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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 8, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> and twitter blocking an account. we live in communist russia now. and on our facebook page, this. no one is supposed to know. thanks for sharing your thoughts. tgif. here's shep. >> if you like your apology, you can keep it. that's a good one. >> i love it. >> here on the deck we're monitoring several developing stories this hour. forecasters say it could be the biggest storm to have ever made landful in the history of the planet. the philippines, good grief. it's a supertyphoon which is like a hurricane but in the pacific. there's word the irs last year paid out some $4 billion? fraudulent tax returns to identity thieves. four billion. wait until you hear where they sent all the cash? and these back. the crack-smoking mayor of toronto says he will not resign. he says he is staying put.
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now even his attorney says he might be heading off to rehab. let's get to it. good friday afternoon to you and yours. the president trying to change the subject away from obamacare, at least for a while. that's what some of the analysts are saying about his travel to new orleans to talk up the economy. the president spoke only briefly about health care at the end of the thing. after last night saying he is sorry about the millions of americans who were losing their insurance. that's despite the president saying over and over that if you liked your current plan, you can keep it in an interview with nbc news, the president said, he should have been more clear about the specifics. it turns out many insurance plans don't meet the new coverage requirement under obamacare. they don't rise to the level and those folks have to find new insurance. the white house says fewer than 5% or all americans with lose their plans. it's a small percentage but when
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you consider that's 15 million people, it is not insignificant at all. especially if you're one of them. the president talked about the disastrous rollout of the obamacare web site. he says it's his fault if it doesn't, quote, work like a charm. the problem secretary sebelius said the president takes seriously. >> i think he feels this is his signature item. we all feel responsible for getting the benefits to the people, and do i wish things had operated totally smoothly on october 1st? you bet. what october a bad month? you bet. >> but no apologies from the president today down in new orleans. he briefly touched on the healthcare law at the end of his speech. he defended it and said it will end up helping our economy. ed henry is live at the white house for us this afternoon. today the president was saying, look, this thing is so good, when it starts working right, they're not going to want to use my name on is niumatalolo, -- on
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it anymore. speaking of the republican jazz, says when this works and people enjoy the benefits they're going to take my name out of it. that's something i heard from white house officials in private. they know these wounds are self-inflicted but they feel if they can get the web site up and working with the end of november, that eventually this thing will turn for them. of course, the critics believe that once the web site is up and working, folks will find out the premiums are going up and getting the web site working might not help the president. the president had kind of light moment when he was saying, he whatnotted to fix the web site himself. take a listen. >> we're working overtime to make sure that it gets fixed because right now we have put in place a system, marketplace, where people can get affordable healthcare plans. i promise you, nobody has been more frustrated. i want it to go in and fix it myself but i don't write code.
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>> reporter: critics today suggesting, why did the president even have to apologize last night to nbc since for days the white house has been saying he did not misspeak three years ago and in fact it was the insurance industry's fault in terms of people getting cancellation notices. now they shifted. >> now the insurance industry seems to be his friend because he didn't take a dig at them today. the critics are saying, not surprisingly, sorry is not enough, mr. president. >> you have republicans like speaker john boehner saying this is a good first step, but other runs like senator mike lee of utah is saying, there's got to be more here. the president has to step up and fix the law. take a listen. >> i think it's refreshing the president is acknowledging this is a problem, he is acknowledging he made promises that people relied on to their detriment, because those promises were based on inaccurate information. he wasn't telling us the truth. also refresh are to hear the president say he is going to do everything he can to take care of this problem. so i look forward to hearing
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what that is. >> reporter: the likelihood of there being changes to the law, that has increased because beyond the republican criticism you have more than a dozen senate democrats saying they want changes, including mary lan drew, a democrat of louisiana. she was on air force one with the president, but when the event came up she said she had a scheduling conflict. we may see more of that for senate democrats as we head closer to the 2014 mid-term elections. >> let's goo to our washington bureau where chris wallace is located, the host of "fox news sunday." chris, i had on one of the other networks. they were showing previous apologies from previous president, and they put up nixon's apology. clinton's lewinski apology. it was comical. when a president apologizes, it's news.
