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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 6, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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it is harmful to the animals. >> we have some of your responses. and we ask -- >> we're going to read some of those. >> vienna said on facebook, yes, i do. animals are more sensitive and intuitive than people give them credit for. no more shaping our pups. >> rudy tweets us those are cute pictures. most dog owners treat their dogs like kid. no harm done. >> "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning. it's wednesday, november 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. did obamacare turn a runaway horse into one that nearly cost the democrats election? in virginia last night we're going to show you the exit polls. has everybody talking. >> a lot of hugging going on there. >> they're happy. >> they are happy. one democrat seeing the white house dishonesty a little differently than many. >> it is the president's ultimate responsibility,
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correct? >> you clearly -- whatever. >> whatever. >> we know that's not true. more from the obamacare. >> olympic champ brian lockheed won't be in the pool any time soon but wait till you hear how he got hurt. "fox & friends" starts now. >> this is gavin mcgraw. hope your morning is a little bit sweeter with "fox & friends." >> i expect lochte to walk into our studio any day now. >> with the hat. >> we've got big news on this wednesday after an election day tuesday. the dust settling this morning after a tense election day across the country. but some of the results certainly raising eyebrows. we're live in washington, d.c. with a recap.
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good morning, to you. >> reporter: good morning. the election results in virginia, terry mcauliffe is the governor elect. the former d.n.c. chairman and clinton endorsed mcauliffe edged over ken cuccinelli. sarvis received about 7% of the split vote. in new jersey chris christie taking 60% of the vote against his democratic challenger. it's been more than two decades since a republican in new jersey garnered more than 50% of the vote. >> the biggest thing i've learned over the last four years about leadership is that leadership is much less about talking than it is about listening. i know that if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks ind with should tune in their tv's right now and see how it's done. >> exit polls show christie carried a majority of women but was split among
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hispanic voters. last but not least new york was one of major cities electing mayors last night. democratic bill deblasio won over bloomberg. back to you. tkaeup can we get -- >> can we get this over with. de blasio won. >> i see you emptying your pockets. >> here's the best news about the election results in new york city yesterday: it wasn't anthony weiner. >> that's perspective for you. >> i'm fascinated by virginia. i love when election results, even though terry mcauliffe was projected to win, this thing was so
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close. in fact, cuccinelli was in front late with over 65% of the precincts. in the end it was a small victory. >> obamacare actually could have been the reason that cuccinelli had a late surge. when asked how do you feel about obamacare, only 46% supported it, whereas a majority opposed it. keep in mind terry mcauliffe outspent him by a boatload and had some real negative ads. they reran that whole war on women. had cuccinelli perhaps had more money and one more week, we could be talking about governor cuccinelli. >> you're right. the weekly standard is estimating 16,000 individual insurance policies are going to be canceled, up to 80%. i think the more time, to your time, if there was another week this might have been a different story. the fact that it was so close i think had
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mcauliffe sweating all the dollars he spent on the election right now. >> i have an opinion on this and i'd like to share. richard powell, the tea party candidate, what was he? a libertarian. ron paul showed up and said drop out of the race. we like ken cuccinelli. we like what he stands for. the guy stayed in. he had as high as 8% some of the vote. that hurt. >> are you calling past interference? >> i think he hurt himself. the libertarian down in virginia, a terry mcauliffe backer, the idea was to split the vote and let mcauliffe win. cuccinelli, if he had a little more time, it might be different. >> why wouldn't he drop out? is he happier with cuccinelli as governor of the state? is he happier with terry mcauliffe? it is a vanity thing.
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>> what is key was the fact that obamacare impacted the democrats. the president of the united states is heading down to dallas today to try to sell obamacare and to prop up the rest of his agenda later today, but here's the thing. wherever he goes and wherever jay carney goes, they are dogged by the lies that the administration has pushed. in fact, ed henry was trying to get some answers, reminding jay carney of the lies. and this was the exchange yesterday. >> you can at least say that was not true; right? >> as i said last week, except that, you know, communications are challenging here, the president -- you have to remember that the affordable care act -- >> it's not true. >> did not anticipate cancellation letters would come out? you've been bashing the insurance companies. how did they get in the president's remarks? >> the president was referring to the broader
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promise of the affordable care act. our focus, ed, is on implementing the law and getting these benefits to the american people. >> doesn't his credibility matter and what he communicates? >> it's a portion of the 5%, for precision's sake. but what i can tell you is that the president campaigned on, argued for, signed into law the affordable care act. >> absolutely. and now let me tell you something else. there are boots on the ground for the "what i meant to say" tour. debbie wasserman schultz out of florida, she had a lot to say. i used to think explaining the truth didn't take so much explanation. she thought let's just keep on, keep on. listen to this. >> there was nothing about what president obama or i or any other democrat supporting the affordable care act said that was not true. and what is true is that the republicans continue to do everything they can to stop people from getting quality affordable health
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coverage and to allow insurance companies under the old system to continue to overcharge them for less coverage and to make their life hard. >> the first time in his presidency his words are getting him into more trouble, not less trouble. he believes on some level -- i believe he can talk his way out of anything. yesterday his speech consisted of we'll get the website fixed. by the way those who are worried about your insurance being canceled? really? on top of that he plans on going to texas where i believe it is as red as a red state can be, where he'll appeal to a group of people who don't have insurance and give them insurance. they have done studies about obamacare. when it is fully implemented as it is on course right now, there's still 30 million americans who will not have any health care at all and he'll be countered by an argument that says governor perry did not take the money from the government because not that he doesn't like poor people or people that are uninsured, he knows the state of texas
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cannot afford the budget mess they'll be left with in two years when the federal dollars disappear. >> brian, wherever he goes, he's dogged by the fact that he told a lie. repeatedly. and now what they're doing is they're lying about the lie. we've been saying this all along. look at the president's approval rating right now, and it is the lowest it has been in two years. right now the president is at 39%. that is a low number. is it as low as george bush? no. actually george bush -- >> identical. >> almost. at this point the first week in november during the fifth year of george bush's presidency his approval rating was at 40. barack obama at this point in his presidency is actually lower than george w. bush. >> everybody is seeing through it. debbie wasserman schultz went on to say what he meant by if you like your health care plan you can keep it, he was referring
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to the majority of americans who had health care. why qualify something when it's already true? >> obama got another life preserve, the president of the united states saying we're going to pass a law that allows people to reinstate or keep their health care if they had it prior to the law. the senate won't bring it up and the white house won't even entertain it. >> that could be very bad news for them going forward. we're going to talk about this and more of the election day postgame show in a little while but now let's go to heather nauert who has a bunch of news. >> we've got some headlines. a federal investigation is now revealing who is to blame for that deadly accident at the veterans day parade in texas. four people died last november after a truck pulling a float full of wounded veterans was hit by a freight train. investigators now say that parade organizers didn't properly identify and manage the potential hazard before that parade started. the crowd was simply too loud cheering everyone on
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and no one could hear the train's warning siren. in addition to the four dead, 11 veterans and their wives were hurt in that crash. a terrible tragedy there. a decision could come later today on whether kennedy cousin michael skakel gets bail. the judge is scheduled to hear arguments on whether he has authority him. skakel was convicted in 2002 of murdering martha mocksly with a golf club. he is serving a sentence of 20 years to life but a judge ruled his lawyer failed to adequately represent him. skakel is the nephew of the late senator robert f. kennedy. today the u.s. supreme court hearing one of the biggest cases of this term. at issue, whether or not prayers at public meetings can be banned. critics argue it is unconstitutional and makes it seem like the government is endorsing religion. supporters of the practice say this has been done since the founding of the united states and that this is just another attempt to strip religion out of american life. we'll keep you posted on that one. talk about a fan sale
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michael lochthe hanging out when an excited fan ran into him. lochte ended up with a torn a.c.l. in his knee. his publicist says he has to take a break from training. he is expected to make a full recovery. he fell over and hit his neon something hard. >> oh no! she probably feels terrible. >> bought your book on amazon yesterday, brian. >> really? >> i was talking about george washington being a hunk. not you. >> george washington is a hunk? >> yeah. stuff. >> thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> coming up, call it first-class treatment. some of our country's heroes flying in style thanks to selfless passengers giving them the treatment they deserve.
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the incredible story next. >> shocking numbers revealing more americans don't even want to bother finding work. stuart varney, are you coming in today? hurry up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh, homemade soup! yeah... [ male announcer ] campbell's homestyle soup with farm grown veggies. just like yours. huh. [ male announcer ] and roasted white meat chicken. just like yours. [ male announcer ] you'll think it's homemade. i love this show. [ male announcer ] try campbell's homestyle soup.
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a new report revealing a shocking new attitude among jobless americans. >> 34% say they don't want a job. 34%. and the number of those who want to stay away from work apparently is rising. so what's behind the trend? let's talk to stuart varney. he's been analyzing the numbers, and he says suddenly we seem european. >> yes. doesn't it seem that way? we're getting more and more like europe? i'm not going to say work-shy, but i am going to
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say some people are increasingly work-averse. that is what is going on in europe. >> is this because they're already unemployed? >> one-third of those people who are now not in the workforce, one-third of them say i don't want a job. i'm not looking. i don't want a job. get away from me. that proportion is actually rising. that is a big cultural shift for the united states of america. >> doesn't that fundamentally come from families, not from government? in the varney family, they're workers. if you say you don't want to work, you will not be allowed to stay in your house. where did the character go? >> it is a cultural shift. i think fewer people find fulfillment at work. the american ethic was always you get out, you go to work, you earn the money, you find a certain level of fulfillment by doing the job. i think there's less -- more people do not find that same fulfillment. if you look at these people and say i don't want a job,
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they're concentrated among young people that may be accounted for by more and more going to college. it's concentrated among women. perhaps more are staying at home deliberately; don't want to work. i want to stay with the children. again it is this fulfillment shift. i think that's at the heart of it. >> don't i think also part of it, a component is the economy itself. there aren't a lot of jobs out there. and when you combine that with the fact that we have created this fantastic entitlement state, i can make more money sitting on a couch like this rather than going to work? >> that is a huge factor obviously. the prevalence of comprehensive welfare and disability, that decreases the work ethic. a long-term result of this will be slower economic growth. if you've got people deliberately staying away from work, walking away from a paycheck, you have less money to spend, a slow rate of growth. just like europe. >> they fall into that medicaid area of obamacare. >> there is a big new entitlement program. here it comes.
