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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  November 7, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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actually, one of my buddies will be here tomorrow night. i'm off tomorrow night. but, martha maccallum will be here so you better watch tomorrow night 7 p.m. o'reilly factor is up next. hello. tonight it is you and me. destruction, devastation and dolls, lots of dolls. i like dolls. >> tonight on "red eye." are space bandits planning an aerial assault on washington, d.c.? the behind the scenes look at the advanced new weaponry we are using to fight back. plus does the obama registration teach short people? >> there is no question. i think that's obvious. >> and finally water parks, a place for good, clean family fun and disease ridden death traps. none of these stories on "red eye." >> and now let's welcome our guest. i am here with criminal defense attorney remi spencer.
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nice waive. tv's andy levy with a piece of paper, my sidekick bill schulz and imus in the morning bernie medkirck. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> [inaudible]. >> how about hugs? >> it is a bad seen for your canine. veterinarians say a thing called dog shaming is harmful to the animals and underminds their dignity or dognity to use the clinical term. dog shaming is when owners post pictures with misbehaving pets. the secretary of the kennel club told the telegraph newspaper the dogs don't like having the mickey taken out of them. they take a mouse out of them? you won't mock your family like this so why your dog?
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they explained that the practice could cause, acute or chronic stress which can lead to depression and a soured relationship between animal and owner. you think we are kidding? take a look for yourself. >> sara mclaughlin is probably throwing up. half of the crimes like eating poop out of the kitty litter box, who hasn't done that? we are the only show who lead with this story. what does that tell you about america and "red eye" and the dog shaming craze in general? >> they have their heads in the stand.
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in the sand. you are ahead of the curve. i am just shocked -- shocked peta didn't complain first. i would have all of these idiots put to sleep and i don't mean the dogs. i think shame sag great concept. if anthony wiener had to wear a sandwich board saying "pervert" up and down that would be better than other things. >> they are applying something that you wouldn't apply to an adult because it is too scary to apply to an adult, so do it to an innocent dog. that makes me sick. remi, do dogs actually know when they are being mocked? >> yes, i think dogs have feelings. i think they know whether you tormenting them. >> you didn't answer the question. >> do they know when they are being mocked? yes. however, until one of my two precious dogs at home can pick up the blackberry or the computer and see these photos
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and understand -- i mean it is ridiculous. come on. these are living, breathing animals. of course they can appreciate feelings of love. >> they don't know millions of people are clicking on their images. >> that's right. >> you are out of your mind. >> i am saying the same thing as you. you are out of your mind. >> we are both out of our minds. get into my car. andy, if their feelings feelings are hurt report their memories so short that they will forget minutes later much like goldfish? >> that's not true for dogs. it is true for goldfish. do you have a question that makes sense? >> are cats -- cats are basically your wheel house or cat house. are they better at dealing with shame? >> yes in the sense they have none. cats don't care. you can post pictures of them all day. they don't give a crap. the secretary of the kennel club, he or she says dogs have a level of dignity and we don't want to under mind
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that. you don't want to undermind the dignity of the animals that humped your leg. >> if you can get them to stop licking themselves. shame them. look you are licking yourself too much every day and if they stop it, prove it and we will put creedence into what they are saying. >> i don't believe the dogs wrote these signs. i don't think it is true. i think it is fake. >> i think, remi, what is going to happen, the rise of dog lawyers. they will take the cases pro-bono. bill like you dogs can't read and spend most of their night curled in a box. but do they know they are being f-ed with? >> i will go out on a limb and say no. i don't believe this is an actual thing. i will say if anyone should feel shame it is this panel. if you note when bernard says
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we should kill all of these mutts everyone gasped. and then when he says he is talking about peta everyone says hoe kay. okay, that's fine. >> by the way, part of this story has to do with people who think animals have human emotions and behaviors. do you think dogs look at us and through dog eyes think we have -- they see us as dogs? i wonder if they got fleas today? >> you don't have to answer it. >> they do have some emotions. i have a pup that barks softly early in the morning. believe it or not that's a true story. she doesn't do the dirty deed missionary style. it is always doggie style. >> i don't know what he means. >> i don't either. >> that's what i get for asking a strange question. >> it is simple yet complex. >> are you not supposed to train dogs? basically from you saying oh