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>> reporter: absolutely. it's a weird apology because he is not saying i misled. he is not saying i didn't know the law. he basically says, i feel you're pain. i'm sorry your in this fix because of the assurances i made but is not discussing his culpability in all of this. in the end, though, it doesn't really matter. i want to go back to what you were saying at the top of the show. in the end it's all about the reality, novelty the rhetoric at this point d not the rhetoric. if they can get obamacare working, the web site, if they're able to make it work for people who are getting policies cancelled now, then it will be fine. if on the other hand the web site continues to be a mess and if people continue to have to pay more for things they didn't particularly want or need, then they're going to be unhappy with it. the reality is what is going to decide whether this is a success or failure, not any rhetoric from the president of half apology he makes in november of 2013. >> i know people on the democratic side of things are worried because they just had a
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p.r. -- real good thing for them happen when republicans wouldn't -- shut down the government, and they were hoping at the time this might parlay us into big wins in the mid-terms and now this thing. >> reporter: exactly. people may have been unhappy, obviously most people were with the shutdown of the government and near default. but that's going further and further into the past, and what is going to happen, as you get closer to 2014, a year from now, obamacare will be a living, breathing reality. people will feel their healthcare situation is better or worse and they'll vote on that. the other day i got a letter -- i get my healthcare through the union. i thought are they going to change my policy? and i think that's the kind of thing that gets everybody going, because you're wondering, is this going to affect my coverage? going to affect my premiums?
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i've got a situation i kind of like. i don't want it messed up. >> why do you get your insurance through the union and not the company? >> well, if you must know, because i'm the only fox news person that is on the broadcast network and therefore i'm not covered by that company. i'm covered by a union. >> you're a union employee. >> that is true. >> i hasn't thought of that. i used to be on the broadcast network and i was in a union. >> there you go. >> we don't do that here. we don't have to be in unions. >> well, i mean, i'm kind of a hybrid. >> you are. so you're kind of half a fox employee. you're not -- you don't -- >> when it comps to health insurance, i'm a nonemployee. this has got to be great tv for most people out there. >> i was just thinking about you as a nonemployee. >> well, yeah. i hope that people didn't take that literally. >> does your card key still work at the door? >> i will say, let me just -- >> do you have to be escorted into this building when you come
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here or can you use your card key? >> i'm allowed in like everybody else. >> just thought. >> i just want to say, though, the fact that you're sitting there and you're scared, when you open the note from your insurance company in my case the union, it says something, and that's a living, breathing reality for a lot of people, and i just can't imagine what it would be like if you were suddenly told the policy you have head and depended on, it's gone. >> coming from arkansas to the grove. how do you feel about it? >> you guys have had an odd year use. l. >> we're 17-1/2 points favorites. >> i might take the under on that. >> the under. there's a betting man. chris, great to see you. all things go well in hotty toddy land we'll be watching you in celebration,. >> if they don't, does that mean you don't watch fox news sunday? >> i record and it watch it on the plane home. >> on the plane, your private
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plane? >> i don't own a plane, chris. if you'd like for me to borrow yours, i would love to. >> i wish if had one. >> you 0 should get weapon. we'll watch you sunday. chris christie you're talking to this weekend. that ought to be good. lots of political types are calling governor chris christie the 2016 republican front runner. this sunday on fox news sunday, chris christie. for president? fox news weather alert now. we're tracking what is said to be one of the most powerful storms, super typhoon, this thing, camille hit south mississippi and that may be one of the strongest or strongest ever around here. everybody thinks it was andrew. it wasn't, came ashore as category 3. i mean, katrina. andrew was a big one, too.
