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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 6, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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this morning. terri mccullough will be virginia's next governor narrowly defeating ken cuccinelli and pledging bipartisanship. >> i promise you tonight i will be a governor for all virginians the real test is my actions when i take office. i expect you to hold me to my pledge to work with both sides>> new jersey governor chris christie handling the second term in office over democrat barbara bono taking in 60 percent of the vote. she may already be looking ahead to washington. >> the biggest thing i have heard over the last four years about leadership is it is much less about talking than listening. >> i know if we can do this in trenton new jersey maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in their tv's right now to see how it is done.
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>> the first republican to get more than 50 percent of the vote in 25 years. >> bill blagio is the first democrat elected mayor of the city since 1989. here is other results making headlines today. if you want to smoke pot in colorado, you are going to have to pay a lot for it. voters overwhelmingly approved a special 25 percent tax on recreational marijuana which works out to be $67 million a year. a large chunk of that money will go towards school. the houston astro dome will be likely a memory soon. the iconic stadium will be demolished after voters did not approve a referendum to turn it into a convention center. it is good to be a teenager if
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you live in tacoma park maryland. 16 and 17-year-olds were allowed to vote. it is the first city in the country to lower the voting age from 18 to 16. kathleen sebelius is being drilled again as congress is sorting out the observe caobama. what is expected today. what is on tap? >> we had some of the biggest advocates with the healthcare law. kathleen sebelius is returning to capitol hill today. she will get fresh questioning from senators addressing growing concerns not only about implementation but the law itself. it included a senior administrator involving the implementation. they says the site is able to process nearly 10's of thousands of registrants per hour with
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almost no errors. >> they can review and compare plans without registering for an account. this functionality was not working well in the days leading up to it so we opted to prioritize work on the application process instead. >> remember we learned many couldn't keep their health plan? is jay carney was thrilled by reporters yesterday. he says the president can go back in time and he is focused on getting it right for the american people. he also encouraged approximately 6 million people without health insurance to sign up. back to you. >> elizabeth prann live for us. a decision on whether kennedy's cousin michael skakel will get jail. he is scheduled to hear arguments on whether he will get authority to release skakel after he awaits a new trial of
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neighbor martha moxley bishop ordered a new trial saying his attorney failed to represent him he is serving 20-years to life. >> ritchie incognito going off into a shouting rage inside of a bar. >> this happened in florida earlier this year while he was out with his teammates people appeared to just watch as he shouted around the bar shirtless wi . our fox affiliate caught up with him in his exclusive video asking him about the ladies and gentlemened bullying tapes against him. >> i am trying to weather around the storm right now. this will pass. >> incognito is accused of bullying his teammate jonathan
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martin and leaving a racial and expletive filled message on his voice mail. >> time to look who is talking this morning form nfl player and football star tiki barber. >> he is speaking out about the video you just saw. >> certainly alcohol fuelled and the use of the n word while never acceptable i don't want to say it is understandable it was used. this wasn't the riley cooper situation. >> it is dangerous. this guy is out of control. >> he is ultimately insecure. almost all of the players are in support of ritchie incognito. it is not understandable from the inside in. there is a culture that exists in florida. if there is an issue it is in the locker room. >> the dolphins suspended him but they have not yet commented on the status of the team.