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dogs feel shame, if they do something wrong and pea on your couch and you don't want them to pee on your couch you yell at them and tell them not to do it. >> that's not shame. that's obedience and routine. i was strict the first year i had each of the two dogs. they are well behaved dogs. they are also smart. they know certain roots. if we get to my parents' house a mile away. >> what is the exact address? >> they know where we are going when we get there a mile away. >> very strange thing. when you are going somewhere they get very excited. they are actually very smart. they used to say we are going for a walk and then you say w-a-l-k and then they are used to w-a-l-k and then you have to say something else. >> what is your definition of smart? i drank out of a toilet a bunch and the one thing i haven't got is what you are doing is smart. that's an intelligent move, bill schulz. i am confused by your
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definition. >> your tail doesn't wag the way a dog does. >> what my pants are hiding would shock you. >> i have seen him walk down 7th avenue at 3:00 a.m. >> let's get to less pressing matters. those are the big winners in tuesday's elections. it means it must be time for a trip to -- >> election day hot quarters. >> hot quarters. moderate chris christie won big. socially bill de blaiso won in new york city. no upsets, altho virginia race was closer than polls showed with could most voters saying they were not happy for the cuc cry nelli. de blaiso got most of the mayor's vote after promising
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to raise taxes on the rich and return the big apple to a corpse ridden death park. he actually said that in a speech. i know it is great, but i want a corpse ridden death park. let's go to our "red eye" political correspondent, lazy lab. ll? >> that's a smart dog. you are a jersey girl or so you claim on your facebook page. after crushing his uh opponent is christie now the gop or gop , presidential front runner in 2016? >> i think he has been for quite some time now. i don't think the election changed that. i don't think it made him more so of a candidate. what is historical and remarkable is he got more than 50% of the vote in new jersey. like you said, it is a
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democratic state and it has been quite some time since that happened. >> you know him, don't you? >> i know him and i hold him in the highest regard. he is an incredibly intelligent person. >> we are both livingston lancers from livingston, new jersey. which is a big deal for the government. >> you are a lancer? >> livingston, new jersey. >> are you a lancer? >> high school student. lancers. >> oh i thought you were a determine toll jest. dermatologist. >> he is an extraordinary leader. not every republican or democrat agrees with every policy decision he makes, and that's me included even though i voted for him both times. he is an credible leader, and that is what will make him a nominee. >> what i think about chris thee is he is a likable person that republicans need. you look at the american conservative union ratings and you say i want the 100% guy. there is not much difference between 100% and 80%.
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by the way, if you want to argue inside this group, you are never going to win outside the group. stop turning your guns in and start pointing them at the party you are going against. can he turn new york city back to the hell hole before guiliani in one term or will he need two, and isn't that great? >> fantastic. i look forward to it. those were fun days. i hate the new time square. pick up a nickel bag and a babe for, what, 50 bucks? >> why do they call it a nickel bag if it cost that much? >> that's a good question. >> are we talking about nickel bags of funk here? >> nickleback, the canadian rock band. >> they can't vote. >> they can't? >> no, they are canadian. it is not a state. >> this is a disaster as you pointed out. this guy makes senator chuck schumer look like ted cruz. his maturity stopped when he was in college as a student
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activist and that's his mentality. he never had an honest job in his life. he started as a campaign aide for dinkin, city council, public advocate and now mayor. he is in debt up to his ears and he is going to run the city of new york? it will be a disaster. i would invest stock in companies that make mace. >> or i would invest in buying an actual mace. is that what it is called? the think from the knighthood days? i have seen them in that throne show. anyway, i want to follow-up with you. >> why are you pointing at me? >> have i an important question. remi, be quiet. deblaiso knows that if crime goes up everybody will scream. if he wants to be a one-termer that's what will happen. he will be out on his butt. won't he change? >> i don't think so. he is stuck in his college days.
