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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 6, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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better. thanks for making me laugh. and rick baker posting if they cannot run it right the first time what makes them think they can do it the second time. government has never meant to be in the insurance business. i'm gretchen, here is shep. gretchen, thanks. we are developing several new stories here on the fox news deck. reaction after new testimony from the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius about the problems with the obamacare web site and what she says the administration absolutely can cannot could do. plus, a man who hijacked a plane to cuba has just returned to the united states after three decades to face justice. we have video of his plane arriving and you'll hear what happens next. facebook launching a new policy on bullying. how will that effect you and your children? plus, jet man takes a wild ride over mount fuji. the incredible video is ahead so let's get to it.
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any shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> good wednesday afternoon to you. 3:00 on the east coast. delaying obamacare is not an option. those words from the nation's top health official today kathleen sebelius who once again testified to congress about the bungled web site rollout. she flat out rejected republican demands that the white house put the new healthcare law on ice. >> some have asked why not just delay implementation of the new law until all of the problems are fixed. and there is a pretty straightforward answer. delaying the affordable care act wouldn't delay people's cancer or diabetes or park sans. >> as expected, secretary sebelius got an earful from some lawmakers. they blasted her over the web site glitches which the secretary says will be fixed by the end of this month. she says that she is ultimately responsible for the fiasco. and that led to it a fiery
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remark from the republican senator from kansas where secretary sebelius served as governor. >> in your zeal to implement this law, not warnings, not advice, not council would deter you from implementing the exchanges. you said america should hold you accountable which is why today, madam secretary i repeat my request for you resign. thank you, mr. chairman. >> no response from secretary sebelius. more of the tough questioning though in just a moment. first, we're getting new look at just how bad that web site rollout really has been. republicans in the house released obama administration memos from the days right after that launch. here's what some of those memos show. widespread reports of insurance plans showing up with the wrong prices or details. some 90% of those who managed to log in could not pass the residency test to prove that they are eligible for medicate. about 30% of applicants ran into errors that kept them from completing their
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applications. and the system that verifies ids wrongly showed about 6% of applicants were in prison. the memo mentions the bug was the identification program, quote: really high match for things we wouldn't expect. like death. mike emanuel is on fox top story and he is live on capitol hill for us this afternoon. sounds like a lot of lawmakers are at least acting like they are losing their patience and in many cases i'm guessing they are. >> well, shep, and we are also learning that the president got an earful from people of his own party, democrats who are facing the voters next year who have very serious concerns about this healthcare rollout. today on capitol hill though, you had republicans and democrats saying that the administration wasn't fully forthcoming about some of the issues this healthcare rollout would face and bottom line, here is a sample of some of the bipartisan concern expressed today. >> i want this to work. i want to do what i can to help you make it work. but, it means you also
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have -- two way street. you have got to tell us what's going on candidly, fully. >> yes. >> so we don't wake up end of november and lo and behold still not there yet. >> there is a long track record of broken promises and untruthful answers to both this committee and the american people with respect to how this law should work or would work and the impact it would have. now, i hope that that will stop today. >> i mentioned the president getting an earful from members of his own party. we have learned that the president, vice president, white house chief of staff and jeff zoins the guy who is due to fix the healthcare web site met with the 2014 democrats in the senate who are up for he re-election. we understand there is a lot of frustration expressed in the room. lawmakers unable -- say are their constituents are still unable to get on the web site and so the administration wanted to let a little pressure out of the room. shep? >> mike, what about questions over the web site's security. >> there has been a lot about that because, of course, you are putting very personal information in
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terms of your own health and also your social security number, that kind of very personal information. some people have called it a hacker's delight. here is how secretary sebelius handled that today. >> i would say that the site has met the highest standards of security for federal government sites. we have taken great care, again, not to store personally identifiable information in the hub. >> so she is trying to reassure lawmakers and the american public that their personal information is secure and that this web site will get rolling before long. >> with all the web site troubles you think somebody has got to be doing well here, right? well, other businesses involved with the healthcare law are not getting a lot of attention. and that could also be due to some states refusing to give out important information like how much of our tax money that they are giving to certain companies. take, for example, the call centers across the country that answer people's questions and help them enroll. in public documents from connecticut, the state's
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health exchange blacks out the amount it's paying a contractor to operate the call center. an official says that's because releasing the price would hurt competition for contracts. the company itself reports it has a 15-million-dollar deal over three years. a number of officials will not confirm. compare that to the state of vermont where officials say people have a right to know how much the taxpayers are paying. in that state, the call center is making about half a million dollars a month. so the question is, do we all have a right to know where our taxpayers are going? joining us now is larry fishelman. he is the ceo of diana link corporations. creates all kind of systems. is he with us here on the news deck. they didn't think that they were going to need that many people to be calling because they thought most people would be logging on online. since so many people are calling there is a lot of money in answering the phones. >> there is a lot of money in answering the phones and it's a huge expense.