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>> federal investigation to blame the deadly parade in texas. four people died. this happened last november after a truck pulling a truck with wounded very veterans was hit by a frait train. they did not properly identify and manage hazards in the area. they also say crowds were too loud for the truck driver to hear over the railroad's warning. 11 vetrans and their live wives were hurt in that crash. >> here's what many consider a highly important case. at issue here prayers at public meetings. critics want it outlawed saying it is unconstitutional to endorse religion. praying at public meetings has been done since this and it restricts traditional american life. >> the emergency emergency mall
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were r where a gunman opened fire. richard shoop fired shots inside the garden state plaza mall yesterday. no one was hurt. shoop was found in the back part of the mall hours later. police say he killed himself. they say he wasn't out to hurt any one but himself. >> in the state of new jersey they overwhelmingly support a huge boost of minimum wage. we have more on this and other top business stories. >> good morning. new jersey voters will get paid more next year. i should say new jersey workers will get paid more next year. they have a constitutional mainedment to raise the minimum wage by a dollar to 8.25 an hour. 1.8 million workers in new jersey are paid hourly. 50,000 are paid minimum page and 50,000 are paid less than
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minimum wage. critics say wage increases raise companies to raise prices and worse cut jobs. sony is launching a play station 4. it costs 400,000 when it comes out later this month. according to reports they will charge a monthly fee of 999 for multi player on-line games. those games currently free on the ps 3. the daily telegraph reports says google are not only working on driver list cars but technology that let's drivers wind down windows with a wave of the hand or click of the finger. for cars of the future that almost do away with buttons and knobs on the bash board in favor of hand commands. i hope technology doesn't listen to the back seat passenger like turn up the radio. >> we hate the back seat
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passengers. >> thanks lauren. >> time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. other parts of the country could get soaked. >> that's right. we are attracting a cold front. you tend to see the winds out of the south. that is what we are seeing. temperatures will be rising we will be very mild including new york city where highs will make it into the 60s. we are going to be dealing with areas of rain just to the west or parts of the east coast. across parts of the great lakes and even town into texas. where it is cold enough we have a little more snow coming oh you tell of parts of minnesota southwestern parts of minnesota where most of the snow is pretty much over and done with have reported over 10 inches of snow. a hard hitting snowstorm for those areas. otherwise over portions of texas. it will be heading eastbound
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thursday into friday. will expect the rain to be on the move eastward. new york city you are dealing with the rain coming up early thursday morning. otherwise temperatures behind the storm out of the north behind the storm. colder temperatures theirs what we are seeing with the storm ice tem. take a look at the current windchill companies. in the city of denver it feels like 16 degrees feels like 12 in rapid city. you have to bundle up as you head outdoors. only # 24 degrees for the current windchill temperatures. 60s is what it feels like this morning. very mild. in the highs in the 60s in new york 70s across the southeast. tampa on the warm side. behind the storm minneapolis the actual high temperature is going to be 39d degrees. always giving us the weather. >> time now is 10 minutes after
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the top of the hour. the mayor of toronto admitting he lied and is changing his story. >> yes i have smoked crack cocaine. sri tried it? probably in one of my drunken sup stupors. >> what he is not going to do even more surprising. >> a shocking new study about your household chores. why vacuuming could be causing you to pack on the pounds. >> and don't forget you can chat with us now on facebook, twitter. also check out pictures on instraw gram. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors!
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>> good morning on the streets of new york city as the sun starts to come up. hopefully you are waking up in a good mood where you are today. jailbreak they have been caught after a week on the run. a total of four inmates escaped. they climbed out through the shower. two were caught the next day the remaining two were found after a week on the run. the men were held on charges that included weapons possessions robbery and burglary. the 83-year-old notorious julie thief in court. she has stolen more than 2 million worth of jewels over 60er yaos the most recent alleged theft a 22,500 dollar
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ring from a july lie store. she was arrested on suspicion of felony larceny. she faced a judge. they believe she is not a real risk to the community. >> people know who she is. everyone calls the police on her or calls the security department on her. >> she was even the subject of a documentary. >> two thieves hold up a manhattan julie store this shows you one suspect smashing a display with his hammer and the other one arresting employees. they ripped offer several pieces with 15,000 dollars. the thieves are still on the lose. he seems to be changing his tune. toronto's mayor rob ford now admitting he did smoke crack
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cocaine. this comes after denying the claims for weeks. fox news john roberts has more on the bear's confession. >> yes, i smoked crack cocaine, but no -- >> do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> ford said while he was profoundly sorry and embarrassed he wasn't going anywhere. >> i was elected to do a job. that is exactly what i am going to continue tdoing. >> the police chief had a tape of the mayor allegedly smoking crack. >> he does appear in the video. >> he ball lig yantly insisted the tape that it did not exist. >> i do not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict of crack cocaine. >> he was a lightening rod for
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dra traumatic moments for the city known for its reserve. now he is a billboard for bad behaviors. >> get toronto back on track vote for the guy who likes to smoke crack. >> voters like his low tax policies policies he hopes will earn forgiveness. >> i think he can survive this. at the end of the day back in 2010 people voted for rob ford warts and all. >> popularity ratings have gone up despite the drug scandal it is still not clear if tornado city council will try to oust him from that position. it is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a mother is furious after discovering adults surfing the web for porn at a public library. the library has no plans to stop it. wait until you hear why. >> animal rights activists are
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up in arms. the unbelievable reason they say the same pits are hurting your dog.
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>> turns out guns are not banned for neighborhood watch volunteers in florida. that's where george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. neighborhood watch volunteers can still carry firearms. the chief introduced a revamp program that includes more guidance and training. in addition volunteers will be required to sign a waiver absolving the city for responsibility for their actions. >> she is fighting her local
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library for allowing porn to be viewed in the library. she told a library worker and they said they have to allow it because denying access may violate a person's first amendment. >> we understand adults should have unfettered access to the internet in their adult area. however, only adults ages 18 and up are allowed in our adult area. >> fox says she found incidents of adults viewing child porn and the library never called police about it. they retrained employees to call police if it ever happens again. >> the pastor jailed in iran has been moved to a more dangerous prison cut off from family visits. he says the new prison houses the country's most violent murders and racists.
