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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 6, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> dominate. here you go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now and don't forget the online show. wow! it is ugly. the obamacare rollout going from messy to ugly. we know lying to congress is fine but lying to the american people is not. >>. madam secretary i repeat my request for you resign. >> i appreciate the secretary's candor and the web site has got to get fixed. >> i think she needs to resign. >> i'm accountable. >> so a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information? >> that is possible. >> that's just an open door for these fraudsters to come in and take advantage of them. >> so obama and kathleen
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sebelius have no problem whatsoever making you, when you sign up for obamacare give your most private information to a convicted felon. everybody apparently liked their plans. so why the hell do we have to do this in the first place? >> a lot of people thought they were buying coverage that turned out not to be so good. >> i will remind you some people like to drive a ford, not a ferrari and some people like to drink out of a red solo cup not a crystal stem. you are taking away their choice. >> plans that were in effect in march of 2010 that didn't change to the detriment of the consumer, those are in effect. >> so if you are getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. >> it's arrogant. it's arrogant. who knows best what is best for you? you or the government? senator lindsey graham joins us. >> apparently not the government. all i can say is that if this doesn't turn around
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pretty quickly, president obama is going to lose his second term. democrats are going to bail out in droves before next election. and his signature issue is going up in flames if he doesn't fix this. >> they had some sort of a secret meeting today at the white house that wasn't on the schedule with a bunch of democratic senators so that actually looks like in free fall that they are freaked. >> yeah, if you are a democrat and you voted for, this you are really going to have a hard time explaining to your constituents in november 2014, particularly if you are in a red state why this was a good idea. this is one thing people are not covering enough. the policy people told the political people in the white house months ago, maybe over a year ago what the president is saying about if you like your coverage you can keep it is not accurate. the political people supposedly told the policy people this is the best way to sell this idea. we are going to keep selling it. that, to me, is disturbing. is it because it's
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deceitful? >> i think they want to win at all cost. it's about winning whatever the issue is. it's about winning at all cost and they don't think beyond what's just in front of them. here is where the president comes in to play. this detached from how this law works. did he really not know better? let's assume for a moment that he didn't know better. >> which isn't a good sign. whether it's deceitful or he didn't know. uninformed president or deceitful one. >> talking so there is two ways you can look at this. the president of the united states for months, if not years, made a claim that's pass tently untrue. so, either he didn't know about his own law bearing his name called owe obamacare, the affordable care act or he was in on it and at the end of the day there is no good answer. >> i will tell you here is what he said, there is actually no mystery to that because, as recently as november 4th, two days ago, he suddenly says what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed since
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the law was passed. so we wrote into the affordable care act you are grandfathered in on the plan. that if was never there until november 4th. so it's not like he can say. >> he got caught. >> he got caught. >> here is the point how could he for a couple years boldly say if you like your plan, you can keep it, period. now, when an american politician closes the sentence with period, that means, in their mind, there is no doubt about the statement they just made. so the president is either the most uninformed person in america about his own law or he was trying to sell an aspect of it that just wasn't true. >> but he could do so so safely. because, if you look at the editorial board of the "new york times" on sunday, and i have been going back and forth a little bit with them on gretawire is they say the president misspoke when he said that. >> no he didn't misspeak. >> you have got the newspaper that is a very prominent newspaper in the country giving you that kind of cover because we counted
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up 26, 30 times that he said it why is the "new york times." they -- i mean, they should be protecting the american people and challenging the president how long does it take to understand the "new york times" editorial view? >> you can be liberal and ideology. liberal and try to cover for someone. it's a little different. >> why don't you call them on the show and explain why this is him speaking. here is what he is trying to do. i'm a political person. all of us in politics. he was trying to reassure the american people something very fundamental. if you like your policy, nothing in the law i just passed is going to try to drop it. you can keep your doctor and you can keep your policy from. a consumer's point of view, from an american citizen's point of view, that had to be reassuring to hear your president. over and over again tell you change is coming. but here is the one thing i promise. if you like what you have got and you like your doctor, you are not going to be affected by this change. and he said it over and over