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i grew up in this city. i grew up in the south bronx. shout out to my boys, stay strong. i see you. give me a call when you get a cell phone. i remember those days. those days was horrible and the crime will go up. the owe -- the on you us is on him and he will have to stop the search that was reversed. he promised he will and he is going to and crime will rise and he will screw it up, but get re-elected. >> the thing 1* new york city survived mayor dinkins. >> are you stepping on my punch line. >> can we start over? >> new york city survived mayor dinkins. >> you have all of the nanny steatism without the economic savy. >> that's win-win.
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>> do you think he got because of obamacare? >> i don't care because i don't live in virginia. there is a decent chance, but there are other reasons it tightened up at the end. she points out that the final poll was independent split 40-40 with 14% going to the libertarian guy. but cuccineli won independence in a big way. a lot of what may have happened is these people that were voting for the libertarian guy, but when push comes to shove you go for one of the major parties. >> interesting theory that i lost interest in. bill, you watch poles, but it is the stripper poles in chelsea. what is your big take away from election day? >> fun fact, not an actual captain. made a couple phone calls and never was in the service. you brought up an interesting point. >> thank you. >> well yours was an interesting one. but this is sarcastic to
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andy. he would have won if he indeed had gone by the word the kooch. if he went by the kooch he would have won. i don't think obamacare had anything to do with it. obama's name is attached to obamacare, and his numbers are terrible, but not as bad as the republicans. it was 28% lived with them favorably. the problem with republicans is they are still republicans. >> if they get new candidates that are likable. i think for a tv show cooch and mcgirk. >> mcgirk will help you out. let's get on this right away. >> i like his name. it should be on every cop show, mcgirk. >> i don't like the name cooch. it sounds sleezy. >> it is close to something else. >> we are looking at the best result of all. new yorkers approved the building of seven vegas-style
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casinos. >> are you actually -- see -- >> absolutely i am for this. >> what are they going to be? >> the first ones will be upstate catskills. >> they do not revitalize anything. >> i don't care. i just want to play blackjack. >> i am for legalizing everything. there is something about casinos that they don't raise property values. usually in that area, right? don't they go down? isn't it grime me? >> i am blown away you want to legalize murder. there are things you shouldn't legalize. >> it actually doesn't have to be legal. >> you cannot legalize crimes. you will put me out of work. >> you have no one to defend. >> that took you a little while, but that is what that is for. >> wow. >> that was unnecessary.
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it was meant to hurt, but it didn't hurt me because i am strong inside. coming up, whatever the hell i please. colorado voters approved a big tax on recreational marijuana. we will talk about that unless we forget to fall asleep.
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does hot rule over hate? according to on-line dating research singles are seeking love outside their own racial group. yes they are color-blind to the bump and grind. a new study of more than two million heterosexual interactions on the site found that white men are more likely to respond to other types of women other
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than caucasian. asian, hispanic and white females all have a preference for white dudes. who is into white power now? asian women get the most attention from all races except asian men. and african-american men are more likely to contact nonblack women. for more let's go to "red eye"'s relationship expert. that's cute. remi, it looks like the white male is more open minded than anybody else. i guess you owe me an apology. >> i fail to follow your logic in that question. this is an interesting study. >> that's why we are doing. it remi. >> oh, hostile tonight. i had no idea there were these kinds of preciouses. dash darr -- preferences.