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it came after a phone call about dismantling the nuclear program. he was sentenced to 8 years for working with the country's christian church movement. he's a u.s. citizen living in boise, idaho with his wife and two kids since 2004. >> here's quite a switch for you. a completely different story. it doesn't have to do with testosterone and working out unless you consider working out with a mop which it can be and a mop can be your treadmill. people who rely on housework to burn fat are heavier than those who get their exercise in a more typical way like biking or running. they speculate heavier people may think their chores are more intense than they are when reality is it attacks muscle groups. chores have their benefits. 2 and a half hours of housework a week can reduce body inflammation. there you have it.
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time now to brew on this. a dog shaming craze has taken the internet by storm. >> the phenomenon started on the social networking site tum beller and since spread. dog owners were posting pictures of their pooches with a sign describing recent bad behavior. now vets are warning dog shaming is actually harmful to the animals involved claiming the pets in the photo is bad for their self-esteem. we want to know do you think this trend damages this dignity of dogs? send your comments to us you can tweet them to us at foxfriendsfirst or shoot us an e-mail to we are going to read some of your comments later in the show. >> 25 after the top of the hour. why obamacare is such a disaster. >> this new regulation appears to i go ngnore the impact it wi have in the real world. they reduce the numbcost of the
2:26 am
people who have insurance. >> that was back in 2010. now lawmakers are reacting to the fact that he was right all along. >> the worldwide shortage that could make it possible. >> you can chat with us on facebook, twitter check out pictures on intra gram and also e-mail us. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982.
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>> parents are furious about a history book with an entire chapter dedicated to islam. they are unable to make their case to the board because of safety concerns. >> while you were sleeping including one place where voters had to decide if they wanted to make pot more mainstream. >> she risked her life for the country then that father is told she couldn't visit her daughter's schools. wait until you hear why. wait until you hear why.
2:31 am
♪ >> good morning to you. it is wednesday morning. welcome to "fox & friends first". >> i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> the dust is settling this morning after a tense election day across the country. some of the results raising eyebrows this morning. democrat jerry mcauliffe will be the next governor narrowly beating out cuccinelli. >> my real test is my actions when i take office. i expect you to hold me to my promises to work on both sides. >> chris christie works a second term in office over democrat barbara bono taking in if 60 percent of the vote.
2:32 am
he may be using the opportunity to look ahead to washington. >> the biggest thing i have learned over the last four years of bad leadership is leadership is much less about talking than it is about listening. >> i know if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks at washington, d.c. should tune in their tv to see how it is done. >> the first republican to get more than 50 percent of the vote in 25 years. >> bill de blras bladeblasio wit of the vote. he is t-- 73 ers p of the vote. he is the first democrat elected to the city since 1929. if you want to smoke pot in colorado you have to pay for it. voters overwhelmingly approved a special 25 percent tax on recreational marijuana which works out to be 67 million a
2:33 am
year. a large chunk of the money will go to the schools. houston astro dome will likely be just a memory. it will likely be demolished. >> it is good to be a teenager in tacoma park, maryland. 16 and 17-year-olds were allowed to vote. tacoma park is the first city in the country to lower its voting age from 18 to 16. it is happening again and kathleen sebelius in the hot seat today being grilled again as congress is sorting out the obamacare disaster. doug luzader is live with what to expect today. >> she has been through this before. these questions may be a little more difficult because they may deal less with that troubled web site and more about the law itself.
2:34 am
now yesterday we saw the woman responsible for administering the exchanges. the centers for medicare and medicaid she says the site is slowly improving. even some democrats worry that with the security concerns enrollment sticker shock that the entire system could be in per peril. >> what i worry about there's such a crisis of confidence people won't need to enroll. people need to enroll particularly our young people to make this whole system work won't happen. >> republicans went after the president now widely discredited pledge americans could keep their health insurance if they like it. >> it still says if you like your plan you can keep it and you don't have to change your thing due to the healthcare law. >> that's the white house web site. >> that is the claim and that is still dogging the president and the white house.
2:35 am
that is the exchange between jay carney and he had henry. >> you can say that was not true, right? >> as i said last week, communications are challenging here. you have to remember the affordable care act promises. >> it is not true. >> i have addressed this question repeatedly. >> the president meantime ahead with dallas today. talk about the healthcare law but also a new fundraiser. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. >> if you like your healthcare insurance you can keep it. as we all know his words are broken promises for millions of americans. back in 2010 after reading obamacare senator from wyoming issued this stern warning. >> the obama administration has broken that promise.
