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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 5, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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deck. could he win re-election, quoting a professor at the university of toronto, he could easily be elected. you're right. this is bizarre. keep in mind, toronto is the fourth largest city in north america, and now even its bonds, if you can believe it, its municipal bond have been getting whip sawed in the markets on the latest revelations that toronto mayor rob ford probably smoked crack, and more than once. something he denied, and this scrum, we're looking at, everyone is waiting to hear what the mayor is going to do whether he is going to step down or elaborate on an admission on a rideow talk show. i cannot stress enough how this type of bizarre activity, especially when it concerns prominent big-city mayors, seems to come in threes.
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bob filner, with pinching women, the san diego mayor. kwame kilpatrick in detroit, who is going to jail for 28 years for abusing funds and all other privileges. and this completes what seems to be a bizarre hat trick of big city mayors mayors who lose it o whacky. this is something the mayor of toronto had firmly and repeatedly denied, this allegations he smoked crack and that sort of thing. he said, yeah, maybe in a drunken stupor later on. and it is actually affecting the price and the volatile swings in municipal bond prices in toronto. i know that sounds bizarre but the fact the city looks like it's rudderless. would not be the first north american city to look that way. we're waiting to look for the mayor himself. and he has to do a bigamy ya
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cull pa here. just a shoulder -- short time ago he was denying this and the media was piling on. now it has taken hold of not only folks in toronto but also investors. we'll keep a close eye on it. this is weird. >> back here, does this -- >> if you like you're healthcare plan, you'll be able to keep your healthcare plan. period. >> sound like this? >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law, and you really like that plan, what we said was, you could keep it. if it hasn't changed since the law was passed. >> wait a second. you said i could keep my health plan.
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no, ifs, 0 no ands and no buts. but is this big but. >> we said you can keep it if it hasn't changed since the law passed. >> i could never -- you just added a wiggles asterisk, which is not a period, but does have me thinking you might have just lied. period. >> i practiced that for hours. welcome. what a day. and ain't that a kick in the asterisk. turns out some assembly is required and you do have to read the fine print. so one who took the president at is word and is now regret it. but first, ed henry at a white house fast trying to reexplain it. ed? >> that was quite good, by the way. very skilled. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: bottom line is the president has been on defense for days, desperately trying to turn the page to other stories
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the president having a meeting with business leaders about immigration reform. on friday he'll be in new orleans talking up the economy. he clearly wants to quote-unquote pivot to other issues but healthcare is piling up, and he'll be in dallas tomorrow talking healthcare so he is not running away from it completely. last like it looked like he was trying to rewrite history about what he said and didn't say previously, and in fact, we also checked the record and just a few days before the october 1st rollout, the president had an event in north dakota and said -- in maryland that said if you already have healthcare you don't need to do anything in terms of ebb -- enrollment. that's obviously not true. the people who have healthcare and are getting cancellations notices and have to too something to try to get insurance. i pressed jay carney on that. take a listen. >> how did that get in the president's remarks? nobody knew that in fact if you
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have health care there could be changes? >> what the president was referring to was the broader promise of the affordable care act. if you're on medicare or medicaid, if you like probably most people in this room, have insurance through your employer, if you're a vet and you get coverage through the va, you don't have to do anything. >> again, not exactly what the president said. just a few days before the october 1st rollout. here's the big problem for the president. not just that the republicans are not buying the explanation. some of his fellly democrats, mary lapidary, has now introduced legislation that would grandfather more people in, so if you did lining your health care you can keep it. she is trying to do away with the cancellations notices. she read cancellation notice on the senate floor last night. >> this is a letter that shawns of people are getting and this should not have been out. we said to people if you had
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insure yaps yao liked you can keep it. we didn't say if you have insurance you like but didn't met the minimum standard, you can keep it. but the president said over and over if you like the insurance, you can keep it. >> so that's the bottom line. if you think about the fact that there's been this growing number of senate democrats who have been pressing for changes to the law, suggests that they're facing the voters in 2014 and have to defend this law and are getting nervous. >> dean griffin did take the president at is word and is now being told he cannot keep his healthcare plan. he and his wife had and continued to like a plan that dean says cost them $770 a month with 2500 deductible. the new plan on exchange costing nearly $1,300 a month with a $10,000 deductible. dean is on the phone. that is a wakeup call? >> it's a wakeup call, and actually 12,700 cash out of