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>> i think the right leader can imbue that back into the american public for those who are not doing it. >> who is that person? i don't see them yet. >> there's a lot of good young leaders on both side. >> are you running for office, brian? >> ultimately we need jobs. jobs have got to be there waiting for people. >> you've got to have growth. you give me 4%, 5%, 6% growth and i'll give you a workforce that wants to get out there and make money. >> he wants to change stuff and does so 9:20 every day on varney and company. >> this navy seal shot eight times but after four years of recovery he is here with his wife to share his story. >> possibly the cutest video you're going to see all day. babies on the go.
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welcome back. here's a quick look at some headlines. new york police are looking for four more suspects in the infamous road rage motorcycle assault of an s.u.v. driver in new york city. experts are being called to pinpoint exact models being used in the attack to pinpoint more suspects. >> americans who pass part but not all the g.e.d. exam are rushing to finish it before january and their previous scores are rushed out. in the new exam they will
3:24 am
use a computer instead of a pencil. it will also be more rigorous. >> a u.s. army ranger retired navy seal shot eight times in the face two weeks before he was scheduled to return home from iraq. after 37 surgeries, four years of recovery he's written a new book called the trident. he encourages others to overcome their adversity. here is the author and his coauthor and wife, erica. welcome to both of you. thanks for your service. you said in 2005 you made a bad leadership decision. what was it? >> i did. we were on an operation in southern afghanistan. we had been tasked to go over a cell. we had locked down a valley. i was in overwatch position. guys on the valley floor got into a brief fire fight. i made the decision i was going to take myself and one of my men, my machine gunner into that valley. there was a lot of tactical
3:25 am
issues with that. people who understand tactical would say it was a bad decision. >> you say this is part of your story overcoming adversity not dwelling on mistakes but overcoming later. you went back how many more times after that? >> i was able to do one more deployment after that. i had to redeem myself and recover my reputation. the book follows my journey doing that. then i headed to iraq for the beginning of the anbar awakening for pretty hard combat at al anbar. i was wounded at the end of that deployment. >> erica, before we get to the actual wound and incident. this whole time must be doubly hard on special force's wives. you just know he's gone and it's always going to be dangerous. >> we believe in their training. we have to, you know, think they're invincible and they're going to go out and do -- that they're safe. >> that's what you hope for. you hope they're safe and he comes back and he's
3:26 am
safe. fast forward to 2007. what happened? >> in 2007 we were on another pretty high-profile mission. we were going after a senior al qaeda leader and basically took down the target. they had moved to another one and we walked into a big ambush, a very well planned and executed ambush. myself and several other members of my team were hit in the fire fight and i almost didn't make it. i almost bled out right there on the battle field. thankfully to their tenacity, u.s. air force gunship missions enabled us to win the fight and come home and that started a whole new road. >> erica, how did you find out he had been hit? >> i got a phone call. a phone call is definitely an interesting point. it changed our life instantly. the phone call dropped three times, so i knew they were trying to reach me. i knew that something was wrong. so finally on the third phone call i got to hear that your husband has been shot in the face. you're not going to receive
3:27 am
a phone call. you're not going to -- he's wired shut. he's trached. those were the hardest four days. >> the only thing worse would be he passed away. this is your attitude then and now. when you talk about writing a book to inspire people, when you wrote trident, this is what you wrote, if you're coming into this room with sorrow or to feel sorry for my wounds go elsewhere. the wounds i received i got at a job i love, doing it for a people i love, supporting the freedom of a country i deeply love. i am incredibly tough and will make a full recovery. this room you are about to enter is a room of fun, optimism and intense rapid regrowth. if you are not prepared for that, go elsewhere. is that the philosophy that brought you through the surgery, the rebuild of your face and get you on this couch right now? >> absolutely. right from the -- it took a couple of days as reality sets in. everybody suffers catastrophic event in life, and it's a mental
3:28 am
commitment to overcome. and within the first few days that's what i said. i said i'm going to lift up the people around me. i'm going to drive forward. you can lead from any situation. i said i was going to do it from that hospital bed. it's -- >> talk about growth as a commander in the field, as a fighter in the field and as a person off the war and a relationship. lieutenant jason j. redman thanks so much for your service and for yours erica. the whole family goes to war. it is not just those who are actually wearing the camouflage. good luck with "the trident." you live this and we're in awe of your accomplishments. thanks so much. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. soldiers injured in the fort hood attacks by calling it workplace violence. this morning there is a new effort to give the victims the benefits they deserve.
3:29 am
>> one player says the victim is to blame in bullying nfl players. >> i think the other guy is as much at fault as rich because he's allowed it to happen. >> is that right? e-mail us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ho ho ho ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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♪ ♪ >> it's time for your shot of the morning. it's the hot new trend on youtube. babies riding rumbas. win-win for parents. clean floors and more importantly a happy child. >> we used to have one of those. they're great at getting the dust bunnies underneath the couch. there's the dog. >> oh my gosh. that is hysterical. they love it. >> there is a whole subculture in that house. there is the adults, there is the kids and the dog. it's unbelievable. >> the kids and the dog always bond. >> from that story to an ugly story that happened in the nfl. we're talking about jonathan martin who has since left the team and undergoing counseling in the miami dolphins and
3:34 am
ritchie incognito. it looks like the dolphins will cut him and waive him because of severe hazing and abuse perhaps on jonathan martin. now this feedback tpwr those in the locker room about what's going on in the dolphins locker room. >> the question is why weren't guys stepping up? they think there is culpability. a lot of players have been stepping up with their comments. a new york giants player spoke on it yesterday. >> was richie incognito wrong? absolutely. i think the other guy is as much to blame as rich because he allowed to happen. first of all, nothing like that would happen to myself because i wouldn't allow it to happen. at this level you're a man. you're not a little boy. you're not a freshman in college. you're a man. so i think everything has its limits. so there's no way another man is going to make me pay for something that i choose
3:35 am
not to pay for. >> talking about the huge fee he paid for a bunch of guys to go out to eat and go shopping. >> rookies have to foot the bill for vets. not just with that team. it's everywhere. what's interesting about that sound bite, it sound like he's kind of blaming the victim for what goes on there. there is an interesting item in the sun sentinel in florida yesterday. it says the coach of the dolphins reportedly told richie incognito to toughen him up. he missed a couple of days of preseason warmup, tough him up a little bit. if that's true, i don't think that's what the coach had in mind. >> he's probably giving a message as well maybe to try to stand for yourself but i don't think that's possible in every case. yesterday i was at a sports store and a guy said if
3:36 am
this were any other job -- let's not forget these are professionals. remove the nfl from it, take off the pads. you look at this workplace violation and it actually may have some criminal ramifications at the other end. this is something i think we should be looking at maybe from a professional workplace standpoint. >> tony saragusa has a different take. he says when you're in the locker room that is like your home. he should have confronted him and said hey, what's your problem. >> easier said. that is a scary tkpwaoeufplt tkpwaoeufplt -- that is a scary guy. >> he may have. when you look at those transcripts that you can't look at without feeling disgusted and sick, when you see that and that's what we know happened, think of the things that we're not even sure of. >> weigh in on this on our facebook page, "fox &
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friends," twitter us at "fox & friends" or just e-mail us. >> heather nauert, you have headlines. >> the dust is settling this morning after elections across the country and there are big changes in store for some states. we talked about the other elections earlier. in new jersey voters approving a minimum wage increase. minimum wage will go up by a dollar to $8.25. it will also add automatic cost of living increases each year. if you want to smoke pot in colorado you're going to have to pay for it. voters there overwhelmingly approved a 25% tax on recreational marijuana. that works out to be $67 million each year. a large chunk of that money will go to the construction of schools. 25% tax. today a texas state representative is looking for federal approval to award purple hearts to the victims of the fort hood terror attack. 13 people, all civilians and soldiers, were killed in the 2009 attacks that
3:38 am
the government has classified as workplace violence. that means that the victims don't receive the same benefits as a service member wounded on the battle field. representatives from texas says the victims of fort hood should be considered casualties of war. we'll keep watching that story for you. talk about changing his tune. after denying reports for months and months, the mayor of toronto now admits that he did in fact smoke crack cocaine but he says he's not an addict. >> do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> probably. okay. while the canadian mayor apologized, he says he will not be resigning. in fact, he's running for reelection. >> i was elected to do a job, and that's exactly what i'm going to continue doing.
3:39 am
>> toronto's police chief publicly revealed he had a videotape showing that the mayor was in fact doing drugs. brian, you asked how he won. a lot of folks there apparently like his policies. he's for lower taxes. call it first class treatment. listen to this awesome story. 13 marines returning home from afghanistan treated like the heroes that they are at chicago's o'hare international airport. first a retired marine made sure that they were thanked in style with cheers from a crowd of policemen and also a fire truck water salute. but the icing on the cake was perhaps this. seven first-class american airline passengers gave up their first-class seats so the marines could all sit together in comfort, flying in style for the last leg of the trip. that's amazing; right? >> that is wonderful. >> really nice. class act, guys. way to go. >> i imagine it was hot and muggy inside the plane but what is it like in new york? >> good morning.
3:40 am
hello everyone. it is not going to be hot and muggy across the northeast but temperaturessing going to be very mild for this time of the year in places like new york city. this afternoon we're going to be rising into the 60's. enjoy it because it is not going to be lasting much longer. we have a storm system on the move. you can see it on the radar picture. we have areas of rain across parts of the great lakes down into parts of texas and the back end of this, a little bit of snow falling across sections of northern wisconsin. all in all most of the snow is over with. some areas across southwestern minnesota did pick up to ten inches of snow. quite significant out there. the storm is on the move headed eastbound producing light rain tomorrow coming up across parts of the northeast and temperatures behind the storm system, much cooler. current wind chills in denver and rapid city only in the teens. let's head over to brian with sports. >> what's with the quarterbacks? we're losing one starter after another, maria. aaron rodgers, the green bay packers quarterback a fractured collar bone. rodgers was tackled during
3:41 am
monday night's game against the bears. it is not clear how long he'll be out. it's going to be somebody else's job as they take on the giants next. tiger woods in europe. pull it back. focus. into asia. it's actually possible he said. he hit the ball into the next continent on a bridge in turkey, the first golfer to do so. he was also paid $3 million just to do that. i would have done that. by the way, special thanks to everyone who went out and got the book yesterday. bill o'reilly, for mentioning it last night. when we went to bed it was number 6 on amazon and number 12 on barnes & noble. >> i'm going to buy it for anyone i know who has a kid in school. well done. >> and it's a great book. it is now 18 minutes before the top of the hour. she showed her frustration when grilled on capitol hill about the disastrous
3:42 am
obamacare rollout. remember this? >> it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct? >> you clearly -- whatever. >> whatever. today she is back in the hot seat again on the senate side. senator pat toomy is here live with what lawmakers want to hear from her in round 2. >> she's been turning heads for her wild ways, but miley cyrus may be ready to tame herself. listen up to who she's reaching out to for help. ♪ ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one. ♪
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just about 15 minutes till the top of the hour. time for quick headlines. it looks like miley cyrus wants her ex back.