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again and people want to believe their president. so, if he doesn't fix this, his second term is quite frankly lost senator enzi is talking about the regulation that was passed that would lead to exactly what we are talking about. millions of people, not being grandfathered but losing their policy, we actually had to vote on this. and he laid out -- he foretold what was to come that people would lose their coverage and that you couldn't keep what you had. he said when they tell you you can keep your policy if you like it, he they are not
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being honest with you. this was in 2010. we had a vote on it the people who are now claiming they didn't know, i just don't believe that. >> would it help if the president speaks to the american people on this? this is not just a regular bill. this has transformed medical care as we know it should he do it from the oval office? what should de? >> he can't right this out? he fundamentally mislead the american people that what was something to reassuring to hear if you like your policy and you like your doctor you can keep it that is down going up in flames. millions of losing coverage. he has got a revolt in his own party. mr. president, like ronald reagan, like presidents in the past when you have a crisis of confidence and trust, you need to try to reestablish confidence and trust and you as a person. when the politician tells you that you can get more and pay less, that more people will be covered with the subsidy but it won't
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bother you, that when the business you work for will have increased costs because of more mandates and it won't effect your job or the economy in general, you should be suspicious. but, if the president doesn't reestablish some confidence by addressing the american people and being honest about what's going on here, i think he is going to have a rebellion in the ranks. >> i'm going to take the last word. i want to know why even two days ago, which is well after four and a half weeks that this was launched that he is now coming up with a new version like. >> because he got caught. >> senator, nice to see you, sir. always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> and a new investigative report is out. so how much do you think the obama administration is spending on prescription drugs for those illegally in the united states? start guessing. write your number down on a piece of paper because right after the break we are going to see if you guessed right. that's straight ahead.
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>> if you guessed $29 million, bingo. you win. because that is how much you american taxpayers just spent on prescription drugs. drugs for people who are in the united states illegally. the hill's elise is here with more. nice to see you elise. >> hi, greta. >> who did this report? >> this is the inspector general's office of the department of health and human services. so these are federal investigators investigating
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the federal government and what they found is that from a period of three years or so ago, health and human services department under medicare part d was paying for prescription drugs, reimbursing insurance companies for people who are not here legally. >> knowingly? >> knowingly as far as we know. no, they didn't have policies in place that would have caught these people or vetted them one by one in terms of their immigration status the way that medicare part d works is people have their plans offered through a private insurance company and then those insurance companies bill the federal government. so, the federal government was effectively paying insurance companies on behalf of patients that apparently the insurance companies hadn't vetted extensively enough. they thought they might have been eligible for medicare but they weren't because they are illegal immigrants. >> what i love it's always like a two year, three year program. i'm always curious. are they doing it right now. >> they may be doing it right now because this report came out fairly recently and it was for several years ago. so now they are just
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starting to put policies in place that would catch this in the future. i think what this shows is that medicare part d, which is a newer part of medicare than a and b which covers hospitals and doctors although those are the same problems according to other investigative reports. medicare part d is fairly new. they didn't have policies in place that would have caught these. i think the federal health officials thought that illegal immigrants or residents would have been caught when they tried to use a and b services and that would have ultimately prevented them from billing prescription drugs to the federal government. but that isn't what happened. >> just so we are clear, is it against the law or is there an impediment to buying drugs? are people who are here illegally ineligible for medicare part d? >> they are ineligible for medicare part d. federal health benefits, no, they are not eligible. this comes on top of another recent report that found that medicare is paying out benefits to dead people, too. so, this problem is all over the place. >> is anybody the least bit distressed by this? i mean it seems like these numbers, $29 million. i mean people think that's
