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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 7, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> don't miss this tomorrow. >> we got a busy day tomorrow. joey in the after the show show. off go to "america's newsroom." see you tomorrow. bill: six people on a couch with a dog. is the united front and obamacare starting to crack. concerns that the website debacle could haunt lawmakers in 2014. democrats meet at the white house which is described as an emergency meeting. martha: we are hearing democrats proposed delaying the implementation of the law for about a year. >> i made my voice pretty well
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heard over there. i'm not sure -- i'm yelling at him all the time on some of the issues. i do say if you want to hear from us -- today was more direct. bill: steven hayes, it's amazing how quickly these senators fired off press releases. what is the problem the president faces here. >> one is a substance and one is a credibility issue. the ones supporting him are the only ones talking about the law in a positive way. on the credibility issue this goes to the president's claims if you like your plan you can keep it. all the things the white house has been saying when others are seeing the potential collapse of the law i think makes it harder
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for democrat i can senators. bill: ed henry reports some democrats want to play the implementation of the law for a year which goes a lot further than a few weeks ago when some of the democrats asked for the individual mandate to be delayed. that shows serious concerns. >> if you talk to people in conversations with the white house, what you are finding is the white house is trying to make this work as they have had it scheduled for the centralout all along. but pretty much everybody else is looking for alternatives. the website is not going to be ready november 30. the enrollment dates will have to be changed. there are big problems the white house doesn't seem to be willing to face up to.
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>> of the 16, how many are up for reelection in 2013? >> a number of them. mark bab, dg workers like to go back to his constituents in alaska saying i'm taking on the president here. that's going to help him. if you look at washington conventional wisdom on the potential impact of obamacare, we have seen these problems. there is no doubt it contributed to the close margin in virginia. i think you are potentially talking about a huge shift in the 2014 politics if the law continues to collapse as i think it's virtually certain to do. bill: implementation is one thing. delay is another thing. steve hayes in washington. martha: bombshell details on what the administration knew
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about the launch of the trouble-plagued website. new documents show the system didn't hold up under stress tests leading up to the big day. the question is why didn't they put it on hold. in fact they weren't even close to where they were going to be. the site could tomorrow handle 1,000 users on a day before october 1. that's 1,000 users at a time nationwide. think about how small that is. gets 95 million users a month which works out to 2,000 users per minute. bill: it has been quiet on the ceo front of these insurance companies. but we heard from one of the big five. he's urging government officials to quote push the pause button and shut down
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until it's fixed entirely. he says this is the best short-term solution. instead of trying to fix tonight a patchwork manner day by day and hour by hour. martha: the number of people losing their health plans keeps growing. so far 4 million policies. 4 million people got unwanted letters in the small across the country. 22 states involved in that. the latest state that just now joined the club is colorado. 250,000 cancellations were issued there. an insurance company insider says it's ludicrous the president is blaming his industry for the problem. >> does anyone in america think the insurance industry would have canceled 4.2 million customers on virtually the same day fit weren't for obama care?
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the count is going to get much higher than that. we'll have these cancellations going into 2014. martha: charles payne joins me right now. what do you make of that exchange? >> it's realistic. insurance companies are in business to get people on their policy, not to kick them off. i think probably more important is that this is going to continue. in fact there was a report out not too long ago about last week. the duke university up to 120 million people could actually see their plans canceled. of that, 50 million probably permanently lose. it won't even be a replacement plan for them. martha: think about the language used by the administration going back to if you like your insurance plan you can keep it. we like your insurance company,
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too, as a suggestion. if you are happy with each other and your relationships, no problem. now you have got the language of bad apple insurers. substandard plans. your insurance company threw you off that plan. the plan is not valid. if it doesn't cover the 10 points that have to be in there the plan is literally no longer valid. >> the reason people have these plants first place. these are the plans they could afford. these are the plans they came to grips with that they would live with. martha, i cannot find it so disingenuous. what is the difference been what the administration is doing and a bank talking someone into a loan for a house they can't afford. men certain certain aspect of coverages that are designed specifically for women. those kind of things.