3:46 am
she wrote a letter to him asking her to take him back and apologized for her wild ways. burger king is making its big king permanent. it is going to be there forever it seems. it was originally introduced for a limited time and looks a lot like the big mac, right, steve? >> it does. wonder if it's got secret sauce. two all-beef patties. >> one week after testifying on capitol hill about the disastrous obamacare rollout, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius returns today for round 2. what can we expect to hear? joining us from the senate side, pennsylvania senator pat toomy, a member of the senate finance committee. he's going to be there this morning. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, steve. >> i bet she's going to get an ear full because i know you guys in the senate have been getting an ear full from your constituents who suddenly have gotten those, hey, you've just been canceled notes in the mail. >> that is exactly right.
3:47 am
of course, you know, how many times has the president promised people that if you like the coverage you have, you'll get to keep it? we always knew that was untrue. now, of course, it's coming home. and it's devastating to people. three and a half million so far have gotten these letters. because of obamacare, they lose their coverage. their plan no longer meets the satisfaction of the president and his administration. and here's what's devastating, steve. because of the incompetent rollout and the lack of a functioning website, millions of these people actually can't buy insurance. they go to the website and they can't access anything. so this is a disaster. and secretary sebelius need to come up with some answers for happen to the people who were thrown off the health care plan they were promised they could keep and now there's no alternative for them. >> there is bipartisan concern there in the senate. i know your colleague mary landrieu from louisiana,
3:48 am
she is offering -- although harry reid is never going to bring it up -- a bill that suggests just that. if you like your health care, you can keep it. >> i think the democrats are going to have to come to the conclusion that something needs to be done. they couldn't possibly just stand by while millions of people are thrown off their health care plan because of the obamacare bill and because of the administration's inability to get a basic functioning website that can't get anything else. that's not sustainable. we've got to find a solution fast. i've got thousands and thousands of people across pennsylvania writing to me every day and some heart wrenching stories of people who are in really tough circumstances and they just lost their coverage. by the way, steve, that's not the only problem. this obamacare has got so many problems, turns out that people who are managing to get on and sign up, the vast majority of them are going on to medicaid. they're getting free health care. that's not the dynamic that was promised. and those who are actually
3:49 am
paying for the health care, it's disproportionately older and sicker people. they are not getting the young, healthy people to sign up which is not surprising because they're overcharging those folks so much. this is just a complete debacle. it's hard to know even where to begin with secretary sebelius. >> you're going to ask her about the website and everything else. as you've been out and about talking to the people in pennsylvania, are they disappointed that the president -- "the new york times" says that he misspoke when he said if you like your policy, you can keep your policy. you like your doctor, you can keep it. now apparently they have doubled down and they're lying about the lie. >> i would say people are disappointed. people i've spoken to are really furious because they believed the president. they believed him when he said repeatedly if you like your insurance, you can keep it. now it turns out that this entire administration obviously knew all along that millions of americans would not be able to keep their insurance even if
3:50 am
they liked it. and so, you know, that's understandably infuriating for people. >> absolutely. you've got a busy day and so we thank you for taking a little time to talk with us here on "fox & friends." >> thanks for having me, steve. >> it is exactly ten minutes before the top of the hour on this busy wednesday. a newly wed blogger setting off an internet firestorm for writing this. quote, marriage isn't for me. i want you to know that relatios for you. the guy who wrote that joins us live with his wife, next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at paid sire
3:51 am
3:52 am
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3:54 am
a recently married blogger sets off a firestorm in his blog by saying marriage isn't for me, but he continues. i want you to know that marriage isn't for you. no true relationship of love is for you. love is about the person you love. some criticizing these views as simplistic. others asking, what does he know after a year and a half of marriage? the blogger and his wife join us now to explain it all. thanks for being with us, you guys. >> thank you for having us. >> you guys had a ton of hits. are you up to about 2 million hits? is that true? >> no, 22 million. >> 22 million? >> yeah. >> you obviously struck a cord. your message is that it's not about you in a very me society. it's really about the other
3:55 am
person. i know this stemmed from you not being in a great place as you guys were transitioning and moving and sort of feeling out marriage. correct? >> yeah. that was it. >> what's your message? i know your dad gave you some advice. >> yeah. my dad -- this was before when we were -- when kim and i were thinking about getting married. my dad had said to me as i was asking, is this the right decision? is she the right person? is she going to make me happy? and he said, seth, you're being really selfish. this isn't about you. this is about the person you're marrying. and do you want to, you know, give your life to somebody and try to make her happy and devote yourself to that? and it was at that moment when he said that that i realized that kim was the one that i wanted to make happy the rest of my life. >> aw. that's good story. kim, cosmo magazine responded to this blog post by saying stop lying. marriage is about you. what's your message to them?
3:56 am
>> you know, something that seth and i talk a lot about is that love is something that starts within you and that it's something that you have to learn how to love yourself and how to care for yourself, treat yourself with kindness, but that love can't really grow until you extend it to another person, and that really i think in all of the relationships that we have in our lives, that really becomes the challenge is can we react to one another in love, even when we may be feeling pain or hurt. is there a way we can reach past that and try to understand someone else. >> you guys are kind of proof in the pudding, seems to be you got it figured out. wise advice from your dad. have fun with all the hits on your blog. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> take care. coming up, he said the president completely misled americans on obamacare and now former u.s. senator scott brown says the blame game needs to stop.
3:57 am
he's joining us at the top of the hour. plus, jet man returns. he's flying past an iconic landmark. look at this. ♪ heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ malennouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation,
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good morning. a it's wednesday, november 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. did obamacare turn a run away win into a horse race? the exit polls that everyone is talking about this morning. shocking video surfacing on richie incognito on his racist rant. this as the suspended dolphins lineman breaks his silence for the first time. then take a look at your tv. pictures like this one going viral on-line and raising new controversy. could putting your pooch to shame for bad behavior, like this owner did, hurt the dog's dignity? i'm not kidding. wait 'til you hear this.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> i'm former wide receiver of the new york giants, 13-year veteran super bowl champ. don't drop the ball. good morning. watch "fox & friends". >> all right. >> he was told to shave his head and he said, fire it before it quits on you. a real friend, monty. >> monty played for the giants for ten years, 12 years. how long did they play together? >> maybe two. >> are they good friends? >> yeah. that's a real friend to tell to you fire the hair before it quits on you. >> heather nauert is a friend ever mine and she's here and is a little raspy today. in 1978, this was a new cough drop. it must have been in her back pocket during the disco time. you can't get the paper off. >> just start sucking on it, it will come off. >> she's helping me out. she emptied her pocketbook.
4:02 am
>> say thank you, heather. >> i can't get it off. >> you have to put it in your mouth. >> she's a typical good mom. she's got one of everything in her purse. she would be a great contestant on "let's make a deal." monty hall would say, do you have a lemon? >> right. but monty hall isn't on this show. >> we thank you very much for joining us on this wednesday after tuesday, election day. the dust is settling this morning after elections across the country. but some of the results are raising some eyebrows. >> that's right. elizabeth prann live in washington with some updates. >> good morning. let's start closest to you with the election results in the big apple. nobody was one of three major cities electing mayors last night. deblagio is the first democrat to win this particular race since 1989. over in new jersey, republican governor chris christie winning that gubernatorial race really
4:03 am
effortlessly against his democratic challenger. it's been decades since a republican in knowledge knowledge garnered more than 50% of the vote. exit polls show that christie carried the majority of women, but split among hispanic voters. farther south in virginia, terry mcauliffe is the governor-elect. edged over state attorney general ken cuccinelli. >> so while i promise you tonight that i will be a governor for all virginiaans, the real test is my actions when i take office. i expect you to hold me to my pledge to work with both sides. >> so although all races are impactful, looking ahead we'll learn more about the nation's voting trends when we start to see next fall's midterm elections take shape. back to you. >> all right. we're talking about stuff so far in the future, it seems like. but if you look at the exit polls that fox news gathered,
4:04 am
it's really interesting when -- >> and brian. >> and brian as well. you were work on that cough drop of the when you figure out, okay, why were people motivated to vote for the various people in virginia. >> sure. when you look at this. 46% support what's going on here. and 53% oppose. undoubtedly that may be a reflection of those that are set to lose their coverage as determined by recent research. there are americans in a really tough spot and certainly we're asking what does this mean for 2014? this race was supposed to be a slam dunk. it was anything but. >> it closed in the last weeks. what happened? we started taking a magnifying glass at the launch which is obamacare. many conclude the president was not telling the truth and not candid when he was coming forward. who was linked with mcauliffe?
4:05 am
president obama was by his side. another important thing, for those who say the tea party is dead and fiscal responsibility is all yesterday's news and republicans are all about moderates, this guy is a tea party candidate. he is fiscally responsible. he ran on that line. he was not calling in moderate republicans to help him out. ken cuccinelli and he almost pulled this off. >> when did saving money become extreme? >> that's true. balancing the budget. >> there are a number of editorials saying the republicans have got to be more moderate if they ever want to win. look at chris christie. regarding obamacare and kathleen sebelius will be in the hot seat at 10:00 o'clock, three hours from now, up on capitol hill talking to senators. it's interesting, i wonder if -- last time she was in the chair, they were asking her a lot of questions about cgi, the company that wound up getting 291 million-dollar to create the web site that has been a catastrophe. get this, since the rollout,
4:06 am
cgi, which did a terrible job, according to most, has been award five new contracts totaling $7 million. so it looks like they're doubling down on dysfunction. that's what rob portman, the senator, says. >> it's doubling down on dysfunction. one thing the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing in bureaucracy and it's a bunch of different agencies and departments. but somebody needs to be held accountable. >> rob portman said something else. the constant refrain from president obama is why -- when rob portman got word that this launch would be a disaster, he said, i hear your infrastructure is not in place. you're going to have problems. the web site is not ready to go. they never heard back from the white house. he wrote a couple letters. i'll help you out. i've been there. i was with bush during good and bad times. no interest. >> when they were writing the actual bill, how many republicans did they ask for help?