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not a billion at least. $29 million could change a alcohol community's life. i mean a community that's in deep distress. >> that's true. of course, the administration would say that this is a tiny minuscule fraction. >> that's what makes me crazy. you know what? because it's other people's money. $29 million. someone is actually authorizing, this right? >> right. >> or someone is in charge. who is in charge. >> well, what is surprising is we haven't seen very much action out of congress on this. this are the people who ought to be upset and holding hearings and perhaps passing some bills that might put in place some of these controls. but, of course, they are focused on other things right now. >> why aren't they focused on this? why isn't congress doing its job? >> right now there is so much else going on. we are governing in between crises and they don't seem to have a lot of time. >> is there any indication with obamacare that there is any provision within obamacare as far as we knowprev? >> critics of obamacare allege that the administration has turned a blind eye to allegations of fraud and possibilities of
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fraud. >> that's worse. >> well, we will see. because these are improper payments. but then obamacare critics are talking about fraud within the program. people are knowingly trying to bill h in report medicare part b these are not individual immigrants trying to defraud the federal government. this all happens to insurance companies. it's basically one gigantic error. under obamacare what people are worried about is that people will ultimately be able to get benefits that they are not eligible for. >> elise, nice to see you as always. what a mess the country is struggling with a flopped healthcare web site the president and the secretary of state have film flamed you with your phony pledge that you can keep your insurance. many of you have lost your insurance. many of your premiums have spiked. could it get worse? yes, actually it can if you actually get sick. it's going to get worse. you need to hear this next report. we'll be right back. and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare,
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okay. everyone. it is time to hash it out. internet glitches are all the rage these days. "washington times" word of the year. a research group awarding the failure to numeric code citing the obamacare launch disaster of a wider system fail. taking second place the word fail. i'm sensing ago theme here. how about you? and a bizarre fan encounting swimmer ryan lochte out of the poor. ryan lochte tore his mcl in a freak accident with a female fan. the unlucky injury happened when the page fan ran at the swimmer. he caught the girl but the swimmer toppled over. he hit hesitate left knee on the curb. the medical team expects him
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to make a full and speedy recovery. the fab wasn't hurt. "golf digest" magazine tweeting move over commuters because tiger is hitting a golf ball across this bridge. the six lane overpass in turkey connects europe to asia. drivers weren't amused by tiger's feat. one driver got out of his car in pro-says test. lady gaga gearing up for an out-of-this world performance. us weekly tweeting exclusive in 2015 lady gaga will become the first artist to sing in outerspace. gaga will blast off in a virgin galactic flight and perform one song. the singer will complete a month of special vocal training for singing outside the atmosphere. and, now of course it's your turn to hash it out with us. do you think gaga deserves galactic gig. tweet me and use #greta. coming up, secretary
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sebelius admitting the navigators for obamacare could be convicted felons. you heard me right. convicted felons. that's coming up.
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paragraph paragraph learning something tonight that is very disturbing, your hospital may not take your obamacare insurance. president of the texas medical association joins us. good evening, sir. >> good morning. >> so tell me what is the problem with the insurance companies -- i mean with the hospitals, some are not going to accept some insurance? >> yeah. we don't know what hospitals are on and the street information they don't know if they are on. i don't know if that's because they haven't been told or if they haven't been able to get enough information today whether
4:23 pm
they should be on. we can't find out for ourselves whether we are on the plans. we don't know enough to tell you if we want to be on the plans and, worst of all, our patients come to us with questions and we can't answer them. and that's the worst thing for a doctor. >> well, i summed it up in figuring this out today which is this -- not all hospitals accept insurance sold on the exchange. that's the first thing. exchanges don't all list the insurance companies on their exchanges. and if they happen to, like california, they don't provide the names of doctors or hospitals. so essentially it is who is on first. >> that's right. we don't know and for me to be on a plan i would like to know which of my colleagues are on there so i can find out if i have an adequate referral network. >> god forbid someone gets really sick and goes to the hospital like the cleveland clinic is only taking two insurance companies from obamacare from the exchange is if you show up and your insurance company is not one of them they will take, what
4:24 pm
do you do? >> that's a good question. we don't have an answer for that and when my patient comes to me for answers for that i don't know what to tell them. i would rather take a beating than have a patient come to me with an important question and not be able to answer it for them. >> what does an insurance company get out of having only like one insurance company on the exchange? why would a hospital only have one insurance company on the exchange? >> well, we have seen that before in the private market and it gives them better control of the market. if they control all the business, they can come to the providers and say we're only going to provide you half of what we paid last time. >> i'm hearing terrible stories. the cleveland clinic says that and ohio says if you go through obamacare in ohio, have you only one choice and that's the medical mutual ohio. not a lot of choices.
