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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 7, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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tweets to make washington look like a bunch of twits. that will do it. see you tonight. caution. hello everyone. i'm greg. who's counting america? so the only thing obama care has successfully produced are jokes about obama care. >> hey do you have that obama care? >> obama care, what's that? >> oh it's great. it's great. >> what is it? >> i started signing up last thursday. i'm almost done. >> obama care by morning why is it taking so long? >> i'm going to wind up with
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hemorrhoids if i sit here till dawn. we'll have cataracts and dementia oh this is getting on my last nerve. obama care by morning over six people served. >> wow nicole's hubby didn't look happy. maybe i'm a hypocrite to cheer this on since i rag on left wing jabs, but this is different. it's rare. this obama mockery is in the minority and deserves sfeshl protection. all things being equal, this isn't. don't blame me if i enjoy it. over the last six years our nation's comedians are unable to pop a single joke. everyone laughs that the community organizers leads to
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mass citizen leadership. even with the website, he can't get it up. obama has gone from cloud nine to punch line. it's encouraging. all the the senators that met yesterday with the president in a panic over being painted by the obama care terd brush, they need help out the door. wusses voted for obama care like tit titan titanic. let them sing. despite witty gags mocking obama care achievement truly the joke on s on all of us. >> that's a hang over monologue. >> at a time, i don't know. >> do you think president barack obama is crushed eric that he's lost the stars of the country music scene? >> couldn't get it -- >> couldn't get the website up. >> got you.
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>> so they cut away. the song was funny. it was about two minutes long. we took 35 seconds. we should have done the whole thing. they cut to the audience. you see the real true conservative republicans heart and soul of the country laughing and hollywood seat fillers who aren't supposed to be there, just there because they're supposed to be on tv. they're nervous like should i laugh? i'm on tv. >> they don't want to cast the irs on it. the audience is going to go oh yeah we're coming to get you. >> hats off to paisley and what's her name. >> first of all i thought i heard beeps every time you said a word. is this my first time in the show. do they beep you out? >> no. that was your conscious speaking. i think humor is fine even when on the left.
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i think the right needs to have a sense of humor. we have to have a sense of humor. that was all funny. >> that's a good point. the weird thing about humor, the right will find something funny if they agree with it. and left will find it funny if they agree with it. you following me? >> zigzagging. i think my 7-year-old wrote your monologue. kindergarten first grade. he really did. professor poopy pants. >> she's got a great voice. it was badly out of tune, maybe. okay. i thought it was great. i know a lot of people enjoyed it. got to have a sense of humor, both sides. >> the fact the fiasco is seeping out into the world pop culture, leno and daily show.
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it's no longer the belt way issue. it could be a permanent thing for obama. >> i think things became so crazy with the website, they thought how can we not laugh and crack jokes. it got so out of control. i love what they did with the country music a wards. it's gutsy. these people have to go back to hollywood friends. they're going to take heat when they go back to liberal hollywood. your answer is yes, it's going to continue to seep out. good for stars having guts. >> i wanted to talk about the democratic senators freaking out over obama care. this is charles krauthammer on o'reilly talking about it. >> it will be the uprising among democrats who have to run next year. 11 democrats in the senate who have signed on to the postopponentment. there's an uprising if this continues. i think obama who is not running again is going to stay with this. this is the first entry in the
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line on his obituary in history. >> i think the democrats have to. when we saw 14 of them who are in races they're worried about talked to the president and said do something for us. i don't think he will. we have to continue to highlight the lies. they lied about keeping your insurance. they lied about the premiums, about the website, about everything. the whole thing is becoming one big lie. this is going to be the legacy of president barack obama . there's no way out of this for them. this is what in 2014 -- bob would disagree with this. 2014, every single republican running up against a democrat should point out they've lied to us. it's going to cost more. they promised a load of stuff that none of it is trueld the h and probably see if you're lucky 11 or so senators lose their
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seats to republicans. deservedly. >> if you look back at 2010, look at how many democrats ran ads against obama care. i'm standing against obama care. those were democrats in red states that knew constituents did not support obama care. they're going to call for delay of the mandate and enrollment period. >> could pit be for the democrats the enemy isn't republicans. it's obama care. they've got to run screaming from it. >> my friend eric uses the word lie. i used the word lie with george bush and the weapons of mass destruction. >> please before you move on. i didn't use the word lie until yesterday. the reason i used it yesterday when we had the tape of president barack obama saying after 29 times you could keep your insurer and doctor period.