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pocket. so when you take that, plus the premiums, that's $28,000 a year. which is about ten times more healthcare than my wife and i consume in the last -- >> how did they explain that to you? what -- >> well, apparently the cost comes from a couple of things. coverage that we had tailored not to have in force. pediatric, maternity, lack addition, pediatric dental and the like, because that's just not something that we need at our age. and it's one size fits all situation. >> did you explain that to them? we don't need this, this doesn't fit for me and my wife? or did you even get that far? >> we didn't get that far because they have a plan that is tailored to meet aca minimum floor requirements and that's the plan, you like it or you don't. you can upgrade all the way up
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to about $2,200 a month. >> but you can't downgrade, i don't need this or that. either go up or take it at is -- >> that's exactly. you can pay the floor or pay even more. and the bad thing also is that our current policy, anywhere in the country that provider accepts the carrier's coverage, and this new plan, the new option, only works intrastate. so we live -- i'm just across the street from wilmington, delware, so our doctor of 16 years is actually in the -- in delware, and we'll have to be changing our doctor, who we like. >> so, dean, when you hear the president revise this, if you like your doctor you can keep it, like your plan, you can keep it to say, post this enactment
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of the law, he has fudge a little bit and massaged it, more to the point. what too you make of this? >> they parsed the words but it's like joseph heller's catch-22. the fact is, if the plan had not changed you can keep it, but the plan by law has to change effective january 1st so by virtue of the changing, you can't keep it. >> amazing. amazing, amazing. do you think you're the exception to the rule or have you talked to others and find you're more the rule? >> well, we're just in a trivial 5% of the population so we don't really count. but from the 5% i seem to be in the -- right in the median of the experiences that people that i talked to are encountering, and some of the self-insured are small business people, not just individuals. >> amazing. amazing. dean, hang in there my best to
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you and your wife. what shocker. >> thanks. >> now to virginia, where stuff like this and the race for governor is a very, very big issue. the question is, is it all too little too late for the republican challenger who made it an issue. carl, what do you have? >> reporter: virginia voters have a few more hours to go to the polls. this has been a very hard-fought battle. the most contested race in the country and the only other one is new jersey governor chris christie. he has been ahead in the polls. the two democrats here, at the mcauliffe and ken cuccinelli cast their votes, and since the launch problems of the affordable care exact the web page has made at it national race. they start going after each other's character and then ending with nationalized issues and then talked about it after they voted for themselves today.
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>> want folks to work together, work together in a bipartisan way, they're sick and tired of the dysfunction in washington. they're angry over the shutdowns. no reason to have that shutdown. >> obamacare has been a big part of why this race is a horse race at this point. i was the first to fight it and terri mcauliffe didn't think it went far enough. so pretty stark contrast. people want to send them a message in washington on obamacare, their vote today is one way to do it. >> an awful lot of speculation about what virginia might immediate for the 2014 mid-terms and the 2016 presidential election. it doesn't matter who wins because already republicans and democrats in 2014 are attacking on he same issues. republicans going after the affordable care act and democrats saying tea partiers are too extreme and out of step. that's already what 2014 andon will be about.
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>> thank you very much. no one better at this stuff. obviously big day here, right from virginia to new york, to boston, to detroit, colorado, and new jersey, and voters head to the polls. we'll be counting up all the votes on fox business. so many times, i mean it, we're not red or blue, we're green, your green, your money, and we're live at 8:00 p.m. tonight, counting each and every big issue that comes up. with former new york governor pataki, and charlie rangel, and still wincing from the president comparing the rollouts. and ralph nader. and we encourage you to tweet
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us. your one-stop-shop for the best political economic coverage, period. want to switch quickly to toronto, where the mayor of that fine city, the fourth largest in north america, is completing what appears to be a hat trick of mayors gone bad, or appearing to go bad. he is going to admit, we're told, any minute that, yes, indeed, i did smoke crack cocaine. something that he had argued he had never done, was shooing media out of his house, property, a little while ago. that was then. this is now. a bigamy ya cull pa right now. it's -- a big mea culpa. and'm enormous volatility in toronto debt today. another stick could be rudderless. if this rings a built should. san diego, bob filner. detroit, kwame kilpatrick.
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28 years now in the slammer. could we complete the hat trick with yet another fool? after this. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ohhh...oh boy! i'm falling. everybody look out! ahhhhh...ugh. little help here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody?
