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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 7, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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thoughts. we'll read them for you. shepard smith is reporting now live from the fox news deck. >> we're monitoring several developing stories here. first, just, well, apparentsly the gift that keeps on giving. a brand new video of the crack-smoking mayor of toronto, rob ford. he is freaking out, cursing, even threatening to kill somebody. and then there's the undercover cop who slept with the suspect she was supposed to be investigating, and reportedly revealed the identities of other undercover officers. >> one of the world's most popular web sites went public today on wall street and twitter. stock price is through the roof. it's never made a dime, yet it's worth billions. how can you get into the action? let's get to it. >> first from the deck at
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3:00 this afternoon, the crack-smoking mayor of toronto, ontario, in the middle of another caught on video disaster. the video showing the mayor wasted in a rambling rage, using threatening words like kill and murder. the crack-smoking mayor is screaming at an unknown group of people in somebody's living room. we do not know the context of the rage. >> [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] my brothers are -- liars, [bleep]. >> i just -- [bleep] -- no [bleep]. i will -- [bleep] donate --
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[bleep] >> after the video went public, the mayor said today he was, quote, extremely, extremely ininebriated at the time. the crack-smoking mayor's lawyer says he is in talks with the police. police in toronto also want to question the mayor about his crack-smoking claim. earlier this week the mayor put it this way. >> yes, have smoked crack cocaine. >> when -- >> but no -- do i? am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably one of my drunken stupors a year ago. >> that same day the insisted he will not step down, there's work to do in toronto. city council is calling for the
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deputy mayor to orchestrate a dignified departure for mayor ford, but that's going to be difficult given the rules. john roberts is here. what are we learning today? >> reporter: we're learning a couple of minutes ago i talked to a person who is very close to the embattled mayor of toronto, who said while he's not going to step down or step aside, won't even take a day off, he is likely to make an announce independent the next couple of days he is seeking -- don't call it rehab but will seek professional help to get him through whatever demons he has about banling -- battling. i was told this was unrelated to the latest video originally obtained by the toronto star newspaper. we don't know what it's about. there's no context to it, but it is awfully colorful and we put some subtitles on it to help you understand what he is trying to say. have a look.
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>> didn't take but a few minutes after the release of the video for the mayor to come out of his office and again apologize to the city and his constituents. have a look here. >> very, very inebriated. extremely embarrassing. the whole world is going to see it. i don't have a problem with that. but it is extremely embarrassing. and i don't know what to say. >> reporter: his attorney says they do not know what context this video was shot in. they don't know what he was talking about. whether it was opponents or
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challenge to get into the boxing ring. the newspaper has not given any context. they don't know where it was shot. who shot it. it seems to be something somebody close to the mayor. and where it was shot. >> the mayor seems to get in a lot of confrontation. >> reporter: a number of years ago, in a documentary about funding the police, and the mayor believed a reporter called him a fat blank, rhymes with duck. have a look. >> okay. all right. [bleep]. [bleep] why do you -- [bleep] >> you did. you did. >> [bleep]. >> what i had did you just say? >> the protests continue, of course in toronto. it's interesting to note that his people are writing slogans on the walls in city hall. in the canadian way of writing in chalk so it can be washed off later on. >> very kind of them, john. thank you very much. live in toronto.