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monday night he said i said you can keep your doctor and insurer period if -- and then he went through a list of things monday night was a lie. >> he's trying to extricate himself from an oversimplified expression in the campaign. >> that's impressive. extricate. >> when you mess up, you fess up. then you fix up. >> you said that last night. you said that to be fair. >> we messed up in promising people they wouldn't lose a plan. we should have said you're going to have to upgrade it. it might cost you less. there are changes if you have an inadequate plan. the american people would have voted against the concept of paying more for more coverage. we messed up on this. we have fix this. i support this legislation always have. we've got to fixing the problem.
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>> the denial isn't the way to fix hit. i'm sorry kimberly. >> we messed up. there's no question that it's not working. the whole idea of people losing their coverage at a certainly higher cost is not well explained. bad communication mess up. >> let's say they fix the website. then what's next? they have six months, seven months to fix this basically. >> if they can fix it. that still isn't going to address the inherit flaws in obama care. people are dropped from insurance, people having to change providers and doctors. all the things they were told. whether you want to say lie or not or loose relationship with the truth in a love sandwich way. if you want to say that if it makes you feel better. bottom line, they weren't honest with the american people. the fact, evidence, cases, real
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life stories of the impact it's going to have on the americans across the country, they're all coming out now. they're going to have to deal with that. there should be a reckoning at the polls when election time comes. people that supported this and knew in fact it wasn't ready to go and did it on partisan grounds should be punished. >> okay good. the government will be shutdown again by the whacko tea party. >> is bob talking in your ear piece? >> thank you bob. >> if i get arrested for murder, i want you to defend me. say i'm guilty of removing oxygen accidently from an individual. >> who me? i'd never defend you. >> that hurts me deeply. the main media had no problem broadcasting this load of crap over and over. >> if you've got health insurance, you can keep your doctor, keep your plan. if americans like their doctor,
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they'll keep their doctor. if you like your insurance plan, you'll keep it. >> but the president rewrote the pledge this week. why isn't that reported? kimberly will tell you which news net works aren't doing their job next. it's all of them. >> it's a punishment segment. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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on monday president barack obama made remarks attempting to -- sorry, lie -- did the main stream media bat an eye? brian williams with nbc nightly? no. diane sawyer no. today show? nope. good morning america? not a word. they were not done. we brought you anger at the president over the unsuccessful roll out of obama care. this may sound like groundhog
2:16 pm
day. brian williams and nbc nightly, no. diane sawyer no. good morning america, sadly, i don't think so. cbs provided some coverage of these two stories. show of hands around table. did you get the elbow up. laney even? >> can i get it up? >> advanced right wing conspiracy. i wouldn't be surprised at anything. this is an example of media not paying attention. it's not bias. >> they're not paying attention. one of the biggest story in the last two years and they're not paying attention. obama care roll out is an utter disaster. the president is out there having he and his people with the big lie, big lie and main stream media is not paying
2:17 pm
attenti attention. there's no conspiracy. that's not good for the president. >> that's important to watch fox so you can actually become equipped with the truth to understand exactly what's going on. we literally went through the score card to explain who covered this, who didn't. you've got to hear it. that's how you know so much. >> you really think all these people journalists for a long time. last time i was in the clinton white house were tough on bill clinton. >> do you think they're tough on president barack obama or obama care? >> i think they have covered plenty about the crash and train wreck of websites and issues you mentioned they haven't done. they should have. i agree. i don't see i had logical bias -- >> they were tough on clinton about personal issues not i hde logical. >> the media had to go after bill clinton. at that point when your having
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sex in the oval office -- i'm sorry wasn't sex. it was oral sex. >> start with travel office and mighty big scandals like finance that went absolutely nowhere. this is driven by what you call liberal media, new york times. remember white water? >> when the media hounds a republican or conservative that's considered investigative journalism, water gate. when you cover a liberal or democrat, the newsroom sees it as thinking. when they love a candidate especially. when you break a story critical of obama they treat you like that. >> they have a prom king crush on him. how did the media miss this? all professionals at nbc, abc, all across the boards, how? what's the explanation? >> when we were pointing out flaws they didn't ask questions.