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>> the first day of own reasonment for obamacare, only six people signed up. they're sleepy, bashful, and -- well, that's according to the 'web site, dopey. >> we're told that snow white could not log in herself. forget problems logging in. should we worry more about who is buying is? that the seven dwarfs. and that could send prices soaring for everyone. kate rogers is here to tell us why. can't get the young people in, big problems. >> young people are so essential
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to making the law work but "the wall street journal" warm reporting on kentucky's exchange, november 1 income, 4,000 people signed up and 4% were ages 35 and under and this compares to 39% of people ages 55 and up. so older people are enrolling and younger people are kicking back and saying this isn't worth with us. >> you're not saying there's anything wrong with older people. >> of course not. >> why is that a big deal? young people are important for the denominator. >> they are. so the analysts say this is called an everse risk death spiral, which sounds doom and gloom, but what it means is that they are not there to offset the cost of older and less healthy people. >> it's obviously gotten off to a bumpy start. we had another guest today, he is paying through the nose. ten times more. that is unusual. a lot of people -- how they make
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this right? can they make this right? what are the folks who are pushing this telling you? >> they're saying that younger people may wind up signing up as we get closer to the end of enrollment. the penalty ills $95 a year so may be better to roll the dice, take a risk, not get insurance and pay the present but if they don't, premiums could tick up for people. not in 2014 because those premiums are set but in years to come could get worse. >> much has been made of the fact that the president now has revised and then sort of fine-tuned his language about if you have a doctor some like your doctor, you can keep your doctor and coverage, he has now amended that. it that ticking people off? is that going to make this more complicated now or what? >> i think that line that we heard from so many people was what they were hinging on. they thought they could keep their plans and they're fining out day after day, letter after letter, that's not the case and i think a lot of people are
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disappointed about that. >> in the end you also look at this as being much more costly than was originally thought. >> it could be more costly for people, especially if young people don't sign up, we'll see -- >> but the government itself pushing the program. do you think it's going to be that way? >> they have a big mess to clean up so it can only get worse. >> amazing stuff. want to switch to toronto real quickly. we are waiting to hear -- if that door opens and closes a lot and we're waiting to hear toronto mayor rob ford because he has lots of 'splaining to do. a man who insisted he had not smoked crack cocaine, made the mistake of saying he had on a radio show, and the one tip i can pass on to the mayor, when you're on the radio, assume the microphone works, because as soon as they heard that the authorities pounced on that, the media was all over that, and suddenly the mayor of the fourth largest city in north america, and one of the most popular
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investment targets in the so-called conservative -- toronto was a mecca. volatility five to six times more than normally you think and a lot of that having to do with a big city which is rudderless, and san diego and detroit come to mind. this is north of the border but we're all friends here. the canadians have an embarrassing mayor on their hands. to our neighbors to the north, join the club. >> and chris christie, make something big news. maybe really big news today.
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here we go again.
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another big city mayor in a big ol' pile of hot water -- how about a big ol' pot of hot water. we're waiting to hear how toronto mayor rob ford can explain he smoked crack cocaine. toronto is an investment mecca for our money and the world's money, about the girtlines fourth largest city in north america. other large north american cities with similar embarrassments include bob filner of san diego, who had to resign because he was too touche you feely, and kwame kilpatrick, the former mayor of detroit who had to go to jail for 28 years for doing a whole lot worse than smoking crack cocaine. a lot of financial malfeasance there. what does the mayor do? can he still hang on to his job? does he pull like a bob filner and saddle the city with paying
1:26 pm
his legal fees to get out of the office? we have an attorney with us. lisa, what do you think? what does he do? >> i think he has to resign. i think -- he has committed a crime. this isn't just somebody acting out. this isn't just taking pictures and putting them all over the internet. this is a crime. the smoked crack. he admitted it. and now he has to deal with the consequences. i'm sure there will be a prosecution. i'm not sure if the choice will be left up to him if he can stay in office. >> normally if you committed a crime and admit to the crime, can you stay in office? >> i don't know if he can stay in office there. he can sit there and -- i don't think he will be prosecuted -- >> well, mayor ford is now going to try to explain this.
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>> with today's announcement-, i know i embarrassed everyone in the city, and i will be forever sorry. there's only one person to blame for this. and that is myself. i know that admitting my mistake, was the right thing to do. and i feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off my shoulders. i can't explain how difficult this was to do.
1:28 pm
i hope, i hope that nobody, that nobody, has to go through what i have gone through. i know what i did was wrong. and admitting it was the most difficult and embarrassing thing i have ever had to do. folks, i have nothing left to hide. i would do anything, absolutely anything, to change the past. but the past is the past, and we must move forward.
