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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 6, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> $3 million? >> that's it for us on "the five." thanks for watching. see you tomorrow, everybody. momentum builds from democrats for big changes to obama care. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. a huge development this afternoon. president obama, vice president biden and more than a dozen senate democrats met to discuss the disastrous obama care rollout. these are vulnerable democrats facing voters next year. and the word is they are frustrated, to put it mildly. we have fox team coverage tonight. mike emanuel looks at kathleen sebelius on capitol hill again
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today. carl cameron on how obama care impacted last night's elections and how the gop plans to capitalize on it. but we begin with chief white house correspondent ed henry on that unexpected and pretty long meeting for this white house. hi, ed. >> reporter: good evening. a democratic source tells me tonight that some of the senators in this meeting with the president floated the idea of a delay of up to one year for enrollment in fines. the president did not agree to that. but i'm told these senators felt it was a constructive meeting. he listened. the big question now is, is there going to be a delay of a few months or something like that? president obama conferred late today with michael bennett just moments after they wrapped up a dramatic closed-door meeting with 15 senate democrats facing the voters in 2014 who are nervous that anger over obama care will knock them out of office. one democratic source familiar with the meeting told fox it was feisty because, quote, candidly,
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a lot of pent-up frustration among senate democrats about the rollout. it's terrible politics for everyone right now, added the democratic source. this was a chance for the president to let a little pressure out, after days of republicans piling on. >> look, our constituents are worried. they feel deceived. they're very upset. and they should be. not only with the law itself but with the way the administration has basically brushed their concerns aside. >> reporter: in a sign of the intensity of the conversation, it was a two-hour meeting. and the president was joined by vice president biden, chiefdono website guru. democrats were still full of angst afterwards. the democrat put out a blistering statement that described a crisis in confidence saying, quote, it's absolutely unacceptable in this day and age
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that the administration can't deliver on the promises it made to all americans because of technical problems with a website. alaskans should be appreciating the critical benefits of the affordable care act. but there is an understandable crisis in confidence because the administration has yet to get it off the ground. >> not return my calls all the time because i'm yelling at him all the time on some of the issues. i think they really want to hear from us because we're on the ground in our own communities. i deliver that frustration on a fairly regular basis to the white house. >> reporter: that anger from democrats may explain why the white house left the meeting off the president's public schedule for the day. it was only after democrats started lashing out. he said he needs to push back the enrollment period beyond 2014 and needs to get more serious about putting in new safeguards for online privacy.
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it was said also, i told the president that, for the affordable care act to succeed, consumers need to be confident their personal information is secure. we need to do everything in our power to protect the online marketplace from hackers and cyber attacks. at this hour, the president is in texas trying to talk up the benefits of this law, millions of more people getting insured. but this meeting at the white house showed he's consumed by the negative aspects of the rollout. and pressure is building not just from republicans but now democrats to make dramatic changes. >> ed henry live on the north lawn, thank you. obama care wasn't enough to change any of the results of yesterday's elections. but it made things closer than they might otherwise have been. and it's handed republicans material for attack ads on a silver platter. here's chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> reporter: the botched rollout of the affordable care act nearly cost terry mcauliffe the election last night.
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ken cuccinelli came from down double digits in the polls two weeks ago to behind 2% in the final returns last night by casting the race as a referendum on obama care. >> i am so excited to get going with this and start helping people. >> reporter: mcauliffe aides acknowledged if the race went a few more days, it could have been republicans celebrating victory today. virginia's a key swing state. 53% of virginia voters said they opposed the affordable care act to 46% who support it. 27% of virginian said health care was their top priority and cuccinelli carried them by 4%. for 45% of virginians, the economy was the top issue. cuccinelli said it was a threat to the economy. >> despite being outspent by an unprecedented $15 million, this race came down to the wire because of obama care.