2:19 pm
when president barack obama said if you like your plan, you can keep it. they took his word for it. no one asked questions about what kind of regulations that may emerge to make that a problem. that's exactly what happened. sebelius put through regulations that made the grandfather clause messed up. they're covering it now because the website fell apart and they were obligated to. when they had to be real journalists two years ago, they let that all fall through. >> i don't want to hurt your reputation. i completely agree with what you ju just said. regulations were written by i people that didn't know the unintended consequences. this has to be fixed starting with regulations. >> here's the problem. president barack obama has realized this has utter disaster. he's going to try and clean it up with lies upon lies the big lie. the main stream media decide they want him on their air. they're not going to ask the
2:20 pm
tough questions. nbc morning joe gets the president on. does he ever -- you can't get jay carney to come on the net work and explain lies. i don't blame them for not giving him a hard time. then they get their guests. >> obama is already elected you know. >> that's right. >> i think the bigger issue isn't that they're kofcovering now. they covered it up for him to be elected. they'll do anything for him to win. they're con joined twins. wherever he goes, they're with him every step of the way. now that they're covering the misdeed, i can't applaud them. you were wrong every time. you were corrupt and now doing something wrong. >> we're giving them a failing grade. they have to stay in school forever. here's one of my favorite pieces of sound for the day. this is the president speaking in dallas, texas.
2:21 pm
he's got explanation for the whole thing. don't worry. here it is. >> this is like having a good product in a store and the cash registers don't work. there haven't enough parking spots and nobody can get through the door. and so we are working overtime to get this fixed. the website is already better than it was at the beginning of october. >> the worry is better than people that got on and enrolled. now it's fixed. >> wait a minute. the greatest thing was the sign. the sign was probably done by kids. it was better executed than obama care. i wish you could read that. >> bob said that was the problem all of this would be wiped a way like wax on wax off if they started calling it affordable health care. >> why do i get the impression republicans are celebrating the
2:22 pm
failure. people getting health insurance that never have to worry again about preexisting conditions. >> you're saying people are critical of obama care. >> it's a little too much celebration. >> those are the president 's words. >> we're allowed to say i told you so. >> but not so happy. we're going to fix this. you have nothing to celebrate. >> those were the president's wor words. we're playing what the president told the american people. we're putting it in factual order. we have the responsibility to do this job. other net workslike launching of obama care, they failed to do what they're supposed to do. they're going to fix it. maybe not november, december, january. once that is fixed, all those
2:23 pm
are going to get thrown out the window. all the young people are not going to sign up. cgi federal, canadian company that cms tapped to do the website -- >> terrible -- >> they sent a letter saying we're not ready. we're 55% ready to go, weeks before the launch. this week, a guy named tony trenkle, chief technology officer at hhs who told cms to do did website. this guy retired yesterday with nine days before his final day giving a nine days notice. the date he picked for retirement november 15th. it's the day they're supposed to find out how many people signed up. the question is, why did he retire? was he forced out because it was so bad or because it was so bad he left? trenkle was supposed to sign off on this website and never did.