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it's a complete debaclele it was a debacle on paper, we knew that already. * the air began that has gone along with this law. you can talk your i around all this stuff. i run my own independent research firm and we are losing our coverage. we were prom listed a new list of premiums and coverage. martha: good luck, comarls, i know you have always covered your employees. bill: texas republican john cornyn raising questions about security and the so-called navigators that will get their hand on your personal information. >> isn't it true there is no federal requirement for navigators to undergo a criminal background check even though they will receive sensitive
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personal information? >> that is true. states could have an additional background checks and other features, but it is not part of the federal requirement. >> so a convicted felon could be a navigator and could acquire sensitive personal information from an individual unbeknownst to them. >> that is possible. bill: more on that hearing. chuck grassley, the senator from iowa had a lot of questions of his own. what are your questions at home? how concerned are you about the security of personal information online. send us a tweet @billhemmer and martha maccallum. march report administration is still saying if you are in that group you might lose your plan
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but we are seeing a ripple effect. no pebble falls into the water without causing ripples across the entire pond and the entire pond is clearly being affected. a fox news alert. the u.s. economy is growing at a surprising rate. a little bit of good news. 2.8% is the number. we have experienced growth rates higher than that in the past years. but this number comes from the commerce department. experts say there is a sign there was strength in the economy ahead of the government shutdown. exports rose. home construction increased and state and local governments spent at the fastest pace in four years. people applying for unemployment benefits falling to prerecession levels. but companies are cutting very few workers but they are not
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hiring new workers. >> it will be interesting to watch the stock market because twitter is being public. how is that going to do? we'll get rolling. a fireball lighting up the night sky leaving folks on the ground in shock. we'll tell you where this was. martha: the miami dolphins players are speak out. what they are saying about the reported bully. bill: sebelius getting hammered at the senate hearing. why she is admitting enrollment numbers for may shock some people next week. >> it's time for a time out so we can go in and start finding out why we are seeing premiums go up, not down, why we are seeing people canceled not being protected in their healthcare, why we are seeing the failure of
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martha: the red hot microblogging service twitter making its debut at the nyse. it's priced at $20 a share. it will make one of the biggest tech offerings, raising more than google did in 2004. all that and 140 characters, folks. >> broken promises and untruthful answers to the american people and this committee. >> to me this is a dishonest
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mistake. you have been misleading the american people and the president has over and over and over again. i would rather you just said yeah we were wrong, yeah we didn't tell the truth. >> you shed america should hold you accountable. that's why madame secretary i repeat my request for you to resign. bill: the entire state of delaware has signed up 4 people. you can if it four people in a prius. karl rove, very low, there is an expectations game here as well. what is your expectation? >> my expectation they will be nowhere near the 29,000 people
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being signed up each week in order to meet their goal of 7 million people signed up in the exchanges by the end of the enrollment period. they have to sign up 269,000 a week and they won't be close to that. first much all the relationship between those that are enrolled in medicaid and those enrolled in the exchanges. in the exchanged each person could sign up there most of them have to put money into the pot. medicaid is free to the recipient and costly to the taxpayer. bill: is she setting the standard a little lower. lowering the expectations game so they can perhaps leap frog over that so it looks better next week? >> if they can't, they already set the goal, 7 million. that's what they said this program needed to be financially responsible and they said the relationship between medicaid and exchange would be $7 million
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for the medicaid and $11 million for the exchange. 34,000 people in colorado have enrolled in medicaid, 3,400 have ebb rolled in the evenings changes. in oregon. 52,000 added to the medicaid role and zero for the private exchanges. we are also spending a huge amount of money on so-called navigators. delaware is 3/10 of 1% of the population and they have a contract that works out touts $334,000 a month. we paid four community groups $83,000,for every person they signed up into the exchanges. bill: you are kidding.
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did you bring a white board? >> it was a tough exchange. core anyone said, tell me, yes or no. if you like what you have you can keep it, is that true or false. and she refused to answer. senator crapo went after her on premiums. she said they will be 1% less than what the cbo forecast. he says that's baloney. will they be higher this year than last year. and she said yes. he said so you are trying to tell me they won't be as much as the recent cbo. she said don't worry about the people losing their koornlg. she says the vast majority of people with insurance will be unaffected. there are 153 million insurance policies that are provided by an employer. group coverage. about 15 million policies on the
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individual market. that's 168 million total. that's policies, not people. those policies coverage multiple people. 90 million of those are not governed by obamacare. there are 17 million private understand policies subject to obamacare. if you have 15 million people losing their coverage. that's 20 per of the people with private insurance governed by obamacare will lose it. other estimates are 35 million. bill: what is that effect of that? >> large numbers of americans who today have private insurance coverage that are governed by obamacare will lose their coverage and have to go elsewhere and virtually of single one of them will find find their premiums are higher and options are lower. obamacare is based on a fundamental principle. narrow the number of options.
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the government believes the fewer options you have? picking doctors and networks the cheaper insurance will be. i think it's the otherway around. but they are narrowing your choices and as a result americans will be forced to find new doctors, new hospitals, and pay higher premiums. bill: the bottom of this barrel seems on endless. karl rove in washington. martha? martha: here is a story that will warm your heart. a group of marines got a big surprise on their way home from the war zone. a gesture by some passenger showing america's warriors have not been forgotten. bill: the miami dolphins saying if there were a problem on the team, they sure didn't know it. >> off the field those guys were thick as thieves. they went out together and hung out together and did a lot of
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bill: a cool story about soldiers coming home. american airlines upgraded some to first class and 7 other passengers gave up their seats in first class. some of the miami dolphins sticking up for rich are you incognito. >> if you would have asked john
6:26 am
martina week before who his best friend on the team was he would have said ritchie incognito. ritchie said john is like my little brother. i think that's an accurate depiction. he gave him a hard time and messed with him but he was the first one there to have his back in any situation. martha: the player was suspended. steve hair fan says this is getting twisted. >> reporter: a new twist every day. they suspended himmen awas a member of the leadership committee. roger goode good he will, ted wells is work on that. he's the general manager jeff ireland. according to reports by pro
6:27 am
football, when asked by martin's agent to look into accusations of bullying. he was told that martin should punch incognito in the face. that was the response. they say they will keep mum on this. right now there is no timetable for that investigation. martha: we have an interview coming up that shed some light on the background of this situation. but the players inside the locker room appear to be lining up behind ritchie incognito, not the other way around. >> reporter: despite accusations of racism and racist texts, the players are circling the wagons around a player who may never be on the team again. they said incognito and martin
6:28 am
were actually friend. >> they were friend hanging out. we would be down in fort lauderdale. he was with ritchie. >> reporter: martin is still on the roster. there are reports that he briefly checked himself into a hospital in south florida after leaving the team for emotional distress. martha: thanks for filling in some of the blank spots. steve harrigan in miami. it makes you wonder what the team saw or heard or read that made them suspend shim different wasn't like they said we are going to look into it. they suspended him. bill: that quarterback is a suspected player. more to come on this.