4:25 pm
>> >> in texas 76 not a lot of providers. 111 counties that have only two. and that's too big of a chunk for one group to have or two groups. >> you know what know noe one is saying so i will say it. this all talks about the insurance companies and the hospitals and the patients. sort of lost in the shuffle here is that if we don't take good care of our doctors, a lot of doctors are going to on for other parts of medicine not being patient care and that's -- you know, we are not hearing a lot about how we are taking care of our doctors in this. >> they will retire or move to something else. and, have you already got a problem with the fee schedules because we don't know where they are going to be. they are at rates where a lot of doctors can't afford to take them right now anyway. if they are down medicaid that's below break even point for most doctors. for me i do medicaid for free it's cheaper for me to do that than try to do that at the office. i do that through a charity clinic. doctor, thank you.
4:26 pm
>> thank you. coming up, if you need help with obamacare, is it okay if your navigator happens to be a felon? secretary sebelius says it is possible that the navigator could be a felon. find out what that means for your privacy and your security coming up. can you hash it out with us. are you worried about your personal information in the exchanges? tweet or post on facebook right now using #greta. nfl player taking a pass on the rest of the season and the rest of his football career. you have to hear who the player is and why he is quitting football. that's next.
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now get ready to speed read your way through the news. first to the white house this afternoon president obama finally calling new jersey governor chris christie to congratulate him on last night's blow-out win in new jersey. why did the president wait until today to call the republican governor? last night president obama calling three democrats to congratulate them on their victories. virginia governor elect terry mcauliff.
4:30 pm
new york city mayor elect deblazio and martin walsh. now it's an international mystery reportedly new evidence that palestinian leader yasser arafat was poisoned to death. swiss scientists say their forensic tests show he was poisoned with radioactive pallone yum. the cause of death has never been determined. some palestinians believe israel poisoned arafat. israel denies that. and now to arizona, bad news for jodi arias the young woman convicted of stabbing her boyfriend in the shower. today a phoenix judge said she cannot fire her lawyer. arias claims she no longer trusts her lawyer and that he has not been to see her in jail since may 23rd that is when jurors reached impasse on whether to condemn arias to death or not. she was convicted of murdering her boyfriend travis alexander. now to colorado john moffit quitting football in the middle of the season. telling the denver broncos he will not be returning to the team and given up the million dollars he would
4:31 pm
have made over the next two years. why is moffit walking away from the game? he says he has lost his love for football and tired of risking his health. another goodbye tonight blockbuster announcing it will close remaining 300 stores by january. the video rental chain has been pummeled by the rise of digital it and on demand entertainment. and that is tonight's speed read. and now to very disturbing news coming out today senate hearings hhs secretary sebelius admitting a convicted felon could get a job as obamacare navigator. >> isn't it true that there is no federal requirement for navigators to undergo a criminal background check, even though they will receive personal, sensitive personal information from the individuals they helped sign up for the affordable care act? >> that is true. states could add an additional background checks and other features, but it is not part of the federal requirement. >> so a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive
4:32 pm
personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them? >> that is possible. >> and after the finance committee hearing griff jenkins also putting the privacy question to secretary sebelius. >> madam secretary, griff jenkins for fox news. would you be willing to release numbers on a daily basis for better transparency, possibly give more confidence to the american people? >> do you know what day of the week you expect the numbers out? >> madam secretary that what would you say to the american people to give more americans confidence in the privacy issue? >> pat robertson is on the finance committee he joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. good to be back. >> secretary sebelius saying it's possible a navigator could be a felon, that question shouldn't be much of a surprise to her. i have a june 20th, 2013 letter from you and it actually says asks about a convicted felon and you also wrote in october of 201?
4:33 pm
>> wrote it both times and she has yet to respond. i'm very glad that senator cornynuestion. she did respond. and there is no federal requirement or backup with regards to any background checks. so it could be a convicted felon and, yes, then you have to wonder would that convicted felon use that personal information? doctor has to take an oath. they have to really protect by that oath and by law all of the patient's information. apparently that's not true for the navigator. >> did secretary sebelius say anything to indicate her distress at this vulnerability or that they were working on a solution or doing anything? >> well, that was the last question, i think, that senator cornyn did raise. i did not hear a particularly distressing response. it was a very as a matter of fact response that the federal government does not have that capability.