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anyway, this thing is bigger than anything has ever hit here. slammed the philippines this morning. thankfully it wasn't a very populated area, i guess in the worst part of the storm. right? >> yeah. but there was still a ton of population. camille had been the strongest storm at landfall ever recorded at 190 miles-per-hour in the central gulf. this one if it is 195-miles-an-hour, that would break the record and make it the strongest storm ever on landfall of a storm, and hurricane camille had that. i tell you what, there's a lot of population where it went through, but manila, the biggest city, was off to the north and didn't get the direct brunt of this. but take a look at the center of the storm and this kind of immediate area, shep, that took the landfall as about three and a half million people in this area, and one of the provinces
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down there a had an earthquake just three weeks ago, so a lot of people still living in kind of makeshift homes. but a direct landfall here and we haven't got really much information from these places. a lot of people have been completely cut off and these are just islands that are hard to get in and out of this area to get that information. so i think by the time we get to tomorrow we'll start to hear a lot more of the information about fatilities and damages and the pictures are going to be much worse. can't get to those areas and people don't have any way to communicate with anybody just yet. >> a weakening before it hits -- >> category 4 storm. an incredibly strong storm and will likely remain that way as it goes across the south china sea. and the coastline here of vietnam and hugging the coastline there going be a lot of people in vietnam who have a really big impact from this, and a lot of areas that probably see 20-plus inches of rain from
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this. major flooding concern, and the second country, very populated country, having a big impact from this one this weekend. >> we tried to show a satellite image. this is astounding how big and powerful it. you can see the eye. this is from a european satellite. the eye was really well-defined when it went in there, wasn't it? >> for meteorological purposes kind of a spectacular looking storm. when you see storms that look that good you know it's an incredibly dangerous storm, and that's what you got here. these estimates for wind speeds, when you're out across this area, they don't have hurricane hunters flying in the storms like across the u.s. coastline. so these are satellite estimates how strong the winds were. you bet a satellite image and you know it's an incredible one. >> rick, good to see you, pal. have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> some crazy surveillance video just came in to the news deck
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courtesy of a flash mob. folks stealing whatever they can grab and copped say it's not just one incident either. coming up next on a friday on the news deck. [ male announcer ] want healthy joints?° ♪ the joint is jumpin' ♪ it's really jumpin' osteo bi-flex® helps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones, osteo bi-flex® can help your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. ♪ osteo bi-flex... the best stuff in the joint.™ osteo bi-flex is also available in joint & muscle and joint & bone formulas for extra support.
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we're getting wild surveillance video from a smash robbery in chicago. and people crowded into the store and stole everything they can carry. all try flash mobs happened at
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sports authority stores. police say crowds of thieves stormed into the places, ran out carrying entire racks of clothing. look at this. during one of these robberies a woman who t to stop them reportedly got stuck in a stampede. and the crowd trampled right over that employee. garrett has more from the chicago newsroom. any arrests? >> reporter: no arrests and no suspects at this time. police do believe that it is the same group that is responsible for all three of these robberies. and they are hoping by releasing this security video, that someone out there will recognize one of the robbers robbers and e to help with the investigation you. saw on the video these, crimes happened so fast. these mobs walking in and then rushing out, in less than 15 seconds, in two of those locations, and those jackets that you see them bundling up in their arms, dragging out on the racks, those are starter jackets, run about $150 apiece.
12:18 pm
the store says they lost thousands of dollars just in those incidents. >> what's the word from sports authority? >> reporter: well, sports authority said they don't know why it is that they are being targeted but they're not taking any chances. they have beefed up security at those three stores as well as others in the area. and those starter jackets, instead of being at the front of the store, they've now moved them to the back of the store and only have a couple on the rack. >> the case of the doctor accused of killing his wife to be with his pest -- his mistress could be in the hands of the jurors soon. closing arguments are today. clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy.