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president obama tweaking his often repeated promise if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it. is it time for the president to admit he made a mistake? martha: plus, oh, no, joe, say it isn't so. the vice president called the winner in yet's race. but there was a problem with that phone call. we'll explain. if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune.
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bill: a man responsible for the computer care has resigned. they won't say if he was responsible for the messy rollout. martha: there is a growing number of critics calling on president obama to admit he made a mistake when he said if you liked your healthcare plan you
6:34 am
could keep it. here is some of what he has been saying across the country. >> if you are getting one of these letters. shop around in the new marketplace. that's what it's for. if you had one of these plants before the affordable care act came into law and you like that plan, what we said was you could keep it. if it hasn't changed since the law passed. one of the things that sometimes gets me a little frustrated though i understand it because i'm in politics, is folks who are complaining about how the website is not working, and why isn't obama fixing it and all these people are uninsured. yet they are leaving a million people right now without health insurance that they could immediately fix. there is not a lot of logic to
6:35 am
that. martha: that's a little confusion. doug schoen joins me now. monica crowley. in those three statements you could feel the evolution going on. i'm frustrated with it. the f clause about whether you can keep your health insurance. doug, in terms of what the conversation must be like right now in the west wing. there has to be factions saying look, mr. president, when need to delay or we need to drive forward and not let any of this get -- >> first of all the factions that want to move forward are winning the day. there were 16 senators in yesterday. 15 of whom are up for reelection saying mr. president you have got to acknowledge the mistakes, you have got to delay the individual mandate. delay the penalties. but most all what they were saying was get this fixed. put politics aside and keep your
6:36 am
promises and don't play politics. the peninsula results, much closer than expected were a real repudiation of president obama and endorsement of bill and hillary clinton and a sign obamacare could impact the democrats next year. martha: what happened in virginia -- a lot of folks say he lost, big deal. no, there was something rumbling in virginia. >> the momentum against obamacare. now we are actually seeing the acute pain being inflicted on millions of americans. the momentum came a little too late for cuccinelli. but this is the third election cycle we have seen obamacare play a big role. 2010 when republicans gained control of the house over this issue. in 2012 obama regained election
6:37 am
but the republicans maintained their control of the house. they are asking for a one-year delay so this could attempt to be fixed. this is the same plea the republicans were making. obama wasn't going to give in to the republicans clearly. but when democrats are coming to him, i still don't think he will give in temperature. remember in 1973-1974 democrats were screaming for president nixon's resignation, he didn't move. it was only when fellow republicans came to him he realized he had a serious problem. martha: let's play lanny davis on this this morning. >> president obama and all democrats should say i support this act which i do. we messed up in explaining it.
6:38 am
we should have told people you might have to change plans and that will cost you more. we need to fix it. martha: what we are hearing the president is those bad apple insurance companies, they tossed you off their plan. not our fault. >> this is the president deflecting blame to the insurance companies. there is a bill in the house and senate that is told the keep your doctor act saying what was promised can be done. makes perfect sense. martha: it's like when you are doing those things where you do the blocks and you pull a block out and the whole thing tumbles down. the whole thing is based on people who like their health insurance can't necessarily keep it. 30 million is a big part of that thing. >> we have to fix it the best we
6:39 am
can. build the blocks back up. >> in 2010 senate republicans said we want americans to be able to keep their plan. we want to make sure that as guaranteed. harry reid and obama said absolutely not. they wouldn't even bring it to a vote. you are dealing with something that was always part of the cake. they are blaming insurance companies because they want to say we tried the private exchanges. we tried it with the private insurance company and it didn't work so now we have all these people dependent on the program and we have to go to single payer. martha: a few weeks back you have democrats calling republicans anarchists and terrorists because they wanted to hold up the debt deal. >> there would be a republican governor in virginia if there had not been a government shutdown. but this is not about politics.
6:40 am
it's about doing what's right to give every american access to healthcare. we have to put politics aside. >> without nationalizing 1/5 of the national economy. this is completely ideological. >> it am not benghazi or any of this, it touches so many people. see you next time. bill: the country music award were rocking out last night. but some of country's biggest stars taking the stage. brad paisley and carry under wood stole the stage. ♪ obamacare by morning ♪ why's it taking so long
6:41 am
♪ i'm going to wind up with hemorrhoids if i sit here til dawn ♪ ♪ obamacare by morning martha: some people standing up and clapping thinking right on. they are agreeing 100%. taylor swift was looking around not sure if she should be clapping or standing up. pretty interesting. bill: the president hit the road saying texas needs obamacare. but what does texas think? the lieutenant governor is live
6:42 am
to talk about it in a moment. martha: a fireball streaking across the sky. what is that? to all the veterans...