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the taxpayer right now because the site isn't working is really every time they pick up the receiver is literally paying 50 cents to a dollar call. >> when they rolled this out out, the original plan was most people will be able to go through this online and actually in the call centers, what they're doing is taking people through it online. >> they are supposed to take them through it online but the other issue they are having now is they have got it use security. you are placing calls that are wasted calls because to check security you have to go online also through the call. but, guess what, they can't go online because online isn't working. so there is thousands of thousands of calls that are going in where operators are saying sorry, i can't help you because the web site is down. so this is an added expense out there that's costing millions and millions of dollars and the whole issue with the web site is, you are supposed to through technology go on the web site. be able to handle the issues and be able to handle the questions. the call center real radioly should be backup plan. now becoming de facto plan
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instead of the backup plan. >> i understand why it was that connecticut won't say what it is that we are paying. if you let people know what you are paying, contractors will be able to bid in such a way that he they will get some of the -- i get it but now since this is costing so much. there are a lot of people who want to know what are we paying here? >> yeah, like i said, probably anywhere there is different contracts in different states. probably anywhere between 50 cents to a dollar. you know, i have seen cases 75 cents. 80 cents per call. that includes, you know, every time you call to an 800 number there is a carrier cost that they incur. on top of that, these call centers are built. a lot of them built in the middle of nowhere. warehouse spaces where they can take in the calls, the volume. they have to have people. they have got to have systems. they have got to have the phones so there is costs there but it's supposed to be for backup. this is going to be millions and millions of dollars. this is in addition to the web site, which has already cost 400 million.
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depending on the number it keeps moving. >> the numbers are all over the place. we can't really confirm any of them. it's not a small amount of money. >> it's not a small amount of money it is very expensive. you do get a service for it but, once again, to be able to get that service should really be used as backup not as the main. now that you add that in it's going to be very costly. >> i wonder about the budget. like any other project you put together, you say all right we have this amount of money for this and this amount of money for call centers. you were expecting that the web site was going to be working and since it's not, i wonder if call centers are just hiring people all over the place because the business model is good one all of the sudden. >> well, it's a great business model and there is nothing wrong with the business model. it delivers a great service. it's just the problem here is that it shouldn't have to be needed for this >> larry fishelson from dyna link communications. >> you too. thank you for having me. >> a man who hijacked a plane and forced it to cuba
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is finally back here in the united states and with fbi agents. how did they catch him? actually, they didn't. in fact, he gave himself up and you will hear why, next. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job and i don't have time for unreliable companies. angie's list definitely saves me time and money. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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shep shep third teenagers you has now been charged with murder in the death of australian baseball player. that player, the player killed prosecutors say
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because the suspects were board. you may remember this event from august and the case got coverage all over the world. one of the suspects, 17-year-old michael duane jones. lesser charges including accessory after the fact. well today, prosecutors added a charge of murder in the first degree. the victim was 22-year-old christopher lane. is he from melbourne. he was getting ready for his senior season at east central university in oklahoma. prosecutors say he was out jogging when the three bored teenagers shot him in the back and killed him. an american fugitive who hijacked a plane voluntarily returned to the united states today after hiding out in cuba for nearly 30 years. his name is william pots. the year was 1984. the self-described militant pulled a gun hidden in a plastic cast and ordered the pilot of a flight from new jersey to florida to instead go to cuba. pots said he expected the
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cubans would offer him guerrilla training and instead they convicted him and put him behind bars for more than sp years on communist island. pots has been living outside havana since then. he got married, has two children. but, in recent weeks, he has worked with officials to travel back here to the united states where he faces charges for that hijacking. pots says he is looking for closure and just about an hour ago the feds escorted that fugitive into fbi headquarters in north miami beach. eugene rirms works for our station in south florida the news station for south florida and is live with us there this afternoon. he says he wants to cut a deal with the prosecutors. what do we know about this deal eugene? >> >> that's right, shep. is he facing a 20 year prison sentence here state side. the charge air piracy. is he right now inside of the fbi field office here he
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is in there talking to the fbi agents. he want to work out some sort of deal because he says he has already done the time for the crime. of course that crime as you mentioned 1984 hijacking of that plane to cuba which resulted in him serving 13 years in a cuban jail. he does want to be here in the u.s., he says, number one, for closure, but, also, because he has elderly parents and he wants to be here in the united states to help them out through their last years. as a matter of fact, he mentioned that to president barack obama in a letter that he sent to the white house asking for a presidential pardon. so there is a few options here. a, he might get a presidential pardon. the other option here is that he doesn't, in which case he wants those 13 years that he served in jail in cuba to count towards that 20 year sentence. goes before a federal judge sometime tonight or tomorrow, shep? >> eugene ramirez from seven news. north miami beach. it could be a blow in the