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that message will go out across america tonight. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio who campaigned aggressively with cuccinelli in virginia is sponsoring a senate bill to delay the implementation of obama care nationwide. >> what's clear from the election yesterday is the discontent that exists with obama care is going to be a major factor in the elections next year. >> reporter: as soon as the obama care rollout went off the rails, the republican party and outside super pacs start bounding senate democrats were echoing the president's statement. >> if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. >> those individuals who like the coverage they already have, will be able to keep their current plan. >> reporter: that's senator mary landrieu who's sponsoring legislation to make sure people can keep their insurance. >> people who like their insurance and their doctors keep
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them. >> reporter: ten democrats have joined the effort and others are expected to do the same. democrats know he will never again be on a ballot so it's every candidate for him or herself. and they don't want their next campaign to be their last one. >> chris christie's big reelection win, in our coverage, you said there might be moves in the christie campaign with a look towards 2016. >> the campaign said they wanted a big win to talk about 2016. and today one of their field directors has taken a new job as the executive director of the new hampshire republican primary, the home of the first presidential primary and that's a gig where people get very involved in presidential politics. >> carl, thank you. now to chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill with a look at the cabinet member who's taken the heaviest hits when it comes to the botched rollout of obama care.
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>> reporter: health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said the troubled website isn't there yet. it is critical the administration meet or beat its deadline of having the website fully functional by the end of this work. >> i want this to work. i'm doing what i can to make you help it work. but you have to tell us what's going on candidly, fully. so we don't wake up end of november, lo and behold, still not there yet. >> reporter: but it's the emerging problems with the law itself. senator hatch said the obama care hasn't been truthful. >> there's a long history. >> reporter: with some lawmakers calling for taking the health care website down to fix it or a delay on obama care, sebelius
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resisted claiming it's not an option. >> delaying the affordable care act wouldn't delay people's illnesses. didn't delay the need for mental health services or cholesterol screenings or prenatal care. >> reporter: john thune blasted sebelius and the president for false advertising on the pitch, if you like your health care you'll be able to keep it. thune says they knew that wasn't the case. >> this is a dishonest mistake. this is a dishonesty. you've been misleading the american people and the president has, over and over again. i would much rather you just come up and say, yeah, we were wrong. we didn't tell the truth. >> reporter: after weeks of withering attacks, a leading democrat tried to give sebelius some cover. >> i find it amazing that those who seek to ascribe blame are the same folks who have spent every waking hour of the last four years working to dismantle, destroy, obstruct and impede the success of the affordable care act. >> reporter: probably the toughest shot came from gop
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senator pat roberts from sebelius' home state of kansas who said directly to her she should be out of a job. >> you have said america should hold you accountable, which is why today, madam secretary, i repeat my request for you to resign. >> reporter: sebelius did not respond. she's well aware she's not in danger until top democrats lose confidence in her. meanwhile, the chief information officer at medicare tony tranquil is leaving. his office oversaw the rollout of the website. >> mike, thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow soared 129 points to hit an all-time high of 15,746 points. s&p 500 added eight. the nasdaq last lost eight. up next, is it okay to have a prayer at public town meetings. but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering. fox 12 in portland, the story of a middle school football coach who chose to lose his job rather
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than cancel an end of the year party at hooters. fox 29 in philadelphia is covering a homeless man found sleeping in the presidential suite at a luxury hotel. he's now facing trespassing charges. this is a live look at st. louis from our fox affiliate there. the big story there tonight, political corruption. missouri state democratic representative steve webb intends to resign over charges of theft and campaign finance violations. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway. at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business.
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besides the elections, carl cameron told you about earlier, there were a slew of state ballot initiatives covering everything from minimum wage to marijuana to genetically modified foods.
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correspondent doug mckelway has the wrapup. >> reporter: the american flag will still have 50 stars on it. ballot measures were voted to secede. >> it was more of a straw poll, letting them know that rural coloradans are not happy with the way things are being run in the state. >> reporter: illustrating the rural urban divide, l.a. night, the city of denver went well beyond legalizing marijuana. taxes would fund new schools and stop kids from using pot. voters in new york passed a measure to build seven casinos across the state, despite warnings from the state's catholic conference which cited connecticut's 400% increase in embezzlement arrests. voters in new jersey increased the state's minimum wage by a dollar to 8:25 an hour. something that governor christie campaigned against.
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also in washington state, voters rejected a measure that would have required labels on any food item containing genetically modified organisms. it was the most ever spent on a ballot issue in that state. one political analyst sees a pattern. >> the trend i tend to see is what i will call libertarian trend, government, leave me alone, individual freedom, some of these are libertarian issues, talking about gay rights or perhaps marijuana use. some are things about republicans. opposition to gun control measures. >> reporter: we're seeing a movement away from democrats among some younger voters.