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>> closing arguments today in the murder trial of martin
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macneill. going on live in utah right now. here's the question. if you're a juror, and this man's family, his children testified against him, how do you not convict him? a doctor accused over killing his own wife in 2007 to be with his mistress. >> a trial like this is about the truth. not about games, it's not about gotcha moments among the attorneys or the witnesses. it's about getting to the bottom of what happened to michelle macneill. and that is that she was murdered by her husband. >> i mitt to you that none of the circumstances that the prosecution has submitted to you is consistent with homicide. without a real possibility of other circumstances also being consistent. they don't rise to the level of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the prosecutor disagreed. they say macneill pressured his own wife, michelle to get plastic surgery, and then during
12:23 pm
her recovery, they say he gave her drugs and left her to drown in a bathtub. defense lawyers claim that michelle macneill had a heart attack and fell in the tub. the three week long trial included testimony from none other than macneill's own daughters. the daughters who told the jury they believe indeed they're dad murdered their mother. macneill's former mistress testified. she claimed she moved into the family's home days after macneill's wife died. aphrodites jones is here this afternoon. the host of true crime on investigative discovery. you think he did it but you don't think he will get convicted? >> i think he did it without a question. all his behavior, shep, everything he does, does and did from the time she died to now, speaks volumes about guilt. but there is november evidence to convict this man? is there proof?
12:24 pm
we don't even know how she died. the medical experts can't conclude that this was a homicide. which is shades of casey anthony. >> what was the problem with the medical examiner? not being able to -- they said is it possible this is how she died? is it possible he did what we came? and he's like, it's possible but that's a hypothetical. >> exactly. the rope is she had drugs in her system and did have a heart condition, and there is a natural cause between the drugs and the heart condition that could have led to her death. there was only one medical expert who testified that there was water in her lungs, which would indicate a drowning. but again, does that tell you the doctor drowned her? or this woman fell in the bathtub and drowned because she was on drugs and overmedicated. >> well know about the rest of it. we know that he said that the kids had a nanny but the kids said that's not a nanny. that decidey's girlfriend. and we know the girlfriend tried
12:25 pm
to downplay the whole relationship, but two months after mom died, mistress and daddy got marriage certificate. or applied for one. >> a marriage certificate, and not only that, on the day of the funeral, that doctor was wearing a new wedding band. a new ring. and he -- >> on the day of the funeral. >> on the day of the funeral, a new wedding band on, tells the best friend of his dead wife, i lost my ring and i felt uncomfortable without a ring so i bought a cheap one. he actually was already proposing to this woman and fireworks were going off, literally, on the fourth of july after the wife was dead, and mistress claims she can't remember the proposal from the doctor. she is covering for him. >> how can you be a juror on here, see these kid crying in court, daddy killed mommy, and not go along with it. >> that's the one shining hope here. if there's any piece of evidence
12:26 pm
that is going to lead these jurors to guilt it's going to be those three children, especially the daughter who saw her mom in the bathtub in a different position than what the doctor described her to be. now, the six-year-old daughter who found her mom says that mom was in the bathtub fully clothed, face up. the doctor says mom was in the bathtub -- he re-enacted it to a a different daughter, face down with her feet sticking up. >> face up, meaning he was holding her down and her head underwater and he killed her. >> exactly. and he re-enacted that for one of the daughters. another weird thing. he offered to pay $10,000 to the er doctor at the moment -- $10,000 -- to resuscitate his wife, to keep the wife resuscitating. he knew she was dead. the doctor testified, it was the odd owes thing i saw -- oddest thing i saw in my career.
12:27 pm
why would he offer $10,000? he doth protest too much: i hope they find him guilty. >> the crack-smoking mayor of toronto, ontario, says he is not going to quit his job but his lawyer says mayor rob ford is considering something that might silence his critics. that's what it says here. that's not even true. not going to silence his critics, but keep him in the headlines one more day. >> usual officials are talking about possibly easing restrictions on iran as part of an agreement to scale back its nuclear program. that has one of our nation's closest allies taking his frustrations to twitter. coming up. [ male announcer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve.