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trial of utah doctor accused of drugging and drowning his own wife. dr. michael macneil was in federal prison on fraud charges when he told other inmates that he was glad his wife was dead even called her -- well, a b-word. one of macneil's cell mates took the stand today saying macneil admitted to him personally that he did kill macneil. that macneil killed his wife. listen to his testimony, here. >> he had different shoes on and stuff like that. i just kind of cracked a joke to him saying can i get a paver those shoes? he said no, you can't. i said how do you get away with that? and he is like can i get away with a lot of things, he said i'm getting away with murdering my wife. >> i'm getting away with murdering my wife. prosecutors are trying to persuade the jury that macneil forced his wife to get a face lift so that he could knock her out with pain killers. they claim he left her to die in a bathtub so that he could be with his mistress.
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the defense claims macneil's wife died of a heart condition. according to the salt lake city tribune the newspaper there, the cell mate who testified today received a plea deal in a theft case next change for cooperation on this. but, according to court records he told investigators he wanted to testify because of his, quote, morals. now, amanda knox and her murder case is in its third trial in italy. but this time foxy knoxy is not even in italy. so what would happen if the decision goes against her? one of her lawyers joins us live next. plus, you will hear what amanda knox ex-boyfriend says he knew about her after just one week of dating. we'll hear from him for the first time in a long time as shepard smith reporting continues after this.
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fox news desk. amanda knox's boyfriend took the stand italian court for third murder trial against the couple accused of killing amanda knox's roommate described by prosecutors as drug-fueled sex game. the legal saga has been going on for years now. here is the time line for the slide show. started in 2007, at the time amanda knox had been dating this italian man. in november of that year, investigators say they found the body of knox's roommate, the british student meredith kircher, half naked and covered in blood inside their apartments. there is the apartment right there. this is the knox and her then boyfriend. a few days later they were arrested in the death. jump to 2009 and trial begins. the court finds them guilty of murder and sexual assault and sentenced them to more than 20 years in prison.
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they appealed that ruling and in october of 2011 the court cleared them and freed them on the spot. foxy knoxy flew back home to seattle and she is still there. she has refused to go to italy for this new trial that's happening now. and italy's highest court is now examining more evidence, including the alleged murder weapon, a kitchen knife. in the last trial, investigators said d.n.a. on that blade was unreliable today a court appointed expert says the blood belongs to knox and not the victim. that helps the defense arguement in a big way that the knife was not the murder weapon in the first place. amanda knox's ex-boyfriend also testified about that evidence and told the court will his fairy tale romance with knox. that's what he called it he said after one week he knew she was his first true love. so the trial is underway and amanda knox u.s. attorney ted simon says he has been on the phone with her all day long and he says she is, quote, doing good: attorney
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ted simon is with us live this afternoon. nice to see you. thank you. they are having a trial without her there. and now the evidence has changed since the last trial. what do you make of it? >> well, it's not so much the evidence has changed. i think we should keep in mind, you know, there is no evidence, there was no evidence, and there never was any evidence. that we already know. but with respect to what happened today, it was a prosecution motion to have the knife tested in the certain area known as trace i that had not been previously tested because it was considered to be too small of a feature the tester of the knife determined that it was not meredith kircher on the
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blade. this is what the hope was of the prosecution. they were hoping to find meredith kircher on the blade. the hopes were dashed. it may have been's profile on the blade is totally insignificantenned meaningless. she had already previously found to be on the handle. this knife was found in the home and in the kitchen drawer of rafael slate it is not it would be found on a knife or utensil just like your d.n.a. would be found, assuming you cook or spend time in your kitchen on on those utensils. what we also know and what makes this so incredibly continuing compelling for amanda and in her favor. we already knew before today that the knife was not the murder weapon. for many reasons, including the knife was tested for blood and it came up negative. we know the knife was too
12:25 pm
big. >> i understand the point you are trying to make. i only have a certain amount of time. >> the knife did not. >> get to ask you any questions. that's not helpful for me. you want to go five minutes and i only have three. so what i want to know is. >> i will give you the rest. >> that's kind of you. once this trial is over. if by chance she is found guilty, how in the world do they expect to get her back to italy to serve any time? i mean, she is not even there for the trial. >> well, you know, the supreme court issued a a revision. her parents -- her appearance is not required and not necessary. issue context of american trial he owe -- no evidence in the case. previously she was found innocent. in fact, she was not even found not guilty. she was found innocent.