4:34 pm
states do, if they so choose, but you know the answer to that or the organization could where they signed a contract. >> federal governments doing 36 of the states. so i imagine the states wouldn't have any interest in the federal government snowden as an example he had a security check which is most unimpressive. >> that would be the case. >> you asked for her to resign? >> yes, ma'am. >> not just today. back before. >> i think it was october 11 i became very concerned that the rollout was not going well. there had been a lot of evidence over quite a period of time that that was the case. in my statement i went over each milestone where she was warned by virtually inside the department, outside the department, the gao, the inspector general. it's very similar to the question i asked to the cms administrator tafnner. supposed to be an end to end audit for privacy and security that's required by law and it's supposed to be
4:35 pm
signed off by omb. that's a matter of fact. you have got to do that ms. tavenner said yes they could do it on a temp wear basis. that's wrong. the second thing is that i just concluded this wasn't going to work. i introduced legislation saying that if this wasn't up and ready by october 1, it all to sun set. >> even if this is up and running by november 30th which is the date that they have worked out all the bug bias november 30th for access to the site. it still remains the questions of the navigators. that's independent of whether the web site works. >> that's correct. >> we still have those security issues. >> that's correct. >> which is, i mean, a problem? >> that's a big problem. >> a big problem, yes. that's putting it politely. what do we achieve if she resigns? what's achieved by that? >> i think accountability. this is not personal on my part at all. this is a person who has said that yes, i was responsible. hold me accountable. what does that mean? >> what could she have done?
4:36 pm
>> what does that mean in the federal government. >> what could she have done about the navigators and the fact they don't have background checks? >> if it were brought to her attention which we brought it to her attention once in june and once in october o. didn't get any response. that's very typical quite frankly of letters i have sent to the secretary despite the relationship that i thought was otherwise and no response. and so as a result, we wrote the letters. we ought to have a sense and if it takes federal legislation to make sure that this is the case, i think it ought to be introduced and probably will be. >> how about the president? >> well, i think there are two people involved here with regards to the bait and switch business. the bait was you can keep your plan if you like it. the switch was, you can keep your plan if only i like it. and so the enabler here was kathleen sebelius who wrote the regulation, but, you know, this is his legacy, it's got president obama on it. it's called obamacare for a
4:37 pm
reason, and, yet, we have this situation where several years back he knew about -- well, i say he knows about it i don't know if he did or not. if he didn't, that's a real problem. and if he did it's a real problem. >> the problem two days ago he said the same thing. he knew by two days ago. senator, nice to see you sir. >> thank you. >> secretary sebelius telling lawmakers today the web site needed a couple hundred fixes when it went online. as of right now the repairs are not yet complete. what are the odds the administration will meet the self-imposed november 30th deadline. investigator lou chung joins us. >> thanks for having me. >> would you expect these problems will be fixed by the end of the month? >> i don't know what the problems are if you have the right team in place, they can do miracles. so far, i wouldn't be convinced that they have the right team in place. but we will see. >> why do you say that? >> well, it's a very complicated process to create bug-free software. you go to the best organizations, microsoft or whatever and they will tell you for every 100 bugs they
4:38 pm
fix or the number is every four bugs they fix they create another bug. it's not just a matter of going through a list of problems and fixing them. it's a matter of going through those, testing them, making sure they are correct. at this point, if they are going to deploy something at the end of the month, they need to be essentially what we would call code complete and just testing, testing, testing. >> it's very easy for me to say the web site is a mess now. i have 2020 hindsight. you were in a unique position you blogged on the 1st there was technological disaster what did you see on october 1st. >> on october 1st i went up there to get some price quotes. i own a small business. i have to buy health insurance for my family, for my employees unsubsidized. i wanted to compare what we were buying to what the affordable care act was going to offer o. i wasn't necessarily going to buy i just wanted to get a price quote. my experience on that first day indicated to me, number one, it was really difficult to use. and, number two, the quality of the work on the web site
4:39 pm
was so bad that it was not ready for prime time. i could tell immediately that it looked like it was built by people who had never built a database web site before. >> it also, as i understand, looked like it was built by people who they may have built a date pa web site before or never bought anything online because that was the peculiar thing just because you couldn't tell -- we couldn't figure out what you were buying and what the price was. >> right. so that's a design problem. right? >> that's a fatal. but that -- i mean, you go on any web site and they are pretty much designed the same way. >> yes. you should be able to shop before you give them your credit card, right? >> right. >> so you don't ask for personal questions until someone makes a decision that they want to apply for a subsidy. that seems very illogical. that's a complete management misdesign. and then even if you had the bad design the people who built the bad design didn't know what they were doing. so it's compounded. >> you know, it's funny, if i ran into a situation like
4:40 pm
that, i would give phony information so that i could see the prices. i would try to create fictional person so i would get to the next step so i could see what the choices were. >> i think the challenge here is to understand where the money went. right? when you first go into the system, you are required to put in information that is checked against the credit agencies. now, the only way i can see how that works if s. if the credit agency is getting paid for every check that they make. i don't know how that works. but there are people making money through this whole process that should be investigated. >> well, the contrasts are called costs plus. which means everyone keeps getting paid. there is not much of a limit and i don't know how much of a warrantee there is on this. not going to be a good warranty. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. straight ahead? are democrats worried? very worried? it sounds like it. the president and vice president meeting with senate democrats. a meeting they didn't want you it know about. that's coming up. first, a trip to hooters landing a middle school coach in trouble. not what you are probably thinking. that's next.