4:07 am
>> zero. >> zero. but apparently it's working. the representatives from cgi said from our perspective, as painful as it sounds, the system is work. when was the last time you were paid millions of dollars to fix a system that was working and the incentive seems to be why fix it if we can keep getting paid to continue to work on something that's working? >> it sounds like, according to testimony we heard yesterday, it sounds like because it's so screwed up, they're going to take it off line in the middle of the night, which is good for people in the east coast, but if you live in alaska, that's prime time sitting down at the kitchen table trying to figure it out. meanwhile, there has been an interesting study released by the heritage foundation. what that says is the lack of regulations are letting that have let red states thrive in the down economy is hammering them under obamacare. what it says is that red states are hit the hardest, hit 78%
4:08 am
higher rates than blue states and it mainly has to do with the fact that the red states had fewer regulations to begin with. but now with obamacare, there are so many regulation, the people in the red states are hit harder. >> especially according to the heritage foundation, those who did not vote for president obama, premiums rose 28%. whereas those who voted for president obama, premiums rose 50%. >> i'm sure that's just a coincidence. >> that's why the president has a hard time talking his way out of this because everybody's vote is at their kitchen table when they see how health care, it's a very personal them -- affects them and their family. i don't care how old you are. >> the president is not going to run for reelection ever again and it's all the democrats and they have been united in obamacare in the past. when they come up for reelection in two years and four years, this is still going to haunt them. >> yeah. in a big way.
4:09 am
>> the shutdown seems to have blown over, the syria crisis seems to have blown over. >> how many people did this impact? >> not sure. >> last night a mental was sent. maybe it's -- a message was sent. now heather nauert has headlines. >> being bad is being blamed for last year's deadly veteran's day parade in midland, texas. organizers didn't identify and manage the hazards in that area beforehand. four people died when a truck pulling a float of wound veterans was hit by a freight train. the investigation also found that the crowds were simply too loud for the truck driver to hear the railroad warning signals. a decision could come later today on whether or not michael skakel gets bail. the judge scheduled to hear arguments on whether or not he has the authority to release him. skakel was convicted in 2002 of murdering his 15-year-old neighbor, martha moxley, with a golf club. he's serving a sentence of 20
4:10 am
years to life, but a judge ruled that his lawyer failed to adequately represent him at the time. skakel is the nephew of the late senator robert f. kennedy. today the u.s. supreme court is hearing one of the biggest cases of this term. at issue is whether or not prayer at public meetings can be banned. critics argue that it's unconstitutional and they say it makes it seem like government is endorsing religion. but supporters of the practice say this has been done since the founding of the united states and this is another attempt to strip religion out of american life. we'll watch that closely. jet man is at it again, soaring high as he completes his mount fuji flight. he finished near the japanese landmark. he performed it to celebrate mount fuji as a world heritage site. those are your headlines. brian, you feeling better?
4:11 am
>> i got to make a decision. do i eat the paper? >> spit it in your mouth. it will come off. >> is there a little paper still stuck on there? >> a lot of paper. >> how long has it been on the bottom of your purse? >> probably since last fall. >> like a good mom. >> it works. >> i don't know. >> he's really saying thank you. >> yeah, yeah. i'll see new a bit. >> you're my wing mom today. coming up, president obama comparing his health care plan to romneycare in massachusetts and former senator scott brown is furious about that. he is here live to explain why. then some putting their pooches to shame for bad behavior with photographs like this. could it hurt your dog's dignity? we want to know what you think. weigh in on facebook. does this have long-lasting effect on a dog?
4:12 am
>> i don't think so. >> he looks okay. ♪ [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. chose prego homestyle alfredo over ragu classic alfredo. prego alfredo?! [ thinking ] why can't all new things be this great? ha ha! whoa! [ monkey squeals ] [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you really love, what would you do?" ♪
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4:15 am
all right. obamacare defenders. >> some of the 5% of americans who currently get insurance on the market received notices from their insurance companies suggesting that their plans will no longer exist. these americans do have a choice. they can choose a different plan being offered by their insurer or they can shop for coverage in the marketplace or outside the marketplace. >> if they're able to log on. our next guest says not so fast. that's not the way it works.
4:16 am
fox news contributor and former massachusetts senator scott brown is here. i know you were offended almost that the president of the us with us in trouble, went back to governor mitt romney and massachusetts. you were there when they rolled it out. tell me the difference in the way you guys rolled it out as opposed to the way the country got rolled out, or rolled. >> as you know, they rammed it through congress, through reconciliation. we voted on it 198-2. we worked together to get it done. when we rolled it out, we rolled it out incrementally. rolled it out, checked it. rolled it out, checked it, and fixed things along the way. we didn't just pay $400 million to a company that couldn't even create a web site at taxpayer expense and then pay additional money to fix it and just push it out there without any check and balance. it's completely different. my blood was boiling listening to the president trying to say it's the same. they're not the same. they're both health care plans and that's about it. >> here is the other thing, it was democrats and republicans working together. it was an overwhelming number. almost everybody voted for this,
4:17 am
didn't they, except two? >> yeah. 198-2. business leaders, hospital leaders, all the elected officials who really played a role. listen, i worked on it. i voted on it. monitored it all the way through. as you know, i was elected to try to stop obamacare. i would have voted and i would have done my very best. but if you remember correctly, they sent down an interim senator and they held my election up here for a couple of weeks playing games as usual and i didn't get there 'til after they voted on it, so i wasn't able to do it. then the democrats didn't vote to allow for the grandfathering and they didn't vote on one amendment to try to make it better and fix these problems. so shame on them now coming back three years later saying oh, we tried to do this and we're shocked, we're shocked. listen, i'm shocked that people believed the president and a lot of the democrats when they're talking about how surprised they are that all this is happening. i said it. it's happening. and here we go. >> senator, you brought up an interesting thing about
4:18 am
grandfathering. this is president obama's greatest mountain to climb. how could he possibly try to convince us that he meant grandfathering even -- unless your policy was changed or if there is any little discrepancy, or well, don't worry about that, i'm going to give you better health care anyway. how does he get out of this? >> listen, it's political double talk. people hopefully are smarter than that. he has a certain amount of followers that will believe him no matter what he says. he's got a bridge to sell, et cetera, et cetera. but bottom line is there is a credibility problem. he misled the people, the administration, the democrats pushing this. now you have landrieu and others feigning shock that they're surprised. these are the people that voted against it -- were the deciding votes and voted against the grandfathering. hopefully people are smarter. >> what did you learn from seeing cuccinelli almost take mcauliffe in the last week of
4:19 am
this race? >> i loved how they kept calling mcauliffe a moderate democrat. there is nothing moderate. he was outspent, cuccinelli was outspent. obamacare does matter. but the democrats have a pretty good game play where they will put in a third party libertarian. i wouldn't be surprised if there is a connection there. that libertarian, i think the election would have gone to cuccinelli. he brought in his base and talked about the things that mattered because remember, he was the first attorney general to file on obamacare, did a great job presenting it. people remember that. >> yeah. senator, when are you going to rule out or rule in new hampshire senate run? >> listen, i'm focusing on doing this obviously and traveling around the country. i think there is a role for me to talk about how we can do it better 'cause right now there is a void of leadership. there is so much division in this country. we have to find a way to come up with a message as republicans, bring that message forward together and then convince the american people of what we're going to do.
4:20 am
>> all right. senator scott brown, thanks so much. always great to see you. >> hope you feel better. i got some lozenges in my car in the floor somewhere. >> i keep hearing that and i can't get the paper off. thanks a lot. we move ahead. many americans can't get prescriptions they need. but illegal immigrants are getting them for free. who is paying for that? then not so jazzed. ryan lochte won't be in the water any time soon of the the injury that's keeping him poolside will shock you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
4:21 am
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4:24 am
follow the bouncing numbers. it's time for news by the numbers. first, $29 million. that's how much the federal government spent on prescriptiot of the federal medicare part d program. great. next, 29. that's the age women feel the most beautiful. a new poll also shows ladies look and feel their best on friday. finally, 23. that's the age of the new world series of poker winner. ryan rice will pocket $8.4 million of poker prize money. congratulations, young man. all right, elisabeth, over to you. >> thanks, steve. hope for young pregnant women with no place to go called birth haven and our next guest is here to tell us more and reveal how you can actually help. tina is executive director of birth haven a nonprofit maternity shelter. thanks for being here today. it's interesting, so birth
4:25 am
haven, at any point a woman who doesn't have a place to go and is pregnant can come in and get incredible help. correct? >> right. absolutely. birth haven is an independent nonprofit organization. we provide shelter, support and education, so the women can come at any point of their pregnancy. >> some shelt divorce a 30-day limit. so someone can come in, but after 30 days, they're left to find another place. you have a long-term care. >> that's correct. many times the residents that come to our program are left without another option. instead of bouncing around from different shelters for 30 days at a time, they would rather find a stable housing that they could stay for the remainder of their pregnancy. >> that enables birth haven to provide education, resources and support, financial support as well, to in terms of how to plan, set up savings. right? >> absolutely. it's important to recognize that the women who come here are in significant crisis.
4:26 am
so not only are they coping with an unplanned pregnancy, but they are also battling poverty, homelessness, and many times a lack of a support system. at birth haven, we recognize if we can eliminate that burden of homelessness so they do not have to focus on where they're going to sleep tonight or tomorrow night, they can focus on the future for themselves and their child. >> that security i think any woman who is getting ready to have a baby certainly has -- they want to make sure everything is okay. the idea of not having a home has got to be -- i i mean, whata gift. how many women walking in this situation you described end up having the baby? >> all of our mothers that come to birth haven carry their pregnancy to term. we have a professional staff that works with the mother to decide whether the mother wants to parent the baby or to place their child into a loving home through adoption. so we really surround them with services. if the mother chooses to parent, we provide life skill parents on
4:27 am
baby care, cooking, budgeting, so they can be the best parent they can be. whereas if a mother would like to place their child into a loving home through adoption, we want them to make the most educated decision that they can based on the different forms of adoption. then to work with the counselor, we will connect them with a counselor so that they can choose the family that they would feel best for them. >> it's a wonderful thing is that they have the choice then with the support to really bring this baby into the world. you said 95% of them choose to keep the baby themselves, right? >> to parent the baby, yes. >> that is incredible. you have a fund-raiser tonight -- tomorrow night. we're going to link your web site to ours, which is incredible. personally, do you think that support system, when these women walk in, because it's not the case in other place, we know that from statistics. when they walk in knowing that they have the support long-term, is that what makes all of those women decide to carry the baby full term? >> i think that when the mothers that come to birth haven are
4:28 am
extremely discouraged. they have been turned away by the people closest to them, by family, friends. when they come to birth haven, they are surrounded with these services. they have the support system and they feel empowered that they can do this. and they can pick the path that they feel is the best for them and their child. that's what i think is the most important. >> it's a wonderful model. tina, thanks for being here today and the good work you do. >> thank you. we had no time? we just had to act. two fishermen spring into action to save a killer whale's life. and it's all caught on camera. plus, do you recognize this mascot? police did and they busted the guy who swiped it from under the chick-fil-a's nose. that story is up next. ♪ ♪ pain. once you feel it coming, it's almost too late.