12:26 pm
if i could turn to the knife which was the centerpiece of their case. not only was there no blood on the knife. not only did didn't it match the wounds. in the last trial independent experts. prosecution or defense. and they concluded that meredith kercher was not on the blade. there was no blood on the knife. and that the collection and testing procedures fell below international standards, was likely contaminated and in the end one can only say it's conclusively determined that the knife, which was just picked up on a hunch is not the murder weapon. there is simply -- it's simply not there. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it we will keep our viewers updated on the trial as it continues in italy. we are learning more today about the potential political impact of last night's election results. campaign carl cameron weighs in from washington. and. and the crack smoking mayor north of the border in toronto says he will not step down but the pressure, as you might imagine is building. and there is word we may finally get a chance to see
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that everyone really understands personal finance." we're like, "well, we're already doing that." and so it was kind of a perfect match. there is breaking news coming in through the fox news deck. coming through social media confirmed through the university of cincinnati students have just been warned checking out of a report of a person with a gun. this person reported to be in place of a place called proctor hall which is not technically on university campus: over here we are getting new information, mark, the parts of the campus are on lockdown; is that right? >> right. right now a few of the halls and buildings in the uptown campus are on lockdown. because the guy was not seen on the campus, they are not doing an entire shutdown of the whole thing. they are telling students to stay out of the area. they have not found the guy. just getting first report
12:30 pm
what he looks like. >> i will tell you what we are going to do. he is said to be wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark jeans. parts of the campus on lockdown. details when the breaking news continues after this. hungry for the best?
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shep shep continuing coverage now from breaking news out of the university of cincinnati in ohio where students are being warned checking out a report of a person with a gun. as i mentioned we got the initial reports of this on social media we have now confirmed through the university and the police that this is ongoing. here is the spot. this is uptown cincinnati. this is martin king drive right here and this is vine street. right along over here are the athletic facilities for the university. this is marge shot for baseball. this is proctor hall which is right in the middle of this loop. and it's our understanding that this gunman was across the street from proctor hall. spotted by students. now the campus has lockdowned not all of it but proctor hall is on lockdown as are some buildings in the general vicinity.
12:33 pm
they have not been specific with us yet. in this general area we are told they are on lockdown. we just got in touch with police. saying they are in search of the suspect. buildings and others locked down. they haven't found him. that's the reason for the concern. they're telling students at the university of cincinnati in this particular area to stay where they are. stay away from windows and doors while they figure out who this person is with a gun. why this person with a gun was there. as we get more. i will bring it to you. facebook is stepping up its efforts to curb bullying with something called bullying prevention hub. the company reports starting today, teens will have the option to report comments, photos, or videos as abusive. it claims that the process is completely anonymous. and that the goal is to take -- make it easier for teens to contact adults on the site. the thing is, anti-bullying effort does not apply to instagram.