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don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10 p.m. eastern. mike lee and mike toomey will join sean 10 p.m. on hannity.
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what do you think about this oregon middle school football coach fired for planning a team party at hooters much the athletic director and mg parents complaining that hooters is not an appropriate place to take young middle school boys. the middle school coach refusing to move the party
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so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay -- and could save you in out-of-pocket costs. you'll also be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. call or go online today to request your free decision guide. go forward with passion. and nevesettle for good enough along the way. aarp medicare supplement insurance plans, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. >> okay. let's go off the record just for main. i'm all for security and poor privacy. but are we kidding ourselves? when is the last time you gave a credit card number to a restaurant or online store and how about your social security number? when was the last time you gave that one out.
4:47 pm
even over a cell phone. maybe to a clerk doing medical records or how about to the irs staff which is staffed by hundreds of thousands of people? or how about your home address? done any online holiday shopping lately in the vend teres vendors have to send some place you gave it to them home address. it is grim, awful. but it does seem a bit odd that we're all fretting about security when the cat is really out of the bag. the fact is we have no security. and who in his right mind trusts our government? remember edward snowden? the government hired him. they even told us he was checked out. of course, i'm not saying we should not at least try to create safeguards for our personal information we should but it does seem a tad bit late. am i wrong? go to gretawire and tell me. that's my off the record story tonight. if you have an issue you think i should take off the record go to gretawire and tell us about it and are some big-named democrats freaked out about obamacare and political future? it sure seems that way.
4:48 pm
today president obama and vice president biden in a hush hush meeting with senate democrats a meeting they didn't want you to know about. of course many of the senators in that secret meeting are up for election in 2014. joe trippi joins us. nice to see you, joe. >> good to be with you, greta. >> always nice to be called to the white house for a wheeght but this one doesn't seem like a particularly social meeting. what you can tell me about this meeting at the white house? >> well, they are going to get together and talk out strategy and try to shore up people that are -- look, some of the senators are up next time as you pointed out. and they have got to try to hold -- they have been very good at holding the senate democratic caucus together pretty fine find. some of them have questions. all of them are saying they want to improve the law. they are not talking about repeal or, you know, not funding it it so, it's going to be interesting to see the president can hold the caucus together. there are really only two or three that are up next time that have challenging races.