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4:32 am
welcome back, everybody. you guys are buying the book and i really appreciate it. >> it's a great book. >> thank you. you probably have not heard about it. one of the sources i used was this book. this is the guy that was by his side the entire war, benjamin talmadge, like 50 pages. he chronicled the last time washington was in new york as a
4:33 am
general and said good-bye to his guys. he did it at saint francis tavern. i went there and to give you an idea, it looks exact as it did. the water is right there. this is how it looked in 1783. listen. this is the exact tavern, still a bar today where george washington asked his officers to gather to saiga -- say thank you. he got up in an emotional dinner, we know down those very steps and walked down the block to an awaiting barge. i don't know if you can see it, but water is just a short distance away. then hehooded to mount vernon. he'd be back six years later to be sworn in as president. the emotion got so great, washington couldn't talk, sew just said, just come up and touch me, touch my hand as i leave. so i'm not getting this third person or someone fictionalizing it to think that benjamin talmadge, who formed the spy ring for him and helped deliver
4:34 am
the war for him said -- it's one of the main sources i use in the book. if you're an american, it gives me chills. >> you put the oompf back in history. if you never loved history, your book will make you love history 'cause the mystery in it is just incredible. i can't say it enough, brian. >> you know what? we know how it all works out because we know george washington won at the end because we're here and not speaking another language. i'm talk -- >> with an accent. >> but it is thrilling. when i read the book, it's like okay. where does this lead? it's a page turner. >> thanks. >> really, really good. >> thank you. >> check it out. and by the way, i believe you can get autographed copies. perfect for the holidays at briankill --
4:35 am
>> vets say dog shaming is not funny. it's actually cruel. what do you think? >> ideal i laughing? >> they refer to dog shaming. see that dog right there? that little sign says, i ate the twins' first birthday cake. >> oh, no. >> shame. >> the next one says -- >> i ate my little boy's halloween pumpkin. >> how is the dog going to recover from that? >> i love this next one, i killed the sofa for you. you're welcome. >> another one says, mom, i checked the mail for you. your masters diploma arrived. i'm so proud of you. love, kirby. >> that's it at the corner. chewed on. >> here is another one, i drank the baby's milk and eat the bottle, but i love the bottle. >> we think it's funny. elisabeth rudely is giggling. >> it's funny! there are some experts, though, who say -- this is crazy -- they
4:36 am
say -- some vets say it's cruel. it causes stress, which can lead to depression with the dogs. reduced immunity and unhappy dog in decayed relationship between the pet and the owner. i would think a would only be true if the dog could read. >> or if the dog didn't do it. look, if the dog did it, we need the season of accountability back here. don't you think? let us know on facebook. i'm thinking a couple other people will have those signs. >> if kids did the trouble and blame the dog? >> i was thinking more administration and people on hearing today. but i do think that some accountability, if it's got to start with the dogs, let's bring it back. that's all. >> the dogs can't read! how can they feel bad? e-mail us or go to facebook. >> listen, a lot of people think dogs can understand exactly what they're story. we had a dog on yesterday who understood 1,000 words. >> but he couldn't read them. >> we don't know. he did not talk.
4:37 am
>> heather nauert, you're not short on words either. i know you have great headlines for us. >> i know. i got a story about my dog. she ate a vat of my chili once. >> and? >> she was a little sick. >> so the proof was there. you didn't need to know. >> exactly. all the red stuff all over her face. they'll eat anything, won't they? >> pretty much. >> you're going to see the chili again. i'm sure you did. >> don't let them eat chocolate. >> that's for sure. got some stories to bring you. the dust is settling after elections across the country. there is big changes in store for some states. new jersey approving a minimum wage increase. it will go up by one dollar to 8.25 an hour. it will also add automatic cost of living increases each year. if you want to smoke pot in colorado, you're going to have to pay for it. voters there overwhelmingly approved a 25% tax on recreational marijuana. that works out to $67 million a year so far. a large chunk of the money will
4:38 am
go to the construction of schools. it's like a scene out of a movie. two thieves holding up a manhattan jewelry store, not with guns, but with hammers. surveillance video showing one suspect smashing a display case with his hammer as the other wrestles with one of the employees. they got away with several pieces worth $15,000. a guy trying to sell stolen cow costume is now under arrest. thank goodness for that. the two, seven-foot tall costumes were stolen from two chick-fil-a restaurants. officers saw them advertised on-line for sale and that led them to the suspect. okay. caught on camera, two fibbermen rescuing a stranded whale. he got stuck while trying to catch a seal in alaska. what you don't see is that the fishermen are using their oars to try to pry the whale off the rocks and back into the water. you see them right there. how neat. those are your headlines.
4:39 am
how about that chick-fil-a costume, selling that on-line like you're not going to get caught. >> right. eat more chicken. >> see you later. >> thanks. >> tom heelly used to dress in a cow costume. >> he did. >> he's a very busy guy. let's check in with maria molina right now and maria, it's wednesday. that means you're going to put us to the test with science trivia. >> yeah. thanks for being good sports. let's start with today's question. today's question is: where was the largest and well preserved t rex fossil discovered? a, south dakota, b, utah. c, argentinaness or d, canada? >> they all sound right. >> are we family feuding it or asking individual? >> steve is right most of the time. >> it's either south dakota -- >> it's south dakota.
4:40 am
>> south dakota. >> really? you guys got it right. it is south dakota. i thought that was such a weird place to find the largest, most well preserved t-rex fossil. isn't it neat they were roaming around south dakota in the day? >> what would be weird is if they were roaming around today in south dakota. >> not today. very long ago. by the way, that was auctioned for $7.6 million in october 1997. >> excellent question. >> that was a great question. >> moral of the story. start digging. actually, let's head to brian for sports. >> all right. thank you very much. i got to tell you what's going on in sports. shocking video surfaced of richie incognito going off on a shouting rampage inside a bar. listen. watch. >> (bleep) (bleep) who is the (bleep). >> this happened in florida earlier this year while he was out with his teammates. people appeared to watch as he
4:41 am
shouted around the bar shirtless. this comes as our fox affiliate caught up with incognito in an exclusive interview asking him about the alleged bullying case against him. >> no, i'm just trying to weather the storm right now. this will pass. >> really? he's accused of bullying jonathan martin and leaving racial message on his voice mail. he's suspended indefinitely and martin left. talk about a fan fail. three-time olympian ryan lochte hanging out at a pool in florida when an excited teenage fan ran into him. lochte ended up with a torn acl in his left knee. now he'll need to take a break from training and competition. he's expected to make a full recovery. >> is he still doing his reality show? >> no. he stopped doing it. people didn't like the real reality of ryan lochte, i think.
4:42 am
they liked the guy that swam. >> didn't talk. >> coming up, the president said you could keep your healthcare plan 24 times. but we all know now that that was a broken promise. peter johnson, jr. says the white house is guilty of government malpractice. he's going to explain all that next. >> he's going to have me sign something. then a shock new study about your household chores. wh could be causing you to get heavy. >> what? >> it's true! overmany discounts to thine customers! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth!
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was our peace of mind. with adt, we got it back. [ male announcer ] every 14.6 seconds, a burglary takes place in the united states. so rely on the fast alarm response of adt. a single adt system can help protect you from burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide. when an alarm is received, adt calls the local authorities for help. and you can get this monitored protection, plus great local service, starting at just over $1 a day. and only adt offers a theft protection guarantee. take it from me. the time to think about a security system isn't after something bad happens -- it's before. [ male announcer ] call now and get adt installed for just $99. you could save a lot more than money. hurry, and take advantage of these savings. adt. always there. welcome back. over the course of about the last three years, our president
4:46 am
has made this promise dozens of times. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. >> right. then just three days after that, peter johnson, jr. called his bluff. >> in response to the president, i say most respectfully, say good-bye to your health plans. say good-bye to your doctors as you now see them. >> that was back in 2009. and now that it's clear that the white house knew millions of us would eventually lose our health care, is the obama administration guilty of government malpractice? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr., who was right back in 2009 -- >> i wish i wasn't right about it in 2009. it is government malpractice and it's lack of informed consent of the governed. talk about informed consent, a legal, a medical term that people should understand.
4:47 am
that means a person's agreement to allow something to happen such as surgery that is based on a full disclosure of facts needed to make the decision intelligently. so the issue here is the president is doctor in chief. the president is our spiritual advisor in some ways. the president is our lawyer. the president as someone we need to trust. people used to go around the radio during the depression and listen to fdr in fireside chats. did he provide all the facts or did he not tell the truth? if he didn't tell the truth, it's a form of governmental malpractice because there is a lack of informed consent by which people can judge the risks and the benefits of any particular procedure. and this procedure was a radical recreation and redistribution of wealth of the united states through the healthcare system. >> of course, famously, innocence nancy pelosi said we have to pass this thing to know what's in it. the president was saying one thing, but way back on page
4:48 am
29,000 of the federal register, it did say that some people might get kicked off. >> we understand this would not have passed. this was a party line vote and many democrats, if they had been aware of the consequences that millions of americans are now facing, would not have voted for this legislation at that point. so what i've done today is put together an obamacare informed consent form. the type of informed consent the president should have been giving to 300 million americans to one on one as our leader. i want to you read it and i want to you see if you'll sign it today or you would have signed it back in 2009. >> folks at home, play along. would you sign this? i request an authorized president obama to do the following procedure: radical and revolutionary recreation of the healthcare insurance system in america. the procedure will involve new taxes, fines, penalties, and mandates relating and
4:49 am
restricting the insurance i must have. if i agree, the risks include i like my doctor. there is a good chance i will never see him or her again. if i like my healthcare plan, there is a good chance it will become a fond memory. if i want more choices, lower prices or an operational web site to review the reduced choices and higher prices promised herein, this may not be the plan for me. so -- >> signed by a consenting american. >> i don't want that! >> but the president asked to us sign this figuratively. he asked our representatives, based on his guarantee, his warranty, his moral authority saying as the president, yeah, this will be good for you. you will have a choice as to the healthcare plan that you will be getting. but they knew from day one that this was a radical recreation and redistribution and that there was no way on god's earth that they would allow that.