12:34 pm
facebook's photo sharing app. critics say instagram is often more affeidting ground for bullies than other sites. of course, this comes after officials have linked a number of teen and pre-teen suicides to bullying on social media well, the miami dolphins player accused of bullying and harassing his own teammate may have gotten orders to toughen up his fellow line linemen. orders, that's according to the sun sentinel newspaper in south florida it reports that the dolphin coaches told richie incognito on the left side of your screen here to get jonathan martin quote into the fold after martin missed part of the team's off season workout program. keep in mind those workouts are completely voluntary. so far no response from the dolphins. sources are saying to the newspaper that incognito took the orders too far and sent threatening, racially charged texts to jonathan martin. in one voice mail, richie incognito reportedly called martin a half an n word,
12:35 pm
threatened to slap his mother and told him "i'll kill you." the team suspended richie incognito indefinitely. martin left the dolphins last week of a teammates repeatedly got up from a lunch table when he sat down in an ode to senget grade. his father tells fox news his son is doing fine and wants to talk about the whole thing at some point. meantime, our station in south florida, wsvn, the news station, caught up with richie incognito and asked him about this whole thing. >> what do you have to say about the storm you are in? >> you know what? i'm just trying to weather the storm right now and this will pass. >> "this will pass." steve harrigan with more from our south florida newsroom this afternoon. what more do we know about these reports that the coaches were told richie incognito to toughen martin up? >> shepard, right now it's only unnamed sources telling the sentinel in florida the newspaper, but we could hear more from coach joe philbin in two hours time when he holds a press conference.
12:36 pm
philbin has come under sharp criticism for not having the pulse of his team and letting things go too far in this hazing incident. we also are getting more scrutiny of his offensive line coach jim turner, a man with no previousexperience who a one-time marine officer, shepard. >> all right. steve. one more question. some dolphins players reportedly blaming jonathan martin for going public on this. >> well, support for incognito, despite what appears to be racist messages has been extremely high among current dolphin players, both white and black, a number have come out to say that they love richie incognito. the dolphins meantime have pulled out his jerseys from the team store. likely also to stop running the public service announcement that richie incognito makes before games asking fans to be polite: >> on the field, players have called me overly aggressive. while off the field and on the croquet lawn, quite
12:37 pm
civilized. smashing. >> no word yet whether the dolphins continue to pay incognito's 4-million-dollar salary during his indefinite suspension, shepard. all right. steve harrigan in south florida. the crack smoking mayor north of the border in toronto may finally get a chance to see that video which we're told shows him smoking crack cocaine. he says he hasn't actually seen the proof of what he claims was another drunken stupor but he 'fessed up to that drunken stupor and the crack smoking regardless yesterday. there has been a lot of reaction since then as you might imagine. here you are seeing protesters marching in downtown toronto today demanding that mayor ford step down. in orange quote i'm a taxpayer and i would like to you resign now. that demonstration held in nathan phillips' square which as you can see is not far from city hall. ford says he is sorry for the mistakes he has made but
12:38 pm
insists he will not resign and he will not make said mistakes again and by mistakes we can only assume that he means the smoking of crack in a crack house. of course, it all comes after yesterday's confession. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> when, sir? >> but no, do i? am i an addict? no. i have tried it, um, probably in one of my drunken stupors probably approximately about a year ago. >> probably in one of my drunken stoopers probably approximately about a year ago. ford says he loves his job and the city and there is still a lot of work to be done. toronto as we have reported repeatedly is the fourth largest city in all of north america. trace gallagher with the latest. we are learning he might get a chance to see this video. in fact, all of us might get to see it is it poss? >> the videos were actually seized during a gang investigation. gangs and guns sort of thing. one of the guys who was actually arrested during
12:39 pm
gang sweep his lawyer now says that videotape is key to his defense so he has applied to see a copy. he says if the mayor also wants to see it, he should join the application. the mayor says that he wants to see the tape because he believes that it may jog his memory about the crack smoking. listen. >> i told you, probably, probably -- approximately, probably saying about a year ago. i don't know exactly. that's why i want to see. >> i don't even remember after some of the stuff that you have seen me, the state i have been in. it's a problem. >> it's another problem for the mayor because after a deadly gang shooting last year in toronto he vowed to run the gangs out of town, instead, he has admitted to smoking crack at a known crack house and being photographed with known gang members. not exactly the mentor image he was trying to put forth for kids in that city, shep. >> no no, he seemed all beat up about it yesterday, trace. he says i hope nobody has to go what i have been through. today seems like the pound.