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a young woman missing for almost a decade could finally be coming home from mexico, and the story, it is an interesting one. she has a story to tell. her name is connie mcallister. she was a 16-year-old honor student 2004 when she disappeared from her home in wisconsin. the case stumped police and her family for many years. even now that she surfaced more than a thousand miles away, south of the border in mexico, the mystery is still far from solved. all these years later, and now the 25-year-old is contacted her family and says she wants to come home. she says she never wanted to go to mexico in the first place but that her then-boyfriend drugged her and took her across the border. this age progression photo shows how she might look now. still her story hardly answers all the questions. like, why she just now contacting her family. and another strange twist. journalist looking for answer are hitting brick walls. the church helping to bring her home will not give details of
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the case. one church member saying we believe we can be putting her in more danger. we'll fine out what that means when i talk with the church member live in just a moment. first, trace gallagher is live with the latest on the case. this woman now has a husband and three children and she seems to think everything is cool now. but the church wants to pay for her -- it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: a lot of holes in the story. the only common thread we know is that she was taken by her then-boyfriend, drugged, into mexico. beyond that it's cloudy. here's the most consistent version of events. the first boyfriend takes her into mexico. he then beats her and leaves her. but she says because of the language barrier she is unable to call home, so she gets another boyfriend. he gets her pregnant, and then he also beats her. this time she ends up in the hospital, again, still does not call home. but she does change her identity. she then gets a job working in the fields where she meets her
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current husband, two more children, and then she saw the female missionary and she told the missionary who she was, which brings us up to this point. >> what is stopping her from coming home now? i don't get it. >> reporter: she says she doesn't want to come home without her house -- her husband and her three children, and the u.s. court system is now working on granting permission. her mother now lives in florida but is planning on going back to wisconsin to stay with an aunt, and that aunt has spoken to her. listen. >> talked to connie on the 16th of september. via skype. and at first i cried. then i asked a few questions. i always knew one day she would find a way to be at home. >> reporter: police have also confirmed it is in fact connie mcallister but we contacted police and they have not contacted us back. very little information is
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getting out about this story so far. >> judy wise, a member of trinity lutheran church trying to raise money to bring connie back from mexico. this doesn't make sense to a lot of people who e-mailed us, and it doesn't all add up for us, either. it's confusing why she hasn't tried to come home prior to now. do you have any idea? >> well, that's a good question, shepard. we're unclear of a lot of the details. all we know is that she was taken from -- nine years ago and she attempted to make contact with authorities here in the area, approximately four years after that is what we were told, and that the authorities came to the conclusion it was false lead, so things were just where it's at now. now we're thankful we heard from her back in september. >> the word from your church is that you can't explain this
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whole story to us because something bad might happen to her. i don't understand that. can you help me? >> that's a good question for everyone. this being in the area she is at, we are turned for her safety and we just want to get her back safe. it's anyone's guess. bad things can happen in the united states as well. so we want to make sure she is safe. >> all right, well. we'll stay on this. it will be interesting to learn what else happened here, 25-year-old woman with three children and a new husband, who says she wants to come back to the united states, looking for me to get back here. thank you, judy from the church. it's not just republicans blasts obamacare rollout. democrats are as well. it's a disaster. few deny that what they say the president must do fast. but first word that at&t is helping our federal government snoop on our phone calls. it's something new every day. and they're doing this not because of a court order but because our government is paying
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the company big bucks. where did the government get the money to snoop on us? oh, yeah, government the money from us. quite a story and, that and, well, football, and the disaster it has become. the miamis holding a news conference. if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet, the amazing prune. two great ways to enjoy the amazing prune are plum amazins and sunsweet ones. plum amazins diced prunes are great as a snack
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they're watching you. the cia is reportedly paying at&t more than $10 million a year.
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the cia paying at&t for access to americans' phone records. according to the reporting of the "new york times," which quoted government officials today. the cia reportedly provides phone numbers of terror suspects in other countries and then at&t turns over all the call logs that could help identify those suspects. the company says they do not reveal the names or numbers of americans calling from the united states. "the new york times" reports the government is not using subpoena or court orders, but at&t is doing the whole thing voluntarily. according to "the new york times," the phone company did not confirm or deny the report. but a spokesman said it is routine for the government to pay for lawful information. of course, this is months after the former nsa contractor ed snowden leaked documents showing the government is collecting more internet and phone record than anybody realized. lawmakers in the president's party have been voicing concern over his troubled healthcare web
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site. today the white house tried to downplay any word of a rift. >> in yesterday's meeting or any other meeting, the concerns democrats have about the rollout are the same concern the president has, which is that the web site is not functioning. >> the democratic senators up for re-election next year, met with the president yesterday and warned him of a crisis in confidence if he doesn't fix the healthcare web site quickly. the democratic source familiar with the meeting told fox news, there is a lot of pent-up frustration. ed henry is live for us at the white house this afternoon. what reassurances did the president give to the senate democrats up for re-election in 2014? >> reporter: i'm told the were 15 senators who came by, and the president's reassurance was that the web site will be up and running by the end of november. we heard that before. we brought in a web guru to convince the senators they're on
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a path to meet the deadline. there's a lot of skepticism. the bottom line is the democrats are on the ballot next november and the president will not be. they have to defend the law. and a what republicans are saying it shows that democrats are very nervous about how this is going to play out politically. >> this is going to keep getting uglier and uglier, hence the emergency meeting at the white house yesterday with the president, among his allies, who walked the plank over this, and i think they're scared. >> reporter: some of these senate democrats are urging the president to delay enrollment, which ends at the end of march 2014. the white house has signaled they're not going to do that because the think the webs will be up and running and people can enroll. >> the white house has been painting policy cancellations on the insurance companies. >> reporter: we talked to insurance industry officials who
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insist what is going on is people are not grandfathered in for a number of reasons. one being they only signed up for this plans after march of 2010 when the president signed the bill into law so they were only grandfathered if they already had these individual insurance plans before the bill was signed into law, and today the "washington post" gave jay carney three pick knownow -- pick knowow's noses for blaming the insurance. >> how do you react to the "washington post" claim? >> i'm not sure everybody agrees with the math. there's a lot of churn that preexisted the aca. >> means a lot of churn because he spoke to self-insurers, folks with preexisting conditions that make it hard to be insured.