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martha: another joe bidenism. he called the winner of the new york marathon race. but he reached a former aide to former senator kennedy also named marty walsh. the man thanked him for the kind word. bill: you can't make that up.
6:46 am
president obama says there is no state that need obamacare more than the state of texas. a crowd of volunteers were helping with the implementation. he called on the governor rick perry to support the expansion of medicaid in texas. >> in today will 133,000 stand to benefit. across the state you have 1 million people. 1 million people, citizens who don't have health insurance that could get health insurance right away if the state of texas decide to take swrang of it. bill: what does texas think about that? thank you for coming back to america's newsroom. what do you say? >> i think -- did he make the call yesterday or did joe biden call the wrong party? here the president comes in and
6:47 am
says to dallas. i wish you had been rinsing to us. the president is wrong. obamacare and medicaid expansion will break the back of every state. it's already causing a crowdout of public education. it will hurt our economy in texas. it requires the state to provide additional care for the elderly and disabled and frail. not able bodied people who can work. what they are missing is the fact that we have been trying to get a block grant from the warm administration for years. we can cover these people. the vast majority of texans don't like obamacare. it will ray premiums.
6:48 am
bill: the president made this argument. in dallas alone he said there are 133,000 people uninsured and who can get coverage without even going to the website. also made the point that texas has the highest rate of uninsured americans, more than 23 per. why reject the medicaid expansion. why do you think that's the best call for texas. >> those folks can get coverage on the exchange so we are talking about a few night amount of people. right now obamacare -- medicaid is broken. it doesn't work. why would you want to put more people on the medicate system? that's why we have been trying to push for a block grant in texas so we can cover the majority of these people. it will ray the cost of insurance on all texans. it will hurt texans. it will hurt our economy. we have a big heart in texas.
6:49 am
we want to cut -- we want to provide and do the right thing. but the right thing is letting us provide insurance. not to cancel 3.5 million healthcare policy throughout the country. so what we are trying to do is to provide that coverage like i said through a block grant without all of the restrict which will allow us to provide more access to care for the people who need it. >> let me get to you react to this. sorry about the interruption. >> we are providing a lot of access to care right now. bill: hope you can hear me. the president said yesterday this website, it's down, it stinks. it's a good product. it's like having a store with cash register that won't work and not enough parking spots in the slot outside. what do you think about that?
6:50 am
the majority of people in texas don't want obamacare. they can't operate a website. can't get it up. this will be paid for if we go forward with it on the backs of young people and all texans and americans by paying higher premiums. we are already seeing that in texas. bill: thank you for the reaction today. more to come on this. martha? martha: we'll take on this question. could our own body be holding the key to curing cancer. dr. segal is up next with that.
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6:53 am
bill: there was a fireball in the sky. they say it's a meteor hitting
6:54 am
the atmosphere. what do you think? martha: ufo. bill: scientists say it's part of a meteor. maccallum might be on to something. march where potentially game changing cancer treatment could be around the corner. dr. mark segal. a professor of medicine at the nyu medical center. what does this mean that our own bodies might hold the key to a cure? >> it could be the billion dollar, trillion dollar treatment. using the tumor itself to kill the cancer. it could be game changing. early clinical trials have been
6:55 am
impressive. >> after we remove the tumor we are able to take that tumor, introduce that tumor to the patient as many as own immune system and the patient's own immune system fights that tumor. >> patients have seen their survival time more than doubled. the final studies for rain and prostate cancer are being held all over the country. it's cost effective compared with earlier vaccines and the side effects especially when compared to standard treatments are minimal. martha: it's a homeopathic idea and it seems to be working for real patients. >> so far so good. dan gray has battled colon cancer with traditional treatments. he says there is no comparison.
6:56 am
>> it has no side effects. i get two injections at one go, and it's easier than having a flu vaccine. >> he even had a form of melanoma on his dog treated successfully about it animal version of the vaccine. >> it's very, very encouraging. what interesting studies. keep us posted to learn more about this. bill: new pressure on the white house. the president to delay obamacare by a year. martha: there is another twist in this bullying investigation. why ritchie incognito's teammates are speaking out.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
martha: pressure build the delay obamacare as the president tries
7:00 am
to calm fears among democrats who are very worried about their jobs come the next election. welcome to another hour of america's newsroom. i'm martha maccallum. bill: the president holding a meeting with a dozen democrats, a two-hour sit-down could signal that obamacare will shut democrats in 2014. >> reporter: it was not on the president's public schedule. 15 senate democrats up for reelection in 2014. they came out of the meeting saying they have to do more.
7:01 am
but saying we have to do more in terms of privacy. mark babidge of alaska says there is a crisis of confidence. >> i think it's frustration there are in my state 70-plus thousand people can qualify for subsidies to get healthcare. i'm frustrated for them because they are not able to get through the process. >> reporter: they are saying how can you fine someone when they can't get on the website and enroll.
7:02 am
the president would not agree to that. but the question is will he agree to shorter delays. bill: you were reporting some of them asked for the entire law to be delayed in implementation for one year? >> reporter: it seems highly unlikely the president will agree to a one-year delay. the white house rejected that again and again. the president was in texas. the law is going to work out. take a listen. >> we are working overtime to get this fixed. the website is better than it was. by the end of this month we anticipate it will be working the way it's supposed to.