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more of the headlines from the fox news deck. the feds say the u.s. economy add more than 200,000 jobs last month, beating many analysts'
12:30 pm
predictions. at the same time the unemployment rate was up to 7.3%. experts blame the government shutdown, saying the federal government counted some federal workers as unemployed. >> the owner of the ride that malfunctioned in raleigh, north carolina, was in court today. investigators say somebody tampered with the safety equipment on the vortex ride. five people got hurt. a volcano in indonesia spewing ash high into the air. makes things difficult to breathe april. destroyed crops and forced more than a thousand people to evacuate. the volcano has erupted three times in the past three months. >> much more from the fox news deck coming right up. this is fox news channel. if you think a prune is a prune, you haven't tried sunsweet,
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28 minutes before the hour. the crack-smoking mayor of toronto is considering entering rehab, the word from this
12:33 pm
lawyer. yesterday we got a look at a new video that shows mayor rob ford wasted, as he put it, ranting about wanting to murder somebody. >> he dies or -- but not [bleep] [bleep] >> at the mayor said he was extremely, extremely inebriated at that time and he is embarrassed. that was the latest embarrassment for him this week. on tuesday he admitted smoking crack after police recovered a video in which he appeared to be doing that. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. but am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors, approximately a year
12:34 pm
ago. >> the next dale he blew a kiss to news cameras another city hall. so far he has refused to step down, despite calls from city officials for his resignation. the mayor's lawyer says rehab is but one of the options his client is considering. there are still significant differences between iran and the world's powers trying to rein n in its nuclear program. just hours ago, secretary of state kerry arrived in general have no vac switzerland to join international talks with iran. western negotiators are offering to ease restrictions which are crippling the country in exchange for new limits on the nuclear program. the u.s. and allies have accused traumatic of trying to build atomic weapons. the iranns claim it's for peaceful purposes like producing energy. these negotiations come after iran's new president claimed he wants to ease tensions with the west. secretary kerry says there is no deal, not yet, and israel's prime minister claims iran is
12:35 pm
getting everything and paying nothing. >> iran's got the deal of the century, and the international community got a bad deal. this is a very bad deal. >> the israelis are not taking part in the talks in geneva. jonathan hunt is live on the news deck. the prime minister -- the israeli prime r he is not happyt these negotiations at all, and he is protesting them in some really unusual ways. >> yeah. prime minister benjamin netanyahu doesn't have a seat at the negotiating table but is making his voice heard. effectively doing it through what is in many ways the new global town square, twitter. take a look at this tweet the prime minister posted this week, for instance; a picture of antiamerican protesters in tehran and the message, retweet and show the real face of iran, hash tag, stop the charm
12:36 pm
offensive. the charm offensive hi is referring to also playing out on twitter. the iranian president, rouhani set up a twitter account what he was her in new york in september and has carried on tweeting, for instance tweeting this week before the negotiations began, quote, iranian nation has never hated any nation, including american people. what has been and still is of concern are hostile policies which we condemn. it seems, shep, that 140 characters is hash tag the new diplomacy. >> i was looking on the and we a lot of headlines read, it's just this close. are they this close to a deor is that an exaggeration. >> they're closer to a deal in geneva than they were 24 hours ago. evidence of that in the fact that secretary of state john kerry has himself arrived in geneva now. along with foreign ministers and
12:37 pm
secretaries of state from the other negotiating countries. that is a sign the negotiations are moving to a much higher level, but secretary kerry himself said they're not there yet. differences remain. listen. >> we hope to try to narrow those differences but i don't think anybody should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be closed. >> but these negotiations are going into a third day. they were scheduled to wrap up today but they're going to talk tomorrow. >> i want to get something further. stewart holliday is former u.s. ambassador and is joining us live. i'm trying to get a read on how valuable this deal that they're working on really would be? what's your sense? >> well, it's really just a first step. a deal -- a true deal would be valuable. but there's a question about what long-term iranian
12:38 pm
intentions are. this is a test whether the iranians are willing to in effect stop what they're doing now to provide negotiating space. so it'sen incremental step but the first team the foreign ministers, the g-5 plus one have gathered, and there seems to be significants pressure on iran to come to the table. >> the permanent members he is referring to. the israelis are not happy about dismiss they don't seem to see any value in it. >> they describe it as like easing some sanctions is like having a hole in the tire. it can take he whole tire down. their closest to the danger and the gulf states as well in the region, and so they don't like to see any easing of sanctions before the iranians have come furled with a complete freeze. so they're opposed to this step-by-step approach. >> you look through the history books and it's hard to find place where sanctions did much good. cuba is five decades of an interesting case study. but in iran it's crippling