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the bottom line this president's credibility is challenged and what the white house is saying and not saying. >> ed henry at the white house. police in arizona say they caught one of their own sleeping with a suspected drug dealer deo was part of an ongoing investigation and get this. police sale they found out after the detective had already told the suspect about the entire undercover operation. the details are coming up on the fox news deck. and the miami dolphins are holding a news conference in a few minutes. richie incognito, accused of bullying, and the new twist that the person who said he was being bullied was told, just punch him, which would suggest to some a code -- anybody been in a locker room? we'll get to the news conference and hear from the fish if the signal can stay with us.
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that's in a few minutes.
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breaking news now. i mentioned the miami dolphins. the head coach holding a news conference. amid scandal and controversy. richie incognito, the player there accused of saying all kinds of what sounds like awful things, and accused of bullying as well. the nfl investigating whether incognito harassed or bullied jonathan martin. the head coach is taking questions. this is the weekly news conference before the fish play tampa bay on monday night final. >> got a ton of support from people within the organization, outside the organization, and fortunate to be in the position
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i am. i love coming to work after single day and i'm going to represent this franchise the right way every day i'm here. nothing has changed. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> unfortunately i called my 92-year-old father yesterday ask and he was on the computer, so i had to tell him to get off the computer. i don't know if i have had enough time in the day to read all the stuff that's out there. the simple answer to you question is, no. [inaudible] questions >> the guys said what they said, and they were asked questions. they responded, and i am going to let their comments stand on their open, like i let my comments stand on their own. [inaudible] >> it's an open locker room.
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an open locker room. people ask questions. and they responded to the questions. >> the head coach down there, trying to get things back in order. this has been quite a thing in south florida. our correspondent is in the south florida news room. steve, the new twist is there's an accusation the coach said, jonathan martin, if you feel like you're being bullied, punch richie incognito in the face. >> reporter: it's hard to bleach almost the advice you give to a five-year-old on the schoolyard if this is true. it's been reported by pro, it's about jeff ireland, the gm, talking to martin's agent about the bullying before martin left the team, and the advice from the general manager was, they should duke it out. if that proves true, more of a public relations disaster for
12:25 pm
the dolphins. we asked which coaches told players to toughen up martin, and now we're asking if the gm told one player to punch out another player. >> off the field these two guys are thick as thieves and they went out together and hung out together. did a lot of stuff together. so if he had a problem with the way that guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it. >> that's really a common refrain we're hearing out of the dolphins locker room. despite racist tweets, racist phone messages, both white and black current dolphin players are rallying behind richie incognito. who may never play with the team again. the earlier video was jonathan martin spotted in l.a., california, with his family. keep in mind how serious this is. martin checked himself into a hospital here in southern florida after leaving the team for emotional distress. >> steve, i've spoken with a number of former pro football
12:26 pm
players and texted with one a couple minutes ago about this. and to a man, regardless of race, they're all telling me this is locker room talk. you don't play professional football you don't get it. but this stuff happens. >> shepard, there seems to be two very different worlds here and very different points with no meeting in the middle. on one side the sports writers, commentators, people on tv saying, this man is a thug, richie incognito, bad guy should be thrown out. and yet they seem puzzled what they're hearing from the people who play the games for the dolphins, white and black, coming out and saying richie incon neat to -- incognito is our man and we love him. >> i'm getting another text from another player, and right now, and to a player, they're all
12:27 pm
saying, this doesn't sound racist. it just sounds like the kind of thing that goes on in locker rooms. let's get to patrick mcdonough, a criminal defense attorney who is live with us. you know, this is a rough and tumble sport, and what seems to be be different is that word has leaked -- from everything i hear richie incognito and the man he is accused of bullying were best friend. >> you have to be careful to not compare this to childhood bullying. there's really a difference in kids that are emotionally attacked own social media or really bullied in high school, versus an adult who don't show up for voluntary work out and is told to be touch -- toughened up. >> these are grown men in a very grown-man sport.