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i have experimented with on-line dating. i am familiar with the on-line dating site. i have no idea who ayi dating on-line is. i am questioning their credentials. i am questioning the group of individuals they actually -- you know if it was, that i might trust. >> i wonder if a lot of places don't want to look at this stuff because it is too politically sensitive and it could lead to questions like the ones we are raising here on this vietly -- vitally important show that americans watch every night. does this go to prove that attraction beats prejudice? >> well, to answer your question in a nutshell, yes. first of all, i don't want to comment on this story. it is homophobic. it excluded the gay community. i will get past that a and i will say the variety of courts courts -- the headline guys are dogs. we like all kinds of women. the women represented on reality shows and the white
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girls are real housewives, jersey shore, the kardashians and i am looking elsewhere too. if that is representative of the women that are out there, give me some of these beauties out here on the street. >> it is true in a way that if you went up to a young racist, a guy that white is right kind of person, and if you sent over a really hot model who is, let's say, african-american or whatever and she is gorgeous. he will cease being a racist. she could get him to give up every one of his beliefs in hopes she would go out with him. and then she would take him back to her place and have him beaten up. >> 100% right. >> i like getting beat up. i am just saying. >> just have him walk around the streets of new york city in summertime. a cornucopia of ethnicity and beautiful girls from all over the place, and yes exactly. he will forget his
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prejudices. >> bernie, shame on you for pointing out that this was only heterosexual and not homosexual. >> shame on me? >> you left out transgender and so i don't know if are you a trans-phobe, but it is not appreciated. >> the lgbt or whatever. >> you left out the t. >> that's glen beck's channel. >> glen beck too. >> is that gbh? that's what i am on. i feel like i contracted the blaze at some point two weeks ago. or is that the channel? i got something. >> andy, which race would you like to date, but haven't? don't say clingon because that is not a real thing. >> don't be stupid. i know that is not a real thing. i would like to date a vol can woman. vulcan woman. >> can i offer one possible reason for these stats? people tend to socialize with
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people in their own ethnicity and race. if you want to meet someone else on-line dating may be the way to do it. instead of saying they are maybing a blanket statement, it could be people looking for love outside their race use on-line dating. >> you did the reverse correlation. the chicken egg thing. you egged the chicken. >> is there a a site for dating chickens? >> yes. >> why don't we cuff that? as an asian woman you must feel good about this study. >> it explains why so many like the cut of my chin. first of all i didn't want to comment on this story and not because of the dog factor, but because i am racist. now that i am, i will say that there are two million people that are signing up for this dating site. it is out of a nation of 300 million people. by the way, it used to be are you interested rather than ay. maybe that's why you haven't
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heard of it. now that i say are you interested you are clueless. so there are two million out of 300 million. i would take all of this with a grain of salt, and i am not just saying that because salt is wheat. >> but it is white which is why it is awesome. >> but it is bad for your heart. >> by the way, when you cheat with a chicken it is called clubbing sh -- cluck holding. >> let me ask you this. say somebody says i don't date that type. didn't john mayer get in trouble for saying his penis doesn't like black women? >> oh my gosh. i don't remember that. >> i do. it hurt my feelings. if you say you don't like to date a certain person is that racist? if that is racist, then saying you like to date a certain person, then equally racist? >> i will disagree with the premise of your question. if you say, i don't like to
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date x type of people. i don't think that makes you a racist. i think if you say i don't like these people, that could potentially make arrays cyst -- makes you a racist. >> women can say i like white people, but i don't like short white guys. >> i don't think that's what most women would say. some women would prefer taller men to short men. some prefer older men it young men. >> you meant rich versus poor and not old and younger. >> not necessarily. >> oh yeah. a woman says i am looking for an older man with no money. >> the fact that you go around saying you won't date black men, you think that is okay? that is not racist? >> you say you will defend them, but not date them. >> i have dated all kinds of men. i am 38 years old and single and i met and dated all kinds of men. i don't discriminate. i think people on these dating sites are looking for love.
12:28 am
i think it takes a little courage to get on that site. if they are reluctant to date outside their race or ethnicity it will be more liberating and more likely they will do so. >> let me ask you this open minded dater, have you ever dated a dude that looks like an asian chick? i didn't think so. i am right here. >> all right. we will end on that note. what a sin tau lating conversation. you you won't find this anywhere else. >> no. and you won't find used tissues. >> my ethnicity is such that i have to dab everyone. >> coming up, the c block. tonight's c block is brought to you by guisers. it is a hot spring where water boils and sending a tall column of water into the air. you are looking at one right now. thanks, guysers. >> what is new with richie incognito? i don't know. i will ask him when i get
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home. i will get home and ask him.