4:49 pm
and, by the way, the same on the senate. both caucuses have people that got to be worried about how obamacare does play out in the 2014 elections. i'm sure that was part of the meeting. >> there is so much focus on this web site and i think that's the least of the problems. i actually expect by the 30th of november it will work really well. it's not going to change by the 30th of november is whether navigators are not making us feel very secure. whether there are any convicted felons, whether we are not doing background checks on them. the second thing is who is enrolling in obamacare? is it medicaid expansion which are not people who are paying or is it people who are paying for obamacare because it seems to meet numbers are quite terrifying. not paying people. even paying people getting subsidies. how in the world are we going to it pay for this? i think the bigger problem is down the road. >> that's definitely true. first of all, i'm not sure they can get the web site
4:50 pm
working completely right by november. obviously. first of all, you pointed out in your talk about privacy, right now, i'm not sure that even insurance company is taking your information or has been taking your information. how many people that are doing that had a felony? did the insurance company check them out? i mean, you raise a broader point in your off-the-record comment about that. >> you know what the problem is, joe, that the administration promised it. it might have been a stupid promise. we were promised it. >> greta, i'm saying people need to be asked these questions more brotherly i mean about everything. you pointed out i think right that we are losing our privacy everywhere and we should be more concerned about it. but on the larger issue of how to the administration has said repeatedly they need 7 million people to sign up between now and
4:51 pm
march 31st. >> and we will see if we get that. >> and i have got to go. anyway, joe, nice to see you. come on back to washington. >> thanks, greta. >> coming up, the fbi watching you. could you get in big trouble if you get the wrong tax credits on the healthcare exchanges? that's next.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
now it's time to show you what we are watching. we put together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. a swiss pilot known as jet man sweeping around mount fuji were the dare devil using wings to fly over a 12,000-foot mountain. jet man can reach speeds of almost 200 miles per hour. that is flying first class. a bunch of babies finding a different mode of travel. vacuum cleaners. reporting video of little ones zipping around in the house on zumbas, not sure why row robotic vacuums were
4:54 pm
invented. the kids having a good time. i might like one. you remember this song, right? ♪ i love chinese food ♪ you know that it's true ♪ i love chinese food. >> well now putting on sequel to the song "chinese food" ♪ abcd ♪ efg ♪ hijdlmop ♪ you got me thinking i will be on -- >> if you couldn't tell the song is called abcdefg. figure that one out. that's of course what we are all watching tonight. now the fbi is getting into obamacare. is there a problem? that's next. does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested?
4:55 pm
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the fbi is watching you. the fbi is expecting healthcare reform to spark a rise in healthcare fraud. but could taxpayers who negligently use unlawful tax kits find themselves in hot water too. former fbi special agents james weddick joins us. good to see you sir. >> good evening, how are you tonight? >> i'm good. i understand with the new obamacare that people expect that the amount of fraud is going to balloon and the fbi is going to be very busy. >> sure. right now the bureau estimates that there is about $80 billion in fraud that we could do something
4:58 pm
about after all cache cheats and fraud. if someone submits a bill they are going to pay it unfortunately we have a lot of unscrupulous folks submitting claims. >> that's another aspect of obamacare. $80,000. imagine if we could figure out a way to prevent it rather than having it happen. because when the fbi goes out and catches someone the person gets prosecuted but would i never get that 80 billion back. >> you are right. when i was sitting at the desk and i ran healthcare fraud squad here. i frequently ask for, you know, we ought to be able, for instance, the social security death index, we ought to be able, you know, cross those payouts with the death index to make sure that we are not paying claims on dead people or, for that matter, physicians that are not licensed any longer there are things that we can do that we haven't
4:59 pm
done. >> what if i enter my information in obamacare and make a mistake and get a bigger subsidy that i'm entitled to are you going to come after me? >> you better return it. the system is designed to get you at some point but it might be two or three years down the road. if do you get an overpayment send it back immediately not only will they come after you you for that overpayment, they will ask are for interest. what if i didn't know. it was an accident. i didn't know better? >> unfortunately that will not be an excuse there will be appeals. in those situations i have seen them being rather forceful. they do want their money returned once they figure or think that there has been an overpayment. >> james, thank you very much for joining us. >> you are quite welcome. >> and thank you all for being with us. we'll see you again tomorrow
5:00 pm
night. actually, one of my buddies will be here tomorrow night. i'm off tomorrow night. but, martha maccallum will be here so you better watch tomorrow night 7 p.m. o'reilly factor is up next. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> you have said america should hold you accountable, which is why today madam secretary i repeat my request for so you resign. >> no one is being held accountable for obamacare. tonight charles krauthammer and i will talk about healthcare and last night's elections. >> -- i personally think he is a great guy. i don't think he was out of hand. >> miami dolphins hazing controversy getting worse now some players are defending this kind of stuff dennis miller and i will talk about it tonight. >> you can get off my driveway, please? can you get off my property, please? >> and if you think american po


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