12:39 pm
they're question and people are up in arms. whether it will lead to anything, we don't know. >> unlike cuba, the iranian economy is based around oil. and there's a lot more impact that can be affected by sanctions than in the case of cuba. but we don't know what the deal would do. and whether this is really an attempt to buy time or whether they've actually felt the heat enough to give up their weapons program with some kind of face-saving step of being allowed to enrich outside of iran under international supervision. >> we'll know something when the secretary of state wraps over there. thank you. new york city's one world trade center tower, supposed to be the country's tallest building but now maybe not so much. the one world trade center took the name when workers attached a
12:40 pm
108-foot spire. that gave the tire the height of 1776 feet. that makes it a few hundred feet taller then the willis tower, used to be the sears tower in chicago. but a committee is weighing whether the willis tower should keep the title as tallest. under the rules spiers counsel in the height when they're an integral part of the design. broadcast spires don't count. but the spire on one world trade went through a recent design change so it's up to the committee to decide whether it can still count for the buildings official height. it is very tall under all circumstances. the organization deciding all of this is based in chicago. and of course, it's also a bit of an emotional issue since one world trade stands as a symbol of america's resilience after the attack after 9/11.
12:41 pm
the commitee will reveal the final decision next week. a beautiful building down. i tell you that. ther is reportedly paid a ton of cash to identity thieves in false refunds last year. not millions or hundreds of millions but billions of our dollars. and it's apparently going to identify thieves not just in the united states, but in other countries like china. details on that ahead.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
there's a new report out that exposes serious cases of fraud linked to tax returns. for example, the internal revenue service sent a total of 655 tax refunds to one address last year. and that address is not in the united states but in lithuania. and that's just the beginning of it. according to a treasury department inspector general ther is hand -- the irs
12:45 pm
happenedded out $4 million in fraud help tax returns to identity thieves all over the world. in the united states, miami was the most popular city. the irs warns they such steal social security numbers from people who don't have to file tax returns, including young people, old people, and, well, dead people. mollie has this news live in washington. $4 billion in stolen tax money? that's actually an improvement, it's my understanding, over previous years. >> that's right. and that's according to a new report out by one of the inspector generals for the treasury department, and it's the tax year 2011. 1.1 million potentially fraudulent tax returns were filed. tax returns that should have raised red flags but the irs processed these returns and paid out $3.6 billion in tax refunds. still, that's down from $5.2 billion paid out in fraudulent refunds for the 2010
12:46 pm
tax year. where does this money go? the city with the highest number of fraudulent returns? miami. followed by chicago, detroit, atlanta, and houston. and the money goes overseas as well. the report looked at the international mailing addresses on suspect tax returns, and in the top spot, bulgaria. followed by lithuania, ireland, china, and canada. >> what are we getting from the irs in response to this? >> the irs contends it's made significant strides in rooting out identity thieves, especially in the past two years, and said in a statement to fox, quote, as a route of these aggressive efforts to combat refund fraud, and specifically identity theft, since 2011, the irs has stopped 12.6 million suspicious returns and protect over $40 billion in fraudulent refunds. but some tax policy analysts say while the $3.6 billion that went out the noor 2011 is an unacceptable number, clearly,
12:47 pm
they sale it's not all the irs's fault. >> congress has given the irs an impossible job to administer an unwieldy and complicated tax code. to fix the problem we need tax reform that simplifies the tax code. otherwise we'll keep having issues like this. >> reporter: says the irs can only do so many audits and the thieves who perpetrate these frauds are good at it. >> fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. more u.s. marines could soon be taking on pirates. a spokesman says the commanders are thinking about putting a force of more than 500 marines on a navy ship off the west coast of africa. this year there were nearly three more private attackness -- three more pirate attacks.
12:48 pm
this would be an extension of a team based in spain. >> hundreds of demon straighter -- demonstrators took to the street to protest a drone strike. the dom machine straightors are demanding the government cut off nato supply lines into afghanistan. >> protests after the death of a 19-year-old in michigan. after a home owner shot her in the head and killed her. police say the home owner called it all an accident. he family wants him behind bars. now the case is getting national attention. the details are next. hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors whoompare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today.