7:03 am
now, ... >> reporter: you have got a president on a two, three, four-year time line. but democrats facing voters next year are on a one-year time line. bill: thank you, sir. here is march tha thank. the crisis of confidence have been heard from more than just senator begich. here is barbara mcculski. i believe there has been a crisis of confidence in the dysfunction at nay tiewmpt website. the cancelling of policies and sticker shock for some people. martha: bret baier is the anchor of "special report." a lot of people feel this crisis
7:04 am
of confidence when they look at this plan. but the president seems confident this will work out. >> he might be publicly trying to express confidence. but from what ed hen write reported yesterday and today and everything i'm hearing on capitol hill. i was meeting with with several people including democrats and there is not a lot of confidence. there is not even confidence they will make the november 30 deadline on fixing the website. you will see most of the reporting now says that it will be mostly finished by the end of the month. that's not what was said originally. this becomes a snowballing effect. if barbara milkulski, senator from maryland is saying that, it's a wakeup call to democrats in this administration. martha: it could be saturning
7:05 am
point in this whole thing. the president need to decide what he's going to do. you have got the option of a one-year delay. but people are getting kicked off of their plans at the end of this year. so if you delay you will have an even bigger gulf of space where these folks won't be covered and won't know what their options are. >> reporter: for the people who manage to get onto the website. either they are happy with their plan or content they are or the process. if you delay everything, it pushes everybody back and creates even more uncertainty. i don't think that that's going to fly. at least a long delay. they may buy into some short-term delay and tie it to the website. but you heard secretary sebelius talking about this ongoing fix to the website. that is is rolling. well, you have privacy concerns that are a big issue for
7:06 am
democrats and republicans as their constituents are finding out the information may not be that secure. martha: that's one of the flashpoints that has a lot of people concerned. when i are listen to all these democrats expressing their concerns in almost a panic that they may be in trouble at home. they see what happened in virginia where ken cuccinelli took a much better run at terry mcauliffe than they thought he could. when you hear nancy pelosi say once it's passed you will find out what's tonight. did anyone look at it? >> reporter: there were a number of republicans proposals. mike enzi had a bill that would have dealt with this question about the independent insurance market it was voted down by all democrats in the senate. you have a number of different red flags that went up on flares that went up.
7:07 am
this was a steamroller. october 1 was a political date that they wanted to get on the calendar and roll it out and now we are seeing not only the website issues but more importantly the substance issues of the law. martha: we'll see you tonight on special report. bill: do you trust the security at that's our question of the day. send us a tweet this hour @billhemmer or@martha maccallum. a crisis of confidence is a kree -- is areal palpable thing. and the president will have to restore that confidence. bill: a fox news alert. new details in the investigation over benghazi. one lawmaker says questions will finally be answered. adam housley is live on that.
7:08 am
>> reporter: the story obviously we covered for 14 months. there have been a lot of unanswered questions that playing the administration and a number of different departments with the loss of four americans lives. but we are being told that next week several different witnesses will go to the house intelligence committee and testify behind closed doors and answers may be coming. >> this is what many people have been waiting for to get to the survivors and to the folks on the ground. report report this california congressman said questions about what happened that night will finally be answered. >> was there a lull in the fighting which the administration's line is because of this lull that's why we decided not to send in additional help. i'm not sure that's true.
7:09 am
report report nu nerks s some of the most critical questions need to be answered. the comeman says he already knows most of the answers and was told he and the committee will get them. >> we have a responsibility to their families to get them the answers. >> reporter: his questions are being hand in a letter to speaker of the house john boehner and he requested a special investigator if next week's answers differ significantly from those offered by the white house. witnesses still afraid to talk publicly about what happened that night welcome these new developments. reporter: a number of the witnesses continue to tell us they are happy with these
7:10 am
developments. a lot of them have been threatened. and lawmakers are hoping to get answers because they have been frustrated with the lack of access to these witnesses. martha: did the president knowingly lie or mislead about the fact that he said you could keep your health insurance if you like it? kathleen sebelius asked that very question and peel tell you what her answer was and talk about the repeated calls for her to step down. bill: are labor unions getting a pass on obamacare. martha: we'll ask a former pro football star way it's really like in the shocker rooms as the dolphins teammates speak out. >> i'm sure we have all gone out and had a few too many and
7:11 am
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7:14 am
bill: the national honors flag paying tribute to hernandez who was killed at the los angeles airport. martha: there are a froag number of lawmakers calling for secretary kathleen sebelius to resign over the botched obamacare rollout. watch this. >> i would like to ask you a simple true or false question. is that statement on the white house website true or is it
7:15 am
false? >> sir, i think the statement is ... >> is it true or is it false? >> the vast majority of americans who are insured are in the employer market, are in public plans or veterans plans, and the -- those plans have stayed in place and continue to offer benefits. >> my time is limited so i will just ask that the record note that you have refused to answer my question whether it's true or false. martha: the issue whether you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it. he asked is that true or is that false and it's still on that website. i'm joined by ohio congressman charles grassley -- iowa, excuse me -- always good to have you with us. you were there during that hearing. that is the question, whether that was a lie.