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is being a creep part of free speech? a massachusetts lawyer argued before the state supreme court that taking pictures up women's skirts is protected by the first amendment. if the lawyer and her client could win on this, it could be
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another -- >> victory for provo. >> robinson was busted for snapping up skirt pictures on the subway. but a lady says because underwear made sure no private parts were seen, the peeping tom laws would -- quote if a person reveals a body part whether intention air or unintentionable cannot expect privacy. say a woman is breastfeeding in public or a journalist takes a picture, the person who takes a picture can be charged with the same thing. oh the breastfeeding clause. i forgot about that. discuss -- >> lightning rooooouuunnndd. lightning round. >> remi, as a female lawyer which you claim to be and one who defends creeps why would
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this woman defend this guy in his first amendment? >> i will disagree with some of the premise of your question there. i will say everyone is entitled to a defense. if this gentleman was -- maybe he is not a gentleman. if this person was charged with an offense he is entitled to a criminal defense attorney, representation. it is only fair. our system doesn't work without the representation for the defense and the prosecution and a neutral judge and a fair jury. without all of those pieces we have that system. any one of us could be arrested and the rights violated. to be specific in answering your question i will tell you that it is not about the client. it is about the system. it is about the process. that's why lawyers represent people who are charged with morally reprehensible crimes. >> way to dodge the question. >> bernie, people throw the first amendment around like this thing they throw around a. >> i don't know what the right to bare arms says about this
12:35 am
story. it makes no sense whatsoever. >> first amendment is speech. >> perverts do like to bare arms. >> in that case they should let the guy go. >> it is open air. there is nothing covering it up. what if you are a short guy? you look up and it is a woman's fault for sure. >> that's the problem with this. it is basically saying it is your fault. it is saying it is the woman's fault. >> no, it is absolutely not. >> it is not our fault. >> you are misreading what we are saying. >> not me. >> i don't think so. if somebody is positioning themselves under bleachers or stairs with the purpose and intent of secretly snapping a picture of a woman's private parts without her knowledge or intent that is wildly different than a woman who stands up a flashes? >> i agree. what are you saying? >> she knows what you do.
12:36 am
>> the defense is basically saying it is the woman's. >> that's what the defense is. that's not what you are saying. >> that's what they are saying, you crazy lady. >> that's what i'm saying. >> are you wrong. >> i am kidding, folks. i am just kidding. >> lips aren't the only thing on those shoes, mirrors. >> i was amazed that you couldn't agree more with this woman expru pictures to support her argument if needed. >> right. can we show those? no? >> eyeballs got wide. >> have i a factual point and then a question for you, greg. in 2009 a virginia appellate court had a man taking pictures of a woman in a clothing store. he said because she was in a public place she had no reasonable expectation of privacy. the court ruled because she was wearing clothes that covered her undergarments she had a reasonable expectation
12:37 am
there would be no pictures of her under garments. if this law applies this guy will lose. you made the arangement -- this argument that once you are in public you have no expectation of privacy. what is the difference here? >> the difference is this person is actually invading your privacy by trying to look at the private parts. >> what if the government put up x ray machines because they were putting up bombs? >> it is okay if the government does it? >> let me put the question back to you. there are two airlines going and one has an x ray machine that detects bombs. what are you getting on? >> which ever is the shorter one. >> the underwear bomber. we had the underwear bomber. >> i am not talking about the airport. i know it doesn't bother you there are cameras all over the city tracking you whatever. and your argument has always been once are you in public you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.