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12:51 pm
civil rights leaders and demonstrators are demanding justice after man shot and killed an unarmed teenage girl in front of the suspect's home in michigan.
12:52 pm
the shooting happened over the weekend, saturday in dearborn heights outside of detroit. the relatives say this 19-year-old, reneisha mcbride, was going door-to-door looking for help after her car broke down and her find died. an owner of a home told police he thought the girl was an intruder. says, yes, he did shoot her in the face but his gun went off accidentally. the victim's family says she was defenseless. just looking for some help. the cops haven't yet named or arrested the home owner. now last night dozens of protesters rallied outside the police department there demanding authorities look up the suspected -- lock up the suspected gunman. trace gallagher is live with more from the west coast. what do we expect the -- do we expect the home owner to face charges here? >> reporter: it's unclear. the prosecutors say before they look at any type of warrant or issuing a warrant they want the police to continue investigating
12:53 pm
this. the prosecutor's office also says they're investigating a list of possible charges, but keep in mind, there's a huge discrepancy in what happened in this story. listen now to renisha mcbride's aunt. >> she was leaving off the poach can, she was shot in the back of the head. half of her face is gone. we have to go and bury here and then not even knowing she can have an open casket. >> police said almost nothing about this case but they did say reports of mcbride being shot in the head while walking away are totally inaccurate. the home owner claims she was trying to break into the house and that his shotgun accidentally went off. remember, recently in north carolina, a 24-year-old man james farrell banged on doors looking for help, and they called police, and when police arrived, farrell was walking
12:54 pm
toward him and they shot him ten times his blood-alcohol level was below the legal limit and the professor involved was arrested and charged in voluntary manslaughter. the first time in north carolina in 30 years. waiting for charges in the mcbride case. >> the "associated press" been quotes a source saying jonathan martin will meet with the nfl special investigator. he left the dolphins last week. his attorney claims multiple players harassed him on a daily basis and the abuse went far beyond any traditional hazings. one lawyer says jonathan martin was the subject of vulgar comments the entire time he was with the fins, including one from a teammate suggesting players would gang-rape his sister. we are, quote, going to run train on your sister. she loves me. i'm going to -- her without a condom. wow. so far no response from the
12:55 pm
dolphins about these new allegations. >> the satirical newspaper the onion, announcing its end of printing. and bill hammer will host a special, 50 years of questions. the jfk assassination. tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern, and again at midnight right here on fox news channel.
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
>> onion headline says how will the end of print journalism affect old loons who collect newspapers. the onion is ending the print version of its newspaper which was available in 17 cities but has now dropped to three. it will still keep publishing online but in or of the onion's 25 years in print we put
12:59 pm
together our favorite headlines. the cia realizes it's been using black highlightedder all these years because of all the redacting. new document reveals sea world forced orca whales to perform nude. which they do. casual friday claims lives of 13 nuclear waste disposal technicians. and there you can see their pictures and a study revealed babies are stupid. which is obviously true. and very annoying on planes. on this day in 1970, new orleans saints place kicker tom dempsey booted a 63-yard game-winning field goal. a new record for the nfl. dempsey's condition made it interesting. he was born without any toes on his kicking foot so he wore a special square cleat on the field. on the day he made history the saints were down by one with just a couple of seconds left on the clock. dempsey richard one to the back
1:00 pm
field and split the uprights. three other kickers have tied the report but tom dempsey did it first 43 years ago today. who dat? see you back here. when news breaks out, we'll break in. have a great weekend. >> microwave pop co-with extra butter, getting popped. a whipping for those whipped frostings and frozen pizzas. stick them in the teen freeze. don't laugh. just might happen. because now uncle sam is poking his nose in everybody's kitchen. this is big. welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. food for thought. the government looking to take my frozen pizza and other goodies away. say it ain't so but it could happen if the fda gets it way. looking to rid foods of artery clogging trans-fats that could force some brands to change