2:24 pm
want to do investigation, find out. >> you know what the big story was on the today show this morning? al roker had process state exams. they didn't have their heads up their butt. >> this is the point i'm trying to make. that's the health story they chose to do. >> that's the thing. >> politically incorrect. i'm going to end my segment. a day after winning the governor's race in new jersey, chris christie with 2016 speculation. what did he say? we're going to show you. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps end our night
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i know. it's pearl jam. had to go there. chris christie wasting to time. fresh off the victory celebration, gave the reporter plans for 2016 and becoming the leader of the free world. >> it's such a burden for you to be speculating about me being the leader of the free world. stop i'm so burdened. that's a huge ego to complain about that. it's complimentary, flattering and i have no problem with it. >> and time magazine wasting to time taking a cheap shot. thoughts on this. >> this isn't anything you weren't saying how long ago. do i have to say you were right? look, this is the guy every exit poll that night was like let's
2:30 pm
put christie against hillary clinton. interesting numbers coming out of new jersey where they were pretty close. >> actually she was winning by pay good margin. >> maybe by the end of the night. are you going to get another job? >> the fact he's ahead by 20 points. >> stay on time magazine. i found this offensive, tasteless to use the word elephant is something time magazine must have known that even someone like me -- i like christie. i'm a jersey boy. >> i didn't think of it that way to be honest. that's a common phrase. should they not use it because he's a big guy? >> they must know it will be -- >> look at the picture. it's not a flattering picture. >> would they do the similar to hillary clinton to suggest she was overweight? they would absolutely never do that. that's despicable they chose to
2:31 pm
go this route. pick on his policy or something substantial but his weight? that's a cheap shot. >> elephant has multiple meanings. the elephant is the symbol of the republican party and christie is overweight. they have the meanings to play off of. imagine if the shadow was president barack obama , we know the animal is a donkey. would they used the word ass? >> it's insulting and offensive. they would never do this. this guy has been struggling with his weight problem. they know what they're doing. they have a way out. would they have done that with president barack obama ? no. i'm not offended. i'm tasteless. >> why do you expect great things from time magazine? >> let's bring it around now.
2:32 pm
>> wow. chris christie off the victory says maybe i'm flattered about them talking about me as president, leader of the free world. >> he's been a contender. that's why everyone made such a big deal during the election. they were like christie cost range of moti romnange of motioomney the elec. they're looking at him as the contender for 2016. couple of other people, sure. >> can i tell you why i'm not concerned about christie? >> i think he's a great guy. i admire him. i'm a jersey boy. i can see why democrats would vote for him. that's why the whack co far right will never elect someone like that. that will save us again. >> why is it the far right wacko. >> you're not a wacko. you're a thoughtful
2:33 pm
conservative. >> why is the tea party called wacko? >> the toeks that decided government shutdown was a better strategy than focussing on obama care, god bless him. they'll never nominate this man. >> every time you go with the moderate choice you're told this is the electable guy, turns out he's not electable. i like christie's gutsiness. he calls it like he sees it. no non sense kind of guy. when you look at gun control, immigration and key issue, i think he's going to have a hard time with conservatives. everybody economic issues in new jersey. that's because they want someone principled who draws a clear line between left and right. >> he's less conservative than romney. that's the problem. >> i hope so. >> you know, president barack obama was an excellent choice for the democrats.
2:34 pm
he was after peel ippealing, he communicate, likable and charming. i don't like likable charming people. i think it's a camouflage. people that are rough and rude -- >> you like unlikable, uncharpiuncharp i -- uncharming people. i feel they have nothing to hide. >> there's something different about christie than mccain or mit. he could engage people that they couldn't. i'm a conservative who can forfeit 20% of the american conservative union meeting if this guy can win. i said this before. you win and then you fuight. >> i wasn't going to say anything. i never like to hold back. last tuesday after dropping my son off to school. i was driving to the polling location and it hit me.
2:35 pm
i can't vote for the lesser of two evils. i don't support tax increases and additional gun control. governor christie i've got to tell you, i want to win in 2016 as much as anyone but not because i want an r in the white house. i'm a conservative and want warrior for those values. for now you've got to earn my vote and thousands like me. >> thank goodness. thank you. >> good eric. >> coming up, new trouble for toronto's crack smoking mayor. there's a new tape that emerged of rob ford. it's not good for him. it shows him in a crazy rage. wait until you see what he says. we'll watch it when we return.