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>> doug, thank you. really, this happened. vice president biden called to congratulations marty walsh on winning boston's mayoral election. except, it wasn't the democratic mayor elect on the other end of the line. mr. biden called a different marty walsh. that walsh also got calls from the dnc's debby wasserman schul schultz. opponents say it's unconstitutional. now it's up to the supreme court. >> reporter: it's a case from a small town in new york that could have a very big impact. the town of greece, new york, had prayers ahead of the start of their local monthly meetings every month.
3:18 pm
and it was local clergy members invited. though the prayers were primarily offered by christians, other faiths were invited. two women sued calling the prayers unconstitutional. susan galloway is one of the plaintiffs. >> i'd like to see that people feel that they're included in their government and that they are not made second-class citizens based on their faith or non-faith. >> reporter: a concern expressed by justice kagan, what troubles me about this case is that here a citizen is going to a local community board and is immediately being asked, being forced to identify whether she believes in the things that most of the people in the room believe in. but justice scalia said, there is a serious religious interest on the other side of this thing, that people who have religious beliefs ought to be able to invote the deity when they are
3:19 pm
acting as citizens. it seems to me that when they do that, so long as all groups are allowed to be in. marco rubio pushed back against the allegations that the prayers are unconstitutional. they're held before the business ever starts. >> the argument here today is that somehow that's unconstitutional. it makes no sense. the very people who wrote the constitution themselves invoked prayer before they began meetings. >> reporter: and a potential solution would be to have a town official approve the prayers in advance. a number of them, justice kennedy saying that government should never be in the business of censoring or editing any prayers. >> shannon, thank you. a heart-warming story trending now. 13 marines on their way home from afghanistan were greeted as heroes at chicago's o'hare airport monday evening spontaneously. their appearance after five days
3:20 pm
getting on and off planes drew tears from a small crowd. airline travelers gave up their first-class seats so all the marines could sit together. still ahead, high-risk patients were supposed to be the major beneficiaries of obama care. we'll see. jim angle as that story. first, survivors on the ground during the benghazi attack break their silence soon. keep it here. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instinct. learmore at
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answers, what those following the benghazi attack story have been waiting for for more than a year. may be coming soon.
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adam housley reports on the people who felt their story was too important to stay silent. >> this is what many people have been waiting for, to finally get to the survivors and to the folks that were on the ground. >> reporter: devin nunez says a different narrative will emerge next week at the hearing and questions about what happened that night will be answered. >> was there really a lull in the fighting which then the administration's line is because of this lull, that's why they decided not to send in additional help. i'm not sure that's true. >> reporter: accountability and answers have been missing in the 14 months since the attack that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other americans. nunez says some of the most critical questions need to be asked. among them, alleged witness intimidation, calls for air support that went unauthorized. the congressman says he knows
3:25 pm
most of the answers and was told he and the committee will get them. >> it matters because there's four dead americans and we have a responsibility to their families to get them the answers. >> reporter: nunez's questions are being handed in a letter to speaker of the house john boehner and also request a special independent investigator if next week's answers differ significantly from the benghazi narrative provided by the state department and the white house. sources tell us house leadership is warming to this idea if they don't get their answers. witnesses still afraid to talk publicly about what happened that night welcome these new developments. >> it's the only reason i think that we're shedding some light on this. good americans in bad positions are coming forward and risking everything just to get the story out to make sure it doesn't happen again. when everything went wrong, nobody knew who was in charge. nobody knew, who's going to make the decision to do what. >> reporter: the classified hearing comes as lawmakers have been frustrated with access to benghazi survivors.
3:26 pm
in this case, the men expected to testify were cia security operatives, part of 25 people at the annex the night it and the nearby consulate were attacked. >> adam, thank you. we'll follow it all here. immediately following this show, we'll kick off our wednesday "special report" online show. we'll explore adam's report with the panel. head to you aour home page. we'll talk benghazi, probably a little health care, too. u.n. inspectors in syria filed reports suggesting there are concerns the syrians are trying to hide some of their chemical weapons. there's apparently a discrepancy in the declared weapons from the original inventory that officials delivered a few months ago. we may be closer to the truth regarding a mystery nearly a decade in the making. swiss scientists say they found that yasser arafat died of poisoning.
3:27 pm
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and now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine.