12:28 pm
not little kids on the playground. there's a huge difference. >> we're talking about 6'4", 300 pounds, somebody getting paid, and the impetus was he didn't show up at voluntary workouts. this is a team sport. so to toughen him up, nothing wrong with that, or doing a little hazing. it's the way they have been reported. if he did it in that matter, clearly inappropriate. not the way to toughen somebody up. >> getting the legalities of things involved turns my stomach, but it could come to that and in if fact this report is true, which fox news has not confirmed, but if it's true the gm was like, you got a problem with him, punch him in the face, i wonder what lawyers could do with that? >> i don't think there's any question there could be a claim. you have a violence in the workplace type of action. somebody here who has been
12:29 pm
kicked off the dispeople the team and has a record and you say, you committed a violent act against one of our employees. it's no question a lawyer could have a field day. whether that turns around to a verdict and a jury says this guy is not showing up for workouts, i don't know if they're going to win. but they're certainly an actionable claim. >> steve harrigan in florida. is anybody talking law here? >> reporter: they are. the other shoe to drop is this investigation. commissioner roger goodell named a top new york criminal threw carry out a full investigation, and the result of that investigation will be made public. we don't know went it's going to end. so right now the entire team is under a microscope. this is not just about one player being suspended. the head coach, other coaches, line coaches, coming under a lot
12:30 pm
of scrutiny, and now the general manager as well. so this is a team halfway through the season, which is under a criminal investigation and under a microscope by the entire nation. >> steve, thank you. bat to patrick. patrick, you see this? and then tony dorsett comes out today and -- even if you don't like the cowboys, even if you're a cowboy hater, who didn't love tony dorsett. pushing 60 years old now and starting to lose his memory and he has fears hi may have a disease and there's a lot of pressure on the nfl now, and you just wonder if the nfl isn't in for some very, very difficult days ahead. >> yeah. i don't disagree with you. we have all the concussion injuries and the lawsuits from the concussions. there's no question. but the end of the day, these are adults that are get paid a lot. it's a violent sport. and i think you just got to separate rookie hazing versus real bullying.
12:31 pm
when you go into public relations, they have serious problems. this isn't helping. >> they do. patrick mcdonough. thank you. the one thing it's a violent sport, certainly. but i think questions regarding head injuries is, did the nfl come forward and tell people of the dangers or did the nfl try for people not to learn about the dangers of serious head injury? two completely different scenarios. one way is one thing. the second is quite another. the answers will come in due time. >> coming up, the cop who allegedly slept with the drug dealer and then told the drug dealer about the undercover operation. have a nice day. that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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♪ call today. remember, medicare supplement insurance helps cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and there are virtually no referrals needed. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. a fox report now. more of the headlines. thousands of people on a run from a super typhoon. forecasters say it could hit the
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philippines in a few hours and it's a monster. look at that well-defined eye. it's one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever, with maximum sustained winds at 200 miles-per-hour. man. this is very powerful category 4 hurricane. iran is offering to scale back part of its nuclear program if the united states and allies east up on financial -- negotiator had two days of talks in switzerland. >> keepers at the smithsonian national zoos in d through the three-month-old tigers in the water for a test swim. they passed. they can now rom around the enclosure. [ female announcer ] i'm here to say a few words
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12:37 pm
suspected drug dealer all about the secret operation to catch him dealing drugs. that's according to police in the state of arizona. they say this woman, now a former detective and 13 year veteran at the tempe police department, had a lot of experience working in drug crimes so the department put her on the case. she first met her soon to be lover during a drug deal in june. the investigation was focusing on the sale of cocaine and a party drug known as molly, which is actually mdm and a little more. investigators say the detective bought the drugs from the dealer several times and at some point started sleeping with him. not just once but on a regular basis. then last month she outed herself to the suspect and revealed the identities of two other female undercovers. cops got word of it from a tip
12:38 pm
and took the suspected dealer in for questions. he admitted, yes, i was sleeping with your officer, and during the questioning he got a text message from the undercover cop asking him if he could stop by her house today. she has resigned and could face charges. the former detective is married to a cop, so he must be thrilled. and just before the drug investigation started she had gone to switzerland as part of an officer swap for a reality show. joining us now on the fox news deck is steven rogers, the retired commander of the nuttily criminal investigation division. >> this is a mirror image of the stockholm victim. he probably was working on her for quite a while. she falls in love with him two real bad situations here two
