.
5:37 am
he faces the death penalty when his trial starts sometime next year. the afghan interpreter who saved the life of an army intelligence officer arrives in the united states after a long battle to get a special visa to come here. earlier, matt zeller and afghan interpreter janus joined brian to talk about their experience. listen to this. >> i feel very happy in here. i know i'm very heavy. the important thing is for me and my family that we are safe. no more fear of taliban. no more fear of somebody kill my family. i'm very, very happy. >> boy, they've been in hiding for a few months before making g it to the united states. for more on his cause, log on to human bank tellers fighting back against their computer counterparts. we showed you video of chase and thieves are tellers bank of america who are starting an on-line petition pleading with bank manual count to help them
5:38 am
keep their jobs. bank of america recently announced plans to hire more video tellers. they sit in front of a camera and interact with customers over the internet. they say they have the added benefit of cutting down on robbery. those are your headlines. i like talking to my bank teller. nice lady, chat, how are the kids, all that kind of stuff. >> do you do it in person or are you in the drive-through lane? >> a little both. sometimes go in. sometimes drive through. >> i like a conversation. >> yeah. >> whenever we go into our bank to deposit a check or something, the teller goes, you know, you can do this at the atm out there. and my wife will go, if i did it at the atm, you wouldn't have a job. >> i do like interacting when it comes to money. i know war talking about my book and it's self indulgent. but i have an announcement that we have a brand-new station on kilmeade and friends, which is the name of our show on friday.
5:39 am
kufo in portland, oregon. i know you're filling in later in the week. >> excellent. welcome to the kilmeade and friends family. another member of the kilmeade and friends family is right over there. maria molina. >> good morning. >> are you ready for a twinkie? >> i'm very excited about our twinkie burg that are we'll be trying in a couple of minutes. first we want to talk about the weather because we have some very cold temperatures in place across parts of the eastern third of the country. we're talking the coldest temperatures we have seen so far this season. actually in jfk, new york city, we tied a record low temperature at about 34 degrees early this morning. some of those wind chill temperatures, 29 in new york city. 30 in d.c it feels like 25 as you head out the door in pittsburgh. chilly all the way down through parts of the florida panhandle. high temperatures today are going to be warming up to the 60s and 70s across parts of texas. otherwise minneapolis into the upper 40s. it's relatively quiet across the radar picture today across the country. you just have a couple of
5:40 am
showers in the center of the country. the storm system will be intensifying and coming up later tuesday into wednesday. we are going to be dealing with a little bit of precipitation, couple of inches of rain in texas and oklahoma, and even some snow from parts of colorado and new mexico, up into wisconsin. now we want to switch gears completely and talk about the twinkie burger. we have a special guest inside today. >> oh, my gosh. clearly it smells good. byt burger-philadelphia, has been known to make crazy concoction. there was the lasagna burger and the doughnut burger. now they have come up with something even more crazy. the deep fried twinkie burger. we've been talking about it all morning. here is the owner and creator of the twinkie burger himself, tommy. it's very exciting. >> hot trend here. are you going to try it? >> i will be trying it. but first we want to ask you, how did you come up with a twinkie burger?
5:41 am
>> i come up with so many ideas every day. the deep fried twinkie we've heard of. the burger obviously we've heard of. so we just put two awesome great american ideas together and we hit twinkie up about this a while ago. didn't hear back. so we kind of went ahead and did it our self. now they're like all into it. they're fully behind us. the twinkie burger has become the most famous burger in america and we want you to try one. >> we're going to make it right now. who are your friends here? >> kevin. >> hi, kevin. >> i'm kim. >> hi, kim. did you actually just have twinkies hanging out and decided to fry them? >> a friend of mine came over and left a box of twinkies twind asked me to deep fry them. i talked kim into it. so she did it. kim, these are great. but even better, if we kind of smash them together to a nice burger. >> that's what you did. can we make one now? >> absolutely. we're going to go over here. basically kim is going to show
5:42 am
you how to deep fry the twinkie buns. the very first important step is a smash. wait, don't open it yet. we're going to do the smash. >> oh, the smash. let me get another one. i like to smash things. >> follow the lead. boom. >> just with your hands? >> yeah. >> we're going to get them into a nice bun shape. you can do this at home if off cheese cloth. duke this with anything. >> it's got the smash. now you open it. this is what it used to look like in my lunch box. so this goes into the fryer, right? >> we're going to batter it with cinnamon funnel cake mix. >> mine is stuck to the plastic. >> so we dip it in there. >> i'm just using my hands. this would not happen at pyt
5:43 am
burger. >> i ruined this one, so sorry. >> no, that's fine. in the fryer it goes. i just threw it in there. do not stick your fingers in the fryer. >> how long do we do that for? >> we'll let it cook for a couple of minutes. while that's cooking, kevin will show you how to do a brand-new debuting on fox, a deep fried twinkie and bourbon and bacon adult shake. we do shakes. this is our brand-new one. just for you we put it together. >> this is bacon, a twinkie and ice cream and syrup? >> right. we've got the twinkie and the bacon and the ice cream in here already. throw all this stuff inside here. >> we blend up it and good to go? >> you come out with one of these guys with whip cream on top. >> why not? >> finishing touch. we're going to finish frying and taste this and serve it up around here and let you all know
5:44 am
what we think. we're heading over to steve and brian. >> thank you very much. >> the thomas edisons of burgers. meanwhile, the latest on the nfl coach that collapsed last night. across america people are taking charge
5:45 am
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5:47 am
which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back. brand-new information about the nfl head coach who collapsed on the side lines in the middle of a game. doctors reportedly will run more tests on houston texans coach gary kubiak today to determine exactly what happened when he fell to the ground in pain during a scary moment last night. joining us right now is kriv reporter live from houston with the latest. what are you hearing, ford? >> reporter: yeah. we're at the texas medical center, gary kubiak in methodist hospital undergoing tests, as you indicated. what a shock last night to see him collapse on the field right after the first half with the texans leading the colts 21-3. a lead they eventually lost.