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the department of energy knew about the financial struggles of yet another government-backed green company and did not report it. when the company filed for bankruptcy in september even after $135 million in government funding, it should have been no surprise to the administration. according to the inspector general's report as far back as may, the department knew the green company was struggling to meet financial requirements. during an audit of the company in july, energy officials did not tell the i.g. about those financial struggles. and the i.g. is not that happy about it, quote, we are deeply concerned, the disclosure of issues that could have impacted project completion would have led us to perform additional audit procedures to evaluate the company's ability to fulfill its obligations. d.o.e. says the failure to disclose the information was unintended. global language monitor has released its word offend year. and the winner is actually a number.
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404. why? 404 is the near universal numberic code for failure on the global number. h failure of was part of the rationale. the phrase is indicative of the growing frustration, quote, toxic politics. the name of the year is pope francis. the rankings are based upon word usage throughout the world and social media. finally, a kentucky high school runner refused to race because her assigned number was 666, the biblical number often associated with the devil. the junior was adamant, quote, i didn't want to risk my relationship with god, it makes me sick just thinking that my name is associated with that number. race officials denied multiple requests for a number change. after the race, a spokesman for the state's high school athletic association said the request would have been granted if they were told the change would have
3:33 pm
been granted if it was because of her religious beliefs. we've told you how obama care isn't shaping up the way it was billed. in many cases, you can't keep your doctor. but how about pre-existing conditions? is life better for those people with pre-existing conditions or worse? for the high-risk, when it comes to the law. jim angle has the story. >> reporter: president obama's health care plan didn't just result in canceled policies for individuals. it also canceled every high-risk pool in the nation, all aimed at helping those with pre-existing conditions who found it difficult to get insurance. >> all of those people in the high-risk pools are going to be shifted over to health insurance. that's going to raise the premiums for everyone. >> reporter: but it was supposed to help people like victoria and jeff who were in the high-risk pool in north carolina. their plan was expensive but vicki, a breast cancer survivor, was happy with it. >> the coverage is okay. the doctors that we want to actually go to are all in the
3:34 pm
plan. and that has worked out okay. >> reporter: in the pool they've been paying $813 a month for premiums with a deductible of $5,200 each. but once they got a cancellation letter, they tried repeatedly to get on the website. jeff finally managed to fill out an application which is still pending. so they called bluecross blueshield, the only plan in their region. >> and we were a little shocked to see that one come back at an even higher rate than what our high-risk insurance was. the rate was $950 a month for the policy which had higher deductibles than what we had in the high-risk pool. >> reporter: because it covered all the required benefits of obama care. once the government allowed people to shop for plans on the website before enrolling, the couple was amazed to see rates half what they'd been quoted. so they called bluecross for a reality check. >> they said, yes, the rates are exact same plans and the exact same rates you'll see inside the exchange.
3:35 pm
so something was obviously very wr wrong with the rates we saw in the exchange. >> reporter: real rates require exact age, zip code, county and state. >> it says it's an estimate on the rates that are coming out of the obama care shopping site right now. but clearly if you get an estimate, you expect it to be closer than about half. >> you're going to be shocked that the casual browsers is going to see these low rates, which is very misleading. >> reporter: but the bottom line is those with pre-existing conditions, the very people obama care was supposed to help, may be paying more under the new plan than before. bret? >> more on this tomorrow night. jim, thank you. we have a virtual seat reserved for you in our panel segments. if you've not participated in our bing pulse, go to watch the simple instructions. and once you get on, you can
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vote, provide real feedback to what the panelists are saying. you can also access the pulse on your smartphone or tablet by going to democrats expressed serious frustrations at a white house meeting today that was not on the schedule. one democrat called it direct. another said it was spicy. what does that mean and what's next? we'll take a look with the fox all-stars after this.
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qualify for medicaid as well as subsidies in order to get health care. i'm frustrated for them because they're not able to get through the process. i've delivered that frustration on a fairly regular basis to the white house. today it was more direct. >> the anecdotal evidence we're getting is the meeting was pretty direct or spicy as another democrat said. let's bring in our panel, andrew napolitano, a.b. stoddard and charles krauthammer. number three on amazon. number two on "the new york times" bestseller list. >> only one hill to climb.
3:41 pm
>> judge -- >> congratulations, charles. >> this seems like a big event, the fact that this meeting happens at the white house. >> i think this is a big event because the president -- it's been demonstrated conclusively that the president was lying when he said, you can keep your own doctor and you can keep your own insurance policy, followed it with the word, period, which is a way of saying everything that precedes the word period is the absolute truth. and who is hurt the most when the president lied? vulnerable democrats who have been associated with him on this and other programs. democrats who will have to face the electorate and will have to answer for why they jumped on the bandwagon of somebody who lied, why they're defending a program that's indefensible and why -- their constituents are being asked to log onto a program that they can't log onto. i'd like to hear what the language was that was described as spicy.