12:39 pm
elements. number one, where was the supervision? there had to be debriefings? where was there a breakdown in supervision that is took a tip from the police officers involved in this entire investigation to find out. and the other element is, what about the training of the officer? was there the proper psychological background intense investigations that police departments hold for ofs before they go into these operations? >> you have multiple uncovers dealing with a series of drug dealers and you're about to tell me the undercover one doesn't know you're sleeping with a drug dealer. >> yes. and a real serious problem, hutch information did she give this drug dealer, whose lives are in jeopardy. they have a big mess. >> at the very minimum she told the drug dealer, by the way, we're investigating you and i'm a cop. >> and, shep, also told the drug
12:40 pm
suspect that there were two other female officers who he had sold drugs to. so, she -- >> talk about putting lives -- >> she gave up a lot of information that is going to be very costly in the into the police department. >> there are rules and regulations that make this more than a fireable offense, right? >> look, shep, there's not a police department in the country that i know of that tells officers it's okay to have sex with the person you're investigating. it just doesn't work that way. >> that wouldn't be the preferred s.o.p. >> certainly isn't. >> twitter, it's trending on wall street. the company made its big debut on the trading under this horning. they were thinking it would debut around 23 bucks or something like that. ha! this is incredible. a big move from the food and drug administration. microwave pop corn, frozen pizzas, refringe rated doughs
12:41 pm
and cookies, getting getting the toodle-oo. what is the good stuff going to taste like when the bad stuff is taken out of it. life is about to change and we'll tell you what will happen to your food in just a moment.
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>> no more trans-fat? the experts say we already know what it's going to taste like. the feds plan to require businesses to gradually phase out trans-fat. no word on the timeline. he head hoff the fda she is the move to prevent 20,000 heart atakes and 7,000 deaths. new york and other cities have banned trans-fats. the big companies have stopped using trans-fat. so what are trans-fats? doesn't say here. want to know what i'm talking sunset you should google it. >> in case you haven't heard, twitter made its debut on wall street. it went nuts today.
12:45 pm
opened at 45 bucks a share. more than 70% higher than the initial public offering price of 26 bucks and puts the company's value -- a company that has never made a dime -- at more than $30 million. here's how it's doing right now. twitter is at $4,543, where they thought the ipo would go and this is where it opened instead. it stayed pretty aall day long. this is the dow on the day. the dow is off, what, 100 -- wait. a lot -- 146-point, nasdaq is off as well, 72 points. that's almost 2%. s&p down a point and a half, and look at twitter. got them all. analysts call this the most anticipated initial public offering since facebook's debut last year which was sort of a disaster. all those delayed orders and
12:46 pm
funding stock prices but the stock exchange conducted a twitter test run and looks like things went off without a hitch. joe is with us. the hype has been crazy, and the performance has been unbelievable. >> not contagious is what we're learning about the twitter ipo. let's look at the numbers here. it was priced last night, over subscribed by 30 times, which is absolutely crazy. and 30 minutes, 47 million shares changed hands. so, a lot of excitement surrounding the ipo. there's a lot of mixed assess. s from analysts whether this is something people should buy into or not. so looking at affection and how tumultuous their start was. >> if you bought facebook at the beginning you're now above matter and made money. but can small investors even get into this twitter? >> absolutely. i talked to some people today who bought their shares and you
12:47 pm
can either do it through your brokerage firm, and we don't give advice how to invest but you took it through sites like etrade and fidelity and wells fargo, and then you can also invest through your mutual fund. so a lot of different ways to get a piece of twitter. i if you never inest? stock before, a lot of experts say, if you're excited about twitter, be careful of your homework and assess the risk. it's a company that does not make money. >> i can't figure out how they monetize it. >> they're trying very hard through advertising and creating content and trying to attract young people. they certainly have an advantage on that front, especially because of facebook. >> hash tag we don't make money. >> hash tag, not yet. >> a fox report now. more of today's headlines. police say they've arrested a person of interest in connection
12:48 pm
with yesterday's deadly shooting at a barber shop in detroit. cop says three people died, several others hurt. the police chief says 20 people were gambling inside the barber shop. the global watchdog investigating syria's chemical weapons program confirmed the assad regime has abandoned other facility. >> the president of the global soccer organization, fief fifa. said iran should allow women inside the soccer stadiums. the head of fifa met with the 'iranian officials and the president. iran lets women attend other live sporting events like basketball or volleyball but not the footy. soccer is off limits for the ladies. well done, iran.