4:50 am
and now maybe 50 million people, maybe 129 million people, according to one estimate, will be paying the price for the obamacare lack of informed consent of the governed. >> you know what? >> we're the governed and we were not given the facts. >> we just saw it in the form of this consents form. i don't know many people who would have signed it. >> a lot of people believed it and they were fooled. >> bait and switch. thank you very much. that was an eye opener. ten minutes before the top of the hour. you know somebody who is always fidgeting, can't sit still for more than a couple of seconds? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow has the answer coming up next. campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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who is normal and ho is nuts? it's a question we ask ourselves once in a while. >> it's a question dr. keith ablow tries to answer every week. he joins us now from boston. good morning to you, doctor. >> from the world headquarters of normal or nuts. >> thank you. before we get to our stuff, there is something we've been talking about today. what is it called when you continually tell a lie, but you never admit to it? >> that would be called narcissism or a kind of antisocial personality, in a sense. yeah, because if you're not touched by the light, it doesn't affect you, then obviously you lack that sort of widget inside you that would respond to guilt. >> got you. >> interesting. >> there is some of that going on in the news. now to the prepared -- >> a little bit. >> we have an e-mail. i am always final jetting. i can't -- fidgeting. i can't sit still without rubbing my fingers together or
4:55 am
tapping my feet. am i normal or nuts? >> you're not nuts. you could have attention deficit problems or an anxiety disorder because those are the things that lead people to start moving around in order to what? to comfort themselves. the way to get comfortable is to get treatment. and there is treatment for this. so the only crazy part is not going to see somebody. >> okay. >> number two from slav. >> i live alone and i am a real slob. i don't have the motivation to clean up except when i have guests over. but once they leave, i revert back to my normal ways. nor or nuts? >> look, this is a little nuts because after all, what is this person saying? this person is saying that he or she feels it's more important to get things in order for other people than for herself or himself. so consider yourself a guest in your own home and get ready for your own arrival because the bottom line is why keep up appearances for others rather than indulging yourself? again, get to the bottom of it.
4:56 am
are you depressed or what? >> i'll confess to something. when i go on the road and i go in a hotel room and staying by myself, the first thing i do is throw my clothes around, 'cause that's something that doesn't fly at my house. >> i don't live here. >> what's the second thing you do? what do you do next? >> you'll have to wait -- >> pick the stuff up and put it back in. >> that's really crazy. i'm here for you. >> you should have seen him when he was traveling with those rock bands. >> but the music was everything. >> it really was. dr. keith joining us from the world headquarters of normal or nuts, inc., thank you very much. >> take care. parents showing their frustration over a high school textbook that dedicates an entire chapter to islam. do christianity and judaism deserve the same thing? >> trying to slim down? don't vacuum or do housework. why cleaning could actually have
4:57 am
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5:00 am
if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. good morning. today is wednesday, november 6. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. they were supposed to be a shoe in. but the obamacare law nearly cost democrats last night election. virginia. what does that mean for 2014? >> one year at a time, please. meanwhile, how should we reward the company that botched the obamacare web site that doesn't work very much? how about more government money! >> wow. i guess that happened. why do dogs wag their tails and lick your face? it's day three of dog week. we're going to explain the science behind the saliva that is his tongue. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> this is sheeshle walker -- herschel walker. watch "fox & friends." >> is he still doing the mma? >> no, i think he's one fighting out. and he won it. he beat up tony dorsett. >> there you go. (buzzer). >> if you're just getting up, you know what today is. mike, mike, mike, mike, mike. >> hump day. >> what day is it, mike? >> happier than a camel on hump day. and this wednesday is also the day after an election night and the dust is just settling this morning after the election in many states across the country. some of the results raising some eyebrows. >> that's right. allentown elizabeth -- elizabeth prann is live. >> voters electing candidates from detroit to virginia. but let's start in new york with a platform much different from his predecessor.
5:02 am
democrat bill debellagio will be the new mayor. he is opposed to the controversial new stop and frisk policy and pledges to raise taxes for universal pre-k. shift to go two impactful governors races in virginia, edging over state attorney general cuccinelli, mcauliffe is the governor-elect. the clinton endorsed mcauliffe got a boost around the time of the government shutdown. and in new jersey, republican governor chris christie winning that gubernatorial race, taking 60% of the vote over democratic candidate barbara buono. it's been 25 years since a republican in new jersey garnered more than 50% of the vote. >> the biggest thing i've learned over the last four years about leadership is that leadership is much less about talking than it is about listening. i know that if we can do this in trenton, new jersey, maybe the folks in washington, d.c. should tune in right now to see how
5:03 am
it's done. >> governors races in virginia and new jersey certainly highlighted the off year elections. but voters across the country were deciding other battles that may have national implications. we'll see this time next year. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. i realized this morning, terry mcauliffe and i have something in common. he's got five children, i have three. but at his house, he has a peter, mary and a sally. >> wow. >> at my house, we have a peter, mary and sally, too. >> i will say this for the longest time when you thought about him, you thought about a guy who runs campaigns. now he's governor of virginia and almost blew it. why? really it was out of his control. it was the horrible rollout of obamacare and the way he linked himself to it. he within from talking -- we want from talking about the government shutdown to oh, my goodness, what happened to the health care? that's the guy who appeared with him over the weekend. talking about a double digit lead that disappeared and you have cuccinelli outspent
5:04 am
34 million to 14 million. >> right. this was supposed to be a slam dunk for mcauliffe. it came out stunningly close. this exit poll in virginia may be the reason why, we're thinking. they asked, how many people were against obamacare? look at this right here. virginiaans weigh in, 46% support. 53% oppose. certainly something that seems to be a factor in the results last night. >> you keep in mind, terry mcauliffe, 100% behind obamacare. so was there linkage? you be the judge. the president of the united states is going to head to dallas later on today. he's got to do some more selling of the healthcare program. kathleen sebelius is going to be up on capitol hill as well. she's going to sit down in front of the senate just about two hours from right now. you got to figure she will be -- the president is going to be in texas. nobody is going to be able to ask him any questions. but she will be able to be
5:05 am
queeried by the senators and you got to figure out something that she'll be asked about is that whole promise, the promise the president made many times where if you like your healthcare, you can keep that. that turns out to have been a lie and once again, our own ed henry called the white house on that yesterday. didn't get much, but it was entertaining to watch. >> you can at least say that was not true, right? >> as i said last week, except that, you know, communications are challenging here. the president -- look, you have to remember that the affordable care act -- >> it's not true. >> you've been bashing the insurance companies saying they kick people off anyway. we knew that before the affordable care act kicked in. how did that get put in the president's remarks? >> he was referring to the broader promise of the affordable care act. our focus is on implementing the law and getting these benefits to the american people. >> doesn't his credibility matter?
5:06 am
>> again, it's a portion of the 5%, for precision sake. what i can tell you is that the president campaigned on, argued for, signed into law the affordable care act. >> it's just hard to defend a lie. a repeated lie. >> it sure is. lies should be simple, right? but no, when you're trying to defend it, it gets complex and long and what i meant to say continues. kudos to ed henry for persevering on behalf of the american people and trying to push through the white house press secretary. but what i meant to say continues. >> the president's approval is out and we thought 40 was low. in gallup, 39% approval. it goes to show as the president went on on monday to further define obamacare as he within out last week on hump day to massachusetts, to define obamacare. now he goes to texas to further define obamacare, he can't do it. we're not buying it. you know why? because you can't tell me that a cancellation letter is anything
5:07 am
but a cancellation letter. you can't tell me that when you promise i can keep my plan because i like it, now i can't keep it and i like it, it's really better for me. nobody in america likes to be told what's better for them as an adult. >> sure. what's better for you, according to me, because what the administration says, look, those people had lousy policies. the new policy is going to be much better for them. of course, they're going to wind up paying a lot more in many instances. pat toomey was on this program just about an hour and something ago. he said that as he has circulated throughout the state of pennsylvania where his constituents are, they are angry about what the president has sold them. >> i wouldn't say people are disappointed, people i've spoken to are really furious because they believed the president. they believed him when he said repeatedly if you like your insurance, you can keep it. and now it turns out that this entire administration obviously knew all along that millions of americans would not be able to
5:08 am
keep their insurance even if they liked it. and so that's understandably infuriating for people. >> pennsylvania battle ground state, means a lot. >> absolutely is. and then according to some documents that were released that this would happen, they knew it. >> they knew october 6 and 8. and they have themselves backed into a corner now because i don't know anyone who thinks they can get it done by the end of the month. they promised. how can they fulfill that? n they knew it was a lie a couple years ago. >> is anyone believing any promise at this point? i'm going to promise you one thing, heather nauert is here. >> prove it! >> woman of my word. >> oh, her. >> a story about the cgi federal in just a minute. it will raise eyebrows out there. but first, in two hours from now, the new jersey mall where a gunman opened fire terrorizing hundreds of shoppers for hours and hours will reopen to the public. you're looking at a live picture of the garden state plaza mall in paramus, new jersey. that's where 20-year-old richard shoop fired at least five shots
5:09 am
inside. thousands of shoppers had to be evacuated while others were forced to hide. no one was hurt. shoop was found in the back part of the mall hours later. police say he killed himself. they believe he wasn't out to hurt anyone except himself. she's headed back to the hot seat today. kathleen sebelius supposed to answer more tough questions from congress about the failures of obamacare. today senators will not only grill her about the program's failed rollout, but also about the law itself. if at first you don't succeed, this is a story i just mentioned -- that company behind the struggling obamacare web site is given more federal contracts from the government. in fact, that company, cgi federal, is getting five new contracts totaling $7 million from three different government agencies, including the epa, hhs, and also commerce. since the obamacare web site rolled out on october 1, which we all know has been plagued a w a whole lot of problems, the
5:10 am
company says it's scrambling to fix them. your vacuum can't beat your treadmill. researchers said those who relied on housework to burn fat are heavier than those who exercised in a more traditional way. people may think the chores are more intense than they really are. but we're told they just tax smaller muscle groups and that's what makes you feel sore when you do those chores. >> i do the dishes. i put them in the machine. >> you were standing the other day. >> i was painting yesterday. >> i got one of those plastic flowers caught in my vacuum and i thought i could power my way through until i got the burning smell of the belt and i actual lea did do a good job, but no one could stay in the house. it was like a rubber fire. >> you did a good job according to whom? >> me. i was proud of myself. >> was the plastic flower from that beautiful bouquet you gave
5:11 am
your wife for mother's day. >> you have something to look forward to. >> i do. i can't wait. thanks, heather. coming up, a leading generic drug maker caught faking test results sent to the f.d.a. what you need to know. parents outraged over a high school textbook that devotes an entire chapter to islam, while only mentioning judaism and christianity. do other religions deserve the same credit in teaching? find out. ♪ ♪ avo: the volkswagen "sign then ive" sales event is bk. which means it's never been easier tget a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row.