3:42 pm
>> we don't often hear spicy. direct -- by the way, the president is in dallas tonight speaking to an event. he's speaking about affordable health care act, as you can see. a.b., this meeting, it seems like a kind of event that of course republicans are going to be attacking the administration on this rollout. but when these democrats get together and express this frustration, it seems a bigger deal. >> that's the problem is what the judge said. first, it was that you couldn't get onto the website and get your coverage. and if you couldn't get it in time, you might have been penalized. you they're hearing from constituents who are insured who were never going to get obama care or maybe they'll find out they have an employer provided plan that is going to be excluded from the narrow grandfathering that was written into the regulations. maybe their plan is going to be so changed it's as good as canceled.
3:43 pm
everything is an unknown. it's really frightening if you think about what's going to take place after march 31 as you look at the impact to the economy of fear. fear of what's to come with your plan, even if you weren't one of the people that is fus far affected. >> ed henry is reporting that they're definitely floating a one-year delay -- which the president apparently didn't agree to. a six-month delay, three months. could this be the next shoe that democrats and even this white house say, we should delay it? >> i think it's going to have to happen unless there's a miraculous recovery and unless it's working by the first of december, which is highly unlikely. unless there is a way to get around the cancellation issue which i can't see at all. there's going to have to be a delay. and the impetus will come from the democrats in the senate who are going to get slaughtered.
3:44 pm
obama care single handedly -- only a slight exaggeration, turned what should have been a landslide into a cliffhanger. cuccinelli was behind by double digits after the shutdown really hurt him in northern virginia. a lot of government workers. he was way behind. he decided to gamble it all. in the last week attacking obama care. he came to the point where by 10:00 last night, he was actually ahead in the count. then he lost narrowly. that's all due to obama care. and this is not new. four years ago in virginia and new jersey, obama campaigned for the democratic candidates for governor and they both lost. and the issue was the beginning of the tea party revolt, the issues were the stimulus, high taxation, high spending and it was obama care. so this is now the second time obama care is striking and it's going to continue to strike. it petered away after the last time because it was all in theory, it wasn't happening, it was suspended.
3:45 pm
but it's happening now. and unless they stop the avalanche here, the democrats are going to get buried in this. >> you see some of the results coming in on the website. you can scroll down to some of the questions being asked. what concerns you most or frustrates you most about obama care? the law itself, 75%. when do you think website will be fully functional? 32%, spring of 2014. 55%, never. take a listen to max baucus, democrat today questioning kathleen sebelius. >> why not just shut it down and put it together the way it should be put together? then you pointed out that you're one-off fixes tend to have unintended consequences down the road. >> it's been advised that you don't gain much from just taking the whole system down for a week, a couple of weeks.
3:46 pm
it's better to do this on an ongoing basis. >> judge, do it on an ongoing basis. you've got privacy concerns. >> right. >> you've got all kinds of things happening. >> you have ordinary, middle american and lower middle class folk who are legitimately trying to protect themselves in the president's signature issue and they can't get it down. senator menendez said the republicans are only trying to destroy this for four years. the public is learning it doesn't work. and the public is putting pressure on those democrats that met with the president. some of them are seriously vulnerable in 2014. they need a fix right now. i think you're going to see pressure from them along the lines of what senator baucus just suggested because mrs. sebelius' argument doesn't satisfy them because it doesn't satisfy the needs of their constituents. >> a.b., this delay -- you talk to the administration, you hear secretary sebelius, she says you can't have this delay, the law doesn't work that way. but there may be a plus.