1:29 pm
i want to be clear, i want to be crystal clear, to every single person. these mistakes will never, ever, ever, happen again. i kept this from my family, especially my brother, doug. my staff, my council colleagues, because i was embarrassed and ashamed. to the residents of toronto, i
1:30 pm
know i have let you down. and i can't do anything else but apologize, and apologize, and i'm so sorry. i know, i know i have to regain your trust and your confidence. i love my job. i love my job, and i love this city, and i love seeing the taxpayers' money, and i love being your mayor. there's important work that we must advance and important decisions that must be made. for the sake of the taxpayers of
1:31 pm
this great city, for the sake of the taxpayers, we must get back to work immediately. we mustonto moving forward. i was elected to do a job. and that's exactly what i'm going to continue doing. in 2010, i made a commitment to toronto voters-i have delivered on that commitment, and i will continue to deliver on that commitment of saving taxpayers money. but they have a choice.
1:32 pm
we live in a democracy. and october 27th, of 2014, i want the people of this great city to decide whether they want rob ford to be their mayor. i sincerely, sincerely, sincerely apologize. god bless the people of toronto. >> god bless you, too. >> thank you very much. >> are you stepping down? >> all right.
1:33 pm
toronto mayor rob ford is not resigning. he has admitted to a crime, but just admitting to a crime does not mean he has been convicted of a crime, and then therein lies the loop through which he will try to wedge himself. the toronto city council has monthly meetings, and already the executive committee of that toronto council has ruled it appears, and i quote here, that a majority of members members of council, significant number of members of the executive committee, have expressed serious concerns about the mayor's ability to lead the city government at this time. now, again, this comes as the mayor, who had for quite some time denied these rumors that some had seen him smoking a crack pipe and others said that was a distorsion, that was made up. this seen earlier where he was chasing reporters off his front
1:34 pm
yard, a media cabal going after him based on inwin -- innuendo, and he basically admitted them in a radio interview, and in interviews they have things called microphones and recorders that record said words spoken into said microphone, and now the mayor of the fourth largest city in north america, a city that draws enormous vacationer, traffic, tourist traffic, investment traffic, one of the most popular cities to invest because you get the extra bang for the buck, whether it's canadian bucks or american bucks, and it's long been a haven for so-called cash. it had been very volatile today. the request is whether this would be a long-drawn-out, protracted affair, much as it was in san diego with bob filner, the mayor there who was
1:35 pm
too touchy feely. and he left under incredible duress, and after a settlement that is unsaid after the came to the millions inch detroit we had kwame kilpatrick who was charged and ultimately convicted withfar greater offenses, financial offenses, that stand to put him in prison for the better part of three decades. way too early to tell what will happen to the mayor of toronto. but my attorney friends, jonah spillbore and lisa, listening in on this and offering me their legal expertise. the mayor admit teed the crime but not convicted, so you could say, until convicted, he stays in office. right? >> you have a mayor that admitted to criminal activity, and it's not only that. we have the mayor with the under the influence as he served? where did he get crack from? he contribute teed the criminal element. >> there's reports of more than
1:36 pm
one -- once. he said just wons. ontario's premiere is worried about turmoil at toronto city hall, and the pattern worries her. in ottawa, they say he needs to get help. >> he needs to resign because he is an authority figure, an elect official. >> so was filner in san diego and he hung on for a while. >> you're right. it will be a taxpayer problem. >> he can save himself by pouring himself into rehab. he is not getting sued yet. are they going to look into how he bide the crack cocaine? if it happened once, it happens thune times. >> he said he was drunk when this happened. >> that doesn't help. itself he pours himself into rehab, now he has a medical problem and it would about bad for him, if not against the law to fire him from his -- in
1:37 pm
american law, but if he has a physical, medical problem, drug addicted, he could become a role model if he goes through rehab and shows the people he is truly sorry. you can't walk of the podium and say i'm a crackhead drunk and going to get back to work without get something help. >> if i admit to a serious crime, i admit to murdering someone, but the investigators now are looking into it, until they say, neil is right, he did murder someone. we admitted to something he did. isn't there sort of a limbo where they're trying to connect expect make the charge? >> i have to say he admitted to a crime, and even if you were to go into rehab. in a criminal case, it doesn't deter the prosecution necessarily, and a lot more facts have to be uncovered, and i'm not -- >> you're already saying there could be a pattern of behavior. does that make any difference?