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okay. imagine the surprise of finding out your house is up in flames and firefighters couldn't save it in time. they let it burn to the ground. imagine the shock of getting a bill from them for almost $20,000 for their services. it happened recently in the ironically named town of surprise, arizona. homeowner justin per sell got the bill from the fire department because his home is in the unincorporated town in arizona caught fire coverage. he could have purchased coverage from rooiural metro $500 a yeart didn't. >> definitely a surprise. it was a shocker. i think they're paying the firefighters 150 dollars an hour. there were several of them. if it was reasonable, and i don't know what reasonable is on
2:41 pm
the amount of putting out the fire, but $20,000 to do a mop up on the fire is ridiculous. >> so eric, starting with you, do you agree with me if he had obama care everything would be all right? >> that is obama care. here's what happened. the the homeowners house burned down and now he's mad he didn't buy the insurance prior to hit. it's the pre-existing insurance thing. obama care guarantees pre-existing insurance. instead i'm in favor of this. i'm sorry mr. homeowner. your house burned down. you should have purchased insurance prior to the fire. >> proving my point about hard conservatives. what do you think? do you think this guy deserved $20,000 and they didn't even put the fire out? >> i don't think. the worst part is his house is gone at the end of the story. it's not like he pays $20,000 and his house is still standing.
2:42 pm
they could have charged him 25 or 35, or 40. he could have come home and had any amount of value which he didn't agree to and had no knowledge. >> let me give you breaking news okay. there's no -- soft, warm heart. >> liberal bleeding heart. >> love sandwich. they had no written agreement. i think it's tough for them to go after the homeowner. they were not called and asked to respond. they arrived 24 minutes after the fire started. basically it was burnt to the ground. and they're like give us 20k for the addreggressive mop up. i'm sorry. they don't have to legally pay them. that's the truth. >> he had an option to pay money at a rural area to cover the costs and not free load. don't you think he should pay some of this money? >> maybe they could work something out. the lesson i learned from this.
2:43 pm
everywhere you live, there's a risk. if you're in malibu it's mudslides. san francisco it's earthquakes. colorado it's wildfires, chicago rob manuel. >> i blame this on the main stream media and the today>> i impeached. you agree don't you? >> there is an issue. if you live in a rural area, you have to pay. it is very expensive. >> $20,000? how much is the house worth. >> the poor guy had his house burnt down before they showed up. >> there's a moral to the story. yes, purchase the fire insurance. the $500 insurance and then get the crazy bill -- >> do you think it should be
2:44 pm
mandatory enforced? >> constructive advice for homeowners in the areas like this. >> i was an arson prosecutor. >> i've got to switch from the topic of fires burning down to political careers burning down. earlier this week, toronto's mayor admitted smoking crack. there's something worse. rob ford is threatening to kill someone in what appears to be a drunken rage. i don't think we have a tape for you what's easy to watch. >> oh, it is.
2:45 pm
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2:48 pm
this week toronto's mayor admitted smoking crack while this office. today he's got a pr problem on his hands. now a video showing him in a rage threatening to kill
2:49 pm
someone. watch. and this afternoon he talked to reporters about it. >> i saw the video. it's extremely embarrassing. the whole world is going to see out. you know what, i don't have a problem with that. it's extremely embarrassing. i hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state. i was extremely -- >> how does this guy still have a job? kimberly, i have to ask. will this guy ever reach the point where he's faced enough shame and humiliation you think he'll resign? >> he just said he's okay the
2:50 pm
world is going to see it. he obviously has multiple issues. polly substance abuser i imagine. it's very sad. i don't know what's wrong with him, a lot. he'll probably keep his job, go onto great things. >> i think kimberly is judgemental. >> he's an interesting canadian. given his crack addiction and outbursts he's not as bad as celine dion or alan nis mor set. justin bieber is also canadian. justin bieber just spray painted a hotel wall in brazil and not arrested. >> did you see the brazilian girl taking the selfie. >> this is the best thing that's happened to toronto ever. this guy is incredible. chris farley, remember the character when he was off the
2:51 pm
rails? >> he's on the rails. >> chris farley died. >> that's not something -- i have to ask you, if you were a politici politician, wouldn't you take a minute and sit back and take a look at your life and say maybe i shouldn't do this or that. think about the technology that might be capturing it? >> this is hard to even joke about. this guy is a sad, very sick, very will, should resign and get help. he's got family and friends. >> does he have family? is he married? >> i don't know. he needs help. >> he needs intervention. i'm a controversy srisis manage. he needs to get out of office and take care of himself. >> especially a crack addiction. >> eric, do you think it's weird we can't forcefully remove him from office. we can't force him to get out.