12:40 pm
that 1,000 pounds got lifted off and down to whatever is left there. he is pretty happy. >> yeah. very happy go lucky. it's bring your kids to work day in toronto so he was giving some kids a tour around city hall and he actually winked or blue blew a kiss to a photographer who was following him. we have seen the picture. that is a problem here. keep in mind loud are these chants that he needs to resign much louder and louder. there is a group save toronto saying they want him to resign not after the next. keep in mind, shep. it's not just the crack smoking. he has been tossed out of a toronto maple leaf games because he was drunk. groped a politician at a fundraiser. asked to stop coaching football after a violent confrontation with the player. the player has admitted time and again that he likes to drink a lot. >> that's clear. trace gallagher with us this afternoon. thanks. they can't recall him. there is no recall mechanism within the rules in toronto
12:41 pm
that would allow them to recall the mayor for that or just about anything else. so, for now at least, as long as he wants to be the mayor, he is the mayor. a michigan kid who used to push shopping carts at k-mart is 23 years odd and suddenly $8 million richer. he won the world series of poker. they meet him and they tell me i will be playing poker while we meet him because we have these huge computers good for candy crush and poker. we will do that the guy they call jet man just took another incredible jet journey. look at that the video coming up from the fox news deck presently.
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i'm going to report this and you decide if you belief it. how about that? just in the mystery of the google barges may be solved. if you have been around at all, you remember we reported on these things last week. google has these barges that hang out. and now google says in a statement they released today that they may use the
12:45 pm
barges quote interactive learning centers. interactive centers. it's still early and things may change, unquote. thank you for that google. see these barges? you telling me they have these big barges off the west coast and east coast and stuck them out there and float them around and don't have any idea what they are going to float doo with them. one off the coast of san francisco bay and maine not set in stone but not sure. these may be probably kind of should be interactive learning centers. google. believe that? hash tag shep news team. the swiss dare devil known as jet man has taken yet another stunning flight across the sky. this time he dropped from a helicopter over japan and soared right around mount fuji first there he goes out the helicopter and there he goes jet man can fly. is he very impressive. he made a few flights starting last month to celebrate the mountain's recent designation as a world heritage site so jet man flew over it it he says
12:46 pm
his custom built suit has four rockets which can go up to 190 miles per hour. jet man has flown over other famous site swiss apps and grand canyon. this latest trip around japan first flight anywhere in asia. jet man can fly and he is proud of himself. okay, now the 23-year-old man from michigan who just made more than $8 million when he won the world series of poker. look -- >> -- and now the river card is a four. ryan reese has stacked up his claim of being the best. he is the 2013 world champion i guarantee it. >> he had a lot of friends then. i bet he has more now. fans piled on to ryan reese after he won that tournament at the rio just off the vegas strip last night. not only did he win all that money, he also got a giant diamond encrusted championship bracelet and everyone needs at least one. seems the world series of
12:47 pm
poker is a young man's game. six consecutive champions have been less than 25 years old. today's champion ryan reese joins us live from vegas baby vegas. all right. show us the ring or bracelet. >> i don't have it right now. >> why, come on. where is it? did you pawn it? >> it's at the casino. >> when will they give you your championship bracelet prize? >> later today. i'm really excited. >> i'm sure. what about the 8.3 mill. do you have that yet. >> i'm also going to get that later today as well. >> where so i know will you be putting it initially? >> um,. >> don't answer that question. >> i'm not sure yet. >> don't be sure about that the river card is coming there were a few options. and there comes the 4. and do you even remember what happened in your head when there it was? >> yeah. i just remember dropping on the floor and crying and all my friends and family jumping on top of me. it was an amazing feeling. >> i said 8.3 million it's
12:48 pm
8.4. we get that extra 100,000 for this appearance and rine we thank you for that there was one other thing i wanted to know about. you have gone in a very short period of time from being in one case a parking lot booth attendant and in another a grocery cart pusher, both of which are just fine thanks for young people to a multimillionaire. and i wonder how that transition is going to work for you. you have got lawyers and pr people and all that stuff? >> yep, i have people taking care of things for me. >> that's good. i wonder if you ever really thought that this was possible. >> it was always a dream of mine. i didn't think it would happen this early in my life. but i'm not complaining. >> no, i wouldn't either. there is a quote that you have made after this that i mentioned to you in the commercial break. could you recall that for our viewers? >> when i said i was the best in the world? >> um-huh. >> yeah. i said that before this tournament started i believe. i started saying it in march. i was practicing for this tournament. and it worked out. i proved myself.