1:38 pm
you can say, i drove drunk but you need corroboration, not just your own statement. at least here you do. toronto may be different. they're not going to prosecutor him for that but are they going to go after him and find reasons to pull him out of the office? you betcha. how do you say you're running a city when you're a drunk and a drug addict. >> well, the way these things normally end -- kilpatrick's case in detroit was different. those are real financial abuses and abusing public funds. we don't know if that's the case here. but in a lot of these cases -- i covered my share of them -- what happens is there's a settlement reached to kick the guy out of office, and part of the settle. is we'll pay your legal fees, just get your ass out. >> for him to go on the air like that i thought main they gave him immunity from prosecutor in order to come out.
1:39 pm
but we see the sense of entitlement in elected officials. an aural a couple weeks ago in "the wall street journal" talking about how people with power, they get drunk with this power and think they're beyond reproach, and this is somebody people are supposed to look up to, and even if he entered rehab, how does the say i'm qualified to be mayor. you're telephoning us you have a problem that will take away from -- take you away from you daily duties. of he cares about the people of toronto, doesn't he owe them the resignation? and he can get help -- >> all we know, all we know, is that in the land of niagra falls, another politician has had a huge fall from grace. a get it, now aga falls, fall from grace. free basic cable. t a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office.
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they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. . .
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is it me or does everyone have some 'splaining to do?
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the u.s. house of representatives oversight panel subpoenaed the obama administration. they want an internal report showing the number of people who have enrolled in health coverage through this debacle, this online setup. the president, everyone aid admit it is a mistake and they have been trying to get numbers of how many have been able to take advantage of it. the administration says it's difficult get the numbers together. the insurers, and they gord those numbers. so the federal government can say, talk to them and we'll collate together. easier said than done. but the house wants some answers and wants it pronto. meanwhile, boomers are going bust. you hear about this? no wonder so many of them are putting off retirement fast. they're taking care of adult kids who ain't leaving and now aging parents whose own cost are not exactly declining.
1:44 pm
larry says it's payback for the so-called entitled generation but that does not mean they have to be the sandwich generation and suck up the bills for all generations. larry says it's time for tough love. >> you're take caring of mom and dad and also got a kid living with you for a long time? how do you deal with this? >> well, first of all you got to make some choices. i think the first choice you take care of yourself because eventually you're going to get old and you better have prepared. so, when it comes to taking care of mom and dad, i think you do that because that the right thing to do. but when it comes to taking careoff our kids, stop doing that. recent study said that 70% of people over the age of 68 still contribute substantially financially to their adult children. and i think we take care of kids out of two reasons, stupidity and guilt. we stupidly didn't teach them how to take care of themselves, so out of guilt we end up taking
1:45 pm
tear of them. that has to stop. >> how. do thanksgivings go at your house? [laughter] >> i love that. i have very responsible children. i taught them well. >> all right. because you're a printing press for money. larry, here's what is, i think, particularly neat for this generation. a lot of people said the boomers are -- you thought you could change the world, and your fancy cars and everything else, you sucked up all the stuff out there. so good that all of this is happening to you. what do you think of that? >> well, i think that's a shame. we also are the most productive generation in history. the fact that we screwed up and added to the entitlement problem by not forcing our kids to be accountable, that is our biggest downfall, and that -- >> i love you dearly but i think the generation ahead of us, like my mom's generation, the greatest generation, i love
1:46 pm
everyone in my generation but a they blew us to shame. >> i agree with that, too. i do. you're right on that. i think, though, we still have to step back in it's never too late to force accountability on our children, and those 70% who are still taking care of adult kids, they need to get tough, go in and say, you know, should have trained you better but i didn't but you have to take care of yourself. >> i'm going to -- enough of my questions. let's get to yours. everytime people know your combing on we get a lot of questions. my husband's last day at work is dish have no idea what the best thing to do is healthcare coverage. i have always been covered until now. >> a person who is confused about healthcare coverage. he is 79 years old so unless he married 30 years younger than him, and if he did, congratulations. >> stop it. >> she probably qualifies for medicare. i would say, so i would suggest that if she is over 65, she rely
1:47 pm
on medicare. if she is not 65, she is as confused as the rest of us when it comes to figuring out her health care. >> john is tweeting this, larry. what percentage of people never get to collect social security? does this percentage enter into any equation? >> according to the social security administration, 4% of people never collect any social security benefits. and that is because they're either infrequent workers or they're immigrants, and the poverty level among those people is 45%. so, that's how the numbers work out. >> retire and collect your social security benefits early or later? what does larry do? >> i think you wait as long as you possibly can. i suggest 70 years old. >> we'll check back with the 79-year-old's wife. that went well. larry, galls good having you. >> thank you so much. >> you think this guy is big news in new jersey? what if told you something
1:48 pm
further down the vary ballot he is on could prove much, much more explosive. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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forget for the moment if this guy wins big. how does chris christie deal with this one? it wins even bigger. on the same measure, new jersey's ballot calls for hiking the state's minimum wage by $1 to $8.25 an hour then making it part of the constitution by guaranteeing increases pegged to inflation. do you have such guarantees where you work? craig smith says that's why this is a real piece of work. it's dicey as to whether it will pass or not.