2:36 am
the administration published regulations that will fundamentally change the health insurance plan of millions of americans. the reality of this new regulation is if you like what you have you can't keep it. the final result of the new regulation will be that all americans will eventually be forced to buy the kind of health insurance the federal government thinks you should have. never mind employers will be less likely to hire new workers and probably layoff workers. >> they proposed an amendment to block the regulation. his warning went unheated. democrats mocked him and accused him of political fear mongering. >> he reacted to the fact that he was right. >> millions of people start to get canceled. in the past couple weeks what did you think to yourself? >> i thought back to 2010 when we said this was going to happen. no that won't happen we can ignore it we have the perfect plan.
2:37 am
this has not been the perfect plan from the start. i love how he said this is settled you can't make any changes. he makes changes without it being available in the law. he avoids the law and voids part of the law in order to have his predictions come out right. but he doesn't listen. >> senator ron johnson's bill if you like your health plan you can keep it will gain traction. with some democrats likely to support it. >> students at west virginia are now being required to get health insurance. the school is suggesting that they sign up for obama's struggling healthcare act. in fact students have to sign up for healthcare before they can go to class next year. the school says that it wants to ensure students are protected against unexpected health problems and expenses. >> the girlfriend of aaron hernandez will appear in court today after being charged with perjury in connections with his
2:38 am
murder case. he pleaded not guilty last month and waudz released on personal reconnaissance. she lied to the grand jury that indicted hernandez including about disposing of evidence of his request. new york police looking for four more suspects in the iven familiar mouse assault on the hi -- infamous saument. they are trying to single out specific riders from that attack. experts are being called in to pinpoint exact make and models of the motorcycles. >> he seems to be changing his tune after denying claims he's a drug addict. toron toronto's mayor rob ford now admitting he did in fact smoke crack cocaine. >> am i an addict? no. have i tried it, probably in one of my drunk ep stupors. >> while the canadian mayor apologized he says he will not be resigning.
2:39 am
>> i was elected to do a job and that is exactly what i am going to continue doing. >> ford came clean after toronto's police chief publically revealed he had videotape showing the mayor doing the drug. still unclear if the city council will try to oust him from his position following his confession and apology. >> the u.s. supreme court hearing one of the biggest cases of its term today. issue whether prayers at public meetings can be banned. critics argue it is unconstitutional. it makes it seem like the government is endorsing religion. supporters say it has been done since the founding of the united states. it is another attempt to strip religion out of the american life. >> the event for the 2014 winter olympics. the torch will be taken on a state walk.
2:40 am
russian astronauts will actually take the torch up into open space on saturday. it will stay in space for five days before returning back to the earth next monday. the torch relay started on october 7th rt in moscow. >> that is interesting. i wonder what the weather is going to be like up there in the atmosphere for them. do you have an answer for that? >> i hope they don't have that being lit when they are trying to come from space back down to earth. that will be a rough ride coming through the earth's atmosphere. i want to take you to the u.s. where we have a storm system headed eastbound. right along the frontal boundary we have rain across parts of the great lakes and parts of louisiana and also sections of texas. on the backside of the system where we have temperatures we are holding out for snow. we have a little bit of snow so you are not talking significant
2:41 am
accumulations across sections of wisconsin or minnesota. it is coming down early this morning out here. we are picking up additional accumulation to the west. we are talking up to 10 inches of snow out here. showers further south across parts of texas. the storm is headed east expecting to be producing some showers across sections of the northeast coming up on thursday. i want to show you some of the windchill temperatures heather and ainsley. will behind the storm it is very cold only in the teens and also teens in rapid city and denver. ahead of the system mild 50's is what it feels like now in new york city. >> better than yesterday. it was really cold. >> thanks maria. >> thank you. >> 41 minutes after the top of the hour. she may have been out weighed and out armed but one woman proving you don't mess with her. >> i grabbed a hold of it. the that will paralyze him. all i have to do is hit his spine. >> she scared off a man who was
2:42 am
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he froze at first i shocked him with my voice. he took off. there's no way i could have caught him. i will throw that it will paralyze him. >> he has since been arrested. sentencing in a bizarre case involving a erm toer baseball player. anna simpson was sentenced to 15 years probation for attacking her estranged husband chris vincent. she pled guilty to aggravated assault charges when she broke into his home wearing a bulletproof vest armed with a gun demanded 30,000 dollars. he escaped and called 911. >> katie pierry's new album is considered a vie owe hazard. it could pose a risk to the country. they were included because she
2:47 am
says she wants her fans to plant them to spread the light. >> it is a rapid ride. we are learning that students loan debt has increased astounding 463 percent during the current administration. diane macedo joins us with more on that. >> the financial services monthly treasury statement shows student loans that stands at $675 billion. that is compared to just under 120 billion in january of 2009 when the president took office and just under 180 billion in july of 2010 when the healthcare education reconciliation act gave the government complete control over federal education loans. since then the balance has increased 277 percent. while 76 percent during president bush's tenure seems minuscule you put them together it is up more than 7 fold over the last decade, heather.