5:48 am
as far as we know, according to the texans, kubiak did not suffer a heart attack. i've seen another report that indicates he did not suffer a stroke. it may be a case of exhaustion and dehydration. we simply do not know. but he is here at the hospital right now. we're told he is undergoing tests. we certainly hope that sometime later today the texans or the hospital will release more information. but right now our understanding is kubiak is in pretty good condition, stable condition as the word we have. he'll undergo more tests a little later today. elisabeth, back to you. >> quick question for you, he looked visibly like one of the more healthy coaches in the nfl. he's a fit guy. >> reporter: yeah, he's 52 years old. he looks a lot younger. this is not the kind of thing obviously you expect of any coach, but especially a guy like kubiak who seems to be very fit. but i got to tell you, i heard a player talking about him and he says, when he shows up at
5:49 am
reliant, coach kubiak's truck is there when he leaves the stadium. coach kubiak's truck is still there. he works long, long exhaustive hours. who knows, it may have something to do with it. >> thank you for that upcaught. our thoughts are with his family. we've been callus to players going off the field. when you hear about a coach, it seems shock. next up, think you're having too busy of a life to have a dog? think again. these are pooches for every lifestyle. we're kicking off "fox & friends" dog week, showing you which one is perfect for you. but first let's check in with bill hemmer. what's coming up at the top of the hour? >> i thought this whole time you had a dog sitting to your left there. >> that is unbelievable. what's going on with you, bill? you're not even like this normally. what's happened to you? 'cause you celebrated halloween. that was the problem. >> only sarcasm. morning to you guys. just a small group of americans affected by obamacare. that's what the white house
5:50 am
surrogates are saying. a small group that totals around 10 million americans. why was the web site off line again? and senator graham will not budge. he wants answers on benghazi. will he get them? see new ten minutes with martha and me on a monday and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! i really didn't think this through. brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection
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and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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5:53 am
so you would like a dog, but you don't know what dog would fit your lifestyle. today marks the kickoff of dog week here on "fox & friends." joining us from the american kennel club, we've got gina denardo. good morning. >> good morning. >> that's really what it comes down to. a lot of people would like a dog, but don't know what dog fits their lives. >> it's important that you mesh your lifestyle with your breed of dog so that you have a perfect fit and you keep the dog for the life of the dog. >> let's talk nova scotia
5:54 am
retriever. >> great breed for an active lifestyle. highly intelligent, energetic. has a nice water resistant coat. only sheds twice a year. doesn't require a lot of grooming. >> i'll take him. >> okay. i think he likes you. >> it require has lot of vacuuming. >> only twice a year they'll shed seasonally. >> the next one? >> pappy onburger. she'll get much larger. they're very gentle, mild, excellent family dogs. if you're look for a larger family breed, they're naturally very loving. they have webbed feet, so they're great in the water. they make great therapy dogs. >> 110 pounds it will get up to. >> yeah. she's just a baby. six months old. >> very nice. the next one, you're from the boston area. there is a boston terrier. >> great for apartment dwellers. originally developed like after the civil war in boston.
5:55 am
>> is that right? >> yep. easy to maintain 'cause they have a nice short coat. will need a coat in the winter because it has no hair. >> has an accent. >> this a necessary item here, the coat. >> adorable. >> they're gentle and sweet and they're not big barkers like a lot of toy breeds will bark. >> finally, let's talk about the dog on the ends. god gave him short legs. >> short legs is the heavy sturdy breed, about 60 pounds. a bassette hound. nice long ears to pick up scent. originally used to trail behind game. and they're very sweet and loving. they require just a little bit of walking. >> what kind of family wants a dog like this? >> a family that necessarily doesn't want to run a lot with their dog, happy to take it for a few weeks. likes to cuddle. you can research all -- we have over 170 different breeds. so there is definitely one for
5:56 am
every lifestyle. >> this is such a great matching. >> are they very expensive? >> a good breeder will charge a reputable price, between 800 to $1,000 you can expect for a good quality, healthy, well-bred dog. >> they're all beautiful. gina denardo, stand by, more from the streets of new york city. ♪ customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commsion .. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity.
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6:00 am
>> i will be on "hannity" tonight promoting my book. more with the dogs after the show? we go off to "america's newsroom." >> see you soon. bill: only gets better from here. the dogs are good. martha: one dog and then there is another. bill: new day, new trouble for the health care government website. down for critical maintenance. the administration rushes to make all the fixes before the end of the month. kathleen sebelius testifies again this week. in the meantime, there is just so much to talk about. martha: good morning, happy monday, everybody. i am martha mccallum. top democrat saying it may be time to put this thing on hold


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