1:52 pm
people think it will because it sounds good on paper and sold as only 3% of new jerseyans work at minimum wage. what's the harm to you? how do you answer that? >> if you look at the studies, it's clear. 85% of the reliable studies out there show that every time you raise the minimum wage, you hurt employment and you cause lay-offs. that's just statistics. you can't get away from that. if this wins, you're going to hurt the very people they are trying to help. think about it. when you talk about minimum wage, that's the wrong word. it's a learning wage that gets you in the door. most people that start at minimum wage, 2/3 of those people will get a raise within their first year. this is feel-good legislation. it's probably great for an election time, but not going to help the economy. i guarantee you it will cost jobs. people will be laid off or prices will increase at the store and we need that like a hole in the head.
1:53 pm
>> with people who are for this say that's not the case. government of new jersey has said while he finds this type of approach a little skewed up, he is for seeing a higher minimum wage a lot of conservatives are, as well. i guess what is troublesome in this is that automatically indexing this to inflation when that obligates employers of all sorts, all sizes to automatically index this sort of thing to inflation, even though their business might not be keeping up to inflation. it might be going just the other way. >> you bet. what if they can't raise prices to keep up with that inflation? you're right. this is -- look, during times that are tough like this, you never raise taxes, you never raise cost of businesses. name me one mandate that has been put on a business that has made that business more prosperous. this is the wrong time for this. i don't care if the governor's for it or against it. statistics are clear. this will hurt employment. it will cause lay-offs.
1:54 pm
the proponents will say those others will benefit even though a few people will be laid off. what about the entry job levels that are eliminated? this is just not the right time to raise taxes or raise minimum wage. any economist will tell you that. >> california, connecticut, new york, rhode island, the states that have this etched into their respective state constitutions are not exactly firing on all economic cylinders. california is coming back. you could argue connecticut's coming back. i don't know whether this has anything to do with that, but i doubt it. i'm wondering whether this holds that come back. >> think about it. if you're going to index these wages every year, what happens when quantitative easing which ultimately will cause inflation, we know that, $85 million a month being printed right now is going to ultimately cause price inflation in this system. you add on top of that an automatic increase on wages to employers on top of that?
1:55 pm
neil, that's got to hurt the consumer, hurt the working man, got to hurt the business owner. it just doesn't make economic sense. that doesn't surprise me coming from these guys. my favorite saying is the guys back east can mess up a one-piece puzzle. they do a good job at it, i might add. >> trying to think that through if you have a one-piece puzzle. they messed it up. craig, thank you very much. >> probably the mayor didn't inhale, neil. >> oh, my god. that's hysterical. where is an nfl tie? what was the deal with all the nfl -- i don't know. thanks, craig. it isn't just the red sox, by the way. they're going wild in boston.
1:56 pm
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my mother was sicilian, i lived at home until i was married. take care of mama and daddy. kick the blood-sucking kids to the curb. grow a pair says it all. >> this doesn't happen all that often. we are really fortunate to be here. >> they displayed their character from beginning to end. they had resiliency. >> we couldn't be more proud of this team. >> those guys were not talking about the world series champion red sox. they're talking about, well, me and my team. a set-up for next year's mid-term elections we'll be following every single part of it just as we have for every race, every debate, every convention, every primary, every caucus, every health care bill that turns into health care
2:00 pm
monstrocity. this is the best of the political stuff and economic stuff. a one-stop shop. i'm sort of a la carte. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president obama's honesty and credibility may now be in question. as we reported, he wasn't shooting straight with the american people when he promised that everyone could keep their doctor and health care plan period. now he is trying to spin his way out of that promise. here is what he said last night. >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law,


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