2:48 am
>> thank you very much diane macedo short and sweet this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks ladies. have a good one. >> the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. she risked her life for america and that mother banned from visiting her own daughter's school. wait until you hear why. >> a new female super pirro. see how she is gbattling more than just the bad guy. good morning, steve. >> good morning, ladies. kathleen sebelius is in the hot seat again today on pap tol hill. what do lawmakers want to hear from her? pat tum my joins us live. a viral blog post has controversy after he says marriage is not for him. he and his wife will join us to explain. i want to hear from the wife. can't skop fidget -- scant stca
2:49 am
fidgeting? dog week continues. ever wonder why your dog runs around in circles before it sits down? we will explain some of the odd dog behaviors. "fox & friends" for this wednesday after election day starts 11 minutes from now right here on the fox news channel. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry!
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welcome back. 7 minutes till the top of the hour. classroom controversy at a florida high school. a vo lieu shah county high school getting threats over a world history book. the book dedicates an entire chapter to islam. but some say that all religions are not equally covered in the book. >> at issue is equality.
2:53 am
if you're going to teach a religion, teach them all. teach them aly and i've got no problem with that. >> that was the protest organizer. he will join us on "fox & friends" this morning to talk more about the textbook controversy. an army veteran banned from her daughter's elementary school after posting a picture on facebook of her concealed weapons permit. she said she was told the principal is scared of her and doesn't want her on the ground. >> she told me instead of volunteering at the school and playing on the playground with my daughter i need to be at home doing grown-up things. >> the district is now giving her permission to transfer her daughter to another school. >> the new model super hero has been revealed. miss march value will be making her debut -- miss marvel will be making her
2:54 am
debut in february. the comic will show the challenges she faces fighting crime and growing up in new jersey in a pakistani family. a north carolina teenager is impressing others through the internet with his celebrity voice impersonation. >> this is sauvignon blanc. she's been here for the past few days. i think we're going to get married. >> his name is jake. he can take on celebrities like morgan freeman and bat map. his new video was posted tuesday night and has already had 220,000 views. >> good for him. it is now six minutes till the top of the hour. a cattle costume rustler busted for trying to sell the stolen suit. you'll never guess where he got them. putting your pooch to shame for bad behavior
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about two minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening. kathleen sebelius answering more tough questions from congress about the failures of obamacare. this as the president heads to dallas to sell the health care law to texans. a decision could come today on whether kennedy cousin michael skakel gets bail. a judge is hearing arguments on whether he has the authority to release him. the u.s. supreme court hearing one of the biggest cases of term today. at issue whether prayers at public meeting can be outlawed. critics say the practice is unconstitutional and makes it seem as if the government is endorsing religion. >> now time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good.
2:59 am
two fishermen rescue a stranded whale in alaska. what you don't see, the fishermen use the oars to pry the whale off the rock and back into the water. coconut paubgs are facing a -- coconut palms are facing a crisis and no longer yield enough to meet rising demand. the ugly. a man who tried to sell two stolen cow costumes have been caught. they were stolen from chick-fil-a restaurants advertised for sale on-line and that's how they found their suspect. >> time for your brew on this responses. earlier in the show we were talking about dog shaming craze. >> dog owners post pictures of their pooches with a sign expressing their bad behavior.
3:00 am
>> now experts are saying it is harmful to the animals. >> we have some of your responses. and we ask -- >> we're going to read some of those. >> vienna said on facebook, yes, i do. animals are more sensitive and intuitive than people give them credit for. no more shaping our pups. >> rudy tweets us those are cute pictures. most dog owners treat their dogs like kid. no harm done. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it's wednesday, november 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. did obamacare turn a runaway horse into one that nearly cost the democrats election? in virginia last night we're going to show you the exit polls. has everybody talking. >> a lot of hugging going on there. >> they're happy. >> they are happy. one democrat seeing the white house dishonesty a little differently than many. >> it is the president's


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