7:16 am
whether the american people were told the truth when they were promised if you wanted to keep your healthcare plan you could. what are the ramifications if it's not true? >> a lot of people are disappointed. they also find that the president wasn't leveling with them. and even if you give hip the benefit of the doubt during the campaign he made a lot of promises that he those could keep. it's turning out those promises are not realistic today and that there is a tremendous disappointment. not only for insurance, but, you know, it lowers people's credibility with people in government. and cynicism grows and that's the broad outcome of all this. it's not just about healthcare. martha: we heard a couple of people, bash what milkulski among them, that there is a crisis of of confidence in the country. we haven't heard that term since
7:17 am
president carter used it during the energy crisis of 1979-1980. he felt people didn't have confidence in the credibility of their government. >> i think you see that in polls that show people respect congressmen maybe only 11% and sometimes i question that. i haven't run into any of the 11%. we have all got to work harder to number one not overpromise, and when you promise, carry out your promises. and it's better not to make too many promises. it's better to tell people how around going to go about solving a problem you want to solve. and not make the concrete statements that the president's made that if you like it you can keep it. you can keep your doctor, you can't keep your doctor today and all that sort of stuff. it does hurt credibility. martha: the president is the president of the whole country. if there is a crisis of
7:18 am
confidence, i sense it when you talk to people every day. people say i got that letter in the mail. i lost my health insurance. i'm not sure what my family is going to do. what is the president's shot in the your mind? what would you call upon him to do to try to restore confidence and insure people this isn't going to go to hell in a hand basket with this thing? >> i'll give you a broad answer. because your questions legitimate for a lot of things other than healthcare. i would start with saying we are going to delay the implementation of obamacare. but in addition there are so many regulations out there going on the books now that cause small business particularly for not hiring. you have got this every day the president wants to increase taxes by another trillion dollars and obamacare. all of these are putting a damper on the business and particularly small business, hiring people.
7:19 am
why do you have 1.3 in corporate treasury? people like to make money. when they invest it creates jobs. the president could turn this economy around overnight if he would say we are going to put a damper on regulations, we won't increase taxes and we'll make obamacare work rather than staying with the original principle that isn't working out. martha: i think that's pretty unlikely. but in terms of what the president will do. do you think it' likely he will come out and say i misspoke or it wasn't quite right. i know how important this is and i want to fix this program and i want to do tonight a bipartisan way. >> an answer to that would be some rumors coming out of the meeting of democratic senators up for reelection having a meeting with him that they didn't get have much
7:20 am
satisfaction that he was going to do anything other when it comes to obamacare but keep on the course that he's on. bill: 20 minutes past the hour. the landmark legislation on abortion that's about to be introduced and the coming fight on it. that's next. martha: what the crew onboard the international space station has planned that's never been done before. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
7:21 am
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>> the olympic torch is now.with the national space station ready for its first spacewalk. carrying the unlit torch of three astronauts. taken on a spacewalk on saturday before returning to earth on monday. it has been to earth before. next thing is they are going to want to wait for the olympics up there. bill: 24 minutes past the hour. now changing the game. senator lindsey graham said landmark legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks. on that story now in washington. >> this bill is written like measures passed in several states over the last few years making it illegal for a way to perform an abortion 20 weeks or
7:25 am
later into pregnancy. based on scientific evidence unborn children feel pain. there are exceptions including a messy resulted in a rate or of a minor. taking heat for not being hard enough, but says this issue is unwavering. >> my issue is clear, i am proud to lead this charge card is the debate worthy of the great democracy. what is the proper role of the government in protecting that child? >> under this bill no woman could be prosecuted, but anybody who performs the abortion could face up to five years in prison. bill: what kind of opposition could this phase, shannon? >> in states with similar measures they have almost immediately been challenged in court by groups like planned parenthood. this is how they reacted earlier this year would judicial
7:26 am
committee pass something similar. it is extreme, unconstitutional and would take deeply personal and often complex decisions of pregnancy out of the hands of a woman and her doctor. in fact it could criminalize doctors for performing a life-saving abortion. going on to call federal state and local measures an orchestrated effort to roll back women's access to health care and bow they will not stand. the bill almost certainly will be challenged. bill: thank you. martha: labor unions make it out of paying a key obamacare insurance tax. we will explain why and how the white house got involved. bill: the reverend billy graham celebrating 95 years. in a new fox news special. >> he is preaching a method many of those who have heard him have
7:27 am
heard in one form or another but he does it so compellingly, he makes it seem real in a way that has not been explained to them before. @??
7:28 am
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7:31 am
provide. how are you doing, michael? >> i'm great, thank you for having me. bill: a reinsurance tax is built to pay for not all of it but some of the funding. what is the position of the unions? they don't like it. >> people don't like paying, more and more people are paying more and more. this shows you how screwed up this system is and the notion they can fix computers in a few days is nonsense. they need the money now because so many older folks and sicker folks are signing up and young, healthy people are saying forget it. they need that money now. since you are friends of obama, we will exempt you but the year we won't exempt is now, 2014, which happens to be the year of the highest reinsurance tax.
7:32 am
getting a deal you and i can't get, but still not getting a great deal. bill: the bigger issue is paying for it. it will not add up after this because that is intended to generate short-term revenue. >> explained to me in theory how it is supposed to work you will say to people sign up for insurance if you are healthy and young you pay extra and had to stand in line to do it or if you are sick and you need t the hel, you do nothing, we think the line is going to be anywhere close to the line people getting out? it would be like saying i opened a restaurant, some people eat for free, others pay twice as much for the food. bill: the union says their health care will go up. >> they have to pay more.