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and right noyou can drive one home for practicallyust your signature. get zero due at signing, zero dn, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today
5:13 am
and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
5:14 am
5:15 am
florida parents are showing their frustration over a high school textbook that dedicates an entire chapter to islam. they're protesting outside the school claiming christianity and judaism aren't getting the same treatment. >> religion, my personal choice, my personal decision, should learn what i choose and not what her school chooses for her to learn. >> last night's protest got heated and a school board hearing had to be delayed. joining me live, is one of the organizers of that protest, rick. thank you for being here, rick. what are you hoping to accomplish out of the protests here? >> well, the main issue, as you have mentioned, is that one particular religion -- in this case, islam -- has an entire chapter, 35 pages, devote to do it in the world history book and although christianity and judaism and other religions are also mentioned, they're in little snippets throughout the entire book and i'm simply
5:16 am
asking that all religions be equally represented to the youth in this world history book. >> are you a-- are instructors certainly have a personal take on how they relay the information. is it relayed in a fair way? in the class? >> from my perspective and reading the curriculum, it is not. i called the school board on friday and at first they were unaware this was even being taught in the curriculum. i received a phone call from the superintendent of schools and she did acknowledge it was being taught in the schools. so it's apparent that this is being taught throughout brevard and other counties and they're not aware of the content of this book. >> you also have a problem with the content being that within the text, it claims muslim battles were nonviolent. am i saying that correctly?
5:17 am
>> no. there is context in here as far as discussions of sharia law and how peaceful sharia law is and again, i just want factual information to be in the context of this book. if we had -- in this book, there is a five pillars of islam in the book. could you imagine if we had a chapter of christianity 35 pages and if ten commandments and an assignment that school had the students read biblical scriptures and report their findings in a one-page report, there would be a tremendous outrage. >> sure. and the flip side, we heard where those things are being removed from schools. what do you want to happen here? what if indeed that text did include 32 pages of christianity, 32 pages on etheism, would that suffice? >> i'm asking for open dialogue
5:18 am
with the school administrators to look into what's in here. if it's an indoctrination of one particular religion, i oppose that. i'm a christian. i will have to say this particular protest has helped renew and restore my faith in jesus christ. however, i don't want an indoctrination, so to speak, of an entire chapter of one particular religion over the others. so what i'm asking or suggesting is that the local channel 9 news here did an erroneous reporting the other day. they said that we were demanding that the pages from this book be ripped out of the curriculum. what i said was in a hypothetical situation bravard county prepared a supplement. if due to budgetary concerns heey could not do that, then i curriculum. volunteer children or students from the high school to tear out pages and end the controversy and let's go forward for the following school year.
5:19 am
>> rick, we appreciate you taking the time to explain your position and we'll keep posted on all this. >> thank you. i appreciate it. let us know what you think about that. is teaching about a religion, teaching the religion? we'd love to hear about it on facebook. in other news, it's technology that led police to the boston bombers. but the aclu wants authorities to stop using it. why the group says it's an invasion of privacy. then they are going for the gold. the stars of "hard core pawn," spilling the dirt on their upcoming season when they join us next. hi, guys [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together
5:20 am
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5:22 am
5:23 am
time for some headlines. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry announcing $75 million for aid to palestine. money supposed to go toward jobs and help infrastructure and encourage peace talks with israel. a decision could come today on whether kennedy cup michael skakel gets released on bail. skakel is awaiting a new trial in the murder of his neighbor, martha moxley, back in 1975. all right, brian over to you. >> all right. thank you very much. tv's number one show wrapped up its seventh season last night f. you're a fan of the gold family and it's detroit's pawn shop, you know there is nobody harder to negotiate with. >> i can't say that i believe in
5:24 am
the zombie apocalypse, but you know what? as long as they were buying, i'll listen to any (bleep) they have to throw at me. i got another thing here. this is a lantern in case it's nighttime. do they come out during the day? >> both. >> both. >> wow. joining us now, the family everyone wants to be a part of, from "hard core pawn." welcome to all of you. first off, i know you just completed your season last night, 9:00 o'clock it airs. you're already starting another season in a month. how do you turn it around so quick? >> we work really hard at what we do, being pawn brokers and reality personalities. we're always work. >> right. before we talk more about the season, i want to get your take about business. for example, talking about health care. do you offer your men and women that work for you healthcare? >> we do. that's something that we put in our benefits package, something we're proud of. we have over 50 employees, so
5:25 am
we're kind of stuck in that middle lane. we offer it and we get good employees. >> big worry for you? >> costs are a concern, but you know what? because it's law, we're going to do it. cost is just part of doing business. >> ashley, reality show aside, how hard is it running a small business today? >> you know, we work with our employees. we do a great job doing it and thank god for mes. we all work as a team. >> do you think the climate makes it tougher to start your own business to continue it? especially from detroit. >> we're proud we're from detroit. detroiters are resilient and small business is never easy. especially mom and pop. now we've grown. it's been successful. more regulations means more problems obviously. >> a lot of people don't trust the currency. they want to trade stuff for other stuff. they want cash for stuff. how has that affected your business? >> we're a stuff business. we give money for stuff. it's part of the industry. it's part of the pawn industry.
5:26 am
we're a short-term lending operation. we lend you money for short-term. 3% a month, we keep it for three months. people utilize our service. 25 million people don't have a bank account. they don't have credit cards. who do they use? they come to the pawn shop. >> this book, you were here in june talking about it. they usually come to you when they're desperate? >> where else are you going to go? >> i don't know. especially with the cameras there, you can get something. but do you notice common errors people are making? >> i think business is tough and the economy obvious israeli going through a little -- obviously is going through a downfall. but people go to pawn shops because they don't have other places to turn. so i don't know if you realize, but 85% of the people that get a loan with us come back and pay it off. there is a lot of misconceptions about pawn shops. it's easy nonrecourse credit lending. >> your grandfather was in this business. >> he was.
5:27 am
>> how has it changed? >> it changed to 2013. in the old days, we never utilized computers. but the business is still the same. people bring us in merchandise. we loan them the money. we make sure their house payments are paid, food is on the table. they have the necessities of life. >> you can be intimidated. >> really? >> yes. >> we can? the gold family? no way! >> in pawn shops now have shed new light on the industry. thanks to our show and the other pawn shop shows, people used to come in with their head down. people come in with their head held high. >> that's what your series has done. >> you're proud to come in and buy from pawn shops. why pay retail? the holiday season is coming up. come to the pawn shop, get your jewelry and holiday gifts. >> watch the eighth season that premieres december 17th and
5:28 am
go get les's book. he's out of money. >> help! , please. he's not having any success. >> thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> three minutes before the bottom of the hour. coming up, a leading generic drug maker caught faking test results sent to the f.d.a. what you need to know so it doesn't happen to you. then, a newly wed blogger setting off an internet firestorm for writing that this marriage isn't for me. i want you to know that marriage isn't for you. no true relationship of love is for you, unquote. we hear from him next, and his wife. ♪ pain. once you feel it coming, it's almost too late. or is it? introducing new fast acting advil. with aultra-thin coating and fast absorbg advil ion core™ technology, nothing works faster. new fast acting advil.
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5:31 am
>> what airline? >> united.t >> united. >> put your hand on -- which airline?ne? >> united. >> united. >> united. >> united. >> united. >> which airline? >> united. >> united. >> we've been talking with
5:32 am
♪ >> that's what you call first class treatment. 13 marines returning home from afghanistan are treated like the heros that they are. chicago o'hare international airport. a retired marine made sure they were thanked in style with cheers from a crowd. policemen in a fire truck water salute. thizeing on the cake, first class american airlines
5:33 am
passengers gave up their seats so the marines could all sit together and fly if style for the last leg of their trip. how wonderful is that? >> that's huge. >> it would be nice if american then gave the people who gave up their seats something for doing the right thing, but they probably didn't even want it. >> you're probably right. >> unofficially, there has never been such a difference between first class and coach in the history of flying. >> did you subpoena lot of time in first class? >> when i go to coach, it's unbelievable. it's dramatic. you have to send up a flair to get a flight attendant. >> most of us can only afford coach. >> i got spoiled. they allowed me to go to first class sometimes here. but when i go with my family, i treat them. no, only kidding. >> i like to be as close to the bathroom as possible with the family. somehow i went up with all the kids and tim is in a row by himself. >> how does that happen? >> i don't know. peculiar. >> here is the thing about first class. you wind up there the same time you wind up in coach.
5:34 am
wherever you're flying to, albuquerque, you tell them, melissa. >> okay. check your twitter. i hacked your cell phones. >> you can't do that. >> well, don't leave it around without a pass code lock. i try to tell him every day. >> i forget the pass code. >> take to twitter and tell brian how great his book and put a pass code on his phone. >> earlier melissa was interviewing this blogger who had 20 million hits because he said something quite extraordinary when you think about wedded bliss. >> on facebook, seth and his wife were on the show earlier. he said -- he put a line on his blog that said, i want you to know that marriage isn't for you. no did she no true relationship is for you. love is about the person you love. people went wild. he has 22 million hits. this is what he said earlier when we spoke with him. >> kim and i were thinking about getting married.
5:35 am
my dad had said to me as i was asking, is this the right decision? is she the right person? and is she going to make me happy? and he said, seth, you're being really selfish. this isn't about you. this is about the person you're marrying. and do you want to give your life to somebody and try to make her happy and devote yourself to that? and it was at that moment when he said that that i realized that kim was the one that i wanted to make happy the rest of my life. >> he's got a smart father. >> he does. so smart. we asked you what you thought about that, is he on the right track? carol wrote, amen. yes. he had it right. what a lucky lady. >> and marie also weighed in. she said yes, i agree. i think about my husband first. little things that will make him smile or laugh and does he the same for me. it's like having children. they come first. your ego takes a back seat. >> my wife agreed to let my ego in the front seat. >> that right? >> yeah. >> according to you, in first
5:36 am
place. >> i guess. >> barbara wrote, certainly a good philosophy that practical application is a tad difficult. that's honest. >> notice how all of our e-mailers were women. >> listen, let's play the other side. you shouldn't -- a guy shouldn't spend his whole life trying to make his wife happy. they should be making each other happy. >> cosmo magazine said stop lying. it is about you. they went back -- >> it's not about you. it's about us. >> it's about the other. >> we, we all the way. >> what do you think about that? e-mail us. let's go over to the happily married heather nauert with headlines. >> good morning to you. the dust is settling this morning after the elections across the country. there is big changes in store for some states. in new jersey, voters approving a minimum wage increase. minimum wage will go up by a dollar to 8.25. it will also add automatic cost of living increases each year.