12:49 pm
>> pailan tollingists say they uncover the bones of a dinosaur, saying it is a distant ancestor of this guy. t-rex is a young buck compared to this thing. 80 million years old? not a frag. they got the whole dang thing. hang on. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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>> scientists say they found t-rex's great uncle. the oldest known member of the family, and they have its skull. that's what they think it looked like 80 million years ago. right here on earth. 80 million years ago. it's 24 feet long, eight feet
12:53 pm
tall, teeth like meat levers. you can see the skeleton in the museum in new york. good to see you. man alive, 80 million years old. not like they found a little fragment. >> they found some pretty good stuff. not just one bone, it's a reasonably complete skull and the rest of the skeleton. >> how do you fine something 80 mitchell -- 80 million years old. >> just walking and looking. it's a surprise it came to the united states. some of these discoveries come from antarctica but this is a a popular area. >> this guy was a tough mother. he is very big, and he seemed to be very powerful. do we have any idea what they did here 80 million years snag. >> i think we know quite a bit another these in general.
12:54 pm
they were active, intelligent, very, very, very -- would have been a whole lot of trouble if we had been there. >> t-rex's uncle made a lot of noise, and compared to t-rex, what's the size like in. >> this is smaller than t riecks so half the two-thirds the size of an adult t-rex. >> so this animal would have been how tall? >> eight feet and 23 feet long. >> t-rex is over 40 feet long and 12 feet high. >> where can people see this? what happens to it? >> it was announced in the scientific literature recently, and enough it's on display at the natural history museum in salt lake city. it is in their permanent collection. >> i wonder what this discovery
12:55 pm
does for us, if anything, bigger picture. >> it's a whole question. i think that dinosaurs in general are great because everybody is interested in them. it allows people to understand things about earth history, geology, biology, they might not necessarily come across. and dinosaurs are great vehicle to teach not just children but us as well. >> you. >> kids walk into my laboratory all the time and know more about it than me. >> it's fascinating to think they were here 80 million years ago. >> nice to meet you. >> hmm. katy perry's new c.d. could be hazardous.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>> there's word this song from katy perry could be spreading potential biohazard with her new album in australia.
12:59 pm
biosecurity officers say they're inspecting her latest c.d. the deluxe version comes with a small packet of seeds. production company executives say the australian version of the album contains local seeds. but australian officials are worried the international version will have foreign seeds that could be a threat to australia. >> and on this day in the year 1940, the original tacoma narrows bridge in washington state collapsed. it stretched nearly 3,000 feet, connecting tacoma to gig harbor south of seattle. the third largest suspension bridge in all the world. but to save moneys engineered designed the structure with a slender frame. that caused the bridge to sway back and forth, and eventually 40 miles-per-hour gust threw the roadway nearly on its side. the only driver on the bridge
1:00 pm
just barely escaped. later that same day, galloping gertie plunged into the put sound, 73 years ago today. when news breaks out, we break in, see you then. >> sweet, sweet, twitter's rollout taking wall street by storm. is the white house taking notice? >> welcome. neil cavuto. twitter taking flight, and the price at 26 bucks a share company, quickly shooting up 73% at more than 45 bucks for a while, and stay at that level, pretty much all day long. that put twitter's market value at 24-1/2 billion dollars. about what delta airlines is worth.