12:49 pm
>> yeah, you did. how outcome were you when you started playing? how often do you play and how did you become quote the best poker player in the world, unquote? >> i started playing when i was 14. i played like little $10 tournament with my friends in high school and middle school. and in college i started playing a little bit more often and then as soon as i graduated from college i started playing full time. >> well, we are going to play this online thing here that we have cued up. it turns out i'm beginning this thing with a queen and a ten of diamonds so so i'm guessing that i should bet more than the two bucks, whenever i do that whoever this nameless faceless person over here just folds. what should i do? >> keep folding, keep raising. >> maybe i start -- uh-oh. super bat in the sky just went to hell here. it knew i was going to beat it so it quit. do you have that happen a lot to you? >> yeah, every now and then. >> yeah. so where is your next tournament? >> i'm not sure. i may be going to australia
12:50 pm
in late january. that will be a lot of fun. i have never been. >> how are you going to spend this money first of all? what's your first big extravagant exercise coming up? >> i'm going to invest a lot of it probably buy a house. i have a car that i'm okay with. but i don't have a house yet. >> that sounds stupid. do you know what i would do? >> what's that? >> put it all on black. >> there you go. gamble. >> why not you? can double your money. >> yep. >> that's what i would do. if you put it all on black, let us know we will send a camera out there. >> all right. sounds good. >> all right. man, congratulations on your big money and on being the greatest poker player in the world. proud of you. >> thank you, shepard. thanks for having me. >> you are welcome. interesting. $8.4 million. not a bad day. so now there is the middle school football coach who is out of work after planning a team party at, again, middle school hooters. the administrators are not like nah you ought to think about this.
12:51 pm
the middle school kids said no, i'm thinking hooters. no complaints from anybody. after all, the things in question which seem to be a problem you can see more of them on the beach than do you there. so what happened to him? they fired him.bean hang on. take beano before and there'll be no gas. ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ]
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12:54 pm
>> fired football coach after he planned a gathering at a local hooters restaurant. the team had a vote and decided go for the end of the season party. middle school officials say they asked the coach to please change the location. the coach randy burboc said he would rather lose his job than move the venue. >> what type of a man do you want to be? do you want to get hit? do you want to get up and you aring fite back. take responsibility for your actions. you are going to be responsible for your
12:55 pm
decisions. if you believe in something you stand up and be counted. and now i'm being tested. >> yeah, you are being fired, too. he believed in hooters. he is out of a job now. the letter the school's athletic director wrote that burbach was not willing to compromise. we are told the coach is still planning the party for this saturday at the hooters even though it's no longer a school-sponsored event. hooters agreed agreed it pay for all kinds of things. they played it right pr. robbins radio talk show host and trial attorney chief editor of the web site the hooters i'm guessing that school administrators like grilled wings better than battered and friday wings and that's the reason they didn't want it there. >> you know, shep, everyone is talking about hootedders. this is a story about insubordination. the athletic director told this coach there is a family that doesn't feel comfortable, move the party. he said. no he is a meat head, is he stubborn, he got what he deserves. >> you mate meat heads.
12:56 pm
why do you hate. >> i don't hate meat heads, are you kidding me. my grandfather was the head of the angus cattleman's association. i look hooters too but this is a guy who didn't follow orders. end of story. >> i think he was trying to say, look, you make a decision, all the team is for it you stand up. you are a man, you stick with your decisions. the message that the school is trying to send is you are an employee here and you are being insubordinate and as always big brother wins. >> well, you know, the other thing to keep in mind is you and i might be fine with our kids going to a seventh grade banquet at hooters but this community wasn't. while the team may have volted, there were several parents that called in to the school and said we're not comfortable and our kids can't participate because of it. can you change the venue? the coach said no way. >> it's because they hate the friday wings. that's the thing. don't ever let them go to miami beach. keep your kids off miami beach. let me tell you.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
gunman, apparently the gunman gotten away they have given the all clear. students are free to do as they will at the university of cincinnati. then there is this. the dow just busted through all-time high bang, killed it never been that high, not ever. [cheers] whooping it up a year ago today. >> for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. [cheers] >> not so fast, mr. president. because for millions of americans losing their healthcare plans, the best is not coming. better call the doctor, because this is going to shock you. [flat line] >> we have got a bleeder! >> welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. the president's healthcare advisor today warping hundreds of fixes are still needed for the obamacare web site but the white house is refusing to take account saying it is not an option. each as the largest insurers