5:37 am
in colorado, you want to smoke pot? you're going to have to pay for voters there overwhelmingly approved a 25% tax on recreational marijuana. that works out to be about $67 million a year. large chunk of that, they say, will go to the construction of schools. talk about changing the tune after denying reports for months and months, toronto mayor admits he did smoke crack cocaine. but he claims he's not an addict. listen to this. >> do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. >> the canadian mayor apologizing for his past. he says he will not resign. in fact, he's running for reelection. >> i was elected to do a job and that's exactly what i'm going to continue doing. >> his popular iteratings have gone up despite that scandal.
5:38 am
the american civil liberties union wants to limit police from using license plate readers. the technology as many know, aided in significant captures of the boston bombing suspects and also the guy accused of trying to bomb times square back in 2010. the aclu says it could lead to a privacy breach. the reader's store pictures of the license plates and those pictures can be accessed any time, even when the person isn't accused of doing anything. what do you think about that? the man who exposed his own company for faking test results to get f.d.a. approval for drugs revealed even more about the scam. all the drugs need to be f.d.a. approved, of course, we know that. but it looks like the leading manufacturer often skipped those steps. it was their executive who uncovered the fake data used to get those drugs approveed. >> find that none of that exists in the first place.
5:39 am
>> none of that data even existed. the investigation based -- it led them o plead guilty to seven felonies. the company was bought bay new owner in 2008. those are your headlines. >> i have an idea there will be a couple lawsuits. >> so many americans use generic drugs right now and they found those just don't do a thing. >> scary. >> yeah. really scary. >> i always use rickey's aspirin. is that generic? >> rickey's? >> yeah. is that just as good as bayer? >> this is tragic, brian. >> someone in your neighborhood make the aspirin? a guy named rickey? >> it's a generic rickey aspirin. >> you learn something every day. >> you're mocking me, aren't you? >> thank you very much. i see through our magic window, maria molina is out on the streets of new york where it's not quite as chilly as it was yesterday. >> that's right. it's getting milder and it will continue to do so through
5:40 am
tomorrow before a cold front does arrive. i want to show where you that cold front is now. it is producing areas of rain across parts of the great lakes, all the way down into texas. early this morning, mostly during the overnight, really started to see snow coming down across portion of wisconsin. we picked up significant snow in southwestern parts of minnesota. locally up to ten inches of snow. so that was a little bit of a headache out there. otherwise showers across parts of arkansas and into texas early this morning. that storm is headed eastbound. by tomorrow morning, we will be dealing with some showers across new york city. grab the umbrella, heads up. and temperatures again, east of the storm, very mild. wind chill temperatures, in the 50s in new york city. behind the storm, much colder. teens are the current wind chill temperatures across parts of colorado, utah, and even up into parts of the high plains. high temperatures later on today will be warming up into the 60s across the northeast. now let's head over to brian. >> let me tell you what's happening in sports. shocking video surfacing of
5:41 am
miami dolphins football player, richie incognito going off on a shouting range inside a sports bar. >> (bleep) (bleep). i need a best man at my wedding! >> he was angry or wanted a question answered. this happened earlier in florida this year while he was out with his teammates. people appeared to just watch as he was out of control and as everyone pointed out, he was shirtless. this comes as our fox affiliate caught up with him in an exclusive somewhat of an interview asking him about the alleged bullying case against him. >> i'm just trying to weather the storm right now. this will pass. >> dolphins will cut him. he's accused of bullying a teammate and leaving a racially filled message on his voice mail jay-z became a sports agent a few months ago and now the
5:42 am
players union is investigating that he broke the rules by giving yankee free agent a $34,000 watch for his birthday. the problem? gifts can also be considered bribes. 34,000. talk about a fan fail. ryan lochte hanging out in a pool in florida when he was -- when an excited teenage fan ran up to him. he ended up falling over and ripping his mcl in his left knee. he's out of the pool. he's out of training. that's a quick look at what's happening in sports. >> he's supposed to recover soon, hopefully. >> i'm sure he will. it's six months minimum. i don't know for a swimmer if it's easier. >> it's rotten. lucky for him there is no olympics just around the corner. >> yeah. >> true. coming up, it's been a disaster from the start. so why is the president still trying to sell obamacare? a live report from washington as he hits the road today. plus, move over, big mac.
5:43 am
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5:46 am
we've got quick headlines for you right now. today the u.s. supreme court hearing one of the biggest cases of the term. at issue, whether or not prayers at public meetings can be banned. critics argue it's unconstitutional and makes it seem like the government endorses religion. move over, big mac. a bigger burger here to stay. bugger king making its big king a permanent fixture on the menu. it was originally introduced for a limited time and it looks a lot like the big mac.
5:47 am
indeed. a quick clarification to a story we brought you earlier. secretary of state john kerry announcing $75 million in aid for palestinian jobs, as well as to encourage peace talks with israel. that's the news. president obama is heading to texas today to encourage those in the state to sign up for his healthcare law. this as the administration is trying to soothe anxious democrats and skeptical republicans by reporting improvements on the botched obamacare web site. >> wendell goler, you're live at the white house. what can we expect? >> the trip is basically a challenge to those 36 states that haven't started their own health insurance marketplaces. you could call texas governor rick perry their leader. he's got the highest percentage of uninsured people in the country. nearly a quarter of all texans have no health insurance, which means the federal marketplace is basically their only option and the on-line sign-up is only just now beginning to function with almost no errors, according to
5:48 am
the person in charge. the president will urge governor perry to join republican governors in other states that have agreed to expand medicaid to help the working poor, but some republican lawmakers say expanding medicaid doesn't solve the problem. >> turns out the people who are managing to get on and sign up, the vast majority of them are just going onto medicaid. they're getting free health care. that's not the dynamic that was promised. and those who are actually paying for the health care, it's disproportionately older and sicker people. >> the white house refuses to endorse a proposal to let insurance companies reinstate policies they have canceled. presumably canceled them because they don't meet the standards of the affordable care act which undermines the president's promise, if you like your insurance, you can keep it. though his press secretary suggests the law shouldn't be blamed for canceling the plans. >> every insurer who offered a plan on the individual market prior to the passage of the law could have maintained that plan,
5:49 am
could have continued to offer that plan and as long as it wasn't significantly changed, it's grandfathered in. >> the president will visit a synagogue where volunteers and obamacare guides have been helping people sign up for the federal exchange. brian, elisabeth, steve. >> got a busy day. >> thanks. why do dogs wag their tails and why in the world do they lick your face? day three of dog week. up next, a science behind some of their most bizarre habits. >> that's right. we're going to the dogs. meanwhile, what's happening at 9:00 o'clock eastern time? there is bill hemmer. >> how was chaser yesterday? >> smart. >> real smart. >> cool dog. nice to see you three. good morning to you. big morning for obamacare. kathleen sebelius goes before a senate committee in one hour. how will she explain the cancellation, the web site, the number of americans who are enrolled, the statements made by the president repeatedly? senator orrin hatch is on that committee and he's our guest.
5:50 am
also, what did the elections from last night tell us? very interesting story here. martha and i will have that for you when we see you ten minutesl away right here pfft! [ laughs ] you nearly had us there. canned soup. [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. try campbell's homestyle soup. sleigh bells♪ [ male announcer ] they just might think it's homemade. remember when christmas was magical? let's get back there. santa's wonderland at bass pro shops has what we've all been missing. with the arcades, elves, and even a picture with santa. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify.
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see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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5:53 am
yes, it's dog week here on "fox & friends." you ever notice how they run around in circles before lying down, wagging their tails in different directions? have you ever wondered what your dog's odd behavior is saying about the dog? >> that's right. well, it is dog week here at "fox & friends." if we wanted to know ourselves, we brought in the best of the best, joining us now to decipher your pooch's etiquette, animal rescue advocate, ali. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> these are so precious. >> these are two adoptable puppies from animal haven shelter here in soho.
5:54 am
and you can find out more about them at >> what kind are they? >> we think this a boston mix with six brothers and sisters at the shelter. and this is just a mix of a mix, about five months old, calling her galia. >> when you were bringing them in, they were wagging their tails. what does that say about a dog? >> we know a friendly wag. it's an unconscious form of communication. there is a new study out of the university of trento that suggests the direction it wags is not so much random, though. they're finding that when a dog wags his tail to the right, they're encountering something friendly, like you coming home from work. but when it wags to the left, they're actually encountering something more threatening, like the mailman or a more dominant dog. >> who knew? >> i know, right? >> that's good. >> they also found in the study that dogs that encountered a dog wagging its tail to the left,
5:55 am
they had a raised heart rate. it's a form of communication, all be it unconscious. >> what about licking and sniffing other dogs? >> sniffing other dogs is interesting. we think that it's the most disgusting thing. but no dog has the same scent on their rear region. >> that's good to know. dog's ss 1,000 times more sensitive than ours. they're detecting things like the sex, the health, the age, even the mood of the dog. >> why do the dogs run around in a circle before they lay down? >> it's instinct prosecute when dogs would lay and they didn't always lay on the couch. when they used to sleep in tall grass, they would flatten the grass around them, but that turning scares away snakes or something that could bite them before they lay down. it's an unconscious instinct, securing their section before they go to sleep. >> like a crop circle. >> exactly. >> should we whisper? >> she just fell asleep. walking around in a circle, did you talk about that?
5:56 am
>> yeah, it flattens the grass and scares away the snakes. the reason that they lick your face is actually a submissive gesture. it means you're the boss. >> when they yawn? >> when they yawn, it's a stress reflex. like yawning, panting, like right now there is a lot of stimulus here. while she's not hot, she is just sort of telling us that she might be a little stressed out. when you see your dog do that, doesn't mean she's hot. you might want to look around the environment and see what might be stressing them out. >> you could be boring them. >> could be. >> very stressful. >> stay right here with our two cute dogs. we're going to continue the conversation during dog week in two minutes here on "fox &ther friends" for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy.
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5:59 am
george washington secret six, day two, it's available. hope you continue to like it. i'll be talking to all the affiliates shortly. >> fantastic. it's a great story about american history you probably don't know about it. so check it out. >> it really is. >> what's happening in the after the show show? >> we're talking dogs. >> secrets to dogs -- the dogs don't want you to know.
6:00 am
>> talk to your kids see if they want you to bring one home? >> you can celebrate the book. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow, same time, same channel. so long. bill: a fox news alert. kathleen sebelius answers questions before a senate committee this morning and you will see live. good morning. it's going to be a big day for this law today. martha: lawmakers are releasing 100 pang -- 100 pages of notes. the documents show what happened at administration officials


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