7:33 am
bill: i'm hearing from democrats they don't like this idea, they don't think that is fair. >> what you think is going to happen when the offer the keep your health plan at next week, democrats in reelection next year are facing the proposal of what you are promising your voter celeste three years or vote against what you're telling them if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you are a house democrat in new jersey where chris christie just won, you're going to vote against that? bill: the point was the friends of the administration are getting a hand up. like whom? >> like the unions. like the groups that got exemptions from the law entirely and who is completely exempt from the impact of obamacare?
7:34 am
every congressman and his or her staffers who get subsidies you and i can't get. they get money you and i have to pay in. health care supposed to be about medicine. but it becomes about politics, who is politically wired, you have the right friends. you saw the government shut down used as a tool for the person b downs because of the government shutdown, imagine if you are a health care, what' what the administration could use to punish people for not supporting a tax hike or supporting a government shutdown. bill: i hear you are saying this is being held together with band-aids and duct tape. he saw the senate democrats whot to the white house yesterday for a two hours meeting with the president. they have real concerns about next november. what do you think the administration does? what does the president decide?
7:35 am
>> if you had lbj or ragan, they would come to it. there are so many ways to stop, delay, reset. the president could take the political blow and lead and help his party. i have heard this on fox news, the white house is so committed to this being president obama's legacy he is not thinking about 2014, he is thinking about 2024. if you democrats have to lose, gave the house to the republicans. bill: you don't think he is going to budge? >> i don't think so. the average premium increase is 41%. bill: if you think there are issues now, put some delays into this long now, there are big problems with them rolling out. radio host there in boston.
7:36 am
martha: a major milestone for the reverend billy graham. the man known as america's pastor, still known as many to america's pastor and the pastor to the president is celebrating his 95th earth day making what could be his last crusade to the american people. lorne greene live from north carolina where his home is. >> more than 900 guests are expected here tonight to help celebrate the 95th birthday including dollar comp and governor sarah palin. he has stayed on message with a sermon to more than millions around the world we had >> i do not believe that any man, that any man can solve the problems of life without jesus christ. spiegel he has preached i and pk stadiums and open-air venues for more than 185 countries and
7:37 am
territories. >> there is only one message. reporter: now on his 95th birthday, his making one last crusade this time a video campaign in thousands of churches and broadcast outlets. >> that is what my hope is all about. >> he is preaching a very simple message that many people who hear him have probably heard in one form or another. but he does it so compellingly, he makes it seem real in a way that they have not seen to them before. reporter: his message is not just for the common man. meeting with every president from harry truman to barack obama. his legacy of america's pastor transforming christianity for millions of believers to a moving reality. >> lord jesus, come into my heart. reporter: billy graham's son was
7:38 am
on this morning talk about how his father wanted to preach one last time at because of his declining health he does not have the strength. his video campaign is a great way to accomplish that. at 95 years old, billy graham still has a lot to say. it is amazing. martha: thank you so much. billy graham's a special is called "my hope america" airing tonight on the fox news channel at 10:00 p.m. eastern. it looks like a very special special that they have put together. i recommend i will tape it and watch it, it looks really inspiring. bill: looking forward to that. some new developments in the north carolina crash that injured several last month. local authorities have charged the owner. charge with several cones included assault with a deadly weapon. apparently the ride came to a stop as people were getting off and started moving again dropping some of the passengers 20 feet or so onto a metal floor.
7:39 am
they charge the operator of the ride. martha: a new twist this morning in the nfl bullying case. the league is now getting involved in this after accusations that that man, richie incognito, was ordered to harass another player in order to toughen him up. is that what really happened? wwe'll ask a former nfl lineman if he ever saw behavior like that when he was in the league. bill: google finally breaking his silence about that mysterious barge. we now know what she saw.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
bill: at last the mystery of this barge has been explained he had kind of. google says it plans to use the barge as interactive space where people can learn about new technology.