12:38 am
>> his argument is wrong. the guy taking shots of the woman's private parts. >> the distinction is the purpose. >> thank you. >> shouldn't matter with regard -- the fourth amendment shouldn't matter. >> there are exceptions to every rule. there are exceptions to the reasonable expectation of privacy. >> i don't believe you. >> okay. >> way to shoot her down. >> somebody is trying to look at somebody else's private parts could be lewd or assaultive there are a variety of criminal laws are you violating. if it is the government trying to keep you safe and a camera not at all intending to look up your skirt, two different things. >> so they claim. >> bill, do you know journalists who are walking around taking pictures of breastfeedings? >> you are putting me on the spot. >> it rhymes with smavudo. >> it is a big assumption that
12:39 am
all women wear underwear. >> i like to think that many don't. i mean i like to think -- i like to think that many don't. >> all right. >> now i can do what i want. >> we have to take a break. we have more stuff on the way. you know there is a book out there called joy of hate. it has a guy on the cover that looks a lot like me. he is probably better looking., autographed copy g buy 20 copies now.
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does he have a disorder or was he just following orders? it has been a week since richie incognito was suspended for harassing jonathon martin. and things get weirder. according to the south florida sentinal, my favorite sentinal.
12:43 am
dolphins' coaches asked incognito to, quote, toughen up martin after he missed a voluntary workout in the off season and the offensive oaf ended up taking it a bit too far. and then there is this psa they play before every home game urging fans to behave themselves. >> i'm richie incognito. on the field players call me overly aggressive. off the field and on the croquet lawn, i am quite civilized. while in the stadium, we appreciate you being loud and proud for the dolphins, but be respectful and civilized and follow the fan code of conduct. thank you for following our fan code of conduct. anything less would be uncivilized. >> i thought chris farly was dead. bernie, what do you make of that? >> that would be like if chris brown made a psa about domestic abuse.
12:44 am
that's unbelievable, actually. that's too good to be true. >> you know what it is? he is like their john bough lieu she on the team. they have him doing all of this stuff. he is the guy that is there to get the team pumped up. if somebody is not up to snuff he is the guy they send in to scare the crap out of him. he is like a weird enforcer. >> it is possible, but he has a history going back to college. he is a fat, violent mutton head who should have had the crap beaten out of him. the other guy, he should have just taken care of it in the locker room. just like bill schulz on the show. just take it and be quiet. you want to collect a pay scheck? paycheck? >> i was not amused. that is not the kind of guy you want to beat the crap out of. >> doesn't matter, baseball bat, take him by surprise and karate chop him in the throat. whatever you have to do to a punk like this you do.
12:45 am
you you don't quit. >> i talked about this with penn jaw let, name dropping, big guys are generally not are aware they are big, and they have to dial it back because throughout their lives little [bleep] like me pick fights with them because you know you can't lose if you are a little guy. if somebody sees a beg guy beating you up they are the victim and you are david. >> he is an entitled jock with the mentality. the worst despicable punk. i hope he doesn't get back in the league. i hope they success -- suspend him and he has to go on oprah and wear women's clothes and cry and then he can get back in the league. >> andy, you had the same issue on your weekend lacrosse team. you were bullied by a large female named edith. how do you handle this? >> i sobbed and then she stopped. >> now are you married.
12:46 am
>> yes. >> she had a crush on you and she had no way -- >> it was like pulling a girl's pig tales. pig tails. >> do you have anything to say about this? >> no. i think this is going to turn out to be not about anything racial even though this idiot keeps using the n-word. this is a class thing. jonathon martin's parents went to harvard. jonathon martin went to harvard and then went to stanford off harvard. not a similar up bringing to his teammates. some looked at him as being soft. i think that's what was going on. i don't think it is a black-white thing. i think it will be more of a class kind of thing. >> remi, as a former all pro nose tackle for the cleveland browns can you explain why so many players are defending incognito's actions and will you defend him in court? >> he has not hired me so no
12:47 am
to that question. why are people defending him? they know bullying is pervasive in the nfl as it is in so many parts of america. if somebody is big and strong as martin and can leave his job and run to a counselor's couch, imagine the consequences to a young child. i disagree with what you said. i think he looks like the schoolyard bull low at recess. schoolyard bully at recess. i think he felt a sense of empower meant over the rookie players. it was reported that he was voted the worst player in the league. he was suspended and fined $90,000. he had problems in school. he has anger management issues and you couple it with the bullying and it is problematic. >> all of those things are a badge of honor for some people. i hate anger management issues. just say [bleep]. >> well i am a lady i don't curse. >> just because i don't want
12:48 am
to bully our editors i would say a-hole, but they will be here bleeping you. >> how about punk [bleep]. >> bill, is it possible that incognito will play in the nfl again or get a job bouncing at captain hairless? >> can he do both? >> i don't think so. >> i personally think he looks like roger clemens if roger clemens ate the rest of the yankees. i think he will play in the nfl again. i haven't changed my hind that he is a complete jerk. i definitely changed my mind he will play again. not only will he be back in the nfl, he may go back to the dolphins. if what we are finding out about the coaches are true and more and more of his teammates come out and say he was an honorary black man which they have been saying and absolving him of this and trashing the other guy this is going
12:49 am
opposite of the way i thought. i see him coming back. >> i see him going to anger management and then play next year. >> you know what i think? not much. do you have a comment? e-mail us. do you have video of your animal doing something? click on submit a video. we may use it. coming up, a ban on dancing? yeah, something like that.
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s . 78 coming up tomorrow return uh pirnses from lori rothman and anthony cumia. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> a high school principal in vermont, is there any other kind? is trying to put a stop to dancing. i am never going to stop doing that. just like the 1980s movie "the killing fields." the principal at stowe high school canceled dances for the rest of the year with the exception of the prom after getting complaints about students grinding. he explained, quote, it is part of the awful, vulgar
12:54 am
culture they inhabit. we got to the point it doesn't reflect the values we condone. and shame on remi spencer. i believe we have tape of one of the students dancing inappropriately. >> i don't see anything vulgar about that. i think it is adorable. they have taken away dodge ball and then tag and now dancing. what is this world coming to? >> i don't know, but it is not a world i want to be a part of. >> i agree. >> this doggie dancing has been going on for awhile. it is essentially the twerking thing miley cyrus did. high school, probably inappropriate. you are swimming against the tide really on this. >> that can also feel good. it can. lesson for you kids out there without a date. >> that's how i dance,
12:55 am
swimming against the tide. >> i do the under tow. the principal hasn't canceled the prom yet. >> so -- >> i'm hoping you will tell us a prom story. tell us a prom story. >> i know that's what you are looking for. you want to hear what you already know. i did not have a date for the prom. it was supposed to be the special memorable night every girl looks forward to and it didn't happen. >> i couldn't make it. i had another hot chick. >> i went with a friend of a friend of a friend and my parents confessed to me recently they called around their friends to get one of their kids -- >> oh man. i'm sorry we even did this story. i'm depressed. >> if it is any consulation, i had an awesome prom. by the way, my prom, andy, i'm 49. my prom, all about the slow dances. there was three dances in a row. free bird, stairway to heaven
12:56 am
and "life" by journey. if you didn't think things were going prematurely, you were lying. >> in my day when we had dances the nuns would tell us to leave room for the holy spirit. you do that and the problem is solved. i don't understand these kids. >> that's a great -- that's true. >> that's absolutely true. not so much me and the nuns. >> i was going say you must have gone to an interesting high school mr. levey. >> leave room for the holy spirit. there has be to be a certain amount of distance. >> this decision reminds me a lot about you in that it is a little rash. >> first of all i don't want to brag, but big rash. second of all, when i grind teenagers it is a lot less vulgar and a lot more bloody. we should have blurred that. second of all if you were looking for a date you should have opened your mind and taken a cute little asian girl. >> we have to go. aren't we running out of
12:57 am
time? remi, bill schulz, tv's andy levy, we do it to the end here at "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld and i shall see you next time. test test
12:58 am
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>> president obama moments ago behind closed white house doors met with a group of very frustrated democrat senators. ed henry is standing by with the breaking details on that meeting. first it was a busy day on the hill where women many see as the face of obama failures kathleen sebelius was taking heated questions from senators, frustrated senators, democrats frustrated with the sheer breakdown of obamacare to the web site disaster to the embarrassing numbers enrolled. >> i am accountable to this committee and to the american


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