2:52 pm
we have to wait until he resigns or pass legislation to give him a leave of absence. isn't it odd this circumstance doesn't warrant get out of this? eric? >> i don't care. he's a canadian. i like to do the segments. i hope they find more video tapes. >> we're trying to do a serious segment. nothing justifies you're not qualified for this, you have poor character. >> here's the weird thing about this story. it is sad and could get worse. in a private company or in a corporate setting you could do something about hit and would you do something. if this was a guy an executive in your company you would act. this person is a political figure and you can't do anything. >> here's a predichlktion. he's not going to stay in office. he's got to get medical help.
2:53 pm
>> if he had a wife, where is she? he must be a bachelor. >> we shall see if anything else surfac surfaces. one more thing is up next. fushz i'm only in my 60's.
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. it's time for one more thing. i'm going first. it's time for i hate these people. this was a letter to the new york times column. a woman writes a friend and i were visiting a relative at a retirement home. other residents were stopping by to say held low. we began to get annoyed with the people. the situation should have been handled differently. you're in a rest home. these people are lonely. they're happy to see new faces. you're mad they interrupted you. i really, really hate you. >> is he always like this? >> yes. >> you're going to a rest home. there's someone getting visitors and you're mad they're interrupting you. what a bunch of jerks. >> are you on your meds today? >> i'm on everybody's meds. >> i hate these people. >> excuse me. this is really inspirational
2:58 pm
video for women across the country and families supporting women that suffered from breast cancer. take a look at this video. this is obgyn at mount zion hospital, a woman about to undergo a double mass ektmy. good for her. reverend billy graham's 95th birthday. i want to wish him a happy birthday. he's celebrating at his north carolina home with hundreds of people celebrating his life. at 10:00 p.m. eastern time, there's a special airing you will not want to miss. happy birthday to him. i can't wait to see what's going on tonight at 10 p.m. my son at home, josh davis, behold. i'm not a dinosaur. this is a blackberry.
2:59 pm
blackberry users of the world unite. we will take this back and will not let it die. if it die, i will die. >> mine doesn't work at all. i'm getting an iphone tomorrow. >> no iphone, josh. >> josh we'll send you an e-mail text on my iphone saying dad, you're a dinosaur. get the iphone. it's covered with bacteria too. >> take those back berries in the bathroom. it's awful. >> and they don't take iphones? >> wash your hands into the bathroom not only the way out. >> both. >> so we've been talking about the incognito jonathan martin thing with the dolphins. this news broke this afternoon. nbc sports pro football says that when incognito when told about the coach's to toughen you have, martin went to the general manager.
3:00 pm
ireland suggests he punched incognito in the face. that's the only advice that's been given in this whole saga. >> all right then. don't punch someone in the face. that's wrong unless you're those guys. thanks for watching. special report up next. a new apology from the president and looking on the bright side. now a new by partisan legislative proposal to delay the health care law. defending obama care is getting harder everyday. this is special report. good evening. i'm bret baier. the slogan advertising legend, in the case obama care and roll out are taking quite a licking with cancelled plans, fellow democrat, media and


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