7:43 am
martha: there you go. bill: that is all they are saying right now. right now it is just sitting off the coast of california. martha: must be working on google glass like willy wonka's factory. very exciting. bill: everlasting god suppers. martha: exactly. there launching an investigation on the miami dolphins into if defensive lineman richie incognito harassed or bullied his teammate jonathan martin who basically stormed out of there and said i'm done. emotional stress, he said. what really goes on inside an nfl locker room and is it a brotherhood as many claim it is? we talked with former nfl player and this is his take on what it is really like. >> i probably have the most problems with that he had other teammates, there wasn't another teammate in that locker room
7:44 am
that could stick up for this guy or he felt he could turn to to talk to about what was going on with richie incognito. i am just wondering what type e in miami dolphins have in their locker room where another player could be harassed by another player and none of the other players step up for him. it is real puzzling to me. martha: what is the difference between teasing and what you just called harassment? what did you experience in your career? >> different things. i've been standing in my room, in the dorm room you could stick a penny in the door and lock a person in the room and they would spray some fire extinguisher under the door or the room had been broken into and water dumped on you or taped
7:45 am
to a paul, dipped in a cold tub with your haircut. you and your things. this comes along with being in the nfl. but what he had to deal with, martin, what he had to deal with is totally outside of the nfl family and what the nfl players and should have had to deal with them another teammate. martha: in terms of richie incognito, it appears he has been suspended or cut from every civil team he has ever for since college. so this appears to be an individual has dirtiest player of the year award in 2009 he got. >> absolutely. he is a bad seed. let's just call it what it is, he is a bad person. he is a bad person that happened to be a really good football
7:46 am
player, but he is a bad person. some of these things being said that he said, he is just a bad person. in the nfl you have all these different personalities but the one thing, martha, you always came together, you always had each other's back. for this guy to single this one player out. it is the other thing that puzzled me. other rookies came in with martin, why weren't the other rookies being singled out? why was it martin being signaled out by richie incognito? it goes beyond playing, it sounded like it was personal the en.there is no place for that. martha: i suspect there is more to this story. as soon as it became public, the dolphins suspended him. as we have seen in the past it will be thrown out as the story continues. thank you so much for being with us and sharing your own
7:47 am
experience with us and we hope to see you soon. best of luck, sir. >> thanks. martha: we really enjoyed speaking with him. he says he was a price the place to not come jonathan martin's defense and have his back. interestingly the way this playing out today, they are coming to richie incognito's defense of this whole thing. bill: we heard from the quarterback. he is the leader of the team in miami. tannehill defending incognito. if you are naming the best friends, they would talk about each other. martha: a lot of pictures of them together. they stood next to each other a lot, there is a picture of them together. some moment changed all of that and i think there is still a lot we need to learn about. bill: they are investigating. something is going to come of this.
7:48 am
i agree with you, the story seems to be changing every day. that from miami, this now from provo utah. breaking news out of salt lake city. in the trial of a man, dr. accused of killing his wife, the trial of martin mcneal accused of drowning his wife in 2007, a mistress will be back on the stands today. president's plan to wrap up their case today. he is accused of knocking out michele mcneil with drugs after cosmetic surgery on a facelift leaving her in the bathtub of their home. so you have a mistress back on the stand today and an inmate set to testify. finished his testimony. claiming that the doctor acknowledged drowning his wife. that goes on now. provo, utah, inside the court.
7:49 am
jon scott standing by with a preview of "happening now." >> we have no reporting on the rollout of the health care exchanges including testing failures in the days immediately leading up to the launch that could have called in or could have put on the administrators. reaction and analysis. also, breaking news from the medical world, the fda moving to ban trans fats. what that may mean for your favorite foods and snacks. and a drug therapy for men searching in popularity. plus, the internet is all a twitter over twitter's ipo happening today. that's "happening now" in about 11 minutes w. bill: it is trading, $45 a share. get it while you can right now just opened up.
7:50 am
up about $20 in trading. hophope and healing on four leg, how some very special dogs are helping veterans recover from posttraumatic stress disorder and devastating injuries on the battlefield. >> this right here will drop your heart rate. just petting him and caressing him is absolutely relaxing. are you okay?
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
martha: look into more high times on wall street. rising to 15,734.
7:54 am
what is twitter doing at the moment, bill? 46. bill: about $20. martha: it opened at $26. not a whole lot of people got in at $26, we are imagining. the big question is where does it close today. so we will see. bill: also watching suicide among our veterans and exceptionally high level. helping to build lasting relationships with man's best friend. these are not your average dogs. what is different about them, molly? reporter: bill, these are shelter dogs many set to be euthanized within days. the dogs can be trans to help returning war soldiers who have ptsd, posttraumatic stress disorder. they have a difficult time leaving their homes and coming
7:55 am
in contact with strangers. the dogs are trained to block people in front of the warrior and cover them in the back. >> for example if somebody were to walk up to them, the dog moves himself in between that individual and the warrior gives them a natural barrier. or if there is an atm machine the dog a automatically covers e back some more or less to say we have your back. reporter: one army soldier who did two tours in iraq and one in afghanistan was paired with wilco the dog. he says wilco helped him get through the dark time and bad days. >> i have a dog that needed something. he was at the end of his rope he had and if you look at it, i was getting close to the end of my rope. and the two of us came together, and we are a match.
7:56 am
he takes care of me and i take care of him. that is a bond i don't think can be broken. >> it has been so successful it now has a year-long waiting list. bill: good for them, cool story, thanks. martha: today there are new privacy concerns for anybody who uses the obamacare website. in the report finding the lead contractor for that website relies on foreign nationals working on special visas, apparently. their backgrounds are hard to verify and they have access to your information. more about that coming up.
7:57 am
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speech remember that? that was magic johnson 22 years ago today he announced his early retirement from the mba and what a shock that moment was after he tested positive from hiv. despite his retirement, he was a member of the first olympic dream team. these days johnson's doing just fine running a business empire that owns the l.a. dodgers. everybody thought, people knew so little about that disease at the time, more power to him. bill: we are back at 1:00. martha: we will see you then. goodbye, everybody. jon: fox news alert, breaking news on obamacare. a bombshell revelation, the website one day before the exchanges launched october 1 is a massive failure showing more than 1100 people logged on, it would crash. this was website that was supposed to handle hundreds of thousands of people and raises more questions about why the


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