3:47 pm
>> considering the fact that this right now is a staggering disaster, it's hard to believe that the administration after delaying for businesses is not going to do a delay for the individual mandate. but it is true that taking the website down, doing a delay -- the american academy of actuaries today said a delay would wreak havoc on premiums, subsidies coming from the government, more costs to government, really a real problem. but i can't imagine politically that they can survive without a delay. >> okay. by the way, "killing jesus" is bill o'reilly's book. somebody asked about that. equal plug. we'll continue the conversation on obama care and the politics surrounding it. stay tuned. announcer ] this is. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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>> the white house web site says if you like your plan, you can keep it and you don't have to change a thing due to the healthcare law. well, we know that lying to congress is a crime, but, unfortunately, lying to the american people is not. i just would like to ask you a simple true or false question. is that statement on the white house web site true or false? >> the 11 million people who are in the individual market, a majority of those individuals will keep plans that now will have stronger coverage and others will have to choose if they have a brand new plan and not a grandfather have to choose of a plan. >> my time is limited so i will just ask that the record note that you have refused to answer my
3:52 pm
question whether it's true or false. >> judge, you mentioned it earlier, back with the panel that this is just a painful question for the administration. and he they can't seem to get an answer that people are happy with until they say it wasn't true. >> right. it appears that it's true for some but false for many. she is reluctant to say that because her boss, the president, would be furious if you were running tape of her admitting that and senator cornyn has put his finger right on it and because it has hurt the people, the small people, the people who vote the democrats are screaming to the president, isn't it interesting that that meeting with the democrats wasn't even on the schedule with him today. you had almost every democrat running next year there. you had one sixth of the senate there and it wasn't even listed on his public schedule. >> a.b., i have heard antidotally and i can't confirm it specifically from democrats, a couple of them saying that they had no idea that the president was going to say what he he said about keeping your health insurance on monday night, when he came out and had that new line if you had,
3:53 pm
you know, these changes. they didn't know that that was the line that was going to be said and they didn't have talking points or bullet points. oftentimes the white house communicates with congressional democrats and there may be some frustration there as well. >> well also because when he says now this is what we said and adds that caveat that is not what he said. and, also, he is talking down to people as if they should have understood that there is so much volatility in the individual market of course your plans which are traditionally usually dumped in a year anyway were so poor that the new ones would be so much better. this, to me, really points to how shortsighted the administration is not only could they have bashed individual small plans a long time ago and say you might see this phased out and in its place it will be so much better because these are so subpar so that this surprise didn't turn out to be a misrepresentation or a lie. but, in addition, when those
3:54 pm
knew those regulars had been written and new this backlash would come it was even more impetus to have a perfect web site rollout. even more important that the begin going to smoothly because the self-insured were going to find out that they were losing their policies and get those cancellation letters. that they did this to themselves, let alone the effects to the country industry really remarkable. >> charles? >> this issue has now metastasized. it isn't about the rollout and getting the web site right. they have now compounded what was a disaster of something that you are stripping away the protection of people into a question of can you believe a word from this administration? what is shocking to me is the arrogance of the president who refuses to admit a plain truth. he did not say the truth. it could have been unwitting deception. it could have been a lie. but to stand there and pretend that, you know, other people haven't quite understood his intent is just appalling. and what the reason the democrats in the senate are
3:55 pm
so scared, you showed mary landrieu repeating that, having said that line believing the white house. that not only is going -- i think that's the most devastating ad you could have. it isn't that she got it wrong but she acted as a poodle to a president who deliberately or perhaps with looking the other way had gotten it wrong and she went along in those steps. i think that single ad could sink her candidacy. >> will obamacare still be an issue in 2014 mid terms? yes? 99% according to the polls here, voting. we will give you all the answers from bing. that's it for the panel. stay tuned as we reveal an age old question who is smarter cats or dogs plus those bing highlights. [ laughter ]
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
when she said that real americans are the ones being hurt and that's impacting these senators. now, for a little more across thexu]mís agree with charles that obamacare is responsible for terry mcauliff winning so narrowly and quote making it a landslide into a cliff hanger. total votes tonight. 280,000. finally tonight, the battle of the ages has come to an end according to one late night show. they have released their findings on which is smarter. dogs or cats? >> >> watch the cat. look at that opens the door and, look at that, he is in. look at that. [whistling] >> come here. come here. >> all right. cat wins. >> that poor dog. cats have an agenda. i don't know.
4:00 pm
>> dominate. here you go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now and don't forget the online show. wow! it is ugly. the obamacare rollout going from messy to ugly. we know lying to congress is fine but lying to the american people is not. >>. madam secretary i repeat my request for you resign. >> i appreciate the secretary's candor and the web site has got to get fixed. >> i think she needs to resign. >> i'm accountable. >> so a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information? >> that is possible. >> that's just an open door for these fraudsters to come in and take